Seattle set to deal Smith to RBNY after landing Marshall

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The New York Red Bulls have had a void on the left flank since trading away Dave Van Den Bergh, but they look ready to fill that void with Khano Smith, a player who has had his share of success in New York through the years.

The former New England midfielder is set to be traded by Seattle to the Red Bulls, multiple sources told SBI on Tuesday. It is unclear what Seattle will receive in a trade but allocation money is likely to be part of any deal since the Red Bulls currently have a good amount of allocation money and the Sounders have used most of theirs.

The development comes on the same day that Seattle acquired defender Tyrone Marshall from Toronto FC for $100,000 in allocation money. That deal, which reunites Marshall with Seattle head coach Sigi Schmid (who coached Marshall in Los Angeles) paves the way for Toronto FC to make its next acquisition, an international central defender whose identity has yet to be revealed.

In other news, sources tell SBI that former Red Bulls defender Jeff Parke is ready to return to MLS but is not interested in signing with Seattle, which secured his rights in the MLS Expansion Draft. No word yet on where he might wind up, but there are several teams that could use a defender with Parke's ability, including D.C. United.

What do you think of Khano Smith joining the Red Bulls? Do you think Toronto was wise to deal away Tyrone Marshall? Would you like your team to trade for the rights for Jeff Parke? As a Seattle fan, do you like the central defense trio of Tyson Wahl, Tyrone Marshall and Taylor Graham?

Share your thoughts below.

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81 Responses to Seattle set to deal Smith to RBNY after landing Marshall

  1. doug says:

    Oh God NO!!! This guy is worth 4 red cards a season and a complete hack!! Is Osorio really THAT desperate for a player who is left footed. I thought Kandji on the right side would do just fine.

  2. tom says:

    Are the Red Bulls that hard up that they would trade for this hack?

  3. LOVE it.
    Smith is by no means “the answer”, but a great pickup.

  4. Haig says:

    Anybody see that “Worst Free Kick in the World” video on YouTube?

    There’s an elaborate build-up, with Khano faking a run and re-arranging the positioning of the attackers. Then he runs up and blasts the ball across the far touch line, into Row ZZZ.

    That’s what I think of when I think of Khano. Really? We couldn’t do better? What a lazy signing. Pathetic.

  5. kahlva says:

    (hey Ives, you never mention his name in the article!)

    I think it’s an OK move. Smith has been tremendous sometimes, and pretty bad at others. If he was consistent game-to-game this would be a great move.

    Also depends on what we gave up.

  6. smorebs says:

    RBNY should try to trade for Parke’s rights back…Parke and Petki in the center defense would be impressive.

  7. Matt M. says:

    Marshall is a good player. A little dirty but a solid mid-level salary to have on your payroll. He has had a couple of injuries lately.

    Smith has talent but has yet to make an impact. Not bad to fill out the roster cheaply but not necessarily a guarenteed starter.

    NY is getting fast.

    Does Smith have a greencard?

  8. Dannyc58 says:

    What do you think of Khano Smith joining the Red Bulls?

    What do I think? I think he isn’t even MLS quality. He is horrible.

  9. David says:

    Toronto FC is really making all the right moves I think. Getting rid of a 35 year old. Looking good :)!

  10. Eugene says:

    Excellent Smithers, at least we have a credible left wing now. I think with some coaching from Osorio, Smith could continue improving.

    NY should DEFINITELY trade for Parke’s rights back. Send Brunner’s rights. Parke is a big fan favorite, it would be painful to watch him playing for anyone else, let alone in the Eastern conference.

  11. Andy Muniak says:

    yeah, where is the trade to get Parke back? Forget Smith, he is a joke and will more than likely become another in a long list of players who have come from New York’s rivals and been awful for us.

  12. Mark says:

    Ehh on Smith.

    But, RBNY absolutely needs to do all they have to do to get Parke back. Parke and Petke in the center would make for a very formidable defense. It would also allow Goldy to focus full-time on playing the left side.

    Get on it RBNY!!!

  13. Dannyc58 says:

    Officially concerned about NYRB’s ability to evalute talent if they think Khano is not only worth trading for, but worth allocation money ABOVE THE SALARY CAP COST OF HIS SALARY.

    I’m actually irate, the more I think about it.

  14. jay says:

    i think its a good move young good size and lot of speed with a left foot and come cheep cuz he didnt make a lot in 08

  15. Lou says:

    I think we should definitely trade him for the rights of Parke. Khano is horrible, i don’t see why we continue to fill our roster with fast players. I will choose a good soccer player over a fast one anyday, after all how many speed demons do we need.

  16. TFC OZZ - Disgruntled TFC fan says:

    TFC made a great deal in order to get rid of Marshall, for 100K in allocation. The guy was almost 35, slow, and simply unable to cut it anymore, at least with the CB’s that he’s been partnered with at TFC who are by no means quality players.

    My question Ives, is, does this trade essentially give TFC 250,000K in salary cap room, because of the addition of allocation money and Marshall’s salary being cleared off the books?

  17. Murphy says:

    i agree the toronto move was a good one. can someone explain what “allocation money” is?

  18. anon says:

    Acquiring Marshall is the stupidest move the Sounders have made yet

  19. Miguel says:

    Agoos and Osorio should do their best to get Parke back.

  20. Gilby says:

    Being from Seattle I’m bummed to hear about Parke I was hoping we could get something done and thought he was arguably the best player we took in the expansion draft. I hope he decides to come back to MLS and we can at least get something for his rights.

    As for Marshall it just seems like management is trying to pick up as many CBs as possible hoping two of them pan out. We now have Marshall, Wahl, Ianni and Grahm. on the roster. Lets just hope two of them work out.

  21. Roberto says:

    if parke came back and teamed with petke… Two historics and fan favorites , that would be very exciting!! Khano is all right, he makes runs on the left and marks too… Should be good, now they should get someone to star at RB cause leitch man..

  22. d says:

    Khano is terrible; I’d rather he’d continue to be on any other team so we could continue to heckle him for his poor play when he plays against the Red Bulls

  23. Andre` says:

    Parke and Petke would rival Petke and Jolley for the most heart in central defense.

    I’d love to see them together.

  24. arena futbol says:

    Yes, Khano Smith has a green card. 2008 salary was $46k.

  25. arena futbol says:

    Smith is not awful.

    Yes, his inconsistency is frustrating. He’s nothing special. But not bad bench value as another wide option (esp. since Oduro as LM is just an experiment at this point) if his salary is similar to last year’s 46k.

  26. Richard, UK says:

    A half decent trade, as he’s a cheap out and out winger. I see him as a squad player, maybe not a starter.

    I think Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls are favourites for the MLS Cup in 2009. Yeah!

  27. SW says:

    Marshall’s day’s were numbered when Toronto received De Ro. In case you didn’t notice, Marshall’s number was 14 and De Ro has been wearing 28 for the pre season.

  28. El gradadino says:

    Toronto is looking tough this offseason.

  29. mike says:

    As a Revolution fan I must say I’m glad to see Khanaldinho playing for Jersey…

    You thought there was a hole left in midfield when DVB left??? HA! I’d rather play with 10 than play with Khano…


  30. rhybread says:

    Toronto is going to be fairly good next year, but the real surprise has to be Seattle.

    That roster is far, far beyond what we’ve seen in past expansion teams.

  31. Chris says:

    Give Seattle some allocation money and a 4th round pick for Smith & Parke.

  32. arena futbol says:

    Seattle might be a bit better than SJ was last year, but I wouldn’t say “far, far beyond.”

  33. Eugene says:

    I agree with rhybread, Seattle will be competitive next year. They already look pretty decent and have good balance in the squad, without even adding Ljungberg to the mix.

  34. Eugene says:

    rather I meant this year when I was referring to “next” year

  35. euroman says:

    I don’t think any of these defenders are more than journeymen and don’t warrant much discussion either way.

  36. Ives says:

    Sorry folks, I did forget to put Khano Smith’s first name in the original story. It is Khano, not Emmitt or Jacqueline.

  37. kahlva says:

    Jacqueline Smith on the Bulls would be AWESOME.

  38. Zack says:

    Parke is a loser who can’t compete unless he’s got half a gallon of bull semen injected into his sack. Nobody wanted him in Europe (big surprise) and now he’s dissing the only team that was willing to give him a chance, Seattle. Can anybody say USL player of the year?

  39. nico says:

    as a seattle supporter i am happy to have Smith leave, despite not playing a minute yet. His lack of consistency and attitude leave alot to be desired. I don’t think the backline is good enough right now, though. Hopefully another defensive signing is made soon.

  40. nicholas s. says:

    I really enjoyed hating him. Shame… now I must root FOR him.. ugh.

  41. kpugs says:




  42. SwedSoccer says:

    Schmid cites Marshall’s speed and championship experience as two main reasons for bringing him in. If the 34(?) yr old can still run, then its a good fit. Team speed seems to be a focus for Seattle. Developing a winning attitude from day one is always good. Again, the defense just needs to hold its own as the offense should be effective. Montero looks like the real deal thus far.

  43. joe k says:

    smith is a big crybaby. let’s hope he doesn’t see the field.

  44. wykell says:

    HAHA @ Ives in re: “Emmitt Smith”

    I’m calling Smith that from now on. espcially from my seats near the red bull’s bench.

    Why, oh why did we take a guy that has gotten into physical altercations with our squad before? it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Oh well. I miss Vandy.

  45. Tim says:

    Great move for NJRB!

  46. mike from linden says:

    I would rather bring in Cichero back than have Khano Smith.

  47. Mikemike says:

    I really dislike Crybaby Smith. This is not good news.

  48. sublicon says:

    Khano is a big dude, I’ll take him. Not groundbreaking, but not bad either. I like it, especially if it’s just for allocation loot.

  49. Timmy says:

    I think this move is so-so for all involved.

    Toronto got the best deal in unloading a salary they needed to ditch, and got some allocation money in exchange. Trader Mo strikes again. Ah, but can they win?

    Seattle picked up a well-traveled defenseman who will provide some leadership in the lockerroom. He’s been, well, everywhere the Sounders are looking to go. The fans in Seattle are pretty high on Taylor Graham, and both Ianni and Wahl have starting experience in MLS. I dont even see Marshall as a starter, but as a solid backup, who has played under Sigi in the past and can provide that older MLS figure in the lockerroom. That team is very talented, but minus Vagenas, they are all relatively young players or ones with limited MLS experience.

    RBNY picks up Khano Smith, who will fill that left wing spot (how well remains to be seen), and he is a natural left footer with speed to burn. Perhaps a bench player, perhaps a temporary fill, RBNY needs to focus more on getting Parke back. He doesnt seem to want to play for anyone else.

    Toronto wins, Seattle and RBNY tie for now – loser yet to be determined – im gonna bet on RBNY losing in the end.

  50. lakaix15 says:

    ill take smith any day…. RBNY will be fast very fast….

    and with rbny having lots of allocation money, maybe parke can come back to ny?

  51. Martin says:

    I think if the Rev’s know he’d end up at NYRB then they might have protected him.

    Maybe not… but still kinda funny to me.

  52. ECS sucks says:

    “Acquiring Marshall is the stupidest move the Sounders have made yet.”

    I’ll take that as a compliment. Back to the east Coast for Smithers

  53. Charlie N. says:

    Is Jacqueline Smith left footed? If so, Bring her in!!

  54. JoeW says:

    1. Khano Smith is fast, especially for his size and has a cannon of a shot. If he plays, it probably (along with some of the other speed demons) give RBNY the fastest team in MLS.

    2. Khano Smith is an idiot who plays dumb soccer and is incredibly inconsistent. He is the anti-Dave van den Bergh (who was all about vision, consistency, intelligence, positioning, playing smart).

    3. It’s a hoot to hear all this talk about how strong Seattle is. We heard the same thing with San Jose, same thing with Toronto, same thing with RSL before the first ball was rolled out. Maybe Kasey Keller will stand on his head every game and they’ll be dominant. But I see the West being stronger this season, LAG and San Jose not being the weak links that they were last season (look at “goals scored” for SJ plus number of times they were shut out, and you’ll see what I mean). So this idea that Seattle is going to be strong–they’ve got to pick up wins somewhere if that’s true. I’d like to hear from the Seattle fans who are so convinced they’re going to be strong, who those wins are going to come against? Will the East be significantly weaker? Houston is suddenly going to be terrible?

  55. cammie v says:

    As a Revs fan, I always had hopes for Khano…he works hard, and is incredibly fast, BUT…you never knew which Khano would turn up, the one who could turn on a dime and deliver an incredible goal, or the one who delivered that free kick into the upper stands at Gillette, and didn’t seem to understand how to connect with his teammates. I wish him success, and when you guys play the Revs I hope he delivers more balls into the upper stratosphere.

  56. Garry says:

    Has there be no speculation as who this high profile central defender signing could be for TFC? Anyone hearing or reading anything?

  57. Jason Woodward says:

    Quote: “Khano is terrible; I’d rather he’d continue to be on any other team so we could continue to heckle him for his poor play when he plays against the Red Bulls”

    We heckled Khano quite a bit in Foxborough. No reason why you guys can’t heckle him as well. I for one will miss him. Khano-oh-oh-oh-oh

  58. cb says:

    argh! i’m bummed about the smith news. how come agoos and osorio don’t know everyone was snickering about seattle’s expansion draft pick with him?
    i’d like to see parke return to the NYRB fold, though.

  59. Chest Rockwell says:

    As a DC fan, I think this is great. Can’t wait to see Smith send a shot out for a throw-in, send a cross well out of bounds, take a dive, and get sent off in a 5 minute span.

  60. Ken U says:

    He might be able to fill in at left back for us so we have a wing back that can cross and join attack at times and also Goldy can move into CD with Petke.
    Is Smith my favorite no, but the trade could be worse

  61. Cesar Barrientos says:

    Parke + Petke + RB =the best team in MLS

  62. Cindy says:

    i want Parke, that’s all. meh at Smith.

  63. lou says:

    Such a bad move, i don’t care how fast we are, this guy is horrible, inconsistent, and a cancer in the locker room. We are selling our soul for a little extra speed.

  64. Areign says:

    2 things he is fast, very fast.
    also he sucks, very sucks.

    he was so bad that us NE’ers had our own cheer just for him. KHAN-O-O-O-O-O. He does have some flashes of brilliance. but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

    now with christman and khano gone, perhaps NE can win the cup…

  65. Dan says:

    NYRB should not give Seattle last years snow for Khano Smith.They have to do better than him. at the same time you are also telling everyone else that is trying out at that position they are going to be cut as they are not a good enough player.

  66. Dave Clark says:

    I’ll throw in Jarrod Smith as well. Parke and the two Smiths for that DP that Red Bull doesn’t want.

    I mean if I can read other people’s dreams, they can read mine.

  67. Larry says:

    He was the worst player on the Revs, so I guess he’s just perfect for the Red Bull.

  68. lakaix15 says:

    So Ives any updates? on RBNY and this movement?

  69. Tim F. says:

    This trade would surprise me. His play in MLS Cup two years ago was awful and very costly to the Revolution. I didn’t think he would interest the Red Bulls/Osorio even though he can provide flashes of speed down the left flank.

  70. Kevin says:

    Wow, “wipes sweet of forehead!!!” I’m so glad the sounders dished off Smith. He is total rubbish…I’ve hated watching him play for years now. When I found out we picked him up in the expansion draft I was shocked.

    As far as Marshall goes, I guess its an OK pick up. Graham and Wahl are far better players than he is though…He can give the sounders depth.

    On another note, I could care less if we keep Parke or not. Anyone that shoots the juice is not worthy of putting on the green and blue…He is not even that great of a player anyway. I hope he ends up sucking his thumb in the USL all year….I’m still pissed we didn’t pick up Mike Randolph.

  71. Seriously? says:

    Count me as another Revs fan who was ecstatic to see Smith taken in the expansion draft. He is the epitome of a player with tons of physical talent, but no mind for the game at all. I don’t know how many times he’d leave me screaming at him, either directly or through the TV, after he’d get the ball with a chance to do something, and he seemed to pick the absolutely worst option to take. Each season he will have a few plays meriting inclusion in the weekly highlight clips, along reels of bloopers.

    Ives, one thing I’ve always wondered, has Khano had concussion problems or anything? He’s always one of the tallest guys on the field, yet he never goes in on offensive corner kicks. I always wanted to think the reason for it was something other than the coaches thinking he wasn’t tough enough or willing enough to fight for a head ball in traffic.

  72. madmax says:

    The fact that Seattle is offering Smith says Sigi is happy with his other wingers. LeToux, Nassi, and Z Man tore up the turf at the Home Depot. Just one more CB or a DM and Seattle will surprise.

  73. 4now says:

    smith is worth one moment of brilliant every other game, meantime there is nothing else but childish frustration.

  74. Scott says:

    Why do I get the feeling Sigi is pulling the wool over everyone in the league, slowly but surely?

    Any word on who this international defender is?

  75. Viennacoup says:

    As a Seattle fan, I’d like Parke to come to Sounders. But, either way, we have the MLS rights to him. If he comes back, someone will have to trade for him. That should benefit Seattle.

  76. RBNY 13 says:

    smith is a good pick up but he’s always annoyed me. His temper can be infuriating and he can pull some real boneheaded moves and can at times be lazy but he’s a solid guy to have. I still want to see Richards, Oduro, and Kandji on the field at the same time.

  77. RBNY fan says:

    What happened to Palguta,great left backer at Rochester. He’s better by far than No No Smith (Sorry, Khano)

  78. Pete says:

    ok here is my utlook on the whole situation…guy is really fast,i hate him for the couple of briliant moves and goal against us in playoffs.But he is cheap..and again really fast .Our line up is so fast right now that i am starting to worried a bit,bc we might be faster than the ball…and we will deffenetly be most cought on offside team in the MLS.

  79. gerald says:

    RBNY – Bring back Jeff Parke

  80. sammysounder says:

    I’ll take it. Khano’s superfluous in Seattle and would be at least 4 in the depth chart behind Le Toux, Nyassi and Zakuani. #5 back if Freddy L.’s healthy.

    Mark my words. Seattle’s going to be led to the playoffs by Fredy. That’s Fredy with 1 d, last name Montero. Montero, Jaqua and Le Toux are gonna light up the scoreboard. That’s before even getting to anything we can get out of Ljungberg, Nyassi, Evans, Zak and the other mids.

  81. Joe says:

    O wow… Khano Smith wat can i say Welcome to NY. It aint gonna be easy. This looks like a good move but there can only be 1 Van DBerg.