You Write the Caption: The Freddie Ljungberg edition

Welcome to the latest installment of You Write the Captions. This week’s contest features a photo of Major League Soccer’s newest millionaire, Seattle Sounders FC signing Freddie Ljungberg, who already has fans in Seattle buzzing about the impact he could make on and off the field.

The photo in question isn’t necessarily a funny one, but it does leave plenty of room for creativity on the caption front. It’s up to you to deliver the humor.

Before we get to the photo, congratulations are in order to Dave (whichever Dave he may be) for the winning entry in the Ronaldo Rehab edition of YWTC. His submission was voted the top choice, edging out my favorite, from Pablo Chicago, 33 percent to 25 percent.

Now, on to the Ljungberg photo:


"Freddie Ljungberg thinks for a second before finally accepting the fact that playing in MLS beats having to keep posing in his underwear."

That was my take. Now it’s your turn. Submit a relatively brief caption to go along with it. I will select the best entries and let you, the readers, vote on the best entry.

Fire away:

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141 Responses to You Write the Caption: The Freddie Ljungberg edition

  1. Joe G. says:

    “Now let’s open this thing up and see who I signed with.”

  2. bubblehouse says:

    Hey look, it’s already printed double sided with AC Milan on the back. Perfect for when I’m loaned.

  3. steal your sounders says:

    Freddie ponders How long before team is moved to Oklahoma City?

  4. EDB says:

    Wow what have i done?

  5. steal your sounders says:

    Freddie ponders on how long before the team is moved to Oklahoma City?

  6. MemRook says:

    “This isn’t the photo shoot for the cover of the new Fifa game for xbox 360?!? What’s that you say? I signed a contract for who? Oh sh*t.”

  7. Dannyc58 says:

    Ugh! These colors DO NOT bring out my eyes!

  8. Graeme says:

    Eat your ****ing heart out, Becks.

  9. Michael says:

    So, you think its about a 20 minute train ride to London, right?

    Wait, how long?

    What country am I in?

  10. Fireball says:

    Freddie Ljunberg inspects thong worn by Drew Carey in recent presser.

  11. brent says:

    You want me to pose wearing nothing but this?

  12. Beckster says:

    Seattle? Is that near NY?

  13. rich rodrigues says:

    hmm…would this scarf look good on me during my next photo shoot?

  14. Igor says:

    What is this Seattle?

  15. Brant says:

    I’m ready to vote for the OKC joke right now :)

    That was DAMN funny…

  16. Tom says:

    It looks a little big for a headband but I think I can still go ninja in this league.

  17. Brett says:

    “Seattle? I thought my agent said Serie A!”

  18. sean says:

    “Seattle? Where the hell is that?”

  19. Jay Five says:

    “S-E-A-T-T-L-E, hmm, that almost spells SCUTTLE! Not me though.”

  20. Kevin Johnson says:

    “Freddie Ljungberg looking a little upset at a recent press conference after his salary was finally revealed to him on the back of a Seattle Sounders scarf.”

  21. Thomas says:

    What the hell is a ‘Sounder’?

  22. Chuck says:

    What the hell is a Seattle?

  23. Doug says:

    ESPN Chat with Jeff Cooper 1:30 p.m. ET Today.

    Cooper is the chairman of St. Louis Soccer United, the group that is leading the way to bring an MLS expansion franchise to St. Louis. Earlier this year, Cooper resigned from his position at his law firm so he could focus on obtaining a soccer team.

    link to

  24. WTF says:

    “talk to the scarf, cuz the face dont wanna hear it”

  25. Berlin says:

    Ha! You spelled “Settle” wrong.

  26. Tom from Syracuse says:

    I know I’m an underwear model, but seriously guys, I’m not wearing this on the field.

  27. boneall says:

    They want me to wear just this? Well, it’s been worse.

  28. RS says:

    “A good thing I put this ‘cheat sheet’ on the back of my scarf so I remember where I am and who I am playing for. But I wont forget how much money I am making though.”

  29. Ferri says:

    What the heck is a seattle?

  30. soccerroo says:

    Hmm… Is it to late to back out of this????

  31. Alex says:

    ” yay Seattle! I still get to go to United States right?”

  32. soccerroo says:

    right now I think fireball has the lead by a large margin.

  33. adam b says:

    this scarf does nothing to show off my package.

  34. Darwin says:

    “I am honored to now be a part of…(OH THANK GOD FOR THIS POST-IT) …Seâ‹…atâ‹…tle” 

  35. quartz62 says:

    Meh, at least it isn’t Toronto heh

  36. Squard says:

    Horken Dorken Seattle Microsoften Scarfen

    (ala Swedish Chef)

  37. Brian says:

    I vote for the Drew Carey thong that is hilarious!!

  38. kco says:

    “I always knew I would look good rollin’ in green but who are the Sounders?”

  39. Jeff says:

    Hmm…I wonder how big a scarf I could knit with $5 to $7 million dollars.

  40. Rocco says:

    Freddie holds back a smile as he believes that Ashton will jump out with all the cameras from Punk’d any minute now and this whole nightmare will finally end.

  41. doug says:

    “Be careful what you wish for”–David Beckham

    or “Kurt Cobain wuz here”

  42. moodinator says:

    The stack of money should be *this* tall.

  43. Keough says:

    “I wonder if Calvin Klein makes this in white”

  44. Amit says:

    I thought they were gonna give me Sounders underwear instead.

  45. Art says:

    So, when do I get to go to a welcome party hosted by Will Smith and Tom Cruise?

  46. jgildea says:

    “A scarf!?! I need a gasmask for Seattle!”

  47. Ed says:

    “Does this scarf make me look fat?”

  48. jevanvoo says:

    these little birckenstocks on the back are awesome!

  49. Mike Caramba says:

    Ljungberg tries to show off his “super-human” strength for Seattle fans by ripping his new club’s scarf in half, but ended up ripping his ACL instead.

  50. Garrett says:

    Seattle… much better than Malmo.

  51. MetroTard says:

    Seattle. Home of Ljunge music.

  52. Michael vann says:

    “Becks told me the toliet paper in America was extra soft. But he didn’t tell me it was customized! I’m in love!! Now, do they have someone—– who know you—-cleans it for you?”

  53. wyo fan says:

    What’s the cheat code for PES 2008? This roster is pathetic.

  54. CPTKevin says:

    I know I’m “big” but I don’t think my package will fill this “tube sock”?!

  55. Henduso says:

    Break me off a piece of that Seattle-Bar!!

  56. DavidJ says:

    Let’s see if I’ve got now: S … E .. A …

  57. JK2 says:

    “Hmm… back to the drawing board with the scarf design..”

    though seriously, I want to vote now for the OKC one.

  58. Richard, UK says:

    “I guess this is the closest I’ll actually come to wearing a Seattle Sounders uniform. Now, where’s the physio room? I need to call shotgun on one of those massage chairs.”

  59. CPTKevin says:

    Hey Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady… what do I do with this prop?

  60. bellbj8 says:

    what the hell is a playoff?

  61. Oranje Mike says:

    This isn’t Los Angeles?

  62. Damiiano says:

    “hmmm whats this?

    ‘dear freddy, when are you in milan next? love becks.’

    what the?”

  63. White Kix says:

    “What does this have to do with The Price Is Right?”

  64. thumpjosh says:

    LOL @ the captions… they’re brightening my day. muchas gracias!

  65. Modibo says:

    “Seattle supermodel Ljungberg proudly displays his new team’s color for the microphone.”

  66. Modibo says:

    Ooops – should have been “colors”.

  67. al says:

    note to self: fire agent

  68. Steve says:

    For a good time… call… 867-5309?

  69. kahlva says:

    Thank God – I needed something to wrap my knee with.

  70. gpdiddy81 says:

    “I pity the fools who think we’ll ever lose to Beckham and the Galaxy!”

  71. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Drew’s Thong and OKC are front runners. The Drew one is a much better execution of the line I was trying to come up with.

  72. Al says:

    WOW, I got a nickname already: ‘EL TEAS’. Lundberg ‘the torch’, I like it..

  73. ivanov says:

    “I mean I’ll model it, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not sure how I put it on.”

  74. Hincha Tim says:

    “So I have to wrap this like a diaper how???”

  75. Chris says:

    Maybe, when I open my eyes, it will say Arsenal….damn!

  76. Ethan says:

    He loves the Sounders thiiiiiiis much.

  77. chupacabra says:

    What is this? This is not Sham-Wow!

  78. chupacabra says:

    And with this cloth I make shoes as shiny as my head!

  79. dave k says:

    “Hmmm…it says Seattle on this side too.”

  80. Chris says:

    They promised me an Xbox 360 and all I got was this scarf…

  81. nelson says:

    omg joe G, you are the winrar of this competition, forsure

    “now lets open this thing up and see who i signed with”


    he totally has that look on his face, doesnt he?

  82. wrong says:

    sounder? what the f*** is a sounder?

  83. Betinho says:

    The Swedish Chef joke was the only one to make me literally LOL!

  84. Rory Miller says:

    “Damn! I was the one person that voted for Alliance as the name.”

  85. Andy in Atlanta says:

    “You mean Seattle is now in MLS…my agent told me I was going to the successful league…the USL…”

  86. Alex says:

    I heard Beck’s scarf was made by Prada, why the hell do i get this bootleg ebay crap.

  87. Huts says:

    So this is what retirement looks like!

  88. Jason says:

    Thank you, thank you. I happy to be here today to announce the name of my new venture. I’ll be opening up an exclusive gentleman’s club here called “El Teats”…what the…its spelled wrong…damn that guy with the glasses…

  89. Mike says:

    And they think my skills are worth more than this scarf…

  90. Kyle says:

    “I came half way around the world and you got me a….scarf. Wow, thanks. I’ll keep this in my closet by the Gondwandaland sweater you gave me last year”

  91. TomM says:

    “Dear Freddy- I need you to also lead our marching band. Please wear just this. Thanks, Drew.”

  92. josh says:

    “they sure did have to make the scarf long to fit THAT on the other side”

  93. Wispy says:

    New Sounder signee Freddie Ljungberg demonstrates to the Seattle press how endowed one has to be to work for Calvin Klein.

  94. Juan-John says:

    “I’m actually doing this? OOhhhhh, CRAP. What was my agent THINKING?!?”

  95. Jugganaut says:

    I call this one Blue Steel

  96. Landis says:

    Why does it say David Beckham on the back of my scarf?

  97. Justin says:

    Wait… I thought they said I would need an umbrella in Seattle?

  98. gordon says:

    Screw scarves, I need a raincoat to play in Seattle!

  99. Wispy says:

    Joe G. wins! Joe G. wins!

  100. Gordon says:

    This would make a good crotch stuffer for my next underwear shoot

  101. Gordon says:

    Nice… Kasey Keller will make me look less bald

  102. Bob says:

    Dear God, please let me get my first check before I get my season ending injury. Amen

  103. Mark says:

    As Freddie Ljungberg holds up the Seattle Sounders scarf he is day dreaming about shopping at the local IKEA.

  104. Alex says:

    **Drumroll** (while opening eyes)

    YES! I’ve always wanted to be QuarterBack in the NFL for the Seahawks!

  105. Bob says:

    Hmmm, how can I convince everyone to make our uniforms just Calvin Klein underwear.

  106. Isaac says:

    “You called this what again? ‘Free-ballin’?”

  107. Ryan says:

    “I knew I shouldn’t have let the future of my career rest on the contents of a novelty Fortune Cookie. Touchee Mr. Carey…… Touchee.”

  108. elmatador says:

    heck yeah! stretchable scarf, now where’s my XBOX?

  109. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    Hmm . . . Two T’s. Who would have thought that!

  110. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    One more!

    Calvin’s scarves are such higher quality. Do these have matching gloves?

  111. Luis says:

    man, with all these comments about not knowing where/what/who/when Seattle is, you’d think we’re in Alaska. I guess geography really is a dying subject in public schools these days…

  112. heio says:

    “These americans make tiny bath towels”

  113. Graeme says:

    Um..yeah…I’m going to need you to move a little to the left…right…ohh that’s good…

  114. supsam says:

    “I am soooooo going to design the next Sounders’scarf…but next time with cashmere”

  115. Mark Thompson says:

    I vote for the “Damn I was the one guy that voted for Alliance” joke

  116. supsam says:

    (reading hidden post it)


    My name is Fredrikkkk Ljungberg. I come from Sweden. I captained my team in Euro 2008. So far i love the city of Se-se-seat-seatl-seatly? My name is Fredrikkk Ljungberg

  117. Matt K says:

    “All right now,I signed for the Galaxy and all I have to do is wait for Tom Cruise to invite me and… (someone whispers in his ear) You’re telling me this isn’t Los Angeles? Oh well, they did give me the Space Needle in the contract.”

  118. Mike says:

    “Suckers?!…oh Sounders”…..”heh – suckers”

    – What was that Freddie?

    “uh, nothing”

  119. When shown that his team would be in Seattle, a confused and bewildered Ljunberg states “I don’t want to play football in Canada.”

  120. Ljunberg conceals a tiny mirror behind his scarf, where he can not help but admire himself.

  121. and finally . . . .

    Ljunberg reveals his new scarf – the front says “SEATTLE” the back says “Ljungberg ****ed her!”

  122. Zero says:

    I knew it…

    they picked up the scarf at Ikea

  123. Pablo Chicago says:

    Freddie doesn’t realize the microphones are still on when he sings:

    Do a little dance

    Wave an ugly scarf

    Get Paid Tonight!

    Get Paid Tonight!

  124. Adam M. says:


  125. Fireball says:

    After only two days stateside, the gorgeous Freddie Ljungberg wins his first US competition: Miss Seattle 2008.

  126. PrinceIgor says:

    This is my ticket to Hollywood, thanks Joe.

  127. NOLA soccer fan says:

    “It can’t be any worse than one of Calvin’s underwear”

  128. James says:

    Seattle… so what was our finish in the Eredivisie last year?

  129. Josh says:

    You hold Garber down, and I’ll gag him!

  130. Caldwell says:

    Sure does make you forget about Kevin Durant… uh, never mind.

  131. nothing says:

    Freddie Ljungberg shows his excitement after signing for seattle.

  132. nothing says:

    Freddie Ljungberg shows his excitement at signing for seattle.

  133. Arriaga says:

    After years spent living in dismal England, Freddie Ljungberg arrives on the American west coast excited to finally start working on his tan.

  134. Dominghosa says:

    Freddie Ljungberg looks at what is the biggest piece of clothing he’ll ever wear.

  135. sidenetting says:

    Oh I get it now…Freddie knows that in three years his hairline will meet his bald spot, he’ll pack on the pounds with the rainy weather and his plan will be complete… He will be a shoe-in for the Steve Ballmer Story

  136. Heffe says:

    “Wait a minute….This isn’t Chelsea!!”

  137. chupacabra says:

    Ljungberg reconsiders his decision to sign with the Seattle Sounders when he discovers that Procede and Enzyte are included on MLS’s long list of banned substances.

  138. chupacabra says:

    Dear Freddie,

    Welcome to MLS. Please enjoy this scarf.

    Your friend,

    Ben Olsen

    P.S. Can I have your match jersey?

  139. Dave in San Jose says:

    “Yeah – the scarf is nice. But where’s my platter-of-meatballs signing bonus?”

  140. Dave in San Jose says:

    ” ‘Mamma mia!’ I’m glad you would ‘take a chance on me’ and give me ‘money, money, money’. Hope I don’t meet my ‘Waterloo’ here. (What? Doesn’t the rest of the world speak in ABBA song titles too?)”

  141. Travis says:

    Ah, something to blow my nose in.