USMNT calls in Bornstein, Hahnemann leaves camp

Jonathan Bornstein ( 

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The U.S. men's national team has called in defender Jonathan Bornstein ahead of its World Cup qualifier against Trinidad & Tobago on Wednesday. Also, goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann has left camp and returned to England.

The Bornstein call-up comes on the heels of a thoroughly disappointing performance by both left fullback Heath Pearce and left winger DaMarcus Beasley in the U.S. team's 2-2 vs. El Salvador on Saturday. Bornstein arrival could mean that he earns a start after not initially being called into camp. The U.S. team's other option at left back is Jonathan Spector, who is probably the safer bet to start, with Bornstein a left back/left wing option off the bench.

What do you think of this news? Releaved? Surprised? Disappointed? Ecstatic? Who do you want to see start at left back? Spector? Bornstein? Beasley?

Share your thoughts below.

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127 Responses to USMNT calls in Bornstein, Hahnemann leaves camp

  1. Barksdale says:

    Give Spector the start. I have no time for Bornstein.

    I don’t know what we have coming in the youth ranks, but a left back better arrive fast.

  2. EDB says:

    my guess is that Hahnemann is done with the national team.

  3. diego10 says:

    bornstein is being called in for cover. spector will start. bornstein will be on the bench. pearce will not dress. lineup is as follows:






  4. MikeD says:

    Ives, I am ecstatic!


  5. Michael Vann says:

    Not disappointed. Not ecstatic. Not relieved. Just a little surprised Bornstein wasn’t in camp beforehand. I’m not the biggest fan of Bornstein but I do think he warrants a call-up. Our left side is fast becoming an issue. That side has had issues before but now there are MAJOR issues. It’s become a liability. Bob needs to evaluate every possible left sided player we have in MLS and abroad.

  6. Dan in FL says:

    I would recommend putting Bocanegra out left and putting Demerit in the center. Bocanegra is regularly playing there in France, and Demerit is by no means an inexperienced center back. He faced the best offensive players in the world the one season Watford was in the EPL. It seems to me a much better solution than ringing our hands about left back.

    BTW, wasn’t it Bocanegra’s failed attempt to tackle the ball away which led to an unmarked Salvadorean scoring the first goal on Saturday night?

  7. Army of Dad says:

    I really hope Bornstein is just in there as insurance for an injury to Spector or Bocs.

  8. Felix says:

    I think it’s a little harsh to dump Pearce after a couple of sub-par games, everyone has dips in form. But I’m curious to see how Bornstein looks with the first team again, I believe it’d be his first (presumed) start with the first team since the Gold Cup final in 2007.

    I know everyone is generally in love with whomever is on the outskirts of the squad, but considering Spector has just recently returned from injury, I don’t know if playing him in a position he hasn’t played in awhile. I don’t know if that’s the wisest move.

  9. diego10 says:


    why do you say hahnemann is done with the national team? i think he is leaving early as there is no need for 3 keepers for this game. with howard starting and guzan as backup, he can make his way across the pond early.

  10. soccerroo says:

    I understand the change but please do not make Bornstein the starter.

  11. Caldwell says:

    If Spector doesn’t start, or at least play 45 or so minutes, what was the point in flying him across an ocean?

  12. primoone says:

    that guy Torres…that was inserted into the match 20 min from regulation time. He was moving the midfield, making precise passes at the correct times…running at defenders…not only chasing down 50-50 balls but actually winning them. At one point he gave the ball away at midfield and actually chased the oposing player and took it back from him. Well folks, he has been doing that every sat. for 90 minutes at Pachuca…who will be fighting for another championship this season. Put the boy in Bradley…dont let this one slip through your hands like subotic and rossi


    Heydude Gooch-Boca Spector


    Demps Bradley Torres

    LD Josi

  13. TomM says:

    Definitely hoping JB gets a cameo- this will be my excuse to watch the game on the Spanish channel so I can hear the announcer say “Booornsteenn”. Why can’t we have more colorful english-speaking announcers?

  14. cuvintu says:

    I really want to see Spector get the start here. I’d have loved to see him start before. I mean, a healthy player who’s playing and contributing for a top ten EPL team sitting on the bench behind a guy from a second division Bundesliga team…and we all know that the competition lately between left backs has been keeping the seat warm until our entire defensive crew was healthy and one of the top men (like a healthy Spector) was moved out there.

  15. WK says:

    i thought Orozco w/ San Luis was considered a potential candidate. I’d start Spector way before Bornstein at this point, and he should really be getting consideration again for our 3rd CB behind Boca & Gooch. i hear Beltran was made to look silly in the game against Seattle, but he plays on the right i think?

  16. Mark says:

    Enough of this nonsense at LB – Spector needs to be the guy. He is miles better than either Pearce or Bornstein.

    And Felix, who cares if it’s harsh to drop Pearce. This is the national team, not AYSO soccer. If you’re off form and there’s a better option available, you don’t play. the USMNT doesn’t owe Heath Pearce a thing.

  17. Isaac says:

    I like Bornstein but all he’s got going for him is speed, stamina, and a half decent shot. He has no defensive bite, and when he gets forward he shanks alot of crosses or gets pushed off the ball.

    Spector on the other hand is a classic right back. He can get forward and deliver the cross, Great stamina, and his passing is actually pretty decent. Man United must have liked him for some reason guys.

  18. alex says:

    “Put the boy in Bradley…dont let this one slip through your hands like subotic and rossi”

    i love intelligent fans. Torres has already committed to us. Not only in heart, but in deed; when you are capped by your senior national team, you are cap tied. Subotic never played for the full team, and Rossi never played; Paco Torres has already played in 3 competitive matches.

    I do believe he is under 21 so he could technically switch alliegances to Mexico, but I’m not sure what circumstances would be necessary for FIFA to approve that. Besides, the kid has already said that he wants to play for us and is doing so well, and by choice.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Tim Ream may be the answer one day. Great left footed player at SLU. You all wait and see.

  20. socrates says:

    ——–Bradley Mastro
    ———Boca Gooch

  21. ThaDeuce says:

    As long as he is there for the back up role instead of Pearce. I don’t want him to start. If he is just for back up, then I am relieved that Bradley brought him in.
    I hope you are right and I hope Spector starts.

  22. Eric says:

    Why not call in Michael Harrington for a look at left back at this point? The guy is young, consistant starter for KC and is a good attacking option out of the back.

  23. Andy says:

    If Bornstein starts then it is irrefutable evidence that Bob Bradley plays favorites.

  24. ko'd says:


    Torres is already cap-tied. He can’t “slip through” Bradley’s hands, if that’s how you want to phrase it (and I wouldn’t).

  25. dena says:

    He better just be a cover, don’t make us start rioting Bob..

  26. SonicDeathMonkey says:

    The Bradley method….when in doubt, call in a Chivas player. Im shocked he didn’t bring in Jesse Marsch while he was at it.

  27. ThaDeuce says:

    Agreed WK, Why was Bornstein called in over Orozco? Isn’t Orozco a better left back than any of them?

  28. Murphy says:

    Spector better play over Bornstein. I agree with some of the posters above–Spector is playing in England against the best competition. That has to count for something. Pearce clearly will not start after Saturday’s performance, but if Bornstein gets in there before Spector there is a problem. Same thing with Califf playing over DeMerit on Saturday. Bradley does not like DeMerit for some reason, and finds ways to play Califf and others (like Conrad) over him all the time.

    I also like the idea of putting Bocanegra out there. He has played there before in France and England, why not put him out on the left with Onweyu and DeMerit in the middle?

    Anyways, I think the US will bounce back and win this game. I hope Jozy gets some more time and Torres as well. I like the idea of trying Torres and Bradley in the middle.

  29. fcd fan says:






  30. Isaac says:


    No need to worry. He’s 21 years of age. Can’t switch by now. Also, I don’t think he want’s too. Bradley see’s his talent and so does everyone else. He showed it during the El Salvador game. Their is a difference between arrogance(Benny Feilhaber) and confidence(JFT). Torres has every reason to be confident. He’s done well enough not only on the national team but at Pachuca to merit a look.

  31. madmax says:

    This doesn’t look good for USMNT if Bradley starts Bornstein. To me it means that Coach Bradley will retreat more and more into familiarity and a conservative approach not unlike his mentor Bruce Arena. US soccer must keep a short leash on this if it wishes to succeed in 2010. Another El Salvador debacle should be his last game.

    On the other hand if the Borstein addition means, Beas, Pearce and Kljestan will definitely not see the pitch, I applaud the move.

  32. ThaDeuce says:








  33. Scott C from Buff says:

    OK, I’ll be that guy, I think its a great move!

    We obviously need some attack on our left wing, and unfortunately, Beasley is just not in form now, and pierce is not either.

    Bornstein may not have the best crossing, but he has a high work rate and loves to go forward. According to the US soccer web site, he’s had lots of touches in both of the last 2 games he’s played for us – more than anyone on the team except the 2 center mids. That tells me he’s out there to play.

    I have to admit that I’ve not seen a lot of Spector, and he’s probably a better defender. But Spector does not strike me as an overlapping, attacking left back. That’s what we need against these CONCACAF minnows. Let’s take the game to them!

  34. JesseMT says:

    I think too much work has been put into developing the Gooch/Boca center back tandem to mess with it now and put Boca out on the left. Spector should start Wednesday and we’ll see how he does.

  35. brad says:

    i wouldnt mind using Spector in the back…also..I liked Beasely in BackLeft..

    Torres deserves a start, and I’d like to see Altidore and Ching uptop

  36. usa says:

    tim ream?? my college team intentionally attacked slu down their left side to put that mediocre back under pressure. and it worked pretty darn well

  37. Dudinho says:

    Orozco Starts for San Luis and even Played in Libertadores yet we call in Bornstein. Jeez talk about favoritism

  38. mitchell says:

    I’m with most everyone and hope JB is just cover for Spector. I think we need to shake up the lineup, but I doubt BB will do that.

  39. andy in atlanta says:

    I think many of you forget that Bornstein shut down Messi… he actually knows how to link up with the midfielders unlike many of our other LB candidates like Orozco and Heath. I am up for Spector getting a look and would even like to see Marvell Wynne get a chance on the right with Dolo going over to the left… he has enough skill to pull that off I think.

  40. Chase says:

    “I do believe he is under 21 so he could technically switch alliegances to Mexico, but I’m not sure what circumstances would be necessary for FIFA to approve that. Besides, the kid has already said that he wants to play for us and is doing so well, and by choice.”


    That is not true if you have been capped by the senior team.

    You can switch before your 21 birthday, if you have been capped by another country at the youth level (i.e. Subotic capped by the US at the U-21 level, but was able to use the loophole to switch to Serbia).

  41. TomM says:







    Posted by: ThaDeuce


    The Bournstein Supremacy.

  42. Drew says:

    DaMarcus Beasley’s time has come/gone loooong ago. Fast=/= good.

  43. ThaDeuce says:

    I really do hope Bob Bradley shakes things up. Now is the time if ever there is a time. Not too close to the world cup and after a bad loss. A line up that from what I hear might not be bad in the back…







    If Orozco got the call up…..

    Will someone answer this question please:
    How good is Spector at right back?
    How good is Spector at center back?
    Can Spector really also be the best option for left back when its his 3rd position?

    Who is better at CB, Demeritt or Spector or Bocanegra?

    Who is better at right back, Spector, Dolo, or Heyduk?

    Who is the best LEFT BACK? Spector, Orozco, Bornstein, or Bocanegra?

  44. Isaac says:

    To be honest, I think, when healthy, Spector is the best left back we have(save for Beasley). Pearce may have seen his last days. I’m not implying anything I’m just saying.

  45. Master of the Obvious says:

    Orozco is a Mexican spy. That red card in the olympics…HELLO! He’s no Torres.

  46. Angel says:

    Here we go again Bob Bradley Keep calling his Players that he feels comfortable, I am really tired of Bob Bradley. Please used guys that can work hard and had play in a Top level in the other Leagues. I love the MLS but lets face it is not the EPL, the Champion, La Liga, Bunsdesliga, or Seria A. We have player that are getting the best of training in other league and can contribute more. REMEMBER THE CONFEDERATION CUP IS NEAR BOB. We need players that can compete in a higher level.

  47. Anthony says:

    Why can’t we get DeMerit and Bocanegra on the field at the same time? Which one is better for the left?

  48. Robert says:

    Very interesting. I hold with others that think Spector should get the nod ahead of Bornstein. Pearce and Califf (is he even playing regularly?) have been dissapointing.

  49. Rekro says:

    Spector is the safest choice at left back.

    Back Line: Spector..Boca..Gooch…Frankie

    Hopefully Onyewu will be healthy enough to go on Wednesday.

  50. I know it’s beating a dead horse, but BB should have called in Orozco instead.

  51. Turtle says:

    Angel – suggestions for LB???

  52. Rafael says:

    As expected, Howard returning to the starting line-up, a goalie had to leave camp. I like Bornstein. I don’t know why Bradley doesn’t use him more.

    Calif looked awful Saturday. Not just the hair cut, but his way of playing D.

  53. Tim says:

    Why all the heat of Sacha?? Yes, he had a poor game, but in general he has performed well for us, and for people here to throw him under the train is a bit hasty and ridiculous. Now Beasley…that’s another story. I know he had an injury, but he hasn’t been on form in over a year, and he really has to start to evaluate whether he is ready or willing to give his best to the NT. If not, Bradley needs to cut him loose.

  54. ryan says:

    keep boca in the middle.
    he and gooch have an understanding.
    the mess ups in the middle were based on califf and boca’s positioning as a tandem.
    also, what is the latest on cherundolo? i know he is coming back from injury, but if hedjuk stays in form, i would consider frankie out right and cherundolo on the left. cherundolo is more comfortable on the ball and will enable us to play out of the back instead of bypassing the midfield with long balls to ching.
    for the next game i would go with spector out left. we don’t need a left footed player on the left. just a player that doesn’t suck.
    also, kleistan needs to sit. his head is not in it right now. give torres a shot in the middle. his vision and confidence on the ball make him a player for the middle of the field not the outside.
    one last thing. altidore, altidore, altidore.

  55. PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo says:

    The Deuce, keep posting(’re a pretty bright guy to be in rural Mississippi)…to answer your questions:

    How good is Spector at right back? Good enough for RB to be considered his best position in the EPL.

    How good is Spector at center back? This is his natural postion, accoring to him.

    Can Spector really also be the best option for left back when its his 3rd position? EXACTLY (I’m with you)

    Who is better at CB, Demeritt or Spector or Bocanegra? Perhaps Spector, though we haven’t seen it at the NATS level

    Who is better at right back, Spector, Dolo, or Heyduk? I think that is an interesting order…

    Who is the best LEFT BACK? Spector, Orozco, Bornstein, or Bocanegra? Reverse order, though I still rate Pearce over Bornstein…Orozco is a better CB than LB

    From Barksdale: “I don’t know what we have coming in the youth ranks, but a left back better arrive fast.” …Anthony Wallace…keep an eye out for him.

    Ives and SBI Mafia….I’ve got Boca rated almost as poorly as Califf and worse than Pearce. Boca was terrible, and when your 2 CB’s rate an average of 3 (2 for Califf 4 for Boca) …bad things happen

  56. ThaDeuce says:

    Maybe Bornstein was called in because Gooch will still be hurt and Califf cannot get another call up…


    Then again, a goochless back 4 could look like this too


    aye yae yae, this is making my head hurt. It is hard to be USMNT fan 😉

  57. Mig says:

    Beasley was a force vs. Mexico so I wouldn’t put too much stock in the El Salvador game. The entire team had problems with their first touch and the entire team looked tentative for most of the game. Sure, bench Pearce because he is clearly struggling but don’t let one game dictate lineup preferences.

    MBradley frankly looked awkward as hell vs. ES but I doubt we’re all for benching him, right? LD looked like crap too. Face it, it was a bad game anit’s still a road point. Don’t tinker too much.

  58. cam says:

    two questions:

    why are some people high on beasley as a left-back? isnt he a little small for that position?

    doesn’t dempsey play on the left wing for fulham? why dont they have him switch flanks and call up rogers or lewis to play on the right?

  59. Turtle says:

    I’m more concerned about LM that LB. Beasley was frightening. I’d like to see Ives config of Deuce on the left, LD on right, Chingy and Jozy up top.

    Left back? Pearce. With Gooch back, Boca won’t be running around nervously. Things will be back. There’s obviously a big drop off from Gooch to everyone else. That messed the organization up big time. Bornstein is here for depth.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this was the plan all along.

  60. Patrick says:

    Why does the US constantly try and manufacture offense from the left back when they simply don’t have it? Boca starts in Ligue 1 at left back for a top of the table team, not because of his “marauding runs up the left flank” but because he plays solid D.

    Spector has great touch on his long passes and if you are going to waste a roster spot on Brian Ching you might as well have guys at the back who can accurately get him the ball.

    I am starting to think that the US needs to worry less about attacking from the back and more about attacking from the front. Our offense is dull and not particularly creative. It has no flare and no one fears it. And for some reason we think that having a left back with some speed and semi-decent service is going to fix all that. Here’s a good back line:


    Is it the most offensive minded back line? No. But put Tim Howard behind it and see how many goals you give up.

  61. BFBS says:

    I am entirely on board with those (WK, ThaDeuce) who prefer Orozco to Bornstein. Even though Bornstein started his MLS career as a left back, he remains a lightweight at that position.

    After coming down a bit from Pearce’s non-performance on Saturday, I’ve been able to convince myself that was a temporary blip in a tough environment. I mean, he played okay against Argentina, didn’t he?

    Not ever having seen Spector there, I would say that Bocanegra is the safest option we have at left back, but I would rather take a risk there than in the middle so he should stay where he is.

    Finally, I remember in that same unforgettable Argentina game Hejduk making an appearance on the left. Maybe that’s the answer: move Hejduk to the left and put somebody more comfortable on the right than the left (like DeMerit or Spector) in Hejduk’s usual place.

  62. Brian says:

    Orozco is a much better CB. He’s not a LB naturally. He only plays there when necessary like the Olympics.

    Beasley will get better. His situation at Rangers is improving.

    Bornstein is there for cover.

  63. Homey Boehme says:

    I still feel it is a shame about Hahnemann not being the #2. To have performed so consistently in both Coca-Cola league and in the Premiership (behind not the greatest of defensive lines) and not even get a sniff at the #2 spot is a bit shocking.

    Oh well, I’m not the coach and I’ll cheer for whoever is on the field.

  64. arena futbol says:

    LB sitch, overview – in rough depth order with (birth year)

    A: Most Likely Options

    1. Heath Pearce (84): incumbent; finally getting some time (at LM, not LB) for Rostock after prolonged benching; good speed, decent athleticism, natural left-sided player; varies from decent to shaky for US.

    2. Jonathan Spector (86): Battled injuries, seeing time in various backline spots for West Ham when healthy; hasn’t appeared for US in 12 months due to injuries; good height, good composure on the ball, strong enough to hold his own in the EPL; could be used at LB, RB, or CB for US.

    3. Jonathan Bornstein (84): BB’s pet project form 2007; spent 08 injured and/or playing all over the pitch for shaky ChivasUSA squad; versatile but not international skill level; showed good composure for a newbie in 07, but hasn’t done much to impress overall in US kit.

    B: Possible Conversion Projects

    4. Carlos Bocanegra (79): incumbent CB under BB; regular starter as a stay-at-home LB for Rennes; on the pitch leader often given armband; demonstrated knack for scoring off set pieces; old-ish (30) with below average speed for an outside back; US fans seem strongly divide don his performance as a CB, but BB seems to have committed to him at that spot.

    5. DaMarcus Beasley (82): incumbent LM; can’t get any meaningful minutes at Rangers; rumored to be transferring to Schalke in the summer; has generally been outstanding attacking presence for US from the LM spot, but recent form has been inconsistent; has speed and tackling ability to be an option at LB, but has virtually no experience in back for club or country.

    6. Frankie Hejduk (74): Currently starting at RB with Cherundolo still recovering; has been a fill-in LB for US in the past; old (35), but still maintains excellent fitness; often criticized for poor technique, including off-target crosses and unintentionally comical stepovers; has assumed important ‘veteran leader’ role for US in the past 1-2 years; feisty (at times reckless) tackler, plays with emotion, can contribute to offense with overlapping runs.

    7. Michael Orozco (86): regular started at CB for San Luis; experimented with playing LB for Olympic squad, with mixed results; only 1 senior team cap so far (at CB), so no indication as to whether BB views him as a LB prospect.

    C: Mixed-Bag of MLS Prospects

    8. Chris Wingert (82): looked good playing both LB and RB for RSL last season; earned a camp invite and first cap from BB in Jan 09; not particularly fast, but good mix of tackling and crossing.

    9. Michael Harrington (86): regular LB starter for KC; gets up and down and can provide some offensive sparks.

    10. Ramiro Corrales (77): regular holding mid for SJ; has experience as a LB and got brief look from BB at LB in 08, but looked shaky.

    D: Maybe Someday Youth Prospects

    11. Anthony Wallace (89): has been used in various backline and midfield spots in youth career; on second cycle with US U20 squad, where Rongen has recently slotted him in as a LB; stuck on FCD bench behind B. Wagner – what does that say?

    12. Brek Shea (90): has played forward and midfield as well as in the back; natural left-sided player with good height and attacking flair; has barely gotten off bench for FCD despite internet hype.

    13. Guiseppe Nazzanni (90): Italian-eligible developed by Bologna FC who has (for now) chosen to play in US youth system; left-sided player earned some initial hype with U20s but was left of qualifying roster, possibly due to discipline issues, or just to Rongen not thinking he’s that good.

  65. Rastafari says:

    IF Califf never again plays for the NATS in my lifetime I will die a happy man

  66. MVK says:

    Micheal Harrington is better than Bornstein…

  67. Jason says:

    We have issues at:

    1) LB
    2) Both wings
    3) Forward
    4) CB depth

    About the only spots I feel comfortable with are GK (Howard), one CM (Bradley), and our stable of RB’s (Dolo, Hejduk, Spector, Wynne, Simek). Everywhere else we need help, including the manager.

    Is it my imagination, or does Guzan seem to rarely make the big save?

    We need to start looking at new faces on the outside (Rogers, Rolfe, White, J. Johnson, Convey, Mapp, Arnaud, and maybe even Donovan). Dempsey is OK but not a big threat, and DMB looks past it. We need wingers who can scare people. I’m willing to try Donovan wide again.

    CM is still a trouble spot. Who to partner with MB? Time to give Torres a look. He looked good there.

    What I’d like to see:


    Bench: Guzan, Bornstein, DeMerit, Mastroeni, Kljestan, Beasley, Dempsey.

    What we will see:

    Bench: Guzan, Califf, Bornstein, Mastroeni, Torres, Edu, Altidore.

    Really, 3 CM’s on the bench (like last game) should be a fireable offense.

  68. SayervilleFC says:

    If only there was an American born-and-raised left back who was good enough to start for one of the better teams in the Americas like, say, Club America….

  69. Marmaduke says:

    When Cherundalo is healthy, can we put Frankie on the left? He played there in the ’02 cup, no?

  70. JayDub says:

    I really think Beasley would be a terrible left back. He’s 5’3″ and weighs 80 lbs soaking wet, not exactly a physical presence. All he’d have going for him is the quicks, and are we in such bad shape that we just put a fast guy out there and hope for the best?

  71. Drew-ROC says:

    Meh…another Bradley/Chivas guy coming to camp. Hopefully his choke-chain is a bit tighter than Klejstan’s has been.

    I really hope Torres gets the start. Sacha’s out of his element at this level.

  72. US:2 T&T:0 says:


  73. socrates says:

    sayerville – what will whining about edgar castillo do for us now? subotic + rossi’d be nice, too, but we gotta move on man.

  74. Cam says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael Parkhurst get a look.

  75. joel says:

    Bornstein played a great game against FC Dallas yesterday, but I am not sure about his inclusion as a left back for the US.

  76. Al says:

    Best quote of the day:

    “think many of you forget that Bornstein shut down Messi… ”

    Posted by: andy in atlanta | March 30, 2009 at 03:25 PM


    LMAO…Andy, you really have a good sense of humor. You just made my day.

    In all seriousness, I agree with some of you who want to call Orozco in. Yes, he’s naturally a CB, but I saw him played LB at San Luis (once or twice, I think) and did OK; not great, but would probably better than Pearce.

  77. Travis in Miami says:

    I’m telling you. This was going to happen no matter what the out come of the El Salvador game was.

    Howards back. No need for 3 GK. Bornstein was left with Chivas until after the weekend.

    Keep in mind Spector has also been played in the mid-field at West Ham – left side if i’m not mistaken.

    If Gooch is healthy our back 4 will be back in their comfort zone. I don’t expect to see any changes back their if Gooch is healthy.

  78. EDB says:

    I say that Han is done because he this was the prime opp for him to get a cap. Its clear now that he is the #3. So if your 3rd would you keep flying over to be in camp or just stay at home since you know you won’t play.

  79. Kevin says:

    Left back was only ONE glaring hole the other night. IMO the central of the midfield was a black hole. Klestan was the worst player on the field and why does Bradley get a free pass? Neither of them showed vision or holding prowess.




  80. zongzap says:

    I think that BB will shove Bornstein down our throats until people start to think he actually belongs. He isn’t good enough and never will be. End of story.

  81. primoone says:

    “I love intellengent fans”

    Alex, you assume I was referring to losing a player to a different national team.

    1. I was actually speaking to the talent level we lost. (case in point) Adu and his talent is riding the pine. His skill is not being utilized. You can make the same arguement for a couple of other players that are not seeing playing time.

    2. Your post was written to insult my inteligence with respect to my futbol knowledge. But, you ended up validating what you automatically assumed I was referring too. With that said, you should really keep your thoughts to yourself because your thought process is counter-productive. At the end of the day, you might hurt yourself.

  82. Pete says:

    Why give Dempsey a pass for playing a shitty game? Why blame Damarcus his natural position is not at left back?

    Imo, Dempsey was totally and utterly useless, he always seemed to try and do the most complicated action instead of playing simple. Someone should tell him this isn’t Fifa 09, its a real game.

  83. Jao says:

    I think Bob Bradley is getting Domenech syndrome. LMAO

  84. Carl says:

    pete, I have not played fifa 09 but that was good….

  85. Sterlinho says:

    Hahnemann would have made the saves that Guzan didn’t. The second goal slipped right under Guzan.

  86. sean monaghan says:

    THIS IS the solution for once Cherundalo gets back….

    Cherdundalo on the right, Frankie Hejduk on the left….until Spector is ready

  87. Carl says:

    I dont think you can not start frakie… his heart is amazing

  88. sean monaghan says:

    Orozco is not FTW….Im still not over his stupidity in the olympics,thanks for costing us the tournament!

  89. dudes – anyone else think we should have called in orozco? kidding…

    im not necessarily sure that pearce doesn’t dress. maybe this will motivate him to play better…

  90. Angel says:

    Turtle–My suggestions for LB could it be guys with a lots of experience, For example move Bocanegra and call Orozco to played along with Ouchie, or have both Bocanegra and Orozco switch. or get Spector play left. Bob Bradley call DeMerit, Spector and not use them. I think if we used a solid Back can be use like Spector BR, Ouche MBR, Orozco MBL, Bocanegra LB and used DeMerit for coming as a sub. at the middle we can used Adu, Bradley, Torres, Dempsey and at top Donovan with Altidore. We need at lease Orozco and Torres cause they play alot with this type of style of Futball that are very slow tempo and technical. Plus they know the Mexican Futball. So when we go to the Azteca we need this two guys.

  91. adam says:

    Fire Bradley, hire Roy Hodgson.

  92. Dudinho says:

    Orozco cost us the olympics? We would have lost the final! Who won that tourney by the way. Man talk about being delusional. I guess mastro getting a stupid red card at in 06 vs Italy cost us that tournament too? players make mistakes doesnt mean we blackball them for life.

  93. sean monaghan says:

    Dudinho can you please tell me how Orozoco has contributed to the US team though?Im waiting…..

    He plays for San Luis,your having a laugh if you think hes a better outside back than Bornstein or Spector

  94. run says:

    It seems simple to me…

    Bease isn’t good enough out wide, Landon isn’t good enough in the middle, Jozy is too good to sit.

    So Bease on the bench next to Bornstien, Landon on the wing and Jozy next to Ching.

  95. JakeO says:

    I think it will be Spector on Wednesday but I’ve been underwhelmed with his performances in the EPL. He’s only made 6 appearances for West Ham this season. He’s being kept out of the first team by a journeyman defender who arrived from the French league on loan.

    I’m glad BB has brought more cover in. I would have toyed with the idea of calling in Marvell Wynne and moving Heydude to LB for the T&T game. What I ultimately would have settled on is moving Boca to LB for the T&T game and keeping Califf in at CB. Going up against a tricky winger like Carlos Edwards it might be best to have your most solid defender on the flank, not worrying about going forward.

  96. JeffM says:

    I like fcd fan’s lineup:






    This isn’t a popular thing to say right now, but I’m not ready to give up on Kljestan just yet. He’s been good on the balance over the past year. Beasley, on the other hand, has been consistently below where we need him to be.

    One more thought: I like Torres on the left way more than I like him in the center because I’m skeptical that he has enough defensive bite to start in the center in the World Cup.

  97. sean monaghan says:

    I disaree with the people saying Donovan on the wing,Hes best as an attacking mid,his vision would help with two up top,I cant see him doing great out wide

  98. David says:

    How in the world is Bornstein ahead of Orozco in the pecking order?

    Orozco is ten times the left back of Bornstein or Pearce in spite of the fact that he isn’t left footed.

    Some may bring up the Olympics red card – get over it.

    Orozco never gets beat and can actually complete a pass out of the back.

    This is what I would have gone with if I were in charge:

    Orozco – Boca – Gooch – Spector

    That should be our back line in SA unless Cherundelo fully recovers from his injury, in which case Orozco and Spector fight for the LB spot.

    I was one of the folks that though Beasley could be converted there – no longer. He looks absolutely terrible and has in the last few matches he’s appeared in.

  99. Patrick Marshall says:

    Heath Pearce needs to go! Sacha should not start on thursday and we need to start looking for another central midfielder to pin our hopes on. My mind is not made up on Spector or Borenstein. Lets give them more looks!! They have to be better than Pearce. Pearce should have been gone long ago. I liked the way Torres played, though he held it a couple times when he should have played earlier, but i like his confidence on the ball. I would like to see more looks with Beasley at left back even though he got burned on the second goal on Saturday.

  100. mike says:

    Bornstien did shut down Messi for the whole first half. Then Argentina moved Messi to the other side where he ran us around. I’m not saying that makes Bornstien the end of our LB situation, but that did happen. By the way, where did everyone get the idea that Orozco is a left back? The US didn’t even bring a real LB to the olympics and it was a disaster. Spector is the answer, whether he is in the middle and Bocanegra comes out wide or if we just drop Spector out on the left. Maybe if we throw Donovan in at LB he’ll actually get involved in the play.

  101. Matt says:

    I think Altidore needs to get a start up top. I appreciate what Ching can and can’t do and what he can’t do is make any difference when the rest of the team isn’t firing on all cylinders. I think his hold up play right now is better than Jozy’s, but Jozy is better at just about everything else. I’d give Jozy the chance to improve in that one area while also feeling like he has the potential to actually finish a good opportunity that may come his way. Should his back to goal play be killing the team Bob can sub him out at half time. Beasley sucked and hasn’t impressed me for the past several months…really since the 06 world cup (where he was no good) I have been seriously underwhelmed. I think Torres can play on the left, but he’s not a true wide player like Beasely is. How is Bornstein there? Torres could play there, but the tactics would have to be adjusted. I’d really like Rogers to start showing he’s capable of seeing time there.

    Boca’s alright in the middle when he’s mostly covering Onyewu. But when he’s trying to step up and break up plays I think he’s weak, like the other night. It’d be interesting to see him on the left, but another poster suggested he’s really a stay at home back at Rennes, which obviously wouldn’t fit into Bob’s system. Cant have two players on the left, neither of which get forward (would at least require Donovan pulling out wide left all the time, which isn’t his strong point), so I’d at least like to see Spector. Bornstein is a defensive liability, he has no clue how to actually defend at this level.

    I think Torres and Bradley should play in the middle as they’re somewhat similar in that both can get up and down the pitch, although Torres is more used to a holding role I think. His passing is much better than Kljestan’s, although Kljestan is more athletic and I think a bit more dangerous going forward (although Torres has a monster shot from distance). I think he’ll keep the ball moving and won’t be a black hole in the middle like Kljestan is when he’s having a bad game.

    I don’t think we should change our formation from a 4-4-1-1/4-4-2/4-5-1 variant. It changes all sorts of things, like patterns of play and would possibly make us much less effective going forward. Also, a 4-3-3 has three central mids, I’ve never seen it with 3 mids spread across the field because that doesn’t make any sense (width comes from backs and wingers, one central mid would allow the other team to run straight through you every time). Sorry, just a total pet peeve as I like the 4-3-3.

  102. sean monaghan says:

    Best post of the day

    “Orozco never gets beat”

    wheres he playing again? I think if he “never” gets beat he would be somewhere a little better.

  103. Steve says:

    I’m not the biggest Bornstein fan, but he is probably more of a LB than either Orozco or Parkhurst – both of whom I like as CB’s. That being said, I’d like to see Spector get a shot. I’ve said this a couple of times, but I’d like to see (and think we might):






  104. Geoff says:

    I like how David and Patrick are thinking about the backline (Bocanegra and Orozco out left), but I want to see Spector out on the left; He’s the best option in the current squad. I’ve seen him in several matches for West Ham (always out right, though) and he’s solid. If he has actually played some LM for West Ham then I think it’s a no-brainer.

    Long term, I don’t want to see Bocanegra out left, because we don’t need or want a “stay at home” left back. He just doesn’t have the pace or stamina to play out there for us.

    Very nice post, by the way, arena futbol.

  105. Colin Ferguson says:


    Call me crazy, but…

    -Dempsey plays on the left for Fulham. He also has a laser-rocket shot when he’s cutting inside.

    -T&T’s right sided attack is speedy, so is Bornstein. Dempsey will seldom get caught high up on the wing since he’ll be cutting inside, plus MB will be cheating to that side to stop fast breaks (this is his job and why he gets cards, stop bitching, he’s head and shoulders above our other cm’s)

    -I’ve seen Spector play that RB role for West Ham a few times and saw him deliver some quality balls as well as lock down defensively. With him and Donovan providing the service into T&T’s weak side, goals should be scored.

    *Added bonus of RB Spector: he will not get beat in the air by a little bean and give up a goal.

  106. Brian says:


    Orozco is primarily a CB

    Bornstein was called in for cover on the left (LB and LM). I don’t understand what the problem is.

    Bornstein was a good option on 2 days notice because he’s familiar with his teammates and he’s played internationally before.

  107. Dudinho says:

    @ sean monaghan Dude seriously how much Soccer do you watch. Orozco Plays in the mexican league one of it not the top league in the AMERICAS. He played Copa libertadores and i believe even scored. Copa libertadores is the second biggest club tournament behind Champions League. I guess playing in a better league than MLS isnt good enough. So some how bornstein has one good game in a rather crappy Copa america tourney two years ago and i miles ahead.

  108. Richard says:

    Orozco and Spector deserve playing time, but preferably at the positions they are most accustomed to playing (i.e. NOT at left back). As someone who actually follows Chivas USA on a weekly basis, I truly believe Jonny B is the USA’s best left back option. (At his peak form, he is much better than Pearce.) Let’s hope Bornstein’s dominating performance against Dallas this past Sunday signals a return to his 2007 form.

    Bornstein haters are like Ching haters–> they don’t notice the little things these individuals do game in, game out to help their teams win on the field.

  109. sean monaghan says:

    Dudinho how much soccer do I watch?Considering Ive been watch Soccer since birth (18 years) religiously,Im going to go with ALOT more tha you have. What part of Orozco isnt a left back do you not get?

    Playing for San Luis isnt much of an achievement, Bornstein (and Spector) both have more caps than Orozco (hmmm I wonder why…)

    Perhaps you should think before you speak.

  110. Scott in Houston says:

    I might have missed it, but has anyone suggested that Kenny Cooper play left fullback? There are some fans, you know who you are, who want Cooper be on the field sooooooo badly…. But frankly, would it be that much of a drop off from what we saw out of Pearce and Beasley?

  111. JB says:

    Bornstein contributes more to the attack than Pearce does. I also think starting him would allow the team to utilize Torres or Dempsey at left wing over Beasley.

  112. mexicanbluefish says:

    I, as many IVES fans, think that Spector merits serious playing time.

  113. Tom R says:

    He has called in Bornstein, now he needs to call in Rogers. Beasley needs to get a message.

  114. ThaDeuce says:

    Thanks for the breakdown of left back arena football

  115. ThaDeuce says:

    “Fire Bradley, hire Roy Hodgson.”

    Posted by: adam | March 30, 2009 at 05:38 PM

  116. CaliNick23 says:

    Orozco doesn’t play leftback. He is a natural centerback. I’m not sure if he is even left footed-which you dont I know you don’t have to be.

    It would be intresting playing him as our 3-4 opition at centerback, or maybe Marshall.

    Either way Orozco has been playing well and deserves to be called up I watch and know the Mexican league. Where I live it pretty much expected if you are mexcian that you watch this league.

  117. ThaDeuce says:

    ” Maybe if we throw Donovan in at LB he’ll actually get involved in the play.” Touche`

  118. ThaDeuce says:

    “Also, a 4-3-3 has three central mids, I’ve never seen it with 3 mids spread across the field because that doesn’t make any sense (width comes from backs and wingers, one central mid would allow the other team to run straight through you every time). Sorry, just a total pet peeve as I like the 4-3-3.”

    Like this?




    … I like Colin Ferguson’s 4-4-2. For some reason it gives me comfort, maybe just the way he explained himself but:


  119. Matt says:

    >QUOTE: my guess is that Hahnemann is done with the national team

    No, he’s still the #3 keeper… that’s why he was sent back.

    Howard’s suspension is over so he will start with Guzan as the backup… there is no reason to have a third keeper on the roster for this next game so it only makes sense to send him back to his club and bring in another field player.

  120. Goalscorer24 says:

    If coach Bradley starts Bornstein over Spector, then I think it is favortism for players that have played under him before, and he has to go! Doubley so if he starts Klejstan over Torres.

  121. run says:

    I suggested Donovan on the wing because I just don’t think you can trust him in the half-striker role…you never know which Donovan is going to show up. He drifts in and out of matches; that won’t kill you on the wing but it’s just won’t work in the middle.

  122. seed.planted says:

    you guys are missing the point. how was spector not starting in the first game? was he injured in training? pearce should not even be dressing.

  123. Jags98 says:

    BB is going with the favs, its just like college coaches. Results only, does not care to bring someone along or develop. Only wins, which means conservative non-creative soccer for fear of being scored on. He is thinking about his job, not how they play. Look at the difference in his post interview compared to a post interview of an NFL coach playing at Green Bay. The point is, attitude.

    The sad news is, our guys are professionals that can only play one position. Watch close and you will see how many can not or will not even attempt to use their left.

  124. Matt says:

    tha deuce, watch barca play. Or any other team that uses a 4-3-3. It’s not common for 3 midfielders to line up in a straight line. Usually you’ll have a ‘triangle’ or ‘inverted triangle’ in the middle. Something like Torres and Dempsey sitting in front of Mastroeni/Bradley in your diagram. Except that Dempsey is more of a wide player than a central mid. Remember the U20s last WC? Bradley and Adu in front of Szetela (inverted triangle) or Adu in front of Bradley and Szetela (triangle).

    So no, not at all the way you drew it up. Plus Jozy is not a winger. Don’t see him being very good out there.

  125. Dudinho says:

    @ sean monaghan

    Easy there tough guy. Like I said it seems you dont watch Much Football outside the EPL and MLS.

  126. Rich says:

    I predicted dreck in ES, and that is exactly what we got. I think BB plays for the road point. There were no good raod performances in the last round of quaifying because we just don’t play well on the road.

    I expect better against TT, because we play more attacking at home.

    Here is what I would like to see:

    Altidore Ching

    Dempsey Bradley Donovan


    Spector Boca Gooch Heydude

  127. ThaDeuce says:

    cool thanx matt.

    I absolutely love that Bradley has mixed it up for this line up!!! Although no Spector or Torres starting yet, but at least there is no pearce or klejstan starting either!