Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising


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For those of you who missed it, Kenny Cooper kept his stock heading skyward with another two-goal performance, this time in helping FC Dallas topple Toronto FC on Sunday. The brace upped Cooper’s tally to 13, tying him for the league lead with Landon Donovan.

Cooper’s goals have FC Dallas right back in the playoff race and probably have FC Dallas owners feeling even more strongly that they won’t sell him. Would you be in a hurry to sell a striker who has accounted for almost 50 percent of your goals? (Cooper has 13 of FC Dallas’ 27).

The scoring hot streak (Cooper has seven goals in seven matches) has certainly helped Cooper’s stock and the question now is this: How much would you sell Kenny Cooper for?

If you were FC Dallas’ owners, how much would you sell him for? You make the call and share your price below.

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60 Responses to Kenny Cooper Market Watch: Stock Rising

  1. MK says:

    And somehow Eddie Johnson keeps getting the nod for the Nats.

  2. cowtown says:


    Really though, at this point I think it takes 6 or 7 million at least, assuming no huge rally for the dollar versus the Euro and Pound.

  3. NOLA soccer fan says:

    Kenny is the MLS best striker, and its only a matter of time before he leaves FC dallas.

    he is easily worth as much as josy altidore or even more.

  4. Andy in Atlanta says:

    I would have to think that if Cardiff came back and offered 3.5 million pounds then Dallas would have to sell. If they are not going to sell then they owe Kenny a lot of money because he was going to receive some very healthy wages over there. Dallas should make a pact with MLS that they get over half of the transfer fee directly.

  5. golfstrom says:

    i’m going to start the kenny to madrid rumors…robinho is not gonna be happy.

  6. Blake says:

    I really hope he keeps up the pace, so he can possibly go premiership in January. I think England would suit him perfectly.

  7. AlexS says:

    Considering that Cardiff are looking for a Cooper-esque player to start and help push them into the prem…

    $6 million and not a penny less. Perhaps with a sell-on clause. With Toja gone, he’s the only player that the FCD front office really has a chance of marketing, and is the absolute key to their success in the near future. They only good reason to sell him is if they want to raise cash to get some of the Argentine youth players they’ve been looking at under long contracts. If they can keep most of their youth (Brek Shea is gone soon – and I assume a nice transfer price will the culprit) then they’ll have a very strong team in two seasons or so.

    Or, they can build around Cooper for the short term and try to compete as soon as they find a defense to go with the one-man scoring machine.

  8. Garrett says:

    Cardiff is a smart choice since they have money unloading that super talented kid to Arsenal. They should have a decent shot to get to the Prem (its a crap-shoot in the Champ.) Cooper could be a main-stay if they attain Prem. status Yr. 1 and hang on. Quality striker that could be a serviceable striker for a mid-table Prem. team in his prime.

  9. Kevin J says:

    3million pounds. Kenny Cooper is destined for the EPL. Maybe a mid-table team like Wigan or West Ham.

  10. Kevin J says:

    The 3 highest scoring players in the MLS are all American. That’s quite something to be proud of. Any chance of Buddle heading abroad next season?

  11. JSquaredNY says:

    I really just don’t understand Bob Bradley’s comment about Cooper being a great player but him not being ready for the National Team – and then he goes and gives EJ and Ching nods. It just really makes no sense to me. Cooper blows those two out of the water.

  12. spencer says:

    I’d sell him for 8 million dollars at this pace. If he continues it might just get up’d toward 10.

  13. kpugs says:

    I think the fact that he started in Europe and couldn’t cut it before excelling here is going to hurt his selling price no matter how well he does.

    FC Dallas suits have to realize that they probably will never get more for Cooper than they would if they sold him right this second.

    Sure, it “might” happen, but this is the most value Cooper has held as a player in his entire life. Sorry Dallas fans, obviously any fan is going to want him to stay. But we know he WILL be sold. We don’t know WHEN, only that it will definitely happen. Since that’s the case, they should do the smart thing and sell high, asap.

    Anyone who wants to counter the “but his value could grow” argument only has to remember the injury factor. Anything can happen, nature of the beast.

  14. Betinho says:

    4 mil pounds. That’s still a bargain FOR AN EPL team. It has to be worth it for Dallas. Less if it’s after the season. I know that’s a lot for a guy who hasn’t had the international experience but…he was part of Man U’s system which will givehim more cred in England – and it’s a good thing his Dad is English so he won’t have work permit issues :)

  15. Betinho says:

    Kpugs…that’s another way to look at his Man U time. I didn’t think of it as a neg…but you may have a point there.

  16. Haig says:

    “he is easily worth as much as josy altidore or even more.”

    Posted by:NOLA soccer fan

    NOLA, you can’t gauge value by putting Altidore next to Cooper, and adding millions to the Altidore fee based on goals scored.

    Kenny C. is five years older than Jozy. A huge chunk of the fee that Villareal had to do with youth and potential.

    So, no, Cooper is not worth more than Altidore. He’s worth as much as is offered as a transfer fee, and it’ll be nowhere near $10 million.

  17. TCompton says:

    So, is this season’s Golden Boot race the closest it’s ever been midway through the season?

    13 – Donovan (last goal 8/3)

    13 – Cooper (8/3)

    12 – Buddle (8/3)

    11 – Emilio (8/2)

    No one is giving up!

    It’s also interesting that, while Donovan has been scoring since the beginning of the season, Cooper, Buddle, and Emilio have only recently gotten hot.

    If the Galaxy doesn’t implode, Dallas sell off Kenny Cooper, or Emilio succumb to injury it should be an interesting race for the golden boot at the end of season.

  18. Piney O says:

    Like everyone else I am just stumped as to why Bradley hasn’t given Cooper a shot…..Following this hot streak if Cooper isn’t called in for qualifiers then I say Bradley’s postion as coach of the Nats needs to be in jeopardy…

  19. Bob Bradley says:

    All you people out there are idiots, you think this guy is so good. I’ve been playing and coaching soccer since you were dirty thoughts in your parents mind.

    I sweat to god, if i get questioned 1 more time about this no talent hack, I will keep Bocanegra & Johnson in all game, every game

  20. Neil says:

    Cardiff City are no longer interested in signing Kenny Cooper as we have been messed about too much. We made an offer, it was accepted by MLS, Cooper scores a couple of extra goals and the goal posts are moved. No thanks, we want players who genuinely want to play for us and I doubt very much if anyone is going to offer more money than we have for someone who is unproven at the top level depsite his current exploits.I see $8 million for him suggested here – sorry Betinho but you’re in dream land. Get real guys, the MLS is nowhere near as competitive as even the minor leagues in Europe. I notice Rosenborg have also dropped their interest; doesn’t that tell you something about the way the club and player are conducting themselves over this matter and I’d be surprised if anyone wants to do business with them after this. The legend that is Sir Alex Ferguson who knows Cooper well advised him it would be a good move for him and by staying at Dallas for a few extra bucks his ambition must come into question. A great shame as the Cardiff City fans really wanted him to come and play for us and really push us on in our challenge for a promotion place this season. Believe me, after watching us in pre-season here, this is a club that are going places and Kenny might have been the final peice in the jigsaw.

  21. MetroFlip73 says:

    At least 4 million pounds. That would be good for MLS, but not so much for FCD. It does give them plenty of wiggle room to acquire a DP, etc.

  22. Steve says:

    $8 million after he wins the Golden Boot.

  23. RMH says:

    Neil, you need to check the facts. The “messing about” came from FCD. MLS agreed to a fee, then when Cooper asked to go visit Rosenberg and Cardiff, the club said no, they wanted to keep him. Whether they made that clear to Cardiff or Rosenberg is unclear, although Rosenberg disappeared after the statement and the Cardiff manager made some point about it not being over. Perhaps to save face, perhaps not believing every club has their price.

    The truth is Cooper is big, strong, and fast. He could probably do more with his ability, but he’s turned out pretty well. He’s also an extremely classy individual. Personally, I’m hoping FCD keeps him to January, then sells him a-la Dempsey and New England. I don’t think they’re winning any cup with him, but perhaps they could make the playoffs or qualify for SuperLiga.

  24. SeaOtter says:


    You should work on your reading comprehension. It was the Dallas owners who stated very publicly that they had no intention of selling Cooper.

    Yes, the MLS were reported as agreeing to the Cardiff proposal, but they needed the team’s approval, which they did not get.

    Cooper does have ambition to leave. I don’t pretend to know if he preferred Cardiff as his destination, but his club made the decision for him.

  25. Neil says:

    Ok guys, I accept that I may have got the slightly complicated rules governing MLS transfers wrong, but we were led to believe that the fee was accepted and that it was up to the player to agree personal terms with us or Rosenborg and that the club – in this case FC Dallas had no say in the matter. We had offered $4 million plus which was a fair price according to the MLS who own his contract right? If that is the case how can the club hold up the transfer – please explain as nobody here understands what has happened at all. If the player really wanted to come he could have rejected the new deal offered by Dallas right? I rate him highly, but you atil aren’t going to get $8 million for him…

  26. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Neil first off.. the MLS is every bit as equal to the Championship. Chicago drubbed Everton the other day so please enough of the snotty arrogant “your league is crap” comments. As far as Cooper goes… he was ready to leave for Cardiff but Dallas said hold the phone. Also it is my understanding that Cardiff were and are still very much interested. The reason the fee is reasonable @ $8M is because he will have no work permit issues and by all acounts is considered an “English Player” for the FA quotas. Kenny would be an asset to your club and many of us very much want him to be given the chance.

  27. RMH says:

    I don’t know what the MLS rules are, either, but I know the clubs have some say in the matter. Another player, Taylor Twellman, has had a couple transfers nixed by his club. Also, Cooper has never gone on record saying where he would prefer to play (as far as I know.) He’s always deflected the questions to comment about the current game and his current team. His salary is pretty low, so I would think he’d want to go overseas for that reason alone.

  28. Reid says:

    I would put him at like $5.5 – $6.5 mil

  29. Michael F. says:

    If Jozy is worth 10 and arguably has more potential, I sell Cooper for 8 or 9. (With a sell-on clause in case I’m wrong!)

  30. Scott A says:

    Seriously MK. If Eddie Johnson or other assorted shmucks (relatively speaking) keep getting chances ahead of Kenny I might burst

  31. Jurgen Klinsmann says:

    I would’ve put Cooper in for Johnson already.

  32. 4now says:

    Agree with Reid.

  33. Neil says:

    Hey Andy in Atlanta, nothing snotty intended about my posting, just stating facts I’m afraid. So Chicago drubbed Everton – they haven’t played a competitive game since the middle of May and aren’t match fit, so it would be expected they lose. They are there to get match fitness and results aren’t important – its called a pre season friendly and is played as it says; a friendly. Again, I’m not trying to deride the achievement, but just don’t get carried away after one result. Any team can beat another on their day and I genuinely believe that if you put an MLS side in our Championship they would struggle to make the top half as there just aren’t enough quality players in all positions – and no that doesn’t mean I think there is no quality in the MLS as there obviously is. An MLS side in the EPL would be unlikely to avoid relegation as do most Championship sides in their first season there – its the toughest league in the world, so please accept that we do have some idea of what we are talking about over here in the UK having four professional divisions, which even the lowest of can attract quality players. Even the semi professional leagues can pay substantial wages for part time players. I agree that football in the USA has the potential to be massive, but it isn’t there yet and whilst it may come as a disappointment to you, you can’t compete with the bigger European leagues at the moment. Your National coach won’t touch home based players or those without European experience by the sounds of it – why would that be the case, if the league was so strong? Please don’t trot out the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, as you don’t get to be a national coach by not knowing anything about the game…

    With regards to Cardiff City and Kenny Cooper, I believe our manager when he says its off as we really wanted him, but we have signed a striker today and have a bid in for another, so it looks like he will be staying with Dallas unless its reverse psychology intended to put other clubs off. However, with our season starting on Saturday, I suspect Cooper will struggle to move on in January, as I can’t see us increasing our offer now and with Rosenborg the only other suitors also out of the race, who exactly is going to pay the over inflated prices that are currently being suggested for him? Good as he is, he is NOT an $8 million player and I doubt that will change in the next transfer window.

  34. 4now says:


    let’s not embarrass ourselves by making reference to pre-season friendlies against EPL teams as testimonials to our quality of play.

  35. Jon E says:

    If I were Dallas conducting negotiations under today’s weak dollar, I’d ask for a $6.5m transfer fee and settle for $5.5 or maybe a little less.

    I think Cooper’s great, but I suspect he’ll score 18-22 goals this season. To command a genuinely big transfer fee by MLS standards ($8m or more), a pure striker will probably either have to be under 20 years old or over 25 goals scored.

  36. Andy in Atlanta says:

    So since we can “never” base anything our pre-season friendlies when exactly are we supposed to? For years it was try and compete with the Mexican League and then talk… ok well we have been regularly beating the Pachucas and Chivas now…. who is next. I know for a fact that the MLS is not the EPL….but I doubt Cardiff would be spanking any MLS sides. I want Cardiff to take Cooper, believe me I do and I know the prices are a joke now… I mean Andy Johnson for 12 million quid.. are you serious? I played for Chelsea’s youth side in 1994 so I am aware of the talent pool at all divisions but I think people lose sight of how athletic American players are. If Cooper were truly English I can almost certainly bet that he would be regarded as much as Crouch and Heskey are and were. Also it is not like it is a recent phenomena regarding the MLS sides beating EPL and SPL squads in August.. it has been happening for 5 years now…

  37. stickfigure says:

    if bradley does not start playing this kid, he should be fired.

  38. milo says:

    If its to a scrub Euro side, 8 mil euro

    but if its a mid table side that has a chance at continental ball, the lowest I’ll go is 3.5 mil Euros. I big time side I sell for 2-3 mil Euros.

  39. Carl Setterlund says:

    The American pride inside of me says he’s an $8-10 million player now, but you’ve got to consider that he’s at peak value right now and the level of competition in MLS is still probably only around (or maybe even slightly less than) the Coca-Cola Championship. Realistically, I think he’s gotta go for more than $6 million but probably no much higher than $8 million.

  40. Jim says:

    How many times does it have to be said that Kenny Cooper did not fail or struggle in europe!

    He was a youth/reserve player developing at Man Utd and went on a couple loans. When his contract was up, Alex F wanted to keep him but Coopers dad was ill in Dallas so Kenny decided to sign there instead to be closer to family. Man Utd loved Kenny since he is a good person and a true professional. They even paid him a couple months of extra wages to fill in the gap until he got his Dallas contract.

    When he moves to europe it will probably be for 3m pounds, similar to what Fulham paid for Eddie Johnson.

  41. Dominghosa says:

    England is going to call up Cooper. And US loses another player to non-national team callups.


  42. Yossarian says:

    To my untrained eye, it seems as if Coop can dominate lesser competition but lacks the pace to play in an elite league. Is that true, Ives? How else to explain his fall from Man U’s youth system to MLS and Bradley’s refusal to call him in?

  43. Jacob says:

    A- Im just as outraged at the fact he doesn’t get call ups as anyone else, and sees this as a good move for him. For the team, it may not make as much sense.

    B-Andy, ever go to the Silverbacks games? As someone who played at the level you did, I’d be interested to see what you think of some of their players.

  44. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Yossarian :

    Again Kenny Cooper did not fail @ Man UTD. They wanted to keep him as a matter of fact. Oldham tried to buy him but in the end Kenny missed home. He was there almost all of his teen years. You can imagine what kind of toll that takes on a kid that has plenty back home (not the same situation as a kid from the Brazilian slums or African poverty) to come back to. Bradley needs to start him NOW!!!

  45. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Hey Jacob (the Fulham fan???)

    I still have to make it to a Sliver Backs game despite the fact that I live 2 miles from the park. I was supposed to go last Friday night as I am actually a closet Charleston Battery fan having lived their for a few years. I think the USL is a decent league with the right mindset. It is obvious that some of the teams have enough first team talent to compete with the KC’s and RSLs of the MLS. I would kill for a promotion and relegation system but I know it would probably not work in the States yet.

    COOPER FOR STRIKER…. We need a new McBride

  46. Bob Bradley says:

    What did i tell all of you people earlier. My favorite game in the world is playing favorites, and if “you people” think that you or that midget in charge of the USSF have any say, think again!

  47. Casey C. says:

    First off, he is capped Dominghosa, might be tough for England.

    Secondly, if any of you trotting around this, “he failed in Europe already” stuff bothered to take a peak at his Euro history, you might notice some interesting stuff.


    2005-2006: Scored five goals in 12 Reserve League games for Manchester United Reserves…Was loaned to Oldham Athletic on 1/29 after the end of his Academia spell, where he scored three goals in five starts with Oldham’s first team…Entered as a substitute in FA Cup game vs. Bolton on 1/30 (lost 1-0).

    2003-2004: Scored twice in a 3-1 win against local rivals Manchester City on 5/11 to give United the Manchester Senior Cup, returning the trophy to Old Trafford for the 26th time in its long history…The Manchester Senior Cup is a tournament played among the five professional teams in Manchester… Scored for Man. United Reserves on the day of his first addition to United’s first-team squad list in 2-0 win over Nottingham Forest 2-0 on 8/12…His 32nd minute strike was the first of United’s campaign in the Barclays Premiership Reserve League North…Loaned to Academica Coimbra in Portugal. 8/24.

    You still really going to tell me he failed in Europe cause he couldn’t break in to Man United’s First XI?

  48. Agree with the other posters on Kenny being ready for the USMNT. Call him up already, Bob! BTW, do we have a roster for the upcoming qualifiers (Guatemala, Cuba, etc). If not, Kenny should be on there.

  49. Bob Bradley says:

    As usual i will wait to the last possible moment to put out the roster. And if your wondering why I do that… it adds to my mystique.

    And just to let you know, i’m looking at taking Razov over cooper, he is more deserving at this stage of his career, and he will be a great partner with Eddie Johnson. Things could change though i will always leave the door open for Eric Wynalda to play up top for us…. anything is better then putting Kenny there.

  50. Dominghosa says:

    I WAS KIDDING. Geebus.

  51. Cory says:

    I think this discussion has generated enough buzz for another post.

    Kenny Cooper: How much is he worth?

    Wait. Wait. WaitWAITWAIT!!!!

    Is Kenny Cooper to soccer what Brett Favre is to football (as far as exaggerated media discussion is concerned)????

    It seems as though it’s heading that way.

  52. Casey C. says:

    I hate you. Kidding. <3

  53. Jim says:

    lol @ Bob Bradley

  54. Jacob says:

    Andy, I root for Fulham as much as any American would, but if it came down to crunchtime, I’d be Arsenal and Real Mardrid.

    You really ought to make it down and take a look a Mac Kandji, kids a player, a verrrrrry good one in my mind. Unfortunately, I’m a g.a. for my high school alma mater’s football program, and that’s cutting into my game attendance now, but maybe we’ll run into each other there one time.

  55. Yossarian says:

    Andy and Casey,

    Oldham Athletic??? Are you kidding me? What are they, League 1?? Holy Cats, guys. You can’t use 3 goals in League 1 as a criteria for success. He was also loaned to a Portugese club and couldn’t get playing time there (they weren’t even top division in Portugal, either, I don’t think).

    I like the kid, and I hope he has success, but you can’t consider zero 1st team action above league 1 a success!! That’s not realistic. There’s no question that he failed in his first European stint.

  56. Robert says:

    7 million… for his age relative to Jozy’s. Could be higher if he keeps scoring. I’d say it’s better for his career to go for a top flight team (no hard feelings, Cardiff)

  57. Bluebirds says:

    Come on Kenny, come to Cardiff you will be a legend.

  58. Casey C. says:

    He failed at breaking the Man U first XI, correct Yossarian.

    “There’s no question that he failed in his first European stint.”

    Uhh, agree to disagree.

  59. Erik says:

    I hope BB has been paying attention! Like many, I was upset that Cooper wasn’t called in for the recent friendlies. What American striker, at home or abroad, is in better form right now? (don’t say Donovan, he’s not your protoypical center forward)

  60. Peter Nowak says:

    Dump Kewper for the MNT. I’d play a 3-4-3 and put the deadly trio of Josh Wolff, EJ and Chad Barrett. I’d convince John O’Brien to come back and play midfield for us, and I’d naturally Alvaro “The Worst Brazilian in MLS” Pires so he can pass the ball to our opponents in midfield, as well.

    South Africa here we come!