Beckham show could be sidelined

David Beckham (Reuters) 

The David Beckham love-fest at AC Milan may have to be put on hold as the former LA Galaxy midfielder tries to recover from a leg muscle strain in time to play in Milan's match against Lazio on Sunday.

Beckham has scored goals in two straight matches, leading to a surge in speculation that he will stay with Milan rather than return to Major League Soccer. Based on comments from both Bruce Arena and Don Garber, it looks as though MLS and the Galaxy are ready to listen, but not to the reported $6.3 million offer originally linked to Milan.

Since the Beckham circus is in full swing, why don't we take a different angle on this one. What do you think the Galaxy should do if it does wind up selling Beckham? Who should LA go for? Should the Galaxy use its designated player at all? Are you hoping Arena finds a way to land DaMarcus Beasley in LA?

Share your thoughts below.

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57 Responses to Beckham show could be sidelined

  1. kpugs says:

    If they were smart they’d ask for Shevchenko in a cash plus Sheva deal, then go out and try to land Beasley as well.

    The league will find a way to make an exception should any of their moves violate MLS rules.

  2. Unoriginal Aaron says:

    Obviously answer is they should go after Kaka


  3. Danny says:

    Beasley in LA would be nice. It would allow DeMarcus to play consistently again in preparation for the WC. Then (with a good showing) make one last move to Europe. I could see him going back to the EPL for a tweener team like a Hull City, Sunderland, etc.

    LA should sell Beckham, but he’s worth MUCH more than just $5-6 million. He pays for that in one month through shirts, tickets, etc. He’s a $10 million sale at least. I don’t care if he’s 33, he’s WORTH more than what AC Milan is offering.

  4. sack says:

    I dont know why, but i just have always thought he would be back in LA by March. Not saying its the best decision on either side…but its just my gut feeling on this.

  5. gmd says:

    Kpugs is spot on.

  6. Galaxy says:

    Becks will be back to start 2009 – his commercial value exceeds $20-million per season for MLS (all revenues considered), and I doubt AC Milan is going to fork that over in the next couple of days. They may change their mind once Tottenham, Man City, Juventus, et al start sniffing around this spring, looking towards a July sale.

    If Becks leaves, the Galaxy need a second starter at holding midfielder — that is where Beckham is/was going to play in Arena’s new 4-2-3-1. Kovalenko is the enforcer, so they need the distributor to complement him (the Galaxy’s Alonzo to Kovalenko’s Mascherano if you will).

    Miglioranzi, Griffin and McDonald are solid back-ups, but not starters.

  7. Mario in SJ says:

    Why not have Milan throw in Christian Panucci? The Gals might be able to use an attacking right back! I understand he wants out.

  8. Tony says:

    Realistically it would $8.5-9m for Becks, I feel like anything over that would be illogical due to his age and penchant for injury of late.

    Most importantly for LA would be to grow from the back. Beasley doesn’t help that, and has never exactly been a 20-25 goal scorer either so I don’t see his direct impact for the cash he will demand.

    LA requirements: CenterBacks, C.Defenseive Mid, Landon Donovan replacements (meaning at least 2 guys will need to be brought in to supplement his scoring). Clearly, in MLS $9mil can get you all of that and more.

  9. Brandon says:

    beckham for shevchenko + cash. i haven’t heard that before, but that’s a great idea.

  10. renobtnaig says:

    Trade Becks and cash for Sheva AND Ronaldinho. Have the Galaxy bring in Beas and BOOM, Galaxy are bringing home the silverware in 2009.

  11. Eugene says:

    Might as well close the Home Depot Center. Selling Beckham to buy DaMarcus Beasley will be a joke.

    By the way, who cares what Bruce Arena is saying, and although people care what Don Garber is saying, Tim Leiweke made it clear in his comments that a sale of Beckham is unlikely and they expect him to come back to the Galaxy on schedule.

    As I understand it, AEG owns Beckham’s contract, not MLS, so I’d think Leiweke is the one with the say here.

  12. Forget LA, what does the league do? They just lost their one big mainstream marketing machine…

  13. Furball says:

    $6 million? Maybe on talent, but dude sells 25 million worth of shirts. I say the Galaxy should force him back so he can be booed mercifully in every stadium in MLS for showing MLS such disrespect. He has done nothing for MLS. He doesn’t do appearances on behalf of MLS. He basically came in for a money grab and now he wants out. I want this tosser to become the most hated player in the country.

  14. Michael F. says:

    How many teams have won the MLS Cup with a DP? Technically, was Schelotto one? My point being, If I’m a GM, no way I spend on a DP, I get way more for my money elsewhere.

  15. Goalscorer24 says:

    The Galaxy should go for Beasely and Convey.

  16. Chase says:

    This injury is poetic justice at its finest…too bad it didn’t happen after Milan had ponied up $10+ million and thrown in a Sheva (which I highly doubt see as a this would be entirely contigent on the Ukrainian wanting to leave Milan and agreeing to personal terms with the league greatly complicating any deal)…

    Frankly, this would be a terrible move for a financially troubled Milan. Beckham has a worth on two different planes. One is the American plane which sees his worth substantially higher due to the increased revenue he generates for the league as a whole. Then there is the European plane, which has more to do with his ability on the field, and less to do with him marketability.

    Due to this phenomenon, to keep Beckham Milan are going to have to pay a steep price for a player that doesn’t have very much left in the tank and could suffer a major injury that ends his career at anytime.

  17. nico says:

    LA should bring Lalas out of retirement and give him a DP salary.

  18. Bill says:

    american’s can’t think straight when it comes to epl/english-players..but, there is one guy that is available in june that still has some serious talent : michael owen.

    Pay early to get him now and it’ll be ‘beckham who?’ in 3 months time.

  19. scott47a says:

    Michael Owen?
    He’s injured way more often than Beckham.

    As to Tony’s comment: “LA requirements: CenterBacks, C.Defenseive Mid, Landon Donovan replacements (meaning at least 2 guys will need to be brought in to supplement his scoring). Clearly, in MLS $9mil can get you all of that and more.”

    The problem is that Beckham is a $400,000 player under the salary cap. That’s it. You don’t get to spend the entire $9 million unless you sign another DP. And there is no DP at all that brings LA or MLS the marketability and attention of Beckham.

    There really is no price on what he has done for the league in terms of TV contracts and shirt sponsors and a sense that the league is on the upturn. No price. And no reason in the world to ever sell.

    He will be back in LA.

  20. DS says:

    If a player doesn’t want to come to a team/league, it’s a bad idea to force him to come back – he might give less than 100%, get “injured” more often, sulk away to glory (though, to his credit, Beckham has not done the last one).

    Get reasonable value in transfer fee, sack Arena, and hire a coach who will build a team from the bottom-up, and not go after big names before the team has any semblance of stability. Time to move some of those good college coaches (Wake Forest, Maryland) into the pro-ranks, and start building teams from the ground up.

  21. jspot says:


    GALLARDO TO PLATE??? IVES whats the scoop smokey? don’t let the soccer insider beat you on this one!!!!

  22. lasoccer says:

    That’s all we need is a lug like Sheva on the Galaxy … The guy has no work rate — was terrible at Chelsea. I don’t believe he’s scored this year for AC Milan. Signing Sheva would surpass Denilson as the worst designated player signing.

  23. Matt says:

    yeah because owen is immensely more talented than beckham is in injured much less frequently…

    I’m still not convinced that a dp is the way to go. I’d love to see the league start trying to bring in young south american talent who would theoretically play for less-than-dp money. Even if they leave after 3 seasons, the club and MLS are making money on transfers until the league has enough high roller investors (and more lax salary cap rules) to start keeping that kind of talent.

  24. Javier Padilla says:

    Wasn’t it Don Garber who recently said something like MLS sold Altidore for $10 million so the $6.3 million AC Milan is offering for Beckham is too low?

    I’m a fan of Beckham’s. I agree he hasn’t done much on the field then again his supporting players on the Galaxy last year for the most part sucked (I’m a Galaxy fan too). The problem is he needs good players around him. Watch his games in MLS he does try to make things happen for his team, but he can’t be expected to do it all by himself. Let’s face it he’s really more of a supporting player on the wing and he’s not really a goal scorer or a playmaker. Whatever your opinion about him he did bring attention to the league. He’s still very popular around the world rightly or not.

    All that said maybe it is time to let him go for a fee substantially higher than $10 million. Is $20 million asking too much for the most recognized footballer in the world? And who should the Galaxy replace him with? Is there another player like Scheletto around? A gifted playmaker for the Galaxy would be good. A talented striker would be good also. Talented right and left wingers are also needed. I like Chris Klein and Eddie Lewis, but they’re both getting old and slow. They both get beat too often and aren’t fast enough to recover. I don’t see DeMarcus Beasley being the answer. He’s got talent but he seems to be injured more often than not. I like the guy. I was a fan of his when he was Chicago and I want the best for him, but I don’t see him being the player the Galaxy needs. I’m pretty good at recognizing players but I just can’t name one player who the Galaxy can call in to make the team as good as it needs to be.

    Even if Beckham should stay they’re probably going to loose Donovan and the question arises will Buddle show the consistency in goal scoring this year and are any of the forwards on their current roster good enough. If Beckham leaves and Donovan leaves that should amount to whole lot of money to make the team substantially better providing the Galaxy spends it right.

  25. Roberto says:

    LA should work together with the government to bring maradona out of retirement. I’m sure Diego being 40 something can play more than all the names thrown … Together!! Haahah
    seriously whoever mentioned panucci from Milan…. He
    plays with Roma… He stopped being a Milan player almost 15 years ago

    Ok if had to pick a player to replace Becks it would be…….
    Paul Scholes or less realistically Seedorf

  26. Ryan says:

    Mario in SJ – Panucci plays for Roma…which is not a nickname for AC Milan.

  27. Hood_Rich says:

    $6M – $10M for Becks is too low. You have to look at the overall value of his “brand.” Someone mentioned $20M, which is more realistic as I remember reading MLS sold 200k – 300k of his jerseys last year. On jersey sales alone, that is 12M – 18M (based on $60/jersey). So maybe $15M + Shevchenko might work but outside of soccer fans and Ukrainians, who really thinks Shevchenko jerseys are going to sell?

  28. Cesar Barrientos says:

    i think galaxy should invest in US talent thats the way to grow in this country im a costarican born and i had lived in this country for 15 years and soccer has grow so much in that time and i wanted to keep growing and the only way is to use americans

  29. Arturo says:

    one person i would like to see

    Juan Roman Riquelme

    The main stream media wont know who the hell he is but the die hards and the latino market in LA will.

    To bad the guy is a head case.

  30. mikeK says:

    Beasley to LA to replace Beckham? Please Ives.

    1) Beasley gets hurt more often than a fat kid eats cake.
    2) He’s got no where near the crossing ability.
    3) He’s not even been in the lineup for the Rangers. (and if you haven’t seen them, they’re terrible)
    4) Rangers are losing money. If the Galaxy offers a cheeseburger the Rangers would scarf it down.

    And most importantly.


    But don’t listen to me. Ask a certain east coast team how well they fared with a former Ranger midfielder.

  31. understood says:

    there is no way Milan can come up with the cash it takes to give the Galaxy a fair market value (in terms of what he means to the MLS financially) for beckham…however based on the way the wind seems to be blowing i can see mls bowing to pressure and taking a lowball offer

  32. noname says:

    It would be a financial and PR disaster for MLS to let Beckham go. The TV deals, the shirt sales, the extra butts in the seats and all the negative media coverage about not being able to keep him when a better league came calling would undermine everything they built around him. My bet is that they extend the loan to the end of the season so he can come back and play in the summer. Lets everyone save face.

    I guess Becham is no Hendrik Larson. When Man U pressed Larson to stay after his brief and successful winter loan two years ago; he went home to his old club n Sweden noting he had made a promise to come back.

  33. understood says:

    imagine a donovan less galaxy this year? i dont care beckham or no beckham…theyre looking at ANOTHER pathetic showing this season

  34. This Guy says:

    1. MLS can’t sell Beckham. He brings in more than Milan is offering.

    2. If Beas comes to the MLS he instantly is the best player in the MLS. Alot of you for some reason hate on Beas, and I don’t know why. He has been killing it for years and has had one bench ridin’ season and everybody wants to treat him like EJ. When Beas is on form he is our best player for the USMNT excluding Timmy of course.

    3. The Galaxy can’t have Beas, Convey and Lewis it is retarded, they all play the same position.

    4. Sheva to LA would be good, he’s expressed interest in playing in the MLS and NY is saving it’s time for Henry in a year and a half.

  35. Eric R says:

    Galaxy should sign Zidane, then trade him to the Red Bulls for Rojas. Problem solved.

  36. Jones71 says:

    AEG & LA Galaxy will not sell Beckham. What will happen is that Beckham will return to MLS as planned on March 9th, play the 2009 season and in December return to AC Milan on loan and finish out the season with them until May 2010. He’ll then play in the World Cup and then return to LA Galaxy for the rest of his career.

  37. This Guy says:

    I’m not convinced Beckham has decided he wants to play for Milan. Ancelotti has done a good job of playing politics but Milan always does that. I think Becks will be back and all will be forgotten.

  38. Mike says:

    LOL at those of you taking about getting some of the AC Milan bench players in return. What makes you think they would want to come to the MLS?

    HOWEVER, I think LA Galaxy and AC Milan should use this as an opportunity to set up a joint venture with AC Milan where they can loan players both ways.

  39. This Guy says:

    there is no way Milan can come up with the cash it takes to give the Galaxy a fair market value (in terms of what he means to the MLS financially) for beckham…however based on the way the wind seems to be blowing i can see mls bowing to pressure and taking a lowball offer

    Posted by: understood

    I hope you don’t mean monetary funds. Berlusconi will pay. Berlusconi is the Ted Turner of Italy x 3.

  40. gel65 says:

    galaxy should sell beckham and go after wilman conde for the back line and riquelme to go with dema in the middle or palacios up top!

  41. Luke in NC says:

    All other reports i’ve read say that Beckham’s contract allows him to leave without a fee come thsi Fall. So if that’s the case, it makes sense for MLS to get all the cash they can (instead of him running to europe with MLS getting nothing). And, hey, you cant blame Becks for doing what he can to play in another World Cup. Lets just hope he meant all of that talk about making MLS better and comes back to do something after his dream chasing ends in 2010.

  42. DC U says:

    Sheva is only going to play for DC. That is who DC is going to get now that Gallardo is gone.

  43. A.S. says:

    “The Galaxy should go for Beasely and Convey.”

    And keep Eddie Lewis! Um, do they make a soccer field that only has a left side?

  44. Alex says:

    jones71 i agree!!!

  45. fubar says:

    Look for some big name wash-out. Someone like Figo. What’s to stop them from bringing in more than one guy? The MLS has bent over backwards for the Galaxy before and if they lose both LD and Becks, you can make book that they will be looking to bring in someon with star power?

    Maybe they go for Ashley Cole given his penchant for ending up in the Rags all the time. I know his gorgeous wife would love it.

    Or maybe they actually try to do something that makes sense in a futbol related manner – say Dos Santos, Vera or some other starlet that could light up Hollywood.

    MARKETING GUYS. Its all about the marketing.

  46. ThaDeuce says:

    Arena should take Convey or Beasley, and then Adu!!!

  47. Steve says:

    Sheva is on loan to Milan, right? They don’t actually own his rights… correct?

    If they do sell Beckham, no one else will make up for his marketing value, so their best bet would be to take the $400,000 of cap space and get 2-3 decent players to ADD SOME DEPTH towards building a WINNING team.

  48. gmd says:


    Well said…well said

  49. briank says:


    What do you think of this:

    Sell Beckahm to Milan for $10-15M.

    Sell Donovan to Bayern for $10-15M.

    Buy out of favor G. dos Santos and N. Castillo. Galaxy would then have two YOUNG, exciting attacking Mexican players who would receive addoration from Mexican supporters in SoCal. BA could sure up the defense with quality American players.

  50. LittleRockAnt says:

    alot of nice ideas in this comment section…do i think any of them will play out? lol not really, but i didn’t think becks was coming here either

  51. papa bear says:

    the only person who would come close to bringing the interest and fanfare that Beckham brings to the league is Ronaldinho. If they wanna give MLS Ronnie and keep Beckham, great. At least Ronnie has attacking skills and will actually produce something in the league.

    In lieu of that, $6.3 million is a joke. Even if he does have the buy out that many have SPECULATED (no one with access to the contract has ever confirmed that it exists)he generates well over $20M over what the league would otherwise be making. With that in mind the transfer fee would have to come close to that number. I don’t see that happening.

    Aside from all that, I’m more excited to see if Donovan ends up at Bayern and continues to excel.

  52. Kaiser says:

    Some people have tossed around the ideas of bring in players from Mexico, but what about bringing some US talent back from Mexico. I would love to see LA add talent like an Orozco or a Sammy Ochoa or Torres. Doubt they could get tham all, but adding Orozco would help that D significantly.

  53. aristotle says:

    It really does seem likely that wherever Beckham plays he will be injured quite often between now and the end of his career. He’s not durable and right now he is becoming more and more fragile all of the time. Part of the problem is his insistence on showing everyone that he won’t shy away from tough tackles. I wince watching him play in MLS where he goes into tackles that he should steer clear of. I’m not saying he should avoid physical contact all of the time, but sometimes it’s just not worth it. If he stays in Milan I think it’s even more likely he will be injured more because the players on opposing teams will exploit his tendency to get injured.

    A lot of people keep talking about how Beckham is better in a tougher league like Serie A because he has better players around him. This makes a lot of sense to some extent, but how do the players around you affect your ability to take a free kick? In addition wouldn’t defensive strategies and setup of the wall be tougher in Serie A than in MLS as well?

  54. madmax says:

    To have MLS/Galaxy/Arena involved in the Beckham decision is a ride to disaster. Just bring back Lalas for a complete train wreck. There is no reason Beckham should return, none. Milan is prepared to buy him out of LA.

    Rumor: Bruce has Becks penciled in at LB and Landon at CB to prove his genius.

  55. vipero says:

    Let Beck scores a couple of shots against Lazio, then take him back.

    What about Panucci as additional star at MSL? He wants to leave Roma and I would pay to see him on the other side of the ocean (still too close, but under the current global crisis, sending him to the moon would not be feasble)

  56. Piney O says:

    If I were MLS I would tell Becks and Milan this: We’ll extend your loan through Milan’s league season but after that you come back to LA and your renegotiated contract that removes the clause where you can opt out after 2009.

    If Beckham continues to play well his return to MLS might be seen in a better light as far as the old “washed up star” that many thought when he first arrived. And if LA can tread water through May they’d still be in contention for the playoffs because face it Mar-Apr-May mean nothing in MLS

  57. kofi_x5 says:

    I’m sure LD stays at Bayern Munich. Without him and Becks the Galaxy season is finished already. No playoffs and maybe they score 20 goals on the season with 45 against.
    Other hand, if Becks comes back and still no Donovan, who besides Buddle will be there to carry the cross into the net? MaGee?

    Who else is on the horizon for this team?