Donovan does it again, scores two more for Bayern

Landon Donovan Bayern 3 (Getty)

Landon Donovan can't stop scoring.

Yes, it is still the pre-season, but Donovan added two goals and an assist to his growing tally, starring in Bayern Munich's 5-0 pasting of Mainz 05 on Wednesday. The two goals give Donovan four in five pre-season matches for Bayern.

Here are both Donovan's goals:

Even the staunchest Donovan hater has to start giving the guy some credit. He looks confident, in form and ready to do some damage during his loan, a loan that is looking more and more likely to become a permanent move.

What do you think of Donovan's latest performance? Are you starting to become a believer? Does it make you proud as an American to see him doing so well (even in pre-season)? Is Donovan's recent form making you look more and more forward to the USA- Mexico World Cup qualifier? Are you trying to figure out how Chad Marshall couldn't get a deal with Mainz?

Share your thoughts below.

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137 Responses to Donovan does it again, scores two more for Bayern

  1. Brian says:

    I believe it was a DFB Cup match not a friendly

  2. Nicole says:

    Donovan scored twice in that game, plus got an MLS “secondary assist” on another goal.

    And had a 3rd goal called off for being a couple inches offside.

  3. Juan from L.A. says:

    Credit yes but its pre-season. And I say this because remember Gio and Barcelona. Yeah the young Mexican guy. He did so well in their pre-season scoring against sub-par teams and I remember the Mexicans being all over this. I then told a Mexican friend is not the same once the Liga begins and you are tested every week by caliber teams. I was right at the end of the season the kid got the boot from Spain and he was not playing anymore due to being overshadowed by more veteran forwards and kid name Bojan. So don’t take this too seriously. Its Pre-season!!!

  4. Jamie Z. says:

    Sometimes, it’s alright to just say, “YEAH!”

  5. Oranje Mike says:

    I hope this translates to success when Budesliga starts up again.

  6. NONAME says:

    that second one didn’t cross the line. The first one was luck. I am not impressed.

  7. Kurgen99 says:

    If he makes the team, his sometimes lack of effort is forgiven by me, and I get his new jersey.

  8. Jimmy Bobo says:

    Yeah, its preseason, but a player new to a team must show well in these matches to be considered when the league begins in earnest. Landon has shown well and he has made a case for significant minutes in regular Bundesliga matches.

  9. Travis says:

    Just keep em coming Lando.

  10. Danny says:

    Good form is good form. Haters can say “it’s just preseason” but they’re still haters. Call it like it is and THIS is an example of someone playing at a high level and WORKING his way into the line-up. Donovan is certainly making the most of his opportunity. You can’t ask for more.

  11. Frimp says:

    Yes it is just preseason, agreed, but at least he is making notable contributions in preseason…hopefully worth a stab at league matches. one step at a time.

  12. Adam says:


  13. michael says:

    He is doing all he can to get a place on Munich after the window, and while it is preseason he has fit in well and seems to provide balance to Luca Toni as a player.

  14. Kurgen99 says:

    He’s doing EXACTLY what we’ve all been wishing he’d do. This is positive. He could realize his potential, and he has the best coach to help him. It looks like he is fitting in very nicely.

    Mexico is in deep trouble.

  15. Ryan says:

    really, NONAME? Because that first one looked like a pretty perfectly executed header, and the second one most definitely crossed the line.

  16. Jay says:

    I stated his games against those Saudi teams didn’t mean much and I still believe that. This performance has a little more meaning. It’s a lot more close to the type of competition he’ll be against in a real league game. This pretty much ensures he’ll get at least a handful of matches in his loan and is looking like this move will be permanent.

  17. JohnC says:

    Noname “Luck”- are you serious. The first goal was dirty. Upper 90 on a header. The second wasn’t the best struck ball- but still good to see Landon with the confidence to attack the net and call for the ball.

  18. mike roch says:

    PRE?? season.. YOu mean MID season??

  19. happy for Landon and the USMNT, but given the support Klinsy has given Landy (with good results) and knowledge of the US system, I’d like to see Gulati take another run at Klinsmann after the WC ’10 to lead our program.

  20. coque says:

    haaa always so many donovan haters on this blog… making all you guys look stupid… wait til the season starts, they won’t be able to keep him off the field

  21. iasthai22 says:

    It’s really nice to see Donovan shoot more. I really hate that he’s in this “No-Win” situation. If he scores, we get this “It’s Pre-Season”. If he doesn’t score, then the cries are “He’s still Landycakes if he can’t score during Pre-Season”.

    I can’t tell if this is Donovan getting into great form or if Klinsmann is the mastermind behind this but if it’s Klinsmann, then Gulati desperately needs to get him as our head coach. Donovan is currently our best player for the national side and we desperately need him to be playing at a top level to have any kind of chance at making another run at a World Cup.

  22. Kurgen99 says:

    Is “Noname” Jamie Trecker?

  23. Jeff Darling says:

    For all the disbelievers out there, give it a rest. The guy is a world class player, deal with it. None of us could do that stuff.

  24. Danny says:

    “Noname” is Steven Cohen. Either that or some other World Soccer Daily Euro snob. More clones on that show than Jim Rome. Just as original too.

  25. Krista says:

    This is the only chance Landon has to prove that he is a man you want on your squad. So I think it’s great that he is creating chances, and getting goals no matter who it is against. It’s now or probably never for Landon to make it in Europe.

    Hopefully he can carry this confidence into the Mexico match.

  26. kebzach says:

    dude aint comin back to MLS

  27. BlueWhiteLion says:

    lol, Kurgen, “Jamie Trecker!”

    Not seeing the goal links on this page. Is it me, or are they gone?

  28. smokedgouda says:

    Damn, Donovan is on fire.

    I predict one year at Bayern, he scores consistently and moves up to the EPL.

    Either way, his success is golden for US Soccer. The haters have nothing to say as long as he keeps hitting the back of the net.

  29. Goalscorer24 says:

    Hopefully he can keep form once the season starts up again. But it is nice to see Donovan attacking. If he does not do this with the US Men’s National team, then it is a coaching issue.

  30. rma says:

    Great for Landon. I’m over the haters downplaying the level of the competition. He can’t control who Bayern plays against, and he’s putting the ball in the back of the net when given the chance.

  31. Modibo says:

    Brian, according to the Bayern website the match was “a benefit match to aid renovation of the 1,000 year old Mainz cathedral,” but a warmup “for next Tuesday’s DFB Cup Round of 16 trip to VfB Stuttgart.”

    It would have been better if it was a cup match, but if Donovan wants to get playing time he has to show now – as many others have said. Regardless of what happened with Gio – who is much younger than Donovan and doesn’t have nearly the international experience Landon brings – Donovan is opening the door to get time when the season reopens.

    Most importantly, we’ve all seen that Donovan plays well when he’s comfortable. I think it’s safe to say that he’s comfortable at Bayern, and I’m optimistic that he’ll establish himself there.

  32. Carlo says:

    Its good to see an American scoring headers like that. I didn’t even know Donovan can score headers like that. That first goal was completely first class and then some. This guy is playing amazing, pre-season or not. Go Donovan. I hope Bob is watching this, and finally starts playing Donovan as a striker, and putting Dempsey back on the wing. Then eventually playing Altidore with Donovan and tucking in Adu behind them. That would be a dangerous attack. Altidore and Adu just need to get some playing time. But the future could be bright for the US attack. Lets just cross our fingers and hope Donovan keeps it up. I have Faith. GO USA. We can learn how to Dominate. OLE OLE OLE GRINGOS GRINGOS!

  33. Michael F. says:

    Donavan is ready, focused, and in-form. He is going be transferred permanently and Klinsman will make room for him to start. Then Donavan will break out. I never understood the haters. I’m extremely happy for him and proud that we have an American who is kicking ass at a top club who isn’t a goalie or defender or sitting on a bench in Cardiff City.

  34. kpugs says:

    Good for him. I’ll be more impressed if he does it in competitive matches. And I hope he does. The league should get a pretty penny for him.

  35. Christian says:


    Did you just compare 26 year old Landon Donovan to Giovani dos Santos??


    You know he left Barca because he wanted to play (bad move, IMO) not to sit on the bench.

    When’s the last time Bojan did anything?

    That kid is more overhyped than Freddy Adu.

  36. Isaac says:

    Hey haters. Want some cheese to go with that whine? Ya’ know, just once, ONCE, I’d like to see one Donovan hater have the BALLS to leave him out of the next game. You can criticize players like Bradley and say they dont belong in the starting XI but if you’re say it have the brains and the balls to back it up rather than rant and waste comment space for people who actually have something smart to say.

  37. Cindy says:

    he’s like a little elf next to luca toni, i love it! big up to LD, hope he keeps bringing it, i’ve stopped hating.

  38. Isaac says:

    …why do my comments keep dissappearing?

  39. gel65 says:

    to all you haters,envy will get you nowhere.just swallow hard and give it up to the best american soccer player ever produced to this point.if you cant support him and are from the usa then go live somewhere else……viva donovan

  40. Nicole says:

    NO NAME can’t be Steven Cohen. Steven Cohen is now singing Donovan’s praises on his World Soccer Daily and his Fox Football fone-in. Hypocrit, if you ask me.

    Landon is making the most of his minutes. He provides a great option off the bench that FCB hasn’t had. These may be friendlies, but it means the world to LD – he has to show in everything he does.

    I have NO DOUBT that he will play this well in “real” games too.

    He just did an interview in which he said Becks told him he’d do well at Bayern, told him he could play there. He also said he and Becks are text-messaging, congratulating each other on their respective play for Munich and AC Milan.

  41. CSD says:

    I must admit I was a skeptic of his abilities to compete under pressure and be successful on this loan. If his form continues through out the loan I think his valuation will be about $13 million.

    It is going to different to watch the USMNT if we have in form goal scorers. I have gotten so used to be frustrated about games we dominate play and can’t convert I don’t know what I will do if we actually score during the run of play and put away opportunities against quality opponents.

  42. jpc says:

    He’s been very impressive, not just at Bayern, but at L.A last year and in recent national team games (Argentina in particular)… The knocks on him that he wasn’t intense enough and simply floated out of too many games simply don’t hold up anymore. Since a year or two ago he’s become the most intense player i’ve seen. A guy that talented who is also supremely determined like Donovan seems to be is dangerous… Look for him to get a lot of minutes, maybe stealing some from Klose if his play holds up

  43. Goalscorer24 says:

    CSD, I wouldn’t neccessarily expect a change with the US National team. I think the style of play that Bayern and the US Mens National team play is quite different. Take this quote from Davies comparing his Swedish club team comparatively to the US national team.

    “I’ve got two different jobs when I play at Hammarby and then with the U.S. team,” Davies said. “With the national team, I have to be more of a threat defensively, helping the team out, as well as being able to hold the ball up and battle with defenders. Bob likes forwards who can tackle and really prove to the team that you’re willing to fight for those 50-50 balls.”

  44. NOLA soccer fan says:

    one wonders how many deutchmarks hes worth

  45. Paul says:

    I’m happy for the guy. I never liked him but, he is American. Friendly match or not, scoring a goal is still scoring a goal. I hope he maintains his confidence and, that his success in these matches continues for the restart of the bundesliga campaign and, for the US MNT.

  46. matt says:

    second goal shouldve been stopped but who friggin cares…he’s in attack mode and trying balls out all the time. good for him it’s good to see. i kinda think he’s a douche still but ya know…if he scores like that for the usmnt then keep em comin dude

  47. strago says:

    What an incredible story if this keeps up.

    I hope he slots one home against Bayer and then kisses the Munich crest!

    I have to admit that I am not the biggest LD fan, but he’s proving me wrong. He’s clearly driven and motivated like I’ve never seen him. It’s this kind of desire and ruthlessness that will make us dangerous in 10′.

  48. martha c says:

    So far so great.

    However didnt Giovanni Dos Overated score a lot of pre season goals before washing out at Barca?

  49. jig says:

    ahhahaha some of you guys are hilarious. I can only imagine if Jozy or Kenny Cooper had done this. You would all be jazzing in your respective trousers. Unfortunately, neither of them did, probably because Landon is better than both of them

  50. green says:


    I keep getting a kick out of the “pre-season” remarks. duh.

    Hey kpugs, why aren’t you telling people to “calm the f down” anymore?

  51. jig says:

    also, stop comparing Landon to gio dos santos. gio was 18 years old with barca, not exactly an age when ANYONE is supposed to set the world alight. most 18 year olds play for the academy teams, the BEST get first team squad numbers.

    Anyone comparing landon donovan in his physical prime to giovani dos santos trying to move mountains at barcelona simply doesnt understand the game.

    all you haters make me laugh.

  52. Holy Snikies says:

    I swear, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you just keep making this stuff up just to get me to keep coming back. I mean he is scoring goals @ a video game pace. Please change the pic if possible I almost thought it was a post I already viewed.

  53. Travis in Miami says:

    Jig – your first comment was spot on.

    Everyone and I mean everyone who is a US Soccer fan needs to be pulling for LD. If he does well, the doors will be that much more open for Americans to go abroad. We all know that US players are not afforded the same opportunities a lot of time simply due to the fact they are American (Hello Scandanavia). If one of our own succeeds as a forward at a top club people will have to start taking a little more notice. LD And Jozy are trailblazers in that respect.

    I don’t understand the negativity.

    Nicole, thanks again for the great reporting. Ives should make you the official SBI Bundelsiga/LD correspondent

  54. TCompton says:

    Good for Donovan. I hope he keeps it up.

  55. ag nigrin says:

    Has Landon ever looked more fit?
    He nets two vs Hamburg next weekend…

  56. Travis in Miami says:

    Oddo to LD is becoming the Montana to Rice, the Marino to Clayton, the Manning to Harrison, the Culpepper to Moss (vikings fan 😮 )….

    Ok it happened twice but just sayin…

  57. Bruce Arena says:

    funny how the biggest hater is “noname”

  58. Areign says:

    ROFL too much. call it luck or what you want, he bent that header omg.

  59. bubba says:

    Good stuff Landon… Keep them coming… Make everyone believe…

  60. Areign says:

    Martha c, i dont think he did, i remember him playing decently, but not great.

  61. Justin T says:

    We’d hear the same hate if Landycakes didn’t score. What’s this dude has to do? What do you think they’ll say when he nets against the likes of Bremen? “That was all in Oddo’s cross” or “Anyone could have scored that”…just annoying…

  62. michael says:

    “When’s the last time Bojan did anything?”

    I guess you don’t watch La Liga. 10 goals in 43 matches, and the kid is hot fire. I love watching Barca, and he is always a pleasure to watch.

    Giovanni can turn it around, but he needs to stop believing the hype and work hard. He is like the Mexican Freddy Adu in a lot of respects.

  63. cam says:

    kid most definately feels that he has something to prove. good, american soccer needs this.

  64. A.S. says:

    The second goal was horrible goalkeeping, but the first was absolutely first class. The placement on that header was impecable.

    I am getting mildly hopeful that he will see some decent playing time and won’t be stapled to the bench…

  65. Brett says:

    Second goal was bad keeping but that is a powerful strike that many times even the best send sailing over the net. He did well to get it on target, but it should have been dealt with.

    The first goal was a solid header, and directed well. Anyone who thinks that was an accident simply doesn’t know the game.

    Landon is doing as good or better than both Toni and Klose playing the same games they are. They better not think their positions are safe.

    Of course doing it during the league matches and cup matches is better, but scoring is scoring. Do you really believe Mainz and Kaiserslautern really weren’t trying to keep him from scoring these goals? Get real. Keep it up Lando!

  66. gg says:

    anyone can score against bremen…
    also, who said “move up to the EPL?
    Its BAYERN, theyve won more CLs than every EPL side but Liverpool…
    you cant move up much higher than that

  67. Matt says:

    Donovan is the best US footballer in the world bar none. Let’s celebrate him.

  68. Philip Sells says:

    @Nola, value: zero! The DM is no longer in circulation, having been replaced by the euro for a couple of years now. (I do miss the DM, to be sure.)

  69. yoman says:

    So will GEEK Bob start him a SS/Striker or stick him as a right winger.

  70. BBB says:

    It’s a fact. 9 out of every 10 people who call him ‘landycakes’ are complete douchebags.

  71. BBB says:

    okay, make it 9.8.

  72. Chris W. says:

    Donovan is the best American player. Anyone that hates on him is really just hating on the US team as a whole. God give the man support. The better he does the better it makes american soccer as whole look. Plus his goals have been great.

  73. tres says:

    >>> “LANDYCAKES!!!!!”


  74. tres says:

    Hahaha, BBB, I just made my post before I saw yours.

    But actually, your post is incorrect because in fact, 10 out of every 10 people who call him “landycakes” are douchebags. And dumbasses. And idiots.

  75. Brett says:

    I think “Landycakes” is a funny nickname, and I’m a huge Donovan fan. I fully supported his return to MLS and knew that one day he would go back to Germany (as most did). He may not earn a long stay with FC Bayern, but his showing well with them will open up doors for him.

  76. Goals make confidence and confidence makes goals!

  77. Josh says:

    Everyone loves to hate Donovan for some reason. He is our best player and I hope he gets enough playing time to continue is hot streak. If only the other European field players could follow suit.

    I hope he doesn’t cool off by next summer, when it really matters. But then again, we will probably be dealt the group of death again; thank you soccer deities.

  78. JustinG says:

    Gotta love it. He was on fire all throughout the last MLS season and it looks as though he is carrying it over to Germany. I hope he keeps it up throughout qualifying and heading into the World Cup. Maybe his success can rub off on the rest of the team too. I would most definatley say it may be time for a coaching change if he still dissappears in national team games like usual. I have never really liked BB, he reminds me a lot of Bruce Arena. What is it going to take for the US to get a coach like Jurgen Klinnsmann?

  79. Ron Luc says:


  80. Mike_D says:

    I don’t put much stock in the first few friendlies, but FCK and Mainz are co leaders of the BL2, and are probably better than several of the teams at the bottom of the Bundesliga. Yes it’s still a friendly, but the season resumes next week so teams should be close to top form. If nothing else, Landon knows his teammates better and vice versa. Hopefully he gets some time against Stuttgart on Tuesday. The BL game against Hamburg next weekend is live on Gol TV.

  81. MVK says:

    the comments about the game not being a “real” are pointless, he hasnt had a chance to play in a “real” game but is doing great when he is getting the chance. the same people complaining would be complaining if he didnt play well in these chances, so in short, its a lose lose for the haters.. Cant wait till he gets that contract and Landycakes makes you haters eat humble pie.. Do you guys have a flag to burn or something?

  82. Chris says:


    I guess YOU don’t watch La Liga.

    12 appearences 0 goals in La Liga this season. Yup, Zero goals.

    And don’t worry about Martha, she’s still celebreting Honduras’ win over Belize like they won the WC.

  83. Joe says:

    Not a fan of Landycakes at all. I think he is a baby and didnt want to be the face of american soccer so he went and hid in San Jose where he can play. He was always the best when he played and then went to Leverkusen and all of a sudden wasnt the best so he quits. That is un-American. He is really the only player that has something to prove in these games so he is ofcourse going to be playing a little harder in these games. I think its too late for me to like this guy. Will always be a cry baby in my eyes.

  84. Chase says:

    Bojan more overhyped then Freddy Adu?!?

    The kid is 18 and has already scored 17 goals for Barca in all competitions, Adu has a whopping 3 with Benfica and Monaco…

  85. cowtown says:

    I think Steven Cohen is anything BUT an expert on American soccer, but if he’s now singing LD’s praises, it’s because the core of his criticism had always been that LD “gave up” on Europe. Now that LD is giving it another go, apparently with the proper attitude, Cohen is easing up on him. That’s not hypocrisy; in fact, it’s the opposite.

  86. inkedAG says:

    I will only give Landy credit when he whoops that a$$ in the World Cup. Until then, I’m still drinking haterade!

  87. Jags98 says:

    I am all for him improving, better for us, and I wish him well.

    But the question is, can he keep this up when people start marking up on him? Currently, teams are more worried of other players. This is why he disappears for the Nats, he is the go to guy and teams know that. He has done well, but would like to see him show up big time when teams are all over him. That will be the sign he has become a true first class player.

  88. MC says:

    It’s great that he’s playing so well but all that he’s doing is cementing his status as the first man off the bench. There is no way that they are going to sit Klose, Toni, or Schweinsteiger (sp?) to make room for him in the starting 11.

  89. Daniel Karell says:

    Im really happy for the guy, I could hate him if he stayed in America, but the fact that our best player is going to Europe and is going to hopefully get some minutes, that is a big step forward with the national team and I am very happy that landon decided to go overseas! Hope for the best, and im sure MLS will be fine without him.

  90. Luke says:

    What is up with the Mainz keeper! On the first lazyily lobbed header he doesn’t even move. On the second, it hits him directly in the hands and he bobbles it. First off he should have caught it but otherwise he should have parried away. Is this guy even a keeper???

  91. golfstrom says:

    Can’t wait to see him in some real games.

    Ron Luc wins for best blog comment ever.

  92. Tony in Quakeland says:

    “The first one was luck. I am not impressed.”

    I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head at the wonder of it all….

  93. Chris says:

    ” Does it make you proud as an American to see him doing so well ”

    Yes! Yes it does.

  94. Mike says:

    A very interesting series of quotes in “Kicker,” the main German soccer mag:

    “New acquisition Donovan has once again proven his ‘nose for goal.’ Five appearances in friendlies, 236 minutes, and a full four goals and three assists. ‘Things always became dangerous, whenever he came in. Now we have to see how he does when things get serious’ said Bayern general manager Uli Hoeneß. The American will probably play the role of joker for Bayern, behind Toni and Klose, whose places are secure.

    Donovan sees it in a similar way: ‘It is great to have scored in the friendlies. But the important games are still to come.’ He hasn’t regretted his transfer to Bayen one bit: ‘It’s a dream to play at Bayern. That’s why I have to take advantage of my chances.’ And, he hopes, stay on longer. Jürgen Klinsmann is counting on him; he thinks a lot of the player whom he regards as the best in North America. For the coach, a contract extension is obviously only a formal matter: ‘He could have signed long-term contracts with a lot of other clubs. But he wanted to come to us. He wants to show that he can hold his own at FC Bayern. That he has done emphatically, and, with every goal, he has more arguments for himself in his pocket.'”

  95. MVK says:

    “What is up with the Mainz keeper! On the first lazyily lobbed header he doesn’t even move. On the second, it hits him directly in the hands and he bobbles it. First off he should have caught it but otherwise he should have parried away. Is this guy even a keeper???”

    he has no chance of getting to that first 1, it came down into the upper 90. it was placed perfectly.

  96. MVK says:

    “What is up with the Mainz keeper! On the first lazyily lobbed header he doesn’t even move. ”

    watch the behind the goal angle, that ball is unsaveable, if the keeper even dives for it he would still be atleast 5 feet from the ball; lazylily lobbed header my @ss, get a clue man

  97. Adam says:

    Well, I think it’s safe to say that if this transfer goes through, I will be buying a Donovan Bayern jersey.

  98. John says:

    The best course of action for Landon’s latest exploits should be cautious optimism. On one hand, it is mid season and his goals have come against decent but not top notch opposition. On the other hand, scoring goals, regardless of the opposition, would surely help his cause to be included in Klinsmann’s rotation. I predict that when the Bundesliga resumes play, he would be a valuable sub, who would come on for either Toni or Klose. He has supplanted Podolski as the third forward of the team. Hopefully, he secures a permanent move to Bayern Munich and show the world that American football players also have the same quality as their European counterparts.

  99. madmax says:

    I never had any doubts about Donovan’s ability. Opposing coaches and players always praised him. I believe doubts about Donovan originated with Bruce Arena who played many players out of position to prove his genius. The doubters and attackers of Donovan look a bit silly when the statistical facts are presented. He produces, in all theaters, more than any other American player.

  100. Barry U says:

    LD is doing what he needs to do and I don’t care who the comp is. Look I can’t tell you he is going to be at Bayern for the next 4 years and score goals for them in bunches but over these 5 games the kids got 4 goals (prolly could be 5). Klinsy is happy and as of today his loan is going well. The only opinion that matters at the end of the day is Klinsy’s. He says the kid can do it and he is giving him a chance.

    But my opinion is – you think the goals are lucky or the comp is bad. I think you need to take your Rafa Marquez shirt off it is to tight. Or stop channeling Steven Cohen!

  101. Josh says:

    It was a friendly not a DFB Cup match. Bayern plays their DFB Cup match against Vfb Stuttgart on 1/27 at Stuttgart. I am a big Stuttgart fan so I hope Landon scores in the game but Bayern loses.

  102. milkshake of despair says:

    Sorry folks. I’m happy for him too. But take a close look at the 2nd goal from the goal camera. The shot deflects off Toni’s ass. You can see as it comes off Landy’s foot it is going up to the right, hits Toni and deflects left. Further, Toni is initially blocking the keepers view of the shot. These two things are enough to throw the keeper off and why he looked inept.

  103. brandon says:


    that first goal was one of the best headers i’ve seen in a while. that was like as upper 90 as you can get.

  104. Mike says:

    “Klinsy is happy and as of today his loan is going well. The only opinion that matters at the end of the day is Klinsy’s. He says the kid can do it and he is giving him a chance.”

    Actually, anyone who follows German soccer and understands German will tell you that that, unfortunately, is not how things work at Bayern. Klinsmann is one voice in a complex chorus that includes Höneß, Rummenigge, and Beckenbauer…

  105. TimN says:


    The first goal was anything but luck, and the second one DEFINITELY crossed the line. Mindless criticism…always a plus.

  106. Mingjai says:

    Landycakes? I thought that we had agreed that it was going to be Landykuchen from here on out!

    I think it’s great that Landon showing well in these non-league games. We all know there would be even more bitching it Landon was playing and not scoring.

    In my mind, the real concern is will he be able to do the same as a supersub in Bundesliga matches. If he starts, I’d have no doubts in his ability to dent the twine, but if he doesn’t, finding the score sheet may be a little more difficult. Hopefully recent results are an indicator of what’s to come.

  107. Keep the fire burning Landon!

    The match was not a DFP Pokal match, rather the last of 4 friendlies and donations went to the Mainz cathedral.

    MikeD you’r right. Two very well-played matches against the Top two 2BL sides who deserve promotion to the BL (sorry BWL-not 1860 this year).

    After attending both matches, Donovan clearly connects better with Klose than he does with Toni given some of the looks I have seen him give Toni after failed passing opportunities. The difference between Toni and Klose is that Klose is more about the Team than Toni who is more worried about the “me” in team. For 30 minutes, Donovan once again played well both on and off the ball, creating chances and playing unselfishly. Again, I asked some Bayern fans (these are real no-kidding, die-hard Bayern fans from Germany and some GI like me) what they thought Bayern should do with landon, “buy or pass?” and the resounding answer was BUY BUY BUY!

    In an interview on german t.v today, Donovan said he has been pleased with the support that Klose has provided him since his arrival. Ya think Klinsmann might have had something to do with that Sturmer (Striker) mentorship. If you don’t, think again. Klinsmann is not only a good leader, he is a good FuSball psychologist

    By the end of February, provided Donovan performs well, not only will Bayern buy Donovan, but Toni will begin to fall out of favor and be replaced by Donovan by the beginning of April.

    Keep your head in the game Landon!

  108. Josh – Will keep you posted. I will train down to Stuttgart and Daimler-Benz Stadion next Tuesday after work. Stuttgart is always a great atmosphere and a BIG FRAPPEN Bayer-Scwabien Krieg. Ya do know Klinsmann was a Stuttgart product before he went to Bayern, right?

    I was shocked I could still get tickets a few weeks ago. AUF GEHTS BAYERN!

    But you are going down.

  109. Landon Donovan plays like an American. He’s our best (maybe!), but it all seems far too linear for my thinking. Linear is simply too easy for a sophisticated team to shut down or take apart.

    On the other hand the only way to progress beyond where one is to immerse oneself in the better.

    I want Landon to succeed, but I’d like to see him score goals as well as Rory Dunlap did for Stoke the other day. Can Landon beat 2 defenders and the keeper? Landon’s our Robinho, but he’s no Robinho. Most pros in Europe (including defenders) can make a straight ahead opportunity – it takes the finest touch, intuition, wit & guile to make a real impact up front. I hope Landon is aiming for that.

    But congrats to Landon, finding the back of the net is always sweet!

  110. Scott says:

    I hated on him. However, he is winning me over. I always knew he had skill, that is why I hated on him for not going after it in Europe. I hope MLS doesn’t f him over with the transfer amount.

  111. Joe Quake says:

    I may have jumped the gun, but I have a LD Bayern jersey in my closet right now. Even if he only plays 20 minutes and does nothing but pass well, I am going to enjoy watching him play the next few weeks and hopefully months/years.

  112. OK. Enough with the “Landycakes” as some of you folks call him, or as “US-boy” as the average German would call an American in Die Bundesliga.

    The word on the streets of Munchen, thanks to Bechkam and Posh, is that Landon is now known as “Bayerns Spice Boy.”

  113. Nicole says:

    Der Amerikan Kaiser, thanks for your report from being at the game. Always love to read them.

    To those saying it’s only friendlies. Well, Landon’s teammates are playing against the same competition and have the opportunity to score just like him…but they’re not.

    Joe Quake – I’m jealous! I want a jersey. Did you get the home or away?

    Funny, I read the German message boards (through some google translation) and the fans have really taken to landon – they love his attitude, his speed and go-to-goal mentality, and his sweet touches on the ball, how he finds his teammates. They are particularly enthralled with the 2 headers he scored (which they said were amazingly beautiful and took a tremendous amount of skill) to be such a little guy.

  114. Nicole says:

    Oh, yeah, and they’re all saying Buy him, Buy him, Buy him.

  115. Joe Quake says:

    Nicole – I made another big assumption and bought the Champions League jersey (the other jerseys wouldn’t have looked as good on me).

    I called world soccer shop and had them just add his name and number to the back – if the letter and number font are different than what Bayern uses, I sure can’t tell. It was a lot cheaper than ordering it from the Bayern site – they wanted like 20EU for shipping to the US.

  116. papa bear says:

    IT’S NOT PRE-SEASON!!!! It’s the WINTER BREAK for the Bundesliga (but all the teams keep playing in DFB matches, CL/UEFA and friendlies in warmer places). For him it may be ‘pre-season-ish’ since he hadn’t played in 4 months and this would be his pre-season, but everyone he’s playing against have been conditioned and PLAYING since September.

    If anything it’s more impressive that he is doing this against people who are fully fit and have been playing for months already.

    I’m not saying he’s going to be Gerd Müller but he’s doing really well right now.

  117. papa bear says:

    @Posted by: NONAME | January 22, 2009 at 06:50 PM

    Are you retarded or are you serious (and thus retarded)?

    The first one was a perfectly executed header that would bring a tear to McBrides eye. The second looked like it crossed but I’ll conceded there is no ‘definitive’ angle on that one.

    @Posted by: Landon Donovan plays like an American | January 23, 2009 at 02:42 PM

    You basically described the entire British philosophy of football in criticizing how Landon plays then suggested he play like a Brit.

    He has done all the things you ‘wish’ he could do but obviously have not see a great deal of his matches. He really is better than most people give him credit for.

  118. Tony in Quakeland says:

    papa bear. ood point about winter break vs pre-season.

  119. No problem Nicole. I like your timely spot reports as well. Can only imagine you reporting along the touchline for US soccer someday:-)^^

    Although I only play in the B Division of the Landesliga ergo “bierliga,” I am living the dream at 40+ just being in the land of FuSball. You should come over and attend a Bayern match.

    Ives – Is this a record for number of comments on one of your blogs? Landon certainly seems to be getting the spotlight each and every time you throw us a Landon line.

  120. Johnny Boy says:

    “only give Landy credit when he whoops that a$$ in the World Cup. Until then, I’m still drinking haterade!” inkedAG

    Dear AG,

    The WC is a short tournament where it is possible to excel over the course of a couple of games. Football is full of World Cup stars who turned out to be busts during regular league play.

    If Donovan can make it as a regular for Bayern, that would be a far greater accomplishment. It’s still very early yet though. These goals may help get him on the team but are no guarantee of anything else. If you are a fan of the USMNT why bother hating Donovan? He is, by quite a long shot, the best US player out there. You don’t see big teams lining up for Dempsey’s signature do you?

  121. milo says:

    i’m prpoud of him and US football

  122. Johnny Boy says:

    If Donovan beat 6 men on the way to goal but then put it past the post, it would count as a miss. He isn’t going to be evaluated on whether his goals were “lucky” or “undeserved” or even “artistic”. Gerd Muller, and for that matter,Klinsmann, scored many garbage goals that were tap ins or lucky bounces or just plain bad goalkeeping. But they all count.

    As for it being exhibition season, do you really think any of those guys are relaxed and thinking the managment knows their worth so they will save it for the real season? Then you know nothing of how competitive the Bundesliga is. You win the right to get on the field in training and in these kind of exhibitions.

  123. Super Chico says:

    A free header and a howler by the keeper? Hardly proof that he belongs. I’m rooting for him, and it’s tough to tell how he’s doing based on a minute of video, but I can’t get enthusiastic until he gets it done outside of CONCACAF.

    He’s has great speed and is a very hard worker but is not a clinical finisher, which he’ll need to be at that level. Personally, I’d like to see him moved to the right side so he can run at people, but I’m not sure he has the touch to provide service.

  124. Gerald says:

    If these are useless friendlies, a piece of cake, and Donovan is a fraud…..then Toni and Klose should be scoring nine a game right? Give it up. I have always been a Donovan basher, but I will give credit where credit is due. As to comparing him to Dos Santos……he is a kid with a lot of maturing to do. Donovan is an adult and it’s an apples to oranges sort of thing.

  125. madmax says:

    Interesting that Mainz couldn’t use Chad Marshall. They looked a lot like the Galaxy defense.

  126. milkshake of despair says:


    I wonder if Marshall’s lingering injury had anything to do with Mainz lack of injury? They probably needed someone to contribute right away. He came into USMNT camp with the injury and it ended up sending him home eventually.

  127. milkshake of despair says:

    that should be ‘Mainz lack of interest’.

  128. Dick says:

    As much as I want to see him succeed, I’m gonna miss watching him here in the US (he has been on top form as of late and entertaining to watch). I’m so torn.

  129. Shredward says:

    NoName has _NO CLUE_… a header that hit sidenet – top corner is by no way / shape / form executed by luck. If you’d ever played the game or trained [as i have in both Germany and Holland] this is the expected outcome.

  130. clovisca1949 says:

    I am glad to see Donovan doing well in Germany. Much of his recent success has to do with growing up. At age 26, he probably realizes that his career is about half over. It’s time to focus. He allowed himself to be manipulated by some of the MLS honchos and he was not better off for the effort. He has the skills and hopefully he now is finding the desire.

  131. Jasonisimo says:

    Even the detriot lions went undefeated in the preseason. The goals he scored heree are not likely to be repeated in the Bundesliga 1.

  132. cuvintu says:

    personally I’ve never really been a huge Donovan fan since he moved into the “leadership” role for the Nats. He always spoke too much and showed up too little for my taste. While I never begrudged him his move back to the MLS (can’t play if you’re not comfortable) I did see it as a sign of mentally not being ready to really be the focal point of our team. BUT NOW what I see is Donovan being a true professional (thank you David Beckham) and talking less than he’s working. He’s showing up and grabbing his opportunities. WHO CARES if these are only “pre(you mean mid?)season” games? These are the opportunities he’s being given and he’s doing his part to take advantage of that. For this I’m proud of him and will root for him to succeed.

  133. Kelly says:

    I’ve been following Donovan since 2002. He’s a great player and he deserves to be over seas. We’ll miss him in the states, but Germany is where he should be at. So what if its mid-season, he’s proving to everyone he belongs where he is, he’s fitting in rather nicely. And once the season starts again at the end of the month he’s going to prove all the haters wrong. Landon Donovan is an outstanding player. Don’t hate.

  134. Brandon says:

    I HATE Landy Cakes…Its nice to see him actually scoring goals that aren’t PK’s. I am curious to see what he can do in games that count…I
    I’ll just have to keep checking in on him I guess.

  135. Reid says:

    This is great news. I know there are a lot of people who will never give Landon respect, but any USMNT fan with half a brain can see that he’s our best outfield player, regardless of how his last trip to Europe went. All he can do is fight for a spot and take the opportunities he’s given, and he has. Keep it up!

  136. Münchener says:

    Not impressed. This isn’t the Bundesliga.

  137. footballer23 says:

    Landon has been regarded as not being able to play in the top flight european leagues, such as the bundesliga. However, he is not the same teenager as when he was at leverkusen. National team experience helped him develop his football IQ over the past five years and he works and trains very hard. Plus hes fast and is a fairly good passer of the ball. He can also finish. If he maintains high level of confidence with Toni and Ribery I believe he has the right chemistry this time to really show the critics out there he deserves to be amongst considered among great interntational players.