Arnaud Delivers Two Impressive Blasts

Davy Arnaud ( 

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The Kansas City Wizards didn't get their season off to the start they would have liked, but the silver lining in KC's 3-2 loss to Toronto FC on Saturday was the stunning two-goal performance put in by midfielder Davy Arnaud.

In case you missed them, here are both of Arnaud's goals:

Both goals are certainly Goal of the Week candidates. Look out for the SBI MLS Goals of the Week on Tuesday.

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26 Responses to Arnaud Delivers Two Impressive Blasts

  1. Homey Boehme says:

    impressive enough to put in one like that in a season, but two quality strikes like that from distance…quality stuff.

  2. DOM8 says:

    I was there as a visiting fan from Toronto and I can vouch for these goals. They were crackers. Frei had no chance.

  3. kpugs says:

    I think the first one is a GOTW candidate but not the second. Both are very nice, not taking anything away from him.

    But anyone on this level should hit the target on the second one which was teed up. The amount of blatant missed goals in this league still terrorizes me. :)

  4. MVK says:

    kpugs- i see players from the EPL to U-10 sky shots like his second goal, its not just the MLS. Arnaud hits the ball as hard as anyone in the league, that first one would still be going if it didnt hit hte net

  5. that’s one way to put yourself on the USMNT radar again. Not that he’ll get a call up necessarily but good for him.

  6. PCFC says:

    I think it should win GOTW over Cooper and Amado.

    World class strikes

  7. tdjakes says:

    He had at least one like that last year from 35. Bradley should be looking at Davy seriously for the qualifiers.

  8. Eugene says:

    Even so, KC was chasing the whole game, and at home. Just goes to show that Toronto is a solid team.

  9. Ben - D.O.W. says:

    Another Toronto fan who went down to KC for this game – beautiful goals to watch. Definitely made for a nervous end of this match.

  10. Will says:

    Those goals were great. Frei didn’t have much of a shot on either of those.

  11. fenel says:

    the commentator said the ball it the cross bar. It didn’t. It hit the high end of the net, because the net was so tight, the ball bounced right out. Stunning goal.

  12. KCJ says:

    Wow, Davy Arnaud makes over $220K? He’s decent and all but…really? It’s time for a 2009 overpaid/underpaid list, Ives.

    Posted by: victor | March 06, 2009 at 07:55 PM

    Where’s Victor? He must be hiding somewhere after watching Davy’s strikes.

  13. Jay says:

    KCJ- Davy earns every penny of that 220K. Anytime he plays, he is the hardest working player on either side of the ball.

    I have said it for years that he is the hardest working player in the MLS. He is due for a huge season.

  14. PS says:

    For those not paying close attention that was one with the left foot and one with the right.

  15. MVK says:

    Jay, he was quoting that fool named Victor for saying Arnaud was overpaid. Clearly Victor has his head to far up his ass to see that he is a top player in the league.

  16. jtd says:

    i’m with the above poster who wondered if bb is thinking of calling up arnaud for the mnt, if for no other reason than to have a serious outside threat.

    i don’t know hwat the rest of his game is like but i’d like the option to put him in toward the end of a close game or if we’re chasing.

  17. Casey C. says:

    Coopers still wins GotW. But these two strikes were awesome. One left footed, one right. Hit like they should be hit.

  18. MVK says:

    jtd- he had a cap in that last game of the last round, like when the camp was basically MLS’ers. So he is on the radar, I bet he could play himself to the bench on the nats, with his work-ethic and ability to play 3 spots hes not a bad option off the bench. Im a huge fan/homer of his but honestly since he came back from his injury last year he has been really great

  19. MVK says:

    “Coopers still wins GotW. But these two strikes were awesome. One left footed, one right. Hit like they should be hit.”

    I just looked at the stats for GOTW, given those the award holds little to no merit. (dont mind Arnauds not winning but when its 3rd or 4th on the list the list does not hold water).. You will not see and outside of the left foot strike like Arnauds again this seasn

  20. Ryan says:

    I love Frei’s reaction to the second goal. Arnuad definitely should be getting more looks for the USMNT. I’ve always felt he was a little underrated.

  21. Rob says:

    After watching all the highlights from Week 1 of MLS, the quality of play seems to be up this year. Although a small-sample sized, I’m very pleased.

  22. Beech says:

    Arnaud has been called more than a few times into extended camp. Twice he’s had to decline due to his marriage and honeymoon which he saved till the offseason, and another time was for a minor surgery whose recovery time happened to be just as long as the camp was running.

    Absolutely he should be in the mix with the NATS. Any KC fan will tell you he’s been the heart and soul of the club now for many seasons. He’s worth every penny.

  23. KCB says:

    I got a Davy Arnaud signed jersey because he’s awesome.

  24. DC Josh says:

    I have his poster on my ceiling above my bed. I’ve never heard of him until now.

    Too bad Guevarra’s goal was better? Somehow he and Cooper beat out Arnaud on MLS’ goal of the week. I guess Arnaud’s goals were both savable… right. What a shame.

  25. el granadero says:

    Welcome to the league Frei. Poor guy, lol

  26. bobz says:

    jesus. world class goals, with both feet?