Osorio visits El Salvador in search of a fullback

Juan Carlos Osorio 1 (ISIphotos.com) 

                                                                                          Photo by ISIphotos.com

Juan Carlos Osorio tried very hard to go unnoticed, but that apparently isn't something easy for an MLS coach to do in El Salvador.

The New York Red Bulls head coach was in Santa Ana, El Salvador, watching the CD FAS-Luis Angel Firpo clash and, according to one report, scouting FAS and El Salvadorean national team left back Alfredo Pacheco.

"I'm here watching soccer, just that," Osorio told a local journalist when asked why he was in town. Apparently nobody was buying that he traveled all the way to El Salvador just to take in a soccer game.

Alfredo Pacheco (ISIphotos.com) Pacheco (pictured here in 2007 Gold Cup action) is a 26-year-old left back with good attacking qualities who fits the mold of what Osorio is looking for. The Red Bulls have a working list of top fullbacks in Central America and Pacheco just might have the combination of ability and reasonable asking price to be the winner in the Red Bulls fullback search.

What do you think of Pacheco? Could he be the answer to the Red Bulls' left back need? Still wondering if and when a new central defender will show up?

Share your thoughts below.

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31 Responses to Osorio visits El Salvador in search of a fullback

  1. Cam says:

    They need all the help they can get on defense. D.C. United needs to be conducting a similar search.

  2. Gotham SC says:

    hope this works out but if not i wud even settle for anthony wallace

  3. Eugene says:

    How would they manage to sign additional international players considering they’re already using 8 international spots. Even if they cut two current internationals, what do they plan to do if they are interested in signing more than two new internationals?

  4. Fred Sapper says:

    We can only hope he’d work out better than Pietravallo and Cichero. There’s not a lot of confidence in Osario’s scouting.

  5. kahlva says:

    Hmm. Wikipedia lists him as 5’8 (1.78 m). Kinda small for a defender in this league.

  6. Mikemike says:

    Fred – though I agree that Pietra and Cichero were terrible, they did show some promise of being good at the beginning. I can’t fault Osario for thinking they might work. I can fault him for making Pietra guaranteed though.


  7. nico says:

    Pacheco is pretty good, but I think Emilio Izaguirre (Honduras) is better at left back..though he had a recent trial at Ipswich Town and seems to be more interested in Europe.

  8. Daniel F. says:

    Eugene. Dane Richards has a green card. So he is exempt from the 8 International limit.

  9. bubba says:

    I figured it would only be time before someone went down to scout him. He is not a bad defender and a team wouldn’t have to spend much money to acquire his services. It this does go through and they get Pacheco it will definitely be a good move for the Red Bulls.

    It has been a while since a Salvadoran player has made their way to the MLS. Quintanilla was the last one I can think off on a MLS roster. Off course nothing is assured yet but it would be good if he made his way out to MLS.

  10. Travis in Miami says:

    Kahlva – 1.74 = 5’8.5″. So I’m guessing ONE of thse figures is right. hopefully for the RBNY it’s the 1.78. That is 5’10”.

  11. johnny fc says:

    last year was the year of the gambians maybe this year everyone will start signing some guanacos

  12. Juan says:

    Well Salvadoreans should be back in this league, the National team has improved big time since our last ES player was in the league (Cerritos 2005)…Alot of the players on our National team can play in MLS…D Alfredo Pacheco, D Manuel Salazar,M Cristan Castillo and Striker Rodolfo Zelaya. Maybe after a few games in the Hex, MLS and other leagues recognize the talent on El Salvador’s roster.

  13. kahlva says:


    From what I’ve always known, 1 meter = 3.3 feet.

    That’s about 5’8


  14. Drew says:

    i have to wonder ives why you insist on using this photo over and over. not like there’s anything wrong w/that.

  15. HerthaBerwyn says:

    If he thinks Chicago is just going to let him go hes crazy.

  16. SayervilleFC says:

    Just think how excited the old boxing scribes will be when they learn Freddy Pacheco, the fight doctor, is back in town.

  17. gmen04 says:

    Could work out well, at the very least RBNY is going to be playing an attacking style which should be entertaining

  18. guavaguy says:

    MikeMike — it’s Osorio, not Osario. That’s three O’s. Also, it’s Colombia, not Columbia. Two O’s there. Do you have something against the letter O?

  19. Randy G says:

    I would love to see Pacheco in NY.

  20. How good is Pacheco on the ball? I would trade strength and size for ball skill any day. Yes, on defense.

    At 26, Pacheco is not a youngster…

    That Osorio is scouting in El Salvador, reminds me:

    If you just follow the MLS, how much of a soccer fan really are you?

    The heart of soccer is not, yet, in the US; it is elsewhere. [sigh]

    What country and club should I send my 14 year old son to this Summer to develop a world class game?

  21. mike from linden says:

    from what you are telling me yes, he does seem like a good left back.

  22. Juan from L.A. says:

    Pacheco has a lot of heart. Good player. He is the captain of El Salvador. Player by position one of the best in El Salvador.

  23. Anthony says:

    Pacheco is a beast. He is really tall. Wikipedia is no accurate everyone knows that! I think he would be a grat move by the Red Bulls!

  24. CD says:

    Pacheco can attack and is pretty good on set pieces, well when alcoholic quintanilla lets him take one. he is a tough defender so i think this can be a good move

  25. Almedin says:

    Pacheco would be a PERFECT addition to our defense! I am so excited and I really hope this goes through because I saw him in World Cup Qualifying and he is doing excellent.. Let’s sign this guy right away!!

  26. Scott A says:

    JCO wears his pants as high as a woman in the ’90s

  27. sean monaghan says:

    Mike Randolph= best left back in the world

  28. Quartz62 says:

    WHY KHANO???????????????????????

  29. huricano says:

    The only time I saw El Salvador play was in about 2004 or 2005 in New England against the USA. They were very small, and tremendously overmatched physically by the US. That said, they had a couple of decent players on the attacking side, especially out wide. But after watching that game El Savador is about the last place I would go hunting for defenders. Maybe this Pacheco was not around for that game, and I hope he can come and make an impact.

  30. JUAN SERREANO says:



  31. john says:

    pacheco is a good defender nd gives security in the back, he runs a lot nd has a good left leg for free kicks nd long shots so i think he’s a good player to bring to the red bulls