Feilhaber in talks with MLS, could wind up with Revs


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U.S. Olympic team midfielder (and part-time karaoke singer) Benny Feilhaber is in talks with Major League Soccer about a move that could land him in the league with the New England Revolution.

According to sources familiar with the discussions, Feilhaber and MLS are in talks over a three-year deal that could result in Feilhaber joining the Revs, which are currently holders of the top allocation in the MLS allocation order after Los Angeles recently put in an allocation claim on U.S. midfielder/defender Eddie Lewis and Colorado claimed former U.S. national team defender Cory Gibbs.

Feilhaber is set to leave Derby County after one failed season with the recently relegated English club, and while reports had linked him to a move to Danish club AGF Aarhus, sources tell SBI that Feilhaber wants a move back to the United States after spending the past three years in Europe (two with German club Hamburg and the past year with Derby County).

If he signs with MLS and joins New England, Feilhaber could slide in perfectly into a central midfield role with the Revs, who have the cap room to acquire Feilhaber at the financial figures currently being discussed. The Revolution recently acquired allocation money and also moved up in the MLS Allocation Order through its trade of Pat Noonan’s rights to the Columbus Crew.

The 23-year-old central midfielder is working his way back from a knee injury suffered earlier in the summer and was limited to appearances off the bench for the U.S. Olympic team, which was just eliminated from the Olympic Tournament.

What do you think of Feilhaber potentially signing with MLS? How about the possibility of him partnering in a central midfield with Shalrie Joseph? Is he better off in MLS or should he give Europe another run?

Share your thoughts below.

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87 Responses to Feilhaber in talks with MLS, could wind up with Revs

  1. Garrett says:

    Great news for the best team in the MLS… terrible news for any other team that thought they had a shot at being #1 this yr. If they don’t get the Cup after Benny, they’ll be renamed Buffalo Bills of the MLS.

  2. Blake says:

    If he can return to form, the Revs will just keep getting better and better…Nicol’s player movement has been unbelievable.

  3. Marc says:

    can’t wait to see him. he desperately needs consistent minutes and he should get them here. remember the u-20 world cup? he was heads and shoulders abover Kljestan. now, you could easily argue that kljestan is higher than him in the full nat team pecking order. the reason why is because of kljestan’s mls experience.

  4. STX81 says:


  5. Joe B. says:

    Screw Europe (for now). I think the Olympics showed that it’s better for Benny to be playing—especially for a decent team like the Revs than just sitting on the bench in Europe…

  6. BFBS says:

    The only way he would play regularly (until Stevie Ralston retires that is, which may not be all that soon despite the “advanced” age), is if the Revs switch to 4-4-2 and the Ginger Ninja moves to CB. Then, Feilhaber would play next to Shalrie. With Badilla arriving, a left-footed centerback I understand, this is unlikely to happen unless Badilla can also play left back or unless Parkhurst is on his way to Europe.

  7. Steve says:

    Joesph & Benny in the MF? Fear. The Fire’s chances just got harder.

  8. Trex says:

    Revs would be sick. Joseph/Benny midfield makes me want to cry. When does NY get to the top of the allocation list again??

  9. Juke Box Hero says:

    Real good move for Benny. He will have an integral role on a top MLS team, which should rescusitate his promising career. As for NE, the rich get richer in MLS. Silly for the Galaxy to go for 34 year old Eddie Lewis over Gibbs or Feilhaber, if you ask me. But what else is new over there. Must be b/c Paul Bravo is old friends with Lewis. Must really suck to root for the Galaxy these days.

  10. Joe says:

    I think its a step down for him. He should stay overseas and go to the Dutch league. But the Revs do need him because they have to go through the Fire and need all the help they can get. Cuz we own them. 9-1 agg score this season. Benny had a good Gold Cup and thats really it. Everyone labelled him this great thing. He goes to the EPL and cant get min on the worst team in the history of the league. He will be just another player in this league. So if he does come to the MLS I hope for him he just plays the game and gets better.

  11. Blake says:

    I highly doubt LA knew Benny would want in to MLS when they grabbed Lewis…

    Although, even so, Benny is almost exclusively an attacking midfielder, while Lewis is more than capable of getting back or even playing defense.

  12. ldq says:

    Yeah, partner him up with Shalrie and drop Lawrentowicz back to defender. That would be a solid, solid team. And hopefully he would be able to add a bit more offense to our current lineup – which has been evident in our last few games.

  13. Aljarov says:

    Hmmm, doens’t seem like a move the REvs need to make. Larentowicz and Ralston play the other 2 central midfield positions alongside Joseph and all three are having another great season?

    Could it be a sign and trade with a team that really needs him?

  14. guillermo says:

    Benny Feilhaber?….I’m sure Chicago is shaking in their boots.

    If the Reds had him from day 1, the combined aggregate score of the three games between Chicago and NE would probably be at least 8-2 instead of 9-1. :)

  15. steve says:

    only thing that worries me about this if Feilhaber returns to form and gets a good offer to play in Europe, would NE do the same thing they did with Taylor Twellman and not allow him to leave?

  16. Ramo says:

    Eddie Lewis is just what the Galaxy need in the midfield. Dave Beckham can play Central Mid, with Chris Klein on the right. 3 of the best crossers in the league crossing to Donovan, Buddle, and Ruiz….they wont need defense with the possession they will have.

  17. Mark says:

    Damn, was really hoping the Red Bulls could figure out a way to get Benny if he came back to MLS.

    Great chance for the Revs to get even better, and a great chance for Benny to get regular playing time if healthy on a team with plenty of talent.

    Nicol is a great talent evaluator, and he is also one lucky SOB. Revs just happen to be at the top of the pecking order and a player as good as Benny falls into his lap. Guy should go buy some lottery tickets…

  18. Bryan says:

    the Revs are “too good” they don’t need even more good players… rather help out the horrible flagship LA…

    BEND the rules…

  19. CD says:

    Nicol is a great talent evaluator, and he is also one lucky SOB. Revs just happen to be at the top of the pecking order and a player as good as Benny falls into his lap. Guy should go buy some lottery tickets…

    Posted by: Mark | August 14, 2008 at 12:46 PM

    Actually they made a trade to get into this position. The REVS continue to get great value for their assets.

  20. Michael B says:

    Just throwing this out there, but maybe the Revs already knew Benny was going to be coming back to the MLS, and made all of the recent moves they made, like letting Noonan move to Columbus so they could be first in line to get Benny.

    Reads like they have been better, as usual, of doing their due diligence and knowing what will be available to them.

    Where they are going to play him is a different story. I see Joseph mentoring him for the rest of the season, so Joseph can finally leave at the end of the season and go overseas, and the Revs have the replacement for him already signed.

  21. BigBoy says:

    The Revs aren’t lucky, we moved up in the allocation order via trade.

    At first I thought this might work but after watching his act during the Nigeria game, I’m not so sure he’d fit with the Revs. He’s a bit immature and the players and Steve Nicol won’t put up with his crap

  22. Johnny Tremaine says:

    I am SO sick of the MLS bending the rules to favor teams!

  23. Rorvis says:

    As a Rev’s fan, I like it. But I think he should stay in Europe for the money and opportunity if he can. Either way, if I were him, I would think two year contract so I don’t get stuck here too long, unless he knows something about his knee that they don’t know!

    For the Revs, I suspect Parkhurst is gone in January, so this would help ease the pain of dropping Big Red back to Defense with Badilla. If we end up this month with Badilla and Benny, I’d be pretty happy.

    I don’t know if this will help us with the Chicago situation though. Chi-town owns us so much this year, I think Lupe might diss us on his next drops.

    Props to BFBS, never heard Ginger Ninja before, I like it.

  24. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Oh thank god, im glad to hear that a team that is so lacking in every department is going to finally sign some talent.

  25. FK PIRIN says:

    Benny will get 3 solid years to develop in MLS and might be able to help the REVS win outside the US in CONCACAF CHAMPIONS CUP against solid Mexican teams. Although they showed they can compete in SUPERLIGA play against those same teams before. After 3 years if he has developed well, then he could go back to Europe to play for 3 or 4 years. He is still young enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.

    I would love to see him develop into a great number 10 playmaker. He’s got great passing and he just needs to develop and shake off the rust from not starting.

  26. BigBoy says:

    As far as Chicago goes – they now have McBride to bring their offense to a screeching halt. It will be interesting to see how they do in games when they’re a man down.

    We really don’t need Benny and I honestly don’t know where he’d even play. I could see him as potential trade bait though

  27. RK says:

    I’m sure LA at least suspected Feilhaber was coming to MLS — no one else except Aarhus wanted him.

    Shouldn’t get get the league minimum? It’s not like he has any leverage after the Derby disaster.

  28. tj says:

    Fire fans, when your season ends in new england again at least you’ll still have that season aggregate to cling to

  29. Seriously? says:

    I’m curious about the basis of the Revs getting him is. The story just states that he would go to the Revs because they’re at the top of the allocation list, but it doesn’t say if there’s been any word out of the Revs’ camp saying they want Benny (a name that always makes me think of the little guy on Top Cat). The way it’s worded, the Revs angle sounds like the rumor may be based more on circumstance than on real information. Is the Revs greatest need in central midfield, or is Feilhaber so good that he’s worth using up an allocation on a player where the Revs are pretty well off?

    Seeing as the word on Feilhaber and his drop in form is that he’d gotten a bit too big for his britches, and had started to expect playing time to be given to him, rather than earned, I’d think the move would be good for him, from an outside perspective, as I don’t think that Nicol and Mariner would long put up with such an attitude.

  30. Collin says:

    Great move, IMO. He needs to get some playing time and I think American soccer fans will be excited to see him in the domestic league.

    This mass movement BACK to the MLS is really exciting and great for the league. Since the inception of the DP rule, it has seemed as though the focus has shifted to foreign players–until this recent re-injection of American talent (Benny, Gibbs, Lewis, etc.). I think it’s exactly what MLS needs now to revive interest just in time for the playoff push.

    The Revs may just be unstoppable.

  31. h4 says:

    The guy seems to be toxic to managers — he needs regular playing time, but he also seems to need to get his act together.

  32. TCompton says:

    Well, if Feilhaber is ever going to fulfull his expectations on the international stage, then he’s got to be playing regularly.

    While he may have been hampered by injury in China, I’m still not sure he’s good enough right now to earn a starting job with the Revolution.

    However, given the Revolution’s busy schedule, gaining a talented young american who will probably not get called in the National team for a little while would certainly help their depth challenges.

  33. AndrewK says:

    Who better to knock Benny down a peg or two than Stevie Nicol? Furthermore, who better to show Benny what it means to be a true professional than Steve Ralston?

    If this move goes down it could be the key to unlocking the kid’s true potential.

  34. Derek (Brooklyn) says:

    Not impressed with his play or his attitude at the Olympics but he has shown quality in the past. Hopefully a return to the US will help his form.

    I’m not sure he totally fits the Revs current 4-4-2 formation…certainly can’t see him displacing Shalrie at CM and he doesn’t have the defensive quality of Lawrentowicz (I imagine Jeff’s stay at CB will end with the return of Parkhurst).

  35. wendel says:

    i dont know if feilhaber would fit in with the revs unless they want to put ralston on the right wing again and then have benny play an attacking midfielder role. if it doesnt work out nicol can always trade him. another example of why the revs are one of the best run teams in mls.

  36. SCNewJersey says:

    as a red bull fan, let me just say…

    oh sh*t!

    Joseph and Benny in central midfield is not a tandem to mess with.

  37. Ben says:

    This is an excellent move, I wish he had done it in January. This will allow him the playing time that justifies him playing with the Nats, who have not been the same team since he was the creative force during the Gold Cup.

    If he can nail down a starting spot with the national team again and does well in South Africa, he’s perfectly poised for a second try at Europe at just 25. I swear I’ve heard all that somewhere before…….

  38. Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown says:

    So the Revs turned a broken down Pat Noonan into money for Gabriel Badilla, Benny Feilhaber, and Columbus’ first round pick next year. I wonder who got the better of that deal.

  39. JD says:

    Goddamn. Just give NE the trophy and call it a season.

  40. arelcaoakleos says:

    As a Revs fan, getting Benny leaves me ecstatic. Not so much for the rest of the regular season, but for our chances of going far in Concacaf Champions League– as well as MLS Cup.

    I think this Revolution team is ready to make a run for international play, as they showed in the smaller scale Superliga. Benny would be a nice addition for that, and in turn I think Benny would profit from joining a side that has much more on its plate than finishing off the schedule before playoffs start. [such as LA].

    I HOPE this is true!

  41. Rune says:

    Damn, hope this isn’t true. As an AGF fan i sure hope he chooses the danish superliga and moves to Aarhus. He would fit in perfectly in the attacking midfield and be part of a team on the way back to the top. According to danish newspaper EB he should be presented Sunday in Aarhus.

  42. brett says:

    as much as i like Feilhaber, i wont build up his stock just yet…. the guy barely got any time over the past year… he’s bound to be rusty… and just b/c he’s had a lil’ bit of success does not mean it’ll carry over into the MLS…

    by the sound of it, obviously this is a great move for the Revs and only stands to improve their team….. but i think we’ve all seen players come to the MLS who were going to make it better and make teams strong and they fizzled out…..

  43. Mark says:

    Revs did move up in the allocation chart via trade, kudos to them, but I doubt that they knew Benny would be available. It could have been Gregg Bernhalter or Brian West or whomever. There was luck involved in having a player like Benny fall in their lap when it could have been someone else. Thus, my point.

  44. eric says:

    Lame timing, why do this now, when the season is about to end???

  45. Seriously? says:

    Egad people. In the Olympics post-mortem thread, I wondered how a number of people could be heaping so much venom on all the players. Now it seems one of those very same players has become superstar, whose mere appearance in Foxboro would guarantee the Revs their first league championship, and may even get them into the World Cup. Who says the mob is fickle?

    The guy definitely has potential, but he hasn’t played regularly anywhere in how long, and there are questions about both his health (short term), and his temperment (longer term)? When was the last time he played 90 mins, or even 80, in a meaningful game?

  46. Raghu says:

    Great news! This is a really good opportunity for Benny to play on a good team, get real minutes, and get back in the mix/add value for 2010.

    I’m not sure if Benny (Freddy Adu similarly) is a player that can be successful in any system. Hopefully, he’ll be a good fit for the Revs.

    With Benny’s movement and his comfort on the ball in the mid-field – I wonder if he should ultimately be playing for a mid-table S. American team – where playing short and quick balls is more prevelant. I don’t watch enough Revs soccer to be knowledgable re: what Nicol employs on the field.

  47. Rune says:

    Damn, hope this isn’t true. As an AGF fan i sure hope he chooses the danish superliga and moves to Aarhus. He would fit in perfectly in the attacking midfield and be part of a team on the way back to the top. According to danish newspaper EB he should be presented Sunday in Aarhus.

  48. Hand it over to the New England Revs. While the Galaxy talk about being the MLS brand name – :rolling eyes: – if the Revs pull this deal off they have the chance to do some damage in the CONCACAF Champions League. Joseph and Feilhaber would be a monster duo in MLS.

    This is why Stevie Nicol is the best manager in MLS (please make him USMNT coach once he wins everything this year).

  49. ac says:

    I think this is a good choice by Benny. It was hard getting playing time in Europe and his attitude wasn’t helping it. But it looks like he’s starting to mature and knows he will get good playing time in MLS. Steve Nicol is a quality coach and will utilize him as best as possible. And playing alongside Joseph can only help his game. This may just be what Benny needs. If he gets his form back in MLS, he may be able to move back to Europe down the line, or even get an increased MLS salary, and also get a good chance at being a regular back in the National Team pool.

  50. dolan says:

    tj, that’s some serious trash from a team that has been absolutley owned by the Fire. Feilhaber is a solid player, but not one to be feared. The Revs improved, but must find a way to handle Chicago. 9-1 agg. Sheesh.

  51. 4now says:

    Great rebound the league with Benny, Gibbs, Lewis, Noons and Keller returning, along with acquisitions such as Rojas. Does help offset the loss of Jozy and the like. The level is rising and provided we get nearly all soccer specific parks in the next five years, I think this is going to work out and the level will be consistently low EPL to top CCC…

  52. kpugs says:

    I wish I understood the allocation process better. Because stuff like this never makes sense to me. Good for the Revs, bad for the rest of us, just like Garrett said.

  53. cbr says:

    3-5-2 with benny, joseph and lorentawicz(sp) in the middle of the field would be scary. Ralston would have to be pushed out to the RM

  54. Douglas says:

    Awesome that he is returning, but bummer that it is for the Revs. I would’ve loved to see him in SO Cal. Maybe playing for the Galaxy or Chivas.

  55. Matt M says:

    This is part skill, part luck on Steve Nicol’s part.

    Did Colorado/LA know that Feilhaber was coming back before they claimed Gibbs/Lewis?

    If so, I’d be surprised.

    Lewis is still servicable for a couple more good years. I thought it was a good move for LA but not if Feilhaber was the alternative.

    Gibbs was a great player, if healthy, maybe better than Feilhaber. But injury concerns should have made Colorado pass as well if Feilhaber was the other option.

  56. Randomher0723 says:

    According to this report Aarhus GF claims that Derby accepted their offer for Benny.

    link to bold.dk

  57. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    It’s not etched in stone that Benny will be in NE. They are at the top of the allocation order, so they have first dibs, thats all. They could pass on him, or more likely, claim him and deal him. They could practically name their price and get it.

  58. Benny says:

    Just throwing this out there, but maybe the Revs already knew Benny was going to be coming back to the MLS, and made all of the recent moves they made, like letting Noonan move to Columbus so they could be first in line to get Benny.

    Reads like they have been better, as usual, of doing their due diligence and knowing what will be available to them.

    Posted by: Michael B | August 14, 2008 at 12:54 PM

    Due diligence, you say? How about insider trading? I’ll let you connect the dots …

    Oh, and watch those yellow cards, Mike!

  59. Rashid says:

    Screw that!!! Where is Alexi with his majestic red mane to woo the MLS big wigs into getting Benny to sign with the Galaxy?? What have we done?!!? Anyone think that the Galaxy could give up Lewis for Feilhaber?

  60. Onionsack says:

    Where the hell in NY on the allocation list? We should be ahead of the Revs!

    Or did MLS make us use it to sign Rojas? Which should have come under discovery right?

  61. Patrick Cook says:

    Trex, to answer your question the Red Bulls are right below the Revs in the second spot in the allocation order. Also, Why does everything falls so well for the Revs and so bad for the Red Bulls. I think Steve Nicols for a National team coach position is in order.

  62. anotherbodymurdered says:

    lol @ REVFAN anti-Chi posturing b/c of maybe getting a guy who scored that one big goal one time… keep it up chumps

  63. Dan says:

    Ralston is getting old but could also play left wing Badilla can play any position on the back line. If Nicol can cure what ever issue Benny has with his ego, this will be a decent fit. This looks strong






    Now worried about the fire, they only won 2-1 with the Revs playing with 10 guys and Reis asleep.

  64. thom says:

    After watching Feilhaber in his short stints in the first 2 matches and his full game performance vs. Nigeria I drew the following conclusion as to his troubles at Derby and lack of interest from around Europe:

    He is a whinny punk. A talented one to be sure but not so talented that his potential exceeds his mouth or his effect on a locker room or coaching staff. Now I understand what all the bad press coming out of Derby was about last year.

    He needs to grow up in hurry because he isn’t get any younger in body or skill while his behavior reminds one of the talented kid on the high school team who never went anywhere because he just wasn’t worth putting up with in order to develop.

    You can all blame Dax, Holden,Edu, Guzan, Wynne and Kljestan for whatever conclusion you have drawn on their abilities or lack thereof but they carry themselves quite well on the field and act like solid citizens. And through the week of the Olympics many on this board have been all over these guys. Hell- even I took a shot at Kljestan after the Japan game. But for whatever they may or may not be as players does not detract from the fact that I am proud of them as Americans in the way they represent their country.

    Compare that to your beloved Adu, who may have the talent to get away with it, Feilhaber, Rogers, Orozco and even Bradley who most likely do not that kind of talent in the haul to get away with it.

    ( Bradley’s father should have a talk with the boy and explain the difference between passion and aggravating arrogance on the pitch.)

    These kids need discipline and the number one reason they did not advance, even though I think that we are far from being a top tier soccer nation, it was bad behavior and poor self discipline that gave the U.S. the boot out the door. It a shame because they had great role models in Jones, McBride etc. while growing up and examples like Clint Mathis of what effects your mouth and behavior can have on a career.

    Feilhaber would be example number one if I had to name one. ( You may say Orozco but I just haven’t seen enough of him to whether this was a one off event) Go back and watch the tape of the Nigeria game- if I am the referee I would have been hard pressed not to have given him a second yellow for being a whinny, self important, pain in the ass. Human nature is what it is. Ask Ronaldo the next time he gets legitimately mauled and gets a no call. But (sadly)he at least has the overwhelming talent to get away with being an a#&hole.

  65. Jets says:

    An overrated bust!

  66. jcp says:

    I think he should stay in Europe. The guy’s clearly talented and one would think he’d be able to latch onto a Championship or Bundesliga 2 team. Once he gets settled in and starts playing closer to his potential, then perhaps he’ll get another shot at the Premier League or Bundesliga. Having failed to establish himself at Derby or Hamburg, if he comes back to MLS and even if he’s a standout star, I doubt the teams in Europe will come calling.

  67. Nordy says:

    YES! This would be fantastic.

    To those worried about how to play Benny, Red Jeff, Shalrie and Ralston at the same time: Um, it’s seldom a problem to have too many good players. Nicol will figure it out.

  68. Evan says:

    If there’s one coach or one team that won’t let Benny get away with any juvenile b.s. it’s Nicol and the Revs.

    The thought of signing both Benny and Gabriel Badilla is, well… pretty damn good.

  69. Jon E says:

    If I were Feilhaber, I’d be hesitant about returning to MLS. Partly, I’d had to swap my guaranteed $800k salary (I think that’s what he gets for not playing for Derby) for whatever $8 and a burrito that New England would offer, but I’d also be reluctant to go to a league that makes player transfers so complicated. I have to think that Feilhaber, knowing about Twellman’s PNE drama, would insist on an escape clause before he’d even think about coming to MLS.

  70. Randomher0723 says:

    Benny is flying to Denmark according to this website.

    link to noshortcorners.com

  71. Randomher0723 says:

    To Jon E- I completely agree with what you have written.

  72. Evan says:

    Story claims Benny is headed to AGF on a 3-yr deal:

    link to ekstrabladet.dk

  73. NOLA soccer fan says:

    All i have to say to benny is talk to taylor twellmann. cause it seems like once you sign with the revs…you arent going ANYWHERE.

  74. scott47a says:

    Ummm …

    Another Web site quotes Feilhaber’s agent saying he is on a plane to Denmark and should be signing a deal there within 48 hours.


  75. rkupp says:

    The Revs have long needed an amid – Ralston is good there, but not really an amid.

    The best thing about it is that the Revs have enough players with flexibility that they could have a great rotation/substitution pattern where all their mids could be plenty of time – and rest. Larentowicz can play dmid or def; Joseph needs more time off; Ralston can move to the right; Phelan can step into dmid; Parkhurst can be rested w/o too much dropoff.

    The Revs keep getting better and YOUNGER. Feilhaber could be the perfect replacement for Ralston when he decides he’s had enough.

    So, if this happens, the Noonan deal will basically a player who was playing overseas and had been replaced, for a #1 and Feilhaber! Rank that among the best trade thefts ever.

  76. Steve the Arsonist says:

    Hey Garrett,

    The Revs are already the Buffalo Bills of MLS. When they come up short again they will have surpassed the Bills in futility.

    Just sayin’.

  77. ives says:

    Hey folks. The word I got is Feilhaber was negotiating with MLS. It looks like a better deal came in based on the reports. If I hear anything new I will pass it on.

  78. Ryanw says:

    This is good news. Whether it is professional football, baseball, or basketball,…New England prevails…If the Revs get Benny, the cup is coming to NE. Steve Nicol owns…

  79. Craphaber says:

    Failhaber would destroy the New England chemistry….terrible move!

  80. papa bear says:

    this move from Benny is the one he should have made when he decided HSV was too tough for him.

    He’s a skilled players, but he is an even bigger baby than Donovan is. When he quit HSV for Derby since it was too tough to break into the line up, it really showed me how mentally weak he is.

    The boy’s gotta toughen up and get some confidence. He could be a very good player if he REALLY wants it which I’m not convinced he does at the moment.

    @Posted by: Trex | August 14, 2008 at 12:34 PM

    If RBNY’s current form holds, they just might have the top spot in the allocation order at the start of next season since Seattle already used their spot for Keller. 😉

    @Posted by: tj | August 14, 2008 at 01:03 PM

    This isn’t last year, chief. NE was almost close last time but c’mon. You’ve been steamrolled.

    I’ll give you credit for having the guts to trash talk with the evidence so overwhelmingly against you and your AYSO team up there in Foxboro.

  81. bbE says:

    I don’t think Benny can complete a pass beyond 5 yards. He is another example of overrated Euro-trash.

  82. John says:

    Goff is saying he spoke to Feilhaber’s agent. BF passed his physical and should be signing the contract with Aarhus within 24 hours. So..no MLS, no Revs.

  83. Steve says:

    Revs got played by someone other than Chicago according to Goff.

    Aarhus not Foxborough. I guess he just wasn’t prepared for the funny accents.

  84. John says:

    Sorry Guys

    Benny is signing with Danish Team AGF whwn he passed his medical. He is already in Denmark directly from Beijing

  85. jake says:

    If Feilhaber has any ambition he should stay in Europe. The Danish league is better than MLS, and a far better window for European clubs to see him. If he has succes in Denmark he will be better equipt to the european way of playing soccer and better equipt to succed playing in a bigger league(like the Bundesliga or the Dutch). Playing in MLS is the sure way to be forgotten!

  86. Rune says:

    So it is official now… Feilhaber goes to Aarhus AGF, as stated yesterday. According to the danish press the deal was already in place before the american exit from the olympics. In AGF we are looking forward to watch this player in action. We don’t know him too well, but after reading this forum (and others) I am optimistic. Playing with the american national team should be a sign of talent and ability. This will be a good opportunity for him to move on to a better team/league in time – if he can stay clear of injuries and back to his former self.