CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary


After getting your fill of European soccer today, tonight features the official start of the new year for MLS (unless you really want to count the Pan Pacific Championship). The Houston Dynamo begins its knockout round match-up against Atlante in the CONCACAF Champions League.

If you will be watching tonight's match (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel) please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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63 Responses to CONCACAF Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. This Guy says:

    Dynamo need to do the MLS proud tonight. The match in the 13th minute still hasn’t settled down. ALot of over the top nothing.

  2. DeliBelly says:

    Anyone have a link to the match where I can watch over the web?

  3. ThaDeuce says:

    what channel?

  4. Brock says:

    DeliBelly download tvuplayer and it will have fsc on it last I knew it was called “soccer” by the way Houston just scored on a corner

  5. Ferbear says:


  6. This Guy says:

    Bobby Boswell planted header in the 35th minute.

    Dynamo 1-0

    and Ching just about made it 2-0.

    Dynamo are looking good.

    Fox Soccer Channel. or jtv

  7. This Guy says:

    link to also

    Kamara off the post Dynamo corner.39th

  8. Neumannator says:

    I gotta hand it to Houston, I always rely on them to get me ready and into another MLS season.

  9. Scott A says:

    Halftime with the Dynamo up 1-0 on a Bobby Boswell goal

  10. gofirego says:

    too bad. win 3-0 and maybe atlante says screw it for the return leg. go there with only a small lead after wasting chances, and they will feel lucky to still be in it.

  11. Scott A says:

    oops didn’t see others had already posted the score. silly computer

  12. jon roberts says:

    hey ives, i know it has nothing to do with the article, but why does soccer never have matches at the new orleans super dome? it would be a great ambience, i know there is not a great soccer tradition in the are but it was just a thought

  13. francesco says:

    why do mexican keepers always look like such tools?

  14. Danny Garcia-Prats says:

    Good half from the Dynamo. A little bit of a slow start but that’s to be expected. I think that James and Boswell have been solid in the back. I think Kamara is having a great game thus far. I’m really excited to see what he does this season. DALE DYNAMO!

  15. Amit says:

    Wade Barret looks awful tonight. Other than that, solid half.

  16. Danny Garcia-Prats says:

    Yeah Wade has not looked good. You’ve gotta expect more out of the skipper

  17. Mikeype says:

    Kamara is a beast! I think that he will dominate the MLS this year, he has looked really impressive on the ball, getting open, and in the air.

    I agree that Barrett has been awful tonight. I am still yelling at Ricardo Clark for that horrible loss of possession 30 yards from goal. It is a good thing that he got it back. Mistakes like that causes so many gray hairs. Lol

  18. Scott A says:

    47th minute- Kei Kamara gets a cross in but it’s headed out for a throw in

  19. Scott A says:

    Apparently Mullan took an elbow. Looked soft, I dunno, wasn’t called

  20. Scott A says:

    52nd minute- Rough challenge on Ricardo Clark’s foot leaves him down for a little while

  21. Scott A says:

    56th minute- Yellow card to Kamara for a challenge

  22. Scott A says:

    58th minute- First Atlante corner. Onstad punches it away…gets back in and headed over the crossbar

  23. Scott A says:

    60th minute- Good ball by Holden but called offsides even though it was onsides.
    Then a ball from Atlante called offsides when it was onsides

  24. Scott A says:

    63rd/64th minute- Brad Davis pushes an Atlante player down and gets a yellow. Decent location for the free kick….and it’s a dribbler

  25. Scott A says:

    68th minute- Timewasting yellow card for Mulrooney on a throw in

  26. Scott A says:

    71st minute- Mullan plays it to Kamara. He gets fouled in a good position

  27. Scott A says:

    72nd minute- Davis’s free kick comes to nothing

  28. This Guy says:

    This ref whistles everything.

    We need him to come to Toyota Park and team him up with Blanco. Fire will win 17-0

  29. Scott A says:

    77th minute- Mullan comes off, Geoff Cameron comes on

  30. Scott A says:

    79th minute- Atlante players lofts a weak shot from way outside

  31. Scott A says:

    81st minute- Cameron gets a yellow card for putting his body in the way of an Atlante player getting by him

  32. bubba says:

    Damn… That sucks…

  33. jtd says:


  34. Scott A says:

    82nd minute- Atlante corner…Navarro plays it back towards the face of the goal…little scramble…Pereyra knocks it in for an ATLANTE GOAL

  35. simms21 says:

    Onstad is such an old man……

  36. jtd says:

    good spot for a kick… holden?

  37. Scott A says:

    85th minute- Brad Davis free kick….left kick and bends not too far wide

  38. einar says:

    what did atlante score?

  39. Scott A says:

    88th minute- Davis corner comes to nothing

  40. jtd says:

    yes,atlante scored, kind of a blooper of a goal…

  41. einar says:

    o nvm the gamecast is slow how did it go in?

  42. jtd says:

    what was that yellow for? some shoving going on…

  43. Scott A says:

    89th minute- Yellow card to some Atlante guy with a headback for what looked like a kick on a shin. Both teams start shoving each other

  44. Scott A says:

    Actually, the yellow card was to Venegas, who does not sport a headband

  45. einar says:

    well my prediction was 3-1 houston

  46. jtd says:

    houston, free kick 35 yards, ohhhhhhh, so close!

  47. Scott A says:

    90th minute- Davis’s free kick is headed and it forces the Atlante goalkeeper to tip it over the bar. He is assisted by the tattoos covering his arms

  48. jtd says:

    corner houston

  49. Scott A says:

    91st minute- Cameron forces a corner. Taken…Atlante keeper didn’t hold on to it but Ricard Clark jumped on him

  50. einar says:

    a traditional way of saying good game by both teams lol.

  51. einar says:

    wow….so close…

  52. Scott A says:

    Final whistle

  53. jtd says:

    i haven’t watched the whole match, but from what i’ve seen houston’s the better team, despite the score.

    that’s game 1-1.

  54. einar says:

    I hoipe houston wwins in cancun. shouldnt be much of a flight and no altitdude worries.

  55. bubba says:

    Sure makes it for an interesting game in Cancun. Dynamo go down there knowing that they have to get that away goal and more to move on. It was a strong showing from the boys and I hope they can do it up in Cancun.

  56. Cesar Barrientos says:

    overall a bad game Dinamo is not as sharp as it use to be.anyway if you are a coach try this new wedsite that just came out thise week is only for coaches

  57. ThaDeuce says:


  58. This Guy says:

    Cesar Barrientos,

    I don’t know what a wedsite is? I site for people to be wed?

    Don’t spam. Put your link in your name like others do. I click on everyone’s link that is in their name but i didn’t go to your wedsite because i’m not getting married.

  59. frank from sf says:

    well to bad houston is done. no way they come out w/ a win in mexico. as a mls fan i’m dissapointed , but as a quakes fan i’m loving the fact that houston are not going to be that great this year. and their going into the season w/ kamara as a starter w/ no depth at forward? hahahahaha.

  60. Tim says:

    They dont need to win in Mexico. They need to either draw 1-1 to tie on away goals, or draw by more than that (ie 2-2) or win to advance outright.

    So basically they need to score at least a goal. However, they scored 2 at Pachuca two years ago and 4 last fall at UNAM so Houston can get it done in Cancun (no altitude almost exactly the same weather as Houston).

  61. Gary says:

    just watched the houston game replay on FSC. it makes our own CL look extremely credible when the patches constantly fall off the players’ shoulders.