Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary


Good afternoon folks. It is the rare Wednesday afternoon of European league action and there is plenty on TV for those of you who A) work the graveyard shift, B) work from home, C) can work your TIVO from the office, D) can get out of work early and E) have a slingbox.

here is a rundown of this afternoon and evening’s soccer matches on TV:

  • 3pm– GolTV- VFB Stuttgart at Hamburg
  • 4pm– FSC- West Ham at Manchester United
  • 4pm– SetantaUSA- Portsmouth at Liverpool
  • 5pm– GolTV- Bayern Munich at Eintracht Franfurt
  • 6pm– FSC- Chelsea at Hull
  • 6pm– Setanta USA- Tottenham at Arsenal
  • 7:45pm– Setanta USA-Manchester City at Middlesbrough
  • 8pm– FSC- Marathon at D.C. United (CONCACAF Champions League)
  • 11pm– FSC- Puerto Rico Islanders at Tauro FC (CONCACAF Champions League)
  • 11:15pm– Setanta USA- Blackburn at Aston Villa
  • Please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (and please do not comment on matches that have yet to be shown and are being shown on delay, and yes, I mean the Hull-Chelsea match).

    Enjoy the action.

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    56 Responses to Soccer Wednesday: Your Running Commentary

    1. Beckster says:

      Dempsey on the bench….Fulham ahead by a goal early

    2. Jamie Z. says:


    3. NateinSF says:

      Altidore started for Villarreal…

      And secondly Adu still can’t get a sniff of action for Monaco.

    4. Beckster says:

      Ives, are you going to do a follow-up on the Americans abroad in yesterday and today’s games? How did Bradley do yesterday for example?

      Freddy dressed but didn’t see action in the Monoco game today. Don’t see Jozy’s name on the roster for Villareal.

    5. Beckster says:

      Nate – good to know about Jozy.

      So guess we are limited to Fulham and Everton discussions for the time being? Exciting!

    6. g-loff says:

      Man, this is frustrating. Trying to keep up with the Liverpool-Portsmouth match and the espn gamecast commentary is running about 15 minutes behind the action, then the only feed that seems to be (sort of) working I can find is someone literally videotaping their television…and THAT keeps cutting out. Cruel, cruel world…

    7. Beckster says:

      Fulham up by 2 on goals by Andy Johnson – doesn’t look like Clint will claim his spot on the starting 11 any time soon.

    8. Beckster says:

      g-loff – go into the BBC site and by club you can look at live commentary and then there is also a live feed of all the games which is up to date.

      Not sure what the problem is with ESPN today.

    9. g-loff says:

      Thanks Beckster, that works.

    10. Let's go Josmer says:

      If you’re looking to watch an EPL or any European match, check out for streaming video. The feeds are usually good enough for viewing and at the very least are listenable.

    11. Beckster says:

      Dempsey on in the 72nd

    12. kevin says:

      Try skysports as well. Go Liverpool. Jozy got the start? Oh jeez. Amazing

    13. nothing says:

      villareal getting beat 3-0 against a third division team

    14. A.S. says:

      “and yes, I mean the Hull-Chelsea match”


    15. Ives says:

      89th minute- Liverpool leads Portsmouth 1-0. Ugly game, probably deserves to be a draw.

    16. Ives says:

      90th minute- Three minutes of stoppage in Liverpool-Portsmouth.

    17. Ives says:

      FINAL- Liverpool 1, Portsmouth 0. And the Reds stay on top of the English Premier League.

    18. Ives says:

      A Diop handball gives Liverpool the penalty kick that wins the game. Tough first official match in charge for Tony Adams. Solid showing though.

    19. Charley says:

      the tottenham arsenal game is legit. Spurs have come back to tie, scoring 2 goals in the last 5 minutes or so. 4-4.

    20. Don says:

      tottenham and arsenal was an instant classic. you guys need to watch the match to believe it

    21. Aljarov says:


      4:4 at the Emirates….inc a 95t minute equalizer and a goal of the year contender.

    22. Coach says:

      “Harry Redknapp’s white and blue army”!!!!

    23. Eddy says:

      WOW, everyone needs to watch that Arsenal-Tottenham match, UNBELIEVABLE finish.

    24. Eddy says:

      Aljarov, you just spoiled it for everyone who didn’t watch it.

    25. Ives says:

      Listen folks, if you have Setanta then you’d better watch or tape Arsenal-Tottenham. Wow.

    26. mig says:

      Good stuff today. Amazing goals, late dramatics, quality play….and Chelsea put the hurt on Hull. :)


    27. Ives says:

      13th- Bentley with a screamer of a goal from 45, Wow.

    28. mig says:

      Candidate for goal of the year, to be sure, Ives. Of course, I dropped him two weeks ago from my fantasy squad (he wasn’t being played by Ramos) and he scores in each game. Fk.

    29. mig says:

      Damn, didn’t see the ‘no spoilers for tape delayed games’ note.

      So many games are watched via internet these days that I sort of disagree with the policy but hey, it’s all good. Sorry about the oops. Delete my comment from 6:14 if you like.

    30. JRhode says:

      Jozy and Villareal lose 5-0 to a 3rd division side?

    31. Isaac says:

      What a strike by Cousin. JUST off the post.

    32. johny says:

      The chelsea-hull game is at link to

      there’s a stream there.

    33. Isaac says:

      Hull have picked it up a notch. I have to point something out though. Geovanni was talkin’ the talk earlier this week and its not the fact that they’re losing that pisses me off, its just that he says something like what he did and then he starts DIVING… nice one, Geo.

    34. Isaac says:

      ‘nother missed chance by Malouda. In my opinion Cousin has been the man of the match for Hull, at least offensively.

    35. Isaac says:

      Great save by Myhill off the volley from Anelka.

    36. Isaac says:

      geuss who missed a chance? Malouda.

    37. eric says:

      Seriously, if I had a feed of Arse – Spurs, I might watch that again. Don’t worry about spoilage, what a game!!!

    38. eric says:

      Some really outstanding goals scored today, Bentley’s blast, the 2nd Ronaldo goal (Berbatov provides the magic), and as much as it pains me to say it, the Lampard goal.

    39. kevin says:

      Best strike duo in the Premier League? Has to be Carew-Agbonlahor with 11goals between them in just 10games. Amazing.

    40. Isaac says:

      Goal anelka. Chelsea have the insurance goal.

    41. henrik says:

      It is a free for all with goals so far today. Liverpool and Chelsea beating it tense for the top spot with Arsenal, Man U and Aston Villa coming behind them.

    42. Isaac says:

      Im looking forward to how well Bradley will do now that he’s getting playing time for MGB. He didnt have a good night against Cuba and took a well deserved rest against T&T.

    43. GustavSvensson says:

      Ronaldo may be seen as the best player in the world but who else would be in your top 10 of deciding?

      For me.

      Fernando Torres

      David Villa

      Steven Gerrard

      Frank Lampard

      Lionel Messi

      Rio Ferdinand

      Iker Casillas

      Edwin Van Der Sar

      Pepe Reina

      Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    44. yoo! says:

      Hey another cleansheet for Pepe Reina. How come he is so underrated? He won the Golden Gloves for the EPL over the last 3 years straight? He should be in the running for best GK in the world. I understand Casillas and Cech and VanDer Sar and Buffon but come on Reina is the best

    45. yoo! says:

      Shame Dempsey didn’t get the start. I bet he would have added a goal if he did. Finally Andy Johnson put some goals in a Fulham shirt. For nearly 11 million pounds, he better score at least 12goals this season to become a successful addition.

    46. Isaac says:

      Finally Malouda sticks one in to the net. perfect low cross from….Carvalho? anyways its put chelsea ahead 3-0 and Geovanni should probably run off the pitch crying any moment now.

    47. Beckster says:

      Chelsea up 3 to 0 – Ives…hopefully this means Hull falls out of your top 25!

    48. Isaac says:

      The attendance to the Hull-Chelsea game was 24,906 but it might as well have been about 75% of that with how quiet the Hull fans have been

    49. Joamiq says:


    50. Beckster says:

      Time for the meaningless, worthless Concacaf game with DC United and 3 or 4 fans in RFK – the last opportunity to see many players and coaches who we will hopefully never seen again!!! But…I’ll watch…maybe they’ll have to put the “borrowed goalie from the MLS player pool” in for some excitement!

    51. Beckster says:

      DC GOAL!!!!!!!!!

    52. Beckster says:

      Anyone who wants to be reminded of just how horrible the Concacaf refs are, Quaranta was just sent off for a foul and “disent”….didn’t get to the half without our first ejection!

    53. Beckster says:

      I think there are less than 50 people world wide watching this game in person or live stream!

    54. FCU says:

      Im watching this slop in dc.

    55. doug says:

      In Jozy Altidore will get even less playing time news–Villareal underwent a beatdown of Tina Turner proportions against THIRD division club Ejido by 5-0.

      Unfortunate for him, because it makes a loan deal more necessary. He wasnt on the UEFA CL rosters and is biding his time on the bench in La Liga, so the Copa Del Rey was the oppurtunity to get those games. Not so much now.

    56. Dominghosa says:

      um, yeah, just saw that 5-0 score, ouch. I wonder how the kid did besides not getting a goal.