Donovan left out of Bayern Munich’s Champions League match

Landon Donovan (Getty Images) 

You can officially call Landon Donovan's chances of staying with Bayern Munich after his loan period expires ice cold after the U.S. national team star was left off the squad list for today's Champions League match vs. Sporting Lisbon.

Donovan had been included in Bayern's Champions League roster, but did not make the bench for today's match. Luca Toni is back in the lineup for Bayern Munich while Lukas Podolski was chosen for the bench.

What do you think of this news? Have you given up hope of Donovan heading to Europe any time soon? Are you a relieved Galaxy fan who likes the idea of having your best player back? Are you still holding out hope that something happens?

Share your thoughts below.

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98 Responses to Donovan left out of Bayern Munich’s Champions League match

  1. Adam says:

    He’s done at Bayern. That sucks. Hopefully he’ll get another shot somewhere elese in the summer.

  2. Erik says:

    He’s as good as gone from Bayern. It doesn’t mean he will never make it in Europe, but he didn’t make much impact off the bench for Bayern since the season started back up.

    Bayern is a tough club to break through at, especially playing sub minutes.

  3. Cam says:

    I wish he could have stayed. He’ll make it in Europe one day soon. Hopefully LA Gals get the cash they deserve for Beckham and can use that money to buy 3 or 4 quality players to help Landon on the field.

  4. cam says:

    well, thats that. he had his chance: the hertha berlin game. if he didnt shank that ribery cross he probably would have already been transferred by now.

  5. Nats says:

    BM is full of crap. Sure, Landon missed a golden opportunity to score against Berlin. But his team played like crap, they didn’t trust him at all or give him a chance to get any rhythm, and they didn’t make use of his strengths. He never had a chance. To hell with Bayern!

  6. Mike_D says:

    Picking Podolski over Landon shows they don’t see a future for Landon at Bayern.

  7. Eugene says:

    Too sad for Donovan. I think MLS should just sell him to Bayern for whatever they can get — at least give Donovan more time and a fighting chance to succeed there.

  8. Oranje15 says:

    He’s done for sure. But we could have called this a while ago. I don’t think Bayern was the place for him, but he will surely be back in Europe, with a good side that will suit his style more.

  9. gofirego says:

    He didn’t get much of a chance. He only had one really good opportunity he should have done better with, at Berlin.

    Well, Klinsmann brought him and he doesn’t have much breathing room — just got the dreaded vote of confidence from Rumenigge, who apparently was never enamored of Landon to begin with.

    Let’s see who leaves first — Landon or Jurgen.

  10. Experience Dogood says:

    This doesn’t mean that he won’t be in Europe next season, just not in a Bayern kit. It does appear likely that both Beckham and Donovan will be suiting up for the Galaxy. With this in mind, what do we think of LA’s chances this season? How will MLS fans react to Beckham’s wishes to stay in Europe? Will this be good for the league? Any chance Beckham will have a change of heart if the Galaxy make a deep playoff run?


  11. A Rickey says:

    Not exactly a glimmering track record in Europe so far for Donovan.

    I am a huge Donovan fan (he’s the best US product ever, end of story.) but I feel this “failed” third attempt in Germany will only fuel the notion already out there that he is soft and simply can’t cut it in Europe.

    With that being said, I just don’t see many people taking a chance on him now and that’s really unfortunate. Even more so, the negative vibes people already have against US field players will most likely increase with this “failure” of Donovan.

    It’s too bad because he really did well during the winter break for Bayern. Oh well, back to haunting DC United in the opener for Donovan.

  12. Mercurius100 says:

    Darn you Jurgen. You told me if I picked Donovan in my fantasy team that you would start him. There goes my sleeper pick.

  13. Neumannator says:

    Please, let’s all be honest. Donovan has tremendous natural ability, but until he can play EVERY game (not just some here and some there) at a high level, he cannot be a part of a team like Bayern. I am hoping this happens, but I find it becoming less and less likely as time moves on.

  14. brandon says:

    Whoever says that Donovan was never given a chance to succeed is wrong. He was given multiple opportunities to show that he had what it takes, and in his time at Bayern he never showed those capabilities.

  15. Brock says:

    Landon is coming back until the summer and then he will move to a slightly smaller caliber club if he wishes. I am thinking a mid table EPL team, Fulham? (God I hope so) get ride of Bobby G.

  16. john says:


    he didnt even have 1 start. what u smoking with the multiple opportunities. if you have been starter for all your life and they’re telling you to come off the bench, yeah it’s tough. common sense.

  17. BlueWhiteLion says:

    I don’t see it as “failed” at all. Certainly, if he’d come on like Maradona, he’d have a contract.

    How I read this “failed” stint: His price is too high, given MLS’ needs, it will stay there, and given FCB’s generally more frugal habits (compared to the other biggies), they will not pay.

    Evaluation: Donovan looked good, and given other circumstances, would fit well on FCB. Since they are not going to fork over the money, and Poldi is under contract and staying longer, I see him getting little to no playing time. He still can move, but will likely be back to MLS this season. Look forward to that. He must move by next year, however if he ever does.

  18. Drew says:

    mixed feelings…always like a stronger MLS but like to see Americans thrive abroad.

  19. Turtle says:

    bummer…real bummer…

  20. brandon says:

    John – How can you say no chance? He was given time in 3 bundesliga games. In two of those games he got 45+ minutes and didn’t make it happen.

  21. Gene_SF says:

    It’s disappointing. I think that in terms of the # of games, LD got enough chances to show what he can do. BM did not really use him in the way that highlights his best qualities, but they technically did not have to do that. Either he fits with what they do, or he does not. From watching a few of their games, I’d say he does not. BM’s play stinks,particularly if you consider that they have Toni, Riberry, and several good players from the German national team, but that’s another issue.

    I always thought that BM is not the right place for LD. He needs to go to a smaller team where the weight of expectations won’t be as much and the style of play the coach uses is more suitable to LD’s skills. It can be another German team, it is just not BM.

  22. john says:

    yes, 3 appearances and no starts. you telling me he’s no use based on 3 performances as a sub? i am not arguing with you that he’s hasnt live up to the preseason stuff but it’s based on small appearances. Not NUMEROUS chance.

  23. The Hoff says:

    Its obvious to me that LD has the skill to play at the level of a team like BM. He certainly didn’t look lost on the field. But, like countless players he isn’t an exact fit at the club and they pass the player along.

    Its not a failure or a justification of LD, just a situation fail. How many times does a player move onto a new club b/c he “failed to settle”?

    LD to Aston Villa in the summer. 5 cents on it.

  24. Barry U says:

    Look I am sure that JK had good intentions when he brought LD over. But the reality is that they gave LD 150 minutes to prove to them that he could play. But the fact of the matter is that the rest of the team was playing awful during that time. Then he comes in trying to adjust to a higher level than MLS and he looks so so on pitch. Then you have the he’s american so he must suck thing going and you get the not picked for the bench of the CL game. Which is the KISS OF DEATH.

    I really feel for LD becuase he is a better player than Stevie C, Clint D, DMB, Michael Bradley, John Spector, Edddie Johnson, Gooch, Freddy Adu, etc… and he still gets no respect.

    Maybe BM was not the right team but maybe another team would be best. But then you have the whole your the MLS so we are going to offer you peanuts thing. Not sure when his contract is up but that would be the best time for him to make a move.

    In the end I still think that he will play a huge role in 2010 regardless of what team/league he plays for.

  25. Nats says:

    Brandon – Keep in mind that Landon played just as well as the rest of his team in all those games. Bayern’s attack is one-dimensional and predictable. They never put Landon in a position where he could attack on the break, which is his strength. If you noticed, in their 3 recent Bundesliga losses, Bayern had a ton of possession but got killed on the break.

  26. Heffe says:

    I think LD will get picked up by a smaller club during the summer. Hopefully he will shine, and show Bayern why they should have taken him. I think if Bayern hadn’t already lined up Olic to come in during the summer, LD would probably be getting more time.

  27. Joe in Fl says:

    This is bull. He wasnt given a chance. Klinsman must be getting a lot of pressure from owners and such. I really hope he is a given one start before this is over and a chance to show what he can do over 90 minutes.

    Also I really think Landon will be transfered in the summer. He wants out.

  28. bob says:

    doesn’t he know that I don’t care and will love him just as much, maybe more if he stays here in the U.S.?

  29. jmac says:

    It’s hard to say he was placed in a good position to succeed at BM when (1) the team’s form dipped, (2) he never stared, and (3) BM was likely not going to meet MLS’ asking price in a transfer because he is more valuable to MLS than BM. Judging from his pre-season form you would have to think he could have fit it and contributed for BM. Hopefully other European teams took note.

    MLS’ asking price for a transfer is going to be a continuing issue. When does Donovans’ contract with MLS run out so he can leave on a free transfer?

  30. Gregg says:

    sucks…I’ve wasted my time today following the gamecast..

  31. Anthony says:

    He played during MLS’ offseason. He’s on a tough team with Bayern. I think he could do it with a smaller team in Europe.

  32. TimN says:

    I think Donovan will eventually end up with an EPL team. He definitely has the pace for the English game, and there are plenty of EPL teams that could use a quality striker. However, it may be 2010 before it happens. My guess is that he will be in a Galaxy uniform for 2009.

  33. Joe Quake says:

    He had his chance, but it didn’t work out. I think the comment about Landon by the boss stating that he was worth more to MLS than Bayern is part of the reason why they are not going to him anymore, well that and he really didn’t play that well the last couple games – he was good, but not great.

    He needs to exert his will on the game more. When he gets fired up in MLS or with the Nats, he’s a lot more aggressive and plays better. I didn’t see that from him even in the friendlies. He has the potential for greatness, but you don’t see it all the time.

    That said, I don’t think we can compare this experience to the failures of the past. He didn’t quit, held his own, but it didn’t work out. No shame in that. It would have been worse if he didn’t take the opportunity, and it will be even worse still if Landon does not learn from what happened and get back to Europe soon, albeit with another team. He’d be fine with a mid table team in any of the top leagues – I wouldn’t even be surprised if he picked Germany again.

  34. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Not a big shock. It’s called big fish in a small pond. Cakes has the ability to dominate at the MLS level, but not quite enough to cut it in major competition. End of story. Welcome home, LandyCakes….now go make the Galaxy relevant again.

  35. DGinLA says:

    Turn out the lights, the party’s over!! (singing in a medley) That’s too bad for Landy though…

  36. Thomas513 says:

    honestly, I am glad he will coming to Seattle on May 10. I have massive respect for LD and the chance to see him compete (but lose) will be awesome.

    Come on you Sounders!

  37. andrewdiceway says:

    Good/bad (and this may have as much to do with the fact that he won’t be staying as it does his midling performance once the preseason matches ended).

    Always want to see him succeed, but would (selfishly) prefer to see him in a league more suited to his unique abilities, a la Spain or France. Dominate for the Gals in 2009, headed for warmer, less physical climes in 2010.

  38. Fredo9 says:

    I don’t think Landon got a fair chance. BUT I’m Glad he’ll back with GALAXY!!

    Come On L.A.

  39. brandon says:

    Donovan has played in all four of Bayern’s Bundesliga games of the season’s second half as a sub, averaging 32 minutes per game.

  40. Turtle says:

    Didn’t the MLS turn down an offer because it wasn’t enough money? I thought that was the only reason he was coming back.

  41. FlapJack says:

    Not a shock – BM’s just finally accepting they can’t pay MLS’s asking price. No matter what he and BM and hordes of US soccer fans wanted to think, he was always coming back to LA unless he scored a couple of hat tricks AND BM really made it worth MLS’s while. The loan was just to keep him happy (LA couldn’t loan out DB and tell LD no).

  42. Ben says:

    I absolutely despise these midseason transfer/loan deals. You get thrown into a team that is basically already set, and are expected to immediately get into rhythm with everyone else. If he is serious about playing Europe, he should demand an early summer transfer and go to team that will include him in its plans from the very beginning of a season.

  43. steve says:

    He certainly got a chance, but he also almost certainly didn’t get a fair chance.

    I don’t care who you are, substitute appearances in 3-4 matches are not enough to showcase what you can contribute in the long-term. Think about all the factors involved: new teammates, new league, different playing environment, new country, new coaches, etc…

    I won’t pretend to know what the Bayern coaching staff observed in practices or whether the decision was driven as much by financial considerations as his play, but from what I can see, he didn’t get anything resembling a truly fair shot at proving his worth.

    I welcome you home Landon. Sorry you got shafted.

  44. scott47a says:

    I, for one, am excited to see Landon back in 2009. I assume Becks will be back too.

    When I go to MLS games I want to see the best possible players on the field. I know the money isn’t there to compete with the Bayern’s and (corrupt) Milan’s of the world. But I want MLS teams to be as good as possible, filled with as much talent as possible.

    So, the more folks with talent that play here, the better. Let’s not just keep Donovan and Becks, let’s up the ante by bringing in a lot more good soccer players in the future.

  45. Nicole says:

    That’s too bad. I feel bad for him.

    Hopefully he gets to europe someday because I think he really wants to play there.

  46. Nats says:

    I used to be a bit of a Bayern fan. When Donovan came on, I became very interested. Now that I see how they’ve treated him, I’m a Bayern hater.

  47. Americans are just no good in Europe, Clint Dempsey excepted.

    Whether Americans are good in the USA is another question – maybe they only look good around others who don’t measure up at a world class level.

    Landon… we’re disappointed, and sorry for you.

    Oh, by the way, I think the MLS owning players’ contracts is draconian and short sighted. The MLS is after the good of the MLS, not the good of American soccer. There, I said it. Still, it’s all we have so I’ll go to the MLS matches and hope naively for the beautiful game.

  48. BTW, pretty normal for every player to get their start as a sub, and yes they need to come on and impress in a big way in sometimes just a couple minutes. Landon got much more than a few minutes.

    Wayne Rooney came on the other night against Fulham and scored on his first touch. The bar is set very high — in Europe

  49. Army of Dad says:

    I wonder if he will get a start or some playing time in the second leg since BM has four away goals. Klinsman might give him a start as a thank you in a game that doesn’t mean much.

  50. goalscorer24 says:

    It seems like Klinsman is feeling too much heat around things to keep giving Donovan opportunities. I think Donovan could succeed but he would need to be given more time. Hopefully he can have a successful return in MLS and then he can look for another European opportunity in the summer. Safe to say not Germany.

  51. A.S. says:

    I hate to say I told you so, but… I TOLD YOU SO.

    Not about Landon’s ability – I think he has the ability to play at Champions League level. The problem is Bayern Munich was a *terrible* situation for him. They have too many good players at the positions he plays! He is not going to start ahead of Toni, Klose, Podolski, Ribery, Schweinsteiger, etc. So there was no way he was going to get enough playing time to establish himself there. And it turns out he didn’t get the playing time – not a single start. Which is EXACTLY what I commented I thought would happen.

    I don’t know who the moron was who told Donovan “try Bayern Munich – they’ve sure got a place for you”. But whoever that person was should be fired. He needs to find a team that can use a player like him – which does not include Bayern Munich!

  52. Modibo says:

    I don’t think this was anywhere near Donovan’s last chance in Europe. It’s clear that he not only fell into their camp when they hit a bad patch on the field, but also at a time when the dressing room was in disarray (Podolski keeps leaving his sweaty jock in front of Toni’s locker, apparently) and there was disagreement and tension in the management between Klinsy and Rumennigge. Meanwhile, Donovan showed something in the friendlies, made it back onto the pitch in the Bundesliga, and got a good deal of press. No contract? Oh well. Last chance? Probably not.

  53. Leevi says:

    It looks like Bayern didn’t need him too much tonight. 0-5.

  54. Darkman says:

    This goes to show you when you have a chance early on to be on a European team being home sick really isnt going to help you.

    He had a chance early in his career and decided to go back home. Sometimes you only get only one shot in life. Suck it up Landy Cakes.

  55. Ko'd says:

    “Americans are just no good in Europe, Clint Dempsey excepted.”

    What a ridiculous statement. Pure foolishness. Brad Friedel, Steve Cherundolo, Brian McBride, Kasey Keller, Marcus Hahneman, Claudio Reyna. These are just some of the players who have EXCELLED in Europe.

  56. Ko'd says:

    …John O’Brien.

  57. Robert says:

    I think it’s more like prejudice… just because he’s not European or from Argentina/Brazil there’s no place for him in a marquee team… there, i said it

  58. JP says:

    It’s too bad. He seems like he might be the kind of guy who really needs time to settle into a new situation, in other words way more than 3 or 4 games to prove himself! It’s unfair for fans to bash him for not doing well so far. If he’s let loose by Bayern I really hope he gives Europe another go and stays long enough to get through the early growing pains.

  59. werner says:

    As an avid galaxy fan i’m stoked for him to be coming back…

    but i think he deserves a good move. I wouldn’t be suprised if he goes to the EPL in the summer to a team like Everton or a promoted team like reading, and does well!!!

  60. christian says:

    Looking back, all those people that celebrated when Donovan was scoring against Al-Jazeera and teams like that, look a bit silly now, eh?

  61. NJRB says:

    This development actually benefits the Nats, as Landon is no good when he’s expected to travel, especially across the Atlantic on a consistent basis. Plus, he’s a confidence player, and dominating the MLS is good for him.

  62. nebraskacoog says:

    LD would not fit into EPL or Bundesliga as well ass he could in France or Spain. They fit his style much better. Maybe even a top side in Portugal or Holland.

    I would love to seem him in La Liga, he does speak Spanish.

  63. jh says:

    I really don’t understand the “he didn’t have a proper opportunity” argument. He had to have known he wasn’t going to be a starter, given BM’s roster of attacking talent, so not acclimating to the role of bench player doesn’t hold water, IMO.

    Plus, it’s not like he didn’t get an opportunity. The PT that he rec’d was pretty good considering, again, their roster of talent.

    Then, when you consider the impact that a 200 yr. old David Beckham made at Milan in such a short time, it really makes Donovan’s results look pretty poor.

    But, I maintain that it wasn’t a wasted opportunity. He was able to spend his offeason training against world-class talent. That experience alone is good for him.

    I wish him well going forward, but it was an opportunity missed.

  64. Ryan says:

    Macht schnell Landycakes!

  65. Jeff Darling says:

    Once again…This kid was given decent minutes when Bayern needed something extra, and lose to two horrible teams. He again did not seize the opportunity

  66. cuvintu says:

    Landon Donovan = Bayern Munich’s scapegoat

    It’s really too bad. If he’d been anything other than an American, he probably would have been bought based on the potential he showed in the exhibition matches. His recent form would have been explained as what it actually is: the team’s playing like crap as a whole and there’s always an adjustment period. But he’s being made the butt of the joke that’s being played on Jurgen Klinsmann instead. Maybe Klinsmann will follow Landon back to the States after the 2010 Cup.

  67. dhawk says:

    He was never going to be on the roster for the match as he was never named in the roster submitted to UEFA last month. It has nothing to do with whether or not he will stay (although I don’t think he will).

    It is the same reason that it was shocking that Milan named Beckham in it’s roster for the UEFA Cup, as he would only be able to appear for them in a handful of matches prior to the end of his loan. If the loan is not extended, Milan cannot replace him on the roster.

  68. Nick says:

    Welcome home, Landycakes. You’ve tried, and tried, and tried. No disrespect, but you could have been a little better. Shame, though, as our best player, can’t cut it in Europe.

  69. goalscorer24 says:

    Bayern Munich laid waste to Lisbon 5 – 0. So that is the end for Donovan as now they will say how well they did once Donovan was not there.

  70. goalscorer24 says:

    For those that think that Donovan has had plenty of time. Look how long it has taken Dempsey to make it.

  71. sammysounder says:

    Why Bayern or nothing? Bayern’s one of the top teams in Europe! He hasn’t been bad, but Podolski, Toni and Klose are tough to get past. Why not try Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen or Portsmouth?

  72. MiamiAl says:

    Landycakes only has himself to blame! Why go to a team that is stacked up at your position? He made a bad call going to Bayern…He could have gone to another team, and got in the starting lineup right away. But boy does he look great in games that don’t count!

  73. Jeff says:

    Why was this game the only Champions League game not included on ESPN360? Is there somewhere else online to watch it?

  74. Julio says:

    Podolski over LD is Bull$hit. LD has a better preseason showing and in the short time he played he showed more than Podolski. Besides Lukas has been talking smack to Management and making a mock of the BM team. I guess LD should have been an @ss to get Playing time and gurantee a stay. This stinking Germans (pun intended) don’t get it.

  75. Tom P says:

    He went to a team- the only team in Germany- that is loaded at the positions he can play. It would have been a miricle if he had made a place on the staring 11 without a bunch of injuries.

    This isn’t like what happened before. This time it was a numbers game.

    And this comes from someone who has been highly critical,sometimes unfairly, of him in the past.

  76. Oranje Mike says:

    What was Landycakes supposed to do with the little time he was given? It’s not hard to find elite talent that have been held goaless in the same amount of time.

  77. Steve T. says:

    Brandon, 3 sub appearances is simply not a legitimate shot to impress. Carlos Tevez took the better part of an entire season to finally get comfortable and show his potential when he moved to west ham. Donovan went to a much bigger club, and couldnt stick after limited action. Absolutely no shame in that.

  78. Sandro says:

    I think Donovan would be better off going to a team in Spain. I just think he has already a lot of baggage in Germany and I think his playing style would fit better in Spain than Germany.

  79. Brandon says:

    Steve by your way of thinking donovan should have never accepted the loan deal in the first place because in two months there was no chance of him succeeding at bayern. LD took his shot at a top club and it didn’t work out, no shame in that.

  80. Barry U says:

    He needs a summer move to a different situation. Don’t care the league but the move needs to for the long term so he can adjust. By mid season he would be in top form. Like someone posted already Tevez, JO, Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Eddie Lewis, Brian McBride, Kyut, Ryan Babel, Reyna, Convey, etc… the list goes on and on. All these guys had an adjustment period that was longer than what LD got.

    Also, someone compared LD to David Beckham and I could not disagree more. David walks into the locker room and guys can’t wait to be his boy and pass him the ball in training and games. LD walks in the same locker room and it is who this stupid american and why is he here.

    I will say it again he is the best US field player and should be in Europe.

  81. jai says:

    I agree with most posters that Landon got a raw deal. What were Bayern thinking? If they did not have any long term plans why even bother bringing him in? 4 games off the bench is all the time you get to show what you are capable of?

    Hope he gets a fair shot somewhere else. I’m sure that’s all Landon’s asking at this stage of his career.

  82. Michael F. (SBI MAFIA Original) says:

    He had his chances and he didn’t convert them. At this level you have one shot to out it in. Klose doe it.Toni does it. Donovan doesn’t. Simple as that. I really feel bad for him as I was pulling for him all the way.

  83. John1 says:

    I have seen both Toni and Klose miss sitters numerous times, but they are supposedly proven players. LD tried out for Bayern not for Fulham. He probably would have been signed, though, but the Galaxy is asking way too much money. Donavan can cut it on any team in Europe. Spain would be the best place for him.

  84. jackie says:

    Why did he go back to Germany?

    Once itten, twice Shy, three Stupid

  85. And this suprises who? I said last week that Donovan would remain the 4th sturmer till his release in two weeks. He isn’t playing in another game folks, so give it a rest. He had several opportunities and great players, which Bayern has several, take advanatage of those oppty’s. Although he played well and much better than his previous tours over here, LD did not play up to the level expected of a Bayern player, BUT he DID show he belongs in Europe. I still think that Bremen could use him to get back up to the EUFA Cup (4-5 places in the BL), especially when Diego leaves this summer. Bremen is a hurting club, especially in the clubhouse.

    Two things are for sure:

    1) Donovan will be in incredible shape for the MLS season, far better than his LA teammates, and if Becks returns, both will be back and PISSED to prove one thing, they both belong in Europe.

    2) Klinsmann, with Donovan’s help, showed that Donovan doesn’t belong playing in the German Bundesliga 3 equivalent, MLS.

  86. lazo says:

    maybe he should get paid in fmf. that would be nice him playing in mexico. tell me that wouldn;t cause a buzz

  87. lazo says:

    landon is the pefect player to go to mexico (fmf) and get paid big and cause a buzz

  88. JustinG says:

    I would love to see Landon in England (Aston Villa, Everton, Reading after promotion, Sunderland, Hull City, West Ham, Fulham). I think he could do well. Yeah he is small in size, but he has quickness too which would work in his favor. Spain could be a good opiton too.

    He is hands down the best field player the USA has right now, no way he can’t make it in Europe while other Americans (Dempsey, Cherundolo, Bradley, Beasley) can.

  89. Frank says:

    BlueWhiteLion got it right. Bayern is not willing to pay the MLS asking price. Considering that they are getting Olic on a free transfer, why should they pay for a good but not proven player? Podolski is also back from injury. Bayern just signed a couple of players from their reserve team to pro contracts. They have enough players and you just don’t spend that kind of money on a sub, at least not in the Bundesliga.

  90. Shchors says:

    Donovan has played for Bayern like he usually plays as striker – without any confidence to take people on, making safe passes, risk averse, deferring to other players to dictate the action, wasting his perfect technique on one-time passes to others when he should be the one surging forward; then deciding whether to go for goal or to dish it off to someone else. He played exactly that way in the recent US – Mexico game. If someone is to blame for his demise at Bayern then it is Klinsmann. He brought Donavan in to be striker who goes for goal. Donovan showed that what he really is a tweener, neither striker nor midfielder. Just a useful supporting player with exceptional touch. Obviously, the board of directors at Bayern are pissed at Klinsmann but will take it out on Donovan. Donovan’s only hope is a dose of therapy with a sports psychologist. But I suspect that he has already gone that route and it still has not turned him around. Too bad. He is a great technician but psychologicaly fragile.

  91. madmax says:

    The managers at Bayern have told Klinsi no on Donovan. He will only suit up if two forwards go down.

  92. Hoosier says:

    He will make it in Europe next rransfer window. Who knows, maybe well see a Donovan, Bradley connection at Monchengladbach. They are looking as if they will make a push to get out of relegation.

  93. JK2 says:

    I think you have to ask: “what does LD bring to the table that none of the other attacking options BM has?” not to rag on LD (and i have in the past), but i don’t think he’s got anything obvious that would make him an obvious pick over Toni, Klose, Ribery, even Podolski. Therefore he had some time to prove himself and to prove that he’s one of the best forwards in the world (which he would have to be to break into that line-up). its too bad, i think Donovan could make it in Germany or Spain or France in the right situation and maybe even be a star (I think he’s got more to his game than Rossi for example).

  94. sounder says:

    forget Donovan. I’ll bet that Freddy Montero gives him and Kenny Cooper a proper run for leading goal scorer. He’s been arguably the best player on the field for Seattle already.

  95. Brett says:

    Failing to crack the Bayern Munich lineup ahead of Toni, Klose, and Podolski isn’t exactly an earth-shattering defeat for the guy.

    He tried his hand at a top club and fit in pretty well. He wasn’t getting schooled by bigger, faster, better players… He just never put away the few chances he found and when he did find himself with sizeable portions of minutes, he was unable to make a positive impact.

    He did well to show enough in training to be used as a sub for such a talented club. I wish him the best in the future and I look forward to seeing how he does when another European club takes a chance on him. He’s too good to stay in MLS for any longer than the start of the next season.

    Perhaps it shakes out that Klinsmann can use dismissing Landon as a way to motivate Poldi and the rest of the bench, but I just think the chemistry isn’t there and JK just can’t afford to let the Landon Donovan experiment carry on with a Deutschland national team star like Podolski fit and ready to leave on a high note.

  96. jai says:

    Did anyone actually beleive that he will crack the bayern lineup in 4 weeks? You have to be one of the top five forwards in the world to do that. And Landon is not that and will not be. But he’s still very good.

    I’d like to see him in La Liga. Maybe not for Barca or Real. But how about a team like Valencia? Man, I’ll pay to go see him in tandem with David Villa. Dream on!

  97. Patrick says:

    I think it was tough for Landon to make an impact at Bayern Munich. He came in mid season and they were using him to sub for Luca Toni. Luca Toni and Landon Donovan are two VERY different players. You can’t chip long balls to Landon and make him play as a holding forward with his back to the goal. Watch the Cologne game, he started dropping back, linking up with the midfield and was able to move the ball in the attack a few times. They ended up sending their center back Van Boyton forward just because they wanted a big guy they could chip in to. That’s their game.

    Here’s hoping Landon gets a better chance over the summer with a team that can use him. And that the MLS doesn’t jack up his price and screw his transfer options.

  98. MJ says:

    I am a diehard Fan-of-Landon. Juergen gave him a good chance at Bayern. Landon just didn’t show the confidence he normally has. Some of the shots he made would have been goals in the MLS, and he was too casual with the opportunities he had. He needed more luck and more time. But unless Juergen is a very brave guy, he doesn’t have more time in his pocket for Landon.