USA 2, El Salvador 2: Who impressed and who disappointed?

Frankie Hejduk 2 (Reuters) 

The U.S. national team's stirring 2-2 comeback draw had its share of drama, excitement and disappointment, but it is clear the match as a whole was one that left many U.S. fans feeling a little less confident about the U.S. team's ability to dominate CONCACAF competition.

While we work on a more detailed look at the game for Monday, we here at SBI wanted to find out who you, the readers, thought the standounts and disappointments were for the U.S. national team.

There are two polls, one for your pick for most impressive performance, and one for most disappointing performance by U.S. national team player's on Saturday. Cast your votes after the jump and feel free to share your post-game thoughts on the USA-El Salvador match in the comments section below.

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161 Responses to USA 2, El Salvador 2: Who impressed and who disappointed?

  1. dena says:

    Frankie impressed me, he certainly isnt the best looking defender out there but he has a ton of heart, ton of grit, and showed it last night. That coupled with the fact that El Salvador left TONS of space for him on the right equaled a great game for HeyDude.

    Paco Torres a close second, his composure on the ball was impressive, why isn’t he starting again?

    Kljestan disappointed, his first touch throughout the game was atrocious and BB pulled him off way to late, that could’ve cost us.

  2. Emo Dave says:

    Overall I was disappointed by the Nats, I thought by now they would go out prove they are the best team in Concacaf. But instead it proves again that the nats are over hyped and overrated.

    I really wish we would play some attractive football, I am sick and tire of this robotic soccer that is displayed by the Nats.

    Why are we so afraid to play attractive football, we have the players like Adu, Torres, and Donovan.

    We need to get pass the insecurities ad show we know how to play.

  3. andrew in tampa says:

    Donovan deserves to be on the list of those who disappointed. He was just not active or visible last night. Talk about a no impact player.

  4. Ian says:

    It is obvious that some changes need to happen quickly for us to have any chance for success in South Africa. The boom ball and terrible 1st touch has got to stop;

    Beasley/Ching/Kljestan/Pearce to the bench.

    Adu/Altidore/Torres/Spector in.

  5. Mark says:

    Torres instead of Sacha. Spector instead of Pierce. 2002 Beasley instead of 2009 Beasly.

  6. Sean says:

    Some things to be concerned about but a lot of positives to draw from. I hope this is a wake-up call to the US team. I hope they don’t come out with an ego about coming back and tying. They need to realize against a top ten club in a World Cup match, a 2-0 lead would be virtually insurmountable.

    Having said that, Torres impressed me the most. I would say Hejduk, but he has always been a workhorse whose tireless effort helps to win games. Very happy to see Altidore score again because we need to develop these young players.

    It’s a shame that Donovan didn’t really leave his mark on the game. After that missed free kick, which wasn’t close to on-target, he sort of disappeared. Whether by his own failure or change of tactics or formation, I don’t really know.

    I’m still not a Beasley fan. I guess maybe I have to accept he’s among the best we have, but that’s a hard reality to sober up to.

    I want Adu to be playing. He needs to get into a better situation or start putting his heart into getting playing time at his club and with the Nats.

  7. Mikeype says:

    If this is how we are going to play in the Confederations Cup this summer, might as well expect 0-0-3 (0 Points).

    It took determination to come from behind 2-2 with El Salvador players falling down all over the field. Disgraceful! But, it should not have taken 75 minutes to score on this team. We should have beaten this team 2-0 or 3-0. They were ranked 106th by FIFA after all.

    What worries me is how are we going to play when we have to travel to Mexico City? Tegucigalpa? San José?

  8. DC Josh says:

    My biggest concern is this:

    Why are we so afraid to take it to teams?

    We have so much offensive power, why doesn’t Bradley take it to teams in short stints instead of laying back and playing it safe? We have the speed and technical ability to keep the ball in the offensive third, we know the teams are going to keep 10 men behind the ball.

    A disappointing showing all the way around from what I saw. All three subs played very well, especially Edu, for being literally thrown into the match with no heads-up from the staff. If it wasn’t for the guts they had in the last 15 minutes, I would have thought it was our reserves out there.

  9. Robert says:

    I pick Calif.. Not enough understanding with the rest of the squad. Pearce was muted and Kljestan had his problems but Calif’s place was the most important in the absence of Gooch.

  10. Tony in Quakeland says:

    I picked Torres because I got what I expected from Altidore. Torres went up several notches in my estimation.

    Disappointment was Beasley. Sasha is a younger player and will have ups and downs as he learns. Beasley, on the other hand, is supposed to be a team leader. Califf does not need to see another Nats game, even on television – but again, that’s what I expected.

  11. Barry U says:

    Heath Pearce was shocking, Sacha and DMB had the worst first touches and give aways of all the players on the field last night. DMB got slotted in at LB and he was better but he let that cross in for the second goal pretty easily. I still like him and Torres on the left becuase I think DMB’s defending will improve if he plays the position regularly for the USMNT.

    On to the good. Jozy and Paco Torres played well when they came in. Clint Dempsey did some good things. But that is about all the good i could see.

    But 1 point is better than 0 points.

  12. Rekro says:

    Jozy should be starting….just because he’s not playing with xerez doesn’t mean he’s not capable of playing at a high level.

    Torres should be starting…he’s a consistent starter for pachuca. sacha is good but he has lapses where he plays horribly.

  13. Michael Vann says:

    Points are points. It is better to draw than to lose and for 70 minutes zerp points looked like a real possibility. I give the boys credit, they pinned their ears back and got something from nothing. For the large stretches of the game we were horrific. There are so many misplays, mistimings, and miscues that I can’t even wrap my head around. A second look at the match will give me a better indication. Off the top of my head Frankie, Jozy, Torres, and Michael B (to a lesser extent) impressed. Everyone else not some much. My expectations going into Central American countries and playing well are low. It just doesn’t happen. There area a myriad of reasons we don’t play well there. But at the end of the day we got a point. It may have been ugly and we may have actually deserved a loss but I will take a point on the road in Central America any day.

  14. Strider says:

    OK – there is plenty of good & bad here. Most disappointing to me was our terrible passing and lack of crispness. We just passed, dribbled a bit, then passed back so often it was very discouraging. On the positive side we showed some real heart after going down 2-0. Both Torres and Altidore made a difference. I sure hope they both start against T&T.

  15. EA says:

    Is there a reason I can’t vote for Brad Guzan as most disappointing? I’ve always been a fan, but his performance was more Troy Perkins and less Tim Howard.

    I would have rather seen Matt Reis or Joe Cannon, than the goalkeeping I saw from Guzan last night. He almost rolled it into the path an El Sal forward in stoppage time. He looked rattled and timid all night.

    Sacha looked pretty good when moving forward, but lost in every other aspect.

    Also, I’m normally a Bob Bradley supporter, but his choice of lineup last night left a bit to be desired. If Mastroeni and Hahnemann start instead of Kljestan and Guzan, I believe El Sal doesn’t score in that game.

    I will give Bob kudos for making the substitutions and tactical change to score the two goals at the end.

  16. T says:

    pearce is the worst. I am embarrassed as a us citizen that he represents my country in soccer

  17. Andrew says:

    It showed heart to get the draw. Our superior talent certainly helped. I didn’t expect us to go in and play beautiful football, but I was disappointed at the total lack of urgency we displayed. It was good that we showed resolve in the end, but finding that effort for 90 is going to get us the results against tougher competition. Let’s hope for a stronger performance on Wednesday.

  18. nick says:

    Torres did very good, while Jozy looked good still kind of rusty he really needs to play more.

    Pearce looked lazy playing with no heart.

    Sacha should honestly lose his starting position becasue this is 2 straight important qualifying games he just isnt producing.

  19. Mike says:

    Overall, it was a poor match with only the subs really impressing. I don’t need to say that Altidore and Torres need to be starting.

    I also thought it was ridiculous that in a team with Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, DaMarcus Beasely and reknowned goal-scoring defender Carlos Bocanegra that Frankie Hejduk, a mediocre, old, MLS-quality right fullback assisted a goal and scored another.

    Perhaps the future does not look as bright as we had hoped.

  20. KCB says:

    Whose performance disappointed you the most in the USA’s 2-2 tie vs. El Salvador?

    Write-In Vote : Dempsey.

    Is his passing always that bad with Fulham? Sometimes I wonder if he thought the US went retro and was wearing Blue. Terrible. Jozy and Frankie (at moments) saved us.

  21. Nicholas says:

    A little bit of a loaded question on who disappointed. Beasley and Klejstan have higher fan expectations so their performances were well–disappointing. Klejstan’s performance especially means that someone else will get a look and that someone will likely be Torres.

    Spector can fill in for Frankie or Pearce for my money.. Frankie was very shaky, but you have to hand it to him for being the playmaker that we desperately needed.

    Beasley- while that’s certainly a down performance, we know he has it in him to be much better. I say you keep him in the lineup.

    Finally, what to do at forward. I don’t think Ching played poorly, but how long can ou deny Altidore?

    Should Boca get an honorable mention for most disappointing? Very poor distribution especially.

    We’re going to get back on track on Wednesday. I have no doubt.

  22. Isaac says:

    Here’s what I think:

    You guys can’t wait for someone in the starting XI to screw up so that you can have a reason to bombard the blog with complaints. When Bradley had that goal against Trinidad and Tobago you guys instead were all over him because he had a give away that lead to a goal( which ended up being called off). You guys seem to WANT Kljestan to screw up just so we can see Freddy Adu. In time, you’ll turn your back on him too and criticize everything he does, as opposed to now when you seem to think he’s the next Pele.

    Beasley was the most dissapointing player out there. His touch wasn’t good( it never is) he was offensively timid, he wasn’t getting up and down the flank, he just wasn’t all there last night. He’s an established veteran and he knows whats expected out of him.

  23. mexicanbluefish says:

    Califf, tough guy tatoos, tough guy chops, tough guy glare, tough guy walk, PANSY player.

  24. Mike Galz says:

    Klejstan was by far the worst. His touches were awful and he did nothing productive. This came after a Mexico game where I also thought he was poor. Freddy deserves to be in there. He is a much better player. Also Brian Ching is a joke up top. Play Jozy from the beginning. I also believe that Spector should be playing. I am not happy with Bob Bradley at the moment, and I believe that if things do not change this will not be a successful squad outside of CONCACAF.

  25. DC Josh says:

    Perhaps the future does not look as bright as we had hoped.

    Posted by: Mike | March 29, 2009 at 06:43 PMI wouldn’t write

    I wouldn’t write them off yet Mike, remember the Guatemala game where Boca squeezed in that header in the dying minutes of the second half? Remember the T&T debacle last year?

    It is only ONE game, and they managed a tie! I am depressed as well as everyone else, but keep an eye on the positives.

    I’d rather take a mediocre performance from players who showed a lot of heart (although it wasn’t for the entire game) over world class players with no heart, i.e. England.

  26. Kris says:

    Just want to throw this out there, but to me those who had good games:

    – Torres
    – Bradley
    – Bocanegra
    – Hejduk
    – Dempsey (despite last poster, I thought he – played with heart)
    – Donovan (despite other posters, he still pressured a lot tracking back, which is why he wasn’t active scoring goals)

    Those who didn’t impress:

    – Beasley
    – Pearce
    – Califf
    – Ching
    – Sacha

    Those who didn’t play much:

    – Edu
    – Adu
    – Altidore

    Hmm.. it seems to me that those who played well get lots of 1st team action on the club level. Those who didn’t, or continue to wallow on the benches, don’t play much 1st team football.

    Basically, I’m sick of our best players being bench warmers in Europe, and I think it really reflects on their quality of play on the national level. They’d be better served staying in the states and playing on the same MLS teams. We have just as good of training methods and facilities, we just can’t emulate the high-level real-life game scenarios… which I think is better than not playing at all.

    Am I way off base or do you all agree?

  27. EricJ says:

    no love for the WPS first game? what gives…

  28. Johnny Boy says:

    Random impressions:

    If Beasley, who is obviously not match fit, is the best we have at LM or LB bring back Eddie Lewis. He has a better first touch and at least remembers how to atack.

    If Capello or any other first rate coach was in charge they might have subbed the entire team. They were as careless with the ball as the US Government is with bailout money.

    The starting lineup was very unbalanced; heavy with defenders but no creators. Klejstan is a supporting player not a midfield general. If he doesn’t score, then Bradley often is there mostly to hit people.

    Torres is the only one who bears any resemblance to the young Reyna. Adu is still too puny and slow to take on that role. For those who keep calling for his inclusion, when has he ever dominated? Maybe those European coaches know something you don’t.

    El Salvador are about high USL level, not very good.

    All road WC qualifiers are tough games but this still was a very embarrassing game.

    Ching played well. The USMNT loses this game without him. He does the dirty work.

  29. C Lucho S says:

    “Whose performance disappointed you the most in the USA’s 2-2 tie vs. El Salvador?”

    umm how do you choose all of the above?

  30. Whipsmart says:

    Bradley will never take this team to the next level.

    “Bob Bradley, the American coach, thought enough of Adu to bring him to the team’s camp in Miami earlier this week, but Bradley seemed to indicate, before a workout at Estadio Cuscatlan, that Adu was unlikely to play. ‘No part of a qualifying match includes in any way the idea that it’s a great time to look at someone,’ Bradley said. ‘We’re playing to win. Playing with the maturity we need to have to play and win and hopefully get to the World Cup final.'”

    We were playing to win? Really? What part

    about a super conservative line up with a lone (and old) forward up top indicates that we were playing to win? What about our complete unwillingness to break defenders one-on-one or endless quest to play hoofball for 90 minutes?

    Califf? That’s playing to win? My ass. I guess we’re better off with Kljestan, Beasley, and Bradley turning the ball over again and again and losing the midfield to a lackluster squad like El Salvador.

    As soon as Bob introduced a little youth and creativity (Altidore and Torres), we actually looked dangerous. Dempsey was the only guy on the field who seemed willing to run at defenders. I wonder what a nifty Adu with the balls (and skill) to run at defenders could have done out there last night?

    But, no, we were “playing to win,” Bob says, and the most skilled player we have in the stable apparently isn’t “mature” enough to help us win. Or with a lone, old target forward alone up top.

    Adu might have helped us show a little more creativity in attack and his defense couldn’t DB, Califf or both fullbacks, who played a crucial roll in both El Salvador goals.

  31. golfstrom says:

    I knew Torres would be crowned by the Big Soccer crowd. He was very good, but people have to realize he was a late sub against a tired team that was packing it in and conceding tons of space. Hejduk and Bradley had great 90 minute performances. MB was the only player who looked at all dangerous in attack, in addition to his usual yeoman’s work in recovery/tackling.

  32. wally says:

    Hopefully, we can chalk up the awful first half to the short camp and the fact that this squad hasn’t played together in a little while. If they can maintain the aggression and crisp passing of the last 20 minutes against T & T, we should do well. The team reminded me of recent vintage mexico in the first half – they were tentative, missing passes, badly organized, reading each other poorly, a lack confidence and energy, and just didn’t look like a team. Salvador, to their credit, was better organized and passed the ball better for much of the game. I think Kjestan may just be out of position at holding mid, and the whole squad finally starting moving the ball well and holding possession when Torres came in for him. I think we saw the best and worst from Heyduk – we saw his sloppiness and lack of polish in the first half, but saw his speed, passion and sharpness in the 2nd. Pierce has always been weak going forward, and looked like a defensive liability yesterday as well, and Beasley needs a kick in the arse. I love that Dempsey shows up no matter how confused his teammates or hostile the environment. I also liked Bradley’s energy and composure.

  33. MikeK says:

    Pearce was the worst player, but not my disappointment because, well, how well do you expect a player who can’t even start consistently for a 2nd division bundesliga team threatened by relegation?

    I don’t know how much I like the Sacha-Bradley midfield. I think they’re too much alike. Bradley is the better of the two, keep him in the lineup, put Torres in there.

  34. Pepe says:

    Although I really am not a big fan of forwards that don’t score, Ching is really doing a nice job of holding the ball and setting things up for others. This is what allows us to potentially play a posession game up top. (That, and keeping the ball away from Califf). Right now I keep Ching in. Without him, I think our attack would fall apart.

    In the midfield, I like Torres over Sasha for now. I’m not giving up on Sasha and still think he has a bright future. But right now Torres looks better. As for Beasley, he just didn’t look good. I’m all for giving someone else a look.

    In the defense, Pearce has looked bad for awhile. I have never liked Califf don’t understand how he still gets looks.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this next game:

    Jozy Ching

    Dempsey Torres Bradley Donovan

    Spector Boca Gooch HeyDuck!


  35. Whipsmart says:

    >Torres is the only one who bears any resemblance to the young Reyna. Adu is still too puny and slow to take on that role. For those who keep calling for his inclusion, when has he ever dominated? Maybe those European coaches know something you don’t.< Johnny…Adu was a very nice creator last summer and at the Olympics. Also, players like DMB, Edu, Pierce and Jozy all getting very little PT year, I don’t see how any can use that same argument for Adu to keep him out while these guys continue to get callups and get to dress.

  36. Gil Eng says:

    It’s too bad Kljesten didn’t latch on with Celtic, though maybe they see what we’ve been seeing – a lack of commitment and enthusiasm for a simple and well played ball. It’s too bad for Kljesten and the US that he didn’t make it because the more intense competition in training may brought that kind of passing out of him.
    Oh well. I do take encouragement from the game because the US did come back from a deficit. This is a sign of improvement.

  37. Pepe says:

    I forgot to mention it above, but I support BB and agree with him on having a solid, experienced lineup. But switching Jozy, Torres, and Spector for DMB, Sasha, and Pearce doesn’t really lose you much experience. It’s equally important to keep fresh blood in there. I’m very curious to see our lineup on Wednesday.

  38. J says:

    i don’t understand how hejduk impressed people. he only attacked with reckless abandon because the score of the game allowed him to. i’m not taking from his goal or assist, because both were big, but overall, he did not have a great game. plus, he got owned on the 2nd goal they scored on us. come on people.

    bradley was at least more consistent throughout the entire game, and jozy/torres were both impact guys in their short stints.

  39. mar says:

    Just because el salvador has not been playing well in the last decade and half doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect, there were several bright spots for that team ….and recognizing the fact that they were 2- 0 up in the game adds to my argument……

    The Nats only tied the game because the el salvadorian players did not train properly, only had 5 days to train! also they took advantage of constantly throwing the ball forward (hail marys) which in the end worked!

    I agree with the other comentary, the us needs to stop playing this robotic football, we have the players to practice a very attractive kind of football!!!

  40. JohnC says:

    Wow- whats with all the hate on Ching. The guy did a lot of good things: sets up the first goal, gets Donovan a good free kick, throws his body around and plays great defense, almost scores game winner with bicycle. He was playing as lone forward and did everything expected out of him. I wish he didn’t put the ball at the goalies chest in the injury time but without him in that game the US doesn’t come back. I also think Jozy and him played well together up top for the last 30 minutes.

    Wednesday (please Bobby B):

    -Howard (thank god)

    Dempsey plays the left with Fullham and hopefully Donovan doesn’t disappear like he typically does on the right.

    FYI- Guzan and Pearce were most disappointing followed closely by Sasha, Beasley, Califf, Boca. I was even more disappointed by Beasley when he went to LB- the guy was tentative to even go past half field- lack of heart and desire means a seat next to Freddy. Maybe they can talk about the good ole days when talent alone was enough to do well at the U20 level.

  41. jrnail23 says:

    Two big points…
    First, Torres was extremely composed on the ball, and really controlled the midfield when he got in there. That’s exactly the kind of player we need for these games against cynical, bunker-down CONCACAF minnows.
    Second, I’d really like to hate Frankie Hejduk. He’s not skilled and he’s too old… but he’s like the freaking Energizer bunny, and he’s got the heart of a lion. And just when you think he has nothing to offer to the attack, he puts a perfect cross onto Jozy’s forehead for a goal. Huge props to Frankie for pretty much saving this game by himself.

  42. JD says:

    Can we please add Papa Bradley to the list of most disappointing performances?

    The big story? Jose Francisco Torres should get a run in the first XI. (Roll the tape to his chipped pass in the 89th minute and the cross in the 90th.) Torres is fighter — with composure and cleverness on the ball.

    Kljestan was very poor against Mexico and a disappointment against the Salvadorans. He can do nice things. But he fades away too often and sometimes he simply stinks it up.

    Pearce was not a disappointment. But our strongest side is one where he does not play.

    What should we do? Beasley was not so hot at left back yesterday. But there should still be some serious thinking of converting him. He can defend. He is very quick. And it is no longer clear that he should be given a slot in the midfield.

    Against Trinidad, give Donovan and Dempsey license to swap and start with this:

    Altidore Ching

    Donovan Torres Bradley Dempsey

    Beasley Onyewu Bocanegra Heyduk


  43. MickND says:

    Wow I can’t believe the hate for Sasha. Yes his touch was bad but the worst player for me was Pearce by far. He was responsible for goal #1 and he did not aid in the attack at all.

    Really I would give worst performance to all the starters except Frankie. He hustled down the flank and provided width to the attack. He wanted it. You can’t blame him for goal #2. It was Calif’s responsibility to win headers in the box on the right side.

    Additionally I DESPISE the how the back line in the second half (esp. Beasley and Calif) would “kick it long and see what happens.” Yes it resulted in a draw. But we will never win any points against top teams doing that. They have to work on creating goals from possession.

  44. Iammetro says:

    Just because el salvador has not been playing well in the last decade and half doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect, there were several bright spots for that team ….and recognizing the fact that they were 2- 0 up in the game adds to my argument……

    The Nats only tied the game because the el salvadorian players did not train properly, only had 5 days to train! also they took advantage of constantly throwing the ball forward (hail marys) which in the end worked!

    I agree with the other comentary, the us needs to stop playing this robotic football, we have the players to practice a very attractive kind of football!!!

    Posted by: mar | March 29, 2009 at 07:18 PM

    Nice to finally see someone that has enough brains to post. Nobody seems to think that El Salvador played well. Here is something I have pondered. If Miguel Montes (gk), Quintanilla and Zelaya had not gone down and out with leg cramps, totally different game. Quintanilla and Zelaya were the two along with Castillo controlling the possession for El Salvador. It wasn’t until that point when El Sal started chucking balls up the field that the US had a chance.

  45. Tim says:

    How can anyone say Ching didnt impress when Donovan was god awful that game. Chings pass to Hedjuk led to that first goal. Jozy didnt do anything but put his head in the way. Also Ching had a goal disallowed by a bogus off side (on the free kick). There was clearly a little salvadoran (jerk) who didnt get the memo on the offside trap.

  46. Christian says:

    I’m sorry Andres but if the US had such “superior” talent, the players would be able to trap a ball without having to take more than a touch.

    El Salvardor’s players showed more technically that most of the US squad.

    That’s the truth and the only reason this result is dissapointing for you guys is because most of you thought your team was better than it really is.

    Playing away in CONCACAF is no cake walk and this isn’t something new, it’s always been like that.

  47. big shirley says:

    eddie johnson for ching, torres for sacha,
    adu for bealey, edu for bradley, spector for califf, demerit for peacre,altidore for donovan

  48. kevin says:

    The biggest disappointment was that no attacking player moved when they did not have the ball. Pearce is above his head and should be replaced by Spector. Donovan was weak as well. He has a hard time playing in difficult enviroments. My team for TT is:


    Hejduk Gooch Boca Spector

    Donovan Edu Bradley Beasley

    Jozy Ching

  49. RedLine55 says:

    BB is just tossing around some possibilities. Is a qualifying game the best place for that? perhaps not, but he knew that he wasn’t putting the best team out there and maybe he underestimated ElSalvador. We looked terribly messy and amateur, but the first game back after a while AND (don’t underestimate this) El Sav bunkered from the start, and that only increased after that first goal…same thing happened a couple years ago against Guatemala.
    Don’t get me started on that crapshoot defense. When 75% of your defensive line is Pearce, Califf, and Hejduk, you need to expect problems. Oh well, I have a feeling Nashville will end much differently with Onyewu and Spector back there, and with Altidore starting. Peace out.

  50. steve-o says:

    lets just remember, win at home, tie on the road is a formula that works here. we have done both so far. while a win would have been great, a tie is acceptable at this point. inevitably all teams are going to drop points at some point in the hexagonal. these games aren’t easy. let’s focus at the task at hand right now, and not look towards the WC quite yet.

  51. Win says:

    I thought that Bradley and Califf were the worst players on the field. The played like complete hacks and had to have accounted for around half of our team fouls. I understand that the whole point of a holding midfielder is to disrupt the opponents offense but Bradley went down for bad tackles when he should have been able to either shadow or turn and knock the player of the ball. I’m not going to count Kljestian as one of the worst players because the whole team passed poorly.

    Good news for Red Bulls fans though. Pacheco was by far the best passer on the field. He didn’t look like a particularly dominating defender but he’ll definately be a threat going foward and he was probably the only player on the field that wasn’t afraid to switch the ball.

  52. Mark says:

    Whose performance disappointed you the most?

    Write in: BRIAN CHING. Please, let’s get rid of him. Absolutely useless out there. Altidore, Cooper, even the hurt Twellman would be better options.

  53. mar says:

    I think you all are missing the point on a couple of things.

    sure, onyewu is fundamental to the defensive line, sure pearce left a sour taste in everyones mouth, sure el salvador bunkered from the start (what do you expect against a team who is supposed to be the best in concacaf and in the top 4 in south, central and north america.) BUT lets also look at this….

    sanchez was stuck to donovan and practically erased him out of the game, same thing happened with clint dempsey, in this case pacheco a “left back” had to follow dempsey all around the field….and ching was a no show also courtesy of gonzales……….

    sure two players don;t deserve to be starting but also 3 or 4 superstars (donovan, dempsey, and beasely) got completely shut down…

    also my friend…those two salvadorian goals were world class goals….typical lating american soccer!

    With that said, I think the Nats will learn from this and will regain their swagger, playing in central america is difficult, Even harkse said it….he said it’s tough to get stuck in elevator for 45 minutes on game day…………these things happen…

  54. Steve says:

    Ching, Altidore, Hejduk, and Torres played better than I expected – as usual Ching does some nice work and doesn’t get much credit.

    Dempsey, Donovan, and Bradley flashed a little, but didn’t seem to get the ball enough. Guzan was OK, too.

    Beasley, Califf, Pearce, and Bocanegra were various levels of disappointing. But the worst was Sacha, who was atrocious all game. No posession, missed a wide open net in the first 10 mins and several others, no distribution.

    Bradley needs to make an effort to get the ball on Donovan’s feet more, and to get our better players on the field. I think something like this might work on Wed:





    I like the way Ching and Alitdore play together, and Donovan can step forward in this formation to push the pace and distribute. Also, I think this comes as close to getting our best 11 players on the field at once.

  55. Biggy says:

    the us had a bad game. it happens. they were missing two critical cogs in howard and onyewu, and this really showed how important not getting dumb yellows is. they rallied to get a draw, that took grit. sometimes you don’t get up for a game, and you have to work through that. certain guys didnt look great. surprised pablo didnt start in the center, it was his sort of presence the us needed. the us dominated early, gave us a semi shitty goal off a bad touch, and had to battle from there. as bad as they played, to come back in an insanely hostile environment, with multiple starters missing is still legit. remember how close ching’s bike was to the us getting a win. points are points, no matter how ugly. the ability to come from behind on the road is something that has been missing. it coulda been worse.

  56. tom v says:

    pretty horrible showing if you ask me. we looked like garbage, didnt even dominate, against the worst team in the hexagonal. the only positive about this game is that hopefully bradley will realize he needs to start putting in some other players. id like to see beasley get another look at left (i know he messed up on the 2nd goal but i think he has so much potential there), spector in at left DM or in the center with gooch/boca, torres in the middle with bradley, donovan playing in the mid either center or outside mid, altidore up top with a speed forward with him, like davies or johnson. i think that is the age old model lineup that has proven successful years. a target forward with a speed forward, a defensive power middie with a possession player, speed on the outside mids, one power central D with a smaller smarter pair, and fast good crossing outside backs. nuff said

    altidore – davies
    donovan – torres – bradley – dempsey
    beasley – boca/gooch – spector – dolo

  57. RP says:

    HOw about the entire midfield in the first half? And the forwards?

    Too much speculative hoofing of the ball into space and sadly, yet again, no one capable of breaking down an opponents central defense off the dribble. And then there is the total lack of defense by the midfield as well. Sigh.

    Not a good sign at all.

  58. madmax says:

    The most disappointing was coach Bradley. Bad preparation, bad team selection and bad tactics, gives Bob the trifecta.

    One must wonder whether Coach Bradley will ever see that Califf can’t play at this level? Why didn’t he see in practice what poor form and condition Beas is in? Will he finally get it that Kljestan can’t play in traffic. Coach do you understand that long balls into a team bunkered back with everyone in El Salvador is insanity? If you continue to play with 25 yard gaps between defenders, mids, and strikers you should look for another job.
    Ranking Coach Bradley, 1.9

  59. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    Beasley hasn’t played well in two years. I’m not surprised he played poorly last night. The biggest disappointment was LandyCakes. Once again when his team needed him to step up and be big, he was nowhere in sight.

  60. CSD says:

    I enjoyed the game last night. Nice to see some competition stepping up in CONCACAF. El Salvador looked good on the counter even though we dominated possession for long stretches of the match.

    Why am I supposed to think the world is coming to an end again? We are winning our qualifying group and our team will have some extra motivation the rest of the way through qualifying.

  61. CrispyST3 says:

    Altidore Ching


    Dempsey Donovan/Beasley


    Spector Gooch Boca Hejduk/Wynne

    whatever you choose to put in there, is good i believe, whether u choose, donovan attackin mid + Bradley D mid, or Adue A mid, Donovan R mid, and Edu D mid, it doesnt matter, we can mess around with the lineup, just dont field the lineup we had last night

  62. Homey says:

    I don’t think enough has been said about Guzan. That 2nd goal wouldn’t have gotten past a lot of top goalies. Or even good goalies. I’m looking forward to a change at that spot.

  63. TR says:

    The Ching hate is overboard. He does the job expected of him in the system. Yes, he hit the keeper with the one shot, but he pulled off a tricky shot that would have made it if not for a defender who covered the back.

    Still, I’d like to see him paired with Jozy and move Donovan to the midfield. They have some imposing bodies. Ching is the better passer and at defense, but Jozy has the better speed and can race up the sideline if needed.

    With a solid left fullback like Spector (I’ve seen him play there for a past club and better than the current US crop), the US doesn’t need a left midfielder playing as wide as Beasley does to help Pearce sometimes. Put Torres in and let him roam left to center. He shouldn’t be pinned to the sideline.

  64. sean monaghan says:

    Ive lost all respect for anybody who is saying get rid of ching….did you watch kenny cooper blow a 1 on 1 today???

    what you guys fail to remember is this is one game.we have ten WCQ games. We shouldn’t be asking for the coaches head after one draw in El Salvador.Im confident we will make the changes needed and bounce back vs. T and T,cmon the yanks.

  65. Jags98 says:

    Any coach that sits/watches that style of play and doesnt sub until 70 mins is out of his mind. You are already down by 2, what are you waiting for. The guys you picked were not cutting it. If anything, pull them out to know they messed up.

    Dont forget, BB would have made those subs at that time no matter what the score was. He gets no credit, think about it. He subs at the same times every game.

  66. adam says:

    I like the lineup and formation we ended up with on saturday night.

    The US play seemed to turn on the introduction of Torres. The whole team, most noticably, Dempsey and Bradley, picked up their games when Torres came on. He played balls forward that were useful, passes that put players in good positions to keep advancing. Also the holdup play of Altidore was very good.

    If Bob starts the same team that ended the game on Saturday I’d be content.

  67. Danielito says:

    Califf contributed absolutely nothing in this game. Granted, the entire backline was completely disorganized for most of the match, and the second goal was particularly demonstrative of this issue. However, Califf was especially noteworthy for his terrible distribution out of the back. I can’t recall a match at this level where our center back tried to hammer so many worthless long balls towards the front line. Moving forward, Califf played with 0 imagination/patience and gave the ball away far too many times on those ridiculous long balls. For the life of me, I don’t understand why Demerit was not playing in this match. He is a far more talented defender and could not possibly have been worse than Califf.

    On a positive note, Torres was outstanding from the moment he entered the game. He provided the creative spark the midfield had completely lacked until he entered. The fact that he is in midseason fitness/form was obvious, and likely played a role in his performance. He is a must-start on Wednesday.

  68. Jags98 says:

    Ching, come on. He has the easiest job on the team, get the ball and hold it. When is the last time you saw him take anyone on 1v1 and win. Yes, Cooper blew it but at least he will be back for another chance. Ching is no threat at all. With him being such a warrior, what did he exactly set up last night by holding the ball. I will give him some time up top, but he has to be the first one out.

    And BB, you talk about bringing in the experienced players to help the younger ones. I am sorry, but the old ones are not leaders. Heydude was the closest you have to a leader and its only by example. You give away the arm band based on tenure. What are we, a US coporation now. You cant teach leadership.

  69. Jacob A. says:

    He wasn’t down by 2 til after the second sub, Jags, and the first sub was made at the 60 minute mark, as in, the normal time for such a switch.

    I voted Beasley as most disappointing, because I expect most of him of those four, and he really didn’t deliver. He was hesitant on offense before Pearce came out, and non-existant once he did. One time he passed to Dempsey, their right back closed down on Clint, and he had to point and yell at Beasley to make an overlapping run to the corner, a move that happens in high school ball, especially down a goal late…

    He really didn’t look like he cared, like he’d given up on the game, and like he was ready to go home. Unacceptable. I’d like him to start on the bench for the next game or two, but I don’t know how much I like Donovan or Adu on a wing, and Torres isn’t a winger, so… crap, looks like we may be stuck with Beasley. I mean, really, just, I don’t know what I can say about it.

  70. Josh in the SLC says:

    I am really anxious to see what the lineup is like for Wednesday.

    That said, I think it’s time we give Torres a start with the full team. Pierce and Califf looked terrible out there.

    As far as the disapearance of Donovan and Beasley, I think they had bad games but they deserve to be in there still.

    And I wasn’t that impressed with Hejduk. He got burned a couple times and didn’t do much in attack. His cross was great after Ching held up the ball, but was I the only one that noticed that he shoved Altidore out of the way for that goal. Altidore should have had 2. His goal wasn’t that impressive…

  71. Don says:

    Guzan should not be the backup goalkeeper to Howard. He lacks presence, confidence and command of the box. He is adequate at best. Goalkeeper should be one of the strongest elements of our team. We’ll get killed at the highest level without an outstanding keeper.

  72. Jags98 says:

    Thanks for pointing it out, but normal time to sub? Maybe for a normal game, that was awful.

    You are right on the money with DMB. Maybe now we see what the Rangers see in him.

  73. Scott in Houston says:

    I thought Beasley was the most disappointing, partly because I expect more from him. Until the last couple minutes of injury time, he played like he didn’t want to go forward. We barely used the left flank in the attack, although Jozy did drift out that direction pretty well. Late in the game, Califf just kept lobbing it deep, over and over again. Very frustrating to watch.

    A lot of the commentary here has been on the central mids, particularly the question of Kljestan versus Torres (for me, I easily prefer Torres, due in no small part to his match sharpness). When Bradley is playing with Kljestan or Torres, he plays as a defensive mid. I’d be happy to see Edu paired Bradley, which would allow Bradley to get into the attack more. If it’s important to keep Kljestan or Torres on the field, push one of them out to the left midfield! It can’t be worse than Beasley was last night.

    But, I’m also wondering about the central defenders. After Bocanegra and Onyewu, what do we do? I would have been happier to see Demerit than Califf, in no small part because of match sharpness — the Danish season just began, while the Championship is far along. Demerit has to be sharper!

    I know that Edu has played some central defense, but suppose Bradley isn’t comfortable with that. Wouldn’t we still be better off with Bocanegra and Spector playing fullbacks, as they do with their clubs in Europe, and have Onyewu and Demerit in the center?

  74. Alex says:

    Obviously all of this needing to play for your club is nonsense. We have to keep in mind there are underlying reasons on why some our overseas players are not playing first team football. Of course it would benefit them, but compared to the national team their position battle with their clubs is far greater than the national team.

  75. Bob says:

    Why can’t i vote for the entire team for worst performance???

  76. CSD says:

    Brazil tied on the road today in qualifying. Anyone want to predict their doom and downfall?

  77. Steve says:

    Sacha stunk it up. He doesn’t have the presence at this level. The experiment should be over, start Torres in his place.

    Pearce is garbage!!! If Bradley wants to play one of his Chivas pets he should call in Bornstein and play him over Pearce. Even DMB on an off-night playing out of position was an upgrade over that joker.

    Another guy who I think deserves a failing grade for the night was Bocanegra. He was caught a step slow on a couple of occasions and late on challenges. He was exposed without Gooch to bail him out.

    There aren’t too many truly positive performances that come to mind.

  78. Eric from Tucson says:

    To be honest, we deserved the point because the team, like many posters here, is overconfident at times and needs to fight. The upset fans posting here are hilarious. I was pissed too, but I’m behind them and BB. It felt like 2006 again, but its 2009 and we have improved in many areas. The youngsters will get a chance. We’ll fight in the confed. cup with our B’s and we’ll get out of our group in 2012.

  79. CSD says:

    To answer your question Ives.

    Frankie Hejduk in attack impressed me the most. I have to be honest and say I didn’t understand why Bradley kept calling in the old guy but maybe he has the wheels left for one more World Cup. He definitely brings a great about of grit.

    I have to say I was most disappointed with Carlos Bocanegra. He is the captain and the the leader of the defense and both goals showed a total lack of team defense.

    Last thought on the match. Is it odd to anyone else that every player for El Salvador looked 5 foot 2. Altidore looked like a monster out there when he came in.

  80. Matt says:

    Everyone needs to settle down a little. Torres played very well for a few minutes and Altidore makes a wide open header, and people want to hand them the starting roles. After the U-20 World Cup, everyone said Adu should play now, but he can’t even get playing time for a weak European team. Kljestan had a decent MLS season and one hat trick against Sweden’s B/C team, and he gets the regular starting spot. He can’t even complete a pass for the Nats! I keep hearing for people call for Califf over Onyewu, but he has looked terrible whenever I have seen him. When will we ever learn you don’t judge a player based on one or two good performances?

  81. Adam M. says:

    I’m hoping this was an one-off nightmare. CD was awful and doesn’t seem to have a well-defined role. LD was absent. DMB didn’t move. Ching, as usual, is a general waste of space for 89.5 minutes. Bradley got another silly card. And Jozy comes on late and adds life and everyone wonders again why he isn’t starting. FH is not a very good soccer player, but he works his behind off and if everyone on the U.S. side did that, they might actually play well. Maybe they thought they were going to roll over El Salvador, but El Salvador was so much better on the ball last night it was scary. We played soccer like a hockey team plays dump and chase. That’s just ugly.

  82. Danielito says:

    I like the idea of moving Bocanegra to left back, which is the position he plays at the club level. This would allow BB to start 2 natural center backs (Onyewu and Demerit) in the middle. Pearce/Beasley clearly were not the answer on the left, so I see a substantial need there.

    Doesn’t it make sense to have all 4 of your defenders playing where they play for the bulk of their matches?

  83. Sean says:

    To be honest, DMB played like a scared girl, shying away from even the lightest tackle. Sacha was bad, losing the ball on nearly every opportunity he had. Califf was terrible in the back, especially with his one dimensional passing. The team lacked heart and urgency. Hopefully they don’t play like this at home, T&T will shred us to pieces if they do.

  84. Johnny Two-Step says:

    We need to see Torres and Altidore start versus Trinidad & Tobago, and since it is T&T, why not throw Adu in there for fun?

  85. Rudy says:

    Really wish I could pick more than one player that disappointed. I had a difficult time deciding between Klestjan and Beasley.

  86. clint dempsey says:

    the rock was not in the middle….suck on that Gooch haters. Dolo’s absence was huge also.

  87. sean monaghan says:

    “exactly set up last night by holding the ball. I will give him some time up top, but he has to be the first one out.

    lets see here….he set up the first goal,and almost scored on a bike,anymore silly questions?

  88. Tim from Texas says:

    I don’t know how many people feel the same way, but i just don’t think that Dempsey, Bradley AND Kljestan should all be playing in the midfield at once.

    Did everyone else see how much more effective Dempsey was when he was moved up more and nearer the center in the second half? and Donovan playing down more? I could definitely see Bradley and Dempsey in the middle with Dempsey playing higher up while Donovan and Beasley take the left and right flanks with Jozy and Ching making an excellent 1, 2 striker punch.


  89. MarkVA says:

    kljestan is still young, and he showed it last nite, i’m WAY more disappointed in a seasoned damarcus beasley. he may not be playin an enormous amount in scotland but as a veteran of usmnt he needs to step up show some leadership.

    jozy, played decent in the match, he took his goal well and was at least not afraid to attack, but he gave up the ball poorly more often than not and it was fairly obvious he hasn’t been playing much by his lousy touch.

    torres was fairly impressive in his short time and is more game sharp than kljestan or any other mls players at this point and he showed it. he was the composure the us was lacking on the ball and added a neccessary spark into the midfield .

  90. Luis Mex says:

    All the USANT sucks !!! you did tie against El Salvador only because his keeper is crap !! your DADDY is back !! goooo Mex !! with the saturday roaster you could not beat us until the end of the world !! finally Sven is making his job !!!

  91. Steve says:

    Let’s see – Ching’s nice pass sprung Hejduk for the first goal, he occupied two defenders out of the way on the second, slipped in nicely and put a solid shot on goal afterwards (it was at least on goal from a tough angle), and had a bicylce cleared at the goalline stopping a would-be game winner. Oh yeah, and he drew at least one foul setting up a dangerous free kick. Seriously, who else put up any production even close to this?? He might have been the best player on the field…

  92. arkjayback says:

    How is Pearce not getting more votes? I know we don’t expect much out of him, but he might’ve been the worst player on the field. His screwups in the back caused everyone else around them to have to play differently, ultimately being detrimental to the whole team.

    Beasley as a winger was just screwed with there being such horrible passing in the middle and no defense in the back.

  93. dave says:

    i thought Bradley was promising, simply because he kept after balls all night while players around him seemed lost

  94. MoreOffense says:

    Everybody take a deep breath. This was one game. A bad one, but in the end it was good that it happened.

    As for Ching, I’d ride the fence in saying he’s not the right player for a single target forward formation. He did show that, as has been said by his apologists, he is a great holding forward. That means if he’s in the game it should be paired with Jose or another forward up top.

    This should not be used against every team of course. When we need to be a bit more defensive, Bradley’s traditional form should hold. At least he showed aptitude to make the necessary change.

    My overly ambitious offensive WC formation:







    Now this presumes two things about Adu a. that can develop a lot over the next year and, b. he can play the wing better. Most will say that he’s not good enough at getting back, which is why I wouldn’t put him in unless Frankie was backing him up. Also, many will point out the obvious that Deuce belongs on the right, but I read that he can play left too. How much worse could he be than Beas right now?

    Perhaps it’s a bit deluded. Anybody see a version of this workable?

  95. joey says:

    SUBOTIC : is a Big Loss of the US

  96. DaveW says:

    I too voted against DMB because I expected more from him. In fact, the energy, pace and pride those 4 brought to the match has me wondering which one should be voted lawn ornament of the match.

    I voted for Torres on the other side because he improved the whole team when he came in. Vision, passing, hustle, and a bite into the tackle I didn’t see the couple times I saw him(on TV) with Pachuca. Along those lines, how is it a guy who would have played for Mexico if they had called him has more pride in the shirt than anyone else but Hejduk?

  97. TR says:

    Matt, Kljestan has had two very poor games in a row. Someone else deserves a shot. We’re not saying Kljestan never deserves a chance again, but Torres has earned the right for the next opportunity. He is playing regularly in the Mexican league, and he demonstrates the style and ability of play that has been missing in the US game.

    The US can afford a few changes to the starting roster.

  98. DaveW says:

    Hard to rate the forwards when the midfield has such a bad game. Ching worked hard and did some good things. LD had a few good runs with the ball at his feet, but no US jerseys hustled up to support him. Would have expected that of DMB.

    Having 4 guys clog up the central midfield by not playing any true wingers doesn’t help either.

    Finally, I think El Salvador’s decision to bunker in instead of going for the jugular probably cost them an early and fleeting Hex lead, and more importantly the chance to help their goal difference. They should have won this game, and by more than 2 goals.

  99. enginblue says:

    I still don’t understand how people want Adu to start. He’s a defensive liability, even as an attacking midfield or forward. He is still young so keep bringing him in to camps and use him as a sub if the game is in hand or you need a spark, but he hasn’t earned the start. Once he learns to pressure players without fouling and actually tracks back on defense (like Donovan does) that is when you throw him a start. He needs to show some heart.

  100. Tom P says:

    All in all, the referee had a good night in my opinion and that is about it.

  101. fenel says:

    All of you who calling Beasley for the left back position needs to just shut up. He’s to casual to be a defender. That second goal was completely his fault. If you mess up up front, it’s still 0-0, but if you mess up in the back, you pay for it.

    US lineup for next game should be:





    donovan is more effective when he is in the midfield for the nats. He’s not being fed when he plays up front. Altidore and ching are able to do the job when they are fed.

  102. sean monaghan says:

    freddy adu= not FTW….yet,hes still way to young and has no heart or will to get back and defend

  103. A.S. says:

    Michael Bradley as one of the choices for the player whose performance impressed you the most? Really? Is this some kind of joke?

    Ives really needs to remove the Bradley-colored glasses. I’m beginning to believe that Ives has a poster of Bradley in his bedroom, and is hoping for a picture of Bradley in Tiger Beat.

    The entire midfield was horrible for the first 60 minutes of the game – Bradley included. The midfield is supposed to keep possession and failed at that task miserably. They had no composure whatsoever, failed completely to play the width of the field, and repeatedly resorted to longballs up Route 1. It was a horrific performance by the midfield – Bradley chief among them. Moreover, Bradley did not have a great game on defense – got a yellow card as well for his hacking play on defense.

    Bradley had a bad, bad game.

  104. A.S. says:

    And, yes, it’s time to move Boca out to the left back. Pearce is not up to this level.

  105. lprevolution says:

    I am not Bob Bradley fan.

    Huge chunks of territory were for the taking and yet there were no clear run towards goal.

    Gringo Torres WILL start, Altidore and Adu need to so that they might get some reps at there club, but, oops… I mean OOOPS! This is a Bob Bradley team and it will be Sasha, Eddie Johnson, and Beasley.

  106. dan varney says:

    El Salvador outhustled, outplayed, and outsmarted us for 70 minutes. It was an embarassment to watch them dominate us. Did we get shots on goal? So what, they gave us their offensive end to organize. They were faster to the loose ball (a lot of them thanks to poor passing and first touches), stronger on the challenge, and more determined on the bouning ball in close quarters.

    I don’t care who Bradley plays, WHO EVER is on the pitch better play with 100% effort and determination. They are professionals… play like professionals. If the US Men’s National Soccer Team EVER expects to win in Estadio Azteca, or in ANY major tournament the US players BETTER mature and play with grit and focus and STOP looking like they did last night. HORRIBLE… Top to bottom… HORRIBLE.

    If any of them are pleased to have worked out to a tie they should be DROPPED from the squad and replaced with players with HEART. There should NOT have been any celebrating on the pitch after the game, the captain should have stopped that immediately. The bus ride home should have been somber, and practices this coming week preparing for Wednesday had BETTER BE INTENSE. IF they are not then Bradley should be fired for accepting mediocrity. I am EMBARASSED by yesterday.

    But they are the players, THEY are the ones who should be…

  107. dan varney says:

    El Salvador outhustled, outplayed, and outsmarted us for 70 minutes. It was an embarassment to watch them dominate us. Did we get shots on goal? So what, they gave us their offensive end to organize. They were faster to the loose ball (a lot of them thanks to poor passing and first touches), stronger on the challenge, and more determined on the bouning ball in close quarters.

    I don’t care who Bradley plays, WHO EVER is on the pitch better play with 100% effort and determination. They are professionals… play like professionals. If the US Men’s National Soccer Team EVER expects to win in Estadio Azteca, or in ANY major tournament the US players BETTER mature and play with grit and focus and STOP looking like they did last night. HORRIBLE… Top to bottom… HORRIBLE.

    If any of them are pleased to have worked out to a tie they should be DROPPED from the squad and replaced with players with HEART. There should NOT have been any celebrating on the pitch after the game, the captain should have stopped that immediately. The bus ride home should have been somber, and practices this coming week preparing for Wednesday had BETTER BE INTENSE. IF they are not then Bradley should be fired for accepting mediocrity. I am EMBARASSED by yesterday.

    But they are the players, THEY are the ones who should be…

  108. ThaDeuce says:

    Good Poll questions. As I already made my extensive comments on my thoughts on the game in the last thread (which ended up being very lengthy) I will spare everyone the repetition. You are welcome :)
    I do want to post just a brief overview of my thoughts. Then I’ll respond to some discussion.
    Man of the match is Heyduk.
    Altidore should start.
    Torres should start.
    Spector or Beasley should take left back over Pearce. I am leaning towards Spector.
    Howard is better than Guzan.
    Califf should not be # 3 CB, we should try demerrit or Spector there if he isn’t left back.
    I absolutely loved the subs Bob Bradley made and the tactical changes he made.
    I am a huge fan of Torres and Altidore as starters and I am praying that we keep the 4-3-3 formation from the end of this game and bring it into the start of T&T. What I hope to see start, which is not far off from what we had at the end of the game that got us the two goals.




  109. Kevin says:

    Beasley’s first touch has been atrocious of late. He is really on the downswing of his career, if last night’s game is any indication.

    That Torres kid…look out. He’s going to be magical.

  110. ThaDeuce says:

    “Donovan deserves to be on the list of those who disappointed. He was just not active or visible last night. Talk about a no impact player.”

    Posted by: andrew in tampa | March 29, 2009 at 06:21 PM

    I agree to an extent. Every time Donovan touched the ball he made a very sharp and quick one touch pass, maintaining possession and moving the ball around. Nice but…from a number ten who is our fastest, best dribbling, and best goal scorer we need him to actually hold the ball more and take more touches. I often wonder why he is so unselfish all the time and passes the ball so much when he could take on players and score!

  111. dan varney says:

    I often wonder why he is so unselfish all the time and passes the ball so much when he could take on players and score!

    Posted by: ThaDeuce | March 29, 2009 at 11:44 PM

    Deuce, he is the same way at Home Depot Center with the Galaxy… He is trying to get the others involved and make the team better. It is however, misguided and foolish when you are trying to take 3 points in El Salvador. He must begin to be selfish again…

  112. Tom P says:

    Spector is a better defender at his young age then any of our 1st choice back 4. He also can actually pass the ball accurately.

    Pray he stays healthy and also pray Smirek gets his health back for good. Remember- he was on Aston Villas radar for starting right back if his damm ankle would have healed quicker.

    Villa has Zak Knight so they no all about defensive lapses that cost points like we had last night.

    (Shame they lost Larson to Italy but that’s another story for another blog)

    Well- at least we know now why Beasley isn’t getting minutes with Rangers. He better hope Advocat wasn’t watching last night or the dream of German football could be over for him. Yes- he was really that poor.

  113. ThaDeuce says:

    Torres instead of Sacha. Spector instead of Pierce. 2002 Beasley instead of 2009 Beasly.

    Posted by: Mark | March 29, 2009 at 06:24 PM
    Haha, nice

  114. Nelson Mandela says:

    Bradley was crap. USA cannot control in the central midfield. EL Sal exposed up through the middle of the field constantly. No link between the defenders and attack in the middle of the field.

  115. ThaDeuce says:

    I like the lineup and formation we ended up with on saturday night.

    The US play seemed to turn on the introduction of Torres. The whole team, most noticably, Dempsey and Bradley, picked up their games when Torres came on. He played balls forward that were useful, passes that put players in good positions to keep advancing. Also the holdup play of Altidore was very good.

    If Bob starts the same team that ended the game on Saturday I’d be content.

    Posted by: adam | March 29, 2009 at 08:31 PM

    Well said Adam, though I am assuming some fundamental changes from the exact roster we ended up with. howard for guzan, bradley for mo, and spector for beas?

  116. ThaDeuce says:

    Brazil tied on the road today in qualifying. Anyone want to predict their doom and downfall?

    Posted by: CSD | March 29, 2009 at 08:47 PM


    Argentina and Brazil tie and sometimes lose to teams like Boliva, ecuador, etc…teams like el salvador are. They still qualify and do well. There is no need to predict the downfall of man because of a draw.

  117. magicwong says:

    We are just a above average team at home and an average team away.

  118. ThaDeuce says:

    “Everybody take a deep breath. This was one game. A bad one, but in the end it was good that it happened.”

    I completely agree. it was good we got our ass kicked by a lesser side most of the game. We needed a serious wake-up call, and when you are in need of a wake up call, it is always good for it to happen sooner rather than later. Wake up and smell the coffee all the rest of you haters. This game showed some of the holes in our roof and now we can fix them. I think Bradley actually was able to mend the holes in the last 20 minutes. thats great.

  119. ThaDeuce says:

    “El Salvador outhustled, outplayed, and outsmarted us for 70 minutes. It was an embarassment to watch them dominate us. Did we get shots on goal? So what, they gave us their offensive end to organize. They were faster to the loose ball (a lot of them thanks to poor passing and first touches), stronger on the challenge, and more determined on the bouning ball in close quarters.

    I don’t care who Bradley plays, WHO EVER is on the pitch better play with 100% effort and determination. They are professionals… play like professionals. If the US Men’s National Soccer Team EVER expects to win in Estadio Azteca, or in ANY major tournament the US players BETTER mature and play with grit and focus and STOP looking like they did last night. HORRIBLE… Top to bottom… HORRIBLE.

    If any of them are pleased to have worked out to a tie they should be DROPPED from the squad and replaced with players with HEART. There should NOT have been any celebrating on the pitch after the game, the captain should have stopped that immediately. The bus ride home should have been somber, and practices this coming week preparing for Wednesday had BETTER BE INTENSE. IF they are not then Bradley should be fired for accepting mediocrity. I am EMBARASSED by yesterday.
    But they are the players, THEY are the ones who should be…

    Posted by: dan varney | March 29, 2009 at 11:29 PM”
    Could not have said it better.

  120. ThaDeuce says:

    We must demand excellence all the time, and correct the lack of effort in our players yet not get bent out of shape and call for people’s heads after a poor performance. Hopefully it is an eye opener.

  121. ThaDeuce says:

    Yes Dan, I want a selfish number ten. I want selfish Donovan back. That is what a number ten’s job description is isn’t it? Are you not given that number when you are the best at offense. Shouldn’t the team be trying to give you the ball, and shouldn’t you want to use it more? I think so.

  122. rickr says:

    Except for Heydude and Dempsey, the starters played like total wimps. It seems like we lost every 50/50 ball and every header!

    Torres looked good as well. And why doesn’t Altidore get the start?

  123. joe says:

    imagine if dirk kuyt, frankie hejduk, and mia hamm somehow were able to make a baby? holy (crap) that kid would be bouncing off the walls with an energy barely contained by earths gravity.

    all in all we looked awful. torres and altidore need to start now! adu needs to come in late. and dear god- never ever get suspended again mr howard. anyone needs to start over heath pierce. yikes. michael parkhurst maybe?

    and please bob bradley! work on your public speaking. dear god man. its a slow death listening to him speak.

  124. Homey Boehme says:

    I have not liked Ching for a long time. I understand the point of a target forward, but a target forward has to actually score goals. Ching had a chance to put the game away at 3-2 in the 6th minute of stoppage time. He could have been the hero and won that game. When the pressure was on, when the fate of the USMNT rested on his shoulders where did he put the shot? Right into the keepers chest.

    Did Ching do anything that another player on the team couldn’t do? I don’t think so. For goodness sake, stick Gooch up there…even he could head down balls and hold up play. Strikers/forwards are supposed to SCORE GOALS! Ching did not and does not when it matters.

  125. Derek says:

    Who was most disappointing? The whole NT for the first 70 minutes. El Sal clogged, the midfield yet the US tried to continually push the ball through the middle. Why not put Dempsey on the left? Califf was only in the match because Gooch was hurt. Better to drop points on the road than at home. But the US got a point, 4pt total, heading to Nashville, where we should see better play.

    Torres should definitely get a start!

  126. smokeminside says:

    Homey, you and many, many others keep forgetting that without Ching’s play we don’t even get the draw….to argue that anyone could do what Ching does is ridiculous. Anyone could have scored on the header Altidore made, too, then.

    I like Altidore as much as the next guy, and I hope Bradley pairs him and Ching on Wednesday. But I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t. Rightly or wrongly, Bradley believes in his system, and it’s hard to argue with the overall results. If he really wanted to play with Jozy and Torres, he would have STARTED them. He didn’t because he wants to do it a different way. Deal with it.

    USMNT had a bad game yesterday, but don’t be surprised if it plays great against T and T with the same lineup plus Gooch and Howard for Califf, and Guzan. (But then most of you yahoos will say, well, it’s only T and T. We’re gonna get spanked when we play a REAL team).

    To escape with a draw yesterday was not the result I expected but given the way the match went I was grateful for it. And I think we needed the team we had in there, its heart, its experience, its savvy, to escape with the draw. Heck, there were so many complaints on the blog about the stupid siren that kept going off at the stadium, you’d think everyone was blogging from the stands. Imagine what it was actually like to play in front of a crowd like that, with what’s at stake.

    I hope we play better; we’ll need to, but I’m proud of our guys.

  127. Rastafari says:

    Playing Ching tells the opposing coach.. “MIRA!!!,.. We’re playing a defensive shell tonight.”

    You go to ES and that is gonna get you in a hole just like what happened last night.

    Retire Ching and EJ

    Blaming Guzan for the goals is pointless.
    Last WCQ round in 2005 we enlisted the likes of more MLS players to make the journey(s) to C.A. to (soundly) qualify.

    Granted. I do like that we -stole- a point here but our defense needs some work – like yesterday.

  128. Homey Boehme says:

    @smokeminside and anyone else who feels the need to defend Brian Ching from criticism –

    Ching was not the difference, and I don’t understand how people do not see that. Ching didn’t score. Ching was on the field for 97 minutes and did not score. Ching had a chance to WIN the game for us (twice, if you count the bicycle kick), and did not score. Ching does not score. If you are playing center forward, you hold up the ball, you pass it off to your teammates and you score. As far as I am concerned, 2 out of 3 is bad.

  129. smokeminside says:

    Wow, Homey, you’re up late, or early, or we’re neighbors…

    First, I have to admit that because of Tivo issues, I missed the last ten minutes of the game (actually, it was the effing El Salvador goalie’s fault for sucking up all my recording time while he was flopping around on the ground).

    I didn’t see the two opportunities that Ching missed, and I agree that in a perfect universe, Ching scores. But nothing was close to perfect yesterday.

    I don’t understand, though, your total discounting of what Ching did do, which did lead to goals. Why is that unimportant, and why are you so certain that anyone else on the team could have accomplished it?

    If Jozy, or anyone else, is the answer, then why doesn’t Bradley see things as clearly as you, and others, seem to?

    I just can’t believe that Bradley is that stupid. There are reasons he’s playing who he’s playing, there are reasons he’s using a defensive style of play. I happen to think Ching fits that style better than others (and I hear you screaming at the computer screen, “He’s a forward, idiot, not a fullback!” Wait, maybe we ARE neighbors).

    That style seems to be what Bradley thinks gives us the best chance to win. When it doesn’t go as planned (and he admitted in an interview that it DID NOT go as planned), he makes the adjustments he made Saturday and hopes they work out. I think they did. At the 60 minute mark, and later, after ES’s second goal, I thought it was over. But Bradley made, for him, some creative moves, and they led to a draw, a fortunate one. Ching helped the team recover, and while he didn’t score the game winner, his efforts had a large role in the team salvaging the tie.

    That’s all I’m saying, Homey.

  130. machine gooner funk says:

    i’m thrilled we showed heart and fortitude to come back 2 down in 15 minutes. however if play like last night continues sunil needs to think about bringing in an international coach to get us playing more “beautiful game” than the hoofing and total lack of midfield cohesion we see under bradley. jozy needs to start. paco needs to start and jesus tappdancing christ why isn’t marvel wynn on this team? he should be starting at right back. the kid is elctric. ching is a homeless man with AIDS’ emile heskey and serves no purpose, yes he holds the ball up but his distribution leaves much to be desired. sasha was pants, pierce and califf are shite, and freddy deserves a run out. ideally we should be: howard, wynn, gooch, boca, cherundolo (i know he’s hurt)/spector or bornstien, edu (as much as i love demarcus hes too inconsistent), bradley, adu/torres, deuce, jozy, cooper/davies. landon doesn’t cut the mustard for me. sure he’s great in concacaf(although not lately)and mls but once we play REAL teams he’s useless, it aint 2002 anymore. we should and can be a very dynamic and athletic team but the strategies we deploy just seem to be too cagey and reliant on hoofing long balls. i’m not asking for Arsenal level passing but we need to have some build up and our players are talented enough to do it.

  131. zongzap says:

    I was impressed with what I saw of Torres.

    I was disappointed with the following:

    Donovan – mailed it in … again

    Sasha – Is BB holding him back or is that it?

    Beasley – It’s over for him. why doesn’t BB see what all his coaches do?

    Boca, Pierce, Califf – bad new triplets

    Frankie and Ching worked their butts off

    Guzan – totally overrated. Reis is better

    Altidore – time for him to replace Ching

    Freddy – not sure if he fits this game plan?

  132. JP says:

    Why isn’t Bob Bradley on the list of dissapointments? This team clearly wasn’t ready to play. Love my team, but jeez we play some ugly soccer.

  133. CT says:

    I don’t understand the desire to see Freddy Adu on the filed during this qualifying. He is so small, that he would spend the entire game against any CONCACAF opponent on his butt. He can’t get on the field with his club team – what possible use could he be to the Nats?

  134. sread says:

    Finally some people have called out one of the obvious issues with that match–GK Brad Guzan. I know its rarely the GKs fault when you break down like that on the road in a crucial match. NO one really wants to but Guzan looked painfully lost out there. The guy has about zero (important) match experience in his career, all he does is shine Friedel’s shoes in the EPL and made a couple of mediocre appearances in the UEFA Cup. How are we not starting one of our veterans who at least don’t have that “Deer in the headlights” look throughout the match. Anybody doubting how much we truly need and depend on Tim Howard?

    P.S. That second goal should have been stopped. Looked world class at first but the replay showed that Guzan was just on his heels and let it go right under his left paw.

  135. CT says:

    Comment posters that are critical of Brian Ching don’t know anything about soccer. He has been involved in most of the US goals in the last few games. He plays the unsung role of setting up runners through the box. As the target player who holds the ball while others get into the attack he takes a beating from the opponents’ central defenders. I too would like to see more of Altidor, but not at the expense of Brian Ching.

  136. Isaac says:







    I’d love to start Torres but I think the underperformance of Donovan lately is more important. He needs two bigger strikers in front of him. This way the center backs are more obligated to cover them and Donovan has more freedom around the 18 yard box. Donovan does well when he is given space to create.


    Torres for Ching(slide Donovan to forward,switch to 4-4-2/4-5-1)

    Adu for Dempsey

    Johnson for Donovan

  137. Anthony says:

    It’s a draw on the road in Central America. Half the team comes in from Europe, practices a few days in Miami, then goes to El Salvador to play a game.

    I’ll take it, honestly.

    Was it wonderfully impressive? No, not by any means. But I will take it. Would I rather see more of Altidore in the lineup? Yes. Am I disappointed in the midfield’s automatic acceptance of the long ball? Yes. But I’ll take the point on the road.

  138. Mike says:

    I love how everyone is calling for Adu to start….when has he ever showed anything other than glimpses in very short bursts? A previous poster had it right…maybe these European coaches do indeed know something that we don’t. He’s already shown plenty of times that he can’t play defense, and gets muscled off the ball too easily.

    Stop….roasting….Ching. His willingness to do all of the dirty work was the difference in the game. He should have scored the match winner, but all in all he played an excellent game.

    Torres was fantastic, while Sasha was not (and has never been, outside of his hat trick against Sweden’s B team). Torres should get the start on Wednesday.

  139. Mike says:

    Tom –

    Did you see Beasley when he played left back for the final third of the game? I used to be heavily in favor of starting him at LB…now I say absolutely not.

  140. Paul says:

    The one bright spot I can see is that the comeback may show that it’s time to take the wraps off and attack. Granted El Salvador went into the bunker and conceded 2/3 of the filed, but when the U.S. showed some urgency the scoring chances came in bunches. Also, some important information about personnel emerged as to who is and who isn’t ready. Finally: can you imagine how crushed the home team was to drop those 2 points?

  141. Mark says:

    Some of you people need to relax and give credit where it’s due. El Salvador played extremely well and deserved the point, and you could argue they deserved all 3 points. I’m thinking a couple of those guys will end up with MLS contracts in the near future.

    The US team didn’t play well, but when was the last time the US played well in a road qualifier? It’s great that the expectations of some are so high, but there also needs to be a reality check as well.

  142. rednow.red4ever says:

    I can’t believe people think Frankie was the best defender out there. Frankie CAN NOT GET BACK WHEN HE RUNS UP! The central defense had to come out multiple times to cover the wing because he had run too far up field.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, he showed some good ability on those runs, but he can’t constantly play so far downfield.

    Anyway, Beas really came up short quite a few times.

  143. rednow.red4ever says:

    Let me reiterate, Frankie was possibly the best player out there for some of the match, but I’m not gonna call him the best defender when he’s on the other side of the pitch half the game.

  144. dantheblue says:

    The US team didn’t play well, but when was the last time the US played well in a road qualifier? It’s great that the expectations of some are so high, but there also needs to be a reality check as well.

    Posted by: Mark | March 30, 2009 at 10:29 AM

    That’s the ENTIRE point that I tried to make last night. Why is that acceptable? In my opinion it is NOT. Play to BURY, I mean DESTROY teams like El Salvador… NOT be thankful to draw… It is the THINKING of that mediocrity that will prevent us from winning HUGE games in that pit called Estadio Azteca, or in Sao Paulo, or in Wembley… WHEREEVER, play to DESTROY the lessor teams.

  145. playsimple says:

    –(help)—boca—gooch—(we’re fckd)–

    ill take ball control and intelligent passing over speed everyday. the top 4 understand that and torres-bradley can service

    the long balls from the back line need to stop–califf is clearly done

    heydude’s ball control and passing kill our attacks…one good cross and a tap in can’t exactly save you. a little midget outjumped him for the 2nd goal

    can we give edu a look at rb? size, speed, ball control…wynne spector parkhurst, etc or other central backs who can defend first…i dont think the crosses from a rb/lb should be 1st priority…

  146. Angel says:

    Wow what a disappointment in all of the team, they play like amature not like the best team in the Concacaf. Wow what a different Francisco Torres did when he came to the field, he pause, look and kept the ball with nice passes we need him to start next game with Bradley on the other side.

  147. Homey Boehme says:

    @smokeminside –

    I live in Minnesota.

    Alright, I crunched the numbers and you guys (including other Ching apologists) are right. McBride had 95 caps and 30 goals. Ching has 32 caps and 9 goals. For some reason, I thought McBride scored more, but he only averaged 1 every 3 games, and Ching isn’t that far off that pace.

    I am still disappointed that he does not seem to be able to FINISH the crucial chances when a game is on the line which is the mark of a well-rounded center-forward (which I think McBride definitely was in comparison).

  148. Scott C from Buff says:

    Not the end of the world, IF we learn something from this! This is too conservative of a lineup, we have enough depth. We should be able to fit one or two more skilled, attacking players in a lineup against CONCACAF minnows. I’m sorry, we should not need 11 strong defending players against El Salvador.

    Give credit were it was due: Hejduk! Great assist, great goal; he got forward many more times to spark the attack.

    Worst player: left side; I can’t think of a single time when Beasley/Pierce generated an attack all night. Beasley is just not in good form right now.

    It’s obvious, Torres needs to start; we need his composure and skill on the ball. I like Sasha, but he’s still a bit of a work in progress; and he and Bradley are just to much alike. I like Sasha as a super-sub.

    And Harkes was right – we were forcing everything up the middle, no flank attack. We need to insert a left footed player who is willing to attack – either Adu, Rogers, or Bornstein. (Looks like Adu is our only option at this point. Bornstein is not perfect, but he will at least generate more attack than Pierce.) Donovan should play outside and Dempsey should be the second forward.

    Coach Bradley – I’ll give him an B+ for good tactical changes. But if we don’t make mix up this line up against TnT, (at a minimum Torres has to start), then that changes to a D-.

  149. Jay says:

    They need to play a 4-4-1-1:

    Torres Bradley Edu Dempsey
    Spector Boca Gooch Bornstein/Dolo

    Use Bradley in an attacking role and no more playing him at defensive midfield. That’s why you have Edu. Adu comes in as a supersub for Edu if we are down or seem to lack offense or creativity. Or if Bradley wants to really take it to teams start Adu instead of Edu.

    Hejduk tries hard but he is old and slow, but we really are weak at the fullback positions. Honestly other than Spector playing I don’t know what to do about them. I don’t know how Califf got the start over DeMerit though. Califf is not good. Michael Parkhurst would have been a better option than calling Califf to the team.

  150. bkupp says:

    I think everyone is being way to harsh (I guess that means expectation levels have been raised pretty high). Do we seriously expect to win virtually *every* road WCQ?

    I thought we played very well to start off – moving the ball, keeping possession and taking the attack to ES. Sure, they had their chances. They had some speed, skills and an ENORMOUS crowd advantage. They also had a very fortuitous bounce leading to the first goal.

    The US kept fighting back and even found another gear when they had to be ready to drop from exhaustion.

    Torres looked very good and helped re-invigorate the US. Hejduk’s performance on the offensive side of the ball was inspired – after all, other than being fast and intense, he doesn’t have much skill.

  151. Mark says:


    I understand the frustration, I really do, but have you stopped to think if the team is capable of “destroying” or “burying” a team like El Salvador? They have NEVER dominated in a World Cup qualifier on the road. However, they have improved dramatically, though it didn’t really should on Saturday until the final 15-20 minutes.

    These teams are all up to play against the US in these home games as it’s the biggest game for them, and while our talent pool continues to grow and improve, we’re still starting guys who can’t see the field on their club teams. There aren’t too many elite programs that start reserve players.

    So what I’m saying is that we’re simply not there yet, but we WILL get there. And there is nothing wrong with it taking more time. In less than 20 years the program has gone from college kids to having pros spread around the world and a relatively healthy domestic league to help develop talent.

  152. Tolik says:

    Pearce is over his head. Its not a matter of him being disappointing as that he has limitations of how well can perform. Sorry, Pearce.

    Sacha is very uneven. He can brilliant games and then totally stink. Any way to know which Sacha is going to show up?

    Jozy and Ching CAN work together. For some reason there is a myth that it should be eather-or. Lets give them chanse to play together for a match.

    Torres was very good. I hope he is not like Sacha and will be consistent.

    A site of Hejduk pushing Jozy aside to score a header(!) – that’s something to remember.

  153. David says:

    Extremely disappointing performance, but I am pleased with the heart at the end, although Torres calming presence certainly helped as I never once saw us keep possession through the midfield until he entered the match.

    BBradley’s style of play is so incredibly boring and has gone the way of the wholly mammoth at the international level. I don’t think any other team on the planet has a forward as slow and undynamic as Ching.

    We need to play attacking soccer and we have the players to do it. I don’t care if we tie or win when we play like we did last night – watching that style of play (bypass the midfield and knock it long out of the back all the time) makes for a yawnfest, and certainly will not work in SA.

    Why no Spector?

    We regressed in this match and there is no excuse – the pitch looked perfect.

  154. dantheblue says:

    Do we seriously expect to win virtually *every* road WCQ

    Posted by: bkupp | March 30, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    YES. Why bother to play if not?

  155. dantheblue says:

    Mark, thank you for those thoughtful comments. Yes, maybe I am expecting too much; however, having played competitive basketball for so many years, the mindset is essential. What I saw Saturday night was not the hustle, crispness, organization, etc. from experienced and talented players. I watched Beasely wait for the pass and then react time and time again. I watched Duece send the ball to space where his target was on the camera and not paying attention. I watched normally strong on the ball players get pick pocketed over and over again.

    I agree with your “maybe we aren’t ready” if we are talking about Josie and Adu, guys who don’t have 7 to 11 years experience… but we aren’t discussing them, we are talking about several years of experience in MLS and Europe…

    I stand by my comments.

  156. David says:

    Here is what I would like to see against T&T:






    An attacking line-up. For goodness sake can we please take an attackign posture at home against a team that we should easily beat.

  157. primoone says:

    that guy Torres…that was inserted into the match 20 min from regulation time. He was moving the midfield, making precise passes at the correct times…running at defenders…not only chasing down 50-50 balls but actually winning them. At one point he gave the ball away at midfield and actually chased the oposing player and took it back from him. Well folks, he has been doing that every sat. for 90 minutes at Pachuca…who will be fighting for another championship this season. Put the boy in Bradley…dont let this one slip through your hands like subotic and rossi

  158. Chris says:

    Ching, Kljestan, Beasley, should be sent packing.

    Move Donovan up front, add Torres and Freddy.

  159. Rafael says:

    Here we go again. Everyone was happy when the team beat Mexico. Now everyone is complaining about the coaching and the players on the pitch.

    Anyone that is calling for Adu, needs to sober up before posting. Adu is a long way from being in the starting XI.

    I can honestly say, the US under estimated El Salvador and it caught up to them when they were down 2-0.

    Let’s give Bradley some credit, he fixed the line-up to be more attacking and it paid off at the end. 2-2 on the road is ok in the CONCACAF.

  160. Jason says:

    Best perfomrances = Torres, Hejduk, Altidore.

    OK = Bradley, Dempsey, Ching.

    Poor = Guzan, Donovan.

    Horrid = Pearce, Calif, Bocanegra, Kljestan, Beasley, Bob Bradley.

    3 CM’s out of six field players on the bench. The typical unbalanced line-up from BB, his seems genetically incapable of having a sub for each spot on the bench. We sure could have used Freddy late.

    Boca kept passing out of bounds, and Pearce was poor in defense and a non-factor coming forward. Calif was shaky. Kljestan and Bradley has poor control all night and contributed nothing.

    Donovan wasn’t horrid, but the bar is a bit higher for him than the others, and he sure didn’t do much. Same true for Dempsey to a lesser extent.

  161. Patrick Marshall says:

    Sacha is a good player but he is clearly not the US Nat’s answer for central midfield playmaker! Never will be! Heath Pearce has no business on the pitch for the nats. Danny Califf just kicked the ball forward on many occassions. Beasley had a bad game, but is a dangerous player. He needed to push forward more, but playing on the side of the field with Pearce made his job difficult. The game was not conducive to Landons style of play.