U.S. Soccer: Subotic will play for Serbia

Neven Subotic (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                                    Photo by ISIphotos.com

At this time of year, you can usually expect your share of Christmas and other holiday cards in your mailbox. U.S. Soccer received a correspondence that was neither cheery or good news. On Dec. 22, the USSF received a letter from Neven Subotic informing U.S. Soccer that he will be playing for the Serbian national team, U.S. Soccer spokesman Neil Buethe confirmed to SBI on Wednesday.

Thus ends U.S. Soccer's hopes to land Subotic, who went from Bosnian immigrant and unknown soccer player to U.S. youth national team player to European star, and now to Serbian national team player. a fringe U.S. youth player just three years ago, Subotic has rapidly risen to become one of the best young defenders in European soccer, starring for Borussia Dortmund in the German Bundesliga at the age of 20.

"We wish Neven all the best and success in the future," U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said.

Subotic played in four matches with the U.S. Under-17 national team at the 2005 Under-17 World Cup, earning a red card in a round of 16 loss to the Netherlands. He made a total of 12 appearances with the U.S. Under-17 national team, starting five matches. He scored one goal, in his first appearance, against Australia in the 2004 Nike Friendlies.

Subotic played two matches with the U.S. Under-20 national team, but was left off the roster for the 2007 Under-20 World Cup. He never represented the U.S. national team again.

Subotic's decision will be a tough one to take for U.S. national team fans, particularly after comments made by Subotic in this interview with U.S. Soccer in 2006.

The above photo is the best one I could find of Subotic in a U.S. national team uniform. Feel free to print it out and tape it to your dartboard.

In all seriousness, Subotic, a native of Bosnia, will now play for the nation of his father's birth, which just happens to boast one of the most talented young teams in Europe, a national team currently leading a World Cup qualifying group that includes France.

It won't be easy news to take, but American fans should also remember that the U.S. national team has benefited from foreign-born players who chose the United States over their native countries, such as Roy Wegerle, Earnie Stewart, Thomas Dooley, Freddy Adu and Stuart Holden. It probably doesn't help that three players who theoretically could have wound up playing for the United States (Subotic, Giuseppe Rossi and Vedad Ibisevic) happen to be three of the hottest young prospects in Europe.

What do you think about this unfortunate news? Think Subotic is making a mistake? Are you not surprised that he chose Serbia? Are you just glad it's finally over so we can move on? Share your thoughts below.

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103 Responses to U.S. Soccer: Subotic will play for Serbia

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks for ruining Christmas Neven

  2. jacobi millionaire says:

    Can’t say I’m shocked. Serbia is a team on the way up. First Soumare and now Subotic — is it too late put LeBron in boots and teach how to play CB? In all seriousness, I had hoped for Subotic at the very least to put pressure on Boca and Gooch for their spots, as I think our backline at all four spots could be pressed for competition.

    So, Spector, how’s that leg comin’?

  3. Tim says:

    I’m not surprised at all. While some may have deluded themselves into thinking that the US somehow has more upside than Serbia, a team boasting some of the very best talent in Europe, I always knew that Serbia was far closer to running with the great ones of the game than this nauseatingly average US team. Maybe this will finally bring some of the Project 2010 folks down to Earth…

  4. BFBS says:

    I hope we play Serbia in 2010 and crush them. Sorry, I am just bitter.

  5. patrick says:

    I wish him all the luck in the world. His situation is in stark contrast to Giuseppe Rossi’s and while I’d love to see him don the stars and stripes, Im just as happy with Gooch, boca, chad marshall pearce etc etc. Hopefully, we get to play Serbia at some point in the next couple years

  6. Cindy says:

    a booooooo

    best of luck, nonetheless

  7. gerald says:

    I’m glad it’s finally over and good luck to him

  8. Goalscorer24 says:

    Definetly glad it is just over. I think we all knew this was pretty much coming. Unfortunate, it would have been interesting to see him play in the middle with Gooch, and then have Bocanegra play out on the left. It is hard to say how much the incident with Rongen played a part in Subotic’s choice. If Subotic had a good experience with the U20’s I assume that would have had an impact. But certainly from a travel point alone for qualifiers, Serbia certainly is the easier choice. Ultimately the player has to want to play for the national team they choose. It does not matter how good they are, such as Rossi, you can’t make a player play for a team when their heart is not in it, and if you did, it would turn out bad.

  9. jmac says:

    well, f. this kid seems to have a very bright future. I hope we destroy Serbia in the future, though.

  10. adam says:

    If he didn’t have a strong desire to play under the US flag then fine, I would rather have dedicated sub-par players than wishy washy hot shots.

  11. DeLarge says:

    Good luck to him. Glad it’s over.

  12. Alex says:

    I can’t wait for the day we see Jozy dominate this guy. Because he can, and will.

  13. Rick says:

    I hope serbia never makes a world cup.

  14. Alex says:

    On another note, I hope we draw Italy and Serbia in our WC group, and then beat them. Because we can, and we will.

  15. Tim F. says:

    We all make mistakes.

  16. Mario in SJ says:

    Best of luck to him!

    As for us, our soccer history is too young to be able to attract the best possible talent. However it will not always be like this. In coming years, as we begin making some noise at the World Cup and our MLS player salaries start approaching NBA figures, those young prospects will be flocking to the US shores and clamoring for a shot at the USMT. Patience!!!

  17. docsoccer says:

    the project 2010 people will be brought down to earthwhe we play brazil in a competitve game not a meaningless friendly. and when we play italy without them having an own goal see we understand what exactly a world class defense. and also chad marshaall sucks as an international defender and will never see the field with parkhurst, calliff, demerit, and conrad in front of him. if he had gone to mainz he wouldvr had a chance but he blew it. anyway i will be taking out rossis and subotic legs so they cant play for their national team either. my happiness is more important than his.

  18. Jonathan says:

    With Bob Bradley in charge, I’d put money on Serbia to beat the US. Look at Serbia’s manager, it’s not a surprise the more ambitious national team won the battle for the heart and mind of Subotic.

  19. Tommy says:

    3 great prospects…..USA gets none of them.

    this is why MLS needs to get academies ASAP, if we have academies we will never lose these players.

  20. Effmanny says:

    These people are outrageous. If I am not mistaken both Neven and Rossi’s parents work in the US. Very very disappointing.

    Would it have killed Bocanegra to make a cameo in Germany to show some support? That’s what captains do.

  21. Aco93 says:

    Ivanovic – Vidic – Subotic – Kolarov
    Chelsea – Manchester – Dortmund – Lazio

    What a defense! Welcome home Neven! And for those who wish to play Serbia in the next World Cup, well I’m pretty sure Serbia want to play against USA too!

  22. green says:

    Is anyone really that surprised by this?

    Judging by some of the comments. . . I guess so. It always baffles me to find the amount of hate in some of your words.

    Anyway, good luck Neven, and happy holidays Ives.

  23. Cash says:

    This is worse than Rossi. Rossi was always going to play for Italy, played for their youth teams etc. But Subotic played for our youth teams, USSF spent money turning him into a better player. May Vidic and Ivanovic keep him off the field in all meaningful matches going forward

  24. Eugene says:

    I hope we break his leg when we play against him. Traitor.

  25. Blake says:

    Every story needs a heel. This guarantees our guys will get it up for Serbia games in the future. I’m pissed about this, but I cannot wait to play them, just like I cannot wait for Gooch to lock down Rossi.

  26. Steven C says:

    I hope he breaks his leg.. can’t get capped.. turns 21… and is forced to play for the USofA.. and then to spite him, we never play him.

    Bitter? Sorry.

  27. Mark says:

    I’m disappointed but not surprised. Seemed like he tried to work his way into the Germany setup, and when that didn’t happen I figure Serbia would have the upperhand. I wish him the best, though if Serbia and the US meet I hope Jozy takes him to school.

    Ives, are there any players who could potentially be coming the other way? Perhaps there is some young player who happens to be the illegitimate child of Eric Wynalda and some former East German gymnist who will be the next Pele…

  28. kebzach says:

    oh dear lord, whatever will we do!!!

  29. Indie FC says:

    It won’t be easy news to take, but American fans should also remember that the U.S. national team has benefited from foreign-born players who chose the United States over their native countries, such as Roy Wegerle, Earnie Stewart, Thomas Dooley, Freddy Adu and Stuart Holden.

    Okay, now correct me if I’m wrong…. but none of those named were ever international stars OR in the running for there national teams? No?

    And, nope, I don’t get it Neven. Must be a big fish in a small pond moment. Serbia on the rise? Really? Talk to me in a year and a half about that.

  30. Michael Vann says:

    While I am sadden to lose Neven, I understand and respect his decision to chose Serbia, the nation of his ancestral heritage. It will be easy for people to point fingers and blame USSF and Rongen but I feel that had little affect on his decision. People seem to forget Neven has spent his life, almost evenly, between 3 nations and he identifies with all. Being back in Germany with it’s proximity to Serbia he’s reconnected to the country and culture. That my friends probably has had more affect on his decision than anything. Though Neven will not represent the US, which sucks mightily, I will continue to support and follow his career. The sky is the limit with Neven; he’s that good. Above all I can be happy knowing America has had some influence on his personal and professional life.

  31. Arturo says:

    I blame Thomas Rongen…………………. there i said it!!!

  32. Gabe says:

    Some of you guys need to relax. Playing internationally is a priviledge, not a right, and not an obligation. As said above, our two starting center backs are proud to don the colors of the USA, and they are class defenders. While Subotic would have been a great addition (and may have solved our LB problem by moving Bocanegra over), we need to move on. As with Rossi, there is always someone that can come along and fill his “place.” By 2010, all you guys down on Guisseppe and Neven will be focused on the up and coming US prospects who might outshine the would-be US players (Altidore, Davies, Parkhurst, etc.) Remember that ultimately the decision is theirs to make. They signed no contracts, made no promises, and owe us nothing. Say what you will about Subotic’s US youth experience. If I recall, the U-20 coach didn’t give him much of a serious during the U20 WC in Canada. Why not go to a squad that wants you to play for them all the time? Good for Neven. GO USA

  33. Hunchback says:

    I am sure Serbia has provided him and his family more opportunities than the US. Good luck.

    obviously joking.

  34. Grant says:

    Don’t look now, but Serbia could very well be a breakout team at the next World Cup, and the Serbia-Croatia rivalry has every chance of becoming as important in Europe as Netherlands-Germany, France-England, and Spain-Portugal.

  35. Tim says:

    Let me reiterate that Serbia has possibly the most exciting talent pool in Europe. The US, as always, is competent but average (and yes, even the “great” Jozy Altidore will end up a decent player but NOTHING more… where are the sots that were comparing him to Benzema now?). I would take my chances with Serbia instead of settling for three-and-out World Cups.

  36. sack says:

    What a loser. Repping a thrid world country over the world superpower. :)

  37. docsoccer says:

    yah aco 93 i would love to play you mofos and for f’n jozy atltidore bull neven’s ass over on teh way to nutmegiggin the keeper. then for who him to put point to the american flags while celebrates.

  38. Travis says:

    Lets have some class people. Some of these hateful comments are pathetic.
    Historically we have benefitted far more from players choosing to play for the U.S. over their birth country or ancestral connection.

    Also,whoever wishes that the U.S. meets Serbia in the next world cup please think twice. They have far more talent then we have.

  39. AltiCooper says:

    Ha how funny will it be if Serbia never makes the world cup or euros for the whole time he plays for them….Oh no my youth coach doesnt like me so im gonna switch nationalities? Traitor.

  40. Ah Boooooo.

    I will hang Subotics Christmas sock next to Rossi’s, over my buildings trash compactor (yes, I am still beating that dead horse!). I understood Germany. Spent lots of time there. Cool. This? No way.

    Another thing – I love players who leave their country to play for the USA. Because I am American, and have double standards like anyone else. Just putting it out there.

    Ives, thanks for another year of information and fun. You do a great service, sir.

  41. Aco93 says:

    docsoccer I hope your great jozy won’t be too fat for the world cup 2010 because I’m really affraid for him with so many time spending on the bench in Europe. But hey your second biggest talent Adu will revenge him! Oh no! He’s in the same situation :(

  42. luis says:

    No other choice but to put Subotic on my reserves on FIFA 09 :) (and possibly never play him again)

  43. luis says:


    Who’s Serbia’s biggest prospect?

  44. Dr. Rockzo, The Rock N' Roll Clown says:

    I hope he tears both his ACLs.

  45. NR says:

    its crazy to me that people have so much hatred for Rossi, yet seem to blame US soccer for the Subotic situation. The guy just didnt want to play for the US, there was nothing Bob or Sunil were going to do to change that. we were always his 3rd choice. And id like to hear what makes Serbia such a hot prospect

  46. Michael F. says:

    one or two players does not make a team. all these comments about wishing he get injured are so childish. grow up guys. wish him the best and then prove we are better on the field (if we can).

  47. jpc says:

    I don’t know what to say, I guess I wish him luck, but his decision is bull. The guy never lived in Serbia, he’s Bosnian. He said it himself, it would be backstabbing if he were to wear another crest. He also said the US gave him and his family a second chance… But besides those points he chose to turn his back on the US team to play for a country that he never lived in. I don’t like it one bit

  48. B.A. says:

    So… Is Seb Hines cap-tied to England?

  49. Aco93 says:

    Luis, well maybe Miralem Sulejmani, or Slobodan Rajkovic, Adem Ljajic, Zoran Tosic, Gojko Kacar, Zdravko Kuzmanovic, Aleksandar Kolarov. I don’t know too many talents! And Milos Krasic is amazing!

  50. luis says:

    According to wikpedia he is not Cap-tied. Although has played at youth levels for England.

  51. bubba says:

    USSF tried, but it always seemed like the last place he would have wanted to play for was the US. Thinking about it, it was always someone else, whether Germany or Serbia. He has his reasons why he chose the way that he did, I am just glad it’s over. Thanks to the kid for making up his mind finally, unfortunately it wasn’t the US. As always good luck to the kid in his career and playing for Serbia.

  52. Juan from L.A. says:

    You guys know this kid has a myspace which he checks regularly…makes me sick that he has as favorites “US Soccer”…go leave your christmas wishes on him…

    he knew all along he wasn’t going to play for the US, so why not say it from the get go…unlike Rossi he did say it and I respect him for that…without the US he wouldn’t be crap…

  53. luis says:

    Does anyone know his myspace link?

    I would like to leave him a friendly comment

  54. frank says:

    I want people to play for the USA who bleed red white and blue, not look at it as a business decision….

    good riddance…

  55. Dominghosa says:

    Sing and a miss!
    Oh well.
    Just make contact with the next pitch.

  56. Mike from Baltimore says:

    Yet another disaster, courtesy of Rongen. What a joke TR was/is. Ruined DC United, ruined the U-20 National Team, now ruining the long-term future of the National Team. Is it too late to have ROngen deported?

  57. Nick from Big Soccer says:

    Given that one player after another is choosing NOT to play for the US, you have to start looking at what the USSF youth system is doing in its Youth National Team programs.

    I also think that the US ought to play a little hard ball on situations where players come as refugees, participate in our Youth systems – TAKING the place of a potential player who does want to play for the US – and then decide to play for another country.

    In those cases maybe we should look at revoking there resident status. If their “home country” is good enough to represent then I suppose its good enough to live there.

  58. Christian says:

    WOW, who would’ve thought US fans were so insecure?

    As Ives already pointed out, the US has benefited from foreign players for a long, long time so I don’t see how some of you are so upset over this?

    And yes, Serbia is a much better team than the US (and possibly Mexico as well).

    You guys need to move on or go see a shrink cause you sound really pathetic.

  59. Subotic=Backstaber says:

    What a little punk. I hope he breaks his leg, then tears his ACL.

  60. Mike says:

    Subotic just leapt Rossi on my hatred list. At least Rossi never donned the US colors. I wish him the worst.

  61. Aco93 says:

    Well with all those comments, I guess Subotic have done the right choice

  62. jig says:

    Yeah, some (or most) of these comments are completely inane. To everyone saying that they hope he breaks his leg or tears an ACL, I wonder, what exactly did he owe you? He made a decision that was in his own best interest, not yours. Relax.

    And as far as the two talent pools compare, sorry to break it to some of you, but we don’t really come close. Their players get on the field consistently for sides like PSV, Valencia, Inter, Man U, Udinese, Chelsea and Sevilla. We get all excited when Clint Dempsey strings together a couple starts for Fulham. Please.

    Good luck to him, I say. And as much as it sucks that he chose Serbia, it’s probably a much better decision for his soccer career. Add to that the fact that he surely feels more comfortable in Europe, and it’s a no-brainer.

  63. Pete says:

    Lets be real, the United States will win two World Cup’s before Serbia even wins one. Bad decision, but its time to move on.

    And as far as those Serbian emerging talents, those world beaters, those that are so many to even name, everyone’s a superstar until they actually have to star.

    Hey Aco, with that defense should they even bother to play the world cup in 2010?? or should we just mail the trophy to serbia now??

    Hey who knows, maybe we could see a repeat of 2006?? Actually, thats whats more likely to happen, another repeat of 2006. A 6-0 thrashing by Argentina, lost to the netherlands and lost to the ivory coast. Not a single point. At least the USA tied the eventual world champions.

  64. KK says:

    I’d like to see a real world-class national soccer federation – instead we’ve got the 3 stooges – Bob, Rongen and Sunil. We’ve got a 2nd rate domestic soccer league – signing injury prone wash-ups like Freddie Ljungberg, rather than under 30 talented 2 way players – like signing Steven Appiah, who according to Soccernet was looking for an MLS contract. Until we mature a bit and get more sophisticated, folks with options like Neven and Rossi will keep choosing Europe over the US.

  65. jig says:

    most people posting sound absolutely ridiculous. he doesnt owe you anything.

    also, serbia is way better than we are. their players actually PLAY for teams like PSV, Sevilla, Inter, Man U, Chelsea and Valencia. We get all excited when Clint Dempsey starts a couple times for Fulham, You guys are a joke.

  66. Jags98 says:

    I dont blame Sunil or BB completely, but do you really think this would have happened if a top world coach was here and not just an extension of Bruce. Heir Bruce’s legacy lives on. Didn’t we all just vote for change, WTF! We need to wipe out a whole generation of ghost. Thanks for your services, you are hurting us more than helping now.

  67. Travis says:

    Bummer. Best of luck to him on the club level. Worst of luck to him on the national stage.


  68. Andrew says:

    In the big scheme of things, this decision means nothing. The United States will continue develop better and better players who want to play for our country. If anything, this is a great sign as to the potential of some of our youth players.

    People seem to forget that we are a relatively young soccer-playing nation, and that many of our best athletes choose different sports. As soccer grows in popularity, more and more of our great athletes will focus on soccer rather than going to football or basketball. We will get to the highest level. It is only a matter of time.

  69. Patrick Cook says:

    this makes me so mad!!!!! Why would you chose a team that is equal or worse than the US

  70. Aco93 says:

    Pete, sorry I forget the great tradition of your soccer. It’s great to tie against Italy, who was playing with 10 players the majority of the game, and thanks to an own goal. I see you’re very proud for 1 point, that’s great for you. Can you also go back to the world cup 1998 to give me the last result between Serbia (as Yugoslavia) and USA please?
    I guess Subotic prefer to play FOOTBALL with world class player who weren’t in the world cup 2006 instead of playing SOCCERS with a team who can lose against Trinidad and Tobago. That’s pretty insane!

  71. Aco93 says:

    “Lets be real, the United States will win two World Cup’s before Serbia even wins one.”

    You are very realistic my friend! hahaha

  72. even if he joined US, his commitment to the our Red, White and Blue would be suspect to me. I agree with the sentiments that we want people who would go to the wall for our team, not potentially half ass it. It was clear he didn’t want to play for the US that badly.

  73. Carr says:

    Congratulations Neven. A shame you won’t be with the Nats, but fairly understanding considering you are based in Germany.

  74. northzax says:

    well heck, let’s look at it from a perfectly reasonable perspective of travel alone. subotic obviously plans to make his living in Europe, either Germany or Italy. So fine.

    let’s look at just the first FIFA date with both Serbian and US qualifiers in 2009,

    Mar: Sat. 28
    Romania v Serbia 988 miles
    El Salvado v US 5766 miles (if we play in San Salvador again)

    That’s on the heels of a likely midweek trip to scenic Columbus (4152 miles) in February and a lovely two weeks in Carson (5679 miles) in January. So if Subotic took the US offer and was called up immediately, between Feb 1 and March 31, he would have put 31,194 miles into the old frequent flyer account, instead of the 1,976 he would book, right now, for Serbia. Plus, he would play all summer in either the Confederations Cup or the Gold Cup, giving no real rest the summer before a World Cup. the next time he would have more than two weeks off would be the summer of 2011. in that time, he would clock about 200,000 miles flying for the US. that’s a huge commitment. I’ve flown from DC to London for a meeting and been wrecked, I can’t imagine flying, playing a 90 minute match and then flying home in a three day window. over and over and over. while playing on the weekends.

  75. undrafted says:

    I agree that travel was probably the dealbreaker.

  76. JC says:

    Some of you guys sound like real cry babies. He’s made his decision, time to move on. And will people stop bringing up the US tie against Italy. It’s pathetic the way people think that game actually proves something. Mexico’s tied Italy in two separate World Cups and have tied the Netherlands as well, and a lot of good those draws have done them. We aren’t an elite team. Let us start having some consistent quarterfinal or semifinal World Cup appearances before you guys start making us out to be the second coming of Brazil.

  77. FHim says:

    F*** HIM!!!!!!! And ***ch as* Rossi!!!!!!

  78. Hincha Tim says:

    I really would like to hear an interview with Subotic on what changed from when he did the linked interview in 2006 and now. He was very definite about representing the U.S. in the interview. It would be nice to hear his reasons.

    Although it’s a shame that he didn’t choose his adopted country, some of the comments are over the top. I ask you posters: if you were an ex-pat living in another country to earn a good living, and your children happened to be born there and grew up in that country, might you still like to see them play for the U.S. over the country you were working in?

  79. metrostar 4 life says:

    bah humbug! have fun stupid serbia is awful and most likely won’t make it to another WC (unless of course, they host one, but lets be real) because of the traditional powerhouses and developing European countries in UEFA . Awful decision, but I’m glad this is finally over. Merry Christmas!

  80. Ryan says:

    Who cares. Hopefully he’ll feel crappy about it while he’s sitting at home watching the U.S. in the world cup.

  81. TimN says:

    Well, as I said previously, it would have been nice to pick him up, but if he doesn’t want to play for us, then my response is “Next…” We already have solid talent, and there’s always somebody else.

    I think Subotic will later regret his decision, but that is just my opinion. Serbia will always play second fiddle in Europe to Germany, The Netherlands, England, Spain, etc. The main highlights of his career will now come from club play. Again, my call out of Group 7 in Europe: France and Romania. See you in the 2014 WC Serbia…maybe.

  82. cbr says:

    its only fair to Serbia to get Neven. I mean they managed to lose all their territories the past 15 years, atlast they get to keep a player :-)

  83. yoman says:


    Why would anyone think USSF takes soccer seriously , when they hired BOB. Bob may be a great guy, but he is NOT A WORLD CLASS COACH.

  84. yoman says:

    Why are u all crying ?

    USSF Rejected him for U20 WC .

    so why do u want him now…..USSF had his chance………..

  85. “U.S. national team has benefited from foreign-born players who chose the United States over their native countries, such as Roy Wegerle, Earnie Stewart, Thomas Dooley, Freddy Adu and Stuart Holden.”

    Of those, only Freddy chose the U.S. rather than playing for Ghana. The rest were not wanted by the countries of their birth. I suppose Holden could have worked his way in to Scotland, but it would have been tough. The others weren’t asked by their home country, so they chose us instead.

  86. Brett says:

    We aren’t short of central defenders, so its hard for me to be too upset.

    But it would have been nice to have him. He’s more talented than either of our current top pair.

    Neven made the right choice for himself though. Bradley is going to stick with his comfort zone, whereas Serbia were offering him a spot next to Vidic, a top flight CB, in the starting 11 of a team with a lot of talent.

    No more pining though. We will still have a very good group of 18 come 2010.

  87. Scott A says:

    Unbiased opinion: He had mixed allegiances, it’s difficult to choose, he chose to represent the nation of his father’s birth and his ethnicity. It’s not easy, we’ve benefited from some decisions the other way. Good luck
    Biased opinion: F him. Reacted immaturely to some perceived snub. Have fun sitting on the bench behind superior players. Serbia ahead of the US of A? Haha See you in South Africa (oh wait, not)
    Goodbye NEVEN

  88. Rob says:

    I wish him a horrible career with Serbia. I am cool with his club career.

  89. Neumannator says:

    He’ll play for them, but I guarantee he won’t live there.

    Merry Christmas Subotic. Now go F$%# yourself.

  90. Rob says:

    You guys seriously need to chill out. Neven Subotic was not born in the United States, he owes nothing to the United States. He was a refugee in this country, I don’t understand how some of you think that he owes us something.

    He is not Bosnian, yes he was born in Bosnia, but if you know anything about the Balkans there was no way in hell he was ever going to represent Bosnia, he is a Bosnian Serb, therefore he is Serbian through and through. The only players that represent Bosnia internationally are pretty much Bosnian Muslims, the Bosnian Croats go to Croatia and the Bosnian Serbs go to Serbia.

    I am a Croatian-American, born in America, spent a decent amount of time in Croatia, I don’t think anybody that isn’t from the region understands the nationalism and patriotism that exists there. I am an American, but I have been brought up to be as proud as any Croat that lives in Zagreb. If I ever was good enough that I had to choose an international nationality, it would be a painstaking decision as I identify with both countries just as much. If they played each other in a WC, I don’t know what I would do.

    I am as big of a USMNT fan as anyone, trust me on this, but my heart would be utterly torn over which side to play for, though ultimately I believe it would be the US because I was born here and grew up here. Neven did not, cut him some slack. Rossi you can criticize, but seriously you know how proud Italian-Americans are, and how they identify themselves as complete Italians, I really think people shouldn’t be so harsh on him.

    Being from multiple countries, I really think it comes down to what country you identify with. And those of you who talk this rubbish we employ their parents, we gave him a chance, he was a refugee in our country, etc, etc, that is such a load of rubbish it sounds like classic Rebublican propaganda honestly.

  91. Justin says:

    Some of you are just flat out pathetic.

  92. Steve says:

    I love US Soccer as much as anyone and am deeply disappointed by Subotic’s decision. But, the Rossi-Subotic haters out there are just plain sad and pathetic. I used to think American soccer fans were fairly progressive and intelligent compared to your average football or baseball fan…I guess I was wrong.

  93. Lloyd Heilbrunn says:

    I’m sure glad that Gulati kept reassuring us this was not true!

    Speaks wonders for USSF’s credibility…..

  94. sublicon says:

    Wait, you mean . . the messiah has decided to play for Serbia rather than USA? Waaaaahhhh!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!!

  95. doug says:

    You guys, flippin out like schoolgirls who watched the other girl get the guy, are acting as if Subotic and Rossi were the proverbial “missing pieces” to winning the 2010 World Cup. By the time the US can actually claim to be a favorite to win the cup, the whole drama surrounding Subotic and Rossi will be a distant memory. If we are counting on two 20 year olds for world soccer supremacy, we have more problems than we thought.

    You guys are acting like we missed out on the second comings of Beckenbauer and Batistuta for God sakes. Besides these 2 players didnt come good until they left the US so stop fooling yourselves into thinking we “produced” these players. Want someone to get mad at. How bout A-Rod who decides to play for the Dominican Republic AFTER he already played for the USA in the WBC. Yeah thats right. Playing for a country he has never lived in. Now thats something to be angry about

  96. Aco93 says:

    All those comments shows that americans don’t like Serbia and the Serbs, so instead of being angry, be happy that a Serb won’t join your squad!

  97. William says:

    Some of you are acting like it’s 1992 and us getting Thomas Dooley is our only chance of being a decent team in the 1994 World Cup.

  98. luis says:

    Did Serbia with the help of MONTENGRO get raped by argentina 6-0, when was the last time that the US lost like that to argetina? one can argue 4-1 in copa america but that was even the US C team. Serbia blows and they will not mnake the world cup.

    GLad he is gone, why would US fans want him anyway, He is only in it for the $$$$, if he wasnt then he would have waited to play on the serbia u20 team not the US, he just does what so many illegal UNgrateful immigrants do, us the US for there benifit and jump ship the moment there bitch calls.

    US is bigger than one crap player, Gooch would squash him with his pinkey

  99. Aco93 says:

    Gooch, average player in an average European team! Impressive. At least Serbia have never lost against usa, and with or without Subotic, that won’t change in the future.

  100. Blondie says:

    I will leave you with this , Fifa needs to investigate how much was put in the account by the Serbian Govt/Soccer federation! Enough said !

  101. William says:

    Luis made a bunch of points I agree with. (Except for Subotic being a money grabber — I know nothing about NS’s motivations for anything, much less other players with immigrant roots.)

    Anyhow, we didn’t get Subotic, so let’s move on. We have a deeper pool of players than ever and let’s take our chances with them.

    Nothing was worse than trolling Bundesliga II looking for German players with American fathers. (e.g., David Wagner, Michael and Marco Mason.) We’ve come a long way in ten years.

  102. nick l says:

    “Let me reiterate that Serbia has possibly the most exciting talent pool in Europe. The US, as always, is competent but average (and yes, even the “great” Jozy Altidore will end up a decent player but NOTHING more… where are the sots that were comparing him to Benzema now?). I would take my chances with Serbia instead of settling for three-and-out World Cups.

    Posted by: Tim | December 24, 2008 at 03:09 PM ”

    Serbia went three and out w/o any points (the US got a point against the world champs)at the last world cup 2 goals 10 against. Didnt even qualify in 2002. US quaterfinalists(unlucky vs germany)Altidore is much better than any serbian fwd you really have to be kidding. Would not mind facing serbia in a world cup at all.

  103. milan says:

    i will name all serbian forward that are better than josie altidore 1. pantelic 2. kezman 3. milosevic 4. koroman 5. darko pancev 4. prosnenski