Toronto FC lands Carlos Ruiz from LA


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The Los Angeles Galaxy has traded Carlos Ruiz to Toronto FC, sources told SBI on Tuesday evening. Details of the deal were not available yet. To make room for Ruiz on the roster, TFC has waived French midfielder Laurent Robert.

The Galaxy’s dealing of Ruiz now clears the way for LA to sign U.S. national team midfielder/defender Eddie Lewis.

Ruiz has struggled to establish himself with the Galaxy this season after suffering a knee injury in the season opener, scoring one goal in 10 matches this season. The 28-year-old Guatamalan striker has played better in recent weeks, but has been deemed surplus to requirements in Los Angeles, where the Galaxy has forwards Edson Buddle and Alan Gordon as well as Landon Donovan, who can also play up top.

The deal could turn out to be a steal for Toronto FC, which acquires an established goal scorer for what sources are calling a bargain price. TFC will now boast a forward stable that includes Ruiz, Danny Dichio, Chad Barrett and teen standout Abdus Ibrahim.

TFC will also be hoping that Ruiz and close friend Amado Guevara can find some magic together as both players have stated a desire to play together in the past.

Toronto parted ways with Laurent Robert, who started off well with TFC but had struggled in recent months. Recently-acquired American winger Johann Smith impressed in his debut and is seen as a natural successor on the left flank.

Eddie Lewis is now expected to join the Galaxy in time for LA’s match against Chicago on Thursday. The Galaxy needed to move Ruiz’s salary off its salary cap in order to acquire Lewis. The Galaxy secured Lewis’ services after selecting him with the No. 1 spot in the MLS allocation order.

The acquisition of Lewis means the New York Red Bulls now hold the top spot in the MLS allocation order, but it doesn’t appear that the team will be adding a player through that mechanism this season.

Both Ruiz and Lewis are in Guatemala City for Wednesday night’s World Cup qualifier between the United States and Guatemala. Ruiz is expected to be in uniform for Toronto for Saturday’s match against New England.

What do you think of the deal? Who came out ahead? Did the Galaxy make a smart move by getting rid of Ruiz and adding Lewis? Did Toronto get a steal? Will Guevara and Ruiz work magic together, or will they cause problems if things don’t go well in Toronto?

Share your thoughts below.

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66 Responses to Toronto FC lands Carlos Ruiz from LA

  1. Joe says:

    Does TFC fancy Dichio over Barrett? Cuz if they do then Barrett has had a pretty terrible 2008

  2. kpugs says:

    But what about those guys who told us after one game how amazing Robert was, and how he wasn’t just a slow-moving immobile roaming left foot?

  3. CapeCodFutbol says:

    … ignominious departure for Robert. Probably helps both teams. How’s Ricketts settling btw?

  4. Ryan says:

    Ruiz and his one goal this season will not be missed at the HDC. When he did play, he just seemed lost.

  5. jloome says:

    I have to wonder, based in his decline over time, if Robert’s legs aren’t gone and whether practicing on field turf all week didn’t contribute to it. When he was peppy, he was one of TFC’s best players. He just seemed to run out of steam after the first 10 games.

    We hate Ruiz up here for diving for the Guatemalan national diving team against Canada and helping cheat us out of world cup berth last time around. But hopefully it’ll be a love/hate thing, as we could definitely use some of his old magic.

    Lots of fears among TFC fans that he’s Cunningham Part Deux, though — no good without it served up on a silver platter and inclined to wankerness.

  6. KingSnake says:

    Maybe it will reduce the theatrics, as diving on turf is a different game than diving on grass …

  7. jloome says:

    Joe, whether you realize it or not, Dichio is far and away one of the best forwards in the league. A target man with a 1-in 2.5 games goals ratio, who can land spectacular finishes? Please, if he played more than half the season due to injuries, half the teams in MLS would want him. Hell, the guy scored on his first five shots of this season.

  8. Kevin says:

    And I thought the Galaxy management was the joke of the league…

    First, Toronto start Barrett over Dichio. Ok, lapse in judgement, youth over age, blah blah blah.

    But waiving Laurent Robert? Really? And replacing him with a FORWARD? Really? And don’t get me started on the fact that said forward is Carlos Ruiz, lockerroom nuisance and general pain in the bum.

    I thought this club was coming along nicely, but John Carver does not know how to manage a club in Major League Soccer. Still in love with everything having to do with Britain, TFC FO?

    I’d say the honeymoon’s ending.

  9. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Dichio is basically out for the season, as a result Barrett is the number one pick until Ruiz got signed.

    TFC supporters are split on Robert, i personally think he wasnt as bad as people say, yes he wasnt destroying it as people had hoped/expected but i do think he was an asset.

    Part of frustration with him was the fact that noone was there to receive what he was dishing out (as far as strikers are concerned). You could see the frustration from him when Cunny would totally miss any through balls, crosses and passes. Yes, he didnt chase down balls or play defensively but that was expected when we signed him.

    As for Ruiz, ech, i really dont know, the jury is out. Cant say im too hopeful. Checkered past along with high pay, almost smells like Cunny (aka Cunningham). Fingers crossed JoSmith kills it on the wing and Ruiz puts the balls that get served.

  10. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Kevin, youre obviously not a TFC fan as you would know we signed Johann Smith, who plays wing and striker, oddly enough he plays ON THE LEFT HAND SIDE. Also youd know that we have been missing a striker ALL SEASON. As for Carver, Carvers fantastic and is miles above MoJo in strategy. Part of the problem this season and where we began to slump was during the month of July when we had 8 games in 24 days. No coach can save their team from that. I look forward to the day that our team is final and gelling. Its unfortunate that it happens to be so late in the season.

  11. roberto says:

    surlplus of forwards ? In LA? Buddle & frickin A Gordon ? Come on Ives .. And Toronto giving up Robert for Ruiz? I just dont get this league and the stupidness of it.. No wonder Gullit left

  12. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    gotta admit that calling Gordon a striker is overly generous

  13. Martin says:

    this is a good deal for toronto regardless of how much ruiz has produced or not produced in l.a. this year. if we have our full squad together we are a better team. it is also reported today that with the money gained in the maurice edu sale to rangers that tfc will put grass into bmo!!!!

  14. kco says:

    Adding yet another reason why I don’t like TFC. If they are any good by this time next year I might possibly start to hate them, maybe.

  15. Nic says:

    Robert’s career is definitely over. Waived to make room for El Pescadito? Yikes.

  16. georginho says:

    roberto…stupidness? i think you meant stupidity. ;o)

  17. Al17 says:

    Proof that there are plenty of Fools in existence. Ummm…mmmm I’m off to see Mo about a Bridge I’m trying to unload.


  18. Andrew says:

    When I saw Robert play last I was impressed. Granted, that was a long time ago since I couldn’t get to a tv for a few months so I was a little surprised to hear he was waived. Something happened…

    I’m just happy that we have a quality striker AND Mo is talking about putting natural grass in at BMO… THANK GOD!!!

  19. Shakes says:

    @ Kevin

    You don’t really know what you’re talking about, sir.

    Johann Smith is (I assume) being groomed to fill Roberts vacancy, as he can play a left winger.

    Barrett has started over Dichio, because Dichio has been recovering from a concussion for the past couple of months. In fact, Dichio’s injury was part of the reason we even got Barrett in the first place.

    As for Maurice Edu’s vacancy, Toronto has been trying out a former Real Madrid B teamer by the name of Tello. I’m guessing he will be our next formal signing.

    – Scott

  20. Ethan Helm says:

    First of all, Alan Gordon is not as bad as everyone thinks. In fact, I’d rather have him than Chad Barrett. In 1661 minutes this season, the assist leader of the league Schelotto has 4 goals and 12 assists. In 826 minutes this season, Alan Gordon has 4 goals and 6 assists. I’m not claiming that Gordon is better or as good as Schelotto (and they obviously have completely different playing style in completely different situations), but in his playing time Gordon has not been bad. He is averaging a goal or assist every 82.6 minutes. (For those curious, in 1400 or so minutes, Chad Barrett has 6 goals and 4 assists).

    More importantly, however, this is a horrible trade for Toronto. If Ruiz can ever retain his form and stay healthy, then it might pay off, but at this point in his career I doubt that is possible. That leaves two often injured star forwards that take up a ton of cap space for Toronto. I wonder if LA got anything for the trade. It was worth it for the cap space alone.

  21. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    Gotta say that I dont think Dichio is going to be around (ie playing, he will still be a god and work within the organization) for much longer, dont want to speak for all TFC fans but its been a pretty widespread sentiment when he first got knocked out.

    As for Ruiz, he is 28, not exactly young but im hoping that hes still strong enough to heal. Gotta say im not the biggest fan of the man but hes ours now, so i hope he kills it.

  22. scott47a says:

    soccer blog posters are a cynical bunch.

    I see nothing but potential good for both sides. If Ruiz is OK, TFC wins. Galaxy win by getting room to add a player that can play left-mid and left back.

    If both guys flame out? So what? Both teams are no worse than they were coming into this deal.

  23. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    Theres talks (or Mo specifically said) that we might sign a defender, i gotta say i hope youre right tho with regards to the signing of Tello (even more to the point, lets hope the man has skill, HA). The one defender that was pointed out was Andy Todd (im sure you caught that in the forum tho HA)

  24. fred flinstone says:

    Amado & Ruiz are a good combo. Hopefully this works out.

  25. satan says:

    robert started off well, but the past 10 games he’s been pretty bad. he has no defensive ability whatsoever. players easily take the ball off him when he’s confronted closely. he still has the brain but the body is failing him. his shots aren’t as hard, he isn’t accurate anymore on crosses (sending a lot way out of bounds. He gets frustrated easily by his own mistakes and the mistakes of his teammates.

    but Mojo signed him to a non-guaranteed contract so the guy was obviously here as a favour to his old friend Carver, or he just wanted to get fit and see what he could do.

  26. Jonathan says:

    HORRIBLE move by L.A., Ruiz was never given a proper opportunity. Buddle will fizzle out and Alan Gordon is hardly a player. I expect Ruiz to light it up in Toronto.

  27. Nick says:

    There is a god. We now don’t have to use allocation money for Lewis. That means we can use it in the offseason, or now, to aquire some talent at centerback and center mid. Thank you Bruce Arena. I would rather have Albright and Cannon back, but this is a start.

  28. Joe says:

    i wasnt saying anything bad about Dichio. It was a knock on Barrett (Fire Fan here). A Dichio/Ruiz combo might work quite well in this league. I hope for the sake of the league that this trade helps both teams but it looks like TFC is gonna get the better of the deal.

  29. seven says:

    I’m not thrilled to be getting Ruiz, but I’m ecstatic about seeing the back of Robert. He’s not nearly talented enough to be as lazy as he is.

  30. Kaiser says:

    This will give Arena some room under the cap to operate with (and bring in Lewis)…so its a good thing for LA.

    This also makes TFC a very fun team to watch. With Guevara and Ruiz they have the potential to score goals, but also piss a lot of people off. TFC make take the banner of most hated team in the league from the Galaxy, or at least rival them for it. Now if TFC could only get Conde!

  31. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    I think this move has more to do with getting his salary off the books. I’m not overly enamored with Arena as boss of LA, but he is at least smart enough to realize that team needs help at other positions, like a center back and a defensive mid. At least we know hes already smarter than Alexi Lalas. Then again, thats not saying much.

  32. h4 says:

    I thought New England had the top allocation spot now? Did I miss something?

  33. andy says:

    well bruce got right to work, right decision too. i’d say this prbly actually helps both teams

  34. Evan Whitney says:

    Ives, can you confirm whether or not the Revolution used their allocation to sign Gabriel Badilla? If not, then they should still be ahead of the Red Bulls in the allocation order.

  35. Kevin says:

    Dear everyone picking on me for my stupidity:

    I completely forgot TFC just signed Smith. Dropping Robert now makes much more sense, because although I recognized that he had lost his touch, I didn’t think they had anyone to fill that role.

    Also, you’re right I’m not a fan of TFC, and don’t claim to be, so it’s not like i should be hung for not knowing these things. That explains why I didn’t know about Dichio’s problems with injury.

    But I do think Carver expects too much from his players, and is overly critical.

    And Carlos Ruiz is never the solution to any team’s problems. I’d LOVE to see him play in Chicago, and see who is a worse diver, Ruiz or Blanco. Plus there would be locker room tensions, and the obvious rivalry between Guatemalans and Mexicans (although I’m not sure that would carry over into a club team).

  36. Ethan Helm says:

    Ossington Mental Youth:

    You might be right about Ruiz, but he is notorious for his lack of work ethic already, and after battling a series of injuries over the last few seasons, he could respond positively or negatively. I’m not a Toronto fan (nor enemy), but I do hope Ruiz recovers and finds his form. It is good for the league to have him playing well.


    The Guevara/Ruiz tandem will be fun to watch. Who will get a red card first now that he is on the team? Ives…start a poll.

    The real winner of this trade is the league. Ruiz is as good of a forward as there is in the league when healthy, and MLS needs him playing. And the edition of Lewis might just make LA a contender (although, I’m still shocked they didn’t go with Gibbs).

  37. Mel says:

    Ruiz will love being in Toronto and playing for TFC or hate it. Plain and simple, nothing in between.

  38. Ives says:

    Guys, New England traded its allocation spot to Toronto FC, which used it on Johann Smith.

  39. Forrest says:

    I wouldn’t be so sure of Ruiz being on the field Saturday for TFC’s game with his history of “getting stuck” in Guatemala. I wonder if there is another Hooters restaurant opening somewhere in Guatemala this weekend that Carlos just has to attend.

  40. Ben says:

    Aslong as LA can keep Donovan and Buddle (in that form) it’s a “win, win, win” situation…

    Toronto gets a good striker

    Ruiz gets to play

    LA gets capspace and a much needed left midfielder

    Good Luck Fish, too bad it didn’t work out a 2nd time in LA. (injuried for the most part (final seconds of the opening game), followed by only 2 starts, and some sub appereances, because Buddle began to shine, coupled with his salary.

  41. papa bear says:

    Ruiz couldn’t pay to make it onto the field in LA and Lewis will be a ‘sure thing’ starter every game. I’d say it was a good move for LA and TFC still needs more options up top.

    On paper it looks like one of those ‘works out best for everyone’ deals that seem to pop up 1 or 2 times a year.

  42. Steve says:

    Myself and other FC Dallas fans are laughing right now.

  43. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    According to Goffs blog hes a) not happy to be leaving LA and b) not happy to be playing on turf.

    Like he didnt know he was leaving and turf was always a possibility in this league (not defending it). All i know is dude better put an effort in cuz we arent going to deal politely with him otherwise.

  44. yankiboy says:

    Even if we got a sponsor to pay his entire salary, I wouldn’t want Carlos Ruiz to play for Crystal Palace Baltimore. He is a prima donna. I can’t stand that guy. He seems to be a locker room cancer also. His productivity is down. His ego is overinflated. When you are scoring a lot of goals then a lot of managers and fans can tolerate the antics a bit better but when you aren’t doing jack… On the flip side, Toronto is a beautiful city. I don’t think that he will be there too long before they decide to try and unload him. By this time next year, he will probably be playing somplace like the Mexican PrimeraA or Costa Rican First.

  45. LUCHO says:

    I`m sorry but the attitude of MLS whit Carlos Ruiz its so stupid and don`t think in what the person can feel. Toronto win whit a player like Carlos but it`s not the way to make moves!! more respect for the players more respect for Carlos who`s is a value player and a great person

  46. WTF says:

    Ruiz > Robert

    Good Job TFC!

  47. Hincha Tim says:

    When TFC played against RSL the first time, I was very impressed with Robert. When they played the second time, he was a definite liability, a seemingly totally different player. Don’t know what happened.

  48. yankiboy says:


    My friend, if Carlos didn’t like MLS, he could have left a few years ago. No one made him sign the contract. You know that football is a business. There are a lot of other leagues to play in. When his contract is over, he can leave if he wants.

    As far as being a great person, he seems like a bad guy. Maybe off the field, he is a good guy. I know a guy who plays for Toronto and after he gets there and gets settles in, I will ask him.

    Some people are bad guys on the field and good guys off it. I will be curious to see what the guy I know says after he gets to know him better.

  49. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    We will welcome Ruiz (for the most part) with welcome arms and have high hopes. Whether he accepts us and plays to his top capability is up to him. He could be a god at BMO field but its up to him

  50. Angel says:


    Sorry if I get out of the subject but I really don’t care enought about Carlos Ruiz my mind is set on the MNT against Guatemala and how Pescadito and Donovan act in the field about this situation..ummm imagine. Anyway why can’t bob Bradley scout for new players from the USL, I seem couple of games and I see some good player there. I got this Clip from

    Le Toux Eyes MLS, USMNT Glory

    2008-08-19 21:31:39

    Already signed for the MLS expansion team to debut next season, Seattle ace Sebastien Le Toux is eager to build a top flight – and perhaps one day, suit up as a naturalized U.S. international.

    The 24-year old Frenchman – formerly of Ligue 1 outfits Rennes and Lorient – was a revealtion in 2007, winning the USL MVP award.

    “(Joining MLS is) something I had hoped for and wanted for a long time,” Le Toux told the Seattle Post Intelligencer. “I could not be more happy with how everything has turned out.”

    “I want to stay in the MLS for a long, long time.”

    Furthermore, the Mont-Saint-Aignan native hopes to draw USMNT attention once he has gained U.S. citizenship.

    “I would like to play for the U.S.,” declared Le Toux, a rangy forward. “I would want to play for the country that gave me a chance, and I really love it here.”

    “It would be an honor if I received the opportunity to play for them.” I think B.B. New to give him a good look and a chances when he become Citizen of US.

  51. Jspot says:

    Eddie Lewis is a HUGE pick up for the Galaxy. Ruiz is fine to get rid of, but you dont have better flanks in the us with those two internationals on the roster and Lewis brings a lot of two way play and grit to a very very soft team…

  52. jspot says:

    Well if the galaxy can get lewis… remember what olsen brought to united all those years…

  53. Paulino says:

    Good move to get Ruiz, but Laurent Robert can still play! The Galaxy could use a guy like Robert. I guess they are dead set on Eddie Lewis. I’m surprised Ante Jazic wasn’t part of this deal.

  54. chupacabra says:

    The chemistry between Ruiz and Guevara will seem pretty good until Toronto gets a PK awarded when both of them are on the field. Then Ruiz and Guevara will get into handbags over who is going to take it and they will both get red carded.

    I predict that this will happen at one of TFC’s two upcoming matches v. Chivas, and that one of those two matches will also end with a Pricki and Carver punch up.

  55. Ossington Mental Youth says:


    Ruzi will take it, dont think ive seen Guevara take a penalty all year.

    Wait a minute, he did, against San Jose i think, regardless, im sure Ruiz will get the honors now

  56. John says:

    So Ihemelu, Hartman and Gomez became Cannon. Cannon and Albright became Ruiz. And Ruiz has become Eddie Lewis.

    Would you rather have Eddie Lewis, or Hartman, Ihemelu, Gomez and Albright?

    That’s why LA Galaxy are a mess.

  57. Thom says:

    Question to knowledgeable Galaxy fans……

    Getting rid of Ruiz is great. I feel sorry for Carver if h is not getting any say in these crazy signings in Toronto.

    But is Lewis a player who can really help with what is wrong the Galaxy? I would like those who really know the franchise inside and out to give your opinion. Does Lewis make Cronin a better keeper? Does he improve the back lines positioning? Or is the problem that the midfield has been so weak that he will help by improving possession and control in midfield? I just want to understand if Lewis is the key to getting to the post season and if so how?

    Thanks in advance

  58. Mo says:

    It’s Official…Toronto FC has taken over MLS

  59. frank says:

    The question I have is why did the Galaxy pass on Cory Gibbs? Are his wheels that bad? They could certainly use a top-class defender…

  60. Mo says:

    Now the Red Bulls can get Sylvain Wiltord to pair with Angel!

  61. Larry says:

    Mo is creating a very solid club. Even without Edu, they will be very dangerous. Tello and a grass field are next on the agenda.

  62. Dichio says:

    As long as we didn’t give up Wynne, I am happy with this

  63. DCUnited 4EVER says:

    Just watched Ruiz in the MNT game and what a slim ball dirty little piece of ________. He should be banned from football (along with several other of the Guatamalean Hackers!). Ruiz kicked Tim Howard in the head purposefully. They can’t play the game so they hack away. Over 40 fouls called and two red cards. Almost took Eddie Lewis’s head off with an elbox.

    I was really happy that the USMNT poked them in the eye with a 1-0 win. Good luck in Canada Ruiz because nobody wants you on a US team.

  64. nima says:

    Robert’s skill wasnt the question, it was his heart. I know its hard for some people to understand if they didnt watch the TFC games, but I am a Robert fan and I dont disagree with this decision. The last 3-4 games Robert looked like he didnt care at all. He could have been frustrated because no one was finishing, but he’s a professional earning almost 400k, he should have dealt with it better.

  65. geo says:

    i belive the only reason why L.A treated ruiz was because the American National Team had a game against Guatemala yesturday August 20 (he was told this before his game)..hmmm i wonder if the only reason why they treated him so he can be upset and have a really bad game last night.. witch he did. the same thing they did to him back when he was treaded for landon donovan before having a game for his national team for qualfication to the world cup 2006..

  66. geo says:

    i watched the game… it was nasty and very ugly on both teams after watching Mexico and Honduras who showed a skilled soccer i was upset also the rain and poor field conditions did not help.. i would like to clear the ruiz did not kick howard in the head.. watch carefuly and you will see it was in the arm but howard held his head.. the Eddie Lewis’s elbow!!! no it was a headbutt.. don’t really know where your getting the info.