UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary


You can call the second day of UEFA Champions League Round of 16 action the day of reunions.

In one corner of Europe you have Claudio Ranieri leading his Juventus side against his former club, Chelsea. In another corner you have Liverpool manager and Madrid native Rafa Benitez returning to his hometown to face the club he once worked for as a reserve team coach, Real Madrid.

Even the Panathanaikos-Villarreal match-up today offers a reunion, with former Arsenal standouts Robert Pires (Villarreal) and Gilberto Silva (Panathanaikos) potentially doing battle.

Here is today's schedule of Champions League matches:

  • Juventus at Chelsea (2:30pm, ESPN2)

  • Liverpool at Real Madrid (2:30pm, Setanta USA and ESPN Deportes, 5pm, ESPN Classic)

  • Bayern Munich at Sporting Lisbon (9pm, ESPN Deportes, 11pm, Setanta USA)

  • Panathinaikos at Villarreal (5:45pm, Setanta USA)

If you will be watching today's matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. I will be watching the action, and posting some observations in the comments section so keep an eye out for those.

Enjoy the action.

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72 Responses to UEFA Champions League: Your Running Commentary

  1. KCB says:

    No Landon. See ya back in MLS in March.

  2. Carl says:

    where can I get a link for Bayren match?

  3. Erik says:

    Landon isn’t even on the bench for Bayern.

    I saw how great Podolski was at the weekend, he really deserved being in this squad.

  4. Chris S says:

    Ouch. No Landon in the starting XI or the bench for Bayern. Like KCB said, see ya back at the HDC in March LD.

  5. mb says:

    Donovan not even on the bench. boo.

  6. Jesse says:

    landon is not even listed as a sub

  7. joe says:

    landycakes O-4 in deucthland

  8. js says:

    C’mon Sporting!

  9. Cam says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m actually looking forward to the Concacaf Champions League match in Montreal tonight more than any of these UEFA matches today. Does that make me insane?

  10. Oranje15 says:

    Why the heck did Podolski make the bench? I am suprised that they went with him.

    Will Hiddink and his side get it done tonight?

  11. Ives says:

    11th minute- Drogba just tried to dive and I could hear The Special 1’s voice echoing in my head. Stop diving Drogba!!

  12. RK says:

    Villarreal dominating so far…

  13. Ives says:

    12th minute- GOAL CHELSEA. Drogba with a nice finish off a Kalou pass. Juve looks shaky.

  14. Jacob A. says:

    My main attention on the computer with Real, and the occasional glance up to the tube for Chelsea-Juve.

  15. Ives says:

    Drogba mistimes his jump on a free header. Should have been 2-0.

  16. Oranje15 says:

    Juve are sending terrible long balls and can’t get anything through their midfield. I didn’t expect this type of start.

  17. Michael says:

    Any one have any links on where I can watch the games? My usual channelsurf.net is not working!

  18. Jacob A. says:

    First 15 have Liverpool doing A LOT of punt and run with no success, Real getting a long of free kicks in dangerous areas, nothing of them so far, with one good shot from Marcelo that was right at Reina

  19. Ives says:

    Pepe with a nice play defending Fernando Torres. What a match-up that is.

  20. Jacob A. says:

    20th: Torres gets on to a long ball, pressured by Pepe, gets a strong foot on it, Casillas save

  21. Ives says:

    GREAT SAVE by Casillas on Torres, who almost capitalized on a bad Madrid mistake.

  22. Jacob A. says:

    Madrid corner results in Torres going off to recieve a medical look over

  23. Carl says:


  24. Oranje15 says:

    Finally Juve are showing some life! A couple of good chances for them in quick succession

  25. Ives says:

    Liverpool is starting to turn it up. Nice handball by Nedved in the Juve-Chelsea match.

  26. Jacob A. says:

    Ends up being something with his foot, he’s back on now, 25th minute

  27. w says:



  28. Jacob A. says:

    All my normal sites got blocked, I busted for the Setanta PPV, first and only time I’ll do that I think

  29. Ryan (Boston) says:


    has setanta, fsc, and goltv in great quality.

  30. Oranje15 says:

    Hey guys, check out veetle.com. It’s pretty good.

  31. Jacob A. says:

    Sergio Ramos is on crazy type fire.

    Goal Madrid score, Higuan off a save of a Ramos header on a corner, but Higuan is ruled offsides, goal disallowed, 30th minute

  32. malkin says:

    any links to something that doesn’t require me to download onto the work computer (like veetle does?)

  33. Ives says:

    36th- Sissoko is down with an ankle injury.

  34. Oranje15 says:

    Some terrible first touches tonight for Sissoko

  35. Ryan (Boston) says:

    malkin, try justin.tv

    im not sure if you need to download anything or not but usually somebody is broadcasting the games on there

  36. Ives says:

    39th minute- Cole gives Del Piero some studs across the foot but Del Piero is up. Juven moving the ball well.

  37. Jacob A. says:

    Robben with his classic outside foot/towards the inside dribble to left foot blast looks promising, but just wide, twice in a row. He looks to be heating up. 40th minute

  38. Ives says:

    Sissoko is back in the game for those wondering. Juve still looking for a dangerous chance. Nedved with a weak roller right to Cech.

  39. Ives says:

    44th- Del Piero has a free kick from the right corner of the area blocked by the wall from 25 out.

  40. Jacob A. says:

    Madrid looks very dangerous the last few minutes, close chances left and right. 44th.

  41. Jacob A. says:

    Alonso with an effort from behind midfield forces Casillas to touch it over the bar at full stretch falling backwards, 45th

  42. Ives says:

    Both matches just went to halftime.

    Alonso’s quick interception and long shot from midfield nearly caught Casillas, but he raced back to tip it over.

    Juve hasn’t shown much at all in the first half, while Chelsea has looked sharp at times.

  43. Jacob A. says:

    Kind of odd, the clock hits 45:00 as they make their way down to set up the corner, and the ref decides to call it before it is taken.

    Replay of S1TV on during halftime :)

  44. RK says:

    According to Marca, Villarreal is dominating (but has nothing to show for it).

  45. Jacob A. says:

    Marcelo off, Guti on at half for Madrid

  46. Jacob A. says:

    Robben with a strong run from midfield, had the chance to pull back into the box, instead shoots into side netting, not a horrible idea, 51st

  47. Oranje15 says:

    Not worth a PK my dear Didier…

  48. Jacob A. says:

    Torres picks up a yellow in the 55th

  49. RK says:


    ¡¡¡¡GOOOL DEL PANATHINAIKOS!!! Marca Karagounis un auténtico golazo. Trayazo con la derecha y al fondo de la red. Se complican las cosas en El Madrigal.

  50. Jacob A. says:

    Babel on for Torres in the 62nd

  51. Oranje15 says:

    Poor communication by Juve. They just can’t get anything going. Put on the Real-Liverpool match ESPN2!

  52. Jacob A. says:

    Yellow for Mascherano for a challenge on Gago, Madrid look better now. 65th

  53. RK says:

    Rossi PK Goal!

  54. northzax says:

    bad news for the Yellow Submarine giving up the away goal. not much of an effort from Sporting, either.

  55. Mike says:

    Like Liverpool/Real Madrid was destined to be anything other than a 0-0 draw. Liverpool’s specialty.

  56. Jacob A. says:

    Robben with a nasty knuckler from 25 out in the 71st barely knocked over

  57. Oranje15 says:

    Juve are pushing. Creating some chances, but their corners still suck

  58. RK says:

    Sigh — Javi Venta in for Llorente. Jozy could’ve been playing.

  59. Jacob A. says:

    80th in Madrid, its picking up, but with Liverpool bunkering, nothing is happening

  60. Jacob A. says:

    Heinze pulls down someone for no apparent reason with the ball in the air, it results in a free kick, which results in a Benayoun goal.

    1-0 in the 82nd

  61. Mike says:

    And that sound is me eating my words…..1-0 Liverpool.

  62. silverrey says:

    Stade d’Olympique is expecting over 50,000 for the CCL game tonight. Should be a crazy atmosphere!!

  63. Jacob A. says:

    Hard to say Liverpool was the better team, but they get the 1-0 away win, Madrid with a lot of work to do.

  64. MIK says:

    Anyone else think Benayoun is highly underrated?

  65. Rich says:

    Benayoun is class. Just somewhat inconsistent.

  66. KCB says:

    Bavarians 5 !!!!! – Sporting Clube de “albergue gatos” 0


  67. Heffe says:

    Call it a lucky guess, but I am positive Bayern will move into the next round.

  68. Michael says:

    great result for panathinaikos. 1-1 away is HUGE. i trust them in Athens for the second leg. Panathinaikos 2-1 prediction!!!

  69. SG says:

    Bayern looked good. Inter vs. Man U is gonna be an intense 2nd leg

  70. Ryan G says:

    ESPN2 needs to stop airing Chelsea games. They are boring as hell. That match put me to sleep.

  71. jai says:

    Let me start by admitting I’m no fan of english football. That said, what a disappointing performance by Madrid. Benitez definitely had their number – a crowded defence that snuffed out any attempt by Real. They really did not get a sniff of goal.

    Btw, what’s up with Juande sitting out Schneider, Huntelaar and Van der vaart. Guti for Mercelo was an awful sub. Ramos had such a poor game.

    I need a beer!