Altidore set for Xerez loan

JozyAltidore (Reuters)  

Jozy Altidore is set to join Spanish second division club Deportivo Xerez on loan, while a proposed transfer has been scrapped by both Altidore and Villarreal manager Manuel Pellegrini.

Villarreal general manager Jose Manuel Llaneza revealed to Spanish daily AS on Friday that Altidore's potential transfer to Xerez won't be happening because neither Altidore or Pellegrini wanted it to happen.

"In the beginning it appeared very advanced but utlimately it looks as though neither the head coach or the player were interested in making this change," Llaneza said, referring to a transfer. "Right now I was talking to Xerez, but (Altidore) doesn't want it, nor does the head coach, and like that it is too difficult.

"The club is interested in him playing and proving himself," Llaneza said of Altidore's loan deal. "This wasn't an important move economically, but more a sporting move."

Apologies for the mix-up in translation earlier this morning but Altidore does appear headed for a loan move. The above quotes from Llaneza were regarding a potential transfer of Altidore to Xerez.

Xerez currently sits in first place in the Spanish second division.

What do you think of this development? Are you glad to see him making a move for more playing time? Disappointed he won't take part in the rest of Villarreal's season? Glad to hear that Villarreal wasn't interested in selling him?

Share your thoughts below.

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51 Responses to Altidore set for Xerez loan

  1. kpugs says:

    I’m still confused, the GM said this definitely won’t happen, but it already happened?

    I just want Jozy to play, that’s all. But I still have no grasp whatsoever on what is reality when it comes to this story.

  2. RK says:

    Ok, that’s what El Periodico Mediterraneo was saying.

    I don’t like it. And I thought this news nixed it: El líder confirma el fichaje de Abel Gómez
    link to

  3. RK says:

    VCF must have some other forward lined up (although the Mati loan was also turned down).

    There’s a real battle this year in La Segunda. I still want to see Real Sociedad get promoted.

  4. Frog says:

    I do like it a lot…let Altidore get time on a very competitive team during this important WCQ time. Go back to Villareal next season with more experience under his belt. This is win-win for club and country.

  5. BellusLudas says:

    Once Jozy lights up the second division he will get called back or a transfer to a first division team that wants to play him. He has to prove he can score in Europe then the doors will open.

  6. strago says:

    Color me confused too.

    I’m not sure what to make of this, I would of preferred him at Villareal, but this is a better loan move than the EPL.

  7. Chase says:

    I think the Everton loan would have been great for Altidore(he would be playing consistently for a team using a midfielder at striker against the best competition in the world), but apparently Villareal want him in to stay in Spain, which also has its positives.

    Hopefully he actually gets regular playing time, the last thing this place needs is another “dressed but did not play” in the weekly Americans Playing Abroad posts to argue about…

  8. A.S. says:

    Hurrah! Instead of playing with Everton against the likes of Chelsea and ManU, Jozy can play with Xerex against Elche and Eibar. Soooooo happy he wasn’t moved to Everton.


  9. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Xerez while sort of unknown in the mainstream is very very decent and having a marvelous year and they are team scoring goals by the bunches…The level of play is fairly high considering teams like Zaragoza, Sociedad, Vallecano and Celta Vigo are not even in the top 3 table places….I just hope people dont shy away because of the lesser know name because I can bet that if he was going on loan to Celta Vigo everyone would actaully be more excited.

  10. Isaac says:

    pretty cool. Good chance for him to get some playing time. Should make him sharp and ready for WCQ and hopefully the Confederations Cup.

  11. jim bucher says:

    While it is important for him to get some PT, I’d rather he stays at Villa and fight for his spot. Training with a top squad is surely better than playing with a mediocre one.

  12. Igor says:

    I just wish we could watch some Xerez games, though I think I saw some streams available before.

  13. Malcolm says:

    A loan to Xerez would do Jozy a world of good. He would be able to play every week in a league that plays the same style as villarreal. He could gain valuable experience and if he does well then it would increase his stock for next season. Everyone should also be mindful of the fact that if he is to make the world cup roster then he needs to playing.

  14. Luke in NC says:

    I’m definitely pleased to hear that he is getting playing time….though i think Everton woulda been cool (it would’ve made it a lot easier to follow him and catch his games on the tube!).

    Anybody have any insight as to how playing in Spain’s second division compares to being in another league in Europe where he could still get playing time? Obviously Villareal is tring to develop him for their purposes (which is exciting in the sense that we actually have a good European club taking such serious interest in a USMNT player)…..but does anybody think Jozy/USMNT would benefit better by having him elsewhere?

  15. Sandro says:

    Jozy needs playing time. If he is not getting it in Villareal then he needs to go where he will get playing time. Nothing good can happen while he is on the bench for a long time.

  16. Luke in NC says:

    Also, anybody think he could displace/compete with Ching as Bradley’s favored starting forward if he plays decently on this loan?

    Not that i necessarily wanna see Ching gone….the fella has grown on me recently…..but of course we all wanna see a bonafide goal scorer on the squad.

  17. EDB says:

    he needed a move to get pt. So good move

  18. Ulrich says:

    Xerez was READY to get Jozy permanently, so they have every intention of playing him each game. This is far better than going to Everton, because while Everton needs another forward, Cahill is playing wonderfully, so Jozy would possibly only be a sub off the bench.

  19. RK says:

    Bradley wants a calm, steady, professional yet not flashy forward up top to stabilize. He isn’t looking for the best scorer.

  20. Zizou says:

    I’m wondering why Villareal’s General Manager is already looking to transfer out a 19-year old $10 million summer signing. He specifically said that a deal was basically in place and that it was the coach and player who decided against. Given the incredibly high turnover in coaches in Europe, in my mind, a coaches loyalty doesn’t mean all that much, especially if it seems the general manager may already be ready to get rid of you. Does anyone else see this as a potential red flag in Jozy’s development?

  21. Mike B says:

    He would have ended up on the bench at Everton as well, no matter how much some people dreamed of him starting. This is a much better move, and I hope he does get the playing time here.

  22. Tom in Newark says:

    Puzzling & Disturbing:

    a) Who proposed the transfer?
    b) Why would you dump a player six months after paying $10M for him?

    It doesn’t bode well for his future at Villareal that they would consider getting rid of him so quickly.

    I try to look at these things optimistically; but for this to be anything other than a loan deal doesn’t speak well for the future of Yanks in Spain.

  23. Rob C says:

    Forgive me for being negative, but…

    ANOTHER PLAYER in a European second division? I mean seriously, I’d rather have them here in MLS. Regardless of what some Eurosnobs will say, MLS is at least as good as most, if not all, European second divisions.

    I understand Jozy had to go to Europe now, and he wanted to go. But it’s just a very disconcerting trend among many of our Yanks that have chosen to go abroad: they’re either wallowing on the bench if they play for a first division club, or they play in the second division.

    You can really count on one hand the active MNT players (I don’t wanna count the retired goalkeepers and kids like Ryan Guy who plays in the Eircom League) that are getting at least some significant European First Division minutes:

    Clint Dempsey

    Tim Howard

    Landon Donovan (does he even count yet? things are looking good, but who knows)

    Oguchi Onyewu

    Carlos Bocanegra

    Adu, Beasley, Edu, Guzan, etc. are all riding the pine. It’s a bad thing. To be honest, with the improved quality of MLS, you almost want these guys here and playing.

    That’s not to say our best players SHOULDN’T go abroad…they most certainly should. But goodness it’s frustrating to read the Americans Aborad Recaps and read: “Dressed but did not play” or “did not dress”.

  24. Pico says:

    Hey Ives,

    Did your prior post about Jozy get hosed? There seems to be conflicting accounts about the situation, because Marca says one thing and AS says another, and the forums say something else. There was this interview to Llaneza this morning (Spain time) at

    link to

    I am trying to find out what is the nature of the move. Most everyone is calling it a ‘cesion’ which seems to be different from ‘prestamo’. Does that mean Jozy will no longer be part of VCF?


  25. kofi_x5 says:

    Villa do seem to be protecting him and thats good. I know nothing about Xerez except what I ‘ve read here and they don’t seem that bad. He’ll be part of a team that needs him in order to advance to the top league. Looks like he’ll get playing time but will still have to fight for his spot as long as other guys on the team are scoring too. And right now its only a loan. As long as he plays well and scores in most every game every week for Xerez, and as long as he goes back to Villareal next season I’ll be happy. I don’t won’t to see him traded to a bottom tier team anywhere. He’s too good for that.

  26. Andy in Atlanta says:

    ROB C…With all due respect the Segunda is the best 2nd division in all fo Europe…It blows away the Coca Cola Championship and there are very few MLS teams that could survive the Segunda where the top half of the table are likely better than the botton 3rd in La Liga… You have several teams that have done well in Europe in the last 5-10 years who just were having some financial issues.

  27. Chad says:

    Doesn’t make any sense to me. Why would a club in 1st position need to mix up their chemistry by adding a new face?

    And why would Villa let any of their forwards go when they are picking up injuries week in and week out?

  28. Ives says:

    Pico, this is what I have been able to piece together based on the reports.

    Villarreal intends to loan Altidore to Xerez, but Xerez was interested in a transfer. Villarreal shot that down and I think the GM’s comments were basically that the team approached the coach and Altidore with the possibility and they turned it down.

    The story that the Meditteraneo newspaper had said that a transfer was imminent. That is what led to the Villarreal GM clarifying the situation and saying no transfer was happening.

    That’s what I’ve seen so far. Long story short, he won’t be sold. Will the loan deal actually happen? I am still waiting for official word on that.

  29. RK says:

    I think the LOAN hinges on Villarreal acquiring someone else (Oliveira?). For those that think Villarreal are giving up, you are mistaken. If anything, he would be going to Xerez for playing time, for just 6 months. However, from what I’ve seen, Pelligrini doesn’t want to lose him (because he needs a 5th forward and wants to work with him) and Jozy doesn’t want to go because he is enjoying the team and his role. I’d hate to see the GM’s decision go against both player and manager.

  30. Chase says:

    “Xerez was READY to get Jozy permanently, so they have every intention of playing him each game. This is far better than going to Everton, because while Everton needs another forward, Cahill is playing wonderfully, so Jozy would possibly only be a sub off the bench.”

    Being a regular sub off the bench on the 6th best team in the Premiership isn’t exactly a bad gig for an 18 year old, especially seeing how Cahill is incredibly injury prone is bound to get hurt at some point…

  31. Tony in Quakeland says:

    COuld be the best possible out come – playing time now while still part of VR’s long range plans.

  32. MickND says:

    I think this is a perfect situation for Altidore. It seems to me that there is a lot of trust and loyalty between Altidore and Villareal. He wants to play for them. This loan deal will mean he’ll be able to develop as well as stay loyal to Villareal. Going to Segunda division will prepare him far better for European/international play than MLS ever would. And on top of that he gets to go to a team that is winning games (See Donavan at Bayern vs Bradley at Monchengladbach). The quality around him will up his game and make him a better player. I hope this loan happens and I am excited about Altidore’s future with Villareal.

  33. Shmenge says:

    Ante Razov scored goals in the Spanish 2nd and it didn’t interest anyone over there in him.

    Javier Morales was the best player on his team at Salamanca.

    Saying the Spanish 2nd is much better than MLS is a stretch.

  34. Chosun says:

    Wow, thanks for the clarification Ives…the post was a bit confusing and I didn’t quite follow what was going on.

  35. ChrisM says:

    Ok, very very confusing article, but I think it means that Xerez wanted to buy Altidore’s contract, and they shot that down, only agreeing to a loan???

  36. smokedgouda says:

    So let me get this straight, if he goes to Xerez and they stay at #1 they get promoted right?

  37. yay for playing time and further development for Jozy.

    boo for playing in a second division team and for increasing the likelihood he will transfer to that team.

    With the injuries at striker at Villareal, wouldn’t he start getting more PT anyway?

  38. Shmenge says:

    Let me add that Jerez de la Frontera is the back of beyond–miserably hot, dry, dusty, not even on the coast.

    I went through there on my way to Algeciras and the ferry to Morocco when I lived in Spain.

    I can’t imagine living there at 19 and speaking little Spanish.

  39. doug says:

    good games are good right now. come 2010 in south africa this will bear fruit for the USMNT.

  40. r.benjamin says:

    I think this is a win/win. Jozy was not going play much at villareal this year.

    This gives him an opportunity to play and be a part of a promotion push with all of the competitive pressure and atmophere. plus at this point, I think staying in Spain is his best option.

  41. adam says:

    Why is he going to Xerox? If he wanted to make copies he could have stayed in the States for godsakes!

  42. Raghu says:

    What is the Xerex forward pool like? Will Jozy automatically see time? A loan deal is probably teh best for all parties involved. Jozy gets more PT – if Villareal has injury issues, they can call him back. After getting more time on the pitch, Jozy gets to come back to what seems to be a comfortable situation for him and compete for PT. As long as he sees the field for Xerex, I don’t see the downside.

    I’m just worried he won’t get as much time as he’d like as Xerex seems to be very good in the 2nd division.

  43. Raghu says:

    Whoops, sorry for the typo’s. I meant Xerez, not Xerex or Xerox.
    Now I need eXcedrin.

  44. b rad says:

    so is he transferred?!? this is a confusing story…. I don’t like it, if they were going to transfer him,

    I would like to see him in the EPL.. not playing second division spain…

  45. RK says:

    Shmenge…at least Villarreal has better weather, but it is a small town, too.

  46. Jamie Z. says:

    The readers of this blog need to brush up on their reading comprehension.

  47. Carl says:

    He needs to be on the field. Training is not the same as game experience. This is good if he starts every game.

  48. inkedAG says:

    I don’t care for this move, but I suppose it is better than not playing.

  49. John says:

    Jerez de la Frontera is not that bad. Nice people there, and they have great wine. It is close to El Puerto de Santa Maria. Not that far from “El Puerto” is Cadiz and Sevilla. He will have a great time there. He will play and do fine.

  50. Malcolm says:

    You all have to realize that in going to Xerez he can adapt to the spanish style of play. I agree with Rob C that MLS is about as good as any second division in europe but MLS plays a not very technical style of play while the segunda does (just like in la liga).

  51. David says:

    Hi everybody. I´m from Jerez, and a Xerez supporter. I think that it´s a great player that can improve his game at this team. My team (Xerez) is playing so good this year. You can see the links of Xerez matches at We are playing the best soccer in the Second Division. And, Jerez is not Seville or a great place, but it´s a beautyful town, i think he will be glad to be here, other stranger players were happy to be here, with the people from Jerez. So, my best wishes to everybody who support Altidore.