Fear the Flip Throw

In life, there are certain things you don't want to get in the way of, such as a speeding train, an angry bull or me at an open bar.

You can add flip-throws to that list, as this poor kid found out the hard way:

Here is my question. What did the kid think was going to happen? Other questions. Did the videographer know this was coming (the zoom-in makes me think so)? If you're on that kid's team can you keep yourself from laughing?

Share your thoughts and laughter below.

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54 Responses to Fear the Flip Throw

  1. utePhan says:

    I love this video. I laughed so hard I cried the first time I saw it.

  2. Cam says:

    Ha! That’s hilarious. Let it be a lesson not to stand that close on a throw-in.

  3. RJ says:

    U.S.A should adopt that strategy when we play good teams, knock out their players

  4. Ethan says:

    Dear Ives,

    I love you. Thanks.

  5. AAAAAAAAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. AltiCooper says:

    hahahaha omg that was great

  7. gerald says:

    That was funny

  8. el granadero says:

    “c’mon blue! let’s go blu—OOOOOH!

  9. TCompton says:

    ouch. The nose/face will heal, but what about his ego? He dropped like a rock!

  10. northzax says:

    the blame lies solely on the referee for this one. the poor receiving player is clearly not two meters from the spot of the throwin, that’s a yellow card to go along with his busted nose.

  11. Steve T. says:

    He’s the U-16 Rory Delap!!

  12. Aquaman says:

    Holy Crap that was hilarious!

  13. BoRiUaNo616 says:

    there goes his chacnes for playin for any major team later in his life lmao

  14. RPH says:

    I just pissed myself.

  15. Michael Vann says:

    Piss in your pants funny! I’ve watched it over and over and it still gets a laugh.

    Doesn’t the rule say you have to be 2 meters from the thrower? If that’s the case, if I were the ref, I’d add insult to injury and caution the guy! Just for pure laughter!

  16. KungFuSoccer says:

    Thank you Ives. Comedy gold.

    Ok rules nerds, Question: aside from the 2 meters issue for our victim,could the thrower be carded if the chuck to the face is considered intentional?

  17. Richard, UK says:


  18. Eugene says:

    Who puts up a wall for throw-ins? Seriously, only a moron youth soccer coach would teach a kid to stand there on a throw-in.

    Serves the kid and the coach right. Although I hope the kid is ok. Way to take it with your face. A lot better than spinning away from it. Would have made JCO proud

  19. PSW says:

    notice the kid is covering his privates like he was in a wall. Maybe covering his face was more in order.

  20. brett says:


    clearly the kid thought the guy would throw it in normal…. thus being safe XD

  21. sidenetting says:

    weak clearance by the center back…he should have taken the hit for the team

  22. luis says:

    If you notice the face of the kid who threw it. It looks like he did it on superpose.

  23. Seisco says:

    serves him right for being a douchebag

  24. RedLine55 says:

    i think ive seen that one before, and there’s a longer version where the kid is actually a bad-ass, IMO, because he gets back up, and does the EXACT same thing when the kid throws it in again. i’d say “hell no” and move 15 yds away. kudos to him!

  25. Scott A says:


  26. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    The coach is clearly to blame. Who has their player mark a guy throwing the ball in? Fire the blue teams coach!!

  27. Carlo says:

    What an idiot. What was he doing standing there. I really hope his coach didn’t teach him that one. And whats up with kid doing a throw in like that. That was the lamest act I’ve ever seen in a soccer game. Only in the states you would see a dumb throw in like that. Lord in heaven. If that’s how kids want to look on the field doing flashy crap like that on a throw in, our country is never going to win a world cup. We need to learn how to be flashy with our dribbling and passing, and our unity. Not doing lousy crap like that, to please someone in the stands.

  28. Joseph Liburd says:

    I hope he’s ok… not that funny at all….

  29. HerthaBerwyn says:

    It seems like a great way to turn long throw ins into the equivalent of a corner kick. If it can be thrown on a line I want to see it on higher levels

  30. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Actually I for one do not understand why more players do not do flip throws at the highest level. Not everyone can throw like Rory Delap…. I know there is usally sign boards to close but if there is enough room…it adds about 20 yards only a normal long throw and is much easier to head a line drive then a looper (hence why Delap is the king).

    Also…it is very very obvious that the thrower did it on on purpose… he does not even flinch when he tags the kid. Pretty cheap for a 13/14 yr old… but pretty stupid in the same breath.

  31. Ethan says:

    link to youtube.com

    That’s for anyone who missed my personal favorite soccer blooper. Chris Brass will forever be my favorite player.

  32. northzax says:

    as to the question about the thrower, yes, as a youth ref, I card him too, that was certainly intentional and unsportsmanlike. but the throw should never have happened with the defender standing there.

  33. Jeff says:

    There are like 10 of these videos on YouTube. Sure enough, as someone mentioned above, this kid stands in the same position for the very next throw (at the instruction of his coach no less.)

    link to youtube.com

  34. BlueWhiteLion says:

    lol, hilarious!

    glad it wasn’t me.

  35. MasterShake says:

    the worst part of the longer video is that the kid does the FLIP THROW AGAIN!!!! WTF???? lolllll

  36. inkedAG says:

    that rules!!

  37. BoRiUaNo616 says:


  38. Lionel Messi says:

    That’s called manning up and taking one for the team, something you non-soccerites wouldn’t understand… the rolling around like a girl however… not cool

  39. mike says:

    thats terrible…there was no attacking player close on the throw-in so there was no need for him to be that close (even though you’re not even allowed to be that close), def the players fault and the coach for positioning him there. n i dont no why he’s covering his privates, its a THROW-IN!!! terrible soccer

  40. SJQ says:

    Ah, another great example of how to defend with your face.

  41. Joamiq says:

    Hahahahahaha that was amazing. I want to see the video of the rest of the game.

    There was a kid on my youth travel team who did flip throws, and it was amazing. He was a gymnast, so it was simple for him. Effectively turned many throw ins into corners. It’s quite a weapon.

    Anyway, standing in front of someone doing a flip throw is retarded because, obviously, as the guy is doing the flip he’s not exactly looking at what’s right in front of him, so you’re not going to affect the throw…

  42. aristotle says:

    Doesn’t this seem odd to anyone?

    Several things don’t make sense in addition to what Ives said about the camera close-up.

    1. What is this kid attempting to do, block the throw? Even if the referee let’s him stand there like he did, surely he would be called if he managed to block the throw in from that close.

    2. Why does he have his hands covering his groin area on a throw in, is he trying to block the ball with his face? 3. Why isn’t anyone other than the ref yelling at this kid for standing there like that, wouldn’t the coach on the sidelines be telling him to move or wouldn’t the kid taking the throw say something to him?

    I don’t have ANY sympathy for the kid who gets hit in the face at all. This is so stupid it almost seems staged, but I can’t figure out why. Has this shown up on America’s Funniest Home Videos yet? Maybe they’re trying to get a cash award for the video.

    I saw this video a while ago on some late night show, they were practically apologizing for showing a video of soccer! I guess they thought the laughs offset the unpleasantness of showing people soccer.

  43. Rob says:

    wow. that had to hurt.
    not sure how old this video is, but weren’t flip throws made illegal about 10 or so years ago?

  44. doug says:

    dude that is so funny becuase the dumbest move in soccer is putting a defender in front of thrower. I cant for the life of me figure out why coaches do that

  45. Ryan says:

    The flip throw was the signature of my high school team’s offense my last two years of high school. Needless to say, we sucked…….but not as much as that kid in blue!

  46. phil says:

    Reminded me of a game i played Years ago, at under 19 level, where a defender thought he would be smart and stand right on the sideline in front of where i was about to take a throw, so i naturally thought i had to take this smart ass down.

    As i took the throw i threw it as hard as i could into his face, the baby went straight down and my team mates and I cracked up laughing. The referee didnt share my laughter and handed me a yellow card for my troubles. Still was hilarious though.

  47. TimN says:

    Firstly, there’s nothing wrong with flip throws if you know how to do them and can control them. They can add 15-20 yards to a throw, and make a throw-in become like a corner or free kick. So, for those of you who think it’s stupid…whatever.

    Secondly, the referee was mostly at fault for allowing the blue defender to position himself that close. I also think it was purposely done by the blue team coach. They are probably familiar with that kid and his throwing ability, and wanted to try to contain it, albeit a poor strategy. They’d be better served marking up on defense.

    Lastly, ROTFLMFAO!!!

  48. sean monaghan says:

    lol wtf…if your going to stand there when they do that atleast jump and kinda cover yourself

  49. Newton says:

    Rob Johnson is impressed.

  50. jeffe says:

    the kid making the throw doesn’t look the least surprised (or concerned) he may have just broke the other kids nose.

  51. Andolini says:

    I’m a ref. The kid should be back two yards. However, the kid doing the flip throwin should just back up off the line a few more yards to make sure he gets elevation to get it over the kid — there is no rule that you have to be on the line when you throw, you just have to have both feet behind the line and on the ground.

  52. CRM says:

    Haha, awesome. You have got to think that the blue team has been stadning in front of the flip throw all game and this is just the moment the white team decided to make a point. Bad coaching, don’t tell you players to stand in front of any throw-in and have some respect for the game, stop with the flip throw-ins.

  53. A. Ruiz says:

    “Only in the states you would see a dumb throw in like that. Lord in heaven. If that’s how kids want to look on the field doing flashy crap like that on a throw in, our country is never going to win a world cup.”

    Except that this video is from England. I 1st saw it on the guardian website.

    Oh snap….let me get that salt off your shoulder.

  54. GunneRR says:

    Damn. Out of all the people who made comments, I’m only the second one who doesn’t think it’s funny to see a kid get hurt.