Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

Landon Donovan (ISI Photos) 

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Landon Donovan and the new-look Los Angeles Galaxy take the field today in one of the day's most anticipated matches.

There are some good European match-ups, including Liverpool's showdown vs. Brad Friedel's Aston Villa (noon on Fox Soccer Channel), but today's LA Galaxy-D.C. United tilt (3pm, Telefutura) is one fans throughout MLS will have an eye on (and not just for fantasy MLS purposes).

If you will be watching any of today's remaining games, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.

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99 Responses to Soccer Sunday: Your Running Commentary

  1. lil jack says:

    I’ll be waiting for the call: “Gol-gol-gol-gol-gol-gol-gol, Gol de Galaxy, Gol de Landon.”

  2. ThaDeuce says:

    I’ll need a link for the Galaxy game.

  3. Jamie Z. says:

    The fact that FSC has televised practically every Villa match this year has been wonderful for me as a Villa fan.

    I’m not sure I expect any kind of result today, though.

  4. doug says:

    Come on Liverpool. Man United opened the door lets barge on in. Lets cut this gap to 1. Have to a win here. No excuses. Time to put more doubt into Man United minds

  5. manigaeo says:

    Torres for a hat-trick ๐Ÿ˜€ Come on Redsss

  6. isaf says:

    Off topic but i’ve been curious as of late. How come MLS star strikers like Twellman and Ching have never went abroad? I’m sure both would do great in 1 of the Scandinavian leagues. It has around the same style/skill as that of MLS. I could see Twellman being a star striker in Norway with like 14goals a season and Ching doing quite well in either league. Or they could be successful in Bundesliga 2.

    Another question is Twellman’s NT career over?

  7. ireneisnotmygod says:

    I got a question. Will Portland and Vancouver both have a SSS by the time the 2011 season starts? I mean they have just 2 years, can it be done?

    Also. Any news about the KC, DC United, San Jose, Houston stadium news and drama?

  8. RedLine55 says:

    this villa-pool match is straight up excellent so far… it’s wide open and Reina has been forced to make some bad-ass saves

  9. igotideas says:

    By 2013 MLS will have 20teams and should cap itself at that. The 19th and 20th team should be St.Louis and either Miami or Atlanta just to give the Southeast a team to support.

    Now once we have that the officials should concentrate to strengthen the USL and turn it from a feeder system into a proper 2nd division. Surely teams could play in 10,000 seated stadiums. Probably expand it to 16teams by 2018.

    The next decade of MLS will be quite an experience.

  10. adam says:

    I could see Chivas USA moving to St Louis or NYC.

  11. mikeinnashville says:

    Great weekend to be a gooner. Bring on Chelsea and ManU they can be beaten by an in-form Arsenal squad, especially with a midfield including fabregas, arshavin, nasri, and walcott.

    But Liverpool is downright SCARY. This villa team is class but they are being absolutely torn to shreds. Honestly, if they keep this up I’ll tip the reds to win the premier and champions leagues.

    And all north london loyalties aside, is there a better captain in the world than Stevie G? An amazing talent and an amazing leader- the soccer version of Brett Favre in his prime.

  12. Krista says:

    Even though I’m happy with the score right now I wouldn’t count Villa out. They had many chances so the pool better be on their toes and not relent until the last whistle is blown.

    Hope the boy is cryin to his ronny puppet. :) :)

  13. Krista says:

    another reason i love gerrard. he’s just awesome. :)

  14. EDB says:

    Portland will remodel their current stadium. And BC place is getting remodeled for the Olympics I believe

  15. ThaDeuce says:

    aston villa is getting whipped as badly as, well, real madrid and manchester united. HAHA. Not bad company to be in.

    Does Lampard or Gerrard start in midfield for the English National Team? I remember a few months back when it was said that they couldn’t play together and that the coach had to choose between them. Who won the starting role?

  16. This Guy says:

    Brad Guzan entering for Friedel. Friedel got a red card that was undeserved

  17. Rekro says:

    Guzan in for Aston Villa!!!!!

  18. Patrick says:

    poor guzan, the first second of his EPL career is coming in to try and stop a gerrard penalty

  19. Krista says:

    holy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot believe that happened. i dont know what to feel. so cool brad gets to face a great club like liverpool yet it sucks cuz they are kickin butt.

    anyone else see torres smiling when brad was shown the red card??

  20. mikeinnashville says:

    That was a harsh red card for friedel…but let’s see how guzan does against two of the best in the world trying to block a gerrard penalty in front of the kop.

    Poor kid. I hate to root against villa but I can’t have my gunners out of the top 4.

    Classy send off from the liverpool fans. That would have never happened at Old Trafford.

  21. Fish says:

    Way soft red for Friedel. Glad to see Guzan on, he’s a product of my school, but hate to see him come on in that situation.

  22. Homey Boehme says:

    oh villa…if only your manager believed in squad rotation.

  23. mikeinnashville says:

    I bet guus hiddink’s bloodpressure and stress levels have tripled in the last 72 minutes

  24. Homey Boehme says:

    if u r a villa fan, is embarrased the right word? or just resigned disappointment? and can anyone stop liverpool at this point?

  25. Geoff says:

    You gotta feel for Friedel because he didn’t commit and the Liverpool fans knew it was harsh. Still good to see Guzan get some minutes though

  26. Krista says:

    yay agger is comin on. boy needs some minutes.

  27. Homey Boehme says:

    I think the scariest part is that the game was 4-0 to liverpool BEFORE the red card!

  28. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Agger is a decent defender and should be starting alongside Carragher but Skrtel is damn good.

  29. simms21 says:

    Arsenal fans new it wouldn’t last, people ride hype too much. I don’t even know how they performed as well as they did only relying on headers from crosses and set pieces.

  30. This Guy says:

    The sad thing is Friedel just ended the longest streak in the EPL.

    ManU can and will stop LiverPool.

  31. Jamie Z. says:

    Speaking as a Villa fan: Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt.

  32. mikeinnashville says:

    Man U tried to stop liverpool and got destroyed. The only thing man u can do is hope to win out which is tough considering they still have to play chelsea and arsenal- and with rooney and scholes out maybe villa could get a surprise result. At this point, even with the game in hand, I’m not sure man u can hold on if liverpool continues this run of form.

  33. Krista says:

    i think anything is possible at this point. which ever club that can deal with the pressure, injuries, and who just wants it more will win.

    i just hope it stays close until the end for a great finish… you hear me liverpool?? :) :)

  34. Homey Boehme says:

    @simms21 – ha ha…like Hull at the beginning of the season. No one even talks about them anymore.

  35. jddjsjsjdd says:

    OMG. Liverpool are on FIRE.

    Stevie G is the best midfielder in the world. Messi is the best player but Gerrard surely is in the top3 for consideration.

    Torres needs a hat-trick for Liverpool

    I’m praying he can score for Spain against Turkey and not get injured.

  36. Kizz says:

    @ mikeinnashville,

    Man United already played Chelsea twice. They tied 1-1 at Stamford Bridge and killed Chelsea 3-0 at Old Trafford. The Arsenal game at Old Trafford might be the deciding factor for the league title.

  37. was not able to watch any mls games. comments or thoughts?

  38. mikeinnashville says:

    My bad kizz, I though they had chelsea at the bridge in 3 weeks. Thanks for the update.

  39. STEVIEG says:

    Gerrard now has 13goals and 7 assists in 23 games for Liverpool this season. This is his best season ever with 7goals in the CL. Gerrard is now tied with goals with Ronaldo even though Ronaldo has played more games.

    Best player in the world is Gerrard, hands down. Messi, Ibrahimovic, Eto’o, Villa, Torres come close but Stevie G is the BEST.

    If only Torres could score, i’m sure he will soon.

  40. Krista says:

    duece- yeah they both play together. recently though gerrard had been injured so he wasn’t playing for a couple of friendlies.

  41. x-MEN says:

    Liverpool has beaten Chelsea and Man U and Real Madrid twice this season, home and away. That has to be quite a marvel. Even with Torres and Gerrard hurt quite a bit in the season, the team has surged. Here comes the title ๐Ÿ˜€

  42. jddjsjsjdd says:

    8games to decide the title. Liverpool is taking it with Man U 2nd. Chelsea will settle for 3rd. AV will fight for 4th with Arsenal but who knows.

    If Liverpool win both the league and the CL, Gerrard will get the Ballon D’or and FIFA World Player Of The Year award. Hands down

  43. happycauseliverpoolwon says:

    If Gerrard can bring his blistering form to England, they will be even more perfect. Rooney, Lampard are all in top shape. England is back ๐Ÿ˜€

    But regardless either Spain or Argentina are gonna take the World Cup in 2010.

    Here’s hoping the USA can make it to the QF’s.

  44. Krista says:

    dc line up via


    Jakovic – Janicki – Namoff

    Olsen – Simms

    McTavish – Wallace


    Pontius – Emilio

    Available subs:

    Kocic, Jacobson, Peters, Moreno, Burch, Khumalo, Doe

  45. Kizz says:

    @ mikeinnashville,

    No problem, trust me I would love Chelsea to play Man United again, if only. But United will miss Rooney, Scholes and Vidic to red cards, Berbatov is injured now, if only Liverpool had thrashed Middlesbrough, United would actually be behind even with a game in hand.
    The league is still open in my opinion; I had already said that if the title was not decided before the Liverpool United game, that would swing the pendulum either ways.
    Liverpool’s schedule looks easy, but that can be deceptive.

  46. jddjsjsjdd says:

    AV will trash Man U. They’re missing Rooney, Scholes and Vidic and Berbatov has an injury. Tevez hasn’t been as effective this season as last same as Ronaldo. Though AV will have Guzan in goal. Testimonal of Fire, come on AV. Crush Man U for Liverpool

    I hate to root against Dempsey and Fulham but Liverpool will tame that ass but hope Dempsey can get a goal in that game.

  47. optimusunprime says:

    I for 1 hope Dempsey stays at Fulham for a few more years and carve out a little niche there. He’s for sure a starter and if he can keep to getting 6-7goals a season, not bad especially on a team like Fulham. Maybe around 2011 or 2012 he can move on up to a bigger club like AV or Everton.

    Now i wonder if Altidore has a great World Cup and i’m imagining a hat-trick, will he for sure secure a starting spot for Villarreal or will he be off to another big club?

  48. hmm says:

    OT but the best GK in England is Van Der Sar with 18 cleansheets.

    Reina and Cech are both tied with 15.

    Suprisingly Schwarzer has 14 cleansheets. He must be Fulham’s Player of the Year.

    Howard and Almunia have 12 and Friedel has 11 cleansheets.

    It can be argued that both Friedel and Howard are among the top10 GK’s in the world.

    Why doesnt Guzan take a loan to a team like WBA or Stoke, they have terrible GK’s

  49. Krista says:

    la starting line up via :

    Saunders, Franklin, Gonzalez, Sanney, Delagarza; Magee, Kovalenko, Tudela, Klein, Donovan, Kiroski

    Available subs:

    Benitez, Marshall, Valentin, Migloioranzi, Patterson, Jordan, Gordon

  50. Kizz says:

    @ jddjsjsjdd,

    Aston Villa still has to play Man United in two weeks without Brad Freidel. They cannot handle any of the top three teams, lost to Chelsea at home and got destroyed by Liverpool today.
    Villa is not a deep team, they have never been at this level before, but I do see them giving Arsenal a run for fourth. Though Arsenal has not lost a game in 13 matches, they still have to play United, Liverpool and Chelsea again. Hopefully with their current form and with Adebayor, Fabregas and Rosicky on their way back with Arshavin, Van Persie, Nasir, they might get some points from those matches.

    Also Messi probably is World Football Player of the year. Remember, in 2007 Kaka won even with Ronaldo’s performance, this year Ronaldo got it and Messi was a second. You make a good point, if Liverpool wins EPL and UCL, Stevie G gets it and the Argentine wins if Barca clinches Champions League and La Liga, who knows.

  51. Kizz says:

    “Why doesnt Guzan take a loan to a team like WBA or Stoke, they have terrible GK’s”

    Maybe at Stoke City, because I’m not impressed with Sorensen and Guzan could battle him for that #1 spot, but not West Brom, because Tony Mowbray wanted Scott Carson at West Brom and Carson has been proven as he has played for Aston Villa, Liverpool, Charlton and Leeds United.
    Carson has been impressive making some saves, but he plays on a terrible club with a horrible defense.

  52. gj says:

    y r they playing this game so early?

  53. Dave says:

    speaking of messi, is anyone watching this barca match…wow…

  54. Howdy says:

    Torres looks like Howdy Doody with a head band.

  55. CrispyST3 says:

    Wowwwww, im sorry, but as a LA fan, im sooooooo bored watching this dam game, LA needs to look abroad and not bring in other “MLS” players, Bruce arena needs to take a few trips to Brazil, and Argentina for some midfield playmakers cuz we have noooooooo mid, i can tell you right now, we need a CM, Attacking mid, and 2 CB’s, and an exciting player

  56. garen says:

    Barca 6-0 over malaga…Messi amazing once again.

    I hope for a Barca v Liverpool CL semifinal. That will an excellent tie.

  57. casadelqueso says:

    Wow, beautiful goal by Pontius. 2-0 United.

  58. jrnail23 says:

    Wow, did I just see a DC United rookie draft pick do something helpful??? Wow, that’s a nice change!!!
    Seriously though, Pontius is looking very good!

  59. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Kizz, you make a great point.

    Messi for sure will win especially if he gets the La Liga title or CL title. And Gerrard will win if he wins either the PL title or CL title. What i wonder is what if they both win their league titles and neither wins the CL, wรณuld Messi’s stats outway those of Gerrard?

  60. jddjsjsjdd says:

    And i do believe AV can snatch 4th from Arsenal. 8games left. Even though Arsenal is back on form, they have the CL and FA Cup which will take up their time.

    And Guzan deserves to be starting. I know he’s in the long term plans for AV, but still i’m sure like Hahnemann he could be the no.1 of any lower table PL team.

  61. Jacob A. says:

    Yes. Plus, his flash, which I know Gerrard has some, but it’s not what he’s known for like Messi is.

  62. sidenetting says:

    As a longtime Galaxy fan I’m not getting a good feeling about Arena. I’m also not an Arena basher but Why Not Go Young? You get what you deserve with Dema. Eddie’s hurt. Tony’s slow. Say what you want about young kids but they run all day. I’ll take a couple veterans but this is too much.

  63. ThaDeuce says:

    Donovan is my captain :)

  64. MickND says:

    Complete injustice for DC United…

  65. jrnail23 says:

    Wow, so does Jair Marufo get credited with an assist for Landon’s PK goal from Rodney Wallace’s phantom hand ball?

  66. ThaDeuce says:

    I am glad Fulham have a chance to end Liverpool’s streak next week. I think there is no honor in losing, but that they have a chance to win if they play on their form.

  67. jddjsjsjdd says:

    Im torn between The Reds and The Whites but i want Stevie G to taste the league title. I’m sure Dempsey and the crew will rebound from the loss.

  68. Ron Wright says:

    MLS Referees are just plain bad. They handed a point to LA today when giving a pk for a non-existant hand ball by DC. They were influnced by the LA players.

    It is not just the player quality that needs improving at MLS. Might be better to import refs to the league.

  69. Alex says:

    Yeah, because they don’t have bad refs everywhere… Mike riley, anyone Mike RIley!!

  70. green says:

    “They handed a point to LA today when giving a pk for a non-existant hand ball by DC.”

    And please, someone, explain to me how Dema doesn’t get sent off in the first half. PK given, last man, yellow card????? Grow a spine ref.

  71. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I thought the DC PK was pretty weak. And while the Galaxy PK was non-existent, it makes up for the non-pk call earlier when the foul was given outside the box.

    All in all, I thought 2-2 was fair. The galaxy looked the better team to me and dropped points for not converting chances.

    And, you can see why LA is reluctant to give up DOnovan, can’t you?

  72. Gene_SF says:

    Overall 2:2 is probably fair. I am with Tony on the PKs, the handball on DC was bad, but so was the 1st-half PK. Seems like a wash.

    DC was better in the 2nd, but LA had good chances in the first.

  73. madmax says:

    David, I hoped you watched your LA Galaxy today. Bruce has Landon up high, Gordon as super sub, and Franklin on at RB. You must have noticed the vast improvement. There is still a very decent chance that one of these Galaxy chaps will send you a real ‘hospital ball’, they have that ability you know.

  74. J spot says:


  75. Northzax says:

    Tony: did you see the replay? Gomez bumped donovan a yard out of the box, he then fell into the box. If gomez was last back you maybe give the continuity and pk, but the replays were clear. (the spot is where the foul is committed, not where the player falls) the one that might realistically have been called was when Olsen dragged (Klein maybe?) down right above the Spot, but since they were both fighting, it’s a tough call either way. And murrafo was letting a lot go all over. Kovalenko was lucky to escape with just a yellow and a pk frankly. Although a yellow for him might as well be a red, it took him out of the game totally.

    I think murrafo was actually calling a good game, save the bad pk call on Wallace. He let the teams play, kept his whistle in his pocket on a lot of hard but clean tackles from both sides and let the teams decide the game.

  76. kevin says:

    is guzan starting the el salvador match?
    if so he will be playing in the us qualifier and villas match vs man utd in the next two weeks. i think this is his moment of oppurtunity

  77. sean monaghan says:

    lol…I like to think of it as a make up call….He gave LD a freekick right outside the box 5 minutes before that,when he was clearly grabbed atleast two yards inside the box.

    Donovan FTW….my capitannn

  78. Tim says:

    Sean monaghan seriously?? The contact clearly happened outside the box, which is the only thing that matters.

  79. adam says:

    I live in DC, I have yet to go to a United game, I would actually give a crap if they brought in some young exciting talent a la a Fredy Montero, nyassi or Altidore.

    Until then its a bunch of over the hill peeps. Same goes for Galaxy.

    HOPEFULLY, MLS will bring in people after the U20 WC in Egypt.

  80. DC Josh says:


    All of those players are gems in the rough. Altidore was taken 17th in the draft. Every team picked at least one player, some two, before he was selected.

    DC has had Freddy Adu and Bobby Convey, has Ben Olsen and Santino Quaranta, who were all young studs. I agree that their scouting has sucked lately. It says something of the short-sightedness that a lot of people have towards soccer.

    You really are missing out on DC United home games. The atmosphere, although the stadium sucks, is fantastic. And the team is the most decorated club in the MLS. Get some tickets with the Screaming Eagles or Barra Brava, have a couple beers and some good food at the tailgate with us, and sing your ass off all game long.

  81. sean monaghan says:

    Timmmmay…..hate to break it to you but the contact was going on into the box,by the time the ref called the foul Donovan was tripped inside.Then five minutes later Donovan scores the penalty and goes on to score another one,what can you do,we have a hostile crowd at the HDC,why do you think the referee gave us a penalty 5 minutes later?


  82. beckster says:

    Adam, I feel sorry for you that you haven’t experienced a DCU game at RFK. It is the best sports experience in DC. Agree totally with DC Josh. And Wallace and Pontius sure showed today that they may be great young talent.

    As for the game, sucky ref call at a really bad time. If you had told me before the game that we’d get a point, I would have been thrilled – bummer to lose a 2 goal lead. But, what I did see in this game was heart. Wallace, Pontius, McTavish and Janeki taking each other out and Benny – wasn’t too fast but his passes were precise and perfect. We may not win a ton of games this year but if we keep that heart and spirit, it will be tough to complain.

  83. This Guy says:

    Ron White,

    Did you watch the whole match?

    DC United was given a penalty also. except with the DC Penalty the player was offsides by at least 3 meters. The linesman had his flag up, waiving it back and forth but the head ref still awarded a penalty for a foul that was commited to a player receiving a ball offsides.

    Quit whining.

  84. Jacob A. says:

    “hostile”. I’ve never been, but that’s how I’d described it based on tv. It’s right up there with BMO, RFK, Qwest, HDC, basically one in the same.

  85. mikeinnashville says:

    On account of being born in london and having parents from islington, I’ll admit to being an Arsenal-supporting “eurosnob”. However, after having a long work week and staying home and watching both MLS games on FSC on saturday night as well as the game on thursday, I can say I’ll be following MLS this year for sure. I loved the unpredictibility of the games and some of the finishes were pure class.

    However, despite friedel and guzan being at AV I have to root against them in the league. It will surely be a great finish to the english season on both ends of the table. I think Arsenal will challenge for 3rd because with their record vs the other members aof the top 3 and their current form I favor them to win out except for the Liverpool fixture.

    Liverpool is looking like a team on a mission and if gerrard and torres stay healthy they are unbeatable.

    Being a gooner and a USMNT fan has put me in some tough positions lately, I can’t wait for april 1st hope to see some of you here in the Music City.

  86. Kizz says:

    @ jddjsjsjdd,

    I never thought about that. If they both don’t win UCL that would be crazy. Maybe Messi’s goal tally as he has like 19 goals in La Liga at the momet, but yeah Stevie G is playing out of his mind right now, with CL and EPL. We’l have to wait and see.

  87. Jacob A. says:

    It seems like MLS gets slightly better each year, for one reason or another. I’m enjoying it.

    I’ll also enjoy April 1st in the Music City, including Demos’ before the game. Ohhh I’m so ready.

  88. mikeinnashville says:

    Oh and I think dempsey will stay at craven cottage as long aws he is welcome. What a year for yanks abroad. Too bad so many of them have to play against AW’s red and white army.

  89. mikeinnashville says:


    Ill gladly meet you at demos’. Ate there tonight as a matter of fact. Shoot me an e-mail at if you want to grab a beer before the game!

  90. BlueWhiteLion says:

    whoever asked why Twellman never played abroad and maybe could have played on a Bundesliga 2 team. . . was that tongue in cheek or serious? He DID play for such a team: 1860 Munich. Go Lions! lol.

    I didn’t get to see it live, but on the replay, the LA crowd sounded pretty loud and raucous. Were they the whole game? If so, great for them!

  91. JoeW says:

    1. This Guy–yeah, the flag was up. Marrufo conferred with the AR and then called the PK. My understanding (what I read) was that the AR was signaling the FOUL, not offside.

    2. The TV coverage indicated there was no handball, not even close on the PK call against Wallace. So to argue that the two calls were equal is a bit dubious.

    Hard to be able to tell much about DC United from this match. LAG probably isn’t a very good team so having a shutout for 80 minutes (then giving up 1 goal on a bad PK call, another with 2 starting defenders down) might seem good news but the real question for DCU is if defensive organization has improved much and you really can’t conclude one way or the other on the basis of this match. The other question is whether Gomez is the Gomez of old or if he’s an old Gomez. Again, he looked good but it’s against the LAG central midfield so that doesn’t mean anything. Probably the two positives that come out of this for DCU are:
    –some of the young depth showed well
    –DCU sucked on the road last year so getting a point in the first road game isn’t terrible.

    But otherwise, all of the questions DCU had going into the season are pretty much still unanswered.

  92. BlueWhiteLion – OMG AN 1860 fan in North America!!! I used to live in Munich and sold the Loewen News for them…attended all home and a couple away games from the age of 8-14 (when I moved to Toronto)! We should start a supporters chapter over here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. Kizz says:

    @ jddjsjsjdd,

    Guzan is better off staying with Aston Villa knowing that he is learning from a veteran and he starts at Villa in under two years. He played in FA and UEFA Cupa matches.
    He will be starting sooner than later because Martin O’Neill wanted him and lets be honest, Villa cannot afford to pay huge money for a goalie anytime soon.

  94. BlueWhiteLion says:

    Hey Colman, “Einmal Loewe, immer Loewe!!” lol, you have seen way more than me. I just played youth for them back in the 1820’s …or was it 1970’s, before their deep descent into the Regionaliga. Was supposed to be a ballboy at the Olympia Stadion and then I got sick that day . . . SOOOOO, well you are probably the more committed fan. Glad to hear the shout out. Few of us around!

  95. sean monaghan says:

    lol,the few the proud,Rangers Fc….ok maybe not so proud,more like a disgrace


    good to see fans of 1860 Munich,but its all about St. Pauli!Celtic’s brother team

  96. Steve B says:

    In regards to the handball call resulting in the PK against DC united: I was at the game sitting very close to the goal and it was clearly a handball. However, when I got home and watched it on TV, there was no clear camera angle, and the commentators suggested otherwise.

    Overall, I think 2-2 was a fair result for both sides.

  97. Rockotodd says:

    @Steve B.

    NO CLEAR CAMERA ANGLE?? Were you drunk when you watched the replay?? The camera angle was very clear that it hit Wallace’s thigh. L.A. was gifted the tie.