SBI to provide live commentary on


The Men’s Olympic Soccer Tournament is set to begin in less than 24 hours and there will be three places to follow my coverage of the tournament. On SBI, and now on the NBC Olympic Website, where I will be providing live commentary during the men’s tournament’s top matches, including all three U.S. team matches.

In other words, you won’t even need your television to follow the Olympics. Just go to to watch the live stream of all the games (along with my commentary on the featured matches), and also be sure to share your thoughts on the Olympic action here on SBI, where I will have some running commentary posts up for you morning warriors who will be up watching live. Then, when the matches are over, be sure to check in here on SBI and at for the post-game coverage of all U.S. national team matches.

Be ready to drink a lot of coffee (or whatever your preferred energy drink is) in the coming weeks as we see some of the world’s best young players face off.

What do you think about the Olympic tournament? Excited? Dreading the early mornings? Eager to see how the U.S. team does? Share your thoughts on the upcoming tournament below.

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35 Responses to SBI to provide live commentary on

  1. scott says:

    i’ll be watching on dvr in the afternoon. sorry ives but that means i have to stay away from you site until i watch

  2. Dannyc58 says:

    Ives, you are doing the commentary ON website?

    Awesome how big/respected you are getting. Congrats man.

  3. Steve says:

    All matches or just US?

    Text or voice commentary?


  4. MLW says:

    Will the NBC online feed be available oversees (London) or will it be blocked?

  5. 4now says:

    Great news!

    And Congrats Ives, very well deserved.

    Get ready to say,

    “Well, that’s what you get when you only carry three natural defenders…”

    : )

  6. Dannyc58 says:

    link to,,12562~1359611,00.html

    Freddie next to the States?

  7. chosun says:

    Who’s a big dog? Oh, that’s right, Ives is… Congrats!

  8. BFBS says:

    Ives’s commentating is great news. Getting up at 5 AM had never been so easy.

  9. Ives says:

    Steve, I’ll do the top match in each time slot (including all U.S. matches) and it will be text commentary. You’ll have to wait a while longer to hear the dulcet tones of SBI on game broadcasts.

    One interesting tweak for those of you who want to watch the matches after they happen. When you watch the matches in the archives the commentary will run alongside the match as if it were live.

  10. Dannyc58 says:


    Will we be able to go back and watch the matches, but they will have a direct link so the score isn’t spoiled beforehand?



  11. Betinho says:

    That’s great news!! congrats!

  12. doug says:

    Ives, doing big things in Bergen Co, I see. At least this way you can stay clear of the giant smog cloud known as Beijing

  13. RK says:

    Danny, great catch. Makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

  14. Ives says:

    I’m not sure Danny but you can go to the women’s games today and see how those are being handled.

  15. Ives says:

    Doug, I’ll be in Stamford, Connecticut for the commentary. No smog there either though, at least not that I saw.

  16. dm says:

    can’t wait to read your commentary early in the morning, now i just need to figure out do i stay up or wake up for the games

  17. andy b. says:

    Geez, I wasn’t going to get up for this first game b/c I don’t get MSNBC– but now I guess I might just have to. Ives, if you get any hate mail from a woman claiming to be my wife, just ignore it– she’s not serious, I swear.

  18. kpugs says:

    Ok Ives, which MLS club(s) is/are in the running for Llunberg, if any?

  19. Adam says:

    Beeching man!

  20. QUESTION!?!?! HELP says:

    Congrats Ives – great opportunity for you!

    does anyone know what channel the game will be on? and where exactly we can watch it online? I’ve been looking through the NBC website but I can’t properly figure out the channels and times of the games….HELP ME PLEASE!

  21. Raghu says:

    Well Done Ives. That’s great news.

  22. Ives says:

    Hey QUESTION, the USA game will be on MSNBC as well as on the NBC Olympic website, which I provided a link for above.

  23. Joamiq says:

    Dude, that’s awesome news. I’ll be there bright and early.

  24. brian says:

    its so nice that i dont have msnbc anymore

    and cant watch the game tomorrow

  25. Question says:

    Thanks Ives, i’ll definitely be following the commentary and will have the coffee ready.

  26. Raghu says:

    So I just went to the NBC Olympic Website that Ives provided the link for. It doesn’t seem too tough. I get MSNBC but don’t get Telemundo, UHD, or Olympic Soccer Channel as I’m a directv subscriber. From what I read – I’ll be able to wake up at 4:55 and watch the US on MSNBC. Than watch the Argentina game (how can you not watch Riquelme et. al)online at 7:45 before going to work. That’s not a bad morning. I’ll brewing coffee! Go USA!!!!

  27. brentmcd says:

    congrats ives! quite a coup for yourself, i would think.

  28. david says:

    does anybody know what channel is the olympic soccer channel? i have cable and live on long island?!!! great news ives congrats

  29. Gilly73 says:

    I will be waking up at 3:55am CST to watch tomorrow and next Wednesday……reminds me of WC 2002 when you had to get up even earlier to see our boys. I hope this tournament is just as rewarding as the last big tournament in Asia.

    Oh and I could use the DVR but it just way too hard to not see a score or find out the result before watching so I’m opting for a live experience.

    GO USA!!

  30. Will says:

    Congrats Ives, but I’m still very disappointed. Since I live in Costa Rica, NBC will not allow me to watch their stream. It is decisions like these that force us to seek out pirated streams and another loss for NBC to broaden their viewership and advertising audience.

  31. Thom says:

    Let’s hope the Women’s team can get it together because the men have zero chance of advancing and a very real chance to come away embarrassed.

    Pundits call Japan “the most win game” as if Japan is patsy in youth soccer. I got news for the pundits- Japan is one of the top 10 teams in the world in U17, U21 and U23 soccer. Check the records of past tournaments/competitions if you don’t believe me. Fact is- with the way we have played in qualification, Toulon and in the exhibitions before the Olympics in China we don’t have a snowballs chance in hell. Our U23 has talent but it is woefully unbalanced, the coaching is abysmal like virtually all USSF selected coaching is, tactically we have been just embarrassing, there sems to be no team chemistry and our over 23 additions are nice but underwhelming. (McBride has not played regular competitive matches since May 10th and IS 36 YEARS OLD)

    I hope I am dead wrong about all of the above.

    That is why all of us predominantly U.S. men’s fans should really hope the women straighten out what happened today vs. a normally very good Norwegian side as well as overcome their host of critical injuries up front.

  32. Isaac says:

    Going to be a good day tomorrow. USMNT playing. good competition. and now Ives commentating. doesn’t get much better. good luck Ives, although we all know you dont need it.

  33. MiamiAl says:

    Women’s soccer does absolutely nothing for me. Zero. Zilch..Nada…

  34. Jason says:

    Looking forward to the early mornings. The last time I was up to watch the USMNT this early in the morning the results were pretty good.