Kaka staying with AC Milan

Kaka 1 (AP) 

In the end, money wasn't enough to get Kaka to leave.

The proposed record-breaking transfer of Kaka to Manchester City has fallen apart as the Brazilian star has decided to stay with AC Milan.

As if things couldn't get any worse for Manchester City, now comes word that Robinho has left the club and is unhappy for some undisclosed reason (I'm sure the HUGE money thrown at Kaka has nothing to do with it). There is also no word yet on the whereabouts of that lost locker room mentioned on IOSS.

What do you think of this news? Are you relieved to see somebody turn down a nine-figure transfer bid? Disappointed that Kaka won't be going to the EPL? Are you an LA Galaxy fan who is resting a little easier knowing AC Milan doesn't have a big transfer war chest to make a major bid for Beckham?

Share your thoughts below.

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41 Responses to Kaka staying with AC Milan

  1. Cindy says:

    i’m glad Kaka is staying putting and isn’t selling out

  2. Jason says:

    this is good, shows those Arab sheiks money does not buy you everything. and it keeps transfer prices reasonable.

  3. Northzax says:

    war chest? Bersculoni is worth five billion, he can afford Becks if he’s for sale (which I don’t think he is for any reasonable price) I would have liked kaka to go, actually.

  4. cam says:

    good. kaka has proven to the world that he isnt an idiot, in fact, he proved that he was a pretty good guy in the end. its nice to see some loyalty in sports for once. i dont really care much about ac milan, but i wish them and kaka much luck this year.

  5. Sterlinho says:

    Yeah, something Arab Money can’t buy!

  6. gel65 says:

    kaka should be an example to all athletes in every sport all over the world. for once i can believe a player who tells me its not about the money. he showed that the fans do mean something to him and he rewarded their loyalty with his.thank you kaka for being a stand up athlete and man in a day and age when there are few.forza milan!

  7. milkshake of despair says:

    January ain’t over yet. I’ll believe it February 1st, not before.

    BTW, when is Ives going to post video of Donovan’s goal from today’s game?

  8. biological says:

    i’m impressed w/ kaka. it is nice to see someone say no to that ridiculous amount of money – although he i already making ridiculous amounts of money.

    ultimately, i enjoy the big spenders in the epl being turned down.

  9. Dustin Alessi says:

    I think City is falling apart. Robinho wants out and the big superstars the sheiks envisioned are rejecting moves to the club.

    Bellamy will hurt the team with his off-field problems.

    City are fighting relegation not breaking in to the top four.

  10. BigWave says:

    They should’ve gone for Gourcuff from the very beginning. He’s younger and would’ve been cheaper and would’ve turned into one of the Premier League’s shining stars. I highly doubt that they can even sign him now.

  11. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Thank you Kaka! You are 1 of the best players in the word. You play to compete, to be the best, to win. Great.

    On the other hand, i’m sure several of his church charities might be quite upset with the millions he would have donated.

  12. Scott A says:

    One guy for the little kids to look up to. Not just because of this…he’s a stand up guy

  13. Aaron says:

    @milkshake, here’s donovan’s goal:

    link to 101greatgoals.com

  14. jamin barnes says:

    Man City should pick up better defenders, forget about Kaka, pick up Santa Cruz (for less than they are asking), and slowly make there team better. The top third of this team is filled with talent. Just shore up the defense and they should finnish in the top ten.

  15. alex says:

    Mark Hughes used to be a good manager, but those days are over. Talent isn’t going to be flocking to Man City until they start making smarter moves than paying 12M pounds for guys like Bridge.

  16. Oranje Mike says:

    No brainer for Kaka. Staying for less money is better than getting your legs broken by the guys who really run Serie A.

  17. miamidave says:

    I have mixed feelings. I love Milan and I’m a huge Kaka fan, but the team could have used that money to bring in some young talent (which they desperately need).

  18. biological says:

    thanks aaron, i’ve been looking for that…

  19. arkjayback says:

    I like it. I like the dynamic of Kaka and Pato with Milan. I am also pleased to see Manchester’s monetary power play put down. I’d much rather Aston Villa or Everton break into the top 4 before City.

  20. Isaac says:

    Nice to know one of my favorite players follows his heart rather than his wallet.

    Nice goal by Landon. Like someone stated before, he performs well when he’s not the person expected carry the team.

  21. Eric Sornoso says:

    I’m so impressed with Kaka that I’ve decided to put on and wear my fake Kaka jersey which I brought in Milan 4 year’s ago for 12 Euro.

  22. Ed Ho says:

    I agree with BigWave, Gourcuff is going to be a superstar. Man City may be better building a nucleus vs trying to buy Galacticos II. This move may turn out for the best for both teams.

  23. CSD says:

    I am sure KAKA got a large raise from Milan and he will probably make up for a lot of the lost salary in endorsements. Two of his highly rated country men have gone there and not enjoyed themselves so that played into his decision also.

  24. CSD says:

    And now a word from the hypocrite section…

    From David Beckham:

    “It’s about playing with the best team, with the best players in the world and winning trophies, and it’s not always about money.”

    It is just about the money sometimes.

    From Silvio Berlusconi:

    “He said it’s because money isn’t everything in life. Kaka is staying with us and we’re delighted. Money is important, but there are also other things that are important. ”

    I guess the key is to make the money and stay out of jail.

  25. Doblin says:

    Maybe AC Milan needs a laxative.

  26. Trader Mo says:

    Landon’s goal was nice. If I heard right, I think the crowd was chanting his name afterwards.

  27. David S says:

    This is great news from a fan of the games perspective, not so sure about a Man. City supporter though haha. It is nice to see that there is still some loyalty in professional sports. Kudos to Kaka.

  28. Only1Keano says:

    Thank you, Kaka.

  29. EssEff says:

    Good on Kaka. I’ve never been to Manchester, but is there really a choice to be made between Milan and Manchester? I can imagine being a superstar in Italy is incredible. Do you really think the risotto is better in England?

  30. Homey Boehme says:

    I am glad there is some sense left in this crazy world…at least for one day.

  31. Justin T says:

    Good for him. I hate Milan, but its nice to see some loyalty. From interviews with him it sounded like he really wanted to stay.

    Nice to see Donovan score again. From their website, it sounds like he won’t be starting. Expected, but it will be great if he can contribute like this. I remember someone saying something about not celebrating in friendlies?

    Lastly, anyone going to be at the inauguration tomorrow? I know it isn’t soccer, but worth mentioning history right?

  32. Dominghosa says:

    gel65, you should google “Myron Rolle”

  33. Brett says:

    If he is doing what makes him happy, then more power to him.

    I’d take the money, personally, and try to lift up a new team into the EPL stratosphere. I guess it’s nice that he decided he is happier there, but it would have been better for the club to sell him and pocket 100+M.

  34. tim says:

    Kaka staying is a great decision on his part as there indeed is only “one team in manchester.” Still, though does this mean that Kaka won’t be leaving for Real either?

    City Definitely has nobody else to blame but themselves for the position their in. Lots of clubs have money, but they way they’ve gone about themselves has put themselves in a horrible position as far as the media and public reaction is concerned. They’ve damned nearly cursed themselves at this point. Oh well, you live and you learn i guess.

  35. nels says:

    glad he’s staying

    hopefully other serie A players or other phenoms take note and dont follow teh money

  36. vipero says:

    another electoral spot for Mr Berlusconi ;o)

  37. Zac says:

    Super happy that sheik couldn’t lure Kaka. Good on him for staying with Milan.

  38. BigWave says:

    Becks is predicting that Kaka will make a move to Real Madrid in June. Very interesting…

  39. Tolik says:

    Sheva’s fiasco showed that even the best players in the world are not guaranteed success in a new environment. He’s not regained his form yet (if ever). So, Kaka’s decision is wise.

  40. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    His church isn’t going to be very happy over this decision. He may have to up his tithing since I’m sure they were counting on the extra Man City dough already.

  41. Stan says:

    In the end, I’m not surprised. International soccer runs on two things, money. . . AND STATUS. And Man City doesn’t have the status.

    Chelsea proved you can buy the status, but you can’t necessarily do it quickly or easily. Man City will have to get to the Champions League before they can buy a player like Kaka.

    For now, they should concentrate instead on buying half a dozen small upgrades to get them to the point of CL qualification. It will be seen if ManCity’s owner has that kind of patience.