Who is on your MLS Best XI?


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With the MLS regular season finally over, it is time to start thinking about the winners of the league’s season ending awards. SBI will be naming its award winners as we get closer to the MLS Cup final, but we will be asking you, the readers, for your take on all of the awards.

Let us start off with MLS Best XI, which honors the players at every position who have had the best 2008 season (remember, it’s not who the best players are, but what players had the best season). While there are some easy choices to make for MLS Best XI, such as Guillermo Barros Schelotto and Landon Donovan, there are also plenty of difficult choices to make.

To submit your informal SBI ballot, simply type the list of 11 players consisting of a goalkeeper, three defenders, five midfielders and two forwards like this:

Josh Wicks, Duilio Davino, Greg Vanney, Eduardo Dominguez, Laurent Robert, Alvaro Pires, Marcelo Gallardo, Juan Pietravallo, Jorge Rojas, Tomasz Frankowski and Jovan Kirovski

SBI will reveal its own MLS Best XI on Friday. For now, please submit your Best XI, along with your brief reasonings for your selections, in the comments section below.

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99 Responses to Who is on your MLS Best XI?

  1. Nick says:

    I think the best XI listed is pretty much unbeatable as is.

  2. Caleb says:

    Jon Busch, Wade Barrett, Jimmy Conrad, Chad Marshall, Brian Carroll, Robbie Rogers, Shalrie Joseph, Dwayne De Rosario, David Beckham, Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

  3. Mike says:

    Josh Wicks, Duilio Davino, Greg Vanney, Eduardo Dominguez, Laurent Robert, Alvaro Pires, Marcelo Gallardo, Juan Pietravallo, Jorge Rojas, Tomasz Frankowski and Jovan Kirovski

    Could this team beat LA? Probably

  4. Chris says:

    John Busch, Chad Marshall, Bobby Boswell, Jimmy Conrad, Ricardo Clark, Kyle Beckerman, Brad Davis, G.B. Schelotto, Landon Donovan, Brian Ching and J.P. Angel

    Bench: Joe Cannon, Bakary Soumare, Brian Carroll, Steve Ralston, Kenny Cooper

    I’m a Dynamo homer — what can I say. But if I had to win a game I’d want Ching and Angel up top. They’re clutch players who work well with their teammates. Busch is playing like his old self.

  5. andy says:

    Busch, Conrad, Marshall, Soumare, Morales, Schelotto, DeRosario, Ralston, Joseph, Donovan, Cooper

  6. Kyle says:


    Barrett, Soumare, Conrad

    Thorrington, GBS, Joseph, Becks, Klejstan

    Donovan, Cooper

    I’m sure people will have criticism for me choosing Thorrington but I’ve watched all the Fire games this year and I can’t help but think he’s one of the big reasons we got into the playoffs.

  7. golfstrom says:

    I think Robert is a little bit of a reach but the rest of Ives’ picks I’m basically ok with

  8. kevin says:

    Jon Busch, Michael Parkhurst, Jimmy Conrad, Brian Caroll, Shalrie Joseph, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Steve Ralston, David Beckham, Jaime Moreno, Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper.

    That team can beat any team in MLS and in the SuperLiga or CONCACAF CL

  9. wjmooner says:

    Jon Busch

    Michael Parkhurst

    Jimmy Conrad

    Frankie Hedjuk

    Shalrie Joseph

    Cuahtemoc Blanco

    Javier Morales

    Guillermo Schelotto

    Landon Donovan

    Juan Pablo Angel

    Kenny Cooper

    I haven’t seen enough to know who really excelled defensively, so I went with the usual suspects. That said, I’ve seen enough to take everyone in the midfield and up front ahead of this Beckham guy I keep hearing about. I like Landon in the midfield role, and Angel was great when he played, so Landon wins the spot over Beckham.

  10. smorebs says:

    Joe Cannon, Sharie Joseph, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Juan Pablo Angel, Landon Donovan, Michael Parkhurst, Jimmy Conrad, David Beckham, Daron Huckerbey, Frankie Hejduk. (if not for the suspension Jeff Park would make this list)

    These guys have preformed well this year. And Mike, anyone could beat LA. my pub team could beat LA.

  11. voyager says:

    Jon Busch, Chad Marshall, Wade Barrett, Gonzalo Segares, Shalrie Jospeh, Robbie Rogers, Javier Morales, Darren Huckerby, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

  12. Carlos says:

    Busch, Soumare, Boswell, Marshall, Carroll, Barros Schelotto, Ralston, Klejstan, Joseph, Donovan, Cooper

  13. douglas says:

    Joe Canon: best goalie in the league, was in the top 5 of the stats, with an expansion side defense in front of him

    Marvell Wynne: most improved and dangerous right back

    Jimmy Conrad: scoring goals and leading KC into playoffs

    Bakary Soumare: solid and a key to CHI success

    Conde: the guy can play

    Cuauhtemoc: brought the offensive spark to go along with CHI defensive strength. 7 goals, 11 assists

    Schelotto: peter pan, was the leader of the lost boys and took them top of the table. 7 goals, 19 ASSISTS!!!

    Morales: RSL is in the playoffs and it is thanks to this guy. 6 goals, 15 ASSISTS.

    Donovan: 20 goals 9 assists, nuff said

    Cooper:18 goals

    Brian Ching: 13 goals, 5 assists, best season of his career.

  14. dr dcr vcr says:

    Jon Busch, Frankie Hedjuk, Chad Marshall, Bobby Boswell, Gonzalo Segares, Steve Ralston, Javier Morales, GBS, Robbie Rogers, Landon Donovan, and Juan Pablo Angel

  15. Gabe says:

    Will Hesmer, Jimmy Conrad, Chad Marshall, Sean Franklin, Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, David Beckham, Brandon McDonald, Landon Donovan, Edson Buddle

    My Galaxy need to win something this year, a few spots in the SBI Best XI would be a small consolation…

  16. Wispy says:










    Huckerby (even with limited games)


  17. Joel says:

    Joe Cannon

    Gonzalo Segares, Wade Barrett, Marvell Wynne

    GBS, Shalrie Joseph, D. Huckerby, Steve Ralston, DVB,

    Lando, JPAngel

  18. wes says:

    will hesmer, bakary soumare, chad marshall, marvell wynne, shalrie joseph, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Dwayne DeRosario, Javier Morales, Landon Dononvan, Robbie Rogers, Kenny Cooper

  19. Jason says:





  20. Joel says:

    Soumare, Morales, and Rogers would be my subs (for the lineup above)

  21. MM says:

    Will Hesmer, Jimmy Conrad, Chad Marshall, Gonzalo Segares, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Javier Morales, Steve Ralston, Sacha Kljestan, Nick Labrocca, Kenny Cooper, Landon Donovan

  22. Joe G. says:


    Marshall, Conde, Segares

    Schelotto, Klejstan, Joseph, VanDenBergh, Morales

    Angel, Donovan

  23. eric says:

    Matt Reis

    Chad Marshal, Marvell Wynne, Bakary Soumare

    Robbie Rogers, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Darren Huckerby, Javier Morales, David Beckham

    Landon Donovan, Guillermo Barros Schelotto

    Bench: Jimmy Conrad, Juan Pablo Angel, Shalarie Joseph, Dwayne De Rosario, Brian Carroll, Kenny Cooper, Wilman Conde, John Busch

    I had the hardest time with defensive midfielders, not a good year for them. I thought Joseph, Rico Clark, and Beckerman all had sub-par years. What a year for MLS forwards though, some great years didn’t make the bench. I went with Reis at keeper because I saw more games that he completely dominated than anyone else.

  24. cbr says:

    cannon, soumare, marshall,conrad, Klejstan, Huckerby, schelotto, blanco, donovan(counting him as a midfielder),Cooper,Angel

    i cant stress Angel, Cooper, and Donovan enough…they were one man armies for their teams.

  25. brett says:






  26. Richard, UK says:

    Joe Cannon, Bakary Soumare, Chad Marshall, Jimmy Conrad, Dwayne De Rosario, Steve Ralston, Robbie Rogers, Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Kenny Cooper and Landon Donovan

    I think honourable mentions should go to Edson Buddle and Conor Casey for shining in very poor sides. Also to Gino Padula and Darren Huckerby for coming in during the second half of the season and being very solid performers.

  27. Beckster says:

    John Busch,

    Chad Marshall, Bobby Boswell, Jimmy Conrad, Segares

    D. Beckham, S. Joseph, G.B. Schelotto, Blanco

    Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

  28. Scott C says:


    Wynne, Conrad, Soumare

    Joseph, Beckham

    Huckerby, Javier Morales, Schelotto

    Donovan, Cooper

    Bench: Conde, Blanco, Van DeBurgh, Marshall, De Rosario, Rogers

  29. Neo says:






  30. Curtis Spiteri says:


    Please submit your example above as my official Best 11 nomination.



  31. SF Dave says:

    Busch (best in GA stat)

    Heduk (still good)

    Marshall (can head the ball on corners)

    Soumare (Chi much better w/ him in there)

    Bornstein (tough call vs Segares)

    Ramiro Corales ( SJ couldn’t win w/o him)

    Schelotto (better than Blanco this year)

    Darren Huckerby (exciting)

    Ronnie O’Brien (played better than Becks)

    Cooper (even more goals if used his noggin)

    Donovan ( Golden Boot Award)

    Subs: Onstad, Conrad, DeRosario, Angel, and Shea Salinas (best in MLS at attacking w/ ball since Clint Dempsey)

  32. Garrett says:

    Joe Cannon, Bakary Soumare, Chad Marshall, Sean Franklin, Shalrie Joseph, Darren Huckerby, Robbie Rogers, Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Kenny Cooper and Landon Donovan

  33. Freddy says:

    Busch, Soumare, Conrad, Hejduk

    Huckerby, Joseph, Blanco, Beckham, Schelotto

    Donovan, Cooper

  34. Hey 'arry! says:

    Jon Busch, Jimmy Conrad, Chad Marshall, Wade Barrett, Brad Davis, Javier Morales, Steve Ralston, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel

  35. EDB says:

    bush,wynne, soumare, marhsal, schelleto, dero, joseph,thorrington,huckerby,donovan,angel

  36. Drew says:


    Marshall, Conrad, Barrett

    Schelotto, Rogers, Joseph, Morales, Donovan

    Cooper, Angel

  37. Nicole says:


    Conrad, Chad Marshal, Segares

    VandenBergh, Schelotto, Morales, Ralston

    Donovan, Angel, Cooper

  38. nicholas s. says:








    helsmer, cooper, wynne, conrad, blanco, de rosario

  39. bellbj8 says:

    jon busch

    bakary soumare, jimmy conrad, michael parkhurst

    shalrie joseph, cuahtemoc blanco, guillermo schelotto, yuri morales, landon donovan (foward/midfield flex, you get it)

    kenny cooper, darren huckerby

  40. Strider says:


    Soumare, Marshal, Boswell

    S. Joseph, Morales, Ralston, Blanco, Schelotto

    Donovan, K. Cooper

  41. Landis says:

    Busch, Segares, Marshall, Barrett, GBS, Morales, Carroll, Ralston, Huckerbee, Cooper, Landycakes

  42. Mike says:

    Kevin Hartman, Jimmy Conrad, Chad Marshall, Bakary Soumare, Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto, Steve Ralston, Cuahtemoc Blanco, Dave van den bergh, Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

  43. RPH says:

    Too lay to put together a list. But as an RSL fan I’m pleased to see Morales on so many lists.

  44. RPH says:

    Too lazy, that is.

  45. Strider says:

    I really can’t believe anyone picked Matt Reis as GK for this year. He’s a great keeper, but did not have a good year. Any of Onstad, Busch, Cannon and Hesmer had much better years.

  46. Fred says:


    W. Barrett, C. Marshall, Padula

    Kljestan, Blanco, Joseph, Clark, Beckham

    Angel, Donovan

  47. joe k says:

    busch, wynne, soumare, segares,

    beckham, blanco, schelloto, van den bergh, de rosario

    donovan, angel

  48. joe k says:

    reis had a great first half of the year… until he got hurt.

  49. JVC-RSL says:

    Ives, how did you guess my First XI? Your choices were spot on. Heres another take:


    Wingert, Conde, Marshall

    Huckerby, Joseph, Morales, Ralston, Schelotto

    Cooper, Donovan

  50. joe k says:

    i’d put cichero, khano smith, and xavier abel in the worst xi.

    wicks certainly takes the cake at GK.

  51. Strider says:

    Ives, Kudos on the site. I am on at least once a day. Could you please comment on the “sample” list you posted. You don’t really mean you believe these are the best XI do you? Some people seem to think it a decent list, but obviously your tongue is planted firmly in cheek as none of these guys were even close to best XI. Please let us all know you haven’t lost your good sense. You don’t have to say who you would pick as you are keeping that close to the vest for now.

  52. ben says:

    Nick Rimando

    Hejduk, Conrad, Olave

    Blanco, Schelotto, Huckerby, Beckham, Joseph

    Donovan, Cooper

    (and a shout out to Chris Wingert on a fine, and underrated, year)

  53. Brant says:

    Hesmer – edges out Busch b/c I’m a Crew homer

    Marshall – no, not him the center back; yeah, wears #14; really tall… well, the one in Columbus, not the one in Toronto

    B Soumare – Very good, very steady performer

    Jamison Olave – Totally under-rated do-it-all guy edges out Conrad and Hejduk

    Brian Carroll – Never takes a game, a play, or a minute off and blows up every opposition attack… rarely concedes the foul and almost never carded

    C Blanco – Engine that drives an impressive attack

    R Rogers – Told you I’m a Crew homer. But he really is that good

    Shalrie Joseph – Held together a team falling apart around him

    Huckerby – Listed as a MF, plays like a F, and did any mid-season acquisition have as much influence on a team as he did?

    Schelotto – Listed as a F, plays like a MF. Balances the selection of Huckerby. League MVP who’s deadly on dead balls and plays providers to everyone else

    Donovan – Hard to ignore his numbers, even compared to Cooper

    Subs: Busch, Cooper, Hejduk, DeRosario

    So yeah, 5 Crew players, but they were the best team in the league. If you want to trade Hesmer for Busch, I won’t argue. But you can’t really make too much of a case *against* Marshall or Schelotto, and in my mind, against Carroll, either.

  54. Tim says:

    Jesus look at all the Cooper fanbois… how many of his second half of the season goals were PKs that he didnt earn? Oh yeah, a lot.


    Soumare, Boswell ,Barrett


    Donovan, GBS, Brad Davis


    Ching, Angel

  55. John says:

    Matt Reis, Jon Conrad, Frankie Hejduk, Wade Barrett, Shalarie Joseph, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Sacha Klejstan, David Beckham, Dewayne De Rosario, Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel

  56. NONAMEJO says:

    Beckham on so many lists? Why? Maybe the first half of the season, but after July – nada. He was already dreaming of ACM.

    first 11:

    Matt Reis

    Hey!Duck!! – Jamison Olave – Barrett

    Showering Joseph – Javi Morales – GBS – Robbie Roggers – Sasha Klejstian

    Donovan – Cooperboy

    Last 11:


    Cinchero – UnAbel X – Peralta

    Franchino – Robert Lorent – Giallardo – Grababoy – Chrisian Gomez

    Espindola (backflipboy) – Gallindo

  57. Steve says:


    Marshall, Conrad, Boswell

    Carroll, GBS, Huckerby, Morales, Joseph

    Donovan, Cooper

    Any ballot including goldenballs should automatically be disqualified. There’s no way two Galaxians make this list and Donovan earned it not his royal brandness!

  58. Nicole says:

    Uh, Tim – you have no right to talk about Cooper fanboys.

    DeRo has no place near a best 11.

  59. mike says:

    William Hesmer, Gonzalo Segares, Chad Marshall, Jimmy Conrad,

    Guillermo Barros Schelotto , Cuantehemoc Blanco, Javier Morales,

    Steve Ralston, Brian Carroll, Landon Donovan, & Kenny cooper

    Carroll may be the most surprising, but he had a better year than Joseph at CDM.

    He played every game, only committed as many fouls as he suffered,

    low yellow card count, and is the main reason GBS was able to do what he did.

    I included Blanco & Schelotto as midfielders, though they often play as withdrawn strikers.

    It was hard to not include any Houston or Chivas players given their success, but they

    seemed to be lacking individual superstar performances. Could argue Ching or Klejstan.

  60. Heffe says:


    Conrad, Marshall, Olave

    Joseph, GBS, Morales, Huckerby, Ralston

    Cooper, Donovan

    I think you could even remove Ralston and put Ching instead. I would rather have that kind of 3-4-3 instead of a 3-5-2.

  61. Chris H says:








    De Rosario




  62. mike says:

    William Hesmer, Gonzalo Segares, Chad Marshall, Jimmy Conrad,

    Guillermo Barros Schelotto , Cuantehemoc Blanco, Javier Morales,

    Steve Ralston, Brian Carroll, Landon Donovan, & Kenny cooper

    Carroll may be the most surprising, but he had a better year than Joseph at CDM.

    He played every game, only committed as many fouls as he suffered,

    low yellow card count, and is the main reason GBS was able to do what he did.

    I included Blanco & Schelotto as midfielders, though they often play as withdrawn strikers.

    It was hard to not include any Houston or Chivas players given their success, but they

    seemed to be lacking individual superstar performances. Could argue Ching or Klejstan.

  63. Randall says:


    Wynne Marshall Soumare

    Donovan Schelotto Joseph Morales Beckham

    Angel Cooper

  64. socceraddict says:





    Hesmer really proved his worth this year and earned extra points w/ athletic saves

    Wynne demonstrated his shutdown d and utilized his speed to create scoring chances. His improvement has been immense since Copa America.

    Conrad beats out Marshall on goals scored and his leadership which led to the playoffs. Marshall was a close second.

    Conde showed great defensive instincts and is the best distributing MLS centerback.

    Donovan played both fwd/mid. He was included to make way for JPA. When Landy is feeling it, defenses struggle with his skills. Good luck in Europe.

    Joseph, the most underappreciated player in MLS, showed his astute box-to-box play, great passing, and leadership in the midfield. His superliga play was great.

    Morales has increased the level of play for RSL. His vision, passing, and offensive acumen has brought RSL for the first time. Teams around the league should take a page out of RSL’s scouting obtaining young South American players that can improve the league.

    Schelloto has been so money this whole season. His passing, set pieces, and intensity has allowed the Crew to the supporters shield. Great acquistition for his contract and production. MVP for 2008

    Rogers combined with GBS has been a terrifying experience for most MLS defenses. Robbie has had a break out year utilizing his speed and taking on defenders 1v1. He is a game changer and plays well with both feet. If Rogers stay healthy and the Crew add some more team speed, he could tally a 15+ goal season.

    Cooper has been the MVP of FC Dallas. His eighteen goals were a personal best. Although he did not receive the best service this season, his ability to create his own shot and take defenders on 1v1. It was enjoyable watching him this season and hope that he stays in MLS. Time will tell if they give him a better supporting cast ,but if he receives an attractive european offer, he is gone.

    JPA has definitely earned his DP money with precision fininshing and superior skill. It is amazing the types of goals that he scores with the number of shots on goal. Definitely the best DP player this year which makes up for CLaudio Reyna…….Sorry David,,,,,,,but your the most marketable.

    Honorable Mention





  65. Ben says:


    Wynne, Soumare, Marshall

    Schelotto, Joseph, Ralston, Blanco, Kljestan

    Cooper, Donovan

  66. David says:

    Busch, C Marshall, Conrad, Parkhurst, Joseph, Schelotto, Morales, Blanco, Beckham, Donovan, Angel.

    Sub for each position pretty much a Houston player for each spot (Onstad, Barrett, Dero, Ching)

  67. Yoran says:





  68. Eric Anderson says:












  69. lukedq says:


    Conde, Conrad, Parkhurst

    Ralston (when healthy), Joseph, Beckham, Schelloto, and that jackass Blanco

    Lando and Ching.

    Screw the Western Division (I should have left them off).

  70. garg0yle says:

    1st XI:


    Marshall, Conrad, Conde

    Schelotto, Morales, Joseph, Blanco, Kljestan

    Angel, Donovan

    2nd XI:


    Olave, Soumare, Boswell

    Rolfe, Arnaud, Thorrington, Beckham, Ralston

    J. Moreno, Cooper

    3rd XI:


    Hernandez, Borchers, Segares

    Beckerman, Jewsbury, Huckerby, Van den Berg, Rogers

    Ching, Casey

    Others receiving votes:


    Wynne, Brennan, Mendoza, Wingert, Parkhurst

    C. Clark, Carroll, Corrales, R. Clark, Quaranta, Guevara, DeRosario

    Emilio, Buddle, Twellman

  71. Mark says:




    Blanco-Baros Schelotto



    *Ralston narrowly beats out Beckham & Cooke.

    *Huckerby would’ve been a shoe-in, but I don’t count players who didn’t play at least half a season.

    *Not sure why Angel is being picked over Cooper…the numbers support Cooper.

  72. Chow says:


    Segares, Soumare, Conde

    GBS, Pause, Kljestan, Rogers, Blanco

    Landy Cakes JPA

  73. garg0yle says:

    Mark: “Not sure why Angel is being picked over Cooper…the numbers support Cooper.”

    1. Probably it’s due to a gut feel that JPA’s goals we’re more impressive/skillful. That and his record of dominance from last year probably influences opinions too.

    2. The numbers can go either way. For JPA, he actually has more goal/min and goals/start than KC. Also, when you take away PK goals, KC has 14 and JPA 13 from the run of play, making JPA’s edge in scoring rate all the greater (22 starts v. 30 starts). On the hand, the pro-KC arguments are that playing more minutes is a good thing, and ultimately that scoring more goals matters. Also, at least KC made all his PKs (4-4), whereas Angel was 1-2.

    For me it could go either way.

  74. wendel says:

    jon busch

    bakary soumare – chad marshall – jimmy conrad

    Guillermo Barros Schelotto – Darren Huckerby – Dave van den Bergh – Javier Morales – Cuauhtemoc Blanco

    Landon Donovan – Kenny Cooper

  75. eric says:

    Thanks for looking up Cooper’s pk’s, someone made the lame argument that his stats were bolstered by them. Not too bolstered.

    The KC/JPA debate brings up one of the harder aspects of voting – do you support the more skillful player (JPA) who had a long stretch of poor play, or the more consistent guy who still turned in a great year (KC)? It’s why the arguments are fun.

  76. timpramas says:


    C. Marshall, Soumare, Segares

    Joseph, Ralston, Schelotto, Kljestan, Morales

    Donovan, Cooper

  77. Kevin Smith says:

    I’ve only watched TFC games, so I dont’ feel qualified to say much, but I can tell you that Carl Robinson is TFC’s best player game in, game out. He’s a solid defensive midfielder. I don’t know if he’s good enough to make a best 11 or not, but he’s got quality.

  78. kevin says:

    Jon Busch

    Bakary Soumare

    Wilman Conde

    Gonzalo Segares

    Steve Ralston

    Cuauhtemoc Blanco

    Guillermo Baros Schelotto

    Javier Morales

    David Beckham

    Kenny Cooper

    Landon Donovan

    I know that picking 4 Fire players in the back may seem absurd but I truly feel that they each are the best player at their position in the league. MLSnet had some page that previewed the end of season awards and as of a few weeks ago Segares and Soumare were 1-2 on that list – and I think Conde has been better than both of them (I know it took him a little while to win the starting job but he has been fantastic ever since). And all 3 guys are great defenders and great going forward.

    I don’t think that my midfield and forward choices need explanation though.

  79. Ted says:

    Busch, Segares, Marshall, Conrad, Schelloto, Ralston, Morales, Blanco, Kljestan, Cooper, Donovan

  80. ravenrooney says:


    Marshall Olave Soumare Segares

    Ralston Morales Schelotto Huckerby

    Cooper Donovan

  81. the ghost of darren sawatsky says:

    These guys did not play badly:


    Valentino, Elkinson, Koroma

    Kraus, Hatzke, Mayen, Tennelle

    Pierre-Louis, Josten

    All Dev-Roster-XI:

    R. Burse

    J. Leathers, B. Soumare, B. Burling, B. Wagner

    G. Cameron, N. LaBrocca, R. Espinoza, R. Rogers

    Y. Movsyssian, J. Braun


    P. Ianni, J. Harvey, K. Kimura, T. Beltran

    J. Flores, E. Avila, A. Wallace, D. Borman

    A. Ibrahim, P. Nyarko, S. Lenhart

  82. Ethan says:


    Marshall, Conrad, Barrett, Segares

    Joseph, Morales, Blanco, Schlelotto

    Cooper, Donovan

    subs: Onstad, Soumare, Huckerby, Angel, Carroll

  83. bubblehouse says:



    Schelotto, Morales, Huckerby, Joseph

    Cooper, Donavan, Jaime Moreno(only player with at least 10 and 10)

  84. Chrös says:

    Jon Busch; Jimmy Conrad, Bakary Soumare, Wade Barrett; Dave Van Den Bergh, David Beckham, Guillermo Barros Scholetto, Landon Donovan, Darren Huckerby; Kenny Cooper, Juan Pablo Angel.

  85. ALEXI LALAS says:

    Jon Busch

    Michael Parkhurst

    Jimmy Conrad

    Chad Marshall

    Shalrie Joseph

    Cuahtemoc Blanco

    Javier Morales

    Guillermo Schelotto

    Landon Donovan

    Juan Pablo Angel

    Kenny Cooper

  86. Mark says:

    Joe Cannon, Chad Marshall, Bakary Soumare, Gonzalo Segares, Darren Huckerby, Dave Van Den Bergh, GBS, Sascha Klejstan, Shalrie Joseph, Landon Donovan, Kenny Cooper

  87. Chase says:

    Cannon, Wynne, Soumare, Marshall, Kljestan, Joseph, Schelotto, Morales, Huckerby, Donovan, Cooper

  88. Artman says:

    Josh Wicks, Duilio Davino, Greg Vanney, Eduardo Dominguez, Laurent Robert, Alvaro Pires, Marcelo Gallardo, Juan Pietravallo, Jorge Rojas, Tomasz Frankowski and Jovan Kirovski

    Flops or Underachievers top 11?

  89. redbullfan says:

    busch, soumare, conrad, marvelous marvel wynne,if I must play 3 in the back. shalrie joseph, ricky (the most underrated) clark, derosario, van denbergh and blanco, juan pablo and landon. additinally rogers, ching and kljestan if I could field 14. next years best 11 will include MIKE MAGEE, heard it here first. coached by osorio and preki, the best in the league Left Beckham off but still over the salary cap!!!!

  90. Tom P says:


    Chad Marshall,Soumare,Conde,Segares

    Huckerby, Joseph, Morales, Schelotto


    (and pray Joseph sweeps everything at defensive mid)

  91. Tom P says:

    Just for kicks let’s see someone top Ives “worst eleven”

  92. Andrew says:


    Wynne, Olave, Soumare

    Schelotto, Morales, De Rosario, Beckham, Ralston

    Donovan, Angel

  93. Brant says:

    Clearly a bunch of people didn’t read Ives’ instruction: 3 defenders, 5 MF, 2 forwards

  94. Tony H says:

    Jon Busch; Jamison Olave, Chad Marshall, Gonzalo Segares; Brian Carroll, Shalrie Joseph, Darren Huckerby, Javier Morales, Guillermo Barros Schelotto; Landon Donovan, Juan Pablo Angel.

  95. Tony H says:

    Those including Beckham did not watch him very often June and beyond

  96. 4now says:


    Gibbs Soumare Hejduk

    Beckham D-Ro Schelotto Joseph Blanco

    Donovan Angel









    Santino Q

  97. adam says:












  98. Jon Busch–best GAA in the league–enough said.

    Boukary Somare–can we get this guy citizenship soon so he can play for the U.S.

    Marvell Wynne-most improved right back in the league, if he can get his crosses better, he will destroy oppostion left sides.

    Michael Parkhurst–steadiness defined.

    Shalrie Joseph–best holding midfielder in the MLS–bar none.

    Guillermo Barros Schelotto–19 assists, please, is there anyone else you want operating as your playmaker.

    Landon Donovan–the Golden Boot has to have a place, right. Let him attack from the middle.

    Sacha Kljestan–one of teh best things going for Chivas, too bad they won’t have him next year.

    Darren Huckerby–the best Englishman playing in MLS. His impact on the Earthquakes was real and timely.

    Kenny Cooper–big man up top, scoring lots of goals, shame his team didn’t make the playoffs this year.

    Juan Pablo Angel–a mixed season at times, but he turned it on when it mattered.

    My Bench: Joe Cannon, Frankie Hejduk, DeRosario, Robbie Rodgers.

  99. Andrew says:



    Morales,Ralston,Barros Scholetto,Joseph,De Rosario

    Cooper, Donovan

    I have to reward the players who led their teams to the playoffs when it comes to gk,def,and mf. But for forwards I gotta go with the top 2 scorers, each of whom could have played their last game in MLS.