MLS accepts $5 million Rangers bid for Edu


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Maurice Edu is on his way to Europe.

According to multiple sources within Major League Soccer, MLS and Toronto FC have accepted a $5 million transfer fee for Edu from Scottish giants Glasgow Rangers. Edu is stil finalizing personal terms with Rangers, but a deal is expected to be completed soon.

Edu joins Jozy Altidore ($10 million move to Villarreal) and Brad Guzan ($1.5 million move to Aston Villa) on the list of MLS standouts to make moves to Europe this summer. Who do you think is next to go?

Share your thought’s on Edu’s move, and on who you think will go next, in the comments section below.


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122 Responses to MLS accepts $5 million Rangers bid for Edu

  1. Pat the Red Bulls Fan says:

    Go get em Mo.

  2. Mike says:

    If he can’t be at TFC I’m glad he’ll be at Rangers. I think this will be a great step for him to develop into an even better player. Good luck on the move Mo.

  3. EDB says:

    With all the call ups he gets in the summer , this is probably best for everyone involed

  4. chris says:

    I’m sick of this league. Any player worth anything leaves the first chance they get.

  5. Dan says:

    Holy crud that came around quickly. How the heck does he sell for 5.75 mil and Guzan gets the 1.5 mil shaft?

    Good luck Mo! Kick some butt and get ready for WCQ!

  6. Bob says:

    Don’t worry, Chris. I am sure that MLS will divert these new funds toward securing a 37 year-old forward who was great ten years ago.

  7. Sandro says:

    Good luck to Maurice Edu! I do agree that MLS has to do a better job at keeping their young talents but right now it is not just about money but experience. Regardless, good luck Maurice Edu in europe!

  8. Hans Hoffmann says:

    Overall I think it is good for the league. If I were in their shoes and had a chance to go play n front of 50,000 fanatical fans for more money I would. In the long run these players will come back and improve the quality of play in the MLS

  9. ac says:

    It looks like a good move. Hopefully he’ll be able to get some playing time. Also have Beasley as a teammate will help him get used to Europe. I know it looks bad for MLS to have so many players leaving, but it is still obvious MLS is still a young league and Edu can get much more experience in Europe. While he is still young, Edu can learn so much more in Europe: the fast speed of the game, better technical skills, and even the mental part of playing in big competitions as UEFA Cup. Good luck Edu!

  10. BFBS says:

    Can somebody please explain the permit situation? Various folks on various sites have the same question but nobody explained why a permit won’t be an issue.

  11. spencer says:

    Chris of course they leave. Its all money talks, he will probably be making 4 times atleast what he’s making here. Think he gets atleast 540k just for the transfer that what he probably makes in two seasons alone. But I’m glad to see him go I think he will be at the Rangers for a year or two before making a move to the EPL or somewhere else.

  12. Beech says:

    So, who’s left these days to play in our league?

  13. Blake says:

    Looks like if you want to go to Europe as a young American in MLS, you’ve gotta make the cover of FIFA.

  14. spencer says:

    BFBS I believe but I can’t say for sure, that Scotland is very easy to get a permit to play in unlike the EPL

  15. James says:

    Chris I’m starting to feel the same way about this league. The more good players leave the less interest I have in the league. All they ever get to replace these kind of players are over the hill 30 somethings with nothing left in the tank who nobody else wants.

  16. Dan says:

    Chris, every league that knows what it’s doing knows it should sell when the bid is high. Nearly 6 million is quite a sum for MLS coffers, and sales like this allow for a lot of fresh faces to make their MLS debuts.

    It also helps the league develop relationships with other worldwide leagues, something very important to its future.

  17. Super Metro says:

    People leave all the time in all the leagues in the world; besises, we all know these players will all end up in MLS some years from now better and with more experience. Remember we need most of our national team guys playing in Europe if we’re seriously thinking about making a splash in WC2010; you heard me Sasha and Parkhurst and you Landon!

  18. James says:


    The problem is that money isn’t reinvested in new players because of the cap. So basically you won’t be able to get as good of a player as the one you just sold. Transfers in MLS work different then every other league.

  19. EDB says:

    People need to realize the MLS is a minor league. And the more good players that move the better it is for the league. look at some of the talent we are getting from central and south america. the reason is because they know that the bigger leagues scout the mls.

  20. frank says:

    Nigerian passport=UK work permit???

  21. James says:

    supermetro wrote

    “People leave all the time in all the leagues in the world; besises, we all know these players will all end up in MLS some years from now better and with more experience.”

    yeah when they are 34 and have nothing left to offer and take one last paycheck.

  22. Mike22 says:

    i’m not really disappointed that Edu would go to Rangers nor that MLS would sell him. But I am disappointed that he went for so cheap. A 22-year-old central midfielder with his physique and versatility from any other country would be sold for quite a bit more. I think MLS needs to start demanding higher fees.

  23. Steve JW says:

    Edu $5 mil

    Jozy $10 mil

    Guzan $1.5 mil

    Toja $???

    Toja probably went for around $500k so MLS has done $17 million in exports this season.

  24. Peruco83 says:

    Hmm, I wonder how Taylor Twellman feels about all of these transfers…

  25. Jeff Darling says:

    Folks, think about it. There are more and more players going to Europe because MLS has become quality enough to develop players who are desired by big clubs. This is a very good thing. Remember, MLS is only 12 years old. It will get there.

  26. MLSTrader says:

    I think the Olympians have to be on the list (many clubs likely had favorites and sent scouts to see them – or Nigerians/Dutch players – in real action):

    #1 Holden – kid has Scottish passport I suspect and could play in the EPL – provided great service from the wings – played comfortably in the middle – and worked/tackled hard (did I mention he scored a goal too?)

    #2 Sascha – good two way midfielder – plenty of game tape on him at ChivasUSA and in this tournament to prove his worth. Scored his two goals and his confidence in being the PK taker v. Nigeria speaks to his teammates/coaches trust.

    #3 Wynne – don’t think it’s going to happen but he’s on the list for the heck of it. The same scouts that watched him the U20s likely updated their notes for the Olympics – speed check – improvement in tactical awareness? sort of – improvement in crossing? sort of. Overall buy? Sort of – but probably not enough to entice MLS to sell or Wynne frankly to want to leave his set-up at Toronto. He still has work to do and what better place for a young man like that than at Toronto. . . especially if he wants to lock down a spot as a right back option for 2010.

  27. Cloughie says:

    Please find a picture that does not include Andy Welsh!!

    Good for Mo, and good for TFC….our formation has been accomodating too many midfielders….if the other Mo can just get us a striker before the end of the day please!

  28. Chicken Little says:

    This is great for Mo. And it’s not bad for MLS. I know everyone hates to see top talent go, but let’s be realistic. If Europe really wants the guy, they’ll get him. Top European players are earning 2x, 3x, 4x or even 5x the $2M payroll / salary cap for entire MLS teams!

    This is a natural part of MLS evolution. If they reinvest this money wisely, they can grow the league and slowly raise the amount they can pay for players. Rather than bring in expensive, older internationals with this money, I hope MLS invests in youth development / training. It’s not sexy, and it doesn’t sell tickets right away, but it move MLS along their ‘evolution’ — maybe like a Ligue 1 or Eredivisie where those teams have great young talent that often gets poached by larger clubs, but is still exciting to watch the future stars of tomorrow. And those two leagues have a bit better financial footing so the big teams (PSV, Ajax, PSG, Lyon) can actually afford to keep some of their stars until transfer fees get ridiculous and someone like Abramovich opens his wallet.

  29. Randomher0723 says:

    I think it will be a good move for Edu for the following reasons:

    (1) More competition for places will help him develop

    (2) Good coach to develop under

    (3) More experience in hostile environments

    (4) Opportunity to play in Champions League so he will develop a better understanding of the European game

    (5) In Champions League will get to test himself against best players in the world

    (6) More money for him

    Best of luck to him

  30. Erik says:

    Remember, MLS has no business charging a higher fee until our players are a proven commodity. As of now, can anyone name a truly successful American field player?? I can only think of Bradley, and we can argue how proven he is. As more US players succeed overseas, the price goes up.

  31. CACuzcatlan says:

    Chris, that’s how it is around the world. Look at Scandinavian leagues. Anyone who is any good in those leagues ends up moving to a bigger league in Europe.

  32. jrnail23 says:

    I think the next ones to go will be any of the following:

    Landon Donovan

    Robbie Rogers

    Sacha Klejstan

    Stuart Holden (UK work permit ready to go)

    Kenny Cooper (ditto on the UK permit, although MLS will likely sell him after the season is over)

    and possibly Edson Buddle

    At least those are the guys I’d be interested in if I were running a team in Europe

  33. Lorem Ipsum says:

    couple of points:

    – good for MO, this is possibly the most money MLS/TFC could get for him

    – bad for TFC…very thin lineup with all the injury problems (and no new players coming in)

    – How about MO on the cover of FIFA 09 wearing the TFC kit? Will they change it now?

  34. Sin2R says:

    This is good for MLS. The more players see MLS selling other players to Europe, the more these players will want to come to MLS. Nothing wrong with MLS being a feeder league to Europe. We have to start somewhere. Also, it helps me out a bit. When an MLS player transfers to Europe, I have actually followed those European teams so my overall soccer knowledge has increased. Works for me!

    Good luck!

  35. mikeK says:

    Rangers?!?!?! Damn, I liked Edu too.

  36. Peen Us says:

    Remember, MLS has no business charging a higher fee until our players are a proven commodity. As of now, can anyone name a truly successful American field player?? I can only think of Bradley, and we can argue how proven he is. As more US players succeed overseas, the price goes up.

    Posted by: Erik | August 15, 2008 at 12:04 PM


    I disagree. They want to pay us the money, and our league is getting drained of talent. Pick these teams’ pockets for all they have.

  37. Michael Vann says:

    So how does Mo qualify for a Work Permit? Rangers I’m sure has some pull with the Home Office, regardless.

    I am stoked at this move. Totally out of the blue. $5 million is some coin for Rangers even though they have money they usually don’t break the bank and are conservative. The question looms where will Edu play? CB or DMF? Beasley will help Edu break into Scottish life and it will be fun to follow Rangers with two Yanks.

  38. Bart says:

    Yeah i agree, Chris, hate to see it but thats just how its going to be.. GL Edu

  39. DeLarge says:

    Dang, two weeks too late for Rangers. Edu might’ve helped them stay in the UEFA Cup.

    GO MO!

  40. Will says:

    Its deals like this that will eventually lead to a higher salary cap and more depth in the MLS. So far that reason, it’s a very good thing.

  41. wendel says:

    does he not need a permit because its scotland and not england?

    thats the only thing i can think of.

  42. cbr says:

    so now TFC gets a small % of the transfer as an allocation or “salary cap bump” right?

    they also dropped a portion of cunningham’s salary in the dalls trade. Mo has to have something in the works

  43. DigzTFC says:

    We rode the hype machine all the way to 5 Million!!! I wish all you guys would have watched game in game out at TFC. Your opinion of him might not have been so enthusiastic.

  44. Chae says:

    Like most what are the rules on foreign players in the SPL? If it’s work permit based, how is Edu going to get one, I don’t think he has the national team call ups to acquire one. I think the transfer fee might appear low to someone because he is young and a promising player, but maybe MLS has learned from their mistakes such as not accepting the Benfica offer for EJ a couple years ago. Until MLS improves, this is a good way for them to deal business sell their top prospects while their value is high. Maybe one day if we get another prospect as hyped up as Donovan was at age 19, we can get $15-20 million out of it.

  45. lassidawg says:

    The MLS has to walk a fine line, because at somepoint Edu and players like him would be able to go to Europe for nothing. They have to maximize their profit, because players will leave to get more money.

  46. John says:

    I’m not sure about the work permit process in Scotland, but there should be similar if not identical work permit guidelines for non-EU players in both England and Scotland. However, the appeal process for denied work permits might be easier in Scotland and I imagine that Rangers and Celtic tend to get their way. Just the fact that they want to buy a player should be judged that he is worthy of playing in the SPL against the minnows of the league.

    Good move for Edu and good business for MLS and Toronto. $5 Million might be the second highest fee paid for a player in MLS history. Anyone who thinks the MLS isn’t getting value for Edu is not rooted in reality.

    MLS is playing this game very well. The pressure of the end of the transfer window makes teams desperate to fill their rosters and makes the more well off clubs pay more than they normally would.

    Edu is a good player and will do well for Rangers.

  47. Nick G. says:

    LOL look at Reyna in the background of that pic!

  48. Jeremy says:

    Great move Edu. More money and he can go over there and test himself in Europe. It always helps going to a team that already has an established American to help with the transition.

  49. Betinho says:

    Chickenlittle – I agree with what you are saying. Patience grasshoppers. The league is hitting a new era. It’s a matter of time until all these transfers pay off in higher salaries, resulting in keeping more players and enticing better players to the MLS. These transfers have to make the PA smile. They have something to target in the upcoming CBA talks.

  50. bgnewf says:

    Granted if this is true it seems to be good value for a player who in my opinion has not significantly advanced this season from his first year with TFC.

    But sitting on a ton of allocation dollars, cap room, roster room and knowing that both his coach and fans are desperately calling for reinforcements is making TFC fans very upset.

    Mo will be wise to not show his face at BMO Field if after today all we have are some transfer dollars from Rangers and an even thinner side. MLS is a “parity” league. The league rules are designed to ensure wherever possible that each team has a reasonable chance of competing. There is no reason with all the resources at hand that Mo cannot reinforce the side at the front and at the back for a playoff run without mortgaging our future. I for one do not buy the “FieldTurf” or “playing in Canada” excuses he is spouting so far as to why we cannot get adequate reinforcements for a playoff run. Mo actually stated in a TV interview yesterday that he is about to hire a South American scout in the next few days. A little late don’t you think Mo??? Maybe if you did this last year we would have not had to rely on the few contacts you still have in the UK that have come up dry.

    Bottom line for me and a lot of TFC fans is this. If you can’t bring in what we need to compete in this league Mo, you should either resign or be fired.

  51. Tim says:

    Edu is going to have to wait a year to play champions league football because they were knocked out in the qaulifying rounds. Also Guzan was sold for so little because he was on the last year of his contract, so if villa wanted to they could’ve waited until after the mls season wraps up and they could’ve picked him up for free. So Chivas felt 1.5 mil was better than nothing.

  52. JB says:

    What position will Rangers utilize him at? Midfielder like with Toronto or Central Back like the Olympics? The answer to this question will be an important one for the national team.

  53. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Bit harsh there BgNewf,

    Sad to see him go but in all honesty the only thing to come from this trade is a lack of depth, Edu was not a game changer although he defo has alot of promise. Yes Mo should have signed us a striker by now (there are rumors hes not done yet, granted its not going to be a big name but dude maybe effective). Regardless, Mo (GM, no player) was great in signing our mid this season and elsewhere, his only shortcoming has been the lack of striker (too many eggs in one basket for Dickov, waste of time imo) and that does not warrant a firing.

  54. brett says:

    uggg…. guys we cant have it both ways… we cant expect a league who’s teams are not all profitable yet to have a league wide salary cap increase and keep our players…. to increase the salary cap we have to have solid income flowing into their pockets, and the transfer window is a wide open spot light to show off our talent and get the best bang for our buck…

    this shouldnt hurt TFC too badly, as all TFC fans love to point out how crowded their midfield is… Mo is a quality player and would have ventured off to europe… the league got interest from villa end of last seson and the MLS didnt listen… now they got a quality offer for a quality player…. get the money and invest it….

    our youth systems will continue to pump out players… younger players are getting more and more looks by loads of teams…. we’ll continue to see a growth of quality in our youth… transfers to better leagues?? this is the way of every soccer league…. happens more to the weaker ones, but its the only way to grow right now…

  55. Chris says:

    This is great news for Edu and the USMNT.

    I know it’s disappointing to watch young players move on to Europe, but, it happens all over the world.

    It just means, that MLS is producing good players. This is a positive sign. Now MLS just has to reinvest in youth programs, and the quality of play will continue to get better.

  56. Reid says:

    I’m sad to see him go, but i’m very happy he is going to a club like rangers and not some 2nd division club in norway or denmark.

    I think those teams are the real culprits of the drain of talent in the MLS. Lets face it players like Edu, Adu, Dempsey are always gonna make their way to Europe, but there is no way we should be losing guys to $hit teams in lower divisions.

  57. fieldsy says:

    i hope fox soccer channel shows lots of scottish premiere league games now.

  58. Torcida_Toronto says:

    I don’t believe it! Maurice has been terrible all season long and we sell him for $5 Million?!

    Super-MO! (Johnston not shitty Edu)

  59. Nate M says:

    Just needs to learn a new language…

  60. zomgwarn says:

    if he thought the fans in Toronto were loud…

  61. MattC says:

    I am not a TFC fan but I am a huge MLS fan. I agree that it is good to sell some players when they want to move on to Europe. However, with all of these sales, the league is in a better financial position. To take the next step and become more popular, MLS has to show its fans that it is now willing to invest in quality players.

    The salary cap is ridiculously low. It honestly needs to be at least doubled for next year. The league has the money. Most teams have soccer specific stadiums or plans for them. IMO, the next step is not expansion, but commitment to player compensation. You cannot attract and keep quality young talent by offering them $30K per year! LA has proven that while the DP is good, it doesn’t provide quality teams as long as the cap is so low.

    Please MLS, lets use this money to attract and keep quality talent. Focus on the quality and put off the quantity (i.e. expansion) for a while. 16 teams is enough until MLS can keep more players.

  62. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    cbr, keep in mind, TFC gets two-thirds of the transfer, not a small piece. That would make it about $3.3M. Of that, they can use up to 500k as an allocation for another player. And also, as I understand it, MLS players do not get a percentage of the transfer fee.

  63. GB says:

    5 Million for this useless player? Are they on crack

  64. David W says:

    To answer two questions that have been asked –

    Edu was sold for more than Guzan was sold for because of the amount of time left on his contract. Guzan’s contract expired after this season, while Edu still must have a few more years left on his original contract.

    The work permit rules are technically the same for England and Scotland because they are within the same government (UK). Edu will probably have an easier time getting a work permit because of the fact that Rangers is asking for one. The biggest and most influential clubs in Britain can usually get work permits for whomever they want. It is not fair, but it is how the world works. It may also be that Edu has another passport to help him on his way.

  65. anon_e_moose says:

    Edu is overrated. Adrien Silva is better at 18 than Edu is at 22. Wynne is another overrated player, if he wasnt superfast he’d be the worst defender in MLS (Velez wouldnt be so bad if he didnt have to cover Wynne’s a** every game) and his crosses are rarely dangerous. Move to a 442 losango style and put Hemming at RB and TFC will be better off.

  66. mike from linden says:

    Justin Mapp should go

    Klijestan and Gaven i think will be next

  67. Isaac says:

    That is the last thing i expected to hear about. but this is good I mean do you realize how many players we’ve sent over to prestigous European clubs. the only problem i have with Edu going to Rangers is that im a Celtic fan. Get it Mo!

  68. Reid says:

    Gavin… will be next…. hahahahahah, man thats a good one. I will meet him at the airport and wave goodbye, maybe even pack his bags. Keep those coming mikefromlinden, thats gold

  69. Gary says:

    In my opinion Mo was pretty invisible this year……when he apparently was playing for TFC

  70. Brokenbil says:

    Great for Maurice, good for Rangers, bad for Toronto FC.

    And for all you complaining about players leaving MLS for Europe, look at all the names returning — Cory Gibbs, Nate Jaqua, Kasey Keller, Clint Mathis, Brian McBride, Pat Noonan, Josh Wolff, and perhaps Eddie Lewis. (Bummer Benny Feilhaber signed with AGF Aarhus instead of New England Revolution.) I’m sure Altidore, Edu, and Guzan will all be back in MLS some day, too.

  71. Matt says:

    He is a franchise player but was horrible this year. I don’t think TFC lost anything! All I would like to know is how much money Toronto will be getting and who will fill his spot.

  72. Jeff says:

    Question for everyone saying what a good thing it is for all the best players to leave doesnt make much sense to me. How is the league ever going to get more interest from the public in that scenario? With the cap in place it isnt like teams can use that money to get much better players like the Scandanavian leagues do. If they are going to be serious players in the transfer market then they need to change the rules so teams can use that money to get better players beyond the cap. The way it is setup now fans are just left with a worse product when one of the best players gets transferred.

  73. wrooby says:

    Before everyone gets excited, Edu won’t be playing in the Champions League. That’s right, last year’s UEFA Cup finalists were knocked out of the cup this week by Lithuanian minnows Kaunas. At least he’ll still have the Old Firm Derby.

  74. David in Toronto says:

    Good luck Mo!

    He wasn’t all that vital to the TFC midfield, but had a lot potential.

  75. Yosi says:

    its great to see a Fontana boy living the dream of so many of us out here. Get em Mo!

  76. brett says:

    >.< teams are not very profitable from a business standpoint… enough with all this “raise the cap” nonsense…

    the cap will be increased at the end of 09′, probably to 5M… nearly double is my guess… however, that wont keep euro bound players…. its not just about the money, its about the enviornment, its about the teams, the players the development… the MLS is simply NOT at that point yet…

    in the next 10-20 years id say yes, its likely we could keep the bulk of our quality players… with more and more intl’ tourny’s our teams are introduced to, the better our image is….

    its not about attracting fair weather fans, its about producing quality new diehards, and that starts with our youth… get them attached when they are young, not when they’ve been introduced to leagues around the world which are more advanced…. we simply cant throw money at this and hope it’ll solve itself… our teams need a history… they need fans that fill their stadiums….

    if the salary is increased, i hope they increase the minimum before anything… give them an additional million, allowing them to give each player an additional 30-40k more…. b/c if we increase the amount but not the minimum then all we will do is have a bunch of players making loads of cash and their backups scrapping off the bottom…

  77. Seriously? says:

    If you’re talking about how, as soon as a player becomes good, he gets sold off, it’s something that happens to all but the very biggest clubs in Europe, not just MLS and Scandanavia. The same thing happens in South America, heck, the same thing happens in France, and the same thing also happens to the smaller teams in the Premier League, Serie A, etc. As soon as a player becomes a star for a team, a bigger team will be inquiring about him. It’s no fun when he plays for your team, but it’s just reality.

    It’s all about the money. If MLS salaries were to start competing with NFL, NBA and MLB salaries in a year or two, a lot of top players wouldn’t be able to get over here fast enough.

  78. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    apparently its been in the mix for a bit, one would assume as press release says that

    Manuel Diego Tello is trialing with the team. Logic would dictate that Mos got a striker up his sleeve too (seeing as Carver has been calling for one since the start of the season. PLEASE HAVE ONE UP YOUR SLEEVE MO)

  79. andy says:

    good for him

    i don’t think its such a bad thing for mls that the young kids are heading out, there’s plenty of decent americans coming back too: eddie lewis, cory gibbs, kasey keller, jaqua, noonan…

  80. George says:

    I think this is good and bad for the league. It is good, because, 5 years ago did any of you ever hear of an American being “sold” to Europe? It is bad for the obvious, there goes some good talent reason.

    Next up:

    Donovan (I would think he will command the most ever 12-15 mill and will AEG do it?)

    Kljestan (5-6 mill)

    Cooper (5 mill)

    The values have gone up tremendously. Why Guzan was a 1.5 million sale instead of a 5 million sale, I don’t know. I do think part of it is because decent American keepers are a “dime a dozen” and can be had on the cheap. American field players are a lot harder to come by, and 5 mill for a transfer fee is nothing to most of these clubs making us very enticing.

  81. Gary says:

    Its not easier to get a work permit for scotland than it is in england, its exactly the same as both countries are part of the UK.

  82. Mike says:

    Good for Big Mo’. He deserves his shot over in Europe. Maybe he can use the SPL as a stepping stone to an even bigger league. Without a doubt, this will polish his skills and help the MNT.

    As for why MLS always loses the good young players, I would venture to guess that his yearly salary will be at least 1200% larger than his MLS payday. Money talks, and quite frankly, there’s very little talking going on in the MLS.

  83. Dan-Ger001 says:

    Hi Guys,

    Scottish Rangers fan here, just wondering how you rate Edu, sounds like he is more defensive minded? We are in desperate need of creativity going forward from midfeild! If he is close to the quality of Reyna most gers fans will be happy (Given Reyna was older when he arrived). Looks like he did well last year to win an award.

    For the guys wondering about work permits, the system in Scotland is the same as in england as far as I know, and the clubs don’t have any real sway in these decisions.


  84. Yossarian says:

    I hope Klejstan or Holden is next to go. Klejstan needs it the most. He has good size, decent strength, is fiery and competitive, makes good runs and can finish pretty well. He desperately needs work on his ball skills, particularly his first touch. A European league will force him to refine his touch and make quicker, smarter passes.

    Holden seems to have all the skills. He just needs to go through the crucible of European competition to take it to the next level. I do worry that he’s a little thin and small for an overly physical league like EPL or Bundesliga. He reminds me a lot of John O’Brien and I don’t want him to shorten his career the way John did.

  85. Yossarian says:


    Edu is not a great creator. He’s a fine passer, his touch is good, he doesn’t let the ball get far away from him and he holds up very well under pressure, but he is definitely a D-mid. He’s a good leaper with excellent speed and athleticism, with a decent shot who can certainly contribute to the attack but he’s definitely not a #10 player.

  86. Ernie E says:

    This is not the way for the MLS to maintain fan loyalty. Get a good player. feel pride in your team, sell him, what’s the point of supporting the team. Sure there are trades but for the MLS it is all one way.

  87. Jeffrey says:

    At the end of the season I think we will see a mss exodus of players. Donovan, Cooper, and Segares for sure. Many more to come.

  88. Emily JD says:

    Welcome to Glasgow Rangers young man! best team in the world


  89. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Yossarian, you’re right about Holden. I would love to see him play in Holland.

  90. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Dan-Ger 001,

    Edu is definitely talented and physical however he is a work in progress. As of the last year or so hes played the defensive mid position however this year hes been going forward alot more. Its not out of the question that he could become a playmaker however as of right now it doesnt seem to be his natural position/identity. TFC fans can be rude and unfair and say that hes had a sh!t season with us but in all honesty he has been going through some growing pains as his role hasnt been defined and he is now surrounded by alot more talent then he was last season as a result different demands have been made of him. Regardless we are sad to see him go but glad hes going to a team that will train him well and help him evolve into the great player he will be. GOOD LUCK EDU!!!!

  91. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Jeffrey, I posted a thread on BS on that very subject (in fact I used the term “Mass Exodus” in the thread title) and people don’t tend to agree. I think they are being a bit blind myself, although I’m still not convinced LandyCakes will ever leave the US.

  92. Sh6597 says:

    if he plays for Rangers like he has this season for TFC, he wont last two months.

  93. satan's choice says:

    this won’t hurt TFC at all.

    If you’ve seen all of TFC’s game (I have) you’d know that Mo was pretty invisible this season. Robert has had his fine moments, same with Ricketts, Guevara, and Robinson… but Edu hasn’t put it together for even a full match. His best pass is a back pass to his defense… he tries to run through 3-4 opponents and then loses the ball. When he’s had scoring opportunities, he’s almost always flubbed the shot.

    His strength is protecting himself by muscling guys off the ball while keeping his balance, and passing off. He’s a pretty smart guy too… but worth $5 million? no way. Rangers are paying for the hype he’s received as rookie of the year, USMNT player, and FIFA coverboy. I still don’t understand why the US Men’s team keeps calling him up.

  94. mikeK says:

    For those shocked by the price tag/team:

    It’s got to do with history. Last year, Rangers held a comfortable lead making the turn and coming down the stretch in the season, but fell apart, due to injury and a crowded schedule, and lost the league to Celtic, again. I say again because Celtic has won the title the past 3 years.

    In case you’re unaware, Rangers and Celtic get along as well as cats and dogs. Rangers already crashed out of the champions league. They really, really, really want to win the league this year, else heads will roll.

    But they wont win anyway. Up the bhoys!

  95. andrewdiceway says:

    “How the heck does he sell for 5.75 mil and Guzan gets the 1.5 mil shaft?”

    Dan, Guzan was in the last year of his MLS contract and could have left on a free transfer this winter, hence the lower transfer fee. Remember, Villa’s bid last winter was closer to $4MM – it’s a contract/time-table issue.

  96. Isaac says:

    Lol do you think Edu will do as well as Reyna did with Rangers? It was easy when just Beasley was on Rangers now Edu is on there…and im Celtic fan so the next Old firm Match is going to be a tough one to watch.

  97. shortie says:

    The work permit should not be a problem due to the fact that he is now a regular Pick for the International Team

  98. Bob says:

    Why do people pay to watch MLS games when they ship all the young talent out? I watch games as often as I can, but you have to give me a reason to watch. Do you think I would watch American football if young talent like Adrian Peterson was sold off to another league? No way. I’m tired of watching MLS as an expression of charity to American soccer.

    I love the comment about how these guys will come back later. Well, great. I love watching 35 year-old Americans come home — what a thrill. I love McBride, but he is definitely in the twilight years.

    I want the best in the world playing here — nostalgia doesn’t sell tickets.

  99. metrostar 4 life says:

    Bob-you’re 100% right…enough’s enough… we need American players to stay here and develop the league’s talent, besides money, what’s the point of leaving to ride the bench?

  100. munn says:

    The reason it won’t be a problem for Edu getting a work permit is because UK work permits usually require the player to have played in 7 of the last 10 international games, except in exceptional circumstances. Edu’s appearance at the Olympics will pretty much guarantee him a permit

  101. Betinho says:

    Does anybody here watch international soccer? Does anyone here ever watch any other American sport? Players switch teams. We don’t ahve the best league in the world. Until we do our best players will go to the best leagues. It happens in baseball, hockey and now basketball. Stop your whining and love the shirt you are wearing. It’s the way professional sports works – thank Curt Flood.

  102. TK says:

    TFC fans are incredibly amusing.

    They will still be stuck with Robert, Amando (guess what? you saw his best – only downhill from here) and Ricketts.

    Wynne and Edu will be in Europe contributng and doing fairly well.

    Then TFC fans will be bitching at how they could never do it for them but they are doing OK there! Whatgives?!

    This will happen and it will be fun to watch.

    Carver, Johnson, Amando, Ricketts, Robert? Ha.

    Yeah, Edu and Wynne are the issue.

    Good one.

  103. Mitch says:

    With the salary rules in place MLS is basically relegated to 3rd rate status at this point. Adding on top of that the weak dollar and the league can’t even compete at all for players on the world stage. Good,young players will continue to leave the league in droves until the salary cap is significantly raised. There really is no way around stopping this unless the salary cap is changed drastically. Regarding players coming back, they will only come back at the end of their careers when they little left. Not really sure how that could help the league.

  104. Skinn says:

    TFC has signed US under 23 F Johann Smith from Bolton to replace Edu on the roster.

    link to

  105. Bob says:

    Betinho — Of course I do. But La Liga can lose a world class player or two because it has a million of them to begin with. Same goes for the EPL and, to a lesser degree, the Bundesliga and Serie A.

    Your analogy concerning players switching teams simply doesn’t work — those players stay in the league. If they leave the league entirely, that’s a different scenario.

    MLS is not going to rise above third or fourth tier status by selling its good young players. This has to become a buying league.

    MLS has worked like a charity for over ten years and at some point they have to come out with a top-notch product. Tenth best doesn’t play in America — it never has. You want butts in seats and money in the bank, you need to bring in good players and keep the ones you have.

  106. Mo Edu to Rangers. Good move.

    Why did Guzan only get $1.5 million fee? Because he had less than a year on his contract, if Villa and MLS had waited, Guzan could have gone on a free transfer, but Villa also didn’t know if they were going to get Freidel.

    Edu has at least two more years on his contract. Remember this is the 2007 Rookie of the Year and has multiple national team appearences already. Of course he will go to Europe, I never though it a question of if, but a question of when.

    MLS though is going to have to start paying its players more if they plan on keeping any of them here.

  107. mikeK says:

    Bob- Great idea, I’m there with you too. You front the money?

    That’s the issue here. Money. Popularity. It’s a bit of a self-fulfilling problem. American’s wont watch unless we have big stars, but we wont have big stars unless American’s watch.

    So what should we do? Get someone to front a hundred million to sign superstars? That’s not going to work.

    If you want to see superstars, go buy a ticket.

  108. thom says:

    The guy can play, he has a big upside, he is solid citizen on the pitch and plays with maturity beyond his expirence. Going to Rangers IS A GREAT MOVE FOR A GREAT YOUNG TALENT!


  109. scotsman says:

    michael vann- what do you mean rangers dont normally break the bank?

    5 million dollars is nothing, we just signed pedro mendes yesterday for 6 million dollars and we signed kyle lafferty for almost 8 million dollars a month ago

  110. KB says:

    At 5 million, I don’t know how they turn that down. Is that the highest other than Jozy?

  111. Sam says:

    I love how the TFC fans want to get rid of Edu and Wynne. We can only hope that happens. Edu plays exceptionally well for the national team and played pretty good in central defense for the olympic team. For a 22 year old who went to college, he is only going to get better.

    Its quite sad that TFC fans cant realize good young talent that should be held on to. Hopefully Ibrahim will get out of that craphole of a team soon enough, too.

    oh ya, suck it canada 2-1.

  112. jloome says:

    TK, I’d be more offended that we TFC fans amuse you if it was clear you had any idea what you’re talking about.

    Despite what people in MLS seem to believe, most TFC fans were watching professional footie for years before we got a team, and we’ve watched him play poorly all season long.

    He was a major contributor last year…on a very weak team in which even average play was seen as a major contribution. No one from TFC on here has suggested Mo is “the problem” in any respect, just that he’s not very important to us right now becuase he hasn’t been playing well.

    Ditto with Wynne, and if you actually could buy a clue, you’d know his terrible positioning is directly responsible (go back and check the game vids) for about half TFC’s 24 goals against. Being able to run a 10.5 and lift 200 pounds makes you a track star, not a great fullback.

    Geez, that was an arrogant friggin’ post, commenting on a team you quite obviously don’t even watch.

  113. Sam says:

    For the people commenting on Holden going to europe, I don’t know if I would hold my breath for that to happen anytime soon. In like 2005 he was on the Sunderland reserves and was beaten badly outside a nightclub by like four guys. They broke his eye socket or something like that, which is why he came back home to the states.

  114. Matt says:

    Great to see Maurice Edu go to Europe and ply his trade…It’s curious that Rangers have signed Reyna, Beasley, and Edu, you’d think Celtic might be interested in an American as well? Maybe Celtic might feel they don’t need much more to beat Rangers to the top again, while Rangers, well, they need help (no Europe this year, multi-year drought without the Scottish title). Even though I root for Celtic in the Old Firm…Good luck Mo!

  115. Matt says:

    Great to see Maurice Edu go to Europe and ply his trade…It’s curious that Rangers have signed Reyna, Beasley, and Edu, you’d think Celtic might be interested in an American as well? Maybe Celtic might feel they don’t need much more to beat Rangers to the top again, while Rangers, well, they need help (no Europe this year, multi-year drought without the Scottish title). Even though I root for Celtic in the Old Firm…Good luck Mo!

  116. Mel says:

    Now if MoJo can spend some of this money that we have…

  117. ScottyBear says:

    He’ll do a job at Rangers whether reenforcing midfield or filling in @ centerhalf when Gramdpa Davie needs a day off in his easy chair (I hope there are a lot of those). Besides losing his head twice and getting out of jail free on two should-have-been penalties, he wasn’t too bad at center half.

    In all honesty with the signing of Mendes it looks like Rangers will be all set in the center of midfield (4-2-3-1: with Thomson and Mendes sitting behind Beasley, Aaron, and Lafferty/Fleck*?*) i’d like to see Wattie work with Edu on his mindfulness @ the back because we could use a little composure and devotion to playing out of the back instead of Weir’s long balls that just end up back at the keeper one way or another.

    Gers might’ve been deservedly punted from the Champs League, but they’ll skip over the trouble of qualifying next time around. This squad will easily bring in title number 52.

    Nice work finding Captain America in the background of the pic… very artistic Ives.

  118. jpc says:

    for all those unhappy about the MLS selling much of its young talent. You need to sell talent to develop and buy talent in this business… That 5 million will pay for Toronto’s entire roster next year, plus more. The excess funds may now be used to buy new players, develop youth academies, or keep players like Wynne who may be looking to Europe soon… This league is playing its cards very well, the pool of very talented American players grows year by year, as do the budgets of these teams. The league has never been stronger, and I’m excited

  119. CelicaCrazed says:

    As a supporter of this young Toronto club, it brings a tear to my eye to see our first ever draft pick leave. I know he hasn’t had the best year, but he has amazing potential. He’ll grow into a better player. Best of luck Mo!!

    And welcome Johann Smith.

  120. inkedAG says:

    I disagree with all of the people bemoaning this and other moves of our “best talent.”

    I think this is a good thing for the league as a whole. By MLS getting these transfers, it can invest that money back into the league. You want a salary cap increase? The transfer money from Jozy et al leaving can go towards the salary cap increase. Whether they do that or not, is a different story. Also, that money can go towards MLS teams finding new talent. Sure, there have been a few oldies signing with the league, but there also have been young up-and-comers signing too. Jozy Altidore, Brad Guzan, Maurice Edu and Juan Toja have left, but other teams are bringing in new players who have contributed. Just because good players are leaving, doesn’t mean this league is devoid of talent.

    I don’t mind being a “feeder league.” Europe is where its at and I am cool with that. Sure, I may not be wowed when someone goes to Norway or Denmark. But, if guys are going to Europe, that means that MLS, in 13 years of existence, has created players of good value. What’s not to be proud of?

  121. Richard says:

    great irony in the picture, ives…

    good luck edu!

  122. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: Dan | August 15, 2008 at 11:42 AM

    Guzan was leaving on a free after this year and he was being bought with an eye towards being a backup. The value always goes down when the player will be going on a free. (the offer last year was more than double what he actually left for if memory serves)

    It should be a decent move for Edu. It sucks that Rangers are out of Europe (not that I care about Rangers, but it’s the only reason for USMNT players to be in the SPL) Hopefully they can get back to CL or UEFA Cup again.

    I think he’ll do well.