You Write the Caption: Best of the Freddie Ljungberg Edition

Freddie Ljungberg 1 (AP)    

Hello all. It's time to pick the best entries from the Freddie Ljungberg Edition of You Write the Caption. With the MLS Expansion Draft having brought the 2009 Sounders closer into focus, what better time to poke fun at the new franchise's star player than now?

There were plenty of quality entries for this contest, but here are the ten I thought were the best. enjoy:

10. "I mean I'll model it, don't get me wrong, I'm just not sure how I put it on." (Ivanov)

9. Maybe, when I open my eyes, it will say Arsenal….damn! (Chris)

8. note to self: fire agent (Al)

7. Horken Dorken Seattle Microsoften Scarfen–ala Swedish Chef (Squard)

6. "This isn't the photo shoot for the cover of the new Fifa game for xbox 360?!? What's that you say? I signed a contract for who? Oh sh*t." (Memrook)

5. I know I'm an underwear model, but seriously guys, I'm not wearing this on the field. (Tom from Syracuse)

4. Thank God – I needed something to wrap my knee with. (Kahlva)

3. "Now let's open this thing up and see who I signed with." (JOE G.)

2. Freddie ponders How long before team is moved to Oklahoma City? (Steal Your Sounders)

1. Freddie Ljunberg inspects thong worn by Drew Carey in recent presser. (Fireball)

Now it's your turn. Tell me which of the above captions you think is the best:

Be sure to vote, and feel free to share your thoughts on these captions in the comments section below.

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19 Responses to You Write the Caption: Best of the Freddie Ljungberg Edition

  1. james says:

    sorry but I like none of the captions. Don’t quit your dayjobs people.

  2. MasterShake says:

    i actually liked all of i didnt vote

  3. Kyle says:

    Ljungberg examines his letters and wonders how he will spell sellout on the Scrabble board… hmmmmm

  4. Dave Clark says:

    What the hell is a Sounder?

  5. Blake says:

    Aww…my favorite was the one that said “Ha! They misspelled ‘settle'”

    So clever.

  6. Rudy says:

    Voted for the Xbox 360 caption, based solely on the fact that I’m a video game nerd.

  7. DJ V says:

    Five. Five Dollar. Five Dollar Foot-Long…

  8. docsoccer says:

    look at how much bigger my swedush cock is than yours. i will run train in seatlle. dude i will f so many girls i will hurt them.

  9. Citronomics says:

    Joe G gets my vote

    Hope Ives and everyone had a happy turkey day!

  10. RS says:

    Wow…these aren’t very funny at all. But I remember there were a few funny ones. Maybe it is time to retire the “Caption” game for a while.

  11. Al17 says:

    Enough with Seattle already!!!!

    Time to talk about teams that have actually played or are playing. ;O)

    Rolls eyes!!!

  12. lou says:

    I like chris’ quote, and ives it’s a little off topic but any word on the progress of the red bull training facility, i heard is was going to open december of this year. Oh and great site by the way, number one for tri state area soccer news.

  13. Joamiq says:

    Yeah, I’m with James. None of these even came close to making me laugh.

  14. Betinho says:

    the Swedish chef is always funny…c’mon!

    Hoortie hoortie hoootie….

  15. aristotle says:

    Dave Clark:

    You made me wonder about that too. At first the only thing I could come up with was a group of wild boar or pigs, but what do they have to do with Seattle and who would name themselves that? Then I realized it must be (rather obvious now, I guess) that they were named after the Puget Sound.

  16. zach says:

    Drew Carey in a thong, hell, did Drew Carey write that? You, Fireball, nailed it. Well picked sir.

  17. Gabe says:

    I was smiling over most of them. The “Drew Carey’s Thong” line made a little bit of coffee come out my nose. Bad timing for a great little zinger. Still hurts…

  18. colin says:

    These definitely could have been better…

    How about “Ljungberg announces retirement”

  19. milo says:

    Hey Ives,

    Conde recently did an interview with a website saying that he wants to consider a move to Mexico and Europe, the kicker is that he gave props to MLS and slid in a comment saying the Top Goalscorer in Colombia right aka Freddy Montero will join Seattle!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im Colombian and always happy to see Colombians join MLS, is this true?

    Montero to Seattle?