Expansion Sounders off to dream start

 Fredy Montero (ISIphotos.com)

                                                Photo by ISIphotos.com

Who will stop the Seattle Sounders?

The expansion squad is off to a 2-0 start, having outscored its opponents 5-0. Real Salt Lake was the victim this time around as Seattle rattled off a 2-0 decision capped of by another memorable goal from Fredy Montero.

The Sounders have yet to be tested on the road, and that first road test will be a whopper. It just happens to be at BMO Field this Saturday in Toronto FC's first home game of the season (4pm, Fox Soccer Channel). So yes, the Sounders will get a taste of their own medicine as they try to play in front of a sold-out crowd at BMO Field against a Toronto FC squad off to a 1-0-1 start.

If you missed Montero's goal, it is a must-see strike. You can see it after the jump. After you watch, feel free to share your thoughts on Seattle's fast start and their chances of scoring a win in Toronto in the comments section below.

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63 Responses to Expansion Sounders off to dream start

  1. MarkieMark says:

    The Sounders and TFC are showing the rest of the league how its done right now. Though in the end I don’t see the Sounders getting all the way to the Cup. It’s a long season and anything can happen between now and November. Slow and steady wins the race.

  2. kahlva says:

    MMCB? Thoughts on the Red Bulls game (and news and notes)?

    Man, the two things I look forward to on Mondays – missing!

  3. Was at both games. It was awesome. It trickles from the top down. The ownership has been class as have the players themselves, and then the fans. Lookout.

  4. Brett says:

    Montero is a BAMF. He’ll definitely be jumping to Europe if he keeps this form up.

  5. oh danny boy says:

    Huge test for SSFC. A bit nervous, but… this will be good for them to start out on the road in a hostile environment, they will learn a lot about their mental toughness. I will be happy with a draw, but am hoping for the win. For those that do not have FSC, you can watch the game on the Canadian Channel CBUT (99) if you are here in Seattle.

  6. Ives says:

    Kahlva, today was a hectic day so I couldn’t knock out the MMCB and Red Bulls thoughts. They will be up tomorrow so stay tuned.

  7. Supsam says:

    you guys have to put into perspective that even though the first game was very impressive. The second one wasnt as impressive. Sure they won but Real Salt Lake put up a good fight and applied good amounts of pressure with Keller making some key saves. Plus, Montero’s goal was on a counter attack as RSL was pressing for a goal. But alas, a win is a win. But again remember, they were two home wins while toronto won a road game and tied the champions also on the road. Lets see Seattle’s away form in front of a sold out crowd then ill be a believer if they have a chance for playoffs.

  8. Ethan says:


    *Cue dramatic music*

  9. Reid says:

    If Seattle is gonna be used to playing in front of 28k+ people, then maybe they will fall apart when they come east and play the Revs and RB’s, with all those empty seats it might seem like a spooky ghost town.

    Advantage East Coast!

  10. Supsam…I don’t get the point to the first half of your post? It wasn’t “as impressive”…ever game is going to be different. Goalies making saves, teams being able to transition and handled the pressure from RSL are all good signs of good teams.

  11. Graham says:

    Im sorry SSFC but your glory days, for a perfect season will end this week when you meet my boys. T Dot will play a fun, fast game, and Montero, hope you bring your A Game in order to achieve a tie

  12. doug says:

    Ives–saw a story on cnnsi.com that FSC has acquired the rights to the Champions League starting NEXT season. Is this true or not. And, is this a result of ESPN continually jerking around viewers of the Champions League with last minute switches of original programming

  13. doug says:

    just to add to my last comment. the story was NOT confirmed by FSC. It WAS confirmed by ESPN. hopefully FSC can step their HDTV game up so we dont have to watch grainy out of focus games. Lord knows Rupert Murdoch has deep pockets and can make it happen

  14. Supsam says:

    @ Micronesia Justin

    Im just saying lets not get too carried away with Seattles “2 game home winning streak” as seattle didnt dominate their second game as they did against NYRB. But i get your point. In fact i agree. Again, my point is dont label them as title contenders yet. its too early to get excited these recent turn of events.

  15. jloome says:

    Seattle success = Fredy Montero.

    With him, they score almost every game and have a shot at the title. Without him, they’re a middling MLS team.

    If people think that’s overhyping the player, they didn’t watch those two games. This kid could score 15 a season in any league, anywhere.

    In fact, I’d say Lassister’s “unbreakable” goal record is going to be in serious jeopardy.

    They’ll lose this weekend, though. One player cannot equate to a perfect season, and as adrenaline charged as they were in the last two weeks, they get to be on the receiving end in TO.

  16. Word Supsam…I agree, way too early to tell. Fun to watch :)

  17. Homey Boehme says:

    Where is Jens Lehmann when you need him to start complaining about how the new balls swerve too much and put goalkeepers at a disadvantage?

  18. Sushant Rao says:

    Was it really that great of a goal? I was waiting for magic and I saw a keeper misplaying a ball. It curved to the left of the goal, but if Guzan let that go in, the calls for his dismissal from the USMNT would be quite strong.

  19. Nats says:

    Montero’s goal – looked like a goalkeeping error to me.

  20. kahlva says:

    Ives –

    Thanks man! I always look forward to those.

  21. Rastafari says:

    No more of that “Revs 2.0″ from the boards.

    Oh yeah,.. it was the keepers fault too..

    Thanks Ives..

  22. kahlva says:

    And I agree with some of these comments.

    It’s a well-struck ball, but I think it’s more the goalkeeper being out of position and misplaying it than a superstar strike by Montero.

    Give the kid credit for striking from that distance, though.

  23. RonS says:

    As a long-time Sounders fan, I have throughly enjoyed the soccer in the first two matches. Excellent goals, the attack living up to the preseason promise, the defense dispelling the preseason doubts, the match atmosphere exceeding all expectations.

    I look forward to watching TOR-SEA on FSN. Both teams are off to great starts. Toronto FC will be hoping to give their fans a successful home opener — they have to be the favorites. Sounders FC’s style should provide an enjoyable match. If by some miracle Seattle win it I will be thinking that I have died and gone to heaven.

  24. oh danny boy says:

    Are you kidding me?! Why would anyone take away from the fact that Montero’s goal was amazing. It was a fantastic strike, Montero even looked up and saw the keeper in a bad spot. I was at the game and it had a lot of swerve on it. Rimando was a bit out of position, Montero capitilized on it. I also, want to know what SSFC supporter is already putting title hopes on this year. At least for me I am just excited we have a team and we’ve look pretty good and can only get better when we work out the kinks and create chemistry. I’m hoping and I mean hope we make playoffs, but I will be happy with a winning season with lots of highlights.

  25. Ludwig Crazy says:

    Seitz would never have let that one go in!

    Then again what on earth was the defender doing out there – his best impersonation of a traffic cone?

  26. Gary in Phlly says:

    I’m from Philly and I’m seriously considering a road trip to Qwest field. Seattle fans are very lucky to have each other and have what looks to be the foundation of a class MLS club.

    I really enjoyed watching the game against the Red Bulls — SSFC looked like a serious contender that night. Keep up the good work — it’s great for the league. I’d love to see some Montero highlights on SportsCenter.

  27. TO says:

    The sea of red will be storming when Seattle steps on TFC turf and the USS Sounder will be Torpedoed by Her Majestys Canadian Ship(HMCS) Toronto. Say goodbye to your perfect season this weekend … as Vince Carter once said “It’s Over” for you Seattle. Your day of reconning is coming be very afraid.

  28. Devon says:

    Obviously it’s early to expect this kind of play every time out from any team, but the Sounders looked a lot more real this last game. I mean RSL wasn’t bad, unlike the Red Bull, so I don’t think you can take away from that win. That being said, this next game is a big, big test. It will be interesting to see how they react to a hostile crowd and how they play with Ljungberg in for longer as well. I’m excited to see good soccer in the NW. Can’t wait for 2011.

  29. Devon says:

    Oh, and yeah Rimando was a bit out of position, but that ball was amazing. I was on that end of the field and there was no way I thought he’d even take the shot, let alone score. It dipped like mad.

  30. hokieunited says:

    Hey, this is all good for Seattle. But I am starting to get worried about the lack of news from Philadelphia.

    According to their website, when the voting ended for the name, they should have released the name and colors and such a couple of weeks ago.

    What is happening over there? Are there any rumors of the team not succeeding in building their stadium or opening as a team next year in general?

  31. jloome says:

    Rimando wasn’t out of position. He was fooled by the initial swing to the right off montero’s foot and stepped the wrong way, which killed him. Otherwise it’s a saveable shot.

    That’s the shooter’s work and a partial defensive screen, not really a goaltending gaffe.

  32. oh danny boy says:

    Gary in Philly! If you make it to Qwest, I’ll buy you a beer! TO, I like the confindence. After being bullied the last 2 yrs now it’s your turn to act tough with an expansion team. Just remember, we aren’t your typical expansion team.

  33. cbus_crew says:

    is there going to be any coverage of the pitiful display the TFC fans put on at Crew Stadium this weekend. No class whatsoever.

    link to bigsoccer.com

  34. Justin says:

    Montero’s strike = GOTW. He is obviously the real deal and a major find for MLS. The real question is how were SSFC able to bring this guy in? Is MLS now more of a launching pad for Europe than the South American leagues? Is there more exposure to be had in the U.S.? Did SSFC pull a fast one on Deportivo Cali by stealing two of its best? I’m just glad those lads landed in Seattle, kudos to the SSFC management.

  35. jloome says:

    How about we mount a display of whining little Columbus girls making up tales after getting outsung by visitors to their home opener.

    John Carver summed it up beautifully when he walked off the field with one finger to his lips, shushing the few there who were making any noise.

  36. Bob says:

    DOn’t thinks it will be too much of a problem playing in Toronto. Lets see FCSS are use to having 28-30K people yelling already. So what if they are yelling against them.

  37. Timbers Army PVT says:

    Build a bon fire, build a bon fire
    Put Seattle on the top
    Put Vancouver in the middle
    And we’ll burn the bloody lot

    link to timbersarmychants.blogspot.com

  38. Sterlinho says:

    All I ever read is, “Seattle will face a tough test in the MLS Cup Finalists NYRB….Seattle will face a tougher test in Western Conference favorite RSL…Seattle will face the toughest test of TFC on the road at BMO Field.”

    Just admit that Seattle might be the real deal and actually contend for the playoffs in year one.

  39. Scott says:

    Montero might bag 20 this year but Alonso makes that team go, Hurtado is solid in the back and of course they have Keller in the back. They’re solid straight up the middle which’ll keep them in most games, if not make them outright winners.

    Still, their first road test is a formidable one. They probably would do better in front of 6,000 in Dallas

  40. jordancda says:

    By the end of the season, Osvaldo Alonsa will be the player of the year. I absolutely do not understand how this guy didn’t make an MLS roster last season. He lit up the USL and has been the best player on the field for both of Seattle’s games so far. He’ll get a lot of yellow cards but he is the engine of this team. He’s the closest thing MLS has to a Javier Mascherano-type player. Tackling all over the field and starting each counterattack. He’s an absolute stud.

  41. jordancda says:

    Oh, and I absolutely cannot wait for this Saturday. This will be our biggest test yet and I’m pumped. My head says expect a tie…my heart says SFC wins 2-1 on a late winner.

  42. jtd says:

    montero for DP!

  43. Dominghosa says:

    If only the Sounders weren’t in Seattle, I’d actually be a fan. Love how they play, though.

  44. CelicaCrazed says:

    Hey Ives, any word on the incoming CB for Toronto?? He still on the way or is that all but dead now??

    I’m extremely excited for the match Saturday! Seattle has proven that they are quality at home and I can’t wait to see how they handle themselves on the road at BMO Field. You can bet that the crowds will try and get into at least Marshall’s head, that’s for sure. But to be honest, I’ll be disappointed TFC doesn’t pull out a win for the home opener. I’m confident we will though 😉

  45. j stevenson says:


    my thoughts exactly. alonso has been our best overall player both games. without him, i think we give up 3 or 4 goals and score about 2 or 3 less

  46. JesseMT says:

    Even if the Sounders don’t win at BMO against a very good TFC side, they have already established that they will be a factor in the playoff race the way no expansion team has since 1998.

    As for the game, I’m really looking forward to seeing how a Ljungberg/Alonso central midfield matches up with the DeRo/Amado tandem. Alonso has been outstanding in the first two games. If he keeps it up, he’ll be mentioned among the league’s best D-mids by midseason.

  47. RedLine55 says:

    the seattle players -Montero especially- who have never played in this league are going to be VERY surprised when they play somewhere BESIDES Seatlle of TFC when the crowds take a steep downturn. Do they play FC Dallas next by any chance?

  48. Leonardo says:

    Montero – fellow COLOMBIANO tearing it up! i’m tempted to fly up to Qwest field to catch the game vs. the local team, the Quakes (not my team since they left years ago)

    seattle is doing it right. why can’t the other teams follow suit? i’m talking organization – marketing, community-relations, everything!

    the coach is doing a Happy Hour event to benefit SCORES. sure wish i was up there…

  49. US:2 T&T:0 says:

    Rimando saves that 8/10 times.

  50. hendrix says:

    Seattle feeds off its home crowd… in the second half of both games, the crowd was subdued and the play on the field was subdued. One of the things about BMO Field is teams always look taken aback by having that support against them. I’ve almost never seen a team come into BMO and immediately take control of the match — any success only comes later if they get the crowd out of it. TFC also looked fabulous against KC in the first game… despite usually sucking on the road. Last year they were awesome at home and awful on the road… i think this could be a sign of invincibility at home this season…

  51. tyson says:

    OSVALDO ALONSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Terry says:

    A couple of people talking about Montero being the only guy. Shut him down and that’s it. Look out! You have no idea how good some of these other newcomers are. Fast and able to convert. I don’t need to go through the names, but everyone will see that this team is not just one player. Also, keep in mind that Freddy L. only played 30 minutes in last game. He is fast and technical and ok. Forget the talk. Just watch and in a few weeks the conversation will be, how can anyone beat this team. The rest of the league needs to step up. By the way, the Toronto fans commenting. You are a good team with a great atmosphere. SORRY WE HAVE TO RUIN YOUR HOME OPENER. Complain to the MLS. You should not have had to play your first home game against the top team in the league. I feel for you.

  53. jordancda says:

    US:2 T&T:0,

    Yeah, but those two times he doesn’t save it, its goal of the week and maybe the month.

  54. Big Z says:

    Real played dirty. At one point shoving Montero face-first into the sideline barricade. Yellow card? Real should’ve been down to eight men.

  55. jleppig says:

    Wow. Only two games in and all this talk about Seattle. They aren’t the only undefeated team in the league right now. Get a grip–there are over 20 games left in the season!

  56. sasquatch says:

    Justin, Freddy Montero is on loan from Deportivo Cali. He’s at Seattle this year because he’s getting better promotional coverage than he would in Colombia. All this season does is bring up his value so he can be sold to Europe at greater profit next season. I doubt MLS could afford his transfer fee at this point.

  57. Jimmie says:

    Ives, can you drop the ban on NONAME? He needs to appologize to the SSFC fans. He is a believer, believer in what? Well, he believes that SSFC are not a doormat team. Good job SSFC-FO for putting a solid team together as an expansion. RSL failed, Chivas failed, SJ failed (not as bad), and TFC failed in their first year of existance. Maybe I am jealous for suffering with RSL for so many years.

    Anyway, Kudos to SSFC.

    Montero is good, but I wonder if Serioux is going to clock him this weekend with a season ending injury. Just remember, you read it here first.

  58. Rastafari says:

    Jimmie, Get over it.. The Sounders are a great squad.. whats with the injury -predate?

    Jealous is correct

  59. JakeO says:

    I agree with the previous comment. Give Montero credit for taking a crack at it, but that’s a shot that really should be stopped.

  60. brokejumper says:

    Two points:

    1) The goal was a nice goal and a great strike from Montero.

    2) It is NOT a shot that Rimando saves.

    I have followed Rimando since Lockhart Stadium and high dipping balls will get him 9 out of 10 times. He is 5’9″ and cheats out a bit to cut the angles. He is not out of position so much as that is his style. It works for a lot of plays but well-struck, high balls over him are always going to give him trouble.

  61. sammysounder says:

    I think Rimando saves that shot . . . .


    He just might get another try, too 😉

  62. Martin Blank says:

    I love Montero and that ball was hit with a ton of venom. He deserved a goal. That being said, Rimando must have incriminating photos of somebody. how else does he still have a job? He is terrible, often out of position, and just too darned small to be playing at this level. The biggest mystery in US soccer since Jeff Agoos.