Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Andrei Arshavin (AP)

Today is one of those days where there just aren't enough hours in the day to see all the great soccer action going on.

With a full slate of World Cup qualifiers around the globe, and MLS kicking off its second week, you won't lack for things to watch. There are important European tilts like Portugal-Sweden, Lithuania France and Netherlands-Scotland, but also CONCACAF's Final Six meet in three key clashes.

if you will be watching today's action, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comment section below (MLS and USA fans should keep note that there will be a seperate post later in the day, as well as our Red Bulls-Revs and USA-El Salvador coverage tonight).

Enjoy all the action (go to the jump for today's schedule of matches on TV):


12:30pm- Setanta Sports (PPV)- England vs. Slovakia

12:30pm- Fox Soccer Channel- Russia vs. Azerbaijan

1pm- GolTV- Wales vs. Finland

2pm- Setanta USA- Israel vs. Greece

3pm- GolTV- Germany vs. Liechtenstein

3pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Slovenia vs. Czech Republic

3:45pm- FSC- Slovenia vs. Czech Republic

3:45pm- ESPN360- Netherlands vs. Scotland

4pm- ESPN Deportes- Uruguay vs. Paraguay

4:45pm- Setanta USA- Portugal vs. Sweden

5pm- GolTV- Spain vs. Turkey

6pm- Telemundo- Mexico vs. Costa Rica

6:45pm- Setanta USA- Montenegro vs. Italy

7:30pm- FSC- New York Red Bulls vs. New England Revolution

8:30pm- Setanta USA- Lithuania vs. France

9pm- ESPN2/ESPN360/Telemundo- El Salvador vs. USA


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109 Responses to Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

  1. RK says:

    How could you not list the Saudi Arabia – Iran match? KSA with a goal called back for who knows what in the 37th.

    Ok, I just happened to be flipping around between commercials. I’m not watching it.

  2. John says:

    how about the crew and tfc at 4pm on DK and match center? no one gives a shite about freakin Russia vs. Azerbaijan.

  3. RK says:

    Because they aren’t on TV?

  4. Igor says:

    Zyrianov just scored a nice goal for Russia. 2-0.

  5. Andy in Atlanta says:

    Saudi and Iran is actually a pretty high profile match…Finland has just shoked Wales against the run of play…

    OH AND MLS…. really just can’t stop playing on a WORLD CUP QUALIFIER DAY…what morons.

  6. RK says:

    Stupid English and Scottish and Spanish lower divisions can’t stop, either…

  7. Miikemike says:

    Why do people write “shite”? It really confuses me.

  8. beckster says:

    Actually the saudi arabia /iran game isn’t horrible…..

  9. Andrew says:

    Why is the US game NOT showing up on the “guide” udner ESPN 2? it shows drag racing being showed at 9pm eastern???????????

  10. Igor says:

    Yeah, but MLS isn’t a lower division dammit.

  11. DC96 says:

    any links?

  12. Justin O says:

    Exciting second half in Iran, as Saudi Arabia come back and win 2-1.

    North Korea is looking good for qulifying out of that group.

  13. Carl says:

    my guide shows the game on at 8

  14. Curtis Spiteri says:

    Great comeback by Saudi Arabia. Great support by the Iranians, left the lower bowl in the 84th minute . . .

    Huge away win by the KSA.

  15. Curtis Spiteri says:

    Oh, and great “support” by the Welsh faithful too. The whole game looked like a FC Dallas midseason game. 2/3 of that stadium had to be empty.

    Pathetic support for the home team isn’t unique to the USNT boys and girls.

  16. Andrew says:

    carl- 8pm eastern???

  17. afc says:

    The US game will be on ESPN 2 at 9pm ET. My guide had drag racing but it now says the game will be on. Don’t trust the on tv guide, always check It will be on! Don’t worry.

  18. Jim says:

    Curtis, I noticed that as well. Not surprisingly, a poor effort from Wales followed. Ugly match.

  19. Andrew says:

    cool… thanks AFC

  20. sean monaghan says:

    should be riots in the streets of Tehran,while they people of Riyadh are off partying in the street!good on the saudis


    CMON COSTA RICA (who should have the full backing of this site today)

    Cmonnnn the yanksssss

  21. Jacob A. says:

    What time and channel is Costa Rica-Mexico?

  22. Jacob A. says:

    That was dumb of me, I skipped right over it on the list. Stupid Jacob. Apologies.

  23. elmatador says:

    Costa Rica-Mexico will be on Telemundo Channel 10 in the DFW area, not sure about the other markets…it should be the same channel number..starts at 6 o’clock pm..

  24. brett says:

    Andrew – mine showed up this morning… i set my DVR to record it as i may be getting home around 9-915….

  25. CO_Soccer_Fan says:

    Is tonight’s game really on ESPN2? The DirectTV guide shows Drag Racing (woohoo). Please somebody help me. :)

  26. Bob says:

    soccer fan,

    Read all of the posts above, ie the one from AFC

  27. Katatonia says:

    Canada has fired Dale Mitchell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Johnny says:

    hey carl robinson came on in the 64th for Wales. Shout out to MLS! :)

  29. Chase says:

    That result was harsh on Wales, they squandered a ton of chances and the Finns took full advantage of the few they got, it’s lame that gol is showing it again…

  30. Kartik says:

    Mexico-Costa Rica in HD on Telemundo 51 in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area for those interested.

    Good comeback from the Saudis this morning.

  31. Ryan says:

    New kits for England? That’s strange.

  32. Jacob A. says:

    Is Guardado playing today?

  33. Carl says:

    I agree.. Gol cant find something better to be showing with todays slate of games..??

  34. johnny fc says:

    im heading over to giants stadium right now…LETS GO REDBULLS

  35. Jacob A. says:

    I was really rooting for Sir Ulrich to make the starting XI for Lichtenstein.

  36. Carl says:

    Germany looks great… 2-0

  37. DCM says:

    England with a nice result in their friendly with Slovakia and Ronney grabs a pair.

    England 4-0 Slovakia

  38. Drew33 says:

    Is Subotic going to be cap tied to Serbia today?

  39. Chase says:

    Mario Gomez still finds away to screw up clear cut chances for the Germans, even when he is going up against the fearsome backline of the footballing power Liechtenstein…

  40. Alex says:

    Bet carl robinson wishes he would have gone to columbus.

  41. Jacob A. says:

    My banner of the day so far:

    “Welcome to Isra-Hell”

  42. DCM says:

    Drew33 – Subotic is currently on the Serbian bench in their match with Romania.

  43. DCM says:

    Oh yea, and Beckham got his English record setting 109th cap for a field player as a 45′ sub in the game. So we don’t have to hear about him closing in on Bobby Moore’s record any more.

    I guess we will now hear about him trying to reach Peter Shilton’s (GK) 125 all time appearances for England.

  44. Alex says:

    why does wales suck so bad when their entire team plays on the island? I just don’t understand and it really helps the argument that the best players in the prem, coca cola championship are all foreigners.

  45. Jacob A. says:

    Odd question no one may know the answer to, but what stadium is this Slovenia-Czech match being played in?

  46. DCM says:

    Ljudski VRT Stadium in Maribor, Slovenia

  47. Jacob A. says:

    Never mind, they just showed it.

    To those interested, it looks like a GREAT place, and maybe something for an MLS stadium to be based on. At only 12,500 seats it would need more, but at first glance it seems promising.

    link to

  48. DCM says:

    Ireland scores in the 1st minute.

    Ireland 1-0 Bulgaria

  49. brett says:

    netherlands and scotland are not on espn360…

  50. brett says:

    scratch that, im an idiot 😀

  51. Carl says:

    Go Slovenia!

  52. beckster says:

    The Slovenian statium looks beautiful. Gorgeous country, gorgeous stadium.

  53. Carl says:

    Slovenia should have scored there…

  54. Graham says:

    Is it just me, or is the TFC Live Blog not working Today

  55. Carl says:

    Are the Czech’s the only ones singing? I cant tell.

  56. Adam says:

    the goltv commentators are a joke…that scotish guy needs to stop yelling and screaming at every shot.

  57. CSD says:

    First Time I ever order a sports package and my MLS Direct Kick is jacked up and won’t work. I was really looking forward to the TFC v Columbus match up.

    The guy at Comcast in Atlanta that took my call had never watched a soccer game in his life and I told him about the USMNT game tonight, he said he might watch a few minutes. If my cable goes down a few thousand more times and I get a few thousand more Comcast call center workers to watch soccer maybe Atlanta will get an MLS Club one day :)

  58. DCM says:

    For those still hoping for a change of heart, Subotic subbed into the Serbian lineup in the 65′ today in the match vs Romania.

    CSD – I had the same luck last year, DK is worth having considering you get nearly every game for the season for $79 or whatever it is.

  59. CSD says:

    Apparently inDemand doesn’t realize they are supposed to be showing games today:

    link to

    Today’s games:

    No games are scheduled today????

  60. DCM says:

    There were 2 or 3 games where this happened last year as well. Unbelievable

    I did see where Schelotto scored a PK in the 30′.

    C’bus 1-0 TFC in the 44′

  61. ricecloudnine says:

    Netherlands virtually clinching their group right now being up 2-0 on Scotland

  62. This Guy says:

    Eddie Gaven has given up being a quality player and has decided to just start divin’ when a defender is near.

    Stefan Frei is a beast in the goal.

    Schelotto PK for a 1-0 Crew lead at half.

    TFC’s Super Vitti has had one touch and hit a weak, weak shot right at Hesmer.

    If you can’t watch this match you aren’t missing much, it has been boring.

    crowd is 50% Crew, 25% TFC, and 25% Empty.

  63. This Guy says:

    I don’t have DirectKick so I don’t know about all of that. I am on MLSNet Match Center and the game is on with a really good picture.

    It costs 20 bucks and is worth it.

  64. Tom Agnew says:

    And once again, TFC’s back line is atrocious.

    The Slovenia-Czech R. game is excruciating and it makes me want to die.

  65. This Guy says:

    Not trying to be like DaDeuce and dominate a thread but:

    I heard Guzan is starting the match tonight.

    Anyone else hear this or is it true.

    I’m sure Ives will start a USMNT thread soon so I might just have to wait.

  66. Tom Agnew says:

    Guzan is probably going to start, considering Howard is suspended.

  67. This Guy says:

    Chad Barrett is just awful, awful.

    I think TFC’s backline has held up pretty well. Frei is out and Sutton is in. I had Frei on my Fantasy squad.

  68. Supsam says:

    Gaven is a DIVER! and no, im not a TFC fan

  69. Jacob A. says:

    Somebody somewhere mentioned SI reporting Guzan would start a day or two ago.

  70. This Guy says:

    I take that backline of TFC’s comment back.

    The Crew have been livin’ in Reds box for the last 5 minutes.

    Marvell Wynne became a solid player at some point in the offseason. He is by far the best Toronto player out there today.

  71. Tom Agnew says:

    I like the Irish goltv guy.

    Certainly better than Max Bretos or those drones calling Premier league games.

  72. Matt says:

    Has anyone seen Ives normal post predicting what he believes will be the USMNT starting lineup?

  73. Tom Agnew says:

    Are those Washington Redskins ads on the ad boards at the Bernebeau?

  74. Don says:

    England 4-0 Full time

    England 1-0 first half without Beckham England 3-0 second half WITH Beckham (would have been 4-0, if Terry lets the ball run)

    Pretty good for a has-been or never-was (as some would have it), don’t you think?

  75. This Guy says:

    Own goal Padula off a DeRo set piece.

    Crew 1-1 TFC

    The broadcast was showing a burning bucket during the goal. A bucket that was on fire while a goal was scored. Just pitiful.

  76. einar says:

    no one has been watching uruguay vs paraguay on espn deportes. it is a good match between the two. Uruguay up 2-0 at home.

  77. Jacob A. says:

    Matt, it was in his “Who do you think will start” post earlier in the week, and was what you’d expect:





    He may have had Mastroeni for Kljestian, can’t completely remember.

  78. Tom Agnew says:

    nobody called Beckham a never-was. He’s a petulant underwear model who happens to also be fairly good at soccer.

  79. einar says:

    uruguay wins and remaions undefeated but are still in the mid table cuz of some ties

  80. Tom Agnew says:

    ? Uruguay’s lost three games.

  81. einar says:

    o nvm but they are ahead of argentina and chile for now becuz of a huge goal differential

  82. ThaDeuce says:

    Not trying to be like this guy, but GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  83. Rekro says:

    I hope mexico loses….that would really make my day.

  84. Matt says:

    Sweden gets a tie in Portugal 0-0…….Looking at the table, Portugal is in serious danger of not finishing in the top 2 (and thus being eliminated from the World Cup)…..

    Can’t say that would make me upset….

  85. madmax says:

    Why does Ronaldo look like rubbish when playing for Portugal? Shouldn’t National play be considered when voting player of year?

  86. Jacob A. says:

    Not much of a surprise, but Ochoa in goal for Mexico.

  87. Jacob A. says:

    Costa Rica looks fiesty in the first 10 minutes.

    Off topic of sorts, but everyone in our region kinda has a nickname, Mexico is El Tri, Costa Ricos the Ticos, El Salvador is the Cuscatletos, do we have anything like that? Do they refer to us as the Yanks or anything?

  88. CSD says:

    Most of the rest of the region probably calls us Los Gringos.

    In the English speaking Caribbean don’t know what they call us, besides tourists :)

  89. Jacob A. says:

    Well played, CSD, welllll played…

  90. Jacob A. says:

    Mexico scores first in the 20th minute. Shot from top of the box gets saved, but spilled, same player follows it up. 1-0.

  91. Jacob A. says:

    It was Omar Bravo, my bad for not mentioning it.

  92. Jacob A. says:

    Harsh yellow for the Costa Rican right back in the corner for an accidental trip. A foul, yes, a yellow, no.

  93. Jacob A. says:

    Thanks to the police and fence lined section, the idea of going to Azteca seems much more reasonable now. I certainly won’t be able to do it this year, but we could at least send as many as Costa Rica.

    33rd minute. Los Ticos chances are starting to happen less often, Mexico with a couple of corner kicks, but not much more than that.

  94. Aurora says:

    Spain beat Turkey 1-0 in a tight first half. But Spain showed their class and dominated in the 2nd.

  95. Mike (Boston) says:

    Mexico’s defense is atrocious, but Costa Rica’s offense is even worse. AMs and forwards for CR are basically useless… despite being unmarked a shocking number of times.

  96. Aurora says:

    Guardado is playing. Mexico lead 1-nil. Thanks to Omar Bravo goal.

    Argentina leads Venezuela 3 nil. Messi, Tevez, Maxi.

  97. Jacob A. says:

    Mike’s right. If CR had a Kenny Cooper or Brian Ching to go with their decent wing play they’d have a goal by now.

  98. beckster says:

    Goal Emilio!!!

  99. Aurora says:

    Kun scores for Argentina 4 Nil

  100. Bob says:

    G.D. Mexican flopper!!!!

  101. Bob says:

    mexico with a PK on a dive

  102. Rekro says:

    terry vaugh is the shittiest referee I’ve ever seen.

  103. madmax says:

    Notes on Costa Rica for coach Bradley.
    CM #11 is their best player, keep the ball away from him. FB’s #3 & #6 are poor. The entire left side of Costa Rica is weak technically.

    PS: Ochoa is better than Oswaldo.

  104. madmax says:

    Mexico 2 Costa RIca 0 at 70 minutes. Good to see Mexico playing team football again.
    Note, Nery, Dos, Vela, Rafa, and Oswalda not playing?

  105. just saw USA lineup on Califf starting over a banged up Gooch. Kljestan over mastro.

  106. madmax says:

    Sven just brought in his third sub, no Nery. Look for temper tantrum.

  107. JBeasy says:

    why is wicks anywhere near an mls roster still? he is a laughingly terrible … and its not as if there is any hope of him developing into a player .. sad indictment of state of us goalkeepers

  108. cf says:

    anyone have a link to the us vs. sal game?

  109. Rashid says:

    Does Anyone have a link for the Sounders v. RSL?