Kljestan heading to Celtic for trial

Sacha Kljestan (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                      Photo by ISIphotos.com

Sacha Kljestan could be the next MLS player heading for a transfer to Europe, but it could be contingent on him impressing one storied and interested club

According to sources, Kljestan has left U.S. national team camp to join Scottish champions Celtic on a trial that could lead to a sale of the Chivas USA midfielder. Sources tell SBI that MLS and Celtic have discussed a $3.5 million transfer that could go through if Kljestan impresses Celtic coaches in the coming weeks.

The move, and potential transfer could be one of the driving forces behind Chivas USA drafting Wake Forest midfielder Michael Lahoud rather than goalkeeper Stefan Frei in the 2009 MLS Draft.

Kljestan wouldn't be the only American at Celtic if he is sold. Goalkeeper Dominic Cervi is in the process of securing his Italian passport to complete his deal with Celtic. New York-based agent Ron Waxman told SBI that Cervi should have his deal completed very soon.

What do you think of Kljestan potentially signing with Celtic? Would it be a good club for him?

Share your thoughts below.

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105 Responses to Kljestan heading to Celtic for trial

  1. Tony in Quakeland says:

    Finally a Yank on Celtic instead of Ranger? WHERE’S MY KLJESTAN CELTIC JERSEY!

  2. Tom P says:

    Celtic are out of Europe. Will he get minutes?

    I think Holland would be better but it is his life.

  3. rocky says:

    Its a great team to go to, but I think sacha’s skills are more suited for leagues like the french, spanish or germen league. I hope this leads to bigger things for him

  4. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Brillant 😀 Celtic are an amazing team with great history and fans. But like Tom, i’d prefer him move to a Dutch club like Twente or Feyenoord.

  5. KirkBhoy says:

    Freakin Awesome

  6. jddjsjsjdd says:

    If he impresses for Celtic, than great. If they up the figure to $4million, then Chivas will accept. I wonder if they will get a DP. Sure would help.

    I had a feeling he would be leaving soon. Good luck to him in Europe. He will for sure be looking for a starting XI spot.

  7. thepopos says:

    he’s a rakish dude and i think the SPL is too physical for him.

    I agree that a place like Holland would be a better fit.

  8. NATO says:

    Now if Gooch can head to PSG/Marseille and if Charlie Davies can get to a larger club in Holland or France and if Kenny Cooper can head to England or Germany, we will be great. Finally our players are getting top spots throughout Europe.

  9. Adam says:

    I think he would develop much more in the Eredevisie (sp)

  10. flubber says:

    He would get a huge salary increase from the $80,000 or so he was getting at Chivas. Probably 10times that amount in this season alone.

    I wonder how much Califf and Parkhurst wages are in Denmark

  11. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Donovan Altidore



    Pearce Bocanegra Gooch Cherundolo


    That’s our starting XI for qualifying and our subs are

    : Guzan, Beasley, Adu, Davies, Cooper, Spector, DeMerit, Wynne, Szetela

  12. KC says:

    I would think Holland or Spain would be better fits but going to Scotland is better than Denmark, Norway or Austria or something along those lines.

  13. Alex says:

    I don’t think playing for celtic is going to develop him in to a world class player name me one world class scottish player? Last time I checked we (the US) are ranked higher than the scottish national team, so I would rather he go to La Liga or holland or even portugal they are more tactical, and will teach him to hold the ball and make better passes. Scotland will allow him to play the same way MLS does, with no tactics and all physical play.

  14. LJ says:

    the Scottish Premier League??? god dammit..

    i’d rather him go to a small team in spain or holland than there. I really don’t want to see our players go to Rangers or Celtic anymore.

  15. Mark says:

    Dutch eredivisie would be better for his development, but Celtic is a bigger club than anyone Kljestan would join in Holland, and hopefully he’ll get to play Euro league every year.

    This would definitely explain why Chivas didn’t draft Stefan Frei.

  16. jloome says:

    Most of the players on celtic aren’t scottish, so it’s role as a national talent developer is moot — although it has produced a ton of world-class Scottish talent over the years, so even the base argument is moot.

    I think he’ll do well there, if he gets playing time. He’s rakish, yeah, but he’s also got the intensity to play in Britain.

  17. yoman says:

    SCOTLAND. What a waste, why do American Players go to crap leagues.

  18. jig says:

    some of the generalizations made in these comment sections are absolutely ridiiiiiculous

  19. Jay says:

    I think the chance to train and play at a world class club like Celtic will be great for Kljestin’s development and playing in the SPL should force him to work on being more physical in his defending.

    I am a bit worried that the jump from Chivas to Celtic might be a bit much right before qualifying. Kljesten might run the risk of getting Edu’d and if he takes too long to adjust he might lose his spot with the Nats to Torres

  20. eric says:

    Very intriguing. In general, I’m pretty down on the SPL, there are some really poor teams and both Celtic and Rangers are struggling to make any impact in Europe. But you still have to treat offers from either of these relative giants. I’ve watched more of Rangers hoping to see the Beas in action, but Kljestan does kind of make sense. I’ve never really been impressed by Scott Brown or Barry Robson, and Soccernet is saying that Massimo Donati might be heading back to Italy.

    That leaves 2 quality midfielders in Nakamura and Aiden McGeady, so I can see SK getting a shot at playing time, but with none really guaranteed, and unless he really blows it and would be gone before next year, he’d get a taste of Euro competitions. I’m starting to warm up to the idea, although I really wanted to see Kljestan join the Smilin’ Steve Revolution over at Twente. McLauren might have bombed as England’s boss, but he seems to be at home at this midsized clubs and would be great to learn under.

  21. John says:

    Players under contract go to teams that are willing to pay a suitable transfer fee that the league is willing to accept. He doesn’t have the options of a player who is out of contract.

  22. Strong-arm says:

    As long as our boys are getting playing time in a top league its a plus. Sascha needs to be playing in a place where football is priority number 1. I rather seen him in Twente or PSV but at least Celtic goes to Europe every year.

  23. BFBS says:

    The concern I have is that the big two in Scotland both seem to carry ridiculously large squads, making it very difficult to break into the starting 11 or even the first team. In contrast, clubs like Twente don’t really have that luxury: their starting 11 might be just as good as Celtic’s, but they wouldn’t be able to afford keeping a Beasley as a squad player like the Rangers have been doing.

  24. eric says:

    People shouldn’t panic about Edu yet either, the important thing is that he trains well and keeps a good attitude. It’s just as important for our young players to learn what it takes to break into a tough squad before they get to learn what it’s like to play in games. Besides, lots of good things have been said about him lately:

    Rangers No2 Ally McCoist insists USA international midfielder Maurice Edu has a future at Ibrox.

    Edu has struggled to make an impression since arriving from Toronto FC, but McCoist told the Scotland on Sunday: “You can argue that we’ve been a little bit unfair to Maurice. I’ve been looking at some of the team selections and, I can’t speak for the manager, but maybe there have been occasions when we could have and should have used Mo.

    “He excites me. I like Maurice. He’s got just a wee niggling ankle injury that kept him out the last couple of weeks and will do for the next week or 10 days but I’m looking forward to getting him in the team. No element of regret there. You could make a case that it’s our fault for not giving him the chance.”
    link to tribalfootball.com

  25. SCNewJersey says:

    I couldn’t be happier if this deal goes through. As a yank/bhoy/kljestan-look-alike, this would be a dream come true. C’MON SACHA! I WANNA ROCK A ‘KLJESTAN’ HOOPS JERSEY NEXT SUMMER IN SCOTLAND!

  26. brain_skies says:


  27. Ryan says:

    Frankly. I’ve never bought the hype in Kljestan. He’s a player that has no real position, and yet everyone wants him to be a central player, where he’s extremely ill-suited. He gives the ball away at an insane rate for any player, let alone a central midfielder. He doesn’t display any real discernible speed or quickness and has never really shown that he does anything more than marginally well.

    I’ll be shocked if he makes headway at all in Europe, as I feel his ceiling is being an MLS player.

  28. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    FWIW, I feel the SPL is a step down from MLS. Yes, I know Rangers and Celtic are huge clubs that can pay huge salaries, but overall the league is poor. I also don’t think playing in the SPL helps developing Nats players either. I hope this doesn’t go down.

  29. Luc11 says:

    why is everyone complaining about the scottish league?? Guttuso, Van Bronkhorst, Arteta, Lovenkrans that come to mind in recent memory for Rangers who used the SPL as a spring board to bigger clubs. Celtic are a big club that will be vying for Europe every year, its a great move.

  30. Only1Keano says:

    Terrible. The SPL is no better than the MLS, may even be worse at this point. Celtic is a superior team in the SPL and their only challenging games come in the UEFA Champions League. The rest of the time they just sh*t on SPL teams not named Rangers. I hope Sasha does not transfer there. He’s good enough to move on to a top-tier league, even if it means developing in MLS for another year or two.

  31. mikeK says:

    He’ll get time, particularly if Aidan McGeady gets sold, which seems very possible at this time. Celtic do need an offensive minded, creative midfielder, and Sasha fits into that role.

    Please make this happen, Strachan!

  32. TheNug says:

    why of why do people keep going to the SPL?

  33. eric says:

    Luc11 – you are both old school and out of the loop. Christ, Guttuso left Rangers in the 90’s! The SPL (and Holland, really) are pretty poor once you get past the top couple teams. Plus, you sort of proved your own point when you said the SPL was a springboard league – now the problem is it’s a place to get seen, but a whole lot of the competition (i.e., not Europe) is just not that impressive, and that’s a huge part of getting better, right?

  34. Matt says:

    I’m pumped to see an American outfield player at Celtic. The only concern I have is that, like many others on the board, the Old Firm fishbowl and SPL physicality might not enhance his player development progress as much a move to a continental team (look at Beasley at PSV). But, here’s looking to the positive…he’ll be around young internationals like himself (McGeady, Brown, Robson), play in Europe next year, and be able to handle the immense pressure of a major European club with high standards. Good luck in the trial!

  35. Travis says:

    Alright Sasha! Best of luck to him there.

  36. Travis in Miami says:

    Celtic! I’m impressed. Good for him to garner that kind of attention. Obviously the powers that be at Celtic think he may have what it takes for the SPL. I guessing they may know more than the hacks on this message board saying he’s not right for that league. That’s just a guess though (coming from another hack). I do hope he impresses. The most important thing is playing time. My first repsonse was to worry about playing time.

    In any case go get them Sacha! Another chapter in a great American story opens…

  37. Josh says:

    are there openings in Celtic’s midfield? If not he needs to go somewhere else where he can stay fit and prep for the hexagonal round and a busy US nat team schedule in 2009.

    I’m sick and tired of our players going to the “bigger” European clubs which impresses, but never get any playing time. I’d rather see them starting for smaller clubs, and moving up to bigger clubs when there is an opening for a starting, 67th minute bench role.

    These MLS moves are getting a little out of hand. It’s turning into a competition to see who can go to what club.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a passionate US fan and love seeing all of our players getting the recognition they have worked hard for. Seeing Donovan move into the 3rd forward role behind Klose and Toni is what he deserves. But players like Adu, Beas, and Edu are GOOD players and deserve to be starting consistently.

  38. tim says:

    If Shunsuke Nakamura can climb to the heights he did at Celtic, then surely Sasha Kljestan can. He’s got the spirit, he’ll succeed.

  39. A.S. says:

    Work permit?

  40. IRunited says:

    Remember that free kick that nakamura put in at old trafford… Celtic can ball. FACT.

  41. AdamTenstaARapper? says:

    EJ should have gone to Holland or Portugal when he head the chance. Why did he turn down Benfica back in 05?

  42. Hoops says:

    The best leagues? England, Spain, Italy

    The best leagues for development and toning skill? France/Holland

    The best leagues that give Americans a chance to get a foothold in Europe? Germany and Scandinavia.

    Our players take what they can get. But i’d rather them play for a mid level team in a mid level country like say Turkey than say Scandinavia or be on the bench for a crappy Spanish/English team.

  43. jddjsjsjdd says:

    What about Henrik Larsson? He was once a world class striker and still can bag goals. He spent 7 or 8 seasons at Celtic and broke records.

  44. Anonymous says:

    It’s true, Celtic and Rangers are good clubs – However, the SPL as a whole sucks. it’s just those two clubs monopolizing, while the rest are really poor. Plus I think Kljestan would fit better in a more technical league, such as Spain or Holland, or maybe Portugal

  45. Zachy T says:

    I am excited for him. I hope he likes it there and does better in his first year as far as playing time goes than edu or beas did. They are good players but they are deserving starters and I don’t like seeing them benched. I hope that Klijestan does not end up with their fate. I really hope that he does extremely well and either ends of as the face of celtic and a leader on the team or that he builds from a spectacular season and launches into the EPL or in Italy, France, or Spain. WE’LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE FIRST IF HE GETS THE GIG, AND SECOND HOW HIS FIRST SEASON GOES.

  46. biological says:

    my favorite usmnt player on my favorite european club…


    Give em hell Sacha!

  47. Iammetro says:

    Americans need to stop being a bunch of pu$$ies and going to Brit teams, just because they think its easier to “communicate” within those type of teams. Especially, when many of them would do better in Holland, Spain, and Italy for developing the technical side of their game. I can understand players that are more defensive going to those teams but no players that can be great attacking options for the US.

  48. nels says:


    holland is a better place for developing midfielders.

    the SPL isnt really THAT good from top to bottom, but the top three or four are pretty solid. so while its a move up for him, he would probably not see big games unless he stayed for a loong time.

    in holland im sure he could secure first team action much faster, and top to bottom its probably classier than the SPL. I think michael bradley had the right idea, he went from metrostars sometimes-starter to national team starter and his game has overrall improved leaps and bounds after the dutch league. to see Klejstan make a similar move to a team like Heerenveen would secure his future in the national team for me.

  49. Modibo says:

    “Celtic is a bigger club than anyone Kljestan would join in Holland”

    Uhh, sorry, but there’s this club called Ajax, not to mention Feyenoord. Dutch clubs have fostered players that have propelled their national side to heights much higher than any Scottish national team. Witness the ’74 and ’78 WC finals, not to mention the fine squads they fielded in the 90s.

    My personal feeling is that Klejstan would be better off playing in the Netherlands, but then again I’m willing to admit that I don’t watch the SPL and so I can’t really say that it would be bad for him. I wonder how many of the posters really DO watch SPL games regularly, and have seen any games not involving one of the Old Firm squads?

  50. Ace says:

    SPL for SK? no not a good idea. GO elsewhere in Europe. He wont DEVELOP there, he’ll just get hacked to pieces. You can’t learn class and footwork in the SPL. ONly good SPL will do is let you know how much punishment you can take, which isnt all that bad.. but sacha needs real development beyond the whole “toughening up” piece.

  51. bubba says:

    Good luck to Sacha, Celtic is a good club…

  52. Jim says:

    I’d love to see an American at Celtic, but their midfield is crowded and full of good players, unless they sell a player it could be tough for him to see the filed until next season.

    If Cervi signs and Boruc is having problems theat would be two Americans at my favorite team. Cerive will have it tough even if Boruc goes, they signed Hibernian’s starter to a pre-contract for next season.

  53. Scott, PA says:

    Love the idea of SK going to my favorite club. All of you Celtic haters need to back out. It may not be the EPL but the SPL is still a quality league. It was good enough for Henrik Larsson, one of the best strikers the game has seen. I hope he impresses and signs with Celtic

  54. Alex says:

    You know I wish they would do an spl mls challenge just like the ACC Big Ten challenge just so MLS can prove not only to its own players but to the rest of the blind public that the SPL is not what it used to be. I’ve watched Motherwell vs Hibs and believe you me I would rather watch high school girls basketball instead. Just my opinion.

  55. TFC Fan says:

    Clearly the SPL bashers have never seen the league. Rangers went to the UEFA Cup Finals last year. Celtic went to the final 16 in Europe. Mid table teams like Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United can easily compete with any MLS team. The league is neither inferior to MLS nor is it a crap league. I love MLS but stop slagging what you do not know.

  56. northzax says:

    not a bad move for Sacha for a year or two, hopefully as others mentioned, he doesn’t have too long of an adjustment period and not get time leading into the middle of the Hex. if nothing else, getting time in the spotlight of Celtic, where failure is not an option, will help him handle pressure better than mls.

    as for a work permit, he most likely has a Serbian passport, if not, he would have enough caps on the national and U-23 (olympic) squad to win an appeal, especially for Celtic.

  57. Richard says:

    SIlliness abounds. The SPL is not a good league. Our kids keep going to rubbish leagues where they have little chance to develop. They go to better leagues, where they have little chance to play. Let’s stop kidding ourselves and realise – the only reason they go abroad is for the money. Fair enough.

    But MLS is a better league – or at least not worse – than the second-tier European leagues. Money aside, our players would be better off getting playing time in our own domestic league.

    Honestly, the days of “Yank going abroad” being enough to excite an American soccer fan has long passed. We’re in a holding pattern, until we develop a top player that is lusted after by a top-tier TEAM….and is an automatic starter.

  58. Bacalao says:

    Anyone know if Kljestan is considered an EU citizen?

    His parents are Serbs, so maybe he doesn’t count as a non-EU national who has to jump through all those work permit hoops.

    Oh, there I’ve gone and made a pun…

  59. Reid says:

    Dom Cervi is soccers version of Shawn Bradley

  60. Casey C. says:

    FYI, he doesn’t get to be picky about teams interested in him. I know it’s hard to believe that he can’t CHOOSE to go to the league all you armchair generals know in your hearts is a better league for him, but deal with it.

    Celtic and Rangers are two of the most storied clubs in Europe. You don’t say NO to Celtic OR Rangers when you’re playing in the MLS. Yes, the SPL has some crap teams, but stop acting like idiots and saying it would be retarded to transfer from CHIVAS USA.

    Last year Celtic made it to the final 16 of CHAMPIONS league play. Rangers made it to the FINAL of the UEFA Cup. All of ya’lls arguments are completely flawed. They have huge training facilities, great coaches, huge followings, great stadia… what more could you possibly want? Guess what, Holland isn’t interested. Scottish giants Celtic are. Simmmmple decision.

    BTW, Nakamura is going back to Japan soon (he’s my favorite player in the world btw), so that midfield is going to need a playmaker. You have McGeady on one side, Sacha on the other. Hopefully he learns to not give the ball away every other touch.

    If he impresses and develops, he will be playing in the Champions league next year. That’s a far cry from Chivas USA.

  61. Casey C. says:

    OK, please list me your top tier teams Richard. I find it really hard to believe our guys should only go to top tier teams where they start, else stay in MLS. GREAT strategy. Besides, most would list Celtic as a top tier team, with Rangers. Celtic was the first British team to win Europe for goodness sake. They also have been very good in Europe competitions until this year.

  62. Richard says:

    Casey – you’re point would be much more valid if it weren’t for the fact that he’s going for a trial. You know who else gets trials? 16 yr old Scottish youth players.

    As for not picking the clubs that are interested – true. On the other hand, given a choice between going to a name club like Celtic only to sit on the bench and getting playing time in MLS, or getting playing time in a second-tier league or playing in MLS, it’s clear that money is the only reason these players are going.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No one should ever get in someone’s pay day.

    But there is also no reason to get excited about a player like Klejstan going abroad. It won’t do anything for him (developmentally speaking), for MLS, or for the MNT.

    When we start getting can’t-miss-kids, who play in MLS for a while and then go on to pick the clubs they want to come after them, and then sign for valuations that are in line with similarly talented African/Eastern European/Latin players are getting, then we can get excited.

  63. Tim F. says:

    What a great day for soccer in this country. No, it’s not a great day because Kljestan might be going to Celtic, rather, we have brought our game to a whole other level because people are complaining about a US national player going to Celtic.

  64. Richard says:

    Few would list Celtic as a top-tier team these days. They won the Champions CUP 42 years ago. They are clearly a historic team but they only make it to Champions League because the quality of SPL is rubbish. There is an enormous difference between a club that has a name, like Celtic, and a top tier team.

    Making it to UEFA Cup has nowhere near the same meaning as it did before Champions Cup became a League, and when they got rid of the Cup Winners Cup.

    As for staying in MLS – why not? Most educated soccer watchers will confirm that MLS is not worse than a league like the SPL or Sweden or Denmark or any of the other leagues where our players tend to wind up. Going to SOME European leagues makes sense because our players can develop techniques that are missing in MLS – they won’t get that playing for Aalborg.

    So when a club like Celtic comes calling to give you a trial, of course you go. But you don’t go to become a better player – you go for the payday. IF you make the club.

  65. Richard says:

    Tim – THAT’S a point I’ll agree with!

  66. Sticky says:

    Europe = more money than MLS. How many people posting here would not go to a different job if it meant more $$ for them, assuming that pay in their chosen field was wildly variable and that they might retire from it in less than a decade? Sure, MLS might be a good choice, but going to Europe is a not a bad choice for someone who might not be in the biz in 5 years – it they think realistically. In a recent Q&A with Chris Rolfe, for example, he answered a question about where he saw himself in 5 years and he was at best noncommittal about it because (my interpretation) he saw his career as impermanent. One injury, one spell under a coach who doesn’t like you, one bad front office decision, and that could be it for you. So you might as well make hay while the sun is shining.

  67. Richard says:

    Sticky – your point is completely valid, and no one can begrudge a player for doing so.

    But here’s the thing: the league and our national team will never get better until we develop a style of play, something that is uniquely “American”.

    It would take an enormous sacrifice on the part of some players to do this, to give up their paydays in preference of staying to help develop the sport here. Until that happens, though, the league and marketers and every other benefit that could be enjoyed will not easily come, if ever.

    On the other hand, our guys going abroad are not, as a rule, getting better. Perhaps it’s too early to make that assessment, since it’s only been less than a decade since this has become less of a novelty.

    Still, look at the valuations that our players get. Significantly lower than what is offered for similarly talented players. So the market clearly doesn’t believe that our guys can really contribute much.

    Even someone posting about Klejstan said that he’d like make “ten times” what he’d make with Chivas. Excellent pay, and of course he’d be stupid to turn it down if it comes.

    On the other hand, it’s a far, far cry from what good talent is receiving in Europe. On an individual level, it’s a pay day; as representative of US players as a whole, it’s penny-wise, pound-foolish.

  68. Travis in Miami says:

    If the SPL is in fact less or equal to the MLS (as keeps getting stated over and over by posters here), then Sacha WILL definitely impress at Celtic. In that scenario this move would facilitate a move to a “better” situation for him quicker than staying in the MLS or even playing at a midtable Dutch team – it’s Celtic afterall.

  69. Travis in Miami says:

    BTW, Chivas will have it’s third player plucked away on international tranfers. Not bad for such a young team. They must be doing something right.

  70. Richard says:

    the league is rubbish, the team is not, even though it is not what it was.

  71. madmax says:

    I feel its a bad fit for both player and team. Celtic style does not fit Sasha’s game. Other than Rangers competition is not that great. Does Sasha have same manager as Beas, Adu, and Jozy, who are all sitting out in civvies?

  72. ZeGerman says:

    kljestan is a worker, blue collar, who will do the dirty work for any team. He has also developed his offensive game the past few seasons and can play a variety of positions. He had a great mls season and impressed at the olympics. I was hesitant to see him in the starting lineup for ‘big’ us games 12 months ago, but he has proved himself an asset to the team, and will play a big role in the hex. He will do well at celtic if he is given the opportunity. How high is the kid’s ceiling? He must play regularly to find out how far he can go. This move would be great, if he plays.

  73. nick l says:

    Eric- he’ll get champions league football and possibly a spring board to a better league/team what more do you want? And old school and out of the loop, I mean do you really think he’ll get a better offer than the celtic offer, he’s certainly not polished enough for the EPL? Stop bein such a fanboy and have some sense of reality

  74. I wonder what the status is with FC Twente or some of the other clubs that are interested. Anyone know? I’m not too excited about this move either, and it looks to be a crowded midfield – will he see the bench? If this is the best he can get and he will get regular playing time, it’s not a horrible move, it’s just not the best fit for him, IMO.

  75. Casey C. says:

    These players don’t go to sit. They go to try to force their way in to the starting XI. It’s annoying when we see it happen, and it happens often that they become bench warmers, or even non bench warmers, but they go to make a living and to try to earn their pay.

  76. TheNug says:

    nick l – How many people are talking as if SK should go to the EPL?

    What most people are saying is that he should find a team in Spain, France, or the Netherlands, not the UK, where the game better fits his style so he can hone his skills.

  77. Goalscorer24 says:

    Jay, love the slang, Edu’d, so perfect! Not sure about the move to Celtic since we have no other US players playing there. It will be interesting to see. I know not all of our players are getting starts in Europe, but they are learning how to fight for a spot. In the long run I think that will pay off.

  78. Brant says:

    Is Cervi getting an Italian passport just for EU work rules? Or does he have design on playing for the Azurri?

  79. zongzap says:

    Any foreign transfer is only good IF the player is going to play. So many don’t get many minutes and some don’t even dress. How is that helping their career? Sure it’s more money but with the oppressive Euro taxes, high cost of living and exchange rate (if the contract is in dollars) I wonder how much better off they really are.

    Also, being a bench player for a Euro team is not exactly going to help you get your next job.

  80. brett says:

    personally i liked the rumor of Twente chasing him… :( oh well, Celtic isnt a bad choice… at least he has a chance to get CL PT….

  81. Andrew says:

    Celtic is a poor team. I don’t see them developing any talent and their managerial situation is up in the air as the fans simply don’t like Strachan.

    Scott Brown is the perfect example. With Hibs, he was slated as the next superstar. Teams in England and Italy were pining for him. Rangers wanted him as well and were simply out bid.

    After signing with Celtic, Scott Brown has become a joke. He is a yellow card waiting to happen in every single game he plays. He has reverted into thuggery.

    Aiden McGeady is a young and talented player. A simple falling out with the manager has him on the outs. If Mizuno knew how to kick a ball, McGeady would have been sold already.

    Nakamura is a fine Japanese player, but even he is looking to get out of there. Rumors of his transfer have gone on for months now as he is looking to return to Japan.

    A lot of these purchases Celtic have made, Nakamura and Mizuno are done with an eye towards marketing in those countries. I fear that Kljestan is the same thing. Rangers have acquired two Americans and thus Celtic must acquire one in or two in order to get promote their jersey.

    Kljestan would be better served to go to a team that is more interested in soccer than marketing.

  82. Felix says:

    The SPL isn’t the greatest league in the world, especially for a player like Sasha, but at the same time, we are talking about guarenteed European competition every year. We are at the point that Yanks playing in Europe is fairly common, but I feel the next hurdle is getting Yanks on bigger clubs where they regularly see CL action. Hopefully Donovan and Kljestan lead that charge.

  83. Michael F. says:

    The SPL? It’s a two team league.
    I’m disappointed. He has tremendous up side, thought he’d go to spain or france or germany or england or holland.

  84. PCFC says:

    “Finally a Yank on Celtic instead of Ranger? WHERE’S MY KLJESTAN CELTIC JERSEY!”

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

  85. Isaac says:

    Apparently Newcastle is interested in him too. Celtic is a pretty good team to go to in my opinion. Nakamura is the best playmaker in that league and would be a great player to be around. You guys have to understand that even though these guys arent getting starts right away they’re around players with great experience and skill. Sacha will do great there.

  86. CSD says:

    Scotland isn’t even a real country.

    At least he can go across the street and hang out with Edu and Beasley.

  87. Mentz says:


  88. Gabe says:

    Saw him on my plane ride to England today, seriously. I didn’t think it was him, because he was supposed to be at camp. But now I can confirm it was him.

  89. Alex says:

    I just don’t see why anyone would move now in a crucial two year span for the USMNT and the world cup, If he impressed and made this transfer and he doesn’t play he has given his spot or handed his spot to torres. Why do that? If he impresses during the season the gold cup, or confederations cup and makes the world cup roster and plays well he makes CLint Dempsey money, if he leaves now he makes Parkhurst money, in the grand scheme of things if its every players goal to play in this big tournaments then he should use this trial to gauge himself and then comeback and work his ass off for a bigger pay day in a better league.

  90. Alex says:

    Sorry Ives I meant A**

  91. Har says:

    Having to work to force your way on the field for a team like Celtic is much more beneficial for his career than remaining in the MLS. He can only go where a team is willing to pay for his services, so if no team in Holland, Spain or anywhere else wants him, I’m fine with this.

    Also, let’s not forget that Celtic will be back in the Champions Leauge/UEFA Cup next year which would be a great experience for his development.

  92. Bacalao says:

    Alex, I’m confident the waterboy on Celtic is making more than Parkhurst money (reported in the 230k range), though true, it ain’t Dempsey money (a guesstimation would be a million+).

    Still, let the man get paid.

  93. stevie says:

    ok, im scotish and its funny how little alot of you no about football.

    1. celtic is one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

    2. Ok the spl may not be that good, but he would be getting the chance to play in the champions league, playing the best teams in the world.

    3. Holland?? what have there teams acheived in the last 10 years?? Ajax?? you must be kidding me… and Rangers got to the eufa cup final last year.

  94. Jason P says:

    Should be a great experience. Hope the best for him with Celtic.

  95. frank says:

    I believe his dad is Serbian and mom is USA citizen…

  96. Jonathan Torres says:


  97. brentmcd says:

    Jonathon, put down the pipe and take a deep breath of reality. Mexico is on a downward trajectory, and not even Sven can save them.

  98. Will says:

    Ives, I’m always impressed with your insight. But you seemed to be pushing Frei into the Chivas in all these draft articles.

    Maybe they just didn’t think that was their

    number 1 concern

  99. Headline should read: “Kljestan brothers in Europe training”

    I saw his brother training with TuS Koblenz last night, and although he did not get any PT, he performed well in training. Koblenz outplayed Frankfurt today in a test match.

  100. Michael McGeady says:

    I am fan fo Celtic Football Club and I travel not only around Scotland to see them, but Europe and the USA too. Yes I was over pre-season a few years back. Currently Aiden McGeady has had a row with the coach and his jesrey is looking to be on a shakey peg. However he is a massive Celtic Man and wants to stay. Nakamura is heading home at the end of the season too. Therefor Sacha Kljestan may well have a chance at Celtic. However we also have Koki Mizuno to replace Naka or Aiden so he will have to work for it.
    Reading what you guys say is quite interesting.
    1. About Sacha Kljestan and
    2. The SPL.

    It seems that Sacha Kljestan is quite highly regarded over in the MLS. I look forward to possibly watching him.
    As for the SPL. Celtic do not get tested outwith Rangers games? Are you having a laugh? I agree that some of the teams are poor, but every away game in the SPL is a tough game. Any away game against a top 6 team is a very hard game. I do not know much about the MLS, but I know that any team over there would struggle here.
    I would guess that the only person who could possibly compare the two is Kenny Deuchar of Salt Lake.

    Anyway fellas, take care and any info on the fella Sacha Kljestan, or Big Cervi please fire it up onto the page.


  101. PJ says:


    this message board just proves what the world thinks. the yanks know absoloutely NOTHING about football!!

    lads, reading internet “saccer” sites and quoting stats does not mean you understand the game, as your comments show. If you want to chat about the game, try learning a little something about it.

    shocking display of ignorance!

  102. PJ – Where you from brother? England? Food for thought while putting your comments into context. If you recall, we schooled England in 1950 WC?

    We’re Yanks b/c back in the 1770’s a bunch of immigrants bounded together by a common theme thanks to screwed up policies from across the big pond. So, yes we’re different which is why we developed our own sports like baseball, basketball and an American brand of football. We provide several options- not just football and cricket. While I also played baseball and basketball, I chose the European style of football as my sport of choice b/c of my heritage/roots.

    Compare the number of foreigners in American professional sports to the number of Yanks playing football abroad. This goes to show we got more balls than you and that all you care about is one sport, and maybe cricket–what’s that all about?

    I will give you this though. 1) Sky announcers call a match better than ESPN and FOX. 2 )Attending a match in Europe blows away attending any professional sporting event in the US. We have to have music and score boards to fire us up while you guys sing and chant all game–much more fun in Europe—BUT we don’t shout obsentities at players of color. and 3) Your beer is much better. We’re still learning after almost 300 years, but we like it that way.

    When I went to a Fulham match and US vs England match last year, I was shocked that I couldn’t enjoy the match while drinking a couple of beers at my seat and act the part of a responsible, civilized sports fan. What’s up with that? Maybe you can learn from us too.

  103. David Moir says:

    What is it with this giving the SPL a right slagging off. Ok, there are a couple of no hope teams but the Old Firm are a powerful force in worldwide football,(fan base aside,both teams nearly 50,000 average every home game),playing in the Champions League every season is a record most of the so called big teams in Europe can only dream of!!

    Not many so called big European teams (Wolfsberg,Twente or Feyenoord??? are you serious??)have a Euro record like Celtic and Rangers(who made the UEFA Cup final last season)so think its time to take stock.

    No offence but occassionaly watching some MLS games , my Saturday morning team could do better.

    Also apart from the big 4 or 5 in the Premiership,these two giants of the Scottish game would flourish with the cash offered by TV.

    Anyhows,seems like another Celtic shirt selling exercise to me anyhow.


  104. Forza DC says:

    I think a move to Celtic would be a great move for Kljestan if he got his game but to be honest he has no chance of getting ahead of Scott Brown (this season he has been sensational), Hartley, Robson, Flood, Crosas, Naka or McGeady. He would simply end up being another Pat McCourt or Mizuno and would be put on loan to someone like Inverness. The money as well would not be great (Scottish teams only spent 1/500 of what the EPL spent in January on players)

    Also having spent some time in Scotland, I beleive that the top teams in MLS are only similar in standard to the bottom few teams in the SPL, with a few big names thrown in and the rest are Div1 quality. The kenny deuchar comparison doesn’t really cut it because he has only ever been successful in Divs 2 and 3 in Scotland.

    Also the move now looks off anyway.

  105. shaun hopkins says:

    While the SLP might not be the best League on the planet in which to develop our talent, it would certainly be a step up from MLS…. Lest we forget, Celtic and Rangers play Champions League Football… That is about the best development a player can get, provided he is getting quality minutes… What I do NOT want to see is our brightest young talents being sold to major European clubs, only to ride the bench or get loaned out to a 3rd div side.

    Some have said that Kljestan is a bit too soft for the rugged brand of football played in SPL… But DeMarcus Beasley is a much smaller player, and he seems to be adapting just fine….. In other words, I wouldn’t mind Kljestan transfering to Celtic, so long as he is going to get quality minutes there…. Otherwise, he’s better off just sticking it out in MLS a while longer…