U.S. Women win Under-20 World Cup

Alex Morgan (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                               Photo by ISIphotos.com

North Korea showed plenty of determination and ability, but the U.S. Under-20 women's national team was the better squad on Sunday, finished its chances and played well enough defensively to make their two goals stand up as tournament stars Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan scored first-half goals to lead the United States to a 2-1 win in the Under-20 women's World Cup final on Sunday in Chile.

Leroux gave the Americans a lead in the 23rd minute on a clinical finish from 18 yards out. Morgan, the best player on the field all game, delivered a goal of the tournament candidate when she ran through the North Korea defense before blasting a left-footed shot into the top left corner of goal to give the Americans a 2-0 lead they never relinquished.

North Korea notched a consolation goal in second-half stoppage time, but the Americans held on to gain some revenge for the U-17 World Cup final loss to North Korea just last month.

What did you think of the U.S. team's performance? Were you as impressed by Morgan's skills as I was? Do you think Morgan and Leroux will soon be dominating on the senior women's national team level?

Share your thoughts on today's Under-20 women's World Cup final in the comments section below.

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30 Responses to U.S. Women win Under-20 World Cup

  1. Paul says:

    Alex Morgan is gonna be a star with the full national team one day if she can use this tournament as a spring board. Especially now with WUSA2 she can blossom

  2. se says:

    alex moran better go to the LA sol after her 4 years with cal are done=D same with leroux at ucla

    People that impressed me most




    what a beautiful goal that second one was from morgan


  3. Isaac says:

    Wow that was a good game. I left after half time for a Christmas party, but what I saw was all i needed to see. Morgans goal reminded me of Benny Feilhaber’s. Same thing really, outside the 18, and won a tournament. or like Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico. anyways, to be honest, I thought I would see boring play, it was the only game i saw the U 20 women play but if I saw all the rest It still would have been the best. Rocky start but they found there rhythm and finished strong.

  4. Isaac says:


    Thats what we thought about Benny Feilhaber and look what happened to him. Lets not get too cocky but I think if she keeps her head straight she’ll be fine.

  5. lisa says:

    Leroux Morgan and Washington were brilliant.

    Alex Morgan plays with a lot of confidence and that last goal was classy and impressive, the announcer lost his sh*t. I look foward to seeing these ladies on the full national team and in the WPS. The have great potential to be big stars

  6. beckster says:

    Morgan and Leroux were brilliant. I don’t think it was Washington’s best performance of the tournament but she could be great. Also, I think the central D was rock solid – maybe some talent there for the WNT. The thing that surprised me most was the lack of impact by Toben Heath. But just a great effort, a truely brilliant goal by Morgan and congratulations to them all!

  7. sean monaghan says:

    toben heath didnt play ^^^

    anyways you guys are right,its good to see our girls national team is still producing class young players

  8. Jason says:

    Morgan and Leroux will be stars with the senior team in a couple years. plus Leroux is only a 1990.

  9. kyle says:

    I was at the game and it was AWESOME! In my eyes, Morgan shone more than anyone else on the field.

    The second half was a little boring as the U.S. sort of fell asleep, hence the Korean goal, but all in all it was some quality soccer and I was really impressed by how well we played!

  10. martha says:

    Great job…

    Leroux rocks…

    is she cap tied to US now or can she change her mind again?

    The lord taketh Rossi and Subotic but giveth Leroux

  11. frank says:

    Am I the only guy out there that noticed that Alex Morgan and a few of the other USA girls are rather nice on the eyes????

  12. lisa says:


    I’m a girl and I noticed. Apperantly the chilean media was rather taken with the US team and some of the lookers from the other teams.

  13. Goalscorer24 says:

    Leroux is a clinical finisher, and Morgan was a monster and her goal was just outstanding. They will be the two to watch for the future. I was under impressed by Washington.

  14. Zack says:


    you should see her sister.

  15. frank says:

    Comments like that from the Chilean and other Latin American media outlets are what will get their daughters on the field also-when the general public sees that attractive, feminine ladies can also play attractive, aggressive futbol!

  16. sean monaghan says:

    haha frabnk you have no idea,at first when I saw her I swore my heart skipped a beat hahah =D

  17. goalscorer24 says:

    Must say I did not like the 2nd half for the US. You knew Korea was going to come out with everything they could throw at the US after the half. But the US just bunkered and stopped doing what was working so well for them in the first half, which was to put pressure on Korea upfront. If Korea had scored their goal earlier it could have suddenly been a differnt game.

  18. paul says:

    I dont care what anybody says Alex Morgan is fckin hot…i’d let her dominate me on any level…and if this soccer thing doesn’t work out, she could be a pornstar…she could be a soccer pornstar, I dont care this game needs her man. think how much she could promote soccer in america. I bet alot of man would watch her.

  19. beckster says:

    Sean – you are right…mixing up my blogs here…Tobin Heath played for UNC in their win and was virtually invisible the entire game. Was very surprised since she sould have been the class of the field.

  20. ag nigrin says:

    Congratulations to the U20 USWNT on winning the 2008 FIFA World Cup! They were he best team in the tournament. Morgan and LeRoux win Bronze and Golden Boots and Alyssa Naeher wins Golden Glove. A lot of praise has been given the goal scorers but not enough to the D. The US gave up just 3 goals in 6 games and Naher only gave up up 1 goal in 5 games! That is a .20 avaerage! Marshall, Fowlkes, Edwards, Klingy were also impressive. I hope these gals continue the US Soccer tradition down the line as part of the USWNT! Bravo to Tony DiChicco too! He played the gracious and consummate leader of a great team!

  21. Sebastian says:

    Alex Morgan will be great as it is further developed after this is a beautiful girl.I saw all the matches in Chille greet Alex from Poland

  22. Kevin says:

    Fantastic game to watch for the most part, the USA did go into a shell the last 15 minutes. Woulda been nice to see better game management (possess the ball deep instead of just clearing it right to Korea.) LeRoux and Morgan were phenomenal! As an FSU alum, I gotta say Becky Edwards was awesome as a central midfielder, and I hope she plays in the middle for FSU next year instead of on the back line.

  23. Marshall says:

    The run from Alex Morgan was fantastic, but she had a lot of other good moments, to go with only a few errors. I’m impressed, and I’m hopeful to see her develop and translate that to the Senior National team.

  24. papa bear says:

    Major congratulations to the U-20 ladies! Leroux and Morgan were fantastic all tournament.

    Now where do I sign up for the ‘Alex Morgan is the hotness’ Facebook group?

  25. Joamiq says:

    Wow. Goals like that are not unbelievable just because of the absolutely perfect execution. They’re perfect because you can’t believe that it even occurred to the player to take that shot. Great players see things the rest of us don’t.

  26. sean monaghan says:

    ^^ honestly start it!

    Ill become a fan then Ill invite her (shes one of my friends haha)

  27. Patricia J Vetrhus says:





  28. Patricia J Vetrhus says:

    Oh yes, can’t forget to mention how much we all enjoyed our trip and thank you to the people of Chile for making us so welcome!

    WE LOVE CHILE!!! Thank you so much!

    Muchas, muchas graci! Patricia

  29. frank says:

    link to facebook.com

    Alex is a national obsession in Chile from what I see here…

  30. axel says:

    I’m sure alex will get to the highest ranks. It was wonderfull seeing her play, and her goal against Korea perhaps the best action of the whole competition. It was also very nice the way she was made the unofficial queen of the tournament -with her sportive assets and her sympathy and beauty there is not much more to argue…
    The whole team was very good, I liked Leroux, Naeher, and many more but especially Washington in the game against Germany.
    I want to thank you girls for the nice soccer and whish you the brightest future.