Philadelphia settles on finalists for team name

PhillyGroundbreaking (AP)

Philadephia fans still have to wait more than a year for their expansion MLS team to take the field, but they are finally closer to knowing what that team's name will be.

According to sources within MLS, the Philadelphia expansion team has settled on four finalists for the club's name. AC Philadelphia, Philadelphia City, Philadelphia Union and Philadelphia SC. The club is expected to hold a vote in the coming months, allowing fans to choose the name of the team. The Philadelphia expansion team is scheduled to begin play in 2010.

So now that the name possibilities are out, which one do you like the most? Vote below:

Which ones do I like? Philladelphia City and AC Philadelphia are pretty snazzy and none of them are Kansas City Wiz terrible.

What do you think if the final four name finalists? Do you dislike any of them? Is there a nickname that should have made the cut that didn't?

Share your thoughts below.

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263 Responses to Philadelphia settles on finalists for team name

  1. BJR says:

    e) none of the above

  2. Mike from linden says:

    what does AC mean? Athletic Club? Philadelphia Union sounds like your working for a union.

  3. They all suck.

    The clear winner should be Philadelphia Liberty.

  4. eric says:

    “what does AC mean? Athletic Club? Philadelphia Union sounds like your working for a union.”

    Or a railroad.

  5. Gibson says:

    Soccer Club Philly Sounds the best too me and should be the real name for dallas seattle and the rest instead of fc

  6. Dan in LA says:

    AC Philadelphia is by far the best. City only works if there are two teams in 1 city, ie Man U and Man City. It doesn’t work for Philadelphia and Union just plain sucks. Philadelphia AC or FC would work as well.

  7. KW says:

    They’re all boring

  8. Scott A says:

    I think they’re all good

  9. Ryan says:

    Instead of AC Philadelphia they should have gone with Philadelphia Athletic.

  10. Murphy says:

    is it sc philadelphia or philadelphia sc?

    philly sc would be good, but sc philly wouldn’t.

    maybe philadelphia city… like you said ives, all of them are better than kc wiz… or real salt lake…

  11. Nathan says:

    They all blow, I can’t vote for any of these.

  12. drewdat says:

    “what does AC mean?”

    Associazione Calcio. Oh, you wanted to know what they’re pretending it means so it makes sense in English, can’t help you there.

    I like Philadelphia Athletic too, but I guess SC Philadelphia is the choice here since it at least makes sense in this country and league.

  13. Ken U says:

    Philadelphia City or Philadelphia Union I think is the way to go.

  14. Dante says:

    They’re all terrible. I see MLS wants to stick with the Euro poser names. Terrible.

  15. Charley says:

    yeah, I like that one Ryan, Philadelphia Athletic is a good one. oh well, my vote goes to AC. I like that one, or SC.

  16. Garrett says:

    How about they worry about getting that stadium built and then start worrying about what they’re going to name their team.

  17. Eugene says:

    What exactly does SC mean? Soccer Club? Sporting Clube?

    I’m not inspired by any of these either. Liberty sounds like a women’s basketball team. Oh wait, it IS a women’s basketball team.

    I think Philly should come up with something more unique.

  18. Josh says:

    They all suck. I like a good old FC philly. I HATE SC Philly (assuming it means soccer club philly). If I had a gun to my head I would have to choose AC Philly.

    This is all too remnant of a US presidential election, picking the best of the worst.

  19. Vinny says:

    SC Philly!!!!

  20. Katatonia says:


  21. I’d venture to guess that Philadelphia Athletic would conflict with an existing trademark of Philadelphia Athletics (who became the Oakland A’s).

  22. JohnC says:

    I guess Philadelphia City but I was really hoping for Philadelphia 1776. But City somewhat makes sense especially when you consider downtown Philly is called Center City- kind of a backward city.

  23. Travis says:

    I’d hate an SC, and I think the league needs a team that we can just call “City” and people will know what you are talking about.

  24. Chase says:

    “all too remnant”?

    Philadelphia Union all the way.

  25. A.S. says:

    SC Philadelphia.

    Can we please, please, PLEASE have a team that understands that the sport in this country is called SOCCER, and not football.

    And please, no AC Philadelphia or Philadelphia City. If they want to moronically copy a European team’s name, I insist the name be Philadelphia Hotspur.

  26. thomas says:

    Philadelphia City is hoooorrrrrible. That would probably top Real Salt Lake as worst use of a traditional soccer name in MLS. (RSL should have been Royal…not ree-all…to most Americans, the 90% who don’t follow the game, it just looks like they RSL called Non-Fiction Salt Lake). I figured “idependence” or some form of the word would be an option.

  27. NateinSF says:


  28. A.S. says:

    BTW – it would be kind of ironic if the team were called “Philadelphia City”, given that the team will actually play in the Philadelphia suburbs and not in the city.

    Can we replace “Philadelphia City” with “Philadelphia Suburb” as the potential team name?

  29. Balls Mahoney says:

    We already sorta have a Philadelphia 1776 in town, sadly, or else it’d be perfect. And “Athletic” is definitely a trademark problem.

  30. metrostar 4 life says:

    I thought they would’ve chosen Philadelphia Atheltic but o well I chose Philly City

  31. Rudy says:

    None of them are mindblowing, but I’ve always felt MLS needed a “Citeh” so I voted Philadelphia City.

  32. Kevin says:

    A.S., it’s plain and simple. The sport is called football. If we Americans ever want to be thought of as serious supporters of the sport, we need to get away from ‘soccer’. Philadelphia City all the way.

  33. Andrew says:


  34. alex says:

    I’d say anything but SC. That’s just crap.

    But, then again it’s ironic that a team far outside of Phily is going to call itself “city”.

  35. CACuzcatlan says:

    Ben Franklin FC

    I hope they have a write in option

  36. sublicon says:

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. I hope this is a lie, honestly. These names are about as predictable as you can get.

  37. FlapJack says:

    I was expecting one of these bland copycat names, but I still can’t believe how incredibly boring they were. Count me as one who’s tired of the copycat names. Doesn’t anyone want a unique and original name anymore? Sure none are as bad as Real Salt Lake, but is anything?

    And if you’re going to to go with such a boring name why not just call your damn team “Philadelphia”. Tacking on AC, FC, SC, City, Union, just reads to me like – “see we’re really a soccer team because we know you’d have no idea if we didn’t copy from somebody else”

    I like SC PA because my dislexic mind just keeps thinking – “They’re the local animal shelter!”

  38. Chris says:

    AC Philadelphia all the way.

  39. Aljarov says:

    Philadelphia City is my choice….but would give it a bonus point if they tagged on SC at the end (so long as it’s Soccer Club, and not just SC, like FC is on Toronto FC – way to miss the point).

  40. brian says:


  41. Mike says:

    I agree, they are all horrible names. But no point arguing about here if we can’t come up with better options ourselves.

    So let’s start throwing some names out and see if we can find a good name and maybe, just maybe, the powers that be can find out and reconsider before they end up with one of these horrible choices.

    I like the Philly Liberty name that was tossed out but the WNBA already has a team called the NY Liberty and I don’t like sports franchises sharing the same names (even if they are different sports).

    What about Philadelphia Forefathers? 😉

  42. A.S. says:

    “A.S., it’s plain and simple. The sport is called football.”

    No, here in America, it’s called soccer.

    You may wish to review the name of this very website, for example, if you don’t believe me.

    “If we Americans ever want to be thought of as serious supporters of the sport, we need to get away from ‘soccer’.”

    If we Americans ever want to be

    thought of as serious supporters of the sport, we have to have the confidence to use our own damned name for it, rather than just be Euro wannabes.

  43. Mark says:

    God they’re all Awful!! All 4 possibilities just scream Mickey Mouse.

    If I was a Philly fan, I’d be downright embarassed.

  44. SoccerMavn says:

    Anyone still lobbying for “Philadelphia Athletic” has simply not been paying attention for the last year. Ain’t gonna happen. There this little thing called “trademark,” and MLB’s got it.

    Euro-posing by a city with a rich and lengthy soccer history (this ain’t Salt Lake) is disappointing. Go with a name used by one of the many great Philly teams over the years, and reclaim the history that is yours–“Atoms,” “Nationals,” “Americans.” Leave “AC” and “City” for the posers.

  45. Hopper says:

    Yeah, we had this problem in Seattle too. All the suggested names were garbage. You guys in Philly are gonna have to band together and write-in a good name like we were forced to do here. Those are some terrible names.

  46. Mike says:

    Philly Hitmen?

    Philly Stallions?

    Philly Cheeseteaks? lol

  47. wendel says:

    they’re all terrible and unimaginative. you could tack on any city to these names. none of them captures anything special about Philadelphia. this obsession with european names has got to stop most of them sound stupid. how many “blank FC’s” do we need? i was hoping the team would be called the independence or something that uniquely captures Philadelphia rather than a name with alienates mainstream fans and gives fodder to mls bashers.

  48. kebzach says:

    AC Slater and SportsCenter Philly are HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE names. HORRIBLE.




  49. Mike Caramba says:

    I hate all the arbitrary “rules” some MLS fans have for naming teams, as if there’s a “right” and “wrong” way to name a team. As lame as The New England Revolution is, I would take it over Real Salt Lake any day. I think the “FC” names are pretty boring, but I’m fine with the “SC”…it’s not great, but at least we’re embracing our country’s soccer identity.

    AMERICAN FANS! WE DON’T HAVE TO IMITATE EUROPE! Yes, it’s stupid and impractical to play overtime in regular season matches. Yes, the MLS PK was a terrible idea. But when it comes to other things (like naming clubs), I say we choose unique, local flavor over boring, globalized (more accurately, European) homogeny.

  50. Mike says:

    For everyone that replies to this topic, post a team name that you would come up with in place of the options. If we can all agree on a good one we can write it in to the powers that be in Philly and have this thing changed and go down in MLS history as well! =)

  51. The Man says:

    I don’t think A.C. is supposed to be a rip-off of Milan, but rather stands for Athletic Club. Its a good way for getting around the trademark on Philadelphia Athletics that the MLB has.

  52. Richard says:

    I voted for AC Philadelphia, but now realized a conflict. It really annoys me when people say AC MILAN instead of just MILAN … Do you hear people say “I went to the Manchester United FC game” or “I went to the SS Lazio vs AS Roma game” (I hate when people say “AS” too…)

    Philadelphia City – people are poking fun at the stadium not being ‘in the city’ so thats a no-no… cmon, philly city is gonna start to be used and sound dumb imo… but there’s a chance it’ll work…the more you think about it, the better it sounds actually!

    SC Philadelphia and Philadelphia Union are dumb imo.

    So, my choice (write-in?)(maybe), understanding the history of the “Philadelphia Athletics”, will take the Atletico Madrid route… Officially, they are “Club Atlético de Madrid” so something like Athletic Philadelphia could be good? They’d be known as “Athletic” if your talking casually as I think “Atletico” is not dumb to say in Spain like AC / SS / AS is in Italy…

  53. Miguel says:

    Ay Caramba! I guess you just loved San Jose Clash, Tampa Bay Mutiny, Dallas Burn, Kansas City Wiz and NY/NJ Metrostars as well. Oh, and Miami Fusion was pretty good too, eh.

    Anyway, it would be too funny to have Philadelphia City playing two hours up the road from DC United. Those United/City ‘fixtures’ would be incredible! Ha, ha!

    I would go with Philadelphia SC, but not SC Philadelphia. Which is the correct candidate Yves? It says the former in your blurb and the latter in the Poll.

  54. Bob says:

    Philladelphia City is the dumbest idea ever. Really Philladelphia is a city. no crud.

  55. Skinn says:

    To take a historical view of the name for the Philly franchise, I like AC Philly best of the four proposed for the fact it alludes the city’s sporting history–Philadelphia Athletics; though I think Philadelphia AC would be better.

    Also, to take a historical view of the football vs. soccer debate, neither is specifically “World” or “American.” The term “soccer” derives from “Association football,” differentiating “soccer” from rugby football, or Aussie rules, or “Gridiron.” Both football and soccer are perfectly acceptable terms for this game anywhere in the world, though usage differs from place to place. Anybody with a strong opinion on the terms one way or the other may need to find something else to be angry about.

  56. RJ Dvorak says:

    I’m seriously annoyed by people who say these names are unoriginal? What’s wrong with being traditional, I like that soccer is different from other sports. My issues with AC and SC Philly are not that they’re unoriginal, just that they’re placed before the city and not after like they should be. If you changed those I would go with SC its somewhat original but is also american. Seeing as its SC Philly and not Philly SC, I would have to go with Philadelphia City

  57. A.S. says:

    I got it – since the stadium will be on the river, call them River Delaware. If Philly ever gets another team, they could be Philadelphia Juniors. :)

  58. Wispy says:

    Considering where the team’s stadium will be, I’d go with Phildelphia Outskirts. Then we DC United fans can look forward to United/Skirts fixtures every season…

  59. Mike Caramba says:

    Miguel, I’m not saying mistakes haven’t been made…those names were horrible. But honestly, I’d take the clash over Real Salt Lake. There has to be some middle ground…

    And by the way, I still call the Wizards the Wiz

  60. Steve T. says:

    They are all pretty safe, I dont dislike any of them really. Philly Union sounds the best to me, but yeah i’d prefer something else.

  61. Mike Caramba says:

    Time for another rant…

    Why do so many people think “the whole world uses ‘football’ and therefore we should use ‘football’ or no one will take us seriously!!”? Just to name a few off the top of my head, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland are all English-speaking countries known to, at least sometimes, use the word “soccer.” And let’s not forget about ITALY! “Calcio.” Sounds nothing like “football.” Doesn’t translate to “foot” and “ball.” I could be wrong about this, but I’m pretty sure the world takes them seriously.

    Why are we so insecure? Why do we feel compelled to copy others? Honestly, if some people from some football-saying country don’t take us respect us simply because we call the sport soccer, then I really don’t care. It’s trivial, and they’re obviously narrow-minded people.

    Call it what you want. But please don’t tell me that I should call it football. And if you are, for the sake of fairness, please go onto some Italian soccer blog and demand that they stop calling it calcio.

  62. Mike Caramba says:

    *”take us respect” is my new, fancy way of saying “respect us”

  63. A.S. says:

    Maybe if we are going to imitate a Euro club, we can imitate Bayer Leverkusen, and name the club after one of the local pharmaceutical companies. The Philadelphia Rohm & Haas’s? Hey, the Philadelphia FMC’s sounds *almost* like Philadelphia FC – best of both worlds. Plus, a built in marketing tie!

  64. Richard says:

    Mike Caramba, Calcio isn’t the only word for soccer in italy… Pallone is used just as often if not more.. Palla = Ball so there is some sort of root I suppose…

    And a United-City game would be funny too lmao…

    Athletic Philadelphia or Philadelphia AC (Athletic Club) works for me!

  65. RJ Dvorak says:

    Mike, I like and agree with your point. I do believe however that the typical soccer names for clubs are better that other sports. It allows the fans to come up with their very own nicknames for the clubs and not something some marketing department came up with. Liverpool are the reds, Fulham the cottagers, and Man U the Red devils, its not like they go by the Liverpoll Red, the Fulham Cottagers, etc. I see americanize it by calling it a soccer club but keep it traditional. Given time, the fans will decide upon a nickname. Also, any idea what they’re color scheme will be in Philly?

  66. Scott A says:

    I second Mike Caramba on the last post

    And for those calling for less boring names, I dunno. I hate when new teams try to make themselves exciting through their colors and names like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays(oooh scary) or the Arizona Diamondbacks with their teal and purple coloring

  67. Justin T says:

    Independent 1776

    American. Copy Cat. Original. Everyone satisfied?

  68. Cosmos Forever says:

    How about Independence SC?

  69. Mike Caramba says:

    One last point. If we want to imitate other soccer team names (call it “traditional,” if you prefer), let’s at least steal some interesting ones. How about these:

    -Young Boys Philadelphia
    -Grasshopper Philadelphia
    -The Philadelphia Millionaires
    -Joe Public Philadelphia
    -Philadelphia Meat Commission FC
    -Philadelphia The Strongest
    -Philadelphia Old Boys
    -The Philadelphia Hearts of Oak

  70. biological says:

    kevin, i sure hope the italians get with the program and forget using calcio… i guess that goes for the dutch use voetball… na wha im sayin?

    take this sport srsly, yo.

  71. Zaza says:

    All of these are MUCH better than being named after an energy drink…I am guessing AC stands for Athletic Club, so technically it would be Athletic Club of Philadelphia. I like that and City

  72. shelbo says:

    I’m with those that are tired of all the FC, SC, and AC BS. You are allowed to pick an actual name! However, Union and City don’t really count as names either, so try again. Personally, I think Liberty has a nice ring to it.

  73. RJ Dvorak says:

    liberty is a wnba team

  74. Mike Caramba says:

    I hope they choose brown and yellow for their colors so we can call them the Steaks

  75. Daniel says:

    Associazione Calcio (Italian for Football (soccer) Association)Philadelphia

    Soccer Club (I guess thats what it means) Philadelphia

    Philadelphia Union
    Philadelphia City

    None are that good but I guess Philadelphia Union sounds the best out of those four.. I would probably go with just Philadelphia because nothing really sounds or looks good with it.

  76. Zaza says:

    All of these are MUCH better than being named after an energy drink. So if thats the original you want, you can have it. It is possible that AC stands for Athletic Club. I like AC and City. Maybe Philadelphia AC is a little better.

  77. RJ Dvorak says:

    or the sh***y underpants

  78. Derek says:

    I go for the write in vote

    -Philadelphia 1776

    -Independence FC

    -Penn Athletic


    -SC Continental

    -Colony FC

    -Penn Militia

    OR for good comedy sake…

    -Poor Richards

    -Brotherly Lovers

    -Ginos FC

    -Chester Molesters

  79. Justin T says:

    I hope they are powder blue and yellow. Ties back to the Sweedish Heritage of the city. (I actually don’t know if that is true. I just remember the Eagles beating up on my poor Lions wearing those colors).

    But seriously, if they do Americanize the name, please tie it to the city. I love the Lions, but wtf do Lions have to do with Detroit? Sorry to rant about my NFL team.

  80. Someone said it above – Independence! Philadelphia Independence, Independence SC…something like that. That’s the best name. I take back my Liberty comment and go with Independence. So much better.

  81. Mike says:

    Philadelphia Rocky Balboas

  82. duck1318 says:

    SC just sounds like a soccer mom, rec league travel team name or something. The players should all just put orange peels in there mouth at half time like I did when I was four. I would have to say the best of the worst is City.

  83. Iammetro says:

    AC Philadelphia? Wheres do I get my membership to that “Athletic Club”? At least with AS, FC or SC you know its a soccer team. And not some fictitious Euro name. I would love to hate FC Philly or SC Philly.

  84. hillad says:

    So Seattle had to vote between 3 choices when it was up for a vote. Those three were Seattle Alliance, Seattle Republic, and Seattle FC. Missing something? Seattle fans were so unhappy with those choices, they had a write-in with Sounders or some derivative getting half the vote. For a write in! So there’s hope if voters are unhappy with these choices. I think I like Philly Athletic better but that harkens back to the baseball team which moved to Oakland.

  85. CommonSense says:

    I think AC Philly is money, I’m pretty sure they ran into copyright trouble when trying to name the club Philly Athletic, thus the Athletic Club Philly.

    Some cities, funny Americanized names work, others, the classics. I think Philly, being a classic Colonial town, sounds really nice with a Euro-sounding name.

    AC Philly just seems classy to me.

  86. Matt in SF says:

    Ryan: “Instead of AC Philadelphia they should have gone with Philadelphia Athletic.”

    ^^ What he said. Philadelphia Athletic or Philadelphia AC would be my preference.

  87. jpc says:

    Philadelphia City? is this the WNBA? Thats the worst name i’ve ever seen… Why not call them the “Son’s of Ben”, that names awesome, and the logo’s better

  88. Justin T says:

    Independence 1776 – I like it. Although they weren’t formed in 1776.

  89. jig says:

    Like many people, I’m not too stoked on any of these either. Philly 76 would be sooo sick.

    To those who are opposed to all these, can you come up with anything that’s not listed?

  90. roberto says:

    totally agree with Mike caramba the name should be AMERICAN this is a unique league and I wish it will remain that way.
    Thats why I loved the NY Cosmos for ex. it had a larger than life element that connected well with the players they signed Pele Beckenbauer etc.As a young kid living in S America and learning about this American way of seeing soccer/football …I just bcame hooked for life!!!
    stick with that originality!! its unique.
    remember philadelphia atoms??
    that was a great name, why not revive it

  91. spaz says:

    All terrible. A.C. Philadelphia is the best, I guess, but if it doesn’t stand for anything, it seems silly.

    Is there any way that we as a soccer community can come together and go all Seattle Sounders on the voting and get a historical Philly name like Atoms or Americans or Spartans?

  92. JesseMT says:

    Nowhere near as bad as the crap the league tried to make Seattle choose from. As a Sounders fan, I remember when the Sons of Ben helped us out in our write-in campaign. I’m sure that if the Philly fans get organized around one of these choices or a write-in alternative, Sounders fans will return the favor.

    Philadelphia Union – that’s pretty bad.

  93. killa says:

    76? You realize there is an NBA ream in the same market called the 76ers! That would send mixed messages to people in the area as well as in media coverage. Not gonna happen, nor should it.

  94. A.S. says:

    Should it be Philadelphia Independence or Philadelphia Independents? I’m not so big on concepts for team names – Liberty, Mutiny, etc. At least “Independents” can be people.

    I’m still going with River Delaware – or, better, AC River Delaware (the Argentine team is actually Club Atlético River Plate, right?).

  95. Ed says:

    With some of those choices, I’d rather see Rocky FC, AC Balboa or Philadelphia Stallions be chosen.

  96. roberto says:

    i got it;
    philly has a history and a tradition of very good music/musicians,

    O’jays stylistics etc etc. the philly sound.

    you know ..soul music that has been heard all over the world…especially England, (what an irony) so screw the English names like FC philadelphia
    IM GOING TO WRITE NICK SAKIEWICZ AND PROPOSE IT!! thats it, ill gladly collect signatures

  97. Justin T says:

    76? You realize there is an NBA ream in the same market called the 76ers! That would send mixed messages to people in the area as well as in media coverage. Not gonna happen, nor should it.

    Posted by: killa | January 08, 2009 at 10:27 PM

    Mixed message? Seems consistent to me. Obviously its something important to the city. 76ers and 1776 are different.

  98. roberto says:

    Philadelphia Soul or Philly soul, this team should have a Funk vibe to it, colors should be red white and blue. Im sure football fans all over the world are going to like it.
    Ives what do you think of all this…the american originality vs the boring old FC, AC Association crap?

  99. Justin T says:

    Hope you were kidding about Soul. That’s the name of their Arena Football team owned by Bon Jovi if you weren’t kidding.

  100. Metro-211-7 says:

    What about Philadelphia Atoms SC, or just Philadelphia Atoms?

  101. Miikemike says:

    Calling a team “FC” is insulting. If we do crap like that, the US will always be a second rate soccer country.

  102. timber nick says:

    Richard, I don’t know what part of Italy you were in, but where I lived it was called “calcio” 100% of the time. “Pallone” is a soccer ball (the ball they play with, not the game)…so I suppose someone should call them up and tell them they’re no longer respected by the rest of the world.

    These all seem pretty boring to me. Not RSL bad, but bad nonetheless. I don’t really understand this obsession with English club names, but that’s just me.

    My suggestions:
    Philadelphia Apollo Creeds
    Philadelphia Halls & Oates
    and for the traditionalists–Manchester United Philadelphia

  103. Hopper says:

    The American way of naming teams doesn’t always work out guys. Bobcats? Devil Rays? Mighty Ducks? Forget the whole American v. European argument and just write-in a name that makes sense for Philly. You fans over there are gonna have to organize or you’re gonna be stuck with a lousy name for your team. It’s your team. Take control of it. We did it here in Seattle. You can do it, too.

  104. Mike Caramba says:

    I like the Philadelphia Brother Lovers.

  105. Mike says:

    Yeah, the Soul is already taken. It’s the name of the Arena Football team.

    I like 76 but you can’t go there either because of the Philly 76ers in the NBA.

    The name tossed out the I like the most is Philly Independence. You could add on 1776 or FC or whatever to the end of it and it would still work.

  106. phil says: has those 4 names plus a write in section. You americans really have to move away from the tacky nicknames you give your sports teams. Philadelphia City FC is the best name.

  107. Mitch says:

    Athletic Club Philadelphia = Pimp

    However, I say it be Philadelphia AC or Phila AC

  108. John says:

    Hate all of those; Union is the least distasteful. I still like what I sugested somewhere months ago – Philadelphia Constitution.

  109. Miguel says:

    Philadelphia Atoms a great name??? In what universe? Granted, it was much better than Boston Tea Men. There was a USISL team called the Philadelphia Freedom. If you want originality with a bit of American flavor, then that should be the name (and the Elton John song would be played to death). If not, then Philadelphia SC should be the name. The worst of the candidates is Philadelphia Union. WTF?

  110. Mike says:

    Does anyone know the contact email for the Philly 2010 braintrust?

    I’d like to send them this link in the hopes they will reconsider and pick some better options for the fans to vote on.

  111. Greg says:

    MLS needs a name that references soccer at the very least. so I said SC (if its at the end)

  112. Bootsy says:

    Philadelphia City, when they play nowhere near the city?

    Associazione Calcio Philadelphia?


    I was kinda partial to the Philadelphia Benjamins. That way, it’d add another layer of meaning to Sons of Ben, while supporters there could sing “It’s All About The Benjamins” during matches.

    OK, maybe not.

  113. Mike Caramba says:

    Yes, there have been poor, tacky nickname choices in the past. Personally, I think it’s tackier to rip off the English model which is presented as the only way to name a team.

    I’m sorry, but it’s times like these that I feel SOME American soccer fans like the sport simply because it’s foreign (no, I’m not accusing everyone who supports the English naming model).

    As for some of these suggestions, I have to express my distaste for names that are concepts…I really need something tangible if we’re going to go that route. No “freedom,” “liberty,” “mutiny,” “revolution,” “power,” “fierce.”

    I’m all for this write in campaign, assuming the supporters can come up with something worth fighting for. I haven’t heard a single suggestion that I was really into. I like Nick’s Apollo Creeds. And I agree with him, if we’re going to rip off a European club, let’s stop the pussyfooting.

    The Philadelphia Manchester Uniteds.

    The Philadelphia Barcelonas.

    The Philadelphia Juventuses.

    The Philadelphia 1860 Munichs…hmmm

  114. Michael Vann says:

    I saw several have posted Philadelphia Independence which has been my favorite all along. Since the announcement of Philadelphia, I have felt the name should incorporate something symbolic to our country seeing how the it was our first national capital and the Declaration of Independence was signed there.

    I don’t think any of the name are too bad but they are not flattering either. I guess I’m ho-hum about them. I voted for Philadelphia Union basically with no reasoning behind it.

    If I had a choice, like I said, my preference would be Philadelphia Independence or Philadelphia SC.

  115. roberto says:

    no i didnt know …that sucks!!! i dont follow arena football..
    I wasn’t kidding but now im wondering if i might have unconciously picked up that name from somewhere.
    sorry all
    anyways I love that name, too bad it exists.
    lets then bring back the atoms or the fury

  116. Mike Caramba says:

    How about Philadelphia Founders FC (or SC)? Or, if you want to be completely lame, The Philadelphia Phounders.

  117. Rocco says:

    Philly Ch. 11 FC

  118. Kosh says:

    Persoanlly I thought they would have considered Independence FC, but I kind’a like Citeh too.

  119. Blake says:

    Eh…what’s in a name, anyway? Fan support won’t rely on if the name is cool or not. I mean, come on, you need not look further than the Phillies.

  120. Roger Van Gool says:

    Not a terribly interesting group of names but here is my skinny on them:

    1st Choice – Union (it is just OK but it is at least unique and has some connections to Philly – blue collar city, Union Army in Civl War, union of PA, NJ and DE fans at games, etc.). Overall – Tolerable.

    2nd Choice – S.C. (will at least recognize that the team plays soccer in MLS not MLF) – a bit bland on its own, it could use a nickname to go with it to help with the marketing. Overall – Mediocre.

    3rd Choice – City (weak for a team that will play in Chester), a Euro-wannabe name which will cause branding challenges to the casual fan who does not know the handful of English teams that those City in the name. Overall – Weak.

    4th Choice – AC, another Euro-wannabe name which reeks of the Real Salt Lake disaster, AC in the Philly Area stands for Atlantic City. Overall – Horrible.

  121. Roger Van Gool says:

    Philadelphia Athletic in any shape or form is a no-go for a team name due to MLB trademark issues. A write-in campaign for Athletic will not change that fact.

  122. mike says:

    AC is more of a nod to the forbidden Athletic name then anything else… which I like the best…. “AC Philadelphia” would essentially be naming the team… “Athletic Club of Philadelphia”…. just not legally because of all the trademark garbage.

    It would NOT stand for Associazione Calcio

  123. Joamiq says:

    AC Philly is the best of these boring names. Philadelphia City? Really? I’m sorry, but that just sounds stupid.

  124. Ian says:

    I would actually like to see the team named Sons of Ben. A team named after a supporters group is pretty unique. and I have always liked the name.

  125. Mark says:

    While most can agree that all 4 names are pretty bad, how about the Philadelphia Greenmen, and have greenman the unofficial mascot.

  126. Chris says:

    I can’t respect the league if they keep on adding these terrible names. How do they leave off Philadelphia 2010?! Philadelphia Athletic would have been perfect and they should have fought harder for it. Philadelphia AC is better then AC Philadelphia.

    And what a surprise, the ignorant soon to be fans in Philly, who haven’t been around long enough to know better, want Philadelphia City as the name because it “sounds cool”.

    Too bad it’s a total contradiction because YOU DON’T PLAY IN THE CITY!!!! On top of that you don’t have another team in your city that you are distinguishing yourself from. I can’t take this anymore. So many idiots. From the fans, straight up to the suits that suggest this crap. Pathetic.

    If you can’t think of anything descent that actually makes sense and has meaning towards your club, just put an FC on your cities name. It should be mandated.

  127. Chris says:

    “Philadelphia Athletic in any shape or form is a no-go for a team name due to MLB trademark issues. A write-in campaign for Athletic will not change that fact.”

    Posted by: Roger Van Gool | January 09, 2009 at 01:41 AM

    Worth a shot.

  128. Sacco says:

    How about WEAK.

    Because all those names are.

  129. tom says:

    Philadelphia City would be silly because they won’t be playing in Philadelphia. How about Philadelphia Area or the Philly Chester’s.

  130. elmatador says:

    SC! gets my vote…I agree we some post that say SC is our identity….we’re soccer NOT Football, Dallas and Seattle should change to SC also.

  131. Johnny says:


  132. Barry Jive and His Uptown Five says:

    Who owns the rights to Philadelphia Athletics?

  133. steve-o says:

    like many have said, they all suck!! that is the best they could come up with?

    I think the Philly Cheesesteaks or the Philly Cream Cheese are better names than all of those.

  134. seamus says:

    I like Philadelphia SC, although there is a youth club in the Northeast section of Philly that already uses that name.

  135. Adam says:

    Seriously a wiz is something you take, not something you root for. How about instead of KC Wizards…..Dorothy FC?

  136. Il Consigliere says:

    I laugh at all those who say they are copy cat names…Ummm…just about anything is anymore. Philly Liberty?? You just took the nickname of a WNBA team…wow…how about they look at using Wildcats, Bulldogs, or some other animal name. The trend is to stay with more classical soccer names. And we are not just imitating Europe…we are also imitating South America, Asia, Africa, and a club or two in Australia.

  137. Har says:

    Philadelphia Athletic would have gotten my vote. Philly “City” would be ironice for the reasons previously stated…..

  138. Jason says:

    AC Philadelphia makes me think of Atlantic City and the AC Expressway…

    Not a big fan of SC Philadelphia, but reverse it and I could settle for Philadelphia SC…

    Philadelphia Union is the choice I like best of the four if my life depended on it…think it has the most life in it to grow independently amongst the fan culture…

    Initially liked Philadelphia City the best at first sight, but then, as someone wrote, the stadium will be in Chester and it’s just wrong to refer to a team as City if it’s not in that particular city and in another (or in the suburbs)…

    Philadelphia Athletic FC, in my opinion, is the best choice, but too many issues with copyright and MLB…

    Philadelphia 1776 is also not a bad choice, but too easy to mix up with the 76ers…

    Liberty and Independence are to gimmicky, cashing in on Philadelphia’s place in American history…it’s forcing it…

    With all those considerations, I like Philadelphia Stallions…it’s American and it’s got significant relevance with Philly culture (The Italian Stallion Rocky Balboa)…

  139. Ted says:

    Athletic would be perfect but is off the table, and these 4 are good, but not great choices. For a write-in option, to go along with the Rocky theme how about the Philadelphia Boxers, or Boxing Philadelphia FC?

  140. Black-&-Red in Orlando says:

    Forget all the “AC” “SC” crapola and just surrender to the blatantly obvious:

    “DC’s B!tch.”

  141. Roger J Diamond says:

    None of the above!

    In the cradle of independence, they want to use European sounding names? The horror!!

    Independence, Libery, Militia, Lightning, Keys, Franklins, Sentinels are all better.

  142. ezche says:

    Team Names FAIL!

  143. Ryan says:

    HUC Philly will be just fine.

  144. PCFC says:

    ALL THE NAMES ARE TERRIBLE! Rather than stating what names I like. I would rank the teams by which names I hate (as that would be more applicable to this series of names), starting with the worst.

    1)AC Philadelphia – Being that its not Philadephia Athletic (by far the best name – American and soccer familiar), this name must be applying to the popular Italian teams like AC Milan. Being that we are not Italian and don’t speak Italian, this name has no place in English-speaking America.

    2)Philadelphia Union – This is a soccer club, not a Cheesesteak workers organization. Absolutely terrible. Expansion club has no connection to unifying two clubs as with Uniteds.

    3) Philadelphia City – not the worst as they used the application of “City” correctly, unlike most Americans. But still of and pertaining of a Eurosnob.

    4)SC Philadelphia – should be Philadelphia SC. This is the least terrible name as it is American. However, still terrible. Philadelphia SC!

    Anyone who like AC should move to Italy. Anyone who likes Union or City should move to England. This is America. STOP BLATANLTY COPYING EURO NAMES!

  145. daniel says:

    these are all boring.

  146. Brian says:

    I heard from nobody that these names were still in the mix:

    Philadelphia Ding-a-lings
    Philadelphia Ding-Dongs
    The Philadelphia Experience
    The Philadelphia Sound
    Cheesesteak Philly
    New York Lite
    Philadelphia Balboas

  147. Brad says:

    why do we have to have these poser euro names? god they are terrible. cant we be original? ac, no. city, def not. union, are you serious? sc, maybe…

    whoever came up with the idea philadelphia athletic should be given props… well done. i like it.

    as for philly in general. whats the newest news on this stadium fiasco?

  148. Adam M. says:

    AC Philly works because we can call them the Athletics (or Atletico Philly) informally without infringing on any trademarks (assuming AC means Athletic Club). They can also steal the cool shield from Club Atletico Paranaense, which has the same colors as AC Milan. It also throws a nod the way of South Philly’s Italian community, although Chester is way farther south than the Italian Market. The rest of the names just don’t work. Philadelphia Union is too political, not too mention the P.U. problem. Philly City is silly, particularly as they are playing in Chester. I’m not sure what SC Philly is supposed to be, but it doesn’t roll off the tounge.

  149. joel says:

    I dont like any of the choices!

    However, if it has to be one of these

    I would choose SC Philadelphia.

    Philadelphia Liberty SC/FC or Philadelphia Independence SC/FC would have been better, I think…

    FC is soccer/football tradition…nothing wrong with it…SC is good as well.

    the worst mls name is without a doubt real salt lake…sorry RSL fans…but great stadium!

  150. joel says:

    by the way i think the phili fans need to push for better options…like Seattle did,

    after all its your team.

  151. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Philadelphia Athletic is actually very decent…sticks with a traditional name but has roots to the city via the old MLB name

  152. Mario in SJ says:

    PCFC I agree with all your points except the first one.

    AC stands for nothing. A majority of people on this blog agree that the “Athletic” name would be best for Philly. However, as has been said its a trademark issue. The 2010 management seems to be getting around that hurdle by using AC without actually saying “Athletic Club”.

    My vote is AC PHILADELPHIA.

  153. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Actually Philadelphia Athletic is not a trademark infringement since the “S” is dropped. They were the Philadelphia Athelics, then KC, then Oakland…

  154. Cabrito says:

    Philadelphia Brigade FC

  155. John says:

    Whatever happened to Philadephia Independence FC?

  156. Adam M. says:

    But they should have unquestionably called the team Philadelphia Commodores FC. The stadium is right under the Commodore Barry Bridge. Commodore John Barry was a Revolutionary War hero from Philly and the very first American commissioned naval officer (by Washington). The Philadelphia Commodores name would therefore not only be highly original, reference both the geography of the bridge and a major figure in American history from Philly, but it would also throw a nod to Chester, the city where they are actually playing and where the bridge connects. This simply has to be the name — its too perfect.

  157. Fuegofan says:

    If Philly wants to truly be United Statesian, I think it has to use “Soccer” instead of “Football.” Thus, my vote for SC (And, by the way, is it SC Philly or Philly SC? You changed it from the paragraph to the poll.). As for Union and City, unless they have some special significance to Philadelphia, I don’t like them.

  158. (dis) says:


    tho i was hoping for something more awesome. like philly bellringers.

  159. Miguel says:

    I’m telling you, the only one that makes sense here is SC Philadelphia, and only if they switch it around (Philadelphia SC). I agree with the poster who said:

    “In the cradle of independence, they want to use European sounding names? The horror!!”

  160. timmyg says:

    How can anyone honestly suggest “American” names that are really just idiotic hyperbole with no connection to the city the team plays in?

    I like Philly FC.

  161. Stanley Villa says:

    Philadelphia Freedom

    Why do I have this horrible nightmare that Dad, after getting walloped in WC 2010, is going to “resign” from the USMNT and become head coach of MLS Philly? And, what would be his first move, naturally, would be to bring Lil Mikey back from Germany and make him the DP with a fat, 5 yr, guaranteed deal?

  162. Mike Caramba says:

    I’d just like to say that my objection to going with “traditional” soccer names isn’t that it’s played out. My main objection is to those pushing for them by claiming it’s the “right” way to name a soccer team. To me, it’s like saying you have to name your American sports team after an animal or indian tribe.



    -Kaiser Chiefs

    -Orlando Pirates

    -Once Caldas

    -Young Boys Wankdorf

    -Hearts of Oak

    Saying you prefer names like “FC Dallas” and “Toronto FC” and “SC Philadelphia”…or saying you like “Real Salt Lake” or “let’s pretend it’s ‘Athletic Club’ Philadelphia”…or prefering “DC United” and “Philadelphia City”…that’s all fine and good.

    But don’t tell me any of the above is the “right” way to name a soccer team. If you believe that, you’re misinformed, because there are more examples all over the world (Europe and South America included) of exceptions to the rule than examples of the rule itself.

    So I suggest Philly fans choose a name that means something to them, regardless of whether it falls in line with some imaginary rule on how to name a soccer team.

  163. KingSnake says:

    My suggestion for a team name: “Nick’s Sack”.

  164. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Philadelphia Boxers: Smashmouth Football!

    But if I can’t have that, I would go with “Union.” Funny, but it kind of has an eastern bloc feel to it, even though I know it is a play off of “Brotherly Love”/United States, etc.

    PHILADELPHIA BOXERS. BOXER REVOLUTION (okay, that went a bit far).

  165. KCB says:


    All these names suck. Try again.

  166. KCB says:

    Did Seattle not teach Philly anything!?

  167. Who else? says:

    A team name is more than just something to call the team. Ideally (especially if you’re a new team), it is supposed to communicate something–who you are, for instance–a concept in advertising known as “branding.”

    As far as “branding,” I think people are missing a few things. Hypothetically speaking, if the team went with Atoms, what do you think will be the first thing to happen: the press will “brand” the name for you by immediately writing articles about the original Atoms, interviewing ex-players, telling stories from that magical 1973 season, etc. So not only do people get to see where the name came from, but they also get to feel like the new team has been a part of Philadelphia sports for longer than it has. It gives the team a presence, or gravitas, that will simply not exist if you go with some other option.

    Indeed, if you go with “Philadelphia Union,” or something similar, you have a much harder job–other than people who post here, no one will have any idea whether this is a soccer, team tennis, lacrosse, or volleyball team. Many will inevitably think of labor strife at the convention center. You will have to work twice as hard to establish a presence.

    “AC Philadelphia” or something similarly “European” may say “soccer,” but it also conveys a lot of other things: “posing,” and, honestly, a certain sense of “we’re bigger than American sports” which I think alienates a lot of American soccer fans. Hell, it’s alienated a number of people on these boards. “Philadelphia Athletic” was a perfect exception to the rule, because it was European and local at the same time; of course, we’re never getting that name, trademark being what it is.

    Look…when box lacrosse returned to Philadelphia in 1986 after an 11 year absence, they didn’t try to come up with “ShamRox” or something like that…they immediately resurrected Wings, a team that had only been around two years but had made a great impression on people. Same with World TeamTennis when it returned to Philadelphia–they immediately resurrected “Freedoms,” a name that was only used one year, because people still remembered Billie Jean King and her one season here (of course, the Elton John song helped, too). When hockey returned to Ottawa after decades, “Senators” was immediately jumpred on as the name, after the Stanley Cup winners of the 1920s. There are dozens of examples in baseball of teams returning to cities that had been vacated and resurrecting the old team’s name. Even before there were concepts like “marketing” and “branding,” people instinctively knew that this was how you introduced a new team into the marketplace.

    Other than pure personal opinion, how bad is “Atoms” compared to “AC,” “City,” “FC,” “Union,” etc? The fact is, it isn’t: it’s just a nickname, no more, no less. However, “Atoms” is the only nickname that at least means soccer to a large group of Philadelphians and the media (“general” soccer articles in this area invariably contain an Atoms reference). Why give all that up, simply to be “new” and/or “European”?

    Just something to think about, since we’re kicking some ideas around again.

  168. Nick says:

    Why not simply “Philadelphia”? I mean, it doesn’t sound cool or anything, but it gets the job done, but it does follow suit with some big clubs…Liverpool, Chelsea, Fulham, Marseilles, Paris St.-Germain Napoli, Torino, etc…why go overboard when you can just call them by their city name?

  169. Brokenbil says:

    When the Sons of Ben website invited people to submit suggestions for a team name, I sent in the following:

    Philadelphia Atoms (NASL ’73-’76)

    Philadelphia Fury (NASL ’78-’80)

    Philadelphia Fever (MISL ’78-’82)

    Philadelphia Rigbys (after local hero Bob Rigby, former Atoms & Fury goalkeeper, star of the Atoms ’73 championship season)

    Philadelphia Franklins

    Sons of Ben FC

    I think the MLS team should be named after the Sons of Ben. The supporters group is arguably the reason why Philadelphia won its MLS bid. They’ve already got a great name, crest, and colors — it’s all there.

  170. Corrupt Democrat Politician says:

    SC Philadelphia. Bring the SOCCER back to this american soccer league. Enough feaux FC like Dallas and Toronto, AC, ReAL, United.

    Dallas and Toronto are not football clubs, Philly is not Calcio, Salt Lake isn’t from Spanish royalty and nobody united soccer clubs in DC.

  171. PCFC says:

    To Mario in SJ,

    If and only if there is a universal understanding amongst the media and fans that AC would result in the nickname Athletic, then I would support the team name. I always thought there must be a trademark issue with MLB for the Philly Athletics, but thought the singular form with the addition of “Club” at the end would somehow relieve the certain suit that would ensue.

  172. Sean Reid says:

    Philadelphia Atomic.

    It embraces the NASL attempt at a Philly franchise and updates the former name to be more independent and recognizable among football followers internationally. We do not and should not imitate Europe/England. America’s history is rich enough and we should tap it.

  173. Justin says:

    I vote for Philadelphia Cheesesteaks.

  174. Mike says:

    1)Philadelphia Independence

    2)Philadelphia Athletic

    3)Philadelphia Stallions

    4)Philadelphia Atoms

    Top team name’s I’ve seen tossed out.

  175. Lone Star says:

    AC Philadelphia is just lame.

    The AC in AC Milan is Associazione Calcio.

    If it means “Athletic Club” that is lame too. You can’t be an athletic club, if you only play one sport.

  176. Enfilade says:

    From the names people have suggested, I like these the best:

    Sons of Ben (FC?)
    Philadelphia Militia
    Philadelphia Sentinels

  177. Richard says:

    timber nick, im from salerno area… it’s like saying “I’m going to play ball” but its used pretty common there at least… yea and pallone is a ball too…

  178. KingSnake says:

    Ben Franklin’s Ba***rds (he had a lot of them — chnaces are gramps was one)

  179. Mike Caramba says:

    First to Richard–

    I don’t think your pallone point refuted my “soccer” argument. At some point, the Spanish said, “we’re going to call this game futbol because it sounds like ‘football.'” And the Dutch said, “we’re going to call this game voetbol because it sounds like ‘football.'” The Italians, however, chose to call it something entirely different–something that doesn’t sound nor look nor translate to “foot” and “ball.” I wasn’t arguing that the Italians hadn’t inveted a word for “ball.”

    Re: names…

    I think the Commodores idea is the best I’ve heard so far. Good stuff. Someone should pick up on this.

  180. Mike_D says:

    AC Real Internazionale Philadelphia United FC Athletic City

  181. Chris says:



    we dont need a stupid FC SC AC or CITY infront of it. They represent the city, so thats enough. Let a team nickname arise from the fans after a few years.

  182. The Kenso says:

    They all stink, and I won’t be buying a jersey with these names on them. If it’s union or Liberty I won’t even go to the games.

    I love “Philadelphia Athletic”. Next best this is “Philadelphia AC”, similar to ike “Fishtown AC”.

  183. Arturo says:

    What happened to Independence SC of FC

  184. Mike_D says:

    Racing Club de Philadelphia Wanderers

  185. Kevin says:

    It really kind of aggravates me when American teams try to sound like a foreign team…AC Philadelphia? Why not Real Phildelphia? Clearly with a city with as much history as philly has they can come up with better names.

    I’d like the team to be named after Will Smith.

  186. Timber Nick says:

    Calling it “Philadelphia” is like not naming it at all. In addition, all of those teams you named (Liverpool, Torino, etc.) have a prefix or a suffix indicating that it is a football/soccer/athletic club. And some of the teams you named actually have more to their name–Olympique de Marseille being one example. That said, I’m not really in favor of just FC or SC. Seems pretty boring to me.

    I’m in favor of:
    Philadelphia Commodores
    Philadelphia Militia
    Philadelphia Sentinels
    Philadelphia Brigade
    Philadelphia Boxers
    Philadelphia Independents
    Philadelphia Atoms

    an FC or SC could be added to the end of any of those.

  187. A.S. says:

    Knowing how most Philadelphians are, it shouldn’t be AC or SC or FC. It should be FU.

  188. Hoo Safudge says:

    I don’t know what the commenters are so up in arms about. I’d be thrilled with any of these – except for “SC Philadelphia,” which is a little too close to “SUCK Philadelphia” for my liking.

    What – you prefer “Red Bull New York?”

  189. jimmy says:

    Who are these corporate marketing idiots who keep coming up with these bland boring names? how much are they paid and why do they still have jobs? why can’t they come up with anything slightly original or interesting? it was the same garbage with Seattle Republic, Real Salt Lake… pathetic.

    i like Ben Franklin FC or SC

    or Chester Molesters

  190. James says:

    How about the Chester Cabs since the team won’t be playing in Philly?

  191. scott says:

    -AC Krimpets of Philly
    -Philadelphia Bell Cracks
    -FC Philly Franklins
    -Philadelphia Wit ‘n Wiz SC

  192. Ceez says:


    True. But we don’t NOT have to. It’s not like it’s a crime or anything. People here are overreacting. I would much rather be called Philadelphia City or AC Philadelphia or any of the other names than Colorado Rapids, Kansas City Wizards, New York Giants, Chicago Bulls, Boston Bruins, etc etc — like it’s NECESSARY to have some kind of “mascot” figure in a team name. FOOTball is a truly global sport — unlike “gridiron”, baseball, or whatever else. Why not go with the flow? Don’t look at it as “copying”; it’s more along the lines of us being part of a global FOOTball community.

    It seems like we Americans are always the ones to fight off everyone else. Case in point: we use the standard system while the rest of the world is smart enough to use metric.

    Is it really THAT bad to have an occasional AC, FC, SC, Real, Sporting, Atletico, etc in a team name? Nearly every team in Europe does it and every one of them can dance circles around us on the pitch. Let the product on the field do the talking. That’s the most important part — not the team name.

  193. Gilly73 says:

    geez, it took me almost 20 min to read through all of these posts.

    How about Philly SOB’s

    It plays on a couple of different levels.

    Philadelphia Phunk

    Philadelphia Panic

    Philadelphia Proper

    Philadelphia Chesters

    Philladelphia Freeze

    Ha Ha this is fun…….sorry if I’m getting a little too carried away. It was a whole lot easier when naming Chicago the Fire.

  194. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    I third the Sons of Ben FC monikor. Truly unique and truly Philly’s. …plus the ‘Son of …” fits Philly’s demeonor….

  195. aristotle says:

    Seriously, this is scary. when I saw Philadelphia Union on the list I couldn’t believe it. How could this possibly be in the final four? Yuck! Then I at least felt sure that it would be dead last in the voting, but no, it’s right there at the forefront! If this is a name that Philadelphia fans want for their team they’re a bunch of losers. I think the Philadelphia Department of Soccer would be better. (I’m not kidding.) Even the Philadelphia Pretzels. If Philadelphia starts in the league with that name I will have a team to root against for years to come. Who is responsible for this? Are Philadelphia Union’s pushing this? What next, the St. Louis Socialist Party FC?

  196. Fill says:

    Philadelphia Independance?

  197. Julio says:

    Sporting Philadelphia

  198. Timber Nick says:


    I think Caramba’s point is that everyone wants to look to the English (or in some cases Spanish) way of naming a team, while that’s only one way of doing it. Soccer teams around the world are named in different ways, often employing the local ways of naming teams.

    Some of the names just feel arbitrary to me (City comes to mind…or RSL being an extreme case). Real Betis wasn’t named “Real” because they liked Real Madrid, it was because they were given a royal distinction by the king of spain. as we all know, uniteds are called united because two clubs were combined at one point. Wanderers, Rovers, and names like that were all popular terms at the time for traveling teams, i believe. And then you have Young Boys Wankdorf…well, i don’t really want to know where that comes from…

    I don’t think that American-style names are better than Enlgish-style names. I take it on a case by case basis. DC Utd works and is vaguely american in a Crimson Tide/Fire/Revolution kind of way. RSL doesn’t work (for me, at least) because it has no connection to the area, club, etc. There are plenty of american sports names that i don’t like either, but there are good ones, too.

    I’m just hoping for a name that has some sort of meaning instead of feeling like it was created to sound “traditional” or something. Tradition comes with time.

  199. Ceez says:

    What about using “ZOLO” in some way?

    Story about “ZOLO” here –> link to

  200. Mike Caramba says:

    Ceez –

    Club America, Rangers FC, Red Star Belgrade, Kaizer Chiefs, etc…do you think their fans and countrymen lose sleep at night because they didn’t name their teams CF DF, Glasgow FC, Belgrade City, and SC Johannesburg? Do you think Italians debate whether they should start calling calcio “futbol?” Why should we force ourselves into some imaginary mold? I vote we maintain our national identity instead of aiming to be poor-man’s England.

  201. Mike Caramba says:

    one side note…I’m fine if you like Philly FC or SC or City or whatever…please, just stop saying we should “go with the flow” when most of the world doesn’t fit into this mold we’re talking about.

  202. irishapple21 says:

    AC Philadelphia makes the most sense to me, since there used to be a Philly baseball team called Philadelphia Athletic. AC could stand for “Athletic Club.”

  203. Ceez says:

    What I’m getting at is I don’t care what Philly names its team. The SC, FC, and AC doesn’t bother me. I really don’t mind it. What I REALLY don’t want is some gay cheesy typical American sh*te like Philadelphia Eagles or THE TIGERS or BARACUDAS.

    In other words, like you said, something reflective of the city the team is based in but nothing that could lead to some stupid mascot on the pitch. The Columbus Crew dancers anger me enough as it is.

  204. Luke says:

    These are all a little sub par but “Philadelphia City” is the best and thus got my vote. “Philadelphia United” would have been best.

  205. Joel says:

    I agree, Philadelphia Athletic would be the best name. Hopefully they will have a write-in section on the vote so we can all write that name in. Otherwise I like AC Philadelphia (Which I assume means Athletic Club of Philadelphia) or I like the ring of Philadelphia Union but I agree it does sound liek a REAL union.

  206. Ceez says:

    What I meant by going with the flow is if the naming process takes us down the oh-so-hated FC/AC/SC/Real route, then just let it be. For example, Man U is officially known as Manchester United FC. If we had an MLS city here called Manchester and they decided to call themselves Manchester United FC, you’d all be up in arms about it. But you wouldn’t mind calling them The Red Devils. It’s my personal opinion (and opinions are never wrong) but I think that sounds retarded. I’m quite sure I’m not getting my point across. Maybe the words are just escaping me at the moment or the ability to make a congruent point. I just don’t want Philly doing what other sports here in America do (e.g. Chicago BULLS, Kansas City ROYALS, Indianapolis COLTS, Tennessee TITANS).

    If you’re a football club, you’re a football club. I don’t see a reason why any team should be chastised for choosing to reflect what they, as an organization, are about, which is why I have no problem with FC/SC/AC/etc. I know you all want to be original but I stated above why I think the way I do.

  207. aightdad says:

    I agree with most fans that Philadelphia Athletic makes the most sense.

    I also like Chet Bennies. Chet is short for Chester. Bennie is short for Mr Franklin.

    If I had to choose from the 4, it would be Philadelphia City for the CITY of brotherly love. ( … although I don’t believe it. Phillies and Eagles fans are the worst.)

  208. Rock the (write-in) Vote says:

    Amen to what Hopper said. This is Seattle all over again. Hopefully Sons of Ben and co. can lead another name insurrection.

  209. Jimmy Bobo says:

    OK, I really liked the post above by “who else?” about branding and the importance of establishing ties between the club and the community. For that reason I voted for the name “philadelphia union.” Although I really wish it were Philadephia Union FC or even Union Football Club, Philadelphia (UFC Philly). Have any of you ever been to the Philadelphia Union League? Basically, it is a older, but still decent, hotel in Downtown Philly and it is also a museum and it is a persistent reminder of the importance of Philadelphia to the Union during the Civil War. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Philadelphia. What are the chances that anyone will read this post so very deep in the thread? Zilcho, probably.

  210. Allison says:

    Forget about imitating Europe. Imitate Seattle instead. “Philadelphia Fury FC”

  211. Taylor Twellman says:

    Write-in’s please–:

    *Continentals F.C./S.C.
    *Philadelphia 1776
    *Independence F.C./S.C.

    Heck call em the Minutemen and have a rivalry with the Revs–

  212. Audiovore says:

    I really hope these are bollocks. Perhaps Philly will get a right-in option like we did in Seattle? These are even worse than the ones they put up for Seattle. I personnaly think Liberty would be the best, followed by Fury or Atoms(, we could use some east coasters in the Heritage Cup after all. If I absolutely had to choose from these I guess City, then Union, Anything but SC.

    And for those on the ‘soccer’ bandwagon. According to Wikipedia, of the 45 FIFA affiliates where english is either an official or primary language, only 3 use ‘soccer’ in their organization’s name, The US, Canada, and Samoa.

  213. Perot says:

    BAD ! Phila. S.O.B.’s !!!

  214. Ceez says:

    Up until now, I have only provided criticism of those who are fervently against the AC/FC/SC model. I haven’t really added anything to this post. But what about “INDEPENDENCE CITY” or something to that effect? Either that or I’m in favor of seconding, as somebody mentioned, PHILADELPHIA 1776.

  215. I’m not from Philadelphia, not even the US, but I was rooting for Philadelphia Independence FC, sadly it was left out of the finalists. I really don’t like any of these names, perhaps Philadelphia SC would be the best choice.

    “City” just doesn’t sound nice next to Philadelphia.

  216. random soccer fan says:


    Just think of the fight song…

    “Now you’re messin’ with a…

    SON OF A BEN!!!”

  217. Mike Caramba says:


    1. I’d just like to say that I’m not “fervently” against the AC/FC/SC model. I’m fervently against anyone who claims that that is the only “real” way to name a soccer team, because it simply doesn’t hold true.

    2. I agree that those names you highlighted are arbitrary and I understand why you wouldn’t want a Philadelphia Wildcats. Well, I have to disagree with the Royals one–that’s in part reference to their colors, not dissimilar from the Cincinnati Reds or the Reds, Blues, and Sky Blues we see in the Premier League (if it’s alright with you, I’d like to avoid the whole official-versus-unofficial nickname debate right here). I agree with what Timber Nick said. I’m not completely condemning all naming models that have been used before, nor am I claiming that all American names are great. But I think the American naming style can be cool (particularly when there’s an actual connection with the city) and it shouldn’t be disregarded altogether. For example:

    -The New York Metroplitans
    -The Brooklyn Dodgers
    -The San Diego Padres
    -The Nebraska Cornhuskers
    -The Oklahoma Sooners
    -the numerous Aggies

    I’m not opposed to all animal names, but I’m also not here to defend the Toronto Raptors. Personally, I think a name like The Philadelphia Commodores would be really cool. Or, take The Philadelphia Independence, for example. I hate that name. It’s stupid. But if you change it to Independence FC (much like Rangers FC or Internazionale or Independiente), I think it works. I’m not wholly for or against any model…I just think it’s lame if we’re aiming to have a league full Toronto FC, FC Dallas, New England SC, Philadelphia City, DC United, Seattle FC, FC Portland, and SC Columbus.

    I really believe there’s some beautiful middle ground between The San Jose Clash and FC Dallas that has been explored extensively in soccer leagues throughout the world (yes, including Europe and South America). Let’s not be afraid of that.

    One last point (sorry, I’m all over the place), but when you name your team Real, City, United, Racing, or Athletic, this is as arbitrary as calling yourselves the Philadelphia Tigers. All of these titles have meanings–royal recognition, the team of the city (not just to differentiate between a “united,” as some seem to think), two clubs that have combined, and actual racing and athletic clubs–they aren’t put there just because they sound cool. If we were to do that, as we have done in the past, it would feel really cheap to me.

    My favorites so far:

    -Philadelphia Commodores
    -Independence FC
    -Poor Richard’s FC
    -Sons of Ben FC
    -Founders FC

    I’m sure I’m forgetting some…

  218. gg says:

    PFC Franklin, kinda like ajax is AFC ajax
    have his head instead of ajax’s
    or PSC
    Philly SC Franklin, call it franklin like they have ajax…

  219. ct says:

    Give Daryl Hall his due and name the team the Philidelphia Maneaters. Or perhaps the Private Eyes.

  220. Justin Evans says:

    What about “Olde City”?

  221. Mike Caramba says:

    I heard the Maneaters one earlier. I have to say, if it were up to me, there would be no debate. And if there were one, it would be between the Philadelphia Maneaters and the Philadelphia Rich Girls (maybe Old Man’s Money FC)

  222. Kit kat bar says:

    I agree with the posters who have pointed out the need for some element of originality in the name. The Philadelphia SC (or SC Philadelphia) name at least gives us that. AC Philadelphia and Philadelphia City are just shameless.

    Please don’t let the people of this city descend to the level of Salt Lake City or Dallas (although FC Dallas is marginally better than the Dallas Burn). We are better than that.

    Although I do have to say I like the idea of Cheesesteaks as a nickname (unless AC stands for “Awesome Cheesesteaks”).

  223. Tom says:

    The problem with Athletic Club is that the team is a soccer club. European teams with Athletic Club or something like in their names are teams that compete in multiple sports.

    If team is a soccer or football team, why not tell it in the name.

    Since many want some kind of Independence name, why not make it Independiente. It would be traditional. And all latinos watching MLS would dig it.

    Someone wanted to pay homage to Swedish heritage, so the team could be called IFK Philadelphia. Just kidding.

  224. Colin Brown says:

    Not particularly drawn to any of the options, but none are awful. I’d rather the team didn’t slap some singular name on the team like Independence or Freedom, as these sound like minor league lacrosse teams, in my opinion. If a good pluralized name can be found such as Seattle Sounders FC, or Portland Timbers FC, I might go for it. But if there isn’t a runaway favorite with the fans, I’d like to see Philly FC be the official name of the club, while in the following years, a nickname unique to our area can develop with the fanbase. It may be an unofficial name, but when fans and the media use it in reference to the team, everyone will know who they are talking about. To those who say adding an FC is just euro-pandering, soccer in this country has been referred to by many names, and Association Football is one of them. I don’t think there is any confusion as to which teams play American Football and which play Association Football. We could even go with Philadelphia A.F.C. (Association Football Club) as the “official” name.

  225. Logan says:

    It’s not one of the finalists but I think Philadelphia FC would be great. It’s simple classy and classic and also importantly is a nod to US soccer history from when Bethlehem Steel FC changed into Philadelphia FC.

    Linking to one of the most successful clubs in US history would offer many talking points for media, and would inform many about just how far back our association football history. [granted PFC wasn’t as successful as BSFC, but still a connection]

  226. Mike Caramba says:

    I’m fairly confident it’s going to be Philadelphia City. I’ve heard that’s the name SoB are backing and it’s apparently the most popular in the polls I’ve seen.

    Personally, I think it’s a bad choice, but it’s not for me to decide. I guess the fans in Philly are getting what they want. Good for them.

    Dunno why no one brought up West Philadelphia Albion…

  227. Dave says:

    I agree with FC Philadelphia (unless the rights are already tied up!). Local soccer heritage IS euro — germans, hungarians, ukranians, etc… Philadelphia SC, if you think the fans are too dull to get. “Philly” is a nick-name, T-shirts only.

  228. Evan says:

    AC Philidalphia is good, but Independence F.C. would be best. or Zolos.

  229. Papo Rodriguez says:

    for all those who don’t know what SC is, it really mean Sporting Club Philadelphia not soccer club, soccer is not even a real word in the futbol world. SC mean SPORTING CLUB!!

  230. Papo Rodriguez says:

    Oh yea I think would go with Philadelphia Athletic or like that team in Germany, how about Philadelphia 1776, and maybe Philadelphia independenc would not be that bad either if your copying Independiente from Argentina, that would be cool. Way to go Philly owners having some origianl more nicknames thats for NFL MLB and NBA this is FUTBOL!! Deal with it USA, why do you think your different from the others.. We are all on futbol world…

  231. CM says:


  232. Tommy Tonhoma says:

    Zolos Philidalphia!

  233. JMac says:

    Philidelphia Quake(rs)

    Philidelphia Independance

    Philidelphia Paine (as in Thomas)

    The Philidelphia Forge

    The Philidelphia Crossing

    The Philidelphia Congress

    Philidelphia Declaration

    Philly Freemen

    The Republicans or The Blue Backs (civil war – should make them popular when they play down south, but then maybe “Union” already fills that roll)

  234. JJ says:

    To be honest, all those names suck. Cheasy European wannabe rip-offs. I’d say something like Philly Soccer or Philly FC would be more appropriate, and also have the logo or crest resemble or at least recognize in some way the ‘Sons of Sam’. Athletic Club or Associazione Calcio Philadelphia, woooooow that would defy the laws of physics by blowing and sucking at the same time. Philadelphia City. With all due respect, this isn’t England or the EPL, and even more so would it be Ironic if such a Historic city like Philadelphia would be given their soccer team an ‘English footy’ name. Ben Franklin would turn in his grave. The MLS is a growing american league that must create it’s own american identity, but yes without odd or dumb names like Kansas City Wiz.

    All hail the mighty Real Salt Lake and CHIVAS USA!!!!

  235. Mike Caramba says:

    I agree for the most part, JJ. I think Chivas USA is ok (even though it would be better as Chivas of Los Angeles) since it is, after all, connected to Chivas de Guad. Real Salt Lake is worse than the San Jose Clash or Dallas Burn.

    I just don’t get all these gripers about how we must take on all European names. Columbus Crew = Bad, Crewe Alexandria = Good? Sounders FC = Bad, Rangers FC = Good? I understand not wanting a Philadelphia Wildcats, but I a) don’t think the American naming style is necessarily bad, and b) don’t think it’s necessarily so different from other clubs around the world.

    For the last time (I’ll drop it after this), it doesn’t make sense to talk about “getting in line with the rest of the world,” or following some imaginary rules about naming your soccer team when said rules are inconsitent from country to country and club to club. There is not one method or one style–not even a general one–which all clubs use to choose a name.

    Scotland: Rangers, Celtic, Dundee United…

    England: Manchester United, West Bromwich Albion, Liverpool FC, Crewe Alexandria, Rushden & Diamonds

    Italy: Milan, Fiorentina, Internazionale

    Even Europe, the heart of this so-called football club naming style, fails to hold consistent.

    Are all American names good? No. Are they all bad? Certainly not. It’s funny to me that we have something unique to our sports and soccer culture and we want to abandon it for the sake of fitting into a mold that DOESN’T EXIST! I’m fine with someone who prefers SC Philadelphia or Philly FC. I disagree, but I respect your opinion. However, naming your club AC Philly or Philly City seems AS arbitrary to me as naming your club the Philly Wildcats or Philly Gorillas.

  236. Pete Johnston says:

    I liked Franklin FC as well.

    Philadelphia Athletic is probably property of the Oakland Athletics (MLB), if you can believe it. Of the choices, AC Philadelphia is the best one.

    Don’t like Philadelphia City at all when it won’t actually be playing in Philadelphia (though Chester is considered a city, albeit a very small one).

  237. Mike says:

    TERRIBLE NAMES, none is good.

  238. Pet Laureate says:

    Does Philidalphia HAVE to be in the team name? Whats wrong with Independence FC? And it’s in Chester NOT Philly!

  239. JAD says:

    1. AC Philadelphia!!! Are you kidding. That is ridiculous. A.C. are Italian words that have no meaning in the US.
    2. Philadelphia City – in Chester???
    3. Philadelphia SC is misleading because it’s not a club (last time I checked) it’s a franchise – maybe someone should have nominated Philadelphia SFOMLSARR for “Soccer of MLS All Rights Reserved”
    Philadelphia “Union” is the best of these bad choices I guess…
    It says nothing about the city though.

  240. Javier Marius says:

    Actually, AC stands for Associazione Calcio and AC Phildelphia does fit the name because there are Italian heritage in Philadelphia. The AC is shades of AC Milan of the Italian Serie A. All the MLS names has club names such as Real Salt Lake (Real Madrid), D.C. United (Manchester United), FC Dallas (FC Barcelona), etc. So AC Philadelphia (ACP) can be better name for Philadelphia’s MLS Team (zolos).

  241. Noe v says:

    i like SC Philadelphia, but could maybe change it to SC Philly. SC could stand for many things. in brazil sc stands for SPORTING CLUBE, in english SPORTING CLUB or SOCCER CLUB, is Unique…

  242. BOBBIE says:

    I think Independence FC is a great choice…it is original, it retains a traditional soccer name and is unique to Philly…I know it doesn’t have Philadelphia in it but it is a pretty sweet name that I would respect more than the choices given

  243. dd says:

    Philadelphia Cheese With

  244. Vincent says:

    Philadelphia Independent

  245. Michael D says:

    How can they call it Philadelphia City? They’re going to be playing in Chester!


    How about

    The ” Philly Redcoats”. Should create a bit of controversy and a bit of useful publicity.
    After all, the game originated in England… our friends and allies over the pond.

    Would also partly solve the uniform question.

  247. Scott says:

    I would think that “Athletic” would be not so much of a problem…a negotiable issue, if you will. I say that because the current owner of the Athletics franchise in MLB is Nelson Wolff, an MLS owner-operator. That’s not to say that MLS will be able to use it free-of-charge, but I would think a deal could be worked out. It makes me think of when the Chicago Cardinals moved to St. Louis. I don’t think there was too much kerfuffle over trademark dilution, seeing as they were playing different sports. Besides, not many people have fond memories of the original Athletic of Philadelphia, seeing as they hadn’t been competitive since 1933.

    Given all that, I’d vote for AC Philadelphia absent an agreement to use Athletic.

    As for all those people who complain that clubs without official nicknames are “too European”, you forget the relative disaster that was the NASL. In the NASL, all the team names were “Americanized”, as well as the rules, so much so that FIFA were ticked off and awarded the 1986 World Cup to Mexico instead of the US (after Colombia begged off). This “Americanization” was disastrous for American soccer as a whole, IMHO, and best left in the past, gridiron-style official nicknames included. They’re generally hokey at best, and shockingly lame at worst. For an example of the latter I offer “West Texas United Sockers”, my local PDL side, whose matches I am boycotting until they see sense and drop the nickname. West Texas United FC would have been good enough, and a truly fitting name since it came from the merger of a number of youth clubs. I could even have swallowed SC, but “Sockers” is too much to take. It was lame when they used it in San Diego, and it’s lame today.

    As far as saying “We call it ‘soccer’ here in America”…you can’t be a true fan of the real football if you insist on not calling it that. Use them interchangeably. Call that NFL thing “gridiron football” or “griddie” or “mutant bastard child of rugby” (I enjoy watching it on TV myself, but I don’t call it football when the only people who use their feet to play the ball are the least respected on the team.)

    Soccer is a sport rich in tradition (mostly European, I’ll admit) that does itself no favors being dumbed down for Americans. I say present it like it is, and let it rise or fall on its own merits. (I will say that NASL’s 35-yard shootout would still be a good addition to the global game as a tie-breaker when such things are necessary; it’s a better overall test of skill for both the shooter and the keeper.) Part of that tradition and culture is the general lack of official nicknames for clubs.

  248. Rob says:

    Philadelphia Athletic SC. I hate it when SC or FC is put in front of the city’s name because it’s not Soccer Club Philadelphia, it’s Philadlephia Soccer Club. However, I want Philadelphia Athetic SC and I think we should make a serious effort of all writing that name in.

  249. Mike Caramba says:


    1. I’ve made numerous arguments for the American naming style, none of which have contained the phrase “too European.” Nor have I suggested a single name like “the Sockers.” I’m arguing against ditching our traditions for the sake of fitting into a mold THAT DOES NOT EXIST. Feel free to read any of my previous posts for clarification.

    2. Like I’ve said numerous times, I will not take anyone seriously who wants me to start calling soccer “football” until they go into a reputable Italian blog and tell them to start calling calcio “futbol.” I’ve spent time in the UK. I called the game “football” when I was there. But I live in the States and I will continue to call it soccer.

    3. It’s funny to me that most peoples are fighting to preserve their sports cultures and we’re so eager to throw ours away.

    I’m not necessarily talking about you, Scott, but I seriously question whether some people REALLY like this sport…or if they’re just into it because it’s foreign. You know…the ones who go to the “pub” and yell at the “wanker” referee and say “cheers” every third word. Lame.

  250. What about Philadelphia Sucks?

  251. ScottP says:

    I don’t like any of the names, they’re all too generic. I’m not sure if there are trademark issues if the teams are in other sports, since (for example) there are the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Kings (different sports).

    But just to be safe, let’s assume that Liberty and Athletics are off limits–though I would maintain that ‘Athletic’ is different from ‘Athletics’, in the same way that ‘Cardinal’ is different from ‘Cardinals’ (to use a currently painful example).

    ‘Atoms’ and ‘Fury’ are possibilities, and though ‘Freedom’ was also used, it would depend on how much one likes Elton John whether the name ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ would be a valid one.

    After thinking about ‘Commodores’ (after Commodore John Barry, the namesake of the bridge near the team’s stadium) and ‘Continentals’ (after the Continental Congress, the one that was responsible for the Declaration of Independence), I settled on ‘Federals’ (after the signing of the Constitution in 1787 which created a federal republic).

    The only possible conflicts would be with the defunct Washington Federals of the USFL (1983-84), who became the Orlando Renegades, and a couple of amateur teams (one in Australia, one in Washington DC which uses the name ‘Federal Triangle SC’).

    I think ‘Federals’ is short enough, it can also be shortened (‘Feds’), I don’t see any trademark conflicts, and finally, it is alliterative with ‘Philadephia’ or ‘Philly’. Plus it’s still associated with BEN FRANKLIN!


  252. Andrew Moore says:

    How this: WTF Philadelphia!?

    Philadelphia Union just reminds me of mountains of trash stacking up on empty lots back in ’86… Which I guess is appropriate given the proximity of the stadium site to the landfills next to the Port of Wilmington. As for referencing working-class roots, the Columbus Crew already took that one.

    AC Philadelphia? Really??? Atlantic City Philadelphia?????? Don´t think so!!!! And, why just AC Philadelphia… Why not DC Philadelphia (there is a D.C. United, after all…). Maybe Philadelphia AC/DC…. They can have black home uniforms and the rainbow flag for their away kits.

    Since I left Philly to study in Santa Cruz, I´m kind of fond of the Philadelphia SC, since that kind of traces my steps. (FC has already been over-used: Seattle, who enter the league this season, as well as Dallas and Toronto before them. SC sounds like a cheap imitation, or gringification, of the FC.)

    Two teams have geographically-relevant destructive forces as their name: Chicago (Fire) and San José (Earthquakes). Maybe we should go with the Philadelphia Democratic Political Machine. The Philadelphia Move? Or maybe the Philadelphia Casinos? (Too soon?)

    Perhaps to get ahead of superstition, it should be the Philadelphia Billy Penn´s Hats?

    I really like Philadelphia Liberty, but the ladies already took that one.

    K.C. is the Wiz, so I guess we can´t go with Cheese Wiz…. the Philadelphia Wit´ would be good, though.

    So far the best idea I´ve seen is writing in Philadelphia Athletic, which is what I believe I will do.

    Cheers to all!

  253. Ireland2 says:

    I like “PHILADELPHIA EDGE” or P”HILADELPHIA FREEDOM” Don’t really like any of the ones listed – just ok.

  254. Kam Coleman says:

    AC Philadelphia is a great choice. I also like Philadelphia City. Both names pay tribute to the roots of the game in Europe and the immigrants that brought the game to the US.

    No one should want to see another name like the Kansas City Wizards, or New England Revolution. And, for the record, Real Salt Lake is a solid name that has one of the most beautiful logos and stadia in the league. MLS owners need to follow the Dave Checketts play book for building a franchise.

    Good Luck Philadelphia, and welcome to MLS!

  255. Iliya says:

    Philadelphia Atlantic or Liberty!

  256. Krys says:

    Philly FC would be awesome. Out of those, I like Philly City.

  257. George says:

    How about BROTHERS

  258. chad west says:

    I think we need to get something more creative such as ……DRUM ROLL


    shows history, and local flavor.

    also catchy and easily marketable

    plus you can rock out to elton john philadelphia freedom lol well rock out as much as you can rock out to Elton

  259. BAT says:


  260. KATHY M says: