Schelotto returning to Crew in 2009

Guillermo Barros Schelotto ( 

Facing a boatload of question marks over just who will and won't be back in 2009, the Columbus Crew took a major step toward trying to repeat as MLS Cup champions by re-signing MLS and MLS Cup MVP Guillermo Barros Schelotto to a new contract, making him the first Designated Player in team history.

“Securing Guille’s return was one of our top priorities entering the offseason and we are pleased to get that accomplished,” Crew President & General Manager Mark McCullers said in a team-released statement. “It goes without saying that he was one of the keys to our championship season and, on top of that, he helps attract international attention to both the club and our region. We look forward to his continued dynamic contributions next season.”

Details of the contract were not disclosed.

With Schelotto in the fold, the Crew can now focus on trying to re-sign MLS defender of the year Chad Marshall, who sources tell SBI is strongly considering offers from Europe and is leaning toward leaving MLS this winter.

What do you think of this news? Are you a relieved Crew fan? Are you a Red Bulls fans having flashbacks of MLS Cup? Are you an MLS fan happy to see one of the league's best players returning?

Share your thoughts below.

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33 Responses to Schelotto returning to Crew in 2009

  1. Travis in Miami says:

    As an MLS fan I’m happy the Crew made him their DP. He obviously deserved that tag. He makes that team fun to watch. I don’t find it at all a coincidence that Robbie Rogers had such a break out season the with GBS showing up there. (Let Chad Marshal go….)

  2. TheUltra says:

    I’m thrilled we have him back, he’s truly a Crew Legend. How much longer until we build the statue, that’s the next question.

  3. eric says:

    Thank you Columbus for locking that up early, that can only help in bringing in other guys (or keeping them put).

    I quit my Euro-snob ways back in 2004 and started following MLS, and Schelotto is probably my favorite player who has come through in that time. Very glad to have him stick around.

  4. Travis in Miami says:

    Another thought…he came in with a decent contract but not a DP (it can be argued he alwasy deserved to be a DP). If teams use the DP tag as a carrot and incentive maybe there can be more succes stories like this one. I’m thinking of Denilson – Edmilson, the lazy over the hill Brazilian DP for Dallas. If Dallas says here’s a good sized contract, play hard and contribute then we will make you the DP and you will get the pay day, maybe it works out. If it doesn’t – money saved. Obviously that will only work with teams that have a free DP slot.

  5. socmin says:


    This is the use of the DP that will expand it far beyond the “Beckham” Rule.

  6. Steve Lavey says:

    The Crew will have a good team in 2009….my own Chicago Fire team have more questions than answers. It was interesting to read Diego Gutierrez’ blog entry this week at where he bluntly handicaps the needs and opportunities for the Fire in 2009. Well worth the read…..

  7. Steve Lavey says:

    The Crew will have a good team in 2009….my own Chicago Fire team have more questions than answers. It was interesting to read Diego Gutierrez’ blog entry this week at where he bluntly handicaps the needs and opportunities for the Fire in 2009. Well worth the read…..

  8. Steve Lavey says:

    The Crew will have a good team in 2009….my own Chicago Fire team have more questions than answers. It was interesting to read Diego Gutierrez’ blog entry this week at where he bluntly handicaps the needs and opportunities for the Fire in 2009. Well worth the read…..

  9. dallen says:

    Well done, Crew. This is an ambassador for our league that we can get behind.

  10. sublicon says:

    Wow, they gave the guy a raise. He deserved it but wow. Good deal.

  11. Tim F. says:

    He improves the quality of play in MLS so I’m glad he is back although I’ll be rooting against him.

  12. brett says:

    tim F- i agree… he does well to improve the name of the MLS…. its about time CLB gave him the DP $$$…. he’s been instrumental from taking a mediocre team to a team that won both the league and league cup….

    as a fire fan i dont like this… but as a MLS fan i am glad he resigned…

  13. Ethan says:

    As an MLS fan, I’m glad he is back. He is the best distributor the league has had since goldielocks.

  14. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Thats gotta be a great relief to crew supporters

  15. michael says:

    Classy move Columbus. Classy move.

    It is nice to see they ponied up the cash and gave him what he totally earned. No worries about if he will be a waste of money like the majorities of DP players are.

  16. Ben says:

    Allow Chad Marshall to pursue his European aspirations, then trade for Cory Gibbs to replace him.

  17. RS says:

    As a non-Crew supporter but MLS fan, I love this deal. I def thought he would be moving back down to SA. This is great news.

  18. Chris says:

    As a Fire fan, I have to ask…. why couldn’t you guys have traded for Blanco and made HIM your first DP???

    Why do WE have to keep Blanco around while you guys get GBS???

    That seems very unfair to me! Very unfair!

  19. Jon says:

    Huge win for MLS. With all the young talent trying to get to Europe, MLS badly needs to keep quality stars like GBS around.

  20. DD says:

    link to

    After Bradley Gladbach maybe want Onyewu???

  21. Johnny says:

    This guy really deserves to be a DP. Glad to see some talent stay in the league.

  22. BarçaGirl says:

    Red Bulls fan having flashbacks here! But yes….it’s good to see talent stay.

  23. Isaac says:

    Sorry Ives but was there really any doubt. He seemed happy and at his age the place you’re happiest seems like the place you should end your career.

  24. Betinho says:

    Is he the first player to go from ordinary joe to DP? If so it’s a good precedent.

  25. soccerroo says:

    As an FC Dallas fan I think this is great. It opens the door to allow player who are here to stay here and get paid if they are helping their Team as much as GBS. His MLS cup performance was amazing and fun to watch. Mls needs more players like him and if that is a way to get them here before using the DP slot then I am all for it. Besides finding someone like Beckham/Blanco who has both a Financial impact as well as an on the field impact is pretty difficult.

  26. duck1318 says:

    The best use of the DP yet! As a Crew fan I am obviously partial but I do believe that. Next, The Crew just needs to work on Chad Marshall.

  27. Jim Steverson says:

    Getting Chad back would be huge for the Crew, but I couldn’t blame him if the right opportunity presented itself overseas. We’ll just have to see how that plays out.

    With GBS back, Columbus will be fine offensively. In back, if Marshall leaves, they’re potentially looking at an aging Hejduk and Padula on the wings, and O’Rourke and Iro in the middle.

    O’Rourke came along as the season progressed and became serviceable. Iro showed that he’s ready for an expanded role, Frankie seems ageless, and Padula is a worker, even if he’s occasionally over-matched.

    Columbus was smart to give Iro a year as a reserve to let him adjust to the league. If Chad goes, he’ll be thrust into a starting role. It’s not as if Chad’s departure would leave a gaping hole without a solution.

    It’d be a downgrade to Iro, but Columbus isn’t without a back-up plan….

  28. The Athority says:


    Red Bull supporter here and I am happy for the league that Guille re-signed.

    A non-DP he was, but that was due to MLS convoluted rules. He earned close to $1 million a year but Columbus did not have to use a DP because of allocoation money they had.

    Toronto has close to $1 million in allocation money this year also.

  29. Daddy says:

    Someone please help him find a better hairdo

  30. Jason says:

    Glad to see GBS back, and some unnamed soccer writer from DC is also reporting GBS is interested in the same deal for 2010.


    1) Somebody asked if this was the first time an existing player had been given a DP slot. No. Emilio with DC this year. And Guevara was traded for a DP slot.

    2) Schelotto was already making DP money, but the Crew paid his salary down (on the books) with allocation money. If it was $650k I don’t know, but it WAS DP money.

    We didn’t have enough allocation cash to do that trick again, so had to pony up on the books. Hence the DP.

  31. The Athority says:


    Thanks for reiterating my point, lol.

    And Guevara getting traded for a DP isn’t relevant. Amado was not a DP and when he was traded, he was still not a DP.

    Good point on Emilio though. He repayed DC by putting on 20lbs. in the offseason and never really hitting stride in 2008. I watched the Champions Cup in the pre-season and his face was so fat I didn’t recognize him.

  32. drock says:

    Guillermo! Guillermo! Guillermo!

  33. Strider says:

    With GBS in place, thank heavens, the Crew still need to work on keeping Marshal, if at all possible (there is a balance on costs) AND figure out how to hang onto Sigi. Ives, any word on his contract w/ CLB?