Morning Ticker: Sneijder injury blow, Drogba to miss Chelsea opener and Barca’s new No. 10


Good morning everybody. Today marks the first day in the first full week of August, a month that could be the busiest of the year in the soccer world. From the Olympics to European seasons beginning to World Cup qualifying getting underway, there will be plenty to discuss in the coming days and weeks.

For those of you who may have missed it, I posted the answers to half of the long lost Q&A session on Sunday. Look for the rest either today or tomorrow.

There was plenty of activity this past weekend and some major news to get to so let’s gets started:

Sneijder suffers major knee injury

Real Madrid looks set to lose Dutch midfield star Wesley Sneijder for up to six months after Sneijder suffered a major knee injury during Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Arsenal in the Emirates Cup on Sunday. Sneijder was injured by a challenge from Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby.

Sneijder’s injury will likely put more pressure on the Spanish champions to sign Cristiano Ronaldo, with reports suggesting that Ronaldo will ask Manchester United to sell him when he returns to England this week.

At the very least, Sneijder’s injury appears to have helped speed up the acquisition of Dutch midfielder Rafael Van Der Vaart from Hamburg while the delays in landing Ronaldo are likely the reason Real Madrid has yet to finalize a deal to sell Robinho to Chelsea. Robinho has apparently told Real Madrid he wants to leave.

Drogba to miss first two EPL matches

Didier Drogba will miss the first and possibly second games of the EPL season as he recovers from a knee injury. The injury leaves Chelsea painfully thin at forward, with Salomon Kalou away at the Olympics.

Could this speed up the Blues’ chase for Robinho? That’s entirely possible, but you still get the feeling that Robinho won’t leave Real Madrid until Cristiano Ronaldo goes there, a feeling that seems even more likely after Wesley Sneijder’s knee injury.

Here’s my question. Can anybody else really believe that Roman Abramovich hasn’t had Chelsea buy one of Russia’s Euro stars, Andrei Arshavin or Roman Pavlyuchenko? Count me among the stunned that this happened happen yet, and given the club’s need for forward help, I think one of them still may wind up at Stamford Bridge.

Messi to wear Barcelona’s 10 shirt

Were you worried that you were going to have to throw away your Ronaldinho Barcelona jersey after his transfer to AC Milan? Don’t fret, you can just have Ronaldinho’s name removed and replace it with MESSI. The club has revealed that Messi will sport the famed No. 10 shirt during the upcoming season after wearing No. 19 since joining Barca’s senior team.

Deco jersey owners can relax as well. Dani Alves will wear Deco’s old No. 20, and if Alves puts Dani on the back of his jersey fans may even be able to save money on lettering (okay, maybe not.)

And for those of you who missed it, Samuel Eto’o netted a pair of goals to lead Barcelona to a 5-2 exhibition victory against Chivas de Guadalajara at Soldier Field in Chicago on Sunday night.

Malaysian league boots foreigners

Those of you who think there are too many foreign players in MLS (and there are some) will take heart in the news out of Malaysia, where the country’s domestic league has banned foreign players. Concerns about the development of Malaysian players, as well as the shaky financial state of the league, led to the decision.

That’s all for now. What do you think of Real Madrid’s situation? Does the loss of Sneijder mean the Spaniards have to break the bank to get Cristiano Ronaldo? Can Van Der Vaart pick up the slack? Will Chelsea be able to start well with only Anelka up top?

Share your thoughts below.

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13 Responses to Morning Ticker: Sneijder injury blow, Drogba to miss Chelsea opener and Barca’s new No. 10

  1. RK says:

    Isn’t that what sidelined Sneijder last year?

  2. Mylo says:

    Van der Vaart is going to Madrid

  3. Randy says:

    Hey Ives, heard anything about Gol TV’s dispute with Dish Network?

  4. mig22 says:

    Chelsea’s striker situation is curious now. Drogba suffering from this knee problem longer than expected throws a wrench into the works. Pavluychenko would be a good signing for them but then Anelka pots 4 goals yesterday vs. Milan. WhereTF did that come from?

    The Ronaldo/Robinho/Eto’o/Drogba/Adebayor merry go-round is one of the more intricate transfer window sagas that I can remember. Now Sneidjer’s injury and VDV’s move make it all the more complicated.

  5. RS says:

    IVES: Following along the lines of Randy’s question, any remote chance that Setanta and Comcast come to an agreement and Setanta is added to the Comcast lineup (even as as stand alone monthly fee I’d take it)??

  6. B.A. says:

    And if C. Ronaldo stays at Man United, Robinho stays?

  7. RK says:

    Marca reporting Sneijder out for 3 months. Amazing how quickly soccer players can recover from knee injuries.

    VdV to sign today (Marca)

  8. Randy says:

    If only I could convince my wife that Setanta was worth the extra $15 a month.

    I would really love to have that channel…

  9. mig22 says:

    B.A., I think that that’s the case. I doubt Real Madrid will let Robinho go without either getting Ronaldo OR getting a big-name striker signed. Of course, it appears that Drogba and Adebayor are staying where they are at so I don’t know who is left. Eto’o is out there but Barca-Real transfers are understandably rare. Pavluychenko probably isn’t rated highly enough to replace Robinho. That’s about it right now.

  10. Luis says:

    I wonder which of the top 3 mls goal scorer will leave first??? Buddle, Cooper or Donovan?

  11. curious says:

    why do people hate old-of-date jerseys so much? an old name of a former player adds a nice vintage touch to go along with the worn-in feel of the whole thing.

  12. CD says:

    Foreign players were banned in the UK until 1978. Malaysia will figure out their ban is counter productive in a few years and reserve it.

  13. Travis says:

    Sorry to see Sneijder injured. Its always a shame when a player gets injured in a meaningless friendly like that.