Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Kaka 1 (AP) 

If it feels like there aren't that many marquee games this weekend, it could be because of the international fixture date at mid-week. With World Cup qualifiers and high-profile friendlies filling out an impressive schedule during the week, it looks as though leagues throughout Europe scheduled fewer of the top match-ups you circle the calendar for.

That doesn't mean there aren't good story lines and rivalries today. David Beckham takes the field with AC Milan for the first time since his public declaration that he wants to stay in Italy rather than return to MLS. You also have Peter Crouch leading Portsmouth against his old club Liverpool, as well as a good La Liga tilt between Real Madrid and Racing Santander.

The most anticipated match of the day isn't one you will find on TV when Jozy Altidore should make his debut for Xerez against Albacete. The game isn't scheduled for TV, but the internet tends to provide feeds for matches throughout the world so look for that one and please feel free to share any feeds below.

The full schedule of today's soccer on TV is after the jump. If you will be watching today's soccer action on TV, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (schedule after the jump):

Saturday Soccer on TV

10am- Hull City at Chelsea

10am- FSC- Aston Villa at Blackburn

11:30am- GolTV- Werder Bremen at Schalke 04

12:30pm- Setanta USA- Newcastle at West Brom

12:30pm- FSC- Liverpool at Portsmouth

2pm- GolTV- Racing Santander at Real Madrid

2:30pm- FSC- Reggina at AC Milan

3pm- Setanta USA- Sochaux at Lille

4pm- GolTV- Real Betis at Sevilla

4:30pm- FSC- Inter Milan at Lecce

5pm- Setanta USA- Stoke City at Sunderland

6pm- Telefutura- Atlas at San Luis

6pm- GolTV- Portuguesa at Corinthians

8pm- FSC- Bolton at Everton

8pm- Telemundo- Necaxa at Chivas de Guadalajara

8:30pm- Setanta USA- Middlesbrough at Manchester City

10pm- Telemundo- Chiapas at Atlante

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88 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. This Guy says:

    link to

    BlackBurn vs. Aston Villa

  2. Jacob A. says:

    What time does Jozy play?

  3. adam says:

    Deuce got a yellow for what ESPN Gamecast labeled a “bad foul.”

  4. Gabe says:

    Ives, what do you think are the chances that the US team actually wears red next week? I feel like with all this build up, they may be hiding something. It would be amazing if they wore normal warmups, and then pulled them off just before kickoff to reveal brand new red kits. They do that kind of thing in College football sometimes.

  5. Chase says:

    Bradley got a second consecutive start Monchengladbach, they are currently 1-0 up in the 51st against league leaders Hoffenheim.

    Xerez plays at 12:30est Jacob…

  6. steve0 says:

    The most anticipated match of the day isn’t one you will find on TV when Jozy Altidore should make his debut for Xerez against Albacete.

    Altidore will be watching the match from his hotel.

  7. adam says:

    Szetela starting on bench, last week he played 90…whatever.

  8. Nicholas says:

    So why the late announcement on the squad? Does Bob Bradley have to see something from someone this weekend?

  9. paul says:

    anyone know where to watch the jozy game,,,,i mean xerez

  10. gofirego says:

    Jozy and the other new signing, Abel Gomez, were not brought to Albacete for today’s game. The coach said they had not had enough time to fit into the team.

  11. Nicholas says:

    Darn…Gladbach gave up the equalizer in the 89th.

  12. ThaDeuce says:


  13. ThaDeuce says:

    Adam, where is the link for your ESPN match tracker?

    bah, I wish I could watch. Got spoiled when 2 weeks FSC had like 3 games on it for Fulham.

  14. Kris says:

    My Stuttgart just beat up on Bayer Leverkusen!

  15. adam says:

    I know rough football teams, I am a Fulham fan and last year was ridic, but Glad’bach ARE ABSOLUTELY AWFUL!!!! Jump ship Mikey.

  16. ThaDeuce says:

    bah, I’ll take what I can get. Thanx

  17. ThaDeuce says:

    Looks like Dempsey has had an aggressive game.

  18. Dominghosa says:

    myp2p.euaren’t giving any more links to EPL matches. boo! anyoe know of another site for epl matches? for sopcast or tvu, etc.?

  19. ThaDeuce says:

    I can’t find any
    its always dangerous wading through the links for matches, I always land on tons of spam.

  20. ThaDeuce says:

    this isn’t epl right now but… link to

  21. matt says:

    chelsea laid another egg today. villa’s now ahead of them. holy crap!

  22. ThaDeuce says:

    Fulham nil Wigan nil, no shots by Dempsey either.

  23. paul says:

    Nice game Villa, now go pompey and help them out

  24. Razcle says:

    link to

    This site is golden now that is missing a lot of the coverage. Enjoy

  25. adam says:

    Jozy def not starting.

  26. Daniel R says:

    Is David James (Portsmouth) still England’s number 1 at GK?

  27. ManicMessiah says:

    Rafa is resting Riera, Alonso, Kuyt, and Torres (plus Gerrard out injured) against Portsmouth.

  28. Krista says:

    It’s weird not having Gerrard or Alonso on the pitch.

  29. Chase says:

    Despite the wild line-up Liverpool looks far more fluid and quick than they have the last month, hopefully it actually leads to a goal…Aurellio looks decent centrally (especially when compared to fellow Brazilian Lucas)…

  30. Robert says:

    too bad not Jozy this weekend… no Jozy for Mex either? maybe as a sub?

  31. Robert says:

    No Adu on the bench either

  32. George says:

    Does anyone have any updates on whether Donovan’s expected to start on Sunday.

  33. Krista says:

    wasn’t impressed with no one on the pool side. Hopefully the second will be better.

  34. steve0 says:


  35. Robert says:

    why wouldn’t Jozy travel? Is it bc he’s coming next week?

  36. jamin barnes says:

    I knew Jo would score more goals now that he’s at Everton.

  37. Chase says:

    Really Krista? I thought we had some promising moments in the first half, though ultimately the usual problem of having a ton of possession, but creating few clear opportunities emerged, Benayoun looks the most likely to provide a goal, hopefully Torres will get on at some point.

  38. Chase says:

    My god, Babel just missed the epitome of a sitter, shocking…

  39. ManicMessiah says:

    2nd half sub Kuyt just played in a perfect ball from the right and Babel was right there to tap it in but the ball rolled right past him.

    It was a bad miss, though he may have been shocked that Kuyt didn’t shank the cross 20 rows into the stands.

  40. ManicMessiah says:

    62nd minute- Goal Portsmouth!!!

  41. Krista says:

    Hmmmmmm babel. Cannot believe he missed that.

    Yeah like you said we had a lot of possession but we really did nothing with it. Wanted more from babel n ngog. Yossi just gets better with minutes played.

    Huh. That sucks. Bet keane is smiling.

  42. ManicMessiah says:

    David Nugent got played in on the left behind the defense, and he finished cooly.

  43. Chase says:

    And then Nugent scores an offside goal that is allowed is not disallowed, wow, Rafa must bring in Torres…

  44. steve0 says:

    That could have been Jozy instead of Jo on Loan with Everton.

  45. steve0 says:

    why wouldn’t Jozy travel? Is it bc he’s coming next week?

    Posted by: Robert | February 07, 2009 at 01:32 PM

    Jozy went to Sevilla for site seeing

  46. ManicMessiah says:

    Alonso for Dossena in the 67th minute. Just what Liverpool need to grab a couple of goals.

  47. ManicMessiah says:

    Idirect free kick for Liverpool in the box, as James handled a backpass from Crouch.

    Goal Liverpool!!!

  48. Krista says:

    crap missed what happened to lead to that placement of the ball.

  49. Homey Boehme says:

    ah…benitez…the wheels are coming off…

  50. ManicMessiah says:


    Crouch played an awful backpass to James, who slid and used his hands to parry it away before Kuyt got to it.

  51. Homey Boehme says:

    of course liverpool scores, just as I’m typing

  52. Chase says:

    We need a winner here, come on REDS! Here comes Number 9 FINALLY!

  53. Robert says:

    thanks steve0… i’d like to go to Sevilla for site-seeing too 😉

  54. ManicMessiah says:

    Dirk Kuyt goal waved for offsides, and Torres comes on for Babel in the 76th minute.

  55. Krista says:

    thanks manic.

  56. ManicMessiah says:

    Goal Portsmouth!!!!

  57. ManicMessiah says:

    That was an unmarked header for Hreidarsson. It was some header, but terrible defending, or someone slipped or got picked.

  58. ManicMessiah says:

    Two Portsmouth defenders collide going up for a header, and James only just got ahead of Benayound to sweep the ball away. Good heads up play from the Portsmouth keeper.

  59. ManicMessiah says:

    Torres was close to playing Mascherano ahead of the defense, but the pass was just slightly off. You’d have to wish that situation was reversed if you’re Liverpool.

  60. Homey Boehme says:

    and my inability to multi task strikes again…go pompy.

  61. ManicMessiah says:

    Goal Liverpool!!!

    Distin completely whiffs on a clearance, and Torres plays the ball back to Kuyt, who kind of bungles his first touch, but eventually controls the ball and blasts it by James, beating him near post.

  62. Krista says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kuyt is one brilliant player!!!!! Thank goodness he’s a work horse.

  63. ManicMessiah says:

    Hreidarsson, the 2nd goal scorer for Portsmouth, gets booked for dissent after wildly displaying his displeasure at the referee for awarding a goal kick to Liverpool.

  64. ManicMessiah says:

    Goal Liverpool!!!

    Torres with a free header, and James is beaten near post again. Unbelievable.

  65. Krista says:

    awesome header.

  66. Scott A says:


  67. Casey C. says:

    Holy crap this Liverpool Portsmouth game.

    3-2 Liverpool from Torres in the 91+.

  68. Chase says:

    WHAT A COMEBACK REDMEN!!! Hopefully that shuts up the the Kuyt haters for a while, top of the league again (for a day at least)!

  69. ras says:

    Thanks, FSC, for showing us two great opportunities for the young and fit: the Marines, and Hooters.

  70. Robert says:

    Torres the savior again!

  71. Robert says:

    Jozy’s team wins

  72. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Jozy will take a few matches before he can start for Xerxes. No worries guys. We know he’s in the right hands. Come on Jozy. You will be our star in qualifying.

  73. jddjsjsjdd says:

    EL NINO is GOD.

    8th goals in 14 matches. 3rd goal in the past 2 league matches. Only on the pitch for 14mins and he grabs the game winner.

    With 13matches left i figure he can pop in 7 more for a season total of 15 league goals. Nowhere as great as his 24 from last season, but he’s been injured for several months.

  74. NATO says:

    Now if only Torres can score in the Champions League. I’m betting on him to score goals in both home/away matches with Real Madrid. Let’s go REDS. Top of the table.

  75. MANIAC says:

    Man U scum will lose 2moro same as Arsenal.

    Chelsea drew and is practically coming apart. Aston Villa will grab no.3 For sure.

  76. js says:

    Man of the match has to be benayoun.

  77. isaf says:

    If only Torres can score for Spain, Villa is overshadowing him in international games. Spain needs both to score to get to the World Cup.


  78. ireneisnotmygod says:

    USA strikers for qualifying and the World Cup

    Altidore, Donovan, Davies, Cooper

    standbys- EJ, Ching

  79. jd says:

    Sounds like some teammates may have issues w/ all the attention Jozy’s received & coach making point to demonstrate who’s in charge after all the Jozy praise from club prez. Sorry for poor translation.

    link to

    Tough weekend to swallow for young Jozy. Left home for game. Sure he feels Villarreal’s forward crisis would’ve opened door against Numancia & possibly CL. Top it off Jo scores twice for Everton.

    I hope he gets the call vs Mexico & scores a 2nd half sub goal.

    BTW-Ives, great site big fan. But not sure I’m buying fact that you didn’t know Jozy was left home before you wrote the article. You being a VIP insider & all:)

  80. Chase says:


    What are you talking about? Torres scored arguably the most important goal for the Spanish NT in the past 30 years to win Euro ’08…I know Villa has more goals, but none of them were as important as that one…

    My MOTM were Benayoun and Kuyt.

  81. Ryan says:

    streams goltv and fsc live

  82. jpc says:

    what is really going on w/ Adu? Monaco Sucks, and there is no way he should be getting shut out minutes, let alone shut out of the bench altogether… People can say what they want about his development, but his creativity and ability on the ball are undeniable, and more than that he shows that ability every time he’s on the field…. It’s not as if the coach doesn’t like young players, the whole team is young… I do not buy the argument that he is a defensive liability, there are plenty of places on the field where you can shield players from massive defensive duties, which are the positions he usually plays in… This is crazy, and I think he’s too nice of a kid to raise his voice about it, but somebody has to rescue him from this situation… We have never had a player of his skill and creativity come out of the U.S, and to be honest it pisses me off that a club as inept as Monaco can’t find a spot for him on the field (which is probably why they are terrible in the first place)… Thoughts?

  83. Brett says:

    Better Jozy earns his spot than has it given to him, if only for the fact that if he doesn’t start off well, he will have more leeway if he actually worked into the lineup.

    Nevertheless, I still don’t see this loan as a good move right now. Hopefully he can break into the first team soon.

  84. WK says:

    poor england- if james is your # 1, you’ve fallen a long way since your glory days of goalkeeping. those two late goals weren’t entirely your fault but why aren’t you screaming at the defense in front of you? Distin was torched on the equalizer…

  85. Isaac says:

    I think Adu’s defensive problems arent because he isnt a very good defensive player, its because he believes his size would allow him to be pushed around by the bigger guys. While we all know thats not true(Steve Cherundolo), guys we’re dealing with the youngest player to ever play a professional sport( at least in America). We cant expect him to grow up rapidly. He may be a talented player, but that shouldn’t overshadow the fact that he is still human.

  86. Isaac says:

    Sorry, by the ‘growth’ part in my comment I meant his mentally not physically.

  87. Dominghosa says:

    Thanks razcle…