Donovan scores another for Bayern

Landon Donovan Bayern 3 (Getty)   

The Landon Donovan show continued for Bayern Munich on Monday as the U.S. national team star came off the bench and scored a goal in Bayern's 2-0 win vs. Kaiserslautern on Monday.

Donovan came off the bench in the second half, replacing Miroslav Klose, and put the friendly out of reach with his perfect header from close range.

Donovan's performances have helped establish him as Bayern Munich's No. 3 forward behind starters Luca Toni and Klose. His early success is also bolstering the chances that the German champions will make Major League Soccer and the Los Angeles Galaxy a legitimate offer to buy Donovan.

Bayern Munich returns to Bundesliga action on Jan. 30 against Hamburg.

What do you think of Donovan's successful run with Bayern? Do you see it translating into serious minutes once the season re-starts? Do you see Bayern making a major bid for Donovan before his loan expires? Think it's time for Donovan to stay in Europe?

Share your thoughts below.

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90 Responses to Donovan scores another for Bayern

  1. ag nigrin says:

    Lovely goal by Landon… pretty soon he will surpass Luca Toni and Klose and become BM’s # striker!

  2. Jim says:

    If he keeps this up Bayern’s offer won’t be the only one MLS sees.

  3. Nate says:

    I think its time for Donovan to play in Europe, and it doesn’t look like he is giving Bayern any other choice but to get a full transfer.

    Hopefully he keeps up his good form when the games count.

  4. Citronomics says:

    Composed, nice snap on the header with pace… Keep it up LD!

  5. Matt Laurenzano says:

    Scoring goals can only help his chance there. Hopefully he can become a regular player for Bayern. It is exciting to have an American playing for a top club.

  6. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Clinical finish…Donovan was not supposed to celebrate though as Bayern are not to celebrate goals overly in exhibitions…(team rule)

    I think he is going to stay @ Bayern…

  7. EJ says:

    Does anyone else get chills watching this goal? It’s exciting watching Donovan succeed overseas, it’s great for him, great for the team, great for the fans, and great for the country.

  8. Gooch13 says:

    Two words: Too Early.

    I will be substantially more confident in his place at Bayern (and Europe in general) if he is able to approach replicating these performances in league play once it resumes. No doubt it is great to see, but I do not want to raise expectations too much. I do think, though, as regards to the question of his earning playing time, that these performances will definitely lead to him seeing serious minutes after the resumption of the season. He will get his chance.

  9. Isaac says:

    Keeper really shouldn’t get beaten at his near post like that but it was a clinical header. Thats really been Landon’s problem: Inconsistency. Being in the MLS whether he was consistent or not, he was getting playing time. However in Europe there are so many good players that if you mess around and show no consistency your not even going to make the bench. The major worry for me was that Landon wasn’t going to take it seriously and play inconsistently. However, he’s treating his European career like gold.

  10. Chrös says:

    He looks like he really wants it when he’s playing over there. I don’t think that chip is leaving his shoulder any time soon, and I wish the Gals would let him go now so they can start finding a replacement.

  11. The Gentleman Masher says:

    Completely beat two defenders…showing nice hustle and desire. Klinsmann knew what he was doing when he brought him over.

  12. Mike says:

    Of course it has been hard to judge based only on clips, but I can now imagine a scenario in which LD starts alongside Toni. Klose’s career has been in decline; he’s never played for Bayern the way he used to play for German national team; and LD clearly is a better compliment to Toni.

  13. Sean says:

    About time Landon lives up the the potential he showed in the 02 world cup. MLS and US Soccer need to let him leave.

  14. vu says:

    Ives, can you post the FCB match highlights like you did with previous friendlies. I can’t register on the FCB official page cuz it is in German.

  15. kahlva says:

    Great goal by Landon. It’s definitely time for him to play in Europe (if that’s what he wants – I’m totally surprised he’s there because I thought he wanted to stay in So Cal.)

  16. chicagosoccerguy says:

    Great day for American Soccer… Bravo Landon!

  17. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Ag nigrin,
    Glad for Donovon but lets be honest here, Klose and Toni are two of the best strikers for two of worlds greatest footballing nations, he will not surpass them. He will likely contribute and be around longer than they are, seeing as they are both in their 30s but he will never surpass him as Scheisse Bayern Munchens best or greatest striker

  18. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Mike, i like to think Klose’ career has gone downhill since he left Bremen. Also i remember hearing rumors that Patrick Owomoyela got his wife preggers and thats why he left in the first place.

  19. Leevi says:

    I have no idea why Milan loaned Oddo to Bayern. I haven’t seen much of Zambrotta this season, but at least last season he was pretty lost playing for Braca. On the other hand, Oddo has been quite terrific for Bayern, giving crosses like this among other things.

    I’m not sure how much playing time Donovan will get, if you think Poldi was one of the best players at Euros and still benched. Donovan has now played pretty well against some Arab team and one 2. Bundesliga team.

    Well, we’ll see. Maybe Klinsi figures something out.

  20. Brett says:

    Right now he is probably the first sub on Klinsmann’s list at FW, but, as I’ve said before on these pages, JK is going to have to flirt with the idea of adjusting his system to feature Lando as the supporting striker. Toni and Klose are both built of the same mold and to truly take advantage of either of them, they need a guy like Landon who works hard off the ball and opens up space.

    Podolski isn’t the same type of player as Landon. The formation he works best in is the trident up top where he can run and provide from the left wing or cut to the center. Landon plays the center and can make runs to either wing, so he is better for the 2nd striker position. Donovan is also known as a hard working player who tracks and chases, Podolski is not known to be that type of player.

  21. Hopper says:

    Don’t come back to MLS, Landon. Stay in Europe and show everyone that you belong over there.

  22. doug says:

    well taken goal. I think donovan is in a good position at Bayern. Klose and Toni are both 30+ so he might get more PT than one would think. Remember Bayern are still in the German Cup as well, so with them competing in 3 competitions simultaneously Donovan might get some significant burn. And Poldi was benched because he doesnt want to play where Klinsmann wants him to. Thats on him

  23. Josh says:

    This is a no-brainer for Bayern and Donovan. He is the best player we have produced so far, with Jozy being the exception (his age keeps him out of it, but we can open up the argument in 7 years).

    With Podolski leaving, Donovan will fit in nicely behind Klose and Toni. He is the perfect fit for their system: Two big starting fowards; Donovan comes in well off the bench with speed and quickness. Small, compact, technically sound. He can also fill in where needed behind the two big starting fowards in the midfield. But they are loaded there as well, so he is more likely to come in as a sub up top.

    With an injury to any of the starting 11, Donovan will see himself in the starting lineup.

    If MLS doesn’t let him go, then it will be THE BIGGEST travesty to the US soccer system. So far, MLS has helped condition the US youths and has built a sound US soccer system. They can’t let pride and a small transfer fee get in the way of the bigger picture: going deep in the world cup.

  24. biological says:

    way to go landon! i agree with the wait and see approach as to how he will fare in the longterm (that’s the german spirit, right?). but seriously, i don’t think we’ll see him in mls for a while.

    he just needs some good/great players around him. i’ve always thought that he’s not a natural leader, but one who plies his trade when he’s not the center/focus of attention.

    i do believe he will do well in the end, though.

    any word on how kljistens tryout with celtic is going?

  25. Mike says:

    It’s starting to look more and more like both of the Galaxy’s stars will remain overseas and not return to the MLS.

  26. kpugs says:

    I think way, way too many commenters think this is a real game. It’s not. They are still on their winter break in Germany, these matches are meaningless.

    I’m not saying I’m not impressed so far, but you guys need to realize that competitive play in Germany doesn’t resume until February and calm the heck down.

  27. tilt215 says:

    While I hate landy cakes when he plays for Galaxy, and I feel he has been slumping a bit for the national team, him succeeding in Europe can only be good for the sport in this country. I would like to see how he does in league play before I get all excited.

  28. Sam Nishi says:


    Everyone knows he needs to play in Germany and his pre-season proves he is up to it!

    Gotta believe the delay in announcing the initial loan was to solidify a permament transfer feee that will undoubtedly include BAYERN training @ HDC in the near future .. ..

    Don’t forget – AEG handles BAYERN’s public relations in a deal they made a few years ago!

  29. dave says:

    I think Manchester City is going to come in with a bid of $100 Million for Donovan! LOL.

  30. MVK says:

    output is output, he is doing great with his time; but haters always hate.. Get your bags packed Landon, if Bayern doesnt make an offer (they will) someone else will (Everton?)

  31. M. Komar says:

    They grow up so fast…

  32. kpugs says:

    I think you’re missing the point MVK, it’s not about hating. It’s about not having played a single competitive match for Bayern. I HATE Landycakes as an MLS player, he’s a diving cheat. But I worship him when he plays for the USMNT and want him to succeed in Europe. That doesn’t change the fact that these games he’s performing well in are completely and totally meaningless. Everyone on here needs to chill the f out.

  33. Leevi says:

    Friday next week they’ll play HSV. In Bundesliga.

    I still can’t figure out Donovan in the starting line up. Toni and Klose might be in their thirties, but last season they scored a staggering 60 goals combined, counting all competitions. They haven’t been that efficient this season, but it’s pretty hard for Klinsmann to break that duo apart. Someone stated that they are too similar and can’t work together, but looking back to last season, that’s just a bunch of crap. In addition to the goals, they also gave quite sweet passes to each other. Both had something like 10 assists.

    Bayern plays with two world-class wingers and no second striker. I really can’t see Klinsmann changing a formation that works so well. Just to get a loan player involved.

    And it’s pretty hard for a German coach of a German team to bench a German national team player and give that spot to an American. Americans are not that popular in European football. Just ask Liverpool fans.

  34. Oranje Mike says:

    I’ll for Bundesliga to start up again and see what Landycakes does in a real game before I sing his praises. But I hope this works out for him. If he can find a regular place at Bayern it would be amazing for any fan of the game in America.

  35. Jason says:

    LD is performing well, and it looks like the move is all but assured, especially with Podolski in the doghouse and agreeing to return to Cologne after the season.

    Bayern will be in 3 competitions for a while, and JK will want to do some squad rotation, especially with Klose and Toni in their thirties. Plus LD can also play wide or as a CAM at need.

    Even if everyone is healthy and no one needs a rest, he’s still looks like the third striker.

    He’ll get plenty of minutes.

  36. Nicole says:

    I’ve watched all his games and Landon has performed very well indeed. He gets involved immediately and makes a difference. In this latest game, he also had a superb cross to Luca Toni, which he promptly messed up, but he did salute Landon for a great cross. Oh, and on Landon’s goal – even Uli smiled, so I think they forgive him for celebrating.

    Highlights can be found here:

    link to

    Landon did an interview in Bild today and he had some excellent quotes (in perfect German, I might add):

    “For me, everyday is a countdown. I have to show something everyday. In practice, on the bus, on the plane. It’s all important. This is a once in a lifetime chance.”

    “I stood at a crossroads,” Donovan says. “…The decision was not only important for my career, but for my whole life. It feels better when you achieve something for which you have worked hard.”

    I think LD is there to stay.

  37. Scott says:

    Great stuff. Looks like he is as good as gone.

    Of course, in my Football Manager game he’s been gone to me at Aston Villa for some time. Paid MLS 7.75 million to pick him up. Also paid Villareal 3.75 million for Altidore when they transfer listed him and he’s been tearing up the EPL :)

  38. Paul says:

    I’ve never been a fan of the guy but yo, he is looking fantastic over there.

  39. Nicole says:

    Kpugs, You might think these friendlies are meaningless, but thank God Landon doesn’t. He can only play whoever they have in competition, and so far he’s played exceedingly well. Does that mean he’s penciled into the starting lineup? Of course not, but he’s showing that he’s taking every opportunity he can to show that he can play. You can’t ask for anything more.

  40. Jacob A. says:

    I’ll take what I’m getting, with reserved caution, and then hope and wait for more “when they count”.

  41. Kurgen99 says:

    The Mexicans are in big trouble February 11.

  42. Chad says:

    Absolutely perfect cross from Oddo!

  43. fenel says:

    LD scores? no suprise here. He has been doing it all season. I say the same thing about KC (kenny cooper).

  44. Eric Sornoso says:

    Is this the same Donovan that we saw with the Galaxy?

  45. Michael F. says:

    They will buy Donovan.
    Donovan will start.

  46. MiamiAl says:

    Its nothing new to see Landycakes do well in the games that don’t count…

  47. Tolik says:

    Clinical finishing, good crossing from Landon (later in the game, watch here: link to

    Keep it up, Landon!

  48. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Yes, you can tell that Klinsmann is a thoroughly German nationalist who will play favorites with German players against the little “US-boy.”

    And Landon, he really doesn’t know how to play. All the comments Bradley and Klinsmann and other coaches make about his stellar qualities are pure smoke and mirrors, they really don’t mean it, and they can’t assess talent accurately anyway.

    I full expect him to come to my town and maybe get a shot at playing on my adult co-ed rec team, that is, if his wife gives us all free autographs.

    Geesh! All the cynics out there! Mach’s gut, Vandon!

  49. rhybread says:

    I’m not sure Landon will start for Bayern, at least not yet, but with the way he’s played in their friendlies, he’ll be sure to get a good long look when league play resumes.

    Also, surprise surprise, kpugs trying to get on the Landon bandwagon as quickly as possibly without seeming like a huge hypocrite.

  50. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Nicole, thanks for the link and the heads up on Bild. I agree with Tolik, that was a nice little cross to Toni from Donovan. The commentator liked it too.

  51. I was in K-Town last night and what a fantastic atmosphere-even for a friendly! Of course, Donovan’s performance made it all the more fun-sat right behind the Bayern bench–have great pics and video.

    When will the day come in the US when we can go to games where we don’t have to be encouraged to cheer by large, base thumping, surround sound systems or score boards saying, “Clap your Hands.” I love the German and English fans. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

    I always said that last night’s match gegen 1.FCK would be Landon’s first true test and the Bayern site confirms my assessment.

    Bottom Line: Landon showed he belonged in a Bayern trikot. Aside from the nice kopfball (header), if you didn’t see the match, Donovan sent the most perfect gift to Toni in the box who sent the ball flying over goal. He maintained composure and put himself in open space and distributed the ball very well. Like the Blues Brothers, Landon appeared to be “on a mission from God.”

    As a benchmark, before and after the game, I asked a dozen Bayern fans what they thought of Donovan and whether or not they thought Bayern should offer the MLS and Donovan a good long term deal. Of those dozen Bayern fans I spoke with, a dozen said, “Ja!” or “Yes,” we like Donovan, and we want to keep him in a Bayern trikot. That made me feel proud of brother Landon and the Red, White and Blue (old Glory). They also thought, if given the option, that Donovan and Klose were a better combination up front than are Toni and Donovan. I think that latter has played itself out over the past 2 weeks and will continue to play itself out while Toni works his way out of favor and into Donovan’s favor off the bench, thus earning a starting role and eventually an offer the MLS cannot refuse for the good of American football.

    My hope is that Donovan’s play forces Bayern to purchase him from the MLS at 10K. He will not start, but will come off the bench at 60-75 minutes until he shows consistent production off the bench and provides results like last night. If that happens, then Klinsmann will be hard pressed not to start him.

  52. One more thing. For those of you who didn’t know Louis Robles is 1.FCK’s #2 GK behind Sippel, who looked weak at best.

    Would have been nice if FCK gave Robles some PT against a club like Bayern. I think FCK is afraid to show off Robles b/c he is giving Sippel a run for his money in net and FCK doesn’t want to lose him yet.

    Who knows, Robles might have saved Donovan’s header. Robles has the qualities of a #1 keeper in the 2BL and I would hang my hat on him in net for a BL side.

    It was nice to see Donovan exchange trikots with Robles at the end of the match. Nice gesture Landon!

  53. Bayern vs Lautern, a friendly? Are you kidding me? Do you know the history of those two clubs. The blood runs deep. That was anything but friendly–all out football–all night long.

  54. jloome says:

    It was his run that made the goal. Having said that, it’s an exhibition goal. It means nothing.

  55. Travis in Miami says:

    I was going to sayt he same thing Kaiser. Although the FCK is momentarilty in the 2. there is a huge rivalry between the clubs. The game was not played at friendly speed or intensity.

    I’m suprised at how many US fans don’t have faith that our BEST does not belong at Bayern. We are selling our own player short. Maybe, just maybe, the US isn’t as aweful as many of its own fans think.

    If anyone has been paying attention, Toni has sucked it up over the past two weeks. If LD would be putting in Toni’s performance he’d surley be back in the MLS. i thought that was jsut my opinion but apparently it’s not. It’s also the opinion of actual Bayern fans (see somewhere in Der Amerikanische Kaisers very long – but informative – posts above).

  56. Sam – Interesting insight/theory on AEG. Never thought about that one, but it might not be far from the truth.

    Jloome – Did you watch the entire match? No? Oh ok–thought so? Football is not just about making plays with your feet while on the ball, it’s just as much about playing off the ball. He consistently put himself in good positions last night as well as ditributed the ball nicely and worked well in tight confines. Judging from Klinsi’s reaction, and Hoeness for that matter, I think they’re cheering for him to succeed and now Sam has me wondering if it’s b/c of his AEG theory…$$$$$$$ and sun in Cali, Klinsi’s home.

    BLW – No way

  57. Sorry for being long-winded Travis. Getting excited in my old age. Like all Bayern fans, I was skeptical about the initial trail/talk, but Donovan is making me a believer. I am behind him all the way, and true German Bayern fans seem to be as well.

  58. Travis in Miami says:

    Der Ami Kaiser – Mach nichts. I just said that becasue i personally have a short attention span so generally skip the long posts. I was referring others with my habit to read your post despite its length!

  59. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Ami-Kaiser: If BLW means BWL, aka, me, what are you saying “no way” too? Curious.

  60. Nicole says:

    Thanks so much for your thoughts and your posts, Der Amerikan Kaiser! I love your insight.

  61. BWL – Sorry brother, I forgot to finish my sentence off.

    Add: you’re b/c a believer too Der Loewen.

    Nicole – I can’t find that Donovan interview on to save my life, except for the one he did a few weeks ago. Sounds like he interviewed after the match? Plsss send link. I am proud that he is not another ignorant American who gives those of us here who try the language a bad name. I saw his first interview on bild and He speaks well. He is not just a footballer, he’s an Ambassador for US Soccer. Good for him

  62. Nicole – Thanks for making my day, but don’t get too excited. Am 40+, an Army bubba about to retire, and play in Die Bier Bundesliga, or the Kreisklasse B HD Mitte, and trying to make our way to promotion to A. Living the dream at 40+.

    I would put odds on my club against a USL team anyday.

  63. Travis in Miami says:

    If these goals mean nothing, would him NOT scoring goals also mean nothing?

  64. Goalscorer24 says:

    Great to hear! Hopefully he can keep it up in league play, and then I think good things will happen.

  65. howie1976 says:

    Hey Der Amerkanische Kaiser

    Thanks for your first hand report. Is there a way you can post your pics and video from the game so we can see them?

  66. Howie – Dude, I am over 40, ya think I know that much about puters? Only Ives can make that happen.

  67. Is there anyway to see profiles of fellow FuSball bloggers?

  68. Matthew Taylor looked sharp the other day against Frankfurt. I will make the 2 hr drive up the Rhein to see him, David Yelldell and TuS Koblenz square off against Lverkusen tomorrow night. Look for toward to make the Nats “watch list” soon. Following that, it’s south to STuttgart next week for Die DFB Pokal gegen Bayern, and a Stuttgart vs Gladbach match.

    There is more to serving this great nation than getting shot at.

  69. Nicole says:

    Here you go, Der Ami Kaiser.

    link to

  70. Ives says:

    Hey Der Ami, upload your videos to YouTube and send me the links and I’ll post them. As for photos, you can email those to me and I’ll see about running those as well.

  71. Nicole says:

    Der Ami Kaiser,

    You should do a blog or something so we can always get your first-hand reports on all our Yanks. I’d love to read them!

  72. Das ist Bayern Winter Krieg training.

    Kudos to Landon for putting up with this crappy weather. And he’s from Cali. I would have quit after the first drop of snow given my first knee injury in similar weather in Jersey during HS.

  73. Travis in Miami says:

    Ja, Der Ami Kaiser – what Nicole and Ives said.

  74. Okay Nicole. Thanks much. I did see that one, but I thought you said he interviewed after the Lautern match. Start a Blog? Only if I had the time. I came home early tonight so I could watch the inauguration of the new Commander in Chief and found myself checking none other than football news.

    Brother Ives – Gotta find my darn USB cable to download the darn pics and videos, but am hesitant to post anything on You Tube. It took big kohonas just to try this blogging stuff. Love your site though. Once I get the photos and video downloaded-will send them.

    Bed calls – GruS aus Deutschland!

  75. HS game against Tab Ramos and Benedictine HS off all players and teams. I wasn’t the only one in the hospital after that match.

  76. BCC says:

    Consistency is the biggest myth in all of football. No one is consistent. Form comes and goes. All the great stars come and go, have ups and downs. Ronaldo has been a mere mortal for Man U this year, in case anyone has noticed.

    LD should get some second half minutes when league play resumes, and if he can get some key goals he could definitely see a nice transfer. But I would like to see Klinsmann get LD, Toni, and Klose on the field together, a 4-3-3 or a 4-3-1-2 type approach.

  77. Travis says:


    Keep it up landycakes.

  78. yoman says:

    TOO BAD USSF soccer didn’t have the Guts to Hire Klinsy as the US Coach. Bob would never play Landy Cakes as a Striker.

  79. Joe Quake says:

    Yoman – JK turned the USF down. He said that during an interview that was posted on not too long ago.

  80. Jags98 says:

    I will be a fan, as long as LD never ever does the slapping of his chest after a goal or all the crap before he takes a pk or free kick.

  81. yoman says:

    Joe Quake , so hire another World Class Coach.

  82. mitch says:

    too early to tell how LD will do… but I hope he stays consistent else i’ll throw bayern some euros for a donovan jersey, my first jersey with an yanks name

  83. Yoman – Wrong! Remember who Donovan was playing with? With the exception of Becks and Xavi, who else did he have around to distribute him the ball….NOTTA. I couldn’t even site another Galaxy name.

    When he plays in an attacking MF role for the US, it’s b/c he can create goal scoring situations, and no one around him creates those same situations consistently for him if he is Der Sturmer.

  84. ZachyT says:

    Awesome header, brilliant. Not as good, or as clutch, as Dempsey
    s in overtime vs. Chelsea, which was amazing, but a great goal non the less.

  85. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Ami-K, I gotta agree with you on Donovan’s teammates. A world of difference the more technically gifted and well-positioning players you have around you. I am looking forward to seeing his goals, ja, but almost more than that, I want to the passing plays and running off the ball that I think he will do a lot more, with more success. that is flat out fun soccer.

    Did I tell you Gerd Mueller was 3 feet in front of me one night at the clubhouse on Grunwalder Str? His legs were like tree trunks! I was lacing up my cleats and he walked right in front of me, lol. 1860 was looking to bring him in but they didn’t. All the best on your “living the dream!” Klasse!

  86. Chris says:

    His first competitive game will probably be next Tuesday, in the DFB Cup against Stuttgart. The Hamburg match is next Friday.

  87. 20 Jan 09; Mainz, Germany

    Donovan scores twice for Bayern.

    In yet another incredible atmosphere for a friendly, Bayern Munchen continued to show improvement during its fourth and final fruendschaft spiele(friendly) against FC Mainz, another top 2BL club vying for promotion to the 1BL by walking over Mainz 5-0.

    During the game, Landon Donovan once again showed his value to the club as he came in as a 60 minute substitute for Miro Klose, making an immediate impact by putting Bayern up 3-0 with a beautiful header from 10M in the 70th minute, a play he started. Donovan set up the fourth goal, then put the nail in the coffin in the 90th minute with a shot from 6M.

    Great game Landon-Keep up the Fire!

    If you are interested in tracking his matches this winter/spring, check out the following stream and catch all the Bayern matches. link to

  88. vu says:

    Just finished watching the last friendly. Heinz played some fast counter but defended poorly and bad or unlucky strikes. The first half was pretty even with both sides battle back and forth. The thing that impressed me is that toni and klose tried so hard and had so many chances in the first half but each got only a goal. Landon came in and had 2 shots at goals and nailed them both. Good results without too much effort. I thought lando should have been in the first half because it seemed like there was lack of speed from toni and klose in the attack. The first half clearly missed domination and coordination due to missing Ribery.

  89. Stefan from Germany says:

    Im German and I have been a Bayern fan for a long time. I was very exited about Donovans performance at the WC 2002, and I never really understood why he didnt make it in Leverkusen. I think it was a good idea to get him on loan. He definitly has the potential to play for Bayern, even though he most definitly wont get past Toni and Klose. Plus Olic will be with us in summer. But Bayern has so many competitive matches in a season that everybody gets his play time, especially because he is a versatile player and he differs from Klose, who is a pretty complete central striker, Toni, who is a classic tank with killerinstinct, and Olic, who just runs his butt off and really works football. But thats all stuff from the future. Fact is, noone cares about friendly matches. He will get his chance in the Cup, the League and maybe the Champions League, probably coming from the bench. And he will have to use that chance in the short time he is over here. If he doesnt score, assist or at least play well in the few games he will play, Bayern will not buy him.

    But I am pretty convinced that he will perform well over here. He definitly has the potential and now he has a coach over here, that he really gets along with, and that understands him. So I think we should pay the 10 Mio Euros, if he performs well. But he will have to be very professional and use his chances. No other club in the world, where effective results and success are as important then in Munich.

    Greetings from Germany