Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Franck Ribery (AP) 

Good morning folks.  We have a full slate of games on tap today for those of you who plan on getting your fill of soccer on TV in between your Christmas shopping and eating leftover turkey.

Here is a rundown of today's games:

  • 9:30am- Setanta USA- Bolton at Sunderland
  • 10am- FSC- Newcastle at Middlesbrough
  • *11:30am- GolTV- Bayern Munich at Bayer Leverkusen
  • 12:15pm- Setanta USA- Bristol City at Preston
  • 12:30pm- FSC- Blythe at Bournemouth (FA Cup)
  • 2pm- GolTV- Real Madrid at Getafe
  • 2:30pm- FSC- Reggina at Juventus 
  • 2:55pm- Setanta USA- Bordeaux at Sochaux
  • *4pm- GolTV- Barcelona at Sevilla
  • 4:30pm- FSC- Lecce at Catania
  • 5pm- Setanta USA- Fulham at Aston Villa
  • 6:15pm- GolTV- Pereira at Deportivo Cali
  • 6:45pm- Setanta USA- West Brom at Wigan
  • 8pm- FSC- Dag & Red at Leceister (FA Cup)
  • 10pm- Telemundo- Tigres at Atlante
  • *11pm- Telefutura- Santos Laguna at San Luis
  • 11pm- FSC- Hull City at Stoke City
  • 1am- FSC- Adelaide United at Newcastle Jets
  • If you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below (as always, please try to avoid commenting on games that will be shown on delay during the afternoon. This does not include the Hull-Stoke match.)

    Enjoy the action.

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    64 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

    1. ManicMessiah says:


      19th minute- Tuncay floated in a cross from the right to the back post, but without anyone to attempt a finish. That kind of chance is pretty much what’s been seen in the match until this point.

    2. Freddy says:

      Baby Bradley manages to put one in his own net.

    3. ManicMessiah says:

      30th minute- Within a minute span, Martins and Alves get played through on goal, but timely interventions from a last defender keep the strikers from taking a shot on goal.

    4. ManicMessiah says:

      33rd minute- Alves gesticulates in order to win a penalty on contact in the box while a cross sails well over him. With as many penalties Newcastle has conceded this season, it wouldn’t shock me if he earns one at some point, but he’ll have to do better than that.

      35th minute- Martins hits the crossbar! Guthrie made a good run into the box, slid a ball to Martins who turned and shot but saw it go just high. First really good scoring chance for Newcastle.

    5. ManicMessiah says:

      38th minute- Good ball floated from halfway by Middlesborough, Alves was chasing but Given got there in time to play it out for a throw in.

    6. ManicMessiah says:

      40th minute- Downing plays in a good cross from the left that Alves hits from the center of the area, but hits it high! Aliadiere was behind Alves and might have been able to do more based on the height of the cross, but it was a good attempt by Alves.

      42nd minute- free kick earned for Newcastle on the left side of the field, which Nicky Butt took but did not put on net.

    7. ManicMessiah says:

      Half time comes. Two good chances, one for each team. Scrappy play expected from a derby, but not a bad game to watch so far.

    8. Betinho says:

      Deuce had the only real chance for Fulham. Villa is looking much stronger than Fulham. Their class is really showing.

    9. beckster says:

      Dempsey got a nice shot off just before the half that was saved by Freidel. Fulham lucky not to be down by a couple at Villa.

    10. Chris says:

      What is the * for?

    11. ManicMessiah says:

      54th minute- Defeders on both sides have done well with balls played in over the top, with Bassong for Newcastle doing well to keep Tuncay from a ball this time.

    12. ManicMessiah says:

      58th minute- enrique makes a mess of a clearance from a cross, popping it up instead, and Middlesbrough had a couple of chances to take it down, but Given ended up with it for Newcastle.

    13. emanon says:

      the * indicates the match is one that Ives put in his top 10 matches for the weekend

    14. beckster says:

      Bradley out in the 70th minute of what appears to be a losing effort.

    15. ManicMessiah says:

      61st minute- Beautiful corner sent in from Middlesbrough, headed to the far post but N’Zogbia clears it away from the line!

      Right back the other way, Martins takes a shot that is deflected out for a corner, which was played short but quickly fizzled out.

    16. Betinho says:

      Sorry bout my comment about a delayed game. Didn’t realize it delayed.

    17. ManicMessiah says:

      63rd minute- Tuncay had a ball played into him on the ground on the left side of the penalty area but let it go through! It would have been from a tight angle, but he should have taken it.

      Moments later Given just barely manages to get to the edge of the penalty area to stop a Boro player from reaching it.

      65th minute- Viduka comes on for Martins, his first action of the season. Martins has been their most dangerous player, and did not look at all happy at being taken out.

    18. ManicMessiah says:

      67th minute- Alvez makes a great run with the ball, shrugging off a defender before ripping a shot from the top of the penalty area which he put high! Still, good effort from him, a far cry from the diving he did earlier on.

      68th Arca for Boro earns the first yellow of the game.

    19. ManicMessiah says:

      Fog has been encoraching on the game is very noticable right now.

      71st minute- Good play as a cross is played in to Owen who headed it down to Viduka who ripped a shot that was deflected for a corner! Nice opportunity.

    20. beckster says:

      Can’t believe that Villa hasn’t scored with all of the set pieces they have had this half. Absolutely should be ahead by multiple goals. Fulham hanging in there.

    21. beckster says:

      Dempsey with best strike of day for Fulham and Friedel has an immense save.

    22. ManicMessiah says:

      75th minute Wonderful save by Given as Hoyte ran onto a all played in a ripped a good shot!

      Moments later 3 boro players are alone onsides but all go for the cross and none of them really get onto it, with the ball headed weakly to Given by Tuncay.

    23. ManicMessiah says:

      78th minute- Mido has come in for Aliadiere, Boro’s first sub.

    24. eric says:

      Come on Fulham, finish this game off! This would be a nice point today.

      Dempsey’s played very well, had fun watching Friedel turn away 2 good shots of his.

    25. beckster says:

      Dempsey’s in there…zamora off and Dempsey moves to striker.

    26. ManicMessiah says:

      81st minute- Bassong earned a yellow for taking down Alves. The free kick was wasted from good position, and Alves took a great shot after an offsides call which he blew past Given.

      83rd minute- N’Zogbia made a good run and played a low shot that went wide by a comfortable margin for the Boro keeper.

    27. beckster says:

      Villa just pounding Fulham…they are holding on for dear life

    28. ManicMessiah says:

      89th minute- Boro with another free kick in close to goal, but Alves bangs it off of Gutierrez and goes out for a throw in. Gutierrez was shaken up but quickly asks back on the pitch.

    29. eric says:

      Villa is really pressing for a winner. Great team effort by Fulham – 2 mins left.

    30. beckster says:

      Fulham holds on for the draw! O’Neill is going to be nuts with that result.

    31. Isaac says:

      Oh well. I wish fulham would actually go after these top teams. Desmpey is the only player who looks like he’s doing that.

    32. ManicMessiah says:

      3 minutes of extra time.

      92nd minute- Gutierrez works free on the right, and sends in a good cross that Viduka takes well but is saved.

    33. eric says:

      Bravo! Pretty good for a 0-0 game. Dempsey was very good, had their best 2 chances of the day and good tackling as well. Villa will be pissed they wasted first half chances, but I thought Fulham was better in the 2nd, despite the late pressure.

    34. ManicMessiah says:

      Full time and the game ends 0-0.

    35. SMH says:

      Ives said – (as always, please try to avoid commenting on games that will be shown on delay during the afternoon. This does not include the Hull-Stoke match.)

      But it did include the Aston Villa – Fulham match

    36. sean monaghan says:

      cant frank ribery look any worse?lol.

      worst looking footballer maybe ever

    37. sean monaghan says:


      hearts 2 rangers 1 at tynecastle!

      celtic scraped out a 1-0 win vs. caley

      7 points ahead now!!!


    38. eric says:

      Really, Ives?

      Are you saying you were going to wait until almost 7 pm to find out how Dempsey did today? 2 Americans were involved, we were going to find it. And they ended up starring! If I actually wanted that result to be a secret, I’d have to avoid all of the internet.

      I think there is a clear difference between posting spoilers of a game (suddenly posting the score at the 85th min when no one else has mentioned it yet), and having several people who are streaming the same match discuss it. I don’t mind a MBM on a match that isn’t on TV live, as long as the person starts early.

      My interpretation of etiquette here is to talk about a game early. That gives people a chance to ask you to shut up, or people will find a stream and join in. I’d also be more likely not to comment if a game is only delayed a short time, rather than 6+ hrs like today’s Fulham match. But I do agree it’s wrong just to suddenly announce a game score at the end that is being broadcast on delay.

      For your demographics, Ives, I only stream games. My wife’s in grad school and my work was cutback to part-time, so we canceled cable and kept the internet. I try and respect TV viewers, but the games are available when they are happening.

    39. Tim says:

      Looks like bradley had a shocker of a game. He had a great goal against bayern, but despite that now he has as many own goals as goals. But I am saying this after not watching play for gladbach whatsoever.

    40. Isaac says:

      Franck Ribery needs to make sure not to smile during goal celebrations.

    41. eric says:

      Great Fenerbache-Bestikas match, 2-1 FB with the 2nd half about to start. That 3rd goal to go up 2-1 was incredible, a sweet, sweet chip off a pass that came directly from the keeper. Perfect marriage of offensive magic and defensive blunder.

    42. TorresyVilla says:

      Looks like Michael Bradley and BMG are going to be fighting relegation all season but i have a feeling they will win.

    43. kevin says:

      I’m wondering if Hodgson’s refusal to play Dempsey til the last few mins earlier in the season contributed to Dempsey’s excellent play now or was Hodgson just stupid to not have played a worthy player. Anyway Dempsey is sure to start the whole season with his play like recent. Good for him. Hoping he scores 1 or 2 before Christmas.

    44. HenrikSSW says:

      Damn. Torres out again til Christmas. Jeez im praying he gets healthy and gets back in the game for both Liverpool and Spain. Hoping for a hattrick on his return games.

    45. IreneIsNotMyGod says:

      Hej, what’s with Maurice Edu? Is he playing for Rangers reserves or is he fighting for a place as a sub/starter for Rangers? I know it’s amazingly tough for him or even Beasley to break through, but sucks not hearing how it’s going for him.

    46. Cory says:

      When was the last time Guzan played? Is he the glorious no.2 for AV now? And Marcus Hahneman, will he be the main reason Reading are heading for promotion? How is DeMerit doing for Watford, isn’t he the captain?

    47. eric says:

      Cory – Guzan knew what he was getting into when he signed with Villa. Right now, he’s happy to get paid well, start Carling Cup matches, and learn from the school of Friedel. Friedel just set the record today (Congrats!) for most consecutive league games played, so I don’t think Guzan was too worried about starting immediately, his time will come.

      Edu keeps making the bench as a sub, but not in the games. I’d really like to know what’s up with Beasley though, he’s not even on the bench again – gotta be hurt, right?

    48. H Bomb says:

      You include Dag & Red V Leicester in your list but not Birmingham V Wolves on Setanta? You crazy bastard….you missed a good game!

    49. beckster says:

      IrenetsNotMy God, at least Edu is consistently dressing. Not the case with Beasley.

      Cory – Hahneman doing very well for Reading. He is critical to their success and the coaching staff consistently praise him for winning matches for them. I wouldn’t say that is the main reason when Doyle is tops of the League in goals scored. I also think the getting Bikey back in central D helps Marcus tremendously. Good play by the Hunt bros. and Kebe as well have all contributed to a very good season thus far.

      Finally – sorry Ives…didn’t even notice that Fulham/Villa game was on a 7 hour delay but have to agree with Eric – there were enough early general comments that if someone had told us to shut up – we would have.

    50. eric says:

      Madrid’s rocky season continues. Gatafe strike first, 1-0 15th.

    51. hoyanick says:

      I’d love an update on Beasley and Edu … Beasley looked good for the US during WCQ, so these exclusions are really suprising – and depressing. Beasley is supposed to be one of the MNT’s established talents.

    52. JMS says:

      Keeps getting worse for R. Madrid, Sneijder stretchered off the field in the 1st half.

    53. Listen guys, I’m not making it some hard and fast rule about what games you can and can’t comment on. It was more of a suggestion since some folks have complained in the past about games being spoiled. Just use your own judgment. If there’s an 8am live game that is going to be shown at 10am, you might want to leave the commentary alone. That said, if enough people want to know what is going on, then go ahead and comment. I’m actually more of a “If you don’t want it spoiled then don’t come on the internet” guy but since a few folks were complaining about spoilers I decided to try and offer a compromise. If more people would prefer the open system, then so be it. I’ll let you guys sort it out.

    54. eric says:

      Did Sneijder get subbed off? I got distracted. He went into a tackle and other guy jumped and landed right on the ankle.

      Wow! Goal Getafe! 47th.

    55. eric says:

      Madrid had to use 2 1st half injury subs for Sneijder and Gomez, their young RB.

      Just a really poor effort by Casillas on goal 2. I think he’s good, but not that good.

      Goal Madrid! Saviola pulls one back with a really sweet shot that might have been a penalty even if he missed, the defender was taking out his legs. Great turn and feed by Sergio Ramos for the assist.

    56. zach says:

      “ulham had two efforts on goal during the first period of play and almost grabbed the lead right before the break. Brad Friedel was untroubled by Simon Davies early effort from distance but was required to pull off a first class save to deny Clint Dempsey before the break.”

      “Fulham almost caught Villa cold on the counter attack 15 minutes from time and Brad Friedel was required to save his side with a superb save to deny Dempsey. Fulham broke with pace and the ball found Dempsey on the right hand side of the area. The Amercian sent in a fierce right-footed drive to the far corner but Villa’s keeper was equal to his effort. ”

    57. eric says:

      Madrid was looking like they were going to take the game back, but Gatafe put in a couple of subs and are the more aggressive team again. Nice game, still 2-1 Get in the 70th.

    58. kyle says:


    59. eric says:

      81st minute – Goal Getafe 3-1!

      What a sweet counter attack. Madrid had everyone forward for a corner, Getafe controlled it, hit a long pass to a streaking attacker who put it back in the center for the trailing man who put it past Casillas.

    60. eric says:

      Madrid was knocking on the door, but then almost get burned yet again. Uche, scorer of 3rd goal got behind the defense again and was 1v1 with the keeper, but looked to be more interested in drawing a penalty than in scoring and pushed it wide.

      Going into injury time.

    61. eric says:

      Getafe finish off Real Madrid, 3-1 a week after holding Barca 1-1. What a tough stretch, they played Sevilla and Valencia before that, and have Villarreal next week.

      Barca-Sevilla up next.

    62. Gerald says:

      Real Madrid is definately going through a tough patch at the moment

    63. Michael F. says:

      Just want to say it’s great to see Dempsey earning his way back into the line-up, starting and playing the whole game. Good work out of him.

    64. sean monaghan says:

      one word.