Post-Draft Q&A

Good afternoon folks. I am making my way back to New Jersey. For those of you who missed it I did my draft grades for I can’t link now but you should be able to find it easily enough. Now, since I know a lot of you have draft-related questions I will do Post-Draft Q&A. Send your questions and I will answer select questions over the weekend. Fire away.

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  1. Damiiano RPB says:


    What team scored the best marks at the draft in your opinion?


  2. Isaac says:

    Thanks for the site Ives. Kissing Suzy Kolber can kiss my…..whatever

    Anyways, my question is what player, whether they were at the draft, combine, or just were a good player during college soccer, do you see being the next U.S. National team star?

    What was the best College soccer goal scored this season in your opinion?

  3. Mark says:

    Can you name which 2009 MLS draftees you see as likely future USMNT prospects?

  4. Richard, UK says:

    Do you see any clubs inviting Yohance Marshall, Calum Angus and David Hertel to tryout in the pre-season? Basically, coveted players who had a lousy combine.

  5. Charlie N. says:

    Through your blog as well as the rest of the blogesphere we all know who were the top prospects. In your opinion was there one player who, although drafted late, seemed to have a huge upside?.. As always thanks for the info (TFTI).

  6. EDB says:

    Does Baggio count as a international? Also, there is talk of converting him to a d-mid, what are your thoughts on that, and who you compare him to in that role?

  7. andrewdiceway says:

    Great draft chat on ESPN yesterday, Ives – thanks much for that. Made being at work much easier…

    Regarding Zakuani, does the GenAdidas status trump the fact that he’s an international in terms of roster status? Or does his age make this irrelevant?

  8. Paul says:

    How was the atmosphere at the convention NON-DRAFT related? What is update on St. Louis expansion — do they have enough money yet? Lastly, Preki, Dooley & Earnie all deserve to be in the HOF immediately! cheers.

  9. arkjayback says:

    Is there really a long term future for the “Super”Draft? It provides a lot of hype, but not near as much impact as the NBA and NFL drafts.

    Just a thought on a whim, but what if it was merely a glorified press conference where MLS teams announce all of their signing from college, within the league, and from outside? Maybe a “signing day” for MLS “prospects” . . ?

    I think most fans would rather see college players and US internationals negotiate with teams themselves instead of it depending on draft and allocation positions. Players would talk with different teams and announce who they sign with on this day. MLS could get to keep one of its marquee annual events, but it would become higher profile and have more of an impact . . .

  10. Blake says:

    Which of the draftees do you see becoming guys with interest in Europe (aside from the obvious like Tracy and Grella)?

  11. What drafted player will make the biggest impact in their rookie season?

  12. Landis says:

    I’m suprised that Dave Hertel didn’t get drafted, any reason why? Did RSL waste there first rounder on Alexandre?

  13. Anthony says:


    What percent% of those drafted do you think will start or get considerable time for the 2009 MLS season? And whom will make out to be an “immediate” impact for their team? My guess is 20% and Rodney Wallace for DCU.

  14. tom From Syracuse says:

    Which of these drafted players will eventually make an impact on the USMNT? Assuming any of them have the potential to do so, how long until we can expect to see it happen?

    Great site Ives!

  15. Bob says:

    With Dallas picking up 2 Forwards in the draft, does that put a lock on Cooper leaving within the year?

  16. Mike says:

    “I think most fans would rather see college players and US internationals negotiate with teams themselves instead of it depending on draft and allocation positions.”

    But NOBODy negotiates with teams individually in MLS – it is all done with the league. What do you propose – the players sign and then just pick where they want to go?

  17. Steve says:

    Who looks like they’ve addressed all of their issues? Who still has a lot of questions to ask? How does the Fire look to you?

  18. Juan says:

    It’s looking good for Miami for 2010. When do you think MLS will announce?

  19. Tim F. says:

    Has it reached the point where USL teams can compete with MLS in terms of offering money / guaranteed contracts to college seniors? What is the trend and what is USL’s strategy?

  20. PatrickfromNC says:


    Over Under of 7 games for the US to lock up qualification?

    Also who do you see becoming the 2009-10 Qualifying surprise?

  21. Firepower says:

    How do you think the Fire did in the draft and did they get what they needed? Any chance of hearing the speech delivered by Jata?

  22. Steve says:

    How much longer will the draft have much relevance? In other words, when do you think the club youth academies will filter most of the best prospects before they would get to the draft?

  23. Only1Keano says:

    What are the odds we’ll see Jeremy Hall in a starting role for RBNY come opening day?

  24. William says:

    Was UCLA’s midfielder Michael Stephens offered a GA contract; if not, why not?

  25. HIncha Tim says:

    Hey Ives,

    Do you think with expansion draft coming up next year and the years after that the fact that Gen Adidas are exempt are (or should be) taken into consideration when drafting (especially with smaller rosters) since you can basically protect more players? Same question with International vs. domestic?

    By the way, I agree with your assessment exactly on the RSL draft of Alexandre. Why didn’t they draft Frei and use him or one of their other keepers as trade bait? They did not have a 2nd or 3rd round pick, but they probably could have picked him up from the team that did draft him for next to nothing (a lot less than they would have gotten for Frei in a trade).

  26. fubar says:

    Wallace (Costa Rican by birth) moved here at age 9. How does it work for someone like this regarding USMNT? Would he consider it or is he Costa Rican bound?

    I hate when we have to play against these types of guys…

  27. Sterlinho says:

    What happens to the players that didn’t get drafted? I know that the USL has a draft, but can teams just start calling players like Marshal, Angus, Hertel and invite them to camp? Do they have to sign them first as an undrafted free agent first?

  28. Aljarov says:

    I think a lot less players would wash out of MLS if teams picked players that they could actually use and give minutes to instead of hoarding ‘the best talent’.

    Drafting is a bit like shopping – if you buy something on sale, it’s not good value unless you want/need it.

    I don’t think RSL needed Frei, Ives, but then, I don’t think Toronto did anything (at least in the short term) to address their needs by adding Cronin and Frei to back up positions theyu have excellent depth at.

  29. bubba says:

    I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the Dynamo drafting the rights to Marcus Tracy? I know the Dynamo only had two draft picks in the latter stages of the draft but I was wondering if this gamble was better than taking a chance on one of the guys left in the draft?

    New England lucked out to get Michael Videira in a similar situation, but I just don’t see the Dynamo being so lucky…

  30. northzax says:

    Hincha: I don’t think GenAd players are exempt from recent expansion drafts. the players who are actually basically helped are reserve players, who, if drafted, had to be put on the roster as senior players.

  31. Zach says:

    Hi Ives. What percentage of the players drafted do you see making the roster. And what is the average price for the non-Generation adidas picks of the 3rd and 4th rounds.

  32. Scott says:

    Do you think the steal of the draft was Alston at #10 for NE? Or Frei at #13 for Toronto?

  33. Eugene says:


    You mentioned in your ESPN draft grades that the Red Bulls missed on the two players they wanted in the draft. Who were those two players?

  34. paul @ downey, ca says:

    did the galaxy manage to fill in some big holes with their draftees (and why)?

  35. adiddy says:

    Among the current crop of USMNT players, who do you believe are the most overrated and underrated footballers?

  36. Tony in Quakeland says:

    The Quakes seem openly dismissive of the draft in general, trading away picks almost casually and hardly sounding enthusiastic about the guys they did pick. Are they right? Wrong? Do they reflect the hidden consensus?

  37. HIncha Tim says:


    Gen Adidas players were exempt from the last expansion draft.

  38. bgnewf says:

    why did Frei fall so far down in the first round?

  39. mikeK says:

    Kjlestan to Celtic, eh? In your reckoning, do you think there could be a deal there?

    Also, who’s your pick to win the Stanley cup?

  40. United fury says:

    With DC taking Milos Kocic higher then everybody thought he would, does that mean Zach Wells or Louis Crayton is on the way out of DC? It seems that they wouldn’t have taken him that high unless they planned on him being the #2 goalkeeper.

  41. William says:

    Similar to Eugene’s comments, were the Red Bulls hoping to select Kevin Alston at #11 and Evan Brown at #18 but got beat to the punch by NE and Seattle respectively?

  42. lakaix15 says:


    With the draft that RBNY had do you think, that Sir. Osorio and Agoos will trade any playersfrom last years team. Or waive or let go any players that didnt get any minutes to get more cap space for the new players or new other signings?

    also is RBNY looking for any p[layers in MLS that they want for possible trade and or do you know who RBNY is looking at out of the league and any identify if you do know who?

  43. metrostar 4 life says:

    Ives, in your opinion, which team made the most out of their draft picks?

  44. Mike Caramba says:

    1. If Bob Bradley were managing Seattle, which 5 defensive mids do you think he would have drafted?

    2. If John O’Brien were managing Seattle, do you think he’d take a gamble and draft himself?

    3. O’Brien. Rossi. Subotic. Who do you draft? Who do you marry? And who do you kill?

  45. BK says:

    Why is it that in the US, we cannot find anyone better to discuss the draft than Rob Stone, Alexi Lalas, and John Harkes? How does Alexi Lalas continue to get jobs?

    And last, why is it that they cannot talk about soccer and instead focus solely on someone’s hair, the fact that Seattle has coffee and Pearl Jam, or whatever dumbass thing they come up with?

  46. Mike Caramba says:


    *When I said “defensive mids,” I really meant “two-way players.” Sorry.

  47. Karen says:


    Any chance the Red Bulls invite David Hertel, Yohance Marshall, Oscar Castillo and perhaps some others to the team’s upcoming camp? Which player are you most surprised did not get picked in the MLS draft?

  48. RSLIDAHO says:


    Did you happen to catch a wiff of what Kreis & Co. were smoking before the draft?

  49. 3VIL L33T says:

    My Dynamo need a backup goalkeeper (as well as other things) whats available?
    Free Agents?
    Back ups looking to move up?
    teams willing to deal a GK out?

  50. Strong-arm says:

    What clubs do you think or know that have a interest in Damarcus Beasley? As much as he wants to stay at Rangers I dont think he has a future there. What country do you think he would be a good fit for?

  51. Tim says:

    What do you think of DCU’s draft. Who specifically do you see playing a role in their season? Would you agree that most of them will see some playing time due to the extra games they will play because of the Champions league and the us open cup (if dc takes it as serious as they did last year)?

  52. J says:

    which players in the draft pool do you think have real potential to play for a national team, and of those, which could find themselves trying to decide between 2 or more countries?

  53. Kevin says:

    Why did DC wait so long for a keeper, when they could’ve gotten Stefan Frei?

  54. Heffe says:


    As an RSL fan, I would like your analysis on why RSL would pick Alexandre with the 12th pick? RSLIDAHO has it right.

  55. Scott A says:

    I noticed that ESPN changed the format of the front page on their website; now, the list of sports at the top goes NFL, MLB, NBA, Soccer, College Football & Basketball, then NHL, with several sports bumped. Will you accept that it was your MLS Draft coverage that caused ESPN to increase the visibility of the sport? Half-kidding…but good on ESPN

  56. Devon says:

    Are the Sounders still hoping to reach a deal with Jeff Parke and did that uncertainty influence their draft moves?

  57. Jeff says:

    Considering there is no supplemental draft this year, are there any easily indentifiable undrafted players this year that have been hurt by the change in draft structure? Like a diamond in the rough that is not going to be seen?

  58. Eric from Tucson says:

    Do you think its a good strategy to ignore the later round picks and go for the Europe bound players? Seems like they could develop in Europe, then return for some trading, allocating, or playing. Seems like a move for the future would pay off.

  59. Chris says:

    The Red Bulls certainly seem to be faster and more athletic than last year, however they still have the same holes – center midfield and defense. Do you see them winning more games than last year?

  60. Grant says:

    Great site, Ives. What will probably happen to the 12 guys that were entered in the draft and didn’t get drafted? I guess you could also add to that the 20-30 guys who were drafted but won’t make rosters. If you could give any info about Evan Bush in particular, I’d appreciate it.

  61. Ted says:

    Their is alot of talk about Freddy Montero signing with the Sounders from Deportivo Cali. Do you have any info on him?

  62. Jeff says:

    Where are these draft grades? I can’t find them on

  63. evan says:

    How important is the MLS Superdraft? In terms of improving a MLS team, how do MLS Managers value the draft or do Managers think signing foreign players, trading, etc. is a better means of improving their teams?

  64. bubblehouse says:

    Do you ever see Jozy or Freddy making one of the big 4 clubs?

  65. Daniel says:

    Where’s Zack Simmons, goalkeeper from Massachusetts? Is he going to be signed by somebody as a free agent?

  66. Greg says:

    Can NYRB still sign Matt Kassel straight from the academy? Wouldn’t they want to do that rather than risk losing him in next year’s draft?

  67. ManU Fan says:

    How are Generation Adidas players determined? What’s the process? Is there a committee that look at college players? Who’s eligible for GA contracts?

    How did previous GA players do in MLS? How many failed to make an impact in MLS

  68. MinutemanFan says:


    Any idea what happened/what will happen with Zach Simmons now that the draft is over. I got to watch him the last few years while attending UMass and was very surprised when I saw he went undrafted. I had read he was one of the higher regarded keepers in the country leading up to the draft.

  69. Joamiq says:

    Ives, do you think the Red Bulls have adequately addressed their defensive depth concerns through the draft, or do you think they still have work to do? Do you think Traynor will be able to give them anything next year?

  70. Ives says:

    NO MORE QUESTIONS. Thanks to all of you who submitted questions.