Who should the USA start vs. Nigeria?


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The task is simple, but far from easy. Avoid defeat against Nigeria and the U.S. men’s Olympic team advances to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Secure a victory against Nigeria and the Americans advance AND avoid facing Argentina in the quarters.

The Nigerians aren’t going to make that easy, not when they enter the match needing a victory to assure themselves a place in the quarters. Throw in the fact that U.S. standouts Freddy Adu and Michael Bradley are out due to yellow card suspensions and you have a match that will define just how strong the USA really is.

After using the same exact starting lineup in the second match tie vs. the Netherlands as he used in the opening win against Japan, U.S. head coach Peter Nowak won’t have that luxury this time. Now he has to make some tough decisions about his starting XI. Here is one guess at the starting lineup he will use when the Americans face Nigeria on Wednesday.

USA Projected Lineup vs. Nigeria:






With Nigeria missing two starting defenders due to yellow cards, look for the Americans to start McBride and Altidore with hopes of keeping pressure on a suspect Nigerian back-line. Robbie Rogers comes out of the lineup after another subpar performance against the Dutch. Stuart Holden slides to the left as he did at the start of the Netherlands match, with Danny Szetela sliding in on the right flank.

Benny Feilhaber should make his first start assuming he is fit enough to start (Feilhaber is coming off a knee injury that had sidelined him before the tournament). If he can’t go then Dax McCarty could get the call. I know some will suggest that Maurice Edu can slide into midfield but the U.S. team needs Edu in the back against Nigerian strikers Peter Odemwingie and Victor Obinna.

What lineup do you see the U.S. team using? What lineup would you like to see face Nigeria?

Share your thoughts below.

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85 Responses to Who should the USA start vs. Nigeria?

  1. Ted says:

    I think that line-up is likely, but I have a feeling Rogers will keep his spot.

    Another option is Kljestan playing behind McBride or Altidore with Szetela and Feilhaber centrally in a 4-4-1-1 or 4-2-3-1. Holden could play centrally as well. I also think Nowak might use Altidore on the wing in a 4-2-3-1 with Holden and Rogers in the other attacking spots.

    I think Mo Edu has to stay in the backline, mainly because the options are to 1) switch to a 3-5-2 that the team isn’t used to or 2) put Ianni in. I don’t think anybody wants to see option No. 2.

  2. J. says:

    I think that’s probably the exact lineup Ives. Maybe Kljestan and Szetela swapping positions at time throughout the match.

    I’d like to see more flank attacks and service to the two big boys up front and not so much attacking through the middle, and sans Adu there’s a good chance that’s what we’ll see. I think Kljestan might be able to pull this off moreso than Szetela, who can play in the middle in a Bradley-type role.

  3. brett says:

    szetela at outside??

    id rather move kljestan outside and put Dax into the middle…. Feilhaber will add the cretivity we will be missing by adu, and Dax will add to the enforcing we will be missing by Bradley….

  4. SND says:

    I’d place Feilhaber behind the forwards (don’t want him w/ too many defensive responsibilities) and put Szetela in that defensive mid role. Then I’d move Sasha to the outside (right)…

  5. Dannyc58 says:

    If its not the starting lineup you posted, then I will hate Peter Nowak eternally.

  6. Brian says:







    Jozy is not at 100% so he continues to be used as a supersub

  7. wendel says:

    i know i’ll probably be alone in this one but dax mccarty really impressed me in qualifying and feilhaber has been nothing but disappointing since the gold cup (his goal is the only reason i think anyone here likes him). I’m not Nowak, but based on what i’ve seen from the two, i would go with mccarty in the midfield.

  8. Tim F. says:

    Lineup against Nigeria:




    —————– Edu——————



  9. Whether its Dax or Kljestan that ends up in the middle next to Feilhaber, who I feel must be in there as the midfield link, is going to be crucial in getting this result.

    I think Edu also is going to need a monster game and watch out for fouls he may have escaped with in the game against Japan given Nigeria’s team speed.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Man, you guys have such mancrushes for Szetela.

  11. RK says:

    If Jozy doesn’t start, we’ll know that ankle isn’t as healthy as we thought.

  12. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Actually, I see Benny and Danny SZ switching. I think with McBride and Josy paired we’re going to attack from the flanks more so than up the middle of the field.

  13. This Guy says:

    I just finished watching both of Nigeria’s Olympic games. We can dominate the flow with quick wing play and a rushed middle.

    So here is my best attempt.







    Whatever the lineup, we know RB and LB will be Wynne and Orozco. The key is for them to push forward to create space for Benny to move into through playing position. Benny to Holden or Rogers and over into play.

    I don’t know. It makes sense to me.

  14. steve says:

    why not go with what worked against the dutch?






  15. BrianK says:

    So many posibilities. I came away from the last U-20 tournament thinking that Danny Szetela was a gamer. I think Nowak is going to turn to the young Pole and ask him to step up. Also,…I don’t think Dax would match-up well with the Nigerian U-27 team. Szetela on the other hand should be up to the challenge.

  16. Greg says:

    I’d be stunned and dismayed if Rogers wasn’t starting. It would be just another conservative move that takes us away from being the NT we want to be.

    It doesn’t matter that he’s yet to provide end product. There has to be one proper flank player out there to stretch defenses and at least give the appearance of trying to get McBride aerial service.

  17. AndrewK says:

    I don’t understand why Szetela would start on the wing.

    I’d rather see him central with Feilhaeber with Kljestan on the wing.

    Other than that, Ives’ lineup looks good. Im really looking forward to seeing Feilhaeber get the start.

  18. A.S. says:

    Holden should be benched, based on his play against the Dutch.

  19. FK PIRIN says:





    I think we need to play more defensively and compact to prevent counterattacks, so I go with the 4-2-3-1. The Nigerians only seem to be able to score on counterattacks, so playing short safe passes, keeping possession and staying compact with tactical fouling to stop their midfield runs seems smart.

    Also I think that Feilhaber can play up top as the playmaker and hopefully make some defense splitting passes. Altidore can pinch in and play more offensive on the right with Wynne behind him, and Holden should play more defensive to help out Orozco.

  20. RK says:

    This Guy, Orozco won’t be pushing forward. It isn’t his game — which has been frustrating to watch, seeing what Wynne has done.

  21. DL says:

    I think that’s the lineup, but Rogers stays in. This is just based on Nowak’s post game comments – he seemed to like the way that Rogers played against the Dutch. However, it would be nice to see if Szetela could show off some of that U-20 WC form.

  22. jmac says:

    I like FK Pirin’s lineup or Ives. I agree that Rogers should be left out. All he does is knock the ball, run fast and try and get it, and then gets tackled or loses control. It seems that everytime he touches the ball we lose posession somehow.

  23. Juke Box Hero says:

    Opinions are kinda all over the place on who the front 6 should be, as well as who has played well and who hasn’t amongst those players. I watched the Dutch game twice (pretty sure I was still drunk watching it live), and on second watch I saw Rogers turn the ball over almost without exception. I know he’s having a great year in MLS, but he hurt our cause last game. I agree with Ives, he’s gotta sit. Also, I’m out on a limb here but I think a fresh Charlie Davies would better stretch the Nigerian defense than McBride, who’s old legs have got to be tired right now. Here’s my lineup:




  24. Steve says:

    If Ianni starts we go home. He’s too slow.

    I’d liek to see McCarthy for Feilheber for a little more bite in the center.

  25. jrnail23 says:

    Klejstan should not be playing in a deep midfield role. Either play him on the wing or higher up, right behind the forwards. His greatest strength is creative, but risky, attacking passing. When those passes are made in the attacking third, they lead to great scoring opportunities, and when they fail, it’s no big deal. When those same passes are made deep in midfield, the payoff is much less, but the risk is much greater.

    Szetela should play in central midfield, focusing on making simple passes and playing strong defense. Let Sacha roam around closer to goal and create opportunities.

  26. Kartik says:

    ” This Guy, Orozco won’t be pushing forward. It isn’t his game — which has been frustrating to watch, seeing what Wynne has done.”

    He’s normally a centre-back keep in mind.

    Besides he pushed up plenty on Jozy’s goal and had the presence of mind not to just chuck a shot towards side netting as many defenders do in that situation. He crossed the ball and something very good happened.

  27. wally says:

    who is going to win balls for us with this midfield? with this midfield, i see very little service for Mcbride and altidore.

  28. Enrico Palazzo says:

    If it’s true Jozy is hurt, then:

    ———- McHead


    ———— Edu


    If Jozy is ok:

    —- McHead—- Jozy

    ——– Kljestan

    Rogers————- Dax

    ———– Edu


  29. green says:

    “Holden should be benched, based on his play against the Dutch.”

    HAHAHAHAHAHA are you for real?

    Get over it mate, he’s one of our best players.

  30. Jeff says:

    Honestly I am not impressed with McBride at all. I wish we would sit him and go with a 3 man attack with Rogers – Altidore – Holden. I would use Feilhaber – Szetela – Klejstan in midfield.

  31. Enrico Palazzo says:

    Dynamo fan, Green? I give Holden credit for being in the right place at the right time for that goal against Japan. But other than that he’s been invisible. Well… invisible except for a horrific challenge which resulted in the dfk tying goal for the Dutch.

  32. Erik Abarca says:

    Ives, u wrote “here is one guess at the starting lineup he will use “, but what line up would u put on there tomorrow?

  33. Fumar says:

    Rogers is staying in the starting line-up. Yes Ives, his crosses leave something tobe desired, but the mere fact that he stretches the opposing defense on the lefts side is reason enough to leave him in. Nowak, if he’s samrt, will instruct Rogers to hold the ball up and try to pass back and not attempt those crosses that sail over the end line.

  34. Eugene says:

    I think Rogers will start on the left wing, Szetela will start in mid along with Kljestan, and Holden will start on the right. Alternatively, Holden will start in mid and Kljestan will start on the right.

    I was more impressed with Rogers contribution than Feilhaber’s. Along with Feilhaber not being 100%, I hope Nowak will go for Szetela instead.

    Its also possible that Szetela and Feilhaber will start in the midfield and Kljestan will start on the right.

    I think Dax McCarty can fill in ably for Adu, but it would be more of a controversial decision by Nowak.

  35. Tommy says:

    We need to win to secure the group, i really dont wana play argentina in the 1st round of the knockouts.










  36. Tommy says:

    Rogers comes in 60th for Holden or Kljestan

    IF we need a goal, pull Wynne and put in McCarty for a 3-5-2

    Ianni if we need defensive help at the end

    McHead for strikers in last 15 minutes

  37. Bill says:

    Wow, not bringing a true LB is really stining now. If Nowak had brought in someone, anyone, who could play left back(Wallace, maybe?) than he could slide Orozco over and move Edu into Bradley’s spot. I fear we will keep no possession in the midfield against Nigeria.

  38. Fumar says:

    “This Guy, Orozco won’t be pushing forward. It isn’t his game — which has been frustrating to watch, seeing what Wynne has done.”

    Posted by: RK

    I don’t know if you saw the Dutch game, but Orozco pushed up and ripped a cross across the 6 yard box, which jozy just stuck his but out to deflect. That was the cherry on top of the momnetum switch for the US.

  39. Thom says:

    It really does not matter. Just make sure Wynne stays home – no long runs forward- and tell him the game depends on his speed and covering ability because in truth it does. Also tell Orozco more or less the same thing.

    Szetela is a dog. I would not expect anything of him in attack but maybe he could defend although he’ll never be a bulldog like Bradley.

    Nice night for U.S. to play long ball. The draw is the thing.

  40. Angel says:




    ————-McCarty —-Edu————



    I think this will be a good lineup, lets give more speed at front and and bring as a sub Mcbride for either Altidore or Davis and Have Holden with Robbie come in a sub when we need fresh legs. I think we have a chance to advanced because having played against Cameroon and Ivory Coast before the Olympic help us to learn that African Team are very similar style of playing, remember that we lost against Cameroon by a penalty kick and we tied against Ivory Coast, and IC lost by one goal against Argentina. So I can’t wait to SEE USA in the Semi Final Play agaist ITALY so we can kick the A** of Guiss. Rossie.

  41. Fumar says:

    I also think that klejstan will fill in for the playmaker role that Adu vacates and Dax should fill in for Bradley as a holding mid. The rest of the team looks the same. That is unless Nowak thinks dax is just too slow to deal with Nigeria, then we need to shuffle players out of their natural positions.

  42. green says:

    “I give Holden credit for being in the right place at the right time for that goal against Japan. But other than that he’s been invisible.”

    Invisible huh? I guess some folks see, or should I say not see, what they want.

    If you think he’s done nothing but what you mentioned, that’s your thing. Your wrong. It’s clear SH was all over the pitch making things happen in both games so far. On offense and defense. The guy is a baller, and will be a key to our future accomplishments at the senior level.

    Get over the fact that we tied Holland. It wasn’t just him that cost us that win, so you can stop blaming him now.

    And no, not a Dynamo fan, just a fan of our future ballers.

  43. Enrico Palazzo says:

    “I guess some folks see, or should I say not see, what they want.”

    We certainly seem to agree on that, at least.

  44. Nate M says:

    Green’s right – Holden has been key. He’s been one of the better performers for the first two games. With few exceptions, his decision making has been solid and he’s been aggressive/skilled in executing – all while covering an enormous amount of ground.

    Also, he appears to be one of the few people in the National team pool that can put in a good set piece ball with some pace.

  45. Isaac says:

    A lot of choices.

    a few lineups for me:





    *same back line*

    Rogers could switch with Holden seeing as how every ones right about the fact he does stretch the defense(never manages to beat any defenders though). Now if he could just put a good cross in. Thats also another thing. I’ve yet to see ONE good cross from the USA. The only good service into the box was throw-ins, people. Kljestan could also switch with Feilhaber on this one. It would allow that creativity that everyone wants in the midfield and allow a defensive element on the wing.

  46. Fumar says:

    Green – How was it not just Holden? The US looked organized and there were NO OTHER SERIOUS THREATS by the dutch until his foul. So on what planet is the tie not on his sholders?

  47. Thomas says:

    This is almost completely unrelated, but I guess it has to do with US team line-ups, so:

    With the US/Guatemala game fast approaching (next Wednesday) is there a set date for US soccer releasing the roster to travel to Guatemala? I assume they want at least two days to practice before the game, so if they want to be together on the 17th and today is the 12th…?

    Is there even the slightest chance they are waiting to see what happens against Nigeria so the full team could potentially have a player or two meet them in Guatemala if they are out of the Olympics?


  48. Nate M says:


    Like most goals, it was a chain of events. If any one of these players had not made their mistake, the goal would not have been scored.

    Kljestan – turnover in defensive third

    Edu – playing too far off his man in the 18yd box

    Holden – poor tackle

    McBride/Kljestan – jumping in the wall

  49. green says:

    Oye Fumar,

    Dos palabras. . . Sascha Kljestan.

    He gave it away and he jumped over the ball on the following set piece.

  50. green says:

    forgot to add this:

    link to images.ussoccer.com

    you tell me who was jumping. . . and oh, he is the tallest player in the wall.

  51. Enrico Palazzo says:

    link to images.ussoccer.com

    “you tell me who was jumping. . . and oh, he is the tallest player in the wall.”

    Clearly, that was Roger Waters (circa 1970). What he was doing on the pitch is anyone’s guess.

  52. thomas says:

    This isn’t exactly related, but this seems like a good spot to ask for a quick answer so:

    When will the squad be announced that is traveling to Guatemala for the WCQ? The game is eight days away and still no word on who’s going…I assume they will have a few days to practice together before the game so that would mean they will be in camp by the 17th…that’s this Sunday.

    Is there a possibility US Soccer is waiting for the Nigeria result tomorrow to see if any of the kids would be available to meet the men in Guatemala?

    When can we expect a roster announcement?


  53. green says:

    “And when they’ve given you their all

    Some stagger and fall,

    after all it’s not easy Banging your heart against some mad bugger’s wall.”

  54. cm says:

    D A X

    It’s time for Dax to see some action.

  55. Fumar says:

    “you tell me who was jumping. . . and oh, he is the tallest player in the wall.”

    Looks like Holden’s off his feet as well. Besides the wall is TAUGHT TO JUMP. That’s part of the training. Tell me where it is in the molding of a young player that they should attempt a wild tackle in a dangerous spot when their team is protecting a 1 goal lead?

  56. green says:

    OK Marcelo,

    Whatever you say.

    Funny thing though, the ball isn’t passing under Stuart’s feet. . . ?

    Estas fumando ahora?

  57. A.S. says:

    The tying goal was not completely Holden’s fault, but it was *primarily* his fault. Whoever has been teaching the wall to jump is also somewhat at fault, as is Klejsten for giving the ball away.

    But Holden is ALSO at fault for blowing the 2-on-none breakaway minutes earlier that would have put the game out of reach.

    So, yeah, I place the responsibility for the loss of 2 points to the Dutch squarely at Holden’s feet. And, sorry, when one player is responsible for giving away 2 points, I bench him.

  58. A.S. says:

    The tying goal was not completely Holden’s fault, but it was *primarily* his fault. Whoever has been teaching the wall to jump is also somewhat at fault, as is Klejsten for giving the ball away.

    But Holden is ALSO at fault for blowing the 2-on-none breakaway minutes earlier that would have put the game out of reach.

    So, yeah, I place the responsibility for the loss of 2 points to the Dutch squarely at Holden’s feet. And, sorry, when one player is responsible for giving away 2 points, I bench him.

  59. Yossarian says:

    “I give Holden credit for being in the right place at the right time for that goal against Japan. But other than that he’s been invisible.”

    Maybe you were doing other things and had the games on in the background? Holden’s been all over the field making tackles, runs, and excellent passes. He’s been everywhere – clearly the most active U.S. player on the pitch for the tournament. Yes, he made an overly aggressive mistake on the Klejstan turnover, but that doesn’t completely wipe out all his excellent play.

  60. Nate M says:


    We’re not trying to convince you that Holden didn’t screw up – it’s just not the only screwup. Where in the molding of a young player does it say to flippantly pass it in your own end to a guy that’s double teamed? Or give your mark time to take 3 touches before he’s challenged within 18 yds of the goal?

    Also – there is plenty of history of stupid, wild tackles close to goal by our most ‘revered’ defenders (Balboa, Lalas, Bocanegra, Onyewu as an example).

  61. gl00zer says:

    – minimal changes

    – keep Jozy as sub

    – Feilhaber < Sacha —- McBride — Davies —- (Jozy sub) Rogers – Dax – Sacha – Holden (Szetela sub) Orozco – Edu – Parkhurst – Wynne ——— El Guzano

  62. Fumar says:

    Nate – “there is plenty of history of stupid, wild tackles close to goal by our most ‘revered’ defenders (Balboa, Lalas, Bocanegra, Onyewu as an example).”

    This is probably why I don’t think we have wolrd-class defenders on our full national team. You need to know where you are on the field, what the situation is and how much support you have behind you. And then if you are the last defender in a crucial situation you need to have the brains and the skills to take the ball away WITHOUT fouling.

  63. Enrico Palazzo says:

    Wynne has been by far the most active player on the pitch. Not Holden. And if you want to see an active – and effective – midfielder, then look no further than Dax McCarty. I guess Nowak has a short memory.

  64. VMan says:

    Can’t say I would be thrilled if Feilhaber got the call to start such an important match. Not sure if his form is where it needs to be.

  65. Aatabak says:

    I know the game is on Wed, but could someone be helpful and let me know what time it will be on the West Coast. I have been trying to find it online with not much luck. Thanks in advance.

  66. Nate M says:

    Fumar – couldn’t agree more with you. That’s why Parkhurst is such a breath of fresh air to watch. He’s well positioned so he doesn’t need to make the tactical foul and in control of himself enough so that he doesn’t make the clumsy ones.

  67. Fumar says:

    Nate, I’m with you. Although my focus while watching these games has been on the attack I will start watching what Parkhurst does. He’s the kind of “silent” defender that doesn’t get his name read in the play-by-play, but doesn’t get beat either. That combo suggest good positioning and smart defending, just what holden needed to avoid giving up the free kick. Also, I haven’t seen the replay, but in a match report I read it said that Holden’s foul was on a Dutch player moving AWAY from goal. If that’s true then the blown win is squarley on Holden’s shoulders without a doubt.

  68. Kevin says:

    I don’t about McBride. He just hasn’t shown ANYTHING (except one greta header against the Dutch) so far, and Jozy has shown everything. He has shredded defenses, showed leadership, and meshed well with the team. All McBride has done is draw fouls.

    However, with Adu out, McBride is really our only option. Unless we play Charlie Davies or someone.

  69. Raghu says:


    Good post about Guatemala next week. That is an interesting point re: rosters and waiting on results. I wonder what the plan is there.

  70. jmac says:

    The mota smoker is casting dispersions on Holden and he didn’t even watch the game!? And BTW, Holden did tackle the player with the ball, late, and the player was NOT moving away from the goal. Go smoke some more.

  71. Nate M says:

    Fumar – When you watch the replay, look at where Edu is positioned on the inlet pass.

    Kevin – Jozy has shredded defenses this tournament? Can you back that one up? I see some good promise but the check is still in the mail for this tournament. I would agree the McBride and Adu aren’t on the same page – but wouldn’t exactly say McBride hasn’t shown anything.

  72. foozeball23 says:

    I would not be surprised if Nowak goes untraditional format of lineup. Perhaps deploy a roller type of player where they play a little out wide but with less responsibility. Which will allow the player to be released faster. That person will be Altidore. The midfield to be setup to protect the left side strong side better since Wynne is just sheer speed. Keep Benny deep in the midfield almost like Senna who played that position to perfection at the Euro. Sit Szetela on top to break up any deep midfield passing by the Nigerians. Allowing Sacha to play that simliar gerard roller midfield allowing him to operate inside and outside when need to. Holden will use his bite to ease the trouble of orzoco. The Nigerians got some serious speed must not be overlooked. This lineup will allow our two fastest players Jozy and Wynne to operate at top speed to defend and push forward while orozco and Holden because they both are right footed can push the ball quickly inside with ease faster then left footers and hit launching crosses pass to those two players. Plus McBride will win headers for us and knock it to Jozy. The lineup will look like this if I was the coach but we can all dream. GO USA






    –orozco– –edu– –parkhurst– –wynne–


  73. J says:

    My biggest worry for this game is DMID, we will REALLY miss Bradley. IMO we have two options. I will put them in my order of preference.

    1. Slide Edu into DMID and move Orozco to his natural position. You could play any one on the left side full back, personally I would put Holden there.

    2. Play Dax at DMID. We will need a true destroyer and if we don’t go with our best player (Yes Edu is our best player) then we can put our most consistent. He is the kind of guy we will need when trying to grind out a “result”

    With that said here is my lineup.

    — McBride – Altidore




    Holden -Parkhurst – Orozco – Wynne

  74. LJ says:

    Rogers is staying in, putting a team back on its toes is reason alone for him to play. I can’t believe you guys are really that down on him, I’m going to have to watch the tape again (if I still have it)

    He was drawing a ton of fouls for about the last 15 minutes before getting taken out.

  75. foozeball23 says:

    LJ I agree with you about Rogers but again we have a hole to fill in the middle. But I Played with rogers and i know what he is capable of and dang he can damage some defense bad.

  76. Fumar says:

    jmac – Good to hear from you. It’s nice that your fist substantive contribution to this post is a crappily crafted personal attack. How does one cast dispersion aside from maybe wielding a prism to disperse light around a room? That being said, what the hell does that have to do with anything? I’m not sure which word you are thinking of, but I AM sure that dispersion does not mean what you think it does.

    If you read my comment carefully (I’m sure for you a small paragraph takes some serious concentration) I said that I had not watched THE REPLAY. I had watched the game, just not the REPLAY. Therefore, all of my observations were from a first go around perspective. The match report I had read, stated that Holden fouled a player at the edge of the box that was moving AWAY from goal. I didn’t remember this happening and wanted to know if anyone else had seen this happen. It was a question.

    Please don’t take my criticism of Holden so personally. I’m a USMNT fan just like you. And please make sure you read my post carefully before you decided to throw nonsensical insults at me. Or as jmac would say, before you cast dispersion about me, whatever the hell than means.

  77. Nate M says:

    I’m with the Rogers critics – he seems to be a one-track horse and the defenders key on that. He strikes me as a player that his current skill level is nearer to his talent ceiling than players like Jozy, Adu, Holden, or Szetela. Who knows though – I thought the same thing about McBride 10 years ago.

    For this particular game – he’s one of the better options on the wing.

  78. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    This is probably the one . . .




    —————– Szetella—————–



    What I would love to See . . .







  79. Isaac says:

    whoa Nic D i had never thought of that formation. and now that i think, that is a beauty isn’t it? Benny is very creative but can also make very vital tackles which makes this formation great. there is still the issue of who is going to help orozco. your formation shows Sacha as the most likely candidate but are we really sure he wont give it away again. however i have full faith in Sacha, but we should also be aware that even with Kljestans monumental run, we should remember that Nigeria is a speedy team and can catch you on the counter. their also perfectly capable of out dribbling our defenders. So we need to find a formation that allows us to defend, counter, pass(especially in the midfield), and attack efficiently in each area. its going to be tough. but i think USA can pull it off. especially with Nowak showing that his creative juices are flowing.

  80. Fumar says:

    One last thing for jmac I just watched the replay and the Dutch player was in fact facing away from goal AND passing backward before holden comes in VERY late and fouls. Now I am completely certain we lost 2 points because of Holden and holden alone. It wasn’t a dangerous situation but he decides to go ahead and hack away. (the foul is seen in this highlight reel at just before the 30 second mark.)

    link to nbcolympics.com

  81. Me says:

    If US wishes to have one chance and I am sure the coach would play this formation…no kidding! 😉







    ——–McCarty —-





  82. Me says:

    If US wishes to have one chance and I am sure the coach would play this formation…no kidding! 😉







    ——–McCarty —-





  83. Isaac says:


  84. Briank,

    Go on, call Nigeria an U-27 team or whatever you like. It is typical of the USA to whine when things aren’t going as planned. If I remember, you also complained about the chinese gymnastic team. I’m not surprised.

    It is clear that no team/country games the rules the way the USA does — your performances have always been dogged by drug scandals; that’s no accident, of course.

  85. Isaac says:

    whoa ok im up…..so….any new ideas on starters?