Villarreal says ‘No Thanks’ to Everton bid for Altidore

JozyAltidore (Reuters) 

Everton's search for a striker has led them to none other than Jozy Altidore, but Villarreal isn't interested.

According to Sky Sports, Everton has had an initial offer for Altidore turned down, with Villarreal wanting the 19-year-old Altidore to settle in Spain.

Altidore has seen limited playing time for Villarreal, earning a pair of starts just before the winter break only to return to the bench, but he told SBI just last month that he was happy in Spain and enjoying his time with Villarreal.

If Everton could convince Villarreal to loan Altidore out, it would give the Toffees two Americans and a pair of New Jersey-born former Red Bulls/MetroStars along with Tim Howard.

Everton has several other transfer targets to fill its need for a forward, including Nigerian Olympic team standout Peter Odemwingie.

What do you think of Everton's interest? Would you like to see Altidore in the EPL? Think he's better off staying in Spain for now? Would Altidore joining Tim Howard and Everton make the Toffees your new favorite EPL team?

Share your thoughts below.

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88 Responses to Villarreal says ‘No Thanks’ to Everton bid for Altidore

  1. jddjsjsjdd says:

    The EPL and La Liga are totally different. 1 can star in 1 and be meager in the other. I think it’s a good thing for them to keep Jozy with the team, even if on the bench. He will work hard and continue with his chances.

  2. Steven C says:

    Personally, I’d rather see him playing in La Liga. If he’s going to get loads of playing time, than a loan to Everton would be a definite plus.

    Who knows how much Everton would actually use him though?

  3. Vinny says:

    I’d like him to stay in Villareal just for the simple fact Villareal seems to have a vested interest in his development. Clubs don’t loan out players they believe are a big part of their future plans and have high upside.

    Or I could be overrating Jozy and Everton got rejected because of a low-ball offer…

  4. ajr says:

    which ever would result in more playing time for him…

  5. biological says:

    i’d atually pay attention to the epl if this transfer went through.

  6. Nick G. says:

    Everton is my favorite team…but stay in spain Jozy (unless it is a loan).

  7. john says:

    so he can be loan out to non-spanish club?

  8. kswiss says:

    As much as I’d love to see Jozy and Timmy playing together, I’m glad that Villarreal is taking it slow with Jozy. I think he’ll start to get more minutes as the year wears on and players wear down.

  9. Oranje Mike says:

    A loan to Everton could be a good move. They want a striker and Jozy is riding the pine at Villareal currently. One would think Jozy has the opportunity to see more time with Everton. That’s good for Jozy and Villareal. Get him game time.

  10. smokedgouda says:

    I hope he stays at Villareal. However, this is a big feather in his cap that Everton wants him.

  11. PCFC says:

    Ah man! The reason why I liked Jozy in Spain was because it wouldn’t conflict with my already established bonds with certain EPL teams.

    A move by Jozy (either via loan or purchase) would completely upset my EPL established order.

  12. HIncha Tim says:

    Stay with Villarreal and their great coach, Pellegrini. He’ll get playing time as the season wears on.

  13. wendel says:

    I think jozys size and weak first touch make the EPL a better destination for jozy then la liga which is more technical and not as physical as the EPL. any idea what the bid was?

  14. Dannyc58 says:

    Thank god this didn’t go through. And anyone that would like Everton only IF/AFTER this signing would go through is pathetic.


  15. Gabe says:

    personally, i believe villareal has plans for jozy longterm, whereas everton is looking for a quick and perhaps temporary fix. jozy should stay. the minutes will come, and sitting like this will only deepen his hunger.

  16. AJ says:

    I don’t want to see any more American attacking players in the punt and run league. Stay in Spain Jozy!

  17. DJ Barnett says:

    I don’t care where Jozy ends up at the end of January but just the idea that a young American striker is the first option for a top 8 EPL team makes me giddy. I know Moyes has not had the best eye when it comes to top talent but Everton is a good team in a great league. I firmly believe wherever Mr. Altidore ends up he will be successful because of his determination and attitude.

  18. Michael F. says:

    Stay in Spain. Let him settle. This is still a great year for him, he will play a lot more next season.

  19. Adam says:

    “I know Moyes has not had the best eye when it comes to top talent but Everton is a good team in a great league.”

    So what do you attribute their success to? Their billionaire oil owner that throws cash to every good player out there? Oh wait…

  20. Dannyc58 says:


    What makes you think Moyes doesn’t have an eye for talent? With out him they’d be pretty bad.

    Fellani (sp?), Pienaar, Arteta, etc were all really good signings that weren’t too higly regarded prior to his signing them.

  21. Alex says:

    I agree with AJ, having jozy playing in spain can only help our attack, by giving it a new dynamic, something other than long balls over the top. now if we could just get boca and gooch to play on the ground a little more…

    not complaining, those guys are great.

    but i think villareal was a good move for jozy, they are obviously serious about developing and using him, so i think he should stay. although some minutes would be nice.

  22. Travis in Miami says:

    My first reaction is that a loan deal would be good. I’m assuming the deal was a loan due to the article referenced saying Everton has no money to spend and they are looking at other loan deals as well.

    If in fact my assumption is correct and a loan deal was rejected I would read that as Villareal thinking his development is going good enough within the first team that more playing time (theoretically) somewhere else – even as good as Everton – isn’t neccesary. That’s awesome!

  23. Derek (Brooklyn) says:


    I agree with your general point but Everton paid 15 million pounds for Fellaini so he wasn’t exactly a budget signing.

  24. Chad says:

    A team which has to start Tim Cahill as their striker is desperate….period. He will learn much more from Pelligrini, Rossi, Nihat than he could in Everton even with a quality manager like Moyes.

  25. mEtRo bOy TilL Da dAy i DiE! says:

    im happy villareal still wants to keep jozy an jozy wants to stay there .. he says he learnin a lot so thats good..but also i dunoo cuz villareal need to give him more minutes.. jozy is a good player an can contribute to the team..u just gotta put him in

  26. Aguinaga says:

    “I don’t want to see any more American attacking players in the punt and run league. Stay in Spain Jozy!”

    Seconded, although obviously the EPL is more than just punt and run hehe. I agree that playing in the EPL would play to Jozy’s strengths. But it’s his weaknesses he needs to work on most. La Liga plays to the type of weaknesses in American soccer players overall. So I’m excited that the bid was rejected if it means Jozy will continue working on the technical parts of his game, and learns to combine them with his size and pace. Just imagine how good and complete a player he could be 5 years down the road…

  27. Skinn says:

    Moyes spent on Fellaini, true. And on Yakubu. But almost every other key contributor was a discount buy by a manager with a good eye for underrated players: see Pienaar and Arteta as already mentioned, and then Cahill, Lescott, and Jagielka as well. Even the move for Howard, when ManU had moved on, looks like a bit of brilliance.

  28. Chris says:

    Everton is one of my fav clubs. They are a quality side with *great* coaching. Altidore would fit right in playing exactly the same way Yukubu had been before he got hurt.

    He’d get lots of minutes with a team that qualifies for Europe every year: I think that would be a good move!

  29. ct says:

    I think he should stay withe Villareal. They seem to be integrating him more as the season wears on, so i think they figure him into their plans for this half of the year.

  30. DGinLA says:

    Everton could certainly use him but I like that the yellow subs want him around. They must see a lot to still want him there

  31. Murphy says:

    i don’t think that a loan for the rest of the season would hurt him–he’d get a lot more playing time at everton because they have no strikers right now. either way he is on the right track…

  32. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Jozy will do the best with what he is given. I see him getting several more starts but majority of the games he will be a super-sub. Not bad since he is playing for 1 of the top20teams in the world. I’m sure he will score quite a few more before the season is over.

    Let’s hope for no injuries. Always seem once a Yank is injured, his standing with a team takes a huge dive, regrettably more so than with say others. So much our players have to prove themselves everytime they are on the pitch.

    Stay in Spain is my bottom line, for now.

  33. IGuessIDidBurp says:

    How much better would EJ have been if he would have went to play in say Portugal or Spain? England is a great league but our players seem to fare better in Holland/Germany than in England.

  34. Nick says:

    A loan to Everton would work well for everybody.

  35. MiamiAl says:

    Do it! At least for this year. He ain’t playin at Villareal.

  36. Chase says:

    “Punt and Run” league? Have you watched the PL lately?? I’m guessing you haven’t…

    And I agree with a poster above that Moyes has actually made some decent signing over the past four or five seasons (Cahill, Lescott, Arteta, Pienaar, Jagielka, TIM FREKAING HOWARD). Felliani has been good, though he will have to do more to justify the steep price they paid. The Saha signing was idiotic, seeing how he is made of glass.

    Coming from a Liverpool supporter, not sure I would like Jozy at Everton, though they are so thin at striker right now (with Saha, Yakubu, and Vaughn all injured for the long term) he would likely start immediately…

  37. A.S. says:

    He’s not going to get any playing time for Villareal unless all of their attacking players get hurt again – which is unlikely. He would realy have a good chance to play at Everton.

    Choosing between the chance for a lot of playing time at Everton or not even making the bench at Villareal – I would choose Everton every day and twice on Sunday.

  38. I would LOVE to see an American starring in England, but I think it’d be better for him to learn the Spanish style. Plus, maybe learning the language will help in those big matches against Mexico.

  39. Nick says:

    On one hand, it’s nice to see that J is highly regarded enough to attract attention from a pretty big club like Everton. On the other hand, I’d like to see the kid stay in Spain and become a starter there.


    You’re right. I wish our future talent won’t look to the Premier League as their only possible destination. EJ would have fit in wonderfully in Portugal or Spain, but he’s getting beat up and all that in the English second division. Same can be said for Beas. He would fit in quite well with a team in Spain or Portugal or another league that isn’t as physical or demanding. And in turn, that would diversify our n’tl player pool, to have guys playing all over, not just in England.

  40. Gabe says:

    I can’t believe I’m hearing a EJ reference. When will talk about this guys “enormous potential” die??? I suspect Johnson would have been worse any place that required real work (language barriers, etc). Bottom line is that Jozy is nothing like EJ.

  41. USA says:

    this is a great sign for 2 reasons. 1 – a consistently good EPL team like everton with a great eye for talent coach in moyes wants to sign jozy, 2 – that villareal values jozy and doesn’t want him gone permanently. a think a loan could work out, but i dont think it matters really.
    finally, i’d like to firmly assert that playing time should not be the main issue when considering who to play for the national team. for example, playing time issues would not keep me from playing jozy over brian ching. jozy plays behind rossi, nihat, and some of the other very best in the world, brian ching on the other hand is one of 3 forwards on a team of much lower caliber. there are plenty of international teams that start players who don’t see much time with their clubs (paolo ferreira, podolski to name just 2). i’d take a player on the bench of a la liga team to a starter in the MLS any day of the week. any if the claim is jozy lacks experience, that’s bradley’s fault for not playing him enough this year. it’s a vicious cycle – if you play someone because of experience others dont get to earn experience. i’m not saying playing time is a non issue, it’s important, but it’s not the most important factor in making a lineup decision.

  42. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Most of our players head to Scandinavia either cause their talent isn’t good enough, little chance to be seen by the bigger clubs or cause of their desire to just get out of MLS but over the years there have been some talents like Heath Pearce or Danny Califf.

    Our biggest talents have played throughout Europe, most are in England or Germany. But most that go to England usually struggle, same as in Germany, but they are given a fair look. England is becoming more like an All Star League everyday. You only get a shot if you are worth a £30million transfer.

  43. NoEJorChingFor2010 says:

    Our striker pool is quite thin at the moment.

    Donovan can play anywhere either as midfield or supporting striker or up top parterned with someone.

    Altidore has alot of great qualities. He has the size, ball control and potential for even more. Playing time even as a sub for Villareal will only help him. He will learn more and get good coaching aide.

    Davies is a rising star in Sweden and has many talents which are seen by his dribbling, but will need to push himself more to see what he can do on the pitch not just for the national team but for his club career. Hope he heads to France or Holland.

    Cooper well, he can manhandle MLS. And he has shown he is an attacking threat in the few caps he has been given, but can he play at the highest level? Over the next few months we will find out.

    No EJ and Ching. They are decent in MLS, but we need stars.

  44. VoltronWasGreatToWatchWhenIWasAKid says:

    I’m pretty sure if EJ would have left for Benfica he would have been a success. His style can’t match England or Germany. He has speed and ball control, he would have been useful in Spain or Portugal. And even if he would have flopped back in 05, he would have been given time and proper advice to help himself. He would have been learning. Hard to learn at 25.

  45. Justin says:

    I would like to see it, though only as a loan until the end of the season. With the injuries Everton has had I think Jozy would see some significant playing time. Then after the season he can go back to Villarreal. Probably isn’t going to happen though.

  46. fhffnoor58hhh82h8Ã¥4rhfjmkvlb nnhtippidr says:

    We have Howard, Friedel, Dempsey, Guzan, DeMerit, Spector, Hahnemann, EJ, Convey off the top of my head in England.

    Spain – Altidore

    Belgium- Gooch


    Germany- Bradley,Berhalter,Pearce,Donovan

    Scandinavia- Davies,Parkhurst,Califf

    Now who is having a great season for their club or was having? We need our players to be starting XI or at least super-subs? We need them to be assured of a spot, and not just a hefty payday. I say our MLS stars need to head to teams in Holland, France or Portugal where they can hone in their skill before heading to the majors in England,Spain or Germany.

    No need to be a star in MLS like EJ and head to England and just be a huge flop. If he would have headed to Portugal/Holland, he could have worked on his skills.

  47. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I would much rather he stay in Spain and learn from the other excellent players there on the more technical aspects of the game. Eventually, Jozy will get more playing time there, I have to believe, given his natural attributes. Besides, I like Liverpool and would rather not see another American in the Everton lineup.

  48. kpugs says:

    He’s 18 years old. Anyone who expects him to get significant playing time for a, say, top half team in one of the best leagues in the world is nuts. Maybe with injuries, or at a club like Everton which is depleted of forwards.

    All in all, I won’t read into this any more than I should. I.E. he’s a very young player who is very good for his age, and it’s not surprising that a club would want to acquire his services.

  49. CSD says:

    Did I just read this in the Sky Sports article about a US player or did I imagine it?

    “The 19-year-old, already a full international, is regarded as one of the finest striking prospects in world football..”

  50. Blake says:

    “He’s 18 years old. Anyone who expects him to get significant playing time for a, say, top half team in one of the best leagues in the world is nuts.”

    We’re not expecting it, but if he has the chance to (in the case of a loan to Everton), why not?

  51. malkin says:

    CSD . . . I know, right?? Crazy coming from british press.

  52. RK says:

    From a purely selfish standpoint, as someone that loves Spain and follows the league, I just want more Americans in La Liga (the main reason that I follow Rossi).

    From a VCF standpoint, they really need to keep Jozy for insurance. They have the CL, and they’ve had many injuries.

    And Pelligrini seems to be an excellent manager. Add that to the fact that Jozy is surrounded by absolute quality, it is a great place for him to grow. I just hope he doesn’t grow accustomed to quality midfield play like Villarreal’s while he starts for the US in the next World Cup :)

  53. mikebsiu says:

    Everton have alot of injured strikers at the moment, Saha, Yakubu, Anichebe and maybe Vaughn. I think Altidore would almost start immediatley for them. Plus as others pointed out Moyes does develop good young talent, Pineaar, Osman, Fellaini, Anichebe, Gosling and Rodwell.

  54. Chase says:

    “He’s 18 years old. Anyone who expects him to get significant playing time for a, say, top half team in one of the best leagues in the world is nuts. Maybe with injuries, or at a club like Everton which is depleted of forwards.”

    Well when your two choices at striker at the moment are Lukas Jutkiewicz (19 year old Pole) and Jose Baxter (16 year old), I think Jozy looks pretty appealing…

  55. John Godfrey says:

    Anyone who thinks it’s better for Altidore to be the #6 option for Villareal instead of the #2 or #3 option at Everton is intellectually bankrupt. He needs playing time, and this could be an unbelievable opportunity for him.

  56. Barry U says:

    If he gets more PT (not sure how you ensure that) than please let him go. Pelligrini has to have a plan already and Jozy seems to be part of it. If anything he is insurance for Nihat and Rossi. In the end PT is what he needs.

  57. Gabe says:

    “No need to be a star in MLS like EJ and head to England and just be a huge flop. If he would have headed to Portugal/Holland, he could have worked on his skills.”

    Seriously? ENOUGH about EJ. The supposed potential of Eddie Johnson is a lamentable story, made worse at the mention that he could have done better in a place where he would have understood NONE of the culture, language, or style of play. I feel bad for Jozy that he is often paralleled with this loser. Nothing against Johnson personally, I just think that he is a prime example of an overhyped, overrated, lazy, unmotivated american player who thinks that he can walk on anywhere and make it on sheer talent. WRONG! Jozy is more comparable, at least in his journey, to Clint Dempsey who used hard work, determination and skill to get where he is…and is still working to stay there. ENOUGH ABOUT THAT BUM JOHNSON!

  58. TFC_in_mootown says:

    Jozy would TEAR UP the EPL! Sign him up Mr. Moyes!!!!

  59. CSD says:

    Jozy has been at Villareal for 17 league games. He has played in 6 of those and started in 2. I wouldn’t exactly say he is getting no playing time. Considering he is at a top European club I am very happy with his playing time.

    If he is happy and enjoying his time at Villareal I think it is very important for him to stay where he feels comfortable. It is nice to see another English club inquiring about his services but he is in a good place right now.

  60. Mitch says:

    Well, Everton has a lot of injuries up front and I think Jozy would step in and play some serious minutes. I think maybe a loan until the end of the season could be good for everyone.

    BUT I don’t know if a permanent move to the EPL might not be the best option for him.

  61. snedecor says:

    I’m from Spain, and I have to say that the best thing for the guy is that Villarreal seems to be really interested on his development. Villarreal has a really serious staff, and that’s probably the main reason of their success in the last years (actually as a Real Madrid fan I wish they were managing my team, not only Pellegrini but also GM Manuel Llaneza and all his team). If they signed him was just because they think Altidore could be an important player for the club’s future, it’s not an exotic transfer made thinking on marketing or something like that. And it’s difficult to name a player who has left the club with his best years ahead.

    Villarreal want Jozy in La Liga because it’s the best way for him to adquire the technical skills he need to be a top player, the problem is that now they can’t loan him to another Spanish club because he has played more than 5 games (due to Nihat and Rossi’s injuries), so they prefer to keep him training every day on those skills and have a better control of his improvements.

  62. Voodoo says:

    The only upside that I see with a loan at Everton and the EPL is that Jozy would be obliged to develop a physical presence a bit quicker. He’s got good size & strength, but he still hasn’t learned to use them to best advantage.

    If you can’t hone a physical game in the EPL, you’ll never last. Spain, I don’t know…

  63. snedecor says:

    The best thing for Jozy is that Villarreal wants him to stay. I’m from Spain and I have to say Villarreal has one of the most serious staffs in La Liga (and as a Real Madrid fan I wish they were managing my team, not only Pellegrini but also GM Manuel Llaneza and his mates). When they sign a player they are thinking on advance. They don’t make exotic ttransfers based on marketing issues or things like that, so they are convinced Altidore could be an important player for the club in a near future.

    Villarreal wants Jozy in La Liga because it’s the best way for him to adquire the technical skills he need to be a top player, but now they can’t loan to another Spanish club (as they did in the past with Cazorla) because he has played more than 5 games this season due to Nihat, Llorente and Rossi’s injuries. Then they prefer to keep him training with the team (and playing some minutes), which I think is the best way to controll his development. In England he would play more minutes (or not, who knows), but he’ll probably use only his natural skills, which have a low development margin. With power and speed you can play at high level about 7-8 years, but with technique and other skills (combined with his natural strenghts) he´ll have a long career

  64. John V. says:

    hell ya, i want altidore at everton… FSC shows Everton a lot more that GOLTV shows Villarreal… he’d be like the second coming of Rooney (except the fact that Rooney was 16 and he came up in their youth academy)

  65. Q says:

    I saw Altidore and Everton in the same sentence and my heart skipped a beat! I wish that the Toffees could have gotten him, but they don’t have that kind of money. Rest assured though, if they had, he would’ve played a lot! They need striker help!

    Go Everton… Destroy Liverpool!

    Vamos United

  66. Q says:

    I saw Altidore and Everton in the same sentence and my heart skipped a beat! I wish that the Toffees could have gotten him, but they don’t have that kind of money. Rest assured though, if they had, he would’ve played a lot! They need striker help!

    Go Everton… Destroy Liverpool!

    Vamos United

  67. Brett says:

    Everton seems on the up, while Villarreal have been disappointing.

    I’d like him to stay in Spain because La Liga is going to develop the skills he doesn’t yet boast.

    However, he could have more success in the Prem because of his size and strength, which suits the style of play in that league moreso than La Liga.

    A year-long loan to Everton would be great for him. He needs minutes and he’s going to be hard-pressed to get them behind Rossi and Nihat, with Llorente there firmly ahead of him. It also seemed near the end of the first part of the season that Franco had jumped back ahead of him.

    So 4th/5th forward on a mid-table Spanish side or 2nd/3rd forward on an English side? This has me hoping that the Yellow Sub rejected the offer as a negotiating tactic.

  68. bubba says:

    I am glad that Villareal is keen on keeping Jozy around and want to keep him in Spain. He has only been in Spain a few months and as the season goes on he will get more playing time.
    It is good to see teams interested in him but at this point he is still adjusting to La Liga and then having to adjust to EPL through a loan deal would do more harm than good.
    All in all, I’m glad Jozy is sticking around with Villareal.

  69. Adam says:

    “I’m pretty sure if EJ would have left for Benfica he would have been a success. His style can’t match England or Germany. He has speed and ball control, he would have been useful in Spain or Portugal. And even if he would have flopped back in 05, he would have been given time and proper advice to help himself. He would have been learning. Hard to learn at 25.”

    I don’t think I’ve ever disagreed with an entire comment as much as this one. Horrible comment bro. If anywhere in Europe, England was the best place for EJ to have any success. Hard to learn at 25? Pathetic. Maybe it’s hard to become world-class that late, but there’s no reason EJ hasn’t improved his skillset other than he has a crappy work ethic and a bad attitude. It’s even worse because his playing level has declined. I don’t give a damn what age you are.

  70. Roberto says:

    yes jozy stay with pellegrini one of my favorite coaches.. By the way, he was my nextdoor neighbour when I lived in Santiago for a few years, at the time he was still a defender for U de Chile, very quiet private guy.

  71. Matty Anders says:

    As a Liverpool fan, I’d hate it, but as a Jozy fan, I’d be very happy for him. The Prem is simply the best league in the world, and any team that actively pursues you is planning on giving you playing time. I also think the Prem is a better fit for Jozy’s strong, physical style of play.

  72. Adam says:

    Too early, his development would suffer in Prem League. Rather have him focus on technical ability in Spain. Besides gives me a reason to watch GOLTV.

  73. royce says:

    my favorite team in england is Fulham because of clint dempsey.

    he should stay in spain. we need creative players, and if villareal is committed to him, let him keep playing in spain

  74. metrostar 4 life says:

    I would love Jozy to go to the EPL. Personally, I think it’s the best league in the world and fits Jozy’s style of play perfectly. Also I could probably get a jersey of him there!!

  75. Chase says:

    I would buy into these Spain/Portugal/Holland is better for skillful development if we were talking about Adu, Klejstan, or Davies, but we are talking about the physical beast that is Jozy Altidore…he would be right at home in a league that thrives and pace and physicality.

  76. I say NOOOO!

    We need players in Spain.

  77. RK says:

    >Everton seems on the up, while Villarreal have been disappointing.

    That is absolute crap. They easily qualified for the next round of the CL, and were in the CL spots the entire season until last weekend’s loss to Real Madrid.

  78. Eugene says:

    Pass. Stay in Spain where Villarreal can take him to another level, absolutely no need to take a step down to Everton

  79. Adam says:

    I say NOOOOOO!

    Reminds me of Billy Zane’s unbelievable acting in TITANIC.

    Only to be bested by Demon Night.

  80. Travis says:

    I think its better for Altidore to stay and settle in. If he leave he will have to spend even more time settling into a new place. From a personal point of view though, I would prefer him on Everton. I follow the EPL more than La Liga, and would love to see him play more.

  81. Brock says:

    As good of news as that is I would love to see Jozy in the EPL but I am concerned that he may not get a players visa. He does not have that many national team caps. I do believe however much he enjoys being in Spain playing time is better than training, no matter the club.

  82. Brett says:

    RK – “Easily qualified”… I dunno. They managed results but at no point looked like a team capable of winning the CL. They got a fortunate draw for the next round, so they might well go through… Their form was far from inspiring though. Not to mention their lack of depth was exposed by an embarassing departure from the Copa del Rey at the hands of a lower-than-lowly side.

    Since being in 2nd place at the start of November, Villarreal has fallen all the way to 7th, only taking 5 out of 21 points.

    Everton on the other hand started slow but have since climbed to 6th and look poised to hold the spot and challenge to move up.

    I’m not saying either club is “bad”, but VFC has been the more disappointing of the two in my eyes and they dont look primed to do any climbing until they fix their defensive issues and find some more inspiration.

  83. Josh says:

    Moyes’ interest in him is a good sign for MLS. To have two top European teams vying for a player, who last year was playing for the Red Bulls, says a lot about the youngsters we have coming up in the national ranks. Villareal obviously sees a lot of good things in practice from Jozy, so they want to make sure his development doesn’t get screwed up by some foolish tackle in the EPL, which is a MUCH rougher league than La Liga. Rossi, a New Jersey product, is a terror so far this year, and I am sure he is teaching Jozy so much about the higher level of European soccer. I heard somewhere they were rooming together.

    I’d rather he stay with the yellow subs. I would love to see him get some time in front of tens of thousand of screaming fans in the Champions League.

  84. Josh says:

    He should stay in La Liga. Simply put, the Spanish teams show better tactical awareness, and this will improve his play for the national team. How many times has Michael Bradley made a smart pass that nobody had the tactical awareness to run onto? Furthermore, Altidore is a big strong kid, but that power will be negated in the EPL, with defending that often resembles legal mugging.

  85. matt says:

    pretty funny the dude not wanting to see americans playing in the punt and run league…i guess you want to see the mls fold

  86. Dominghosa says:

    GO Toffees!
    OK, let’s break it down.
    Yes, I would absolutely love Altidore suit up in Toffee Blue.
    There are no more striker options at Everton. Joe Baxter, 16, will one day become even better than Wayne Rooney in England (though here’s hoping he actually stays at Everton) but he isn’t ready.
    Saha, Yak, Vaughan, and even Anichebe are all injured. Everton is playing central attacking midfielder (“THE”) Timmy Cahill as the lone forward. Though Cahill is very dangerous on set pieces and has a nose, er, head for goal on corner kicks and the like, he is not a striker.
    Jozy would get major, major minutes. I would believe he would be rated above fellow young strikers Baxter, Agard, and Jutkiewicz.
    As far as technical skills go, don’t snooze on Everton’s Arteta and Fellaini. Even Pinnear has solid technical skills. Manny Fernandez was a tornado for Everton on loan when he was playing healthy and displayed great technical skills.
    Jozy can learn much from Arteta.
    But then again, Altidore has a great chance to settle in La Liga (the best league in the world) and even a great chance to play in the Champions League.
    I’d like any move either way.
    Though I’m biased. Jozy at Everton would give me another reason to wake up at 5, 6, sometimes 4 in the morning to watch the Blues.

  87. papa bear says:

    The thought of Jozy being shipped off to the BPL gives me douche chills.

    I’d much rather he learn how to play real football in Spain than ‘learn’ how to have wild crosses whipped into the box all day that he can stab wildly at and hope to pop into goal like he’d learn in England.

  88. Mike_D says:

    I read a post from a VCF supporter on Big Soccer that VCF are letting Guille Franco’s contract run out and Jozy will be added to their Champions League roster. Has anyone seen anything about this?