USA vs. Trinidad & Tobago: Match Night


The U.S. national team is back on home soil after posting a pair of road wins to kick off CONCACAF World Cup Qualifying. The Americans face Trinidad & Tobago tonight in a match-up of the top two teams in Group A (ESPN2/Galavision, 8pm).

The U.S. team has mustered a pair of 1-0 victories on the road, but will expect a more wide-open encounter from a Trinidad & Tobago side that has scored four goals in its first two matches (a win and a tie).  The Americans will look to control possession in central midfield and test T&T with the speed of Landon Donovan and DaMarcus Beasley (and possibly Eddie Johnson).

Trinidad & Tobago’s attack is led by striker and former MLS journeyman Cornell Glen and young midfield sensation Keon Daniel. Glen will face off against U.S. national team coach Bob Bradley, who brought him to MLS in 2004 (using allocation money earned from the Tim Howard sale) with the MetroStars before dealing him to FC Dallas after just one season. Glen played with four teams in four years before returning to Trinidad.

The ‘Soca Warriors’ will be coming in short-handed, missing veteran striker Dwight Yorke, who has returned to Sunderland with a "thigh injury" that some reports are suggesting is cover for Sunderland simply wanting him back (You didn’t think Roy Keane would be sentimental about someone’s national team aspirations, did you?). Starters Avery John and Khaleem Hyland are serving yellow card suspensions while captain and playmaker Aurtis Whitley is out with an injury.

I will be providing a running commentary during the match so stay tuned for that. If you will be watching the match then make this your place for pre-game discussion and in-game action. Feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (and follow my commentary after the jump):


FINAL- Another shutout for Tim Howard, another goal from Clint Dempsey and a great performance from Michael Bradley, who was dominant in the first half. Not much to complain about, though Eddie Johnson still looks lost.

That’s all for now. Share your thoughts on tonight’s match in the comments section below. Thank you all for following along here. Good night.


FINAL- USA 3, Trinidad & Tobago 0. Complete domination. Yes, there was some sloppiness in attack, but they created and they attacked all match. There should be some pressure taken off after the 1-0 victories, but this win should also clear the way for the youngsters to get looks.


93rd minute– Good stuff from Kljestan tonight. Not a bad showing.


91st minute– U.S. defense holds up well tonight. Solid match for the back four, especially in the second half when T&T actually had a pulse.


90th minute– Kenny Cooper, pick up the white courtesy phone.


89th minute– Here lies the body of Eddie Johnson’s national team career. Please pay your respects.


85th minute– Glen has a look but dribbles for way too long. Fans in New York, Columbus, Dallas and Los Angeles all go, "Oh, yeah, that’s Cornell Glen, I remember him now."


83rd minute– Americans have seven more minutes to cover the 3.5 goal spread on this game.


82nd minute– Clark’s header cleared off the line.

JOHNSON with a close range shot blocked. WOW.


81st minute– Americans still pressuring, American fans still singing. First corner for USA tonight. Really.


78th minute– Lewis in for Dempsey.


77th minute– Clark with the foul on Cornell Glen. A little former Metro on former Metro violence between the former teammates.


76th minute– Here comes Eddie Lewis, likely for Beasley.


74th minute– This game has died. It wouldn’t be totally unpatriotic if you switched over to watch Mexico-Canada. Okay, so maybe it would be a little.


71st minute– Can Eddie Johnson make the most of this opportunity? With Jozy Altidore and Kenny Cooper knocking on the door, Johnson may not get too many more chances.


69th minute– Interesting to see the Ricardo Clark-Sacha Kljestan combo in central midfield. I don’t think we would have seen these subs if it were 2-0.


67th minute– Johnson in for Ching and Clark in for Michael Bradley. Very good performance from Bradley tonight. He gets a break ahead of his Moenchengladbach debut against Steve Cherundolo’s Hannnover 96 this weekend.


66th minute– Here comes Eddie Johnson.


64th minute– Bradley springs Donovan with a pass but Donovan loses it when he could have passed to the wing to Beasley.


64th minute– Cherundolo with a great play to get open but shanks a cross badly.

Kljestan has a shot saved by Phillips. USA pressing.


62nd minute– Bradley dispossessed to start that play. Remember that play because Bradley critics will use it as exhibit A in a weak case against him being a regular national team starter.


60th minute- Trinidad & Tobago has a goal disallowed. Howard makes a great first save before the offside.


59th minute– Wow, nice studs up challenge from behind on Donovan. A yellow card for Wolff, could have been red.


58th minute– Onyewu heads a Beasley free kick and Phillips get a hand on it but it falls to a wide-open Ching for the third goal. USA 3, Trinidad & Tobago 0.


57th minute- GOAL USA!!! And it’s Ching heading home an Onyewu header.


57th minute– Akili Edwards with a yellow card on what looked like a hard but clean challenge.


54th minute– T&T applying more pressure and showing more energy here. USA needs to stop giving away corner kicks.


54th minute- Cherundolo clears one off the line!


52nd minute– Telesford with more of the ball this half, but not being very effective.


51st minute– Keon Daniel not having the best game tonight.


50th minute– Another TT corner.


49th minute– Yes, that was Onyewu running in the offensive half of the field, looking like a bull in a china shop.  T&T corner is headed out by Bocanegra.


48th minute– T&T does get a head onto it but the mess is cleared away.


47th minute– TT corner. odds of Onyewu heading this- 2-1.


46th minute– And we’re back. One change for Trinidad & Tobago. Anthony Wolff is in the match.

No changes for the USA.


HALFTIME– What changes can we expect? Wouldn’t shock me if there was a halftime sub for the Americans. I’m pretty sure we will see Eddie Johnson early on. Maurice Edu should also get into the game.

Trinidad & Tobago really had the wrong idea coming out so defensive. The player absences hurt and probably led to the decision, but it’s a shame we didn’t get to see them try and attack from the start.


HALFTIME– The referee mercifully blows the whistle for halftime. USA 2, Trinidad & Tobago 0. Americans are dominating and would be up 4-0 if their passing was a bit sharper.


45th minute– I’m calling it now: Eddie Johnson bags a second-half brace. Don’t ask me why, just see it happening.


44th minute– Anybody else cringe when Beasley made that last challenge?

Americans should have at least one more goal.


43rd minute– Okay, so maybe it could have been a PK but Dempsey went down a bit too easily.


42nd minute– Onyewu clears, USA on the counter, and Dempsey goes down in the area but no call. Didn’t look like a PK.


41st minute– T&T corner.


40th minute– Do you get the feeling that T&T plays like they all just met two hours before the game?


38th minute– So here’s the question: How many goals does the USA have to score so critics don’t say "They only scored X"?


32nd minute– Bradley has been all over the field tonight. If Coach Bradley had concerns about his son being able to handle the heavy lifting by himself without an Edu or Mastroeni, Michael Bradley is showing it tonight. And yes, to be fair, the T&T attack is fairly non-existent, but Bradley is smothering from the midfield stripe.


29th minute– T&T midfielder Keon Daniels has been a no-show tonight. Not that any T&T attacker will look good tonight.

Donovan finds Dempsey, but Dempsey can’t get a good touch to finish from point-blank range.


27th minute– Smart foul from Hislop because Ching was ready to find Donovan on the run. Americans in full control.


25th minute– Nice work by Gray to stop Donovan. He hasn’t stopped playing.


23rd minute– Will Trinidad & Tobago put up a fight the rest of the night? They look pretty flat right now.


21st minute– Donovan runs into Marvin Phillips after getting clipped in the area. Look at Cornell Glen lobbying for a yellow against Donovan, his former Galaxy teammate.


18th minute- GOAL USA and it’s Dempsey with the finish. USA 2, Trinidad & Tobago 0. Beasley with the pass to find Dempsey on the late run.


17th minute– Here’s some history for you. The reason Cornell Glen wound up on the radard screens in MLS was after scoring a hat-trick for San Juan Jabloteh against the Chicago Fire. He was on the MetroStars soon after, but his reputation for being a bit of a head case caused him to bounce around with four different teams in MLS.


16th minute– Looks like Brian Ching caught Keyono Thomas with the studs.

Cornell Glen is going to be bored tonight. Hope he brought something to read.


14th minute– I really want to see Beasley do something tonight. He had a bad game against Cuba and has a good match-up against Edwards. The US team doesn’t need him to play well tonight to win, but they’ll need him down the road.


13th minute– If the Americans are patient, they will pick apart the T&T defense.

So why in the world is Dennis Lawrence not starting for T&T? There has to be a story there because he is their best defender.


11th minute– Bradley volleys home a great ball from Donovan.

T&T is in trouble if it is going to sit back and defend. This could get ugly.


10th minute- GOAL USA!!! And it’s Michael Bradley with the finish, serving a nice glass of Shut-Up Juice to his critics. USA 1, Trinidad & Tobago 0.


9th minute– Beasley getting the better of Carlos Edwards early.


8th minute– Keon Daniels is too far out to cause a problem for Howard, but you can tell that if he gets a chance close there could be problems.


7th minute– TT with a free kick from deep.


5th minute– Bradley passing well early on, as are all of the Americans.


4th minute– T&T looks ready to let the Americans possess in the middle third while bunkering in the final third.


3rd minute– You can already tell the difference in speed of ball movement when you have a well-manicured field.


1st minute– And we’re off. And yes, the stadium looks empty. Unbelivable.


PRE-GAME– Not exactly a big crowd for tonight’s match. One friend at the game is telling me the place is barely half full. Ugh.


PRE-GAME– It’s a final in Costa Rica, Costa Rica 3, Haiti 1. Here are the standings for Group C after today’s matches:

  • Costa Rica(3-0)…….9 pts
  • El Salvador (2-1)……6 pts
  • Haiti (0-3)…………0 pts
  • Suriname (0-3)…….0 pts

Yes, Costa Rica is essentially through after three games while El Salvador can clinch with a win in its next game. That means the group will be decided with two rounds of games remaining. Somewhere a Canadian fan is punching a wall thinking about how easy this group is.


PRE-GAME– I have to say that Trinidad & Tobago’s lineup looks pretty defensive. The absences of Yorke, Whitley and Kenwyne Jones (along with Avery John) could have T&T head coach Francisco Maturana trying to bunker and leave with a point. Not sure T&T is suited to playing that way.


PRE-GAME– Costa Rica is up 3-1 on Haiti late and about to put that terribly weak group, Group C, to bed.


PRE-GAME– In other CONCACAF action, El Salvador beat Suriname 2-0 (and if you complain about me giving that result because you were going to watch it later, I call BS.)


PRE-GAME– The referee tonight is Jamaican referee Courtney Campbell. I wonder how T&T fans feel about a Jamaican ref working the match? I wouldn’t worry too much. I’m sure Jack Warner checked him out.


PRE-GAME– I can tell you right now that the two match-ups to watch tonight will be Carlos Edwards vs. DaMarcus Beasley and Michael Bradley vs. Keon Daniel. Bradley won’t have to deal with Daniel by himself but he will be key to slowing down the T&T midfielder. The Edwards-Beasley match-up is going to be a track meet.


PRE-GAME– Interesting to see Osei Telesford getting the start for T&T. Fire fans will recall he was with Chicago Fire last season before being waived in the off-season. He now plays for the Puerto Rico Islanders.


PRE-GAME– Here is Trinidad & Tobago’s lineup (I’ll confirm positions ASAP so don’t quote me on the placements, but this is the starting XI):

—————————-Cornell Glen———————

Densill Theobald——–Keon Daniel————Carlos Edwards

—————–Osei Telesford—-Clyde Leon———————

Akil Edwards—-Cyd Gray——-Keyono Thomas—Makon Hislop



PRE-GAME– Here are the USA subs: Brad Guzan, Dan Califf, Frankie Hejduk, Ricardo Clark, Maurice Edu, Eddie Lewis, Eddie Johnson. No Michael Orozco and no Marvell Wynne.


PRE-GAME– For those of you who forgot, it was Bob Bradley who drafted Kljestan in the first round of the 2006 MLS Draft with Chivas USA. Bradley traded away the No. 1 overall pick that year to the MetroStars for the No. 5 pick and defender Jason Hernandez. Bradley used the No. 5 pick on Kljestan, who I know Bradley had been high on for some time going back to his own days with the MetroStars.


PRE-GAME– The lineup has 10 of the 11 players I thought it would, with Sacha Kljestan being the surprise over Maurice Edu. It shouldn’t come as that much of a suprise considering Edu’s performance against Cuba. Kljestan brings more of an attacking bite to the game so he should be able to give the Americans more numbers in the attack.


PRE-GAME– Here is the USA lineup:






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256 Responses to USA vs. Trinidad & Tobago: Match Night

  1. Adrian says:


    Do you know what the starting line-up is?

  2. Nick says:

    I just hope that this lineup can provide the offense that we really need. 10k is a crying shame. Cross Toyota park off the list…

  3. randall says:

    only one defensive/holding mid!?!? is bob bradley out sick tonight? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Dominghosa says:

    At work. Which it seems like I always am nowadays. Will be checking in and out.

  5. JM says:

    good to see sacha get a chance tonight. no better way to find out where he sits in the pecking order than getting him some time on the pitch with the starters.

  6. Warren says:

    Quick edit Ives. You have Pearce as both LB and RB. I would imagine Dolo will be on the right.

    That said, I’m curious to see how Kljestan will do in the center. Looking forward to the match!

  7. kswiss says:

    Hey Ives, I know Pearce has shown pretty well in his time with the Nats, but I sincerely doubt he’ll be able to hold down both the left and right back positions. Just kidding. I’m assuming you meant Cherundolo on the right, though. Right?

  8. kswiss says:

    Other than that, I’m pretty happy with the lineup decisions. I’m excited to see what Kljestan will do tonight, and if he can stop giving away so many balls with his sometimes weak passing.

  9. aatabak says:

    wow, m. bradley with another start.

    i love how he has earned the unquestioned starting role over everyone else, god forbid he sit junior to try anyone else or any other combination.

  10. matt says:

    Michael Bradley had a 97% completion rate against Cuba in 89 attempts.

  11. RS says:

    Hey Ives…What kind of crowd is expected tonight? Any idea on what ticket sales were going into tonight?

  12. aatabaki says:

    I don’t think he has done what it takes game in and game out to not have his spot of for grabs. I for one think Edu is better d-mid that bradley. Edu at least has the vision to look forward by playing probing balls. Bradley it is either a lateral pass, pass backwards, or a turnover.

  13. Adam says:

    Who cares! let him rest!

  14. aatabak says:

    That 97% was against Cuba, not a single professional player.

  15. NateinSF says:

    Bradley played really well in this role last match, as someone noted high % of passes completed. He just needs to speed up his distribution a little and we should be all set. Edu had a lot more errant passed, a couple in horrible positions. I think MBs spot is justified.

  16. aatabak says:

    I am not saying he does not deserve time or starting roles now and again. I just don’t think he has stood out from all the rest to always be given the starting nod. There is room for others to get a chance and not just rotate around Bradley.

  17. Steve O says:

    Hey Aatabak, Edu played against Cuba and managed a 90 percent percentage, so why was his percentage lower than Bradley’s when both were playing against amateurs? Oh, let me guess, Edu was trying more difficult passes. Right, whatever you say. I like Edu but Bradley is still better. PERIOD.

  18. Steve O says:

    Aatabak, what you and the Bradley haters refuse to realize is that he really is the best of the bunch. No, he hasn’t done anything fancy during his national team chances, but he’s steady and getting better and does the job he’s assigned well. The kid is a beast but some people hate his father so much they refuse to give him a fair shake. Can we put a hold on the Bradleys hate until after this game?

  19. aatabak says:

    Missing my point, steve o. I don’t think he is an unquestioned starter game in and game out. I think given their National Team bodies of work that Edu has played better.

  20. kevin says:

    Let’s go red, white and blue. Im following the game from sweden :) Let’s rock CONCACAF tonight.

    Anyone seen the England-Croatia game? Theo Walcott had a hattrick ๐Ÿ˜€ He has arrived.

  21. Steve O says:

    What body of work Aatabak? You’re nuts. Edu shows some glimpses in limited time and somehow he’s done better. Right. Whatever you say. Just because Bradley hasn’t lived up to YOUR expectations for the position doesn’t mean he hasn’t played well enough to keep starting. You might want to check your own skewed view rather than keep wondering why Bradley keeps playing.

  22. NateinSF says:

    Edu is flashier because he went forward more in the Cuba match. MB was played deeper in a destroyer style position. The inclusion of Sacha further indicates that Edu was suppose to be the linking midfielder in the prior match. MB or Mastroeni seem to be the coachs pick for that role.

  23. MiamiAl says:

    Does anyone know where online other than is streaming the game? Maybe

  24. kevin says:

    If the game isnt going our way, we need to bring on Lewis and Edu and EJ no later than the 70th minute. EJ should be certain to score against T&T.

  25. Ives says:

    Save the Bradley debate for some other time folks. Talk about tonight’s game please.

  26. petergriffin says:

    Ching starting again. Good, but is there any chance he will be 1 of our forwards in 2010 in South Africa?

  27. NateinSF says:

    The T&T keeper is weak, lets test him out early!

  28. seak says:

    Am I the only one confused? Adu starts over Kljestan in the middle in U-23 competition. But Kljestan gets called up for qualifying?

  29. Jacob says:

    Nice to see the Sacha pick, not so nice to see what apparently will be a mostly empty stadium.

    Go Nats

  30. MemRook says:

    I expect one thing and one thing only this game … LIGHTS.

    Come on the more-than-sufficiently lit red white and blue! USA!

  31. nico says:

    too bad about Yorke. Seems he has little chance of playing a significant role at Sunderland. Well, Honduras did it in Canada without Rambo de Leon…maybe T&T can do it…seriously doubt it though. Especially without the other Sunderland player, Kenwyne Jones.

  32. MiamiAl says:

    Answered my own question…It is on

  33. Zach says:

    yes!!!!!!!!! the 4-5-1 can’t wait

  34. Ryan says:

    Kljestan? Seriously? This is going to be a disaster.

  35. MiamiAl says:

    PeterGriffin, I think Ching is the ONLY forward so far that will DEFINITELY be in South Africa barring an injury…

  36. Jacob says:

    There’s 10,000 people there, and 1/3 of them are Tobaggons.

    Oh, like you didn’t at least think of it…

  37. Gerald says:

    Yes it appears that T&T bought a good contingent of fans

  38. brett says:

    i like MB, but i would like to see him get some rest after this game… send him back to germany and let our depth in that position play some games…. MB needs some intl’ rest, he’s playing WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much…

    glad to see bradley going on the offense today…. probably feels a bit comfortable being home….

  39. Zach says:

    I don’t like when people get injuried but i pray Ching is not in South Africa

  40. Dominghosa says:


  41. nico says:

    can someone tell me the announcers on ESPN2, dont recognize one voice. thanks much.

  42. J spot says:

    I love JP de la!!!! and harkes!!!! brilliant!

  43. J spot says:

    look at the attacking!!! and theres the answer to your question nico… beasley is sucking into the middle.

  44. Brant says:

    I expect the US to win and I hope for an entertaining game. Either way, it looks SMOKING GREAT on my brand-new 42″ Vizio plasma that we just unboxed an hour ago.

  45. J spot says:

    who has gotten the most tail on the us national team… say landon

    way to bunker tobago

    that was a weak header and a great fall ching!

  46. J spot says:


  47. brett says:


  48. Brant says:


  49. DL says:

    Chalk one up for MB

  50. froboy says:

    gotta love that, great goal and i love hearing the usa chants

  51. Jacob says:

    Not even a defender!!! A defensive mid, sure, but not officially a defender!!

    Well placed, well finished, 1-0

  52. DL says:

    That was actually a hell of a good finish.

  53. soccerroo says:

    I guess Bradley shows some of the doubters.

  54. ManicMessiah says:


    Though I will be the one to say this: it was off a set piece. Not that they haven’t been playing well so far.

  55. petergriffin says:


    If he can stay consistent like his last few games, then i support him to be on the roster. What other forward options do we have for 2010? Altidore? Cooper? EJ? Charlie Davies? Donovan?

  56. Brant says:

    Lil’ Bradley with a Sacha-class karate kick :)

    And did I mention it looks damn good in HD on a 42″ plasma?! ๐Ÿ˜€

  57. Dominghosa says:

    GOAL! set piece. what else isn’t new? MB with the goal near the goal. also nothing new.

  58. J spot says:

    beautiful! we look aggressive… think bradley was reading this post??? are there any us fans in bandanas??? i’m wearing one in DC!!!! almost 2!!!

  59. Dominghosa says:

    Only 42?

  60. Chris says:

    Hell! Once again I get no picture when the US is playing. At least no picture in the ESPN2 HD channel. Have to watch in SD. Second time I’ve had a match on on some channel that “temporarily out of service” (though I think it was a Red Bulls match that I was unable to watch last time). Is the match being broadcast in HD?

  61. Brant says:

    Dominghosa – it fits perfect in the space it’s in. I looked at a 50, but it would be blocking part of the door… No point having an awesome TV if you can’t get in the room where it is.

  62. Mark says:

    I hope the US scores another touchdown. I mean goal…

  63. J spot says:

    time to start drinking RUM!!!! i didn’t see cohen coming…

  64. Dominghosa says:

    I was kidding. congrats on the new purchase.

  65. Nathan says:

    Sounds like JP keeps saying “Trinidad and Tabagel”

  66. petergriffin says:

    Who will get the 2nd? Im going for Beasley. Make it happen.

  67. J spot says:

    BOOOO sportscenter right now!

  68. Gerald says:

    If they go to Sportscenter again I might lose it

  69. J spot says:

    to bad beasley is a pu**y

  70. Dominghosa says:

    I mean, only 50?

  71. Jacob says:

    Why is Howard wearing yellow instead of green?

  72. kevin says:

    EJ better pray he can get some time in this game and can score. If he doesn’t improve asap he will lose out to Ching for the next World Cup.

  73. froboy says:

    sweet commentators, lets see him get off the bench for fulham now

  74. brett says:



  75. J spot says:

    wow we are looking great… bout time..

  76. Gerald says:

    T&T are playing really sloppy and it just cost them

  77. Mark says:

    Ha, great comment regarding Glen. Definitely looks like his support will be limited.

    GOAL!!! Nice pass, and the proper call on the passive offsides.

  78. Dave says:

    DEMPSEY!!!! The drought is over.

  79. Brant says:

    Looked like Ching was offsides on that. Given CONCACAF refs, surprised it wasn’t called back even tho he wasn’t in the play.

  80. Jacob says:

    Attaway, Duece!

  81. Dominghosa says:

    wow. that was the best US goal I have seen since the Gold Cup Final.

  82. J spot says:

    beasley still a disappointment!

  83. usa says:

    i think most of you haters might be beginning to understand just how much the conditions played a part in the first two matches and how important those results actually were..

  84. soccerroo says:

    This could get bad. Dempsey and Bradley both score in the first 20 minutes. At this pace the score could get up close to the Barbados blow out.

  85. Mark says:

    Did you read Donovan’s lips? He f**king pushed me.

  86. J spot says:

    is that boca sitting in a lawn chair?

  87. froboy says:

    for real on the pitch conditions, now we just need jozy and freddy and we’ll be alright

  88. J spot says:

    PS ENGLAND looked GREAT today!!!! your thoughts?

  89. Mark says:

    Don’t kid yourself USA, even if the US goes on to win this game by a score line of 5-0 you know a large chunk of people will complain it wasn’t 8-0 and will want Bradley’s head.

  90. soccerroo says:

    It looks like a small crowd in Chicago. Is it just the Camera Angel?

  91. J spot says:

    i wanna see clints goal on a replay again…

  92. kevin says:

    Dempsey. Now if he can just get back into the starting XI for Fulham. Hopefully he keeps up his great form.

  93. usa says:

    exactly mark, and if cooper had started we’d already be up 4 nil

  94. J spot says:

    sasha is a very good at passing… TIMMY!!!!

  95. J spot says:

    WTF bradley??

  96. J spot says:

    beasley sucks… BOOOO

  97. usa says:

    we may not yet go forward with the best teams in the world, but we work as hard as anyone to win the ball back when we lose it

  98. Dave says:

    CHING!!!!!!!!! Finish him!

  99. Gerald says:

    Ching has to bury that

  100. J spot says:

    poor shaka… he has nothing to talk about…

  101. alticooper says:

    More proof of why Ching shouldnt be out there

  102. usa says:

    beasley=chris rock

  103. hmmmm says:

    Somewhere Taylor Twellman is kicking himself. Could have had a shot in World Cup qualifying? Any truth to the rumors of him heading to England in the off season?

  104. Brant says:

    “Is it just the Camera Angel?”

    I thought the Camera Angels just took pictures of people with wings ๐Ÿ˜‰

  105. Gerald says:

    good one

  106. PeterGriffin says:

    Klejstan is next to head to Europe. But is he heading to the Eredivisie or Bundesliga in the off season?

  107. Erik Abarca says:

    how does a foward continue to fail to produce, and gets the 3rd str8 start? sad to say, only happens on our national team. yes, ching works good off the ball , and we have a shortness of fowards, but we need results from out fowards!!!!!!!! Where Kenny Cooper, even more reason to give him a shot, can he do any worst???? We need to resolve this ASAP, we have what it takes, but we need to do better!!!!

  108. J spot says:

    hey look at demarcus!!! whats wrong with him… he look almost desperate!!! like a fat freshman in college… all his friends are getting some and he can’t figure out why he has to watch youpo*n every night!!! love it. who replaces beasley though???

  109. Brant says:

    Looks like our guys are open all over the place, but the passes are just a little sloppy.

  110. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    Ching – as a former Scot coach of mine used to say: “Son, you could have knocked that in with your c*ck!”

  111. Brant says:

    Wouldn’t it be cool if just once – ONCE – while ESPN is showing a game, the bottom-line scoreboard included other FIFA int’l results?

  112. henriksverige says:

    Ching, Hedjuk, Twellman, Lewis, Mastroeni, Clark are too old and don’t deserve to be on the roster for World Cup 2010. EJ sucks but he has speed and might be useful as a supersub.

  113. usa says:

    bradley hasn’t put a foot wrong yet, anyone going to mention that?

  114. Jacob says:

    Is it just me or do we look like we’re just kind of freestyling out there, not really sticking to formation too strictly? I’m not complaining, it’s working, just wondering if anyone else feels that way.

  115. Brant says:

    Hey y’all – I’m still watching but I gotta stop commenting. Broke my wrist playing goalie this weekend and it hurts like hell to type with the cast on.

    Snarky comments from Raleigh will have to wait a few weeks.

    GO USA!

  116. froboy says:

    for real, thats a good point, that would be nice, england had a good result today

  117. J spot says:

    EJ is that fat chick at the end of a night… shes gonna be there regardless… why not stack the “party” with some hotties?

  118. J spot says:

    hey the astros are 4.5 games back… beasley cant but it in net even when he is offsides…. great BS chant from the US fans…

    Ching on the run.. lets it go and BOOOO

    deuce needs to rap and dance more!

  119. kevin says:

    We run CONCACAF. We’re assured passage to the next round. Any thoughts on who will be coming along with us to South Africa in 2010? Mexico for sure. But im betting on Costa Rica to also be there.

  120. J spot says:

    JP: thats better from T&T

    ME: yes two passes in a row is positive!

  121. Gerald says:

    Ives – to Answer your question 4 because T&T are giving them lots of chances

  122. J spot says:

    no one in our group… maybe canada…

  123. mikeK says:

    2 goals thus far, much better from America. I still don’t like the formation, and hope it’s not a long term thing, but you never know with the USMNT.

    I think Adu and Altidore would get a call up if this game was meaningful. Reality dictates that the two of them would be best served putting the time in at thier clubs in Europe. The fact that they both put time in in China makes it even more important that they take things easy in Europe and don’t wear themselves out or hurt themselves. Thier growth is what’s important right now. We can get to the hex, and maybe even the WC, without them, but everyone know’s the spot on the 2010 lineup is thiers for the taking if they get on a good run of form.

  124. Jacob says:

    That wasn’t a pk because…

  125. Dave says:

    DMB, not playing great (though that assist was nice) but his effort will help him get back into form.

  126. mikeK says:

    Because we’re the huge overdogs and winning 2-0, and it wasn’t dangerous.

    We’re not getting that call, ever.

  127. J spot says:

    eff mexico

    is the ref high??? i say yes!

  128. J spot says:

    landon looks like dave matthews!

  129. J spot says:

    some one get timmy a lawn chair!

  130. usa says:

    ej should start the second half, give him 45 mins to save or end his NT career

  131. J spot says:

    whoa dempsey just gave that guy a big zero… what a stud!

  132. J spot says:

    people do like to talk about the game jeter.. what other mo’s are there then slow and fast?

    the fierce rider cup???

  133. Nick says:

    A brace really? Who do you think he is Altidore?

  134. Mark says:

    Love the idea of giving EJ 45 now, cause if we win this game, which seems extremely likely, the young guys are going to be taking his roster spot for the remaining games in this round.

    Nice first half. Team played well. Like to see them nail the 3rd goal 10 minutes into the 2nd half to nail the coffin closed.

  135. Jacob says:

    Off to the first 15 minutes of Canada-Mexico. Kinda disappointed it’s not in Azteca, I like watching games there.

  136. J spot says:

    whoa so DMB sucks for me??

  137. NJ Guy No Longer Stuck in DC says:

    For the first 35 mins MBradley played as if this is HIS team.

    I can’t tell how much is T&T or if Klejstan just complements him positionally.

  138. gimmi says:

    Was Clint talking trast to a T&T player at the end of the 1st half?

    Thats weak really weak

  139. J spot says:

    what if Portugal dosn’t qualify????

  140. Fireball says:

    Hahahaha. Shut up Juice. Just caught that. Nice one Ives.

  141. mikeK says:

    It’s been 2 games, I think it’s a bit early to rule out Portugal turning things around, yeah?

  142. kevin says:

    Portugal will qualify thats for sure. But will Sweden/Denmark qualify as well in that group. I’m staying with a friend in Stockholm and im supporting them but Im also hoping the Danes qualify.

  143. me who? says:

    Hey does anyone have a link? My roommates turned off the game to watch America’s Next Top Model! HELP!!!

  144. mikeK says:

    me who?- =)

  145. Jacob says:

    Link your fists to their faces, that should be of high quality and effectiveness.

  146. Beckster says:

    Half Time and a few observations:

    – MB having a much stronger game

    – Dempsey continuing to create chances and do interesting stuff – 2 good games in a row

    – We should be up 4 to 0

    – We are still too slow off the ball and passing not all that sharp

    – Sasha shouldn’t be starting.

    – The opposition is very weak and we are going to have to get a lot better by 2010

  147. MiamiAl says:

    Exactly PeterGriffin, we really don;t have many options, which is why by defualt I think Ching is a lock…

    USA boys- T.C.B.!!!

  148. J spot says:

    agreed… but what if??? and are the three lions a dark horse?? i wish we’d start our young talent like capello does!

  149. KingGustav says:

    What are our options for 2010? Can Ching hack it and make the roster? We have Altidore and Donovan heading for sure. We need 5. So Cooper as well, EJ- he could be a super sub. I suppose Ching can make the roster if Charlie Davies doesnt make it.

  150. J spot says:

    I’m dreaming mls!!!!

  151. KingGustav says:

    Put EJ in. Let him score a hat trick. Might be enough to kick start his career again. It’s never over til it’s over.

  152. me who? says:

    Thanks Jacob!

  153. KingGustav says:

    Any chance of Califf or DeMerit making the roster for 2010? I doubt DeMerit will as Bradley doesnt seem to ever bring him in to a game, even if he plays well in training. Califf has a chance but with Wynne to be assured a spot sooner or later i doubt he will. Cherundolo seems to be getting old and losing his touch.

  154. MikeK says:

    I’d say Altidore will be ready by then, and he’ll shine. Ching is okay. EJ too. If Davies keeps improving, who knows. 2010 is still a little less than 2 years away, that’s a lot of time.

  155. Joamiq says:

    Haha, Shut-Up Juice. Kind of like this? link to (warning: profanity)

    I have been one of Ching’s staunchest defenders in the past, and I appreciate all the quality he brings in holding the ball up and passing, but the man needs to pull the trigger. If he’s not, he’s hurting the team.

  156. J spot says:

    ching is down get up EJ!

  157. MikeK says:

    WTF does “take thier colors” mean? Is that supposed to be scary?

  158. Jacob says:

    Same question Mike, saaaame question…

  159. Fireball says:

    Is the US chant a White Stripes riff?

  160. J spot says:

    I’m gonna take you colors jake!

  161. mikeK says:

    I took yer mum’s colors ho ho ho!

  162. Mark says:

    T&T are looking better. Dolo saving Howard’s bacon there…

  163. Jacob says:

    I’m immediately placing that in my everyday vocabulary.

    If somebody lights someone up at football tomorrow, “Ohhh,____ he took your colors!”

    But for real, we don’t look that good so far this half.

  164. J spot says:

    what me a studs up tackle???

  165. Louis says:

    OMG Ching! why dont we play a real striker

  166. Nick says:

    anyone get the announced attendance to the match yet?

  167. J spot says:

    GOALLL in under 60! brillant

  168. Mark says:

    Ching cleaning up the mess. The coffin is officially shut.

    Lets see EJ…

  169. Dominghosa says:

    another set piece goal. ho-hum.

  170. Jacob says:

    Way to take Gooch’s goal, Chingy.

    Oh well, 3-0.

    Oh, I see it now, wasn’t gonna make it in.

    Good goal, Chingy.

  171. Louis says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but bring on eddie johnson

  172. MiamiAl says:

    There it is PeterGriffin…Ching is in…

  173. J spot says:

    ahh thats why we boo bradley!

  174. peter says:

    sloppy play from bradley

  175. Nick says:

    there needs to be some type of response to ‘dolo’s cards. sit him and send in frankie.

  176. Mark says:

    Good call on the offside. But the US needs to take better care of the ball in the defensive third.

  177. soccerroo says:

    looking a little loose in the back right now. Need to not give up a cheap one.

  178. Dominghosa says:

    OOF. nice cross. too bad peter crouch is english, though.

  179. Fireball says:

    Donovan’s first touch looks really good tonight.

  180. Mark says:

    Anyone know the score of the Mex/Can game?

  181. peter says:

    team needs to work on movement off the ball and first touch

  182. usa says:

    dempsey has that flair back, i pray it stays

  183. Jacob says:

    Hey, Duece with tricks, nice to see some confidence returning

  184. PeterGriffin says:

    Finally Ching. Alright, he’s in. But i reserve him and EJ to be subs. Only forwards we need to start for sure Altidore and Donovan and maybe Cooper if Bradley will call him up. What do you guys say?

  185. Jerry says:

    Lay off that Bradley turnover. If you watch the replay there is NOBODY around to pass it to when he gets double-teamed.

  186. Jacob says:

    Nope, Telemundo doesn’t keep the score up there permanently, so you just can’t hop in and check.

  187. J spot says:

    this is EJ’s swan song!

  188. Mark says:

    Show us something EJ. So much potential there, just tap into young man!!!

  189. Nick says:

    espn online has it 0-0 mex-can

  190. usa says:

    bradley’s performance shows he definitely can be world class as a midfielder in a much different way than reyna, but equally important

  191. Mark says:

    Lets go Canucks. Make that group interesting…

  192. mikeK says:

    And, in addition, I don’t remember him getting booked tonight haha.

  193. Jacob says:

    Any chance GolTV gives us that 96-Moncalkdalkjgnalkdbach game?

  194. ManicMessiah says:

    The US also happens to be playing at home against a Trinidad and Tobago team which is missing several players which forced them into a complete strategy change allegedy, so I don’t think it should quite be a ringing endorsment of Bradley as an every game starter.

    And it’s not about how many goals the US scores, it’s about the kind of goals they score and how they posess and work the ball around.

  195. usa says:

    my declaration wasn’t solely due to this game, the youngster has scored 20 goals in a season in europe. and all you yokes just love to bash a guy that is a huge part of the team’s future

  196. Joamiq says:

    I never understand why our attackers don’t move off the ball more. If you watch the attack of any of the world’s quality teams, you’ll see constant movement off the ball. Our guys just sort of find a spot they like and wait for the ball.

  197. PeterGriffin says:

    Im hoping the next game Guzan can get the start. Let Howard take a rest. Guzan needs some playing time or he’ll get rusty at AV

  198. J spot says:


  199. henrik says:

    Any idea who is the highest paid US player on the national team? I know Brad Friedel gets ยฃ50,000 a week for AV after leaving Blackburn, but what about current players on the national team. I bet Tim Howard or Carlos Bocanegra make a pretty big dime. Maybe DaMรกrcus Beasley and Clint Dempsey as well.

  200. Mark says:

    Lewis? I would have preferred to have seen Califf or Demerit to give one of those guys some love. Nothing against Lewis who is still productive…

  201. Jacob says:

    Not a bad couple of games from Dempsey, maybe it’ll help his cause back across the pond.

  202. J spot says:


  203. usa says:

    clark is underrated

  204. brian says:

    can someone please teach us to correctly chant

    cause we suck at it

  205. kpugs says:

    We have to come up with some new songs or chants. “Ooooohhh USAAAAAAAAAAAA” gets old after 90 straight minutes.

    Having said that, props to the fans for making it a great atmosphere.

  206. adam says:


    maybe you should go to the game and give some lessons!

  207. Jacob says:

    The Chinese government can, Brian

  208. J spot says:

    does USA go undefeated pre hex??

  209. brian says:

    “maybe you should go to the game and give some lessons!”

    if i was creative i would

    but someone has to be creative to come with something

    like the torres song for liverpool

    someone needs to come up with a song to the tune of yankee doodle dandy or something

  210. Jacob says:

    All we have to do to go undefeated this round is bring in Kenny Cooper. And Tim Tebow. I bet that guy would make a straight up beast of an outside back.

    (Go Gators)

  211. kahlva says:

    Yeah but Ives – how many times have you written “This may be Johnson’s last chance to impress…”

    He must have naked pictures of Bradley’s wife or something.

  212. KC says:

    Holy freaking crap! EJ is the laziest, most unenthusiastic player on the field! Can he do anything other than pass it back?

    Why, Bob!?!? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?!??

    Help us, Kenny Cooper….you’re our only hope…

  213. henrik says:

    EJ- you are not coming to South Africa.

    Altidore, Donovan, Cooper, Ching and Charlie Davies are.

    Damn how can EJ be so lazy. Immense potential but never tries to go for everything.

  214. Jacob says:

    Overall, good look tonight guys. Let’s take some rest and get the youngins out there in the next couple

  215. JM says:

    all in all a solid performance. hard to argue a shutout win… again.

  216. Joel says:

    Wow…EJ looked terrible. He made Ching look world-class.

  217. Jeffrey says:

    I don’t understand all he negative talk about Beasley. He is being compared to himself. He is better than any other option we have in his current form. All he is done tonight is win the free kick that lead to the first goal, assist on the second goal, and made he free kick that lead to the third goal!

  218. Jonny says:

    Shaka Hislop looks drunk.

  219. Erik Abarca says:

    Ching and world class, dont belong in the same sentence.

  220. MemRook says:

    gay gators!!!!

    Posted by: J spot | September 10, 2008 at 09:59 PM

    yeeee wahooo! gay american fans!

    Posted by: J spot | September 10, 2008 at 09:26 PM


    chill out with the “gay” references. That’s rather unsensitive on a board where some might be offended. so cool it.

  221. Joamiq says:

    J spot is a drunk DC United fan – what do you expect?

  222. Cory says:

    Eddie Johnson, thank you for your contributions in the past but you’re not needed in the future as of right now. Please hand in your jersey.

  223. Cory says:

    That num 9 belongs to someone else anyways……………..

  224. MemRook says:

    Yes, Joamiq, I reread all the posts on this thread (about 30% which were j spot shouting random stuff like “DC UNITED” and something about a fraternity and a party or something), so I see your point.

  225. fcphillyboy4 says:

    No reason we shouldnt see some new players the next game or two. |Good win at home. i thought dempsey looked good as well as two center backs. kljestan deserves to be called in again as does clark. no more Pablo.

  226. Frnk Heydick says:

    Cherundalo is a freakin bum!

  227. Ives says:

    Cuba is up on Guatemala, 1-0.

  228. Ives says:

    That’s what Andres Cantor said anyway.

  229. Mark says:

    Good win for the US. I’m sort of excited to read what the haters will post to set me straight on why it really wasn’t a good win and why Bradley should be fired.

    Looks like Cuba might beat Guatamela.

  230. Mark says:

    Well, that just about does it for our Canadian friends.

  231. Dave says:

    Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey Dempsey.


    Tactics were better in the first half, kudos bob bradley.

    Klejstan ran all over the field, he still doesn’t have the quality but he works hard.

    Beasely-oy ve, let’s hope this is temporary.

  232. Mark says:

    Canada, pulling back a goal off a set piece. Perhaps there is life left in them…

  233. Mark says:

    And the Little Fish has even things up in Guatamela City.

  234. Andrew in Tampa says:

    after all the chatter tonight with this game, two things stood out. maybe three. Our first touch looks real bad. And Donovan looks like he’s floundering around for a role on this team. It’s almost as if he wasn’t really on the field tonight. He was never a factor. That is a more glaring problem than anything you fanatics have thrown around tonight.And three. Ching is not international quality. We need a striker who’s dangerous on this level. He isn’t.

  235. Mark says:

    Former Metrstar Oliver Occean has entered the fray. Represent son!!! It’s like a who’s who of former Metrostars in qualifying.



    Lil Bradley




  236. Cindy says:

    i just have to say Ives, your commentating was great in its snarkiness today, keep being awesome!

  237. eric says:

    Currently, Donovan is both our best playmaker, and our best striker. Once one of the younger guys (come on, Freddy!!!) starts producing consistently, I hope we’ll use Donovan much like the ‘Gals use him now.

  238. Mark says:

    Blanco enters the match, and it quickly yellow carded for diving. Some things never change…

  239. Rob C says:

    I didn’t think the crowd looked all that bad on TV. Both sides of the stadium were full and there were some souls in the upper tier. I’d say 14,000 total.

    As for the game. Great effort. Nice to see some fluidity and passing on the ground, rather than hopeful long balls. I’m a big fan of the Kljestan/Bradley midfield. Things look to be rounding into shape now for 2010…just gotta get Jozy and Freddy involved.

  240. A.S. says:

    I don’t know what game people were watching to say that Michael Bradley had a good game. He had a mediocre game at best.

    He scored a goal – while he was completely unmarked and 5 yards from the net, and the ball was headed toward the net anyway. I’m supposed to be impressed by that?

    He complted some passes – which shouldn’t be that hard to do when all your passes go sideways or backwards and you have loads of time to pass. But he virutally never attacks and doesn’t have the creativity to try to spring the forwards. And then, when he gets the slightest bit of pressure on him, he completely loses composure, turns the ball over, and gives TnT their only good goal scoring chance.

  241. DL says:

    A.S. – You’re wrong. First off, Bradley’s goal was a clinical finish. After a strong near-post run, he misdirected a ball (that was definitely not going in the goal, mind you) 2 feet off the ground into the side netting. I don’t care how far away from the goal he was – this was a very technical finish on his part.

    Secondly, Bradley is a holding mid. That means he holds the midfield. When given the chance, his job is to switch the point of attack (which he did with regularity and accuracy) and/or push balls forward (which he did with regularity and accuracy). The key to being a good holding mid – see, for example: Senna – is to (a) be the starting point in the development of an attack by getting the ball to the feet of wingers and attacking mids, and (b) clog up the middle of the field defensively. Bradley is consistently getting better and more effective with regard to (a), and he is VERY good (sans a few sloppy tackles here and there) at (b).

    Sorry about the lengthy post, but I get so sick of posts ripping MB because he doesn’t score every game and isn’t aggressive in the attack all the time. That’s simply not his role on this team.

  242. A.S. says:

    DL – Bradley is horrible at your (a). He virtually never starts the attack, because inevitably his passes are going sideways or backwards. Switching from one side to the other or passing back to the defenders or keeper is good tactical play to get some breathing space, but let’s not confuse it with actually attacking.

    Moreover, my biggest complaint with Bradley is that he has no composure on the ball – he is perfectly capable of making that sideways pass when he is all alone (as he was for most of this game). But put him under any amount of pressure, and he gives the ball away – exactly as he did tonight. And against any half decent (i.e., non-CONCACAF minnow) side, you’re always going to be under pressure. In this area, Bradley’s the exact opposite of Senna, BTW, who has tremendous composure – he’s able to hold on to the ball regardless of heavy pressure. (This is, to me, also why Mastro is our best defensive midfielder – he’s the most composed of any of them under pressure, as we saw in the Argentina game.)

  243. Scoofy says:

    Just got back from the game. Official attendance count was 11,400ish. pretty disappointing, but the atmosphere wasn’t bad for that number. T&T filled up the upper 1/3 of 2 sections. I wish attendance had been better, guess we won’t be seeing too many more games here until Mexico again…

  244. Steve O says:

    “my biggest complaint with Bradley is that he has no composure on the ball”

    A.S., you are officially an idiot. Your post is devoid of any real soccer knowledge and you should probably just give up watching the sport if that is your assessment of Bradley’s performance tonight. He has one bad turnover caused by a double-team and no teammates making themselves available and that one play is why he shouldn’t start? You sir are a moron.

    Bradley was all over the field and was our best player tonight. I wish I knew why you hated the kid so much but you just have to deal with the fact that he’s a very good young player with a bright future. He showed it tonight, even if you were to blind to see it.

  245. anotherbodymurdered says:


  246. Michael F. says:

    Fell asleep during the game.

    Just finished it on Tivo at 4:30AM.

    Top 5 Thoughts:

    1. EJ is done. Complete disaster. If he ever wears the shirt again before he can earn 19 minutes with Cardiff, Bradley must be fired.

    2. Ching is way over-rated. Cooper deserves a chance.

    3. Altidore & Donovan need to both play fwd together.

    4. Adu needs to play where Donovan was tonight.

    5. Kljestan proved it once again.

  247. Marc says:

    I find it interesting that Ching didn’t do any of the things that people criticize EJ for failing to do. Ching never turns, he rarely does anything but pass laterally or back and he scuffs many chances in front of the goal. not an inspiring performance. the last three games MUST be used to integrate cooper and/or altidore.

  248. Marc says:

    And, Bradley had countless penetrating passes tonight to people in forward positions (usually donovan and dempsey). he was very dangerous, and it seemed like he and kljestan supported each other more than has happened in past games. not sure if its because they moved better off the ball or because T&T played low pressure.

  249. Haig says:

    I don’t disagree that MB had had mediocre games (though, with the exception of that dumbass PK foul before the Olympics, never as bad as his detractors claim), but he played an excellent game last night. One awkward, ugly giveaway when he was caught in possession, but he was absolutely all over the field, linking d to mid and finding the pass to unlock the Trini defense. And his goal was the cherry on top. Give the kid credit.

  250. brett says:

    i guess some people will find a way to b*tch about MB regardless of the game…

    A.S.- you seem about as critical on MB as i do on LD…. i am first to point out all of Landycakes flaws and tend to down-play his successes… but even i recognize a good game when i see it….

    MB held onto the ball perfectly fine tonight…. he did well to spread the field, opening up lanes for US players to make runs… he had numerous passes to LD, Dempsey and Ching into the attack…. simply put, you seem to be the person who sees the negative in Bradley but never the positives… but as i said, i do the same with LD…

  251. lassidawg says:

    Things I liked:

    1.WINNING 3-0

    2.I thought Sasha and Bradley worked well together in the middle.

    Set pieces

    3.The ease of this game–funny how grass that isn’t a foot long allows the US to play a better game.

    4. Stadium lighting that makes it so you can see on tv

    Things I didn’t like:

    1. Only 11K in the stands-that is a joke, Although the ones that were there could be heard on tv. If I could get a qualifier within a 3 hour drive I would be there.

    2. EJ didn’t look interested

  252. DAVE says:

    Eddie Johnson has to go! He did nothing of any value for the team. Send him back to England to find his lost form and try another guy (Copper) that can contribute.

  253. brett says:

    I think its obvious that when MB is paired with an offensive minded play (ie. Feilhaber, Kljestan, etc…) he does well…

    11k at TP on a wednesday isnt bad….if work wasnt so busy i wouldve gone up with my brother (a 3 hr drive like ldawg was refering to), but im already going to be gone this weekend, so i couldnt ask for another day off…

  254. golfstrom says:

    the Bradley ‘giveaway’ is overrated…I haven’t seen a replay, but at the time I thought it was mainly Bocanegra’s fault. MB was facing his goal and got a pass in tight space from Boca w/ no real outlets…MB looked over his shoulder to see what was around him and boom lost the ball.

  255. mike says:

    Edu and Bradley are too similar to have in the game together unless one of them will be creative on the attack.

    Ching is just as useless as Johnson and he proved it for much longer. We need to get over this idea that we have to replace McBride up top. The US is not the kind of team that is going to put in a bunch of great crosses during the run of play. And once we have a set piece, we bring our monsters up from the back to put them away. Let’s find somebody dangerous to put up front instead of these guys who haven’t done anything when we aren’t playing Barbados. Is it Altidore, Adu, Cooper, Buddle, Davies, Jaqua, Rolfe? Who knows when we keep seeing the same clowns doing nothing with their chances.