Man Utd-Inter Milan will now be shown LIVE on ESPN Classic

UnitedInter (AP)

If you were one of the many American soccer fans cringing at the thought of not being able to watch the Manchester United-Inter Milan match live on Wednesday, you can relax a bit.

ESPN will now be showing the highly-anticipated Champions League clash live on ESPN Classic after the match was originally scheduled to air on tape delay on ESPN Deportes. ESPN2 is showing the World Baseball Classic during the time it would normally be showing Champions League action.

You can also watch the Manchester United-Inter Milan match on And of course, you can follow the match on SBI's running commentary.

What do yo think of the news? Breathing a little easier? Wishing you had ESPN Classic? Think Manchester United is going to thrash Jose Mourinho's Inter?

Share your thoughts below.

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53 Responses to Man Utd-Inter Milan will now be shown LIVE on ESPN Classic

  1. alex says:

    thank god. what was espn thinking? deportes is a retarded channel. most people don’t get it. i sign up for the sports package, including goal tv and fox soccer, and i still don’t get deportes.

  2. john in atl says:

    Why was it not going to be shown live on ESPN2? NCAA Basketball?

  3. spencer says:

    I wish I had ESPN classic, looks like I’ll be watching it on ESPN 360. Either way I’m mad that it will not be on ESPN2.

  4. Cam says:

    No matter what channel it’s on, Inter is going to pull of the upset.

    I’m working a half day just so I can watch this game.

  5. Dusty says:

    I’m so happy that college students like me get 360. It is available to all universities which is nice since dorm rooms only get minimum cable access (no Classic).

  6. Frank says:

    ESPN has a huge network and they should be able to figure out what people like to watch. If more people are interested in some idiotic Baseball tournament, so be it. I do agree, it seems ridiculous that ESPN Deportes is only available in areas densly populated by Hispanics. ESPN needs to create a soccer channel soon.

  7. Alex says:

    What the hell is wrong with ESPN!!? This should be on either ESPN or ESPN2!!

    I swear they are so stupid, why the hell would they show baseball/nascar/rodeo roping or any other BS like that over Champions League!?!?!

  8. dakota says:

    Baseball is the american past time, but seriously? This is a huge game and should have been given better treatment. Hopefully I will be home and able to go to the Globe and check it out.

  9. johnny fc says:

    nnnnnnoooooooo i have basic cable and theres not that many matches that are played. i was so pumped that espn2 was playing champion league matches. uh i am so bummed now

  10. aristotle says:

    Oh my gosh! Why would ESPN do such a thing?

    It will continue to be a mystery to those who refuse to believe that ESPN hates soccer. They will show it, but they have to constantly remind you what they think of it, and that it’s just below the Tiddlywinks Championship on the totem pole of importance. After all, it’s not a real sport. It’s a foreign sport for girls, and the fans are all psychos who riot every game. It’s not anywhere near as honorable as MLB or Football!

  11. Knobber says:

    ESPN shows what generates ratings which is what generates revenues. ESPN gets the benefit of the World Baseball Classic being shown exclusively on its network world-wide, whereas they are not the only entity broadcasting the ManU-Inter clash. Its not a slight to soccer or this game, just a matter of dollars.

    That said, it would not surprise me if when the next EPL TV contract comes up (I think in a few years since BSkyB just re-upped) that ESPN launches a bid to buy the rights to EPL games and/or launches a soccer channel.

  12. Amy says:

    What about the other games? What channels/times will they be airing on? Looks like Man U and Inter will be in HD at 10pm on ESPN.

  13. Chris says:

    I know this county loves baseball, but seriously do they expect more people are gonna tune in for baseball than for a champions league round of 16 match between Man U & Inter!? C’mon THIS match is a classic…freakin ESPN. We want a soccer channel NOW!

  14. joel says:

    the world wide leader in sports needs to get its stuff together. It pretty much says everything there is to say about it.

    At least we can watch it live but it should not be in ESPN classic but I guess its better than nothing.

  15. RS says:

    I believe the U.S. TV rights for the Prem are going to be negotiated soon. FSC & Setanta have the American broadcast rights through the 2009-2010 season and they expire in June 2010.

    Since BSkyB (owned by News Corp.) didn’t let ESPN beat them out for the UK rights about a month ago, that might be a clue that they also will not let ESPN beat them (FSC is also owned by News Corp.) for the American rights either. I understand the UK rights are obviously much more lucrative as far as TV advertising goes, but this is just a guess.

  16. Homey Boehme says:

    I don’t get (or want) Classic. This is seriously, THE biggest game of the SEASON thus far. Why it would be on a Deportes or Classic is beyond me.

    If you would like to write ESPN to express your displeasure you can e-mail the following person at ESPN to express your displeasure (got this from World Soccer Daily Podcast).

    Please be polite and just request that they put this game on ESPN or ESPN2 so we can watch this.

  17. EdTheRed says:

    “Last minute, second leg!” Very nice!

  18. Luke says:

    Let’s remember ESPN has to pay to show CL games. Let’s also remember American networks, even cable networks to a certain degree rely on selling commercials for revenue. We all know that soccer matches have limited breaks for commercials. It all comes down to money and the World Baseball Classic allows networks more flexibility in advertising revenue.

  19. RS says:

    On my TV’s guide it’s showing that the World Baseball Classic doesn’t start until 5 anyway. Outside the Lines & Baseball Tonight are on while the CL match is being played.


  20. Trex says:

    Screw Baseball!!!!!

  21. Luke says:

    “ESPN has switched the highly-anticipated Champions League clash to ESPN Classic after the match was originally scheduled to air on tape delay on ESPN Deportes. ”

    Is the game going to be shown Live on ESPN Classic?

  22. MVK says:

    BS, Classic isnt in HD

    ESPN will just put on some crap show that is basically the show before in a different format (example- “Around the Horn” is followed by “PTI”; its the same show!)

    Likely on will be a company wide circle jerk to Hansbrough spazzing out and falling on the floor and Tim Tebow telling us about a mexican dude or something named Jesus.

  23. Rafael says:

    Everyone, I could not agree with you more. The best thing to do is support the sport. I’ve watched matches on ESPN360. It’s better than not watching the match at all.

    ESPN Classic is a joke of channel.

  24. PCFC says:

    First, live matches are ALWAYS better than tape-delays. You can always go to a bar and catch the game live rather than seeing it at home on delay.

    Second, Luke has the right idea. ESPN is not concerned with a specific amount of viewers, but rather a monopoly over WBC coverage and the increased revenue ESPN gets because of the exponential amount of commercials (in contrast to soccer, baseball has WAY more commercials; Well at least Baseball doesn’t interrupt play for commercials, an honor the NFL can’t hold.)

    I have no problem with the move. I think the live game on ESPN Classic is eons better than, let’s say, a tape-delay on ABC. If you care about soccer, the extra money you pay in FSC, GolTV, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Classic, ESPNU (sometimes), and every other channel that represents the world game, is well worth the monthly investment. I am fortunate as I actually saved money by getting FSC (when I switched to digital) and then paid $6 extra a month for all the other channels. Now all I need is Setanta and I’m set.

    I no longer complain and have the assurance of watching everything I need in life. If the soccer fanbase noticeably purchases sports channels that play their games, I’m sure ESPN will notice this and will jump on the occasion to get a ESPN International or ESPN 3 network. Money talks.

  25. CSD says:

    It looks to me like this match is going head to head with the Big East basketball tournament. Sorry to say it but the Champions League doesn’t pull in ratings comparable to the Big East basketball tournament in this country.

  26. WonsanUnited says:

    This is quite dumb. Champions League gets waaaaaaay more viewers than the WBC group stages. But then again, it’s all about ad revenue.

  27. Colin Ferguson says:

    Baseball doesn’t interrupt play for commercials because it’s hard to tell when people are actually “playing” baseball. 99% of the time if you cut to commercial you will just miss a bunch of dudes standing around in a field chewing.

  28. Isaac says:

    Last minute, second leg. Just wait….

  29. Dan Karell says:

    For all those who arnt happy, i can understand, but at least they are making an effort to show it. When you sign a deal with the World Baseball classic, and it only happens once every four years, you are gonna give it air time. Thats number 1. Number two, is that while yes there are a lot of people who are interested in watching Man U vs Inter, the average american who doesnt know jack squat about soccer might rather watch a baseball game instead of a soccer game. And even if they did want to watch a soccer game, why one where both teams are from far away, and contain no americans on their rosters. When the USA Nats play it gets big ratings because even your average joe would rather see Americans playing this sport than Europeans who they cant identify with. You have to think about ESPN, who is serving to the 350 million americans in this country, and that if 100 million wanna watch baseball, and 10 million wanna watch soccer, then they are gonna go with baseball. But its better than a few years ago, when this game wouldnt get any air time at all! I am going to watch the game on 360 and im very excited! GO INTER!!!

  30. Kevin Smith says:

    Just watch it on the internet…I’m going to do that, in part to spite TSN (I’m in Canada), because they’re showing it on TSN2, which isn’t available through Rogers (which is one of the 2 biggest cable companies in Canada)…and, well, in part just to be able to see it.

    Normal TSN will be showing Curling instead…Even us Canucks make fun of curling.

  31. Scott A says:

    I love soccer as much as any of you but you guys need to get a freaking clue. Baseball is huge in this country and I love it too. Of course they should show the World Baseball Classic

  32. usa says:

    ESPN blows, and this is just another item that irks me. It has become a total sellout network run by ex-players unable to articulate any thoughts. NFL coverage=NFC east, TO, Brett Favre, and the Patriots, NBA=Lakers, Celtics, and Lebron, NCAA BBall=unc&duke(they just caught on to blake griffin), NHL has been dropped since they don’t have the contract to their games, and the soccer coverage is a JOKE. Sportscenter is almost unwatchable, a few dunks and homeruns, tons of “stories”, and run by obnoxious wanna be comedians. F ESPN, i wish they had some legit competition.

  33. PCFC says:

    “and that if 100 million wanna watch baseball, and 10 million wanna watch soccer, then they are gonna go with baseball.”

    Damn…didn’t know this is going to be a record setting viewership.

  34. Virginia Blue Blood says:

    A farcical, made-for-TV baseball tournament designed to help us get over Steroids and Barry Bonds versus gripping legitimate football.


    Normally a fan, but ESPN loses here.

  35. Brandinho says:

    Just for the record guys, if you live near a college or university, you can watch the game on ESPN360 for free. That’s where I’ll be watching.

  36. Brandinho says:

    Continuing from my previous comment, ESPN360 has been made available for free ON most campuses around the country, rather than near them if incase I didn’t make that clear.

  37. Homey Boehme says:

    I’m still disappointed, regardless of all the very logical economic reasonings. This was one of the things I could actually rely on ESPN2 to broadcast.

    And if I watch it in a bar then I spend like $50.00 I don’t have on beer/snacks.

    Aaargh…well, whatever. I e-mailed ESPN so at least I let my voice be heard.

  38. Erik says:

    I can’t wait for another bore fest like the last game…

  39. Brett says:

    ESPN sucks. They sucked long before this.

    WBC is somewhat intriguing, but ultimately pointless. Champions League 2nd leg between two GIANTS of world football is higher on the importance scale.

    I know hardcore baseball fanatics who are don’t even know about the WBC. It doesn’t help that the USA is the 3rd best team probably.

  40. A.S. says:

    Who cares? It’s only ManU/Inter – that’s like a third tier game.

    The VERY IMPORTANT question is: what about the Tuesday games??? Is the Chelsea game going to be on live???

  41. WK says:

    ESPN may not be out of the EPL rights deal yet. according to this article, setanta is in their own financial trouble and looking to restructure the deal they just signed:

    link to

  42. Ryan G says:

    Great. I don’t have ESPN Classic or ESPN360.

  43. Joe D says:

    Juve-Chelsea game will be on live on Setanta

    ESPN is showing Liverpool-Real Madrid live at 3:30 PM ET on ESPN the original.

    by the way, why do so many people make a big stink over the games being on ESPN or ESPN2 for HD purposes? The games aren’t broadcast in HD. It’s still a stupid 4:3 window, and slightly better than standard def quality. I wish ESPN would just broadcast the game in true HD, like they did with last year’s Champions League Final!

  44. Michael S says:

    Last year I learned that you can’t completely trust the ESPN TV schedule found on their website until a day or two out.

  45. They haven’t sold the North American rights to the EPL yet so Of course Espn is still in the hunt… they’ve only sold the British rights (Sky and Setanta have bought the rights to show the games in Britian only so far).

    Unless of course they’ve sold something in the last week and I missed the news.

  46. Brandinho says:

    Gotta love the always fun “ESPN Sucks because they don’t show soccer 24/7″ cries. Guess what, over the past several years ESPN has made efforts and strides to air, market and grow a sport that most of the country doesn’t give a crap about. Get over the ESPN sucks garbage, they’re doing everything they can with this sport.

  47. Jay says:

    This is a joke. I could understand if it was an opening day baseball game, since some of those are during the day. But the WBC is a joke. Most baseball fans don’t care about the WBC and actually despise it. It’s really the Bud Selig Money Making Classic. Only people who take the WBC seriously are gullible idiots.

  48. Lazaro says:

    I’ll still have to watch the game on mute so as to avoid Tommy Smyth. Also, I think that becasue we do daylight savings earlier than Europe, the games might be at 3:30pm EST. Roma-Arsenal will be live on Setanta (no Tommy).

  49. joel says:

    espn sucks

  50. Teddie Boy Eddie says:

    I’m just glad it will be the end of Man U’s nice little run. Jose is going to “knock them off their f&cking perch.”

  51. Matt says:

    I’m as big a fan as anyone, and as an Inter supporter I was dying that this game wasn’t going to be on live, but if anyone actually thinks ESPN should show it instead of a WBC game involving the Dominican Republic, they’re nuts.

    Their highest CL rating ever was for last year’s final, and it was around a .8. The baseball game will probably even beat that by a little bit and its longer with more commercial breaks. Inter/Man Utd is only a round of 16 game and Inter arent that marketable in the states, so itll probably do around a .3 or so.

    You can’t really complain about ESPN here… they’re stepping to the plate to show the game live on two platforms (Classic and 360). Its all they can do other than releasing the game to Setanta (and more people get classic than get that).

  52. joel says:

    the end of nothing…Man Utd are the better team and we will take care of business at home.

  53. Mike_D says:

    Hopefully Manchester United gets knocked out so we get a chance to see some of the other Champions League squads. I’m shocked they weren’t being shown live on ESPN2 to begin with! No offense meant to Manchester United fans, I understand there are millions of them and that’s why they get so much airtime.