If Henry leaves Barcelona, could MLS be next?

Thierry Henry 1 (AP) 

Thierry Henry is enjoying a significantly better second season with FC Barcelona than first season, but that doesn't look like it will be enough to keep him around for a third.

There are rampant reports that the French striker will be sold by Barcelona this summerto make room for the acquisition of either Franck Ribery or Yoan Gourcuff, with Henry being linked to a possible return to England.

Manchester City has already been mentioned as a destination, but Henry has stated in the past that he would never play for another team in the EPL other than Arsenal. If he stands by that, and Arsenal isn't an option, then where might he go?

He just might wind up in MLS. Why MLS? Henry has stated repeatedly that he would like to play in the United States and this summer he could find two teams that have the resources to bring him in.

The Los Angeles Galaxy stands poised to lose both David Beckham and Landon Donovan. If both players are sold, the Galaxy would be left with an eight-figure pile of transfer revenue it could use to lure Henry to Los Angeles.

Another very strong possibility is Henry joining the New York Red Bulls. Why New York? Aside from being Henry's favorite city in America, the Red Bulls have a Designated Player slot available and the cash to make the deal happen. They also have a stadium opening in 2010 that could use the type of boost that Henry can provide.

Henry had been mentioned as a possible option for a Barcelona Miami MLS expansion team, but given Henry's experience in Barcelona, that should be considered a remote option at best.

What do you think? Where would you like to see Henry wind up if he leaves FC Barcelona?

Which option did you pick, and why? Share your thoughts on Henry's future in the comments section below.

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69 Responses to If Henry leaves Barcelona, could MLS be next?

  1. goalscorer24 says:

    NY because that is where Henry would want to play. It seems like it would be a nice boost. The Galaxy are done with having a high profile player.

  2. ThaDeuce says:

    New York Red Bulls so he can be happy. However, I would love to see how he works with Coach Arena in L.A. That would be interesting to see.

  3. tom From Syracuse says:

    I would love to see him a NYRB!

  4. mighty! says:

    Henry does know the team is in New Jersey right?

  5. Chef Raw Head says:

    Impossible for him to go to MLS. Henry wants to play in the World Cup, and a move like that would severely hurt his chances of being called up.

    Keep dreaming!

  6. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    The current Beckham fiasco proves once and for all, that while high profile international players want to play in a World Cup, they will not be coming to MLS. I’m assuming France are wanting Henry to play a significant role in their qualification matches, so don’t hold your breath for Henry until after SA2010.

  7. JohnC says:

    Henry is one of my favorite players and I think he would really be a good acquistion for the league. He is a huge name with every person who played Fifa 2006 (?) would recognize and plays a position that the below average soccer fan could recognize greatness in. Sorry Beckham and any CDM or Center back with a huge name who wants to come to America because the moms and 8 year olds just don’t get excited about you preventing the other teams best player from ruling the middle of the field- but Moms, Kids and Chicks Dig Goals.

  8. Luke in NC says:

    I have a hard time seeing him come to the MLS considering that there are plenty of upper-tier teams that enjoy his services. But i would love to see him go to NY or LA….but might LA be a good fit with Kobe Bryant being a big Barcelona fan? Would their relationship be good for popularity/economics for US soccer? I think it could be a boost. Or is the MLS past boosting off others?
    (it seems that we’ve learned that the best way to grow soccer in the US is not to try to ‘americanize’ it, like with the weird rules from early MLS years, but just let soccer be soccer)

  9. kpugs says:

    I think it’s more likely that Barcelona will sell him to recoup some of the £16 million they paid for him. His contract is nowhere near up and he’s scoring buckets of goals, they won’t release him or sell him on the cheap.

  10. wyo fan says:

    I agree with Sonic – it’s unlikely he’ll come to MLS until after South Africa.

    Is there anything holding back an Arsenal reunion?

  11. Al17 says:

    Damn!!! Ives it must be a slow ass news day for you if it’s come to this what if scenario?

    Henry’s not coming to MLS anytime soon. If Barca decides not to re-sign him, I expect him to end up in Italy with either Juventus or Inter.

  12. Chase says:

    Don’t put much stock into his “the only EPL club I’ll ever play for is Arsenal”…it wouldn’t shock me if he ended up with either Manchester team, or even Liverpool (as in the past he has declared an admiration for the atmosphere at Anfield and a desire to play with Steven Gerrard).

    And French participation in the 2010 WC is far from assured at this point in time. They currently sit 5 points behind joint group leaders Serbia and Lithuania. It’s very early (and France have a game in hand), but them not qualifying isn’t outside the realm of possiblity, as they have been performing rather poorly since Euro 08. Also, don’t forget, Raymond Domenech is still their manager…If the WC is removed as a factor, then I see the MLS move becoming very much a possibility by early 2010…

  13. Phillip says:

    So, Henry’s biggest complaint about Barcelona is that he’s really far away from his daughter that lives in London.

    Why would he go from Spain to the United States?

  14. sean monaghan says:

    keep beckham in italy and give us henry!

  15. Miami Ultras says:

    He will be Miami DP 2010.

  16. Travis in Miami says:

    Bonjour Miami :)

  17. arkjayback says:

    He SHOULD end up at New York or LA, but with so many missed chances with DP’s, I’m not going to hold my breath. Shevchenko should already be here, Ronaldo could’ve been here, and numerous other missed opportunities.

    It should be obvious for MLS to do everything they can to get Henry here, but I can’t see them doing that.

    I voted for Henry ending up somewhere else in Europe.

  18. Ted says:

    “Don’t put much stock into his “the only EPL club I’ll ever play for is Arsenal”…it wouldn’t shock me if he ended up with either Manchester team, or even Liverpool (as in the past he has declared an admiration for the atmosphere at Anfield and a desire to play with Steven Gerrard).”

    I think I would die from happiness if I ever saw Gerrard, El Niño and Henry on the field together.

  19. Chrös says:

    The Red Bulls need to be the other glamor team in MLS and with a new stadium opening up a big-name player like Henry could put them there.

  20. adam says:

    Henry and Red Bull Arena

    ’nuff said.

  21. Aljarov says:

    I don’t think it will be a stretch at all to consider him going to Miami, Ives, assuming they come in next year.

  22. Jonathan says:

    a move like that wouldn’t severly hurt his chances of being called up at all, other than gomis, (benzema isn’t a true striker) the french only have an international play spaz artist (trezegeut) other than Henry. Henry will be at 2010 no matter what, He could be playing in the Korean league and still get called up.

  23. Joseph.H. says:

    Hopefully he stays in europe…he still has a couple years of good football left in him.

  24. kahlva says:

    You also have to factor in what the CBA will do this year.

    Will everyone have an automatic 2 DP slots? Will the DP slots count less against the cap? How much will the cap be raised?

    Regardless, though, if Henry comes to MLS (right now I’d say it’s a 30% chance), NYC is the place for him.

  25. Robert says:

    I’m skeptical of any big stars coming to the US now that Becks and Gallardo decided to leave. I know, I know, Gallardo didn’t do much but he carried quite a name having been in the Argentina national squad. That said, we still have Ljunberg and Blanco and Schelotto so who knows?
    Further, Henry may just be the thing to get us non-casual fans to truly forget Beckham.

  26. HIncha Tim says:

    Actually, it makes the most sense for Barcelona to keep him with the team until after 2010 and then make him a big name splash free transfer/loan to their Barcelona/Miami expansion team. They’ll recoup their money through the MLS team while getting him off the Barcelona roster.

  27. Don says:

    Why don’t we just ask Barcelona to loan NY Red Bulls Henry for March 9 to the end of the MLS season and then decide whether he is good enough for us. After all that is what European clubs in England, Germany, and Italy do with our best players.

  28. Roberto says:

    the beckham effect will play into this for sure; in other words henry knows the risks of coming to MLS right before WC (his last) so… NO rule him out completely, he’s not stupid, he will come after WC … Maybe

  29. James says:

    I second the Barca/Miami expansion.

  30. Cam says:

    I predict he’ll come to MLS, but not until after the 2010 World Cup.

  31. Jimmy says:

    After Beckham’s experience, I don’t think there’s any way he comes to MLS at this age. It won’t happen until he’s older.

  32. Wow says:

    No mention of DC United? They have been willing to spend and they have a DP spot open.

  33. cbr says:

    his daughter could spend her summers in the US (when there’s no school) …in the winter mls off season he could live in london.

    problem solved

  34. Allegre says:

    If RBNY gets him they’ll have to increase the capacity of Red Bull Arena. LOL

  35. Amy says:

    Henry would bring some more sexy to the MLS, but I think he should stay in Europe and keep playing at a higher level. He would get bored in the MLS. Gourcuff to Barca would also be a sexy move, assuming there would be room on the field for him. We don’t get nearly enough Ligue 1 games broadcast in the US. Plus those Bordeaux kits remind me of Catholic school girl uniforms.

  36. Dan Roudebush says:

    Spend the money on MLS youth programs so we will have pros instead of college candidates (super y/USSF academy stuff).

    Do some youth swapping with Argentine/Brazil teams and get into the higher level of play.

    Seen the “great player” transfomation of the league die too many times going back to NASL coming full circle with Beckham.

  37. lou says:

    I hate La and im sure Henry will to. He needs to come to New York were he is happy and the fans will embrace him. He is the perfect player to actually do something for the league, because unlike beckham Henry can actually back up his endorsements with quality play.

  38. Rashid says:

    I think that Henry would be great for the crown jewel of MLS. He is a great striker and humanitarian. To be honest I don’t really see how the Red Bulls could afford him. But I do agree with Amy, Until the MLS adopts a European calendar any European based players will miss too much time with their clubs. Tierry would be no exception, he still plays an extremely large role for les bleus and I’m sure that he would like to continue to play that role.

  39. Mikeype says:

    I don’t see Henry playing in Los Angeles, especially after seeing the type of success Beckham had with the team.

    New York is the ideal place for Henry to play in MLS. He loves the city, they have a DP slot for him, and they are opening up a European style stadium with Red Bull arena.

    The only other option I see for him is Arsenel, but Wenger loves to nurture young talent to stars. I suppose France is always an option, but where to PSG, Lyon?

  40. sublicon says:

    Hell no. Sorry. MLS isn’t ready for him…anyone who saw him in the RBNY thrashing should know.

  41. Guv'na says:

    Whoever wants him will have to pay somewhere near the 16 million pounds Barca paid for him, he won’t be in the MLS.

  42. Joamiq says:

    For me, as a Spurs fan, Henry on RB would be… problematic.

  43. Pops says:

    While I believe the transfer fee is prohibitive for ANY MLS club, I think a proactive option for NYRB (assuming the league office allows a transfer)would be to buy Henry and then immediately loan him out until after S Africa. This may allow NYRB to use him for marketing their new stadium. (I would hate to see T. Henry ever play on the turf of the Meadowlands). Yes there is risk involved, but the league has forced itself a position where risk is part of its’ success equation.

  44. Ives says:

    Sublicon, while I agree that he would tear up MLS, I think you’re confusing Henry with Samuel Eto’o. Chris Leitch actually did an admirable job containing Henry that day. Eto’o was the one who torched them for three goals.

  45. John V. says:

    The MLS has no use for brilliant strikers, as it currently lacks midfielders capable of getting them the ball.

    Until teams stop mucking about in the midfield, losing possession every three touches, players like Henry are a waste of money.

  46. Mike from Linden says:


  47. arsenfan says:

    I just can’t see him viewing himself as ‘over the hill’ enough to play in MLS.

    I can see it down the road, but not just yet.

  48. Yang says:

    Go back to ARSEnal. They miss you dearly, and it would make North London derbies all the more exciting now that Spurs have Keano back.

  49. Steve says:

    Send him to New York and let the 2nd DP torpedo that franchise like Becks did the Gals.

    Henry and Angel might score 4 each time out but you’ll probably give up 5…….or maybe you can play one of them at centerback 😉

  50. r.benjamin says:

    Zero chance he comes to MLS prior to the 2010 World Cup. Give it to Man City from that list due to their deep pockets.

  51. Leevi says:

    Henry would really prefer getting passes from some (clown) over Xavi, Iniesta and Messi.

    But. If he really wants to leave (something Abidal said isn’t the case) maybe MLS could be one option. Right now, pretty much every club in Europe would welcome him to their roster, but his years are limited on the absolute top level. So he might want to fool around in ze America and not return to Monaco or join some graveyard like Newcastle or Tottenham. Quit on top in Europe and people wouldn’t see him decline. If he then dominated MLS, everybody would be happy. If he flopped, you could draw comparisons to Beckham and maybe blame the supporting cast.

    Only problem is money. He is still quite valuable and under contract for some years and I’m not sure if MLS teams can afford him. Buy the way, as MLS sells all the players instead of the clubs, does it also buy them?

  52. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    The CBA has nothing to do with how many DP slots teams are going to have.

  53. Oranje Mike says:


  54. dena says:

    I’d love to see Henry in NY, he’s a class act and with RBA opening the MLS could make tons of money, he’s already very marketable here with all those Gillete commercials!

  55. Tony says:

    I voted NY since Philly wasn’t on the list. Even though I’d love to see him in Philly for selfish reasons, having him in NY means I can get to see him play just as easily.

  56. Gary says:

    please soccer gods, NY!

  57. Martin Blank says:

    Doesn’t he already own an apartment in Miami? I don’t think a bad experience in Barca precludes him from playing for Miami. Lots of the European players already vacation there, so he may have to jump to be at the front of the line for the semi-retired players wanting to earn a check there.

    Plus, I hear the earlybird dinners are quite a bargain.

  58. Tony M says:

    If Henry went to the Red Bulls, i would move back to New York..

  59. Kingsnake says:

    How many foreigners does MLS need to whore itself to before they finally get a clue?

  60. sublicon says:

    Ives, he wouldn’t tear up MLS, because he’d have nobody to help him tear up anything. He needs players around him that are on the same page cosmically as he is. I really don’t think it’s there.

    You saw how frustrated Angel was in his first few months here, I don’t think Henry would last. I think he would want out before the fantasy even got a chance to begin.

    I hate to put so much stock in the guy, but you see him when plays don’t get put together the way he wants. He got frustrated at Arsenal, and he shows the same frustration at Barça too.

    Not yet, no way.

  61. Patrick says:

    I find it very unlikely that Gourcuff is anywhere but Bordeaux, next year. Milan negotiated a VERY low sell-on fee (15 million euros) with Bordeaux that they will almost certainly meet. And again, why would a legitimate international class player want to come to a 4th rate league like MLS when top level European options are available?

  62. Kevin says:

    NYRB fans: I know you guys are getting really excited over this possibility. However, why do you need him? With Angel and Richards back, and Van den Bergh gone, your team should be focusing on getting a new playmaker. Angel can’t do anything unless he gets perfect service, which he got from Van den Bergh. The same applies with Henry. It just doesn’t make sense, even though yes, the money and DP Slot are both there.

  63. madmax says:

    If Henry saw the Galaxy last year, he would be crazy to come here.

  64. JakeO says:

    Red Bull make the most sense, being that they have the 2nd DP spot and could be looking for a marketable player to help promote the opening of Red Bull Park.

  65. PG says:

    RBNY have nice forwards… don’t need him.
    Angel, Kandji, Oduro, etc…

    Defense on the other hand….

    yeah nuff said

  66. Fred Sapper says:

    He’ll go to Italy

  67. bitflip says:

    Barca/Miami after 2010WC is most plausible. In my dreams, though, I sure would like to see him in a NYTB jersey.

  68. Tipsy McStagger says:

    Henry needs to come home, Arsenal and the professor need him.