MLS Pre-season: Montero leads Sounders past Estudiantes


Colombian stiker Fredy Montero continued his torrid pre-season campaign by scoring two goals to help lead the Seattle Sounders to a 3-1 victory in a 70-minute pre-season match against Argentine club Estudiantes on Friday. The match was Seattle's first of its stint in Argentina.

Montero came on as a halftime sub and promply helped spark the Sounders attack into action. Estudiantes opened the scoring in the 20th minute, but Seattle responded with three second-half goals, the first coming from Nate Jaqua.

It's all good news coming out of Seattle lately, especially following word that the Sounders have already sold more than 20,000 season tickets for the 2009 season. That figure is easily more than any other team in MLS has, and is also more than the Seattle Mariners have heading into its season (The M's are projecting to sell 14,000).

What do you think of Seattle's pre-season victory? Is Montero starting to look like he could have a Juan Pablo Angel-like impact on the Sounders? Are you amazed at the 20,000 season-ticket mark?

Share your thoughts on the Sounders in the comments section below.

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58 Responses to MLS Pre-season: Montero leads Sounders past Estudiantes

  1. Matt Mathai says:

    Amazed and very pleased at the season ticket sales in Seattle.

    It’s WAY too early to read anything into a goal-scoring streak. It’s a friendly. That’s all.

  2. dub says:

    Well, we know which Fredy/Freddie is the better signing so far!!!

  3. J says:

    awesome about seattle. the only disappointing thing about it, is that 20k won’t look/feel like 20k, in that stadium. nonetheless, it’s great news.

  4. cbr says:

    kudos to seattle for being very active prior to their first season and not depending soley on their expansion draft players to get it done

  5. Unoriginal Aaron says:

    It’d be interesting to see a side by side comparison of season tickets sold between MLB and MLS clubs sharing the same market. Great job Seattle

  6. seven says:

    Impressed, but not amazed. I wish they weren’t playing in such a huge stadium. It will take a lot more than 20,000 to keep it from looking empty.

  7. El Scott says:

    Yes, the stadium is huge, but they are only selling tickets in the lower bowl. All the seats in the upper bowl will be covered. Qwest field will looked packed.

  8. EDB says:

    well they are only selling lower bowl and they are supposed to cover all the upper seats to make it feel more full..

    I can’t wait for monday to get some tickets, just whish i could have spring for season tickets

  9. Gilby says:

    If Ljunberg can stay healthy the Sounders could be a very interesting expansion team. The defense is a little thin but the attack looks solid I think on paper they look a little better than San Jose last year and that may be enough to get a playoff spot out west.

  10. Isaac in Tampa says:

    They should make those covers with pictures of people on them so the place looks really full. It would be kind of like old school sports video games.

  11. The one and only Mighty says:

    Red bulls Take notes…..

  12. JesseMT says:

    Agreed – when everybody sees Qwest with a packed lower bowl they will be impressed.

    I’ve been very impressed with the Sounders’ wing play so far in preseason. Nyassi and Le Toux have both had outrageously good camps.

    To me the midfield of the team is the biggest question, since we know the front line is good and the back line is probably only average. One the one hand, they currently project starting 3 USL guys (Nyassi, Le Toux, Alonso) in midfield. On the other hand, if they play like they have so far in camp, nobody will remember they were in USL last year.

  13. ECSblows says:

    Surprising,.. no Crew fan has started up about the plastic grass yet.

  14. HIncha Tim says:

    Again, I’m almost positive that that game was against Estudiante’s reserve team, not their first team, since they played in the Copa Libertadores this week and have league games last weekend and next weekend.

  15. HIncha Tim says:

    Estudiantes were using reserve and youth team players. You should put the game in proper perspective.

    “Nate Jaqua pulled the visitors level in the second minute following halftime of the 70-minute match. Estudiantes, using a mixture of first team reserves and youth players, had staked a 1-0 lead in the 20th minute.”

  16. Michael Vann says:

    Seattle is making me a little nervous. That’s a good thing for the league. They have an idea and are seemingly headed in the right direction. They can be an instant hit on and off the pitch. I was sad my Crew lost Sigi but it will good to see him continue his success provided it’s not against us!!

    On the Montero front, everything I have heard about him previous to his signing and since his arrival has very extremely positive. I think he’s “one and done” in MLS. Somebody will coming calling. I see a big profit in the making.

  17. Turtle says:

    20k! Pretty sick! Soccer is coming…Jim Rome eat it!

  18. RK says:

    They couldn’t even go 90 against a bunch of students? Pathetic!

  19. Aljarov says:

    All good news?

    Did you forget about the previous story? A starter breaks his ankle – a defender too – where they are thinnest.

    Still, bound to be some hiccups on the expansion road….

    Looking forward to seeing Seattle in action to see how they measure up. Montero is an enticing prospect….

  20. ECSblows says:

    Wow,.. now its his Ankle?

    link to

  21. Gilby says:

    I pretty sure Graham broke his big toe not his ankle and he should be back in 4-6 weeks. Negative yes but not a huge blow.

  22. Athan says:

    I still dont’t quite understand how they pulled the coup of the offseason by acquiring Freddy Montero! This guy is the real deal. He is young, talented and he ias actually fairly cheap! How in the world did they get this guy?!! I think Seattle could be one of the better teams this year.

  23. Joseph says:

    Well I used to be VERY impressed with Seattle at least until my fellow San Jose fans explained to me that it would just be impossible to expect the same season ticket sales and marketing performance out of the Quakes.

    You see we have the powerhouse MLB Giants and A’s in our market, not to mention the perennial champion Raiders and 49er’s. We just have to many issues that make it impossible for us to compete like real professionals.

    And oh yes, we can also never sell 20k tickets because our new stadium will only hold 15k and it will only hold 15k because we will never sell 20k because we have the mighty Giants, A’s, Raider and 49er’s.

    Yea, that’s the ticket! UGH!

    Congratulations Seattle for a job well done. You make some teams (not saying who) look like amateurs.

  24. Ian says:

    while its all good to pat ourselves on the back (actually, pat the FO and team on the backs,) we can’t be complacent. Preseason wins and ticket sales are good, but the moment of truth hasn’t come yet. lets go sounders!

  25. M says:

    Where are all the braging Montreal people now? You might bet 50K for a one-time event but you’ll never sell anywhere near 20,000 season tickets

  26. Todd says:

    Well I used to be VERY impressed with Seattle at least until my fellow San Jose fans explained to me that it would just be impossible to expect the same season ticket sales and marketing performance out of the Quakes.

    You see we have the powerhouse MLB Giants and A’s in our market, not to mention the perennial champion Raiders and 49er’s. We just have to many issues that make it impossible for us to compete like real professionals.

    And oh yes, we can also never sell 20k tickets because our new stadium will only hold 15k and it will only hold 15k because we will never sell 20k because we have the mighty Giants, A’s, Raider and 49er’s.

    Yea, that’s the ticket! UGH!

    Congratulations Seattle for a job well done. You make some teams (not saying who) look like amateurs.

    Posted by: Joseph | February 27, 2009 at 01:28 PM

    At the rate they are going on now, the Sounders are making most MLS teams look amateur, and this is coming from DC United fan.

  27. Brant says:

    I think it’s awesome that the Sounders are outselling the Mariners :)

  28. seven says:

    The stadium may look full on tv depending on the camera angles that are used, but the stadium might still feel cavernous for people at the games.

  29. GoSounders says:

    This is all very exciting stuff for Sounders fans!

  30. lassidawg says:

    For those that worry about how 20K+ will look at the don’t have too much to worry about. It won’t look any worse than 10K in 21K seat stadium. I doubt you will even see the upper decks from the TV cameras. Just think how Seattle could do if the economy hadn’ gone into the crapper. Seattle has been waiting for an MLS team since the league started. The stadium is in a perfect place to draw people, in the heart of the city

  31. JerryPercival'sMomma says:

    The Mariners had to go and sign -out to pasture- Griffey to fill seats… Very desperate times here in Sounderville

  32. mb says:

    congrats to the Sounders. i just hope they make the stadium look nice. and i still hate artificial turf. its a disgrace.

  33. Martin Blank says:

    I’ve been in the building a number of times for soccer matches and I can assure you that, the way the building is designed, it won’t feel empty with the upper deck covered. It feels much more like a good soccer building with extra seats for football than a football stadium closed down for soccer. And yes, the grass is plastic, but its the best there is. Better than was thought possible ten years ago. Not best-case scenario, but this year, here, we are too excited to care.

  34. madmax says:

    The young players are doing well, but what about their top three older choices, Lundberg, Keller, Vagenas. If all three are below form or injured they drop like a rock. Only Keller is now playing.

  35. JimsJoint says:

    If you’re a visiting fan your seats will be right by the exit.

  36. Thomas513 says:

    Come on March 19! The Sounders are rocking it. It is a tribute to the FO and the level of support for football in the Emarald City. Qwest is going to be loud and the supporters will do the team and the game proud. 20 days until the biggest soccer club in America takes the field!

  37. Eugene says:

    I’m getting excited for the first game of the Red Bulls against the Sounders. Should be a real battle.

  38. joel says:

    great stuff!!!

  39. aristotle says:

    Wow! Given the current economic environment, I am extremely impressed. Watching the expansion team pool shrink all the time, and thinking about how vulnerable American soccer must be to these bad economic times, it’s pretty uplifting. The thing that’s most impressive though, is the 20,000 to 14,000 comparison with the Mariners! I just hope that as the American public continues to cut back more and more, that it doesn’t deliver a huge blow to soccer. After all, with the price of MLS tickets going up all the time, (or is it just the Galaxy?) and it being unlikely that soccer will beat out any other professional sports teams in other markets for ticket sales, you have to get at least a little nervous. Then there’s that backstabbing David Beckham grudgingly coming back to MLS to bide time until November.

    Wait a minute! Is there any chance that some local politicians could get some earmarks in one of these fantastic giveaways by the government to pay for more players for each team? I’m sure that would help the economy just as much as many of the current earmarks will.

  40. Socrates says:

    Earmarks have nothing to do with the Sounders.. go get a beer

  41. Flying Header says:

    Hey…perspective the other way also. If a good team plays a lesser team then you expect the results to reflect that. Even if it is a reserve/youth team the 3-1 result shows that SSFC was the better team…what we expected. It would be a completely different matter if a youth/reserve team out scored SSFC 3-1. Likewise, if SSFC played the Barca or Man U first teams, you would be suprised if the final score was as low as 3-1. I feel that the sounders are shaping up to be a solid team…especially condisering this is the first year.

  42. Justin says:

    Over 20,000 season tickets sold and only 24,500 tickets available per game. This team really could be the class of the league. It may take time on the field, but definitely from a management perspective. Simply put everything has worked out. The fans, the sponsors, the coaching staff and the players. Montero is as speedy and talented as any forward in the league. Jacqua has shown he is the perfect holding forward to deliver the ball and has not lost his scoring touch either. Don’t be surprised if Fredy challenges JPA, Landon and Kenny Cooper for the scoring title. If Ljungberg can prove everyone wrong and provide some leadership in the midfield than this team could be one of the best in the Western Conference. With single game tickets set to begin selling next monday. Seattle is well on their way to making some of the established teams very jealous. MLS please bring in Portland or Vancouver and give us a Northwest Derby.

  43. Luis says:

    As a Sounder and Seahawk season ticket holder, I am not so sure that the stadium won’t feel at least a little bit cavernous with the upper bowl covered. I’ve sat in both the upper and lower decks at Seahawk games, and it’s a lot louder in the upper deck than down below. I think there will be a bit of an echo, and it might feel a bit weird. That being said, I fully support the idea of painting faces on whatever they use to cover the upper bowl – it is both tacky and practical, so I love it.

    I am also pumped that the FO has made the moves they have to date. I don’t have any expectations yet for how this team will perform because they are an expansion team. But I am really starting to believe that Sounders FC could quickly become the premier club in the US based on FO savvy and fan support.

    This may be putting the cart before the horse, but if MLS rules change and allow teams to develop and call up youth players as European clubs do, I think Sounders can become a serious powerhouse. There is a lot of youth talent in the Northwest, and if Portland and Vancouver don’t get expansion teams, we will have a huge region from which to choose. I think Sounders could easily develop (and sell, unfortunately) a great deal of youth talent and really benefit from their contributions on the field. With a FO as effective as the one currently in place (at least all the current signs indicate they are pretty clever), I really like our chances to be a successful organization going forward.

  44. aristotle says:


    My esteemed colleague! Beer has nothing to do with the Sounders!

    Seriously, if you don’t understand that that was sarcasm, perhaps you have had one too many beers!

  45. Mikeype says:

    Seattle have not seemed like an expansion club so far. I don’t know of any mistakes that club have made other than provide a below average looking badge. I think that they will be the 1st expansion team to make the playoffs and easily become the model club in MLS.

    Sounders have everything that any club in MLS envies: Winning coach, Quality DP, Home Sell Outs, Young Talented Players, 2 Solid GKs, Team Name Voted by Public, Fans Vote for GM, etc.

    I hope that St. Louis (if they ever get a club) model themselves after Seattle.

  46. JoeHalfRack says:

    Apparently they’re putting up the tarp right now but I haven’t had the chance to swing by and snap a picture. The few that have seen it say it looks just like the mock up the FO put out a few months ago. The mock up is here: link to

  47. JohnnyT says:

    One thing not being talked about is the length the club is going to keeping the fans informed. First, we are one of the few clubs with an actual website and not an mlsnet team site. And the site is a VERY nice site ( Every day they post videos, images or interviews of the team. Just recently they had a bunch of photos from Argentina…

    Just because of this I am lucky to be a Sounders FC fan. I couldn’t imagine being a fan of one of those MLS teams that don’t seem to garner much support…or try for that matter…

  48. Eric Sornoso says:

    Toronto, and now Seattle…

    Wow, anyway we can restart the Galaxy?

  49. jloome says:

    Where are all the braging Montreal people now? You might bet 50K for a one-time event but you’ll never sell anywhere near 20,000 season tickets
    Foolish. Any city with a halfway decent base of recent-generation Americans or Canadians will draw these kind of numbers from now on.

    It wasn’t about Beckham. IT was about his presence; North American fans who formerly refused to follow MLS or USL as piss-ant now are convinced they have real-deal football, and that’s why you’re seeing the numbers you see in Toronto and Seattle.

    That’ll be the norm from hereon in, as long as they continue to push the necessity of soccer-specific stadiums and allow the fans to generate the kind of tribal football atmosphere that former Euro snobs appreciate.

  50. NoNAME says:


    Last time, it was SJ 2.0.

    Before that, TFC.

    Before that RSL and CUSA.

    All of these teams and the media stated these expansion teams didn’t look like expansion teams, and predicted playoffs.

    Didn’t happen then, won’t happen now.

    Good luck SSFC, you will need it. It is a long season, and a lot of travel, which your players are not used to.

    Lets check back next October to see where you are, last, like you should be.

  51. hendrix says:

    seattle will finish in last or near last place.
    they have a couple aging stars, a couple young prospects, and then a vast middle made up of rejects, benchwarmers, and nobodies.
    they barely have a starting 11 right now that you’d be comfortable with.
    i think it’s gonna take months to figure out who works and who doesn’t.
    god forbid if any of the good players get injured… the dropoff in talent after the 6th or 7th player on Seattle is massive.

  52. SwedSoccer says:

    Qwest was designed with soccer in mind. There are no bad sight lines and the fans are right next to the pitch just like the larger european stadiums. Not to mention the stadium was designed to naturally amplify sound. should be a pretty exciting venue. Lets hope they open the whole thing up for game one. 60,000 easy. the place is going to be crazy. 10 of us have our tix, 15 rows up.

  53. IvarsClam says:


    Very East coast of you.

  54. sugarfreeredbull says:

    Great news for MLS. I wish the Revs, NY and DC will wake up. Oh, that’s right, they’ll have to when Philly comes into the league next year with a stadium and blows away most of the lame fans in those three markets. I know everyone’s excited for Red Bull Arena but a stadium doesn’t build a fanbase. Something the Bulls still don’t have with the exception of 101. I hope this year (at least the home opener) draws around 20,000. But it’ll more likely be a lame 14,000. That’s what happens when a sugar drink company tries to run a sports team. I’m still convinced their marketing is the worst in all major and minor league American professional sports.

  55. oh danny boy says:

    NoName has been pissing against the wind. Who’s your team?… geez buddy don ‘t be bitter just get better. Look out everyone it’s the fun assassin. Prat.

  56. Ian says:

    just a question to throw out into the wind:

    for those of you who have been following MLS for at least the past 5 years, how different does SSFC really seem compared to every other team?

  57. Oog says:

    The hype of a new team will wear off when your team start losing. Let’s see how many season tickets you sell next year after a losing season. Then we’ll just how “classy” the fans are. It is an expansion team is all. I wouldn’t have really high hopes.

  58. madmax says:

    Seattle Sounders look good. One problem might be that their three big name players may go bust, Ljunberg, Vagenas, and Keller. Keller may be the only one who contributes. It will be remarkable if Sounders can throw away a DP and first round selection and still make the play-offs.