Red Bulls vs. New England: Match Night Commentary


Good Evening folks. The New York Red Bulls take on the New England Revolution tonight in a key Eastern Conference showdown. The Red Bulls need to rebound from their embarrassing opening-day loss to Seattle while New England is looking to build some momentum after its opening victory vs. San Jose.

We will be providing commentary throughout the match, but as always, please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match:


FINAL– That's all for tonight. Please feel free to share your thoughts on tonight's result in the comments section below.


FINAL– For 89 minutes the Red Bulls played solid defense and kept the Revs at bay, then in the 90th minute they have a lapse and drop two points. Juan Carlos Osorio will have to answer for his decision to start Kevin Goldthwaite ahead of Mike Petke. The decision looked okay up until the 90th minute.


FINAL– New York Red Bulls 1, New England 1. The Red Bulls had the better chances, and the better of the play, but as has been the case in this series for years, New England just finds a way to force New York into a mistake and takes a road point from the Red Bulls.

Kudos to the large contingent of Revolution fans who came out for this one. You didn't really hear them until that goal, but they were hear and they will go home happy.


91st minute– For the second week in a row New England's offense is terrible but it finds a way to score and get a point or three.


90th minute– Red Bulls had a scramble in the area and Sassano sends a low shot in but it goes wide. Wow, that was close. Red Bulls will leave the field heartbroken.


90th minute- GOAL REVOLUTION!!! And it's Kenny Mansally with the equalizer. And it's Kevin Goldthwaite getting beaten. Revs 1, Red Bulls 1.


89th– The Red Bulls are on the verge of their first win vs. New England since 2005.


83rd minute– The Red Bulls defense has been very solid all night.


82nd minute– Dube gets a yellow for a foul on Richards and the Red Bulls have a dangerous free kick on the right flank.


78th minute– Dom Oduro comes in for Khano Smith. Oduro's first appearance this year. The nickname of the night comes courtesy of the New York Time's Jack Bell, who just called Oduro "Dominic Obscuro."


74th minute– Angel comes oh so close.


72nd minute- New England's offense looks completely lost tonight


71st minute– The attendance for tonight's match: 12,462. Yes, pretty sad.


67th minute– I know I say it every year, but Shalrie Joseph should be playing in Europe. He's so good it's scary.


64th minute– Red Bulls are 7-3-2 all-time in home openers. 3-0-2 in their past five home openers.


59th minute– Kandji with a great run down the middle, but his shot is weak. He probably should have dropped it off to Angel, but Kandji isn't known for his passing.


57th minute– We need a drinking game. How about this, every time Jeremy Hall makes an overlapping run and Dane Richards doesn't find him with a pass, everybody drinks.


55th minute– Sainey Nyassi has been replaced by Amaechi Igwe. Tierney has moved into the midfield.


53rd minute– Khano Smith with a horrendous cross. Someone should tell him the Mezzanine does not play for the Red Bulls.


51st minute– Angel getting involved early. If the Red Bulls can provide the service, he should be able to put one home.


49th minute– KNIGHTON SAVES an Angel shot. Great cross from Hall.

Danleigh Borman and Wells Thompson get yellow cards for a clash. Would that be a Flyweight fight?


HALFTIME– What should we expect in the second half? The Red Bulls need to find a way to feed Angel, which is tough when Joseph and Larentowicz are dominating the middle of the field. Richards needs to put his passing shoes on because New England is clearly keeping numbers around him and the more he forces things the more the attack will stagnate.

As for New England, when Joseph has to get forward to create for the offense, there is a problem. The Revs miss Ralston and Twellman badly.


HALFTIME– Red Bulls 1, New England 0. It was an own goal, but Kandji and Smith definitely did their share to create the lone goal. It hasn't been the most exciting game, with both teams playing solid defense. Angel has been quiet as he waits for service.


45th minute– Honduras is leading T&T 1-0 (Carlos Pavon of all people), Mexico is leading Costa Rica, 2-0.


43rd minute– Will we hear from Juan Pablo Angel today?


42nd minute– Dane Richards has been relatively quiet lately after starting off very well.


40th minute– As Red Bulls fans know all too well, no one-goal lead vs. New England is safe.


37th minute– Mac Kandji has shown the ability we heard about during his time in the USL days. He's strong, fast and dangerous tonight.


34th minute- GOAL RED BULLS!!!!!!!!!!! It's a New England own goal and it's Khano Smith helping cause the own goal. Jay Heaps is the unlucky one to have it deflect off him. Great play by Mac Kandji.


33rd minute– Yes, that was the jinx on Cepero. Shaky play for the youngsters.


32nd minute– Cepero saves Joseph's header. Cepero looks steady today.


31st minute– If you're following along on the commentary let me know in the comments section.


30th minute– CEPERO SAVE!!! Stones Wells Thompson after a beautiful run and pass from Shalrie Joseph.


28th minute– Matt Reis has soreness and swelling in his right knee, and will have a scan on Monday.


27th minute– Yes, I know, the Red Bulls haven't exactly looked like Barcelona, but they have shown some flashes.


26th minute– New England's offense is, shall we say, struggling to create chances early.


21st minute– Sinisa Ubiparipovic with a sharp move on Larentowicz. He's looking much better than he did last season.


20th minute– Khano Smith and Shalrie Joseph clash a bit. Good to see old friends go at it.


20th minute– Brad Knighton has looked good so far. So has Mac Kandji.


15th minute– The Petke benching is an interesting one. There has to be a story there because he was solid last year (yes, except for the Montero steal and score).


13th minute– Good evening folks, we are underway here. Mac Kandji just had a great chance, but otherwise, things have been basically slow here. Matt Reis is out, and Mike Petke was benched. No injury, it was a coach's decision.

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44 Responses to Red Bulls vs. New England: Match Night Commentary

  1. Cindy says:

    Ubi’s looking sharp tonight, hope he’s stays sharp

  2. Joeking says:

    Im following. Way better than Soccernet gamecast. They describe nothing unless its the English national team. Or one of the big four.

  3. Kahlva says:

    Watching AND following along

  4. orange315 says:

    not a great spell for ny right now, cepero’s coming up big

  5. Haig says:

    I’m here. Moving day so no time to watch live.

  6. orange315 says:


  7. lprevolution says:

    What’s the starting line-up Ives???

  8. ManicMessiah says:


    Pleasantly surprised by the performance, as I thought the back line looked worse than last week as far as the team sheet.

  9. Trex says:

    YES Cepero is stellar so far tonight

  10. paul camarda says:

    where’s Jorge Rojas? I don’t see him in the lineup or on the bench???

  11. nando says:

    i’m in miraflores, peru following the game as i’m here on vacation till monday….. thx ives

  12. orange315 says:

    ives, any word on when we might we might see pacheco, johnson or celades in the future?

  13. Cindy says:

    i’m following

  14. Joeking says:

    @ paul

    He’s getting thrashed by Argentina right about now. (plays for Venezuelan national team)

  15. orange315 says:

    rojas with venezuela maybe?

  16. pooperscooper says:

    is this the same redbull team as last week?

  17. Patrick says:

    Mac Khandji got game.

  18. Erik Abarca says:

    Nando, I miss u little bro. I’m at the game with Herb, and Ceez. I got a pic up on facebook of the celebration after the goal, check it out. Herb says “good thing he’s in Peru”, cuz not only did he use ur ticket, he’s also keeping the free 2008 conference champions scarf they gave out today, lol

  19. istvan says:

    yes Ives following along, in SoHo on iPhone. You’re the best.

  20. orange315 says:

    Kandji looks good up front, no more of that wing bs. We (mostly angel) miss vdb’s service, khano smith and richards don’t seem to be able to consistently get crosses in, just not their style.

  21. Igor says:

    What’s up with all the backpasses to Cepero? Take it easy guys.

  22. revsfanindc says:

    Any clue what happened to Reis?

  23. George says:

    Does the USA game start at 6:00, or is the “pre-game show” at six.

  24. George says:

    NY could be a very exciting team with Smith and Richards on the wings, but if you Angel on your team, you should probably have wingers who can cross well.

  25. Western Mass says:

    i buy the mls match center to watch the revs games while i go to school in NY, and they don’t even show it. so weak, man…

  26. orange315 says:

    good call on the drinking game ives

  27. Kahlva says:

    Pretty sad? With an embarassing loss last week and no marketing for the game? I’d say that’s just about right.

  28. Andrew in Tampa says:

    where the hell is the unmnt thread? forgive me but i dont care about this game.

  29. Trex says:

    But Kahlva, you forgot about the “Running with the Bulls”. 😉

  30. Kahlva says:

    Jesus Ives. Nice jinx….

  31. dena says:

    Thanks Ives, you jinxed it.

  32. Cindy says:

    good old fashioned Ives jinx at work there…

  33. Trex says:

    Thank you Goldthwaite… YOU IDIOT!!!@!@@QW#$U(*#%#@%TU*SETs

  34. Homey says:

    Am I the only one who can hardly watch a game on a NFL field, with all those lines and logos? It’s freaking March. Why does it have to be that way? The next NFL game is about 5 months away.

  35. cammie v says:

    Well, we were lucky to get away with a point, but I’m happy. And our goalscoring is up this game -2!!. It’s just that one of them counted for you guys.

  36. Trex says:

    I want an answer on that lineup JCO. That is inexcusable. There better be a good reason Goldcrap started over Petke. Cost us 2 points.

  37. Steve T. says:

    Tough break for Goldy. He played an excellent game today. Dominant in the air for 89 minutes. Unlucky

  38. GunneRR says:


    Just reading the Red Bulls thread upon my return home from the match. Argh, the Red Bulls are so annoyingly predictable. While I’m PO’d about their giving away two points, it was fun watching glimpses of brilliance from Kandji and a strong workmanlike performance from Ubi. Cepero impressed me as well. But, damn, you knew they were going to give up the equalizer.

    I was surprised by the 12k attendance figure. It seemed like more than that to me.

  39. mike ruze says:

    NJ Red Metros still suck.

    Good News is Fire still undefeated despite not playing at home yet.

  40. TBrodie says:

    I was at the game tonight and very disappointed with the late goal. Best players for the Red Bulls tonight:

    1. Kandji
    2. Ubi
    3. Hall

    Khano Smith was completely lost on the left wing. It seemed like he had never played there before.

    Also, Shalrie Joseph is a beast.

  41. Allegre says:

    There may have only been 12,000 at the game but the way that traffic left the stadium it seemed like 65,000 at the Beckham game two years ago. Entering was bad, leaving a nightmare!

    I think I will be a TV fan until they either field their real starting lineup or fix the mess at Giants Stadium. Hopefully the fielding their real lineup will happen first!

    I know Red Bull Arena is coming next year and that there is little they can do about the conditions at Giants Stadium (at least they greened out the lines), but I have to say the gameday experience that I encounter was anything but rewarding. And how about those scarves. I got there only a few minutes before kickoff (thanks again to the road situation around the stadium) so our family did not get one, but really: A) it’s opening day give them to everybody B) they are really inexpensive advertising for both the team and the brand and C) how about us “members” who barely got our tickets on time, had to get to the practice field to pick up our hoodies, and then missed out on the scarf. The “Team” in the front office does NOT have their heads on right. I am sure that the gameday experience in Seattle was quite different! RBNY look around. Open your eyes!

  42. LI Matt says:

    Entering was bad, leaving a nightmare!

    I got there early enough that entering wasn’t a problem, but the roadwork between the Turnpike and the stadium makes it almost impossible to get from one to the other.

    I am sure that the gameday experience in Seattle was quite different!

    Not only did Seattle mail the scarves to all the season-ticketholders, they told them the scarves were the tickets for the opener! Good way to make sure everyone has one, huh?

  43. Fred says:

    NY had the better of the play? even/stephen I thought.

  44. bkupp says:

    “For the second week in a row New England’s offense is terrible but …”

    Are you kidding? The Revs forced Cepero into something like 10 saves, and while the Revs shooting on most of them left something to be desired, most were QUALITY chances.

    True, the Revs offense was sporadic, but they had the Bulls reeling for a span in the first half and the tying goal was a beautiful play – not some cross smashed off a defender!