Where in the world is Fredy Montero?

FredyMontero (AP) 

The Seattle Sounders are a week away from their first game as a Major League Soccer expansion team and the sell-out crowd at Qwest Field for the season opener vs. New York is expected to enjoy an unforgettable night.

Unfortunately, Colombian striker Fredy Montero may not be there.

The Seattle Sounders' leading forward has left the club to return to South America, where reports say he is dealing with contract issues. Now, this might not normally be a cause for concern, but it becomes one when you consider that Seattle doesn't list Montero on the team's website.(I've gotten conflicting accounts on whether he was ever there before or not).


Now, this may be nothing (The Seattle Times is reporting that Montero is expected back on Friday), or it may be the collapse of what some league observers had questioned as a deal that seemed too good to be true. Montero was one of the best young goal-scoring prospects in South America before his surprising deal to join Seattle. The deal looked even more unbelievable last week when MLS salaries were released and Montero was listed as making just $155,000.

What do you think is going on? Does Montero want more money? Did his agents misinform him about how much he was going to make? Is everything fine and Seattle is just trying to play head games?

Share your thoughts below.

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83 Responses to Where in the world is Fredy Montero?

  1. This Guy says:

    I hope to see him playing in the MLS. It doesn’t look too good with the deletion of his picture and name from the Sounder FC website though.

    WHo knows? Hopefully someone who can tell us.

  2. fred mertz says:

    OMG! Does this mean they won’t be able to win MLS Cup this year. Oh the Pacific Northwest humanity!

  3. Ian says:

    MLS better come up with the $$$ to keep him in the league. He is exactly the type of player we need to bring in each year. Let him light it up here for a few seasons and then head to Europe.

  4. dub says:

    you’re welcome for the lead Ives 😉

  5. Stryker says:

    Horrible news for MLS.

    Great news for TFC’s home opener. 😀

  6. This Guy says:


    It wouldn’t be a Mafia if Ives didn’t have lookout guys. ha

  7. fred mertz says:

    Maybe he’s getting a better offer from USL

  8. Gilby says:

    I don’t think Fredy or Hurtado for that matter have ever been listed on the Sounders Website roster so it would have been hard for them to be removed. Having said that its a little discouraging that he’s not currently in Seattle.

  9. Mikemike says:

    He probably heard Drew Carey’s marching band practicing…

  10. dub says:

    for real though, where the HELL are you Fredy?!?!?!

    you better be back for opening day!!!

  11. Matt says:

    As I recall, he’s never been listed on the website roster so I think it’s a bit misleading to say this was a “deletion”. Presumably he wasn’t listed pending visa clearance. (Though that didn’t keep Hurtado from showing up.) But otherwise, the story is accurate and it’s a concern for SSFC fans. Official line is that he’s due back Friday.

  12. gstommylee says:

    it was mention in a seattletimes blog he’ll be back tomorrow

  13. JesseMT says:

    Agree with Gilby – don’t think Montero was removed from the site. Just never put up. Fans have assumed this was pending finalization of some visa issues.

  14. simms21 says:

    Ugh!! I just put him in my fantasy team too….

  15. brooklyn_crew says:

    He finally realized where the decimal place was on his contract.

  16. Nico_7 says:

    Montero was never added to the roster page on the Team’s site (neither has Hurtado, btw), presumably awaiting visa clearance. He does show up on the official MLS salaries page, however, so I’m not too worried. He’ll be back in Seattle tomorrow, practice with the team through next week and score two goals next Thursday.

  17. dub says:

    At least 2 goals.

  18. Stan from El Barrio says:


    Are you channeling Scooby-Doo Ives?

  19. Fire Cracker says:

    On paper the Sounders look as good as the Red Balls. I see the Sounders defeating RBNY on Thurs. RB’s fans are a little to confident in a squad with alot of holes.

  20. joel says:

    Let’s hope that he comes back.

  21. PDX4Life says:

    Hahaha good for you Shittle!

  22. ELAC says:

    He probably saw those wretched colored uniforms. Tim Vickery spoke highly of this player and now I wonder if Freddy changed his mind.

  23. Mercurius100 says:

    Since the season hasn’t started yet, I can still take back my pick of Seattle making the playoffs, right?

  24. NoName says:

    I am going to love watching SSFC go down in flames as RBNY pastes them 5-0. Neither Freddy being available? Awesome!

    Lets hear the SSFC supporters now.

  25. Fred says:

    So what would the Scooby-Doo ending be for this episode?

  26. Homey Boehme says:

    I heard the problems started when Montero found out he won’t get to play Beckham this year.

  27. RonS says:

    I have been tracking the Sounders FC roster closely and can confirm that Colombians Fredy Montero and Jhon Kennedy Hurtado have not appeared on the roster page. They will not appear there until transfer paperwork and P-1 work visa are in place. I’ve still got ’em both on the roster page at Seattle Pitch, though. And I’m very much looking forward to seeing Fredy goals throughout the season.

  28. Primetown says:


    I think you are on crack.

    Look at the Red Bulls roster from top to bottom. Now compare to that to Seattle. Clueless.

  29. Scott says:

    I hope he’s in MLS year ’cause he sounds like a great addition. He’s exactly what MLS needs: good, young, exciting talent rather than over-the-hill players. Hopefully these are just visa issues he’s working on, otherwise Seattle’s in trouble.

  30. Matt in SF says:

    Is it too early to say “there goes Seattle’s season?”

  31. Joamiq says:

    “Ruh-Roh” is right. Maybe they unmasked Freddy Montero and he turned out to be… Sergio Galvan Rey. And thus was sent packing.

  32. hendrix says:

    on paper, Seattle looks like a team ready to finish last, or at best, third last.
    How can a team do well when almost all of their playoffs are castoffs from the rest of the league?
    They have a core of 6 guys (if Montero comes back) who are starters in league.
    But you need more than 6 starts to make a good team, and you need more than castoffs and rejects sitting on the bench in case a few of those starters get hurt.
    Time to come back to reality, Seattle fans.

  33. Shmenge says:

    Freddy has the same partial-pass ownership thing that Tevez and Mascherano had with Kia Joorabchian–the one that eventually wound up costing West Ham tens of millions for its illegality in European leagues.

    Freddy’s being parked in MLS until whoever owns his other 40% (Dep. Cali owns the 60%) runs out of time on their ownership %.

    Does anyone really believe the leading goalscorer last year from Colombia is living on $130K in MLS with no other source of income?

  34. jtd says:

    i agree with others… this IS EXACTLY the type of player that we should be shelling out some bucks for. once he joined the sounder’s roster and started putting up those numbers in preseason, seattle became a must watch team for me.

    i hope things pan out, because i’ve been pretty excited to see him play.

  35. brett says:

    ian- the MLS needs this guy, but its not up to them to “come up with the money” to keep him…. its up to the Sounders… they have the same responsibility as any other team when it comes to paying the players….

    well, bar LA…. they make their own cap up 😀

  36. Haig says:

    “On paper the Sounders look as good as the Red Balls. I see the Sounders defeating RBNY on Thurs. RB’s fans are a little to confident in a squad with alot of holes. ”

    Dingleberry, if the Sounders don’t break Toronto’s record of minutes played without scoring a single goal, that’ll be the triumph of the season.

    I’m looking at your roster, and it’s 90% Grade A crap. It looks like a practice squad, with the exception of Ljungberg, who won’t play next week, and Kasey Kaller, who looked 9000 years old last time I saw him play.

    You don’t seem to understand that everyone except you has already seen basically every player you have. Some aren’t terrible, but the list of possible starters is a total laff.

    Maybe your understanding of the game is conditioned by USL1, and you think Le Toux and Taylor Graham have quality. Well, in NY we know Taylor Graham: he’s one of the worst defenders MLS has ever seen. He moves like Frankenstein with end-stage Lyme Disease.

    You’re going to lose not only this game, but if you don’t wake up to the fact that your team isn’t good, your sense of self-worth as well.

  37. Micronesia Justin says:

    That explains why I couldn’t get him on my fantasy team. We need him. Great pre-season.

  38. Lou says:

    ahahahah fire cracker are you kidding me. You can’t just say we are over confident i think we finally deserve to be, and as for holes why don’t you point them out to me. We have the captain of the el Salvadorian team, goldy, petke, and carlos johnson costa rican nationial team player all in the back, than stammler and celadas and rojas all anchoring the mid field and speed on the flanks with the best striker in the league, yea we sure do have a lot of holes. Seattle couldn’t beat us even with montero now you don’t have a chance at all.

  39. Angel says:

    well those are the thing are going to happen with more players coming aboard from either S. American or Europe, especially if we trying to bring players that are prospect to be come a good players. With this type of Salary Cap is redicules that we can bring good young players to come to play for this League. Well I think Montero Probably got a better offer somewhere else maybe in Europe or Mexico. Too bad if Seattle let him go, well actually what can all these team in this league can do if they have their hands tied up. Please Increase that freaking Salary at least up to 5-7 million for each team.

  40. Scads says:

    I was looking over the Seattle roster on their website just a week or so ago and there was no-Fredy, so this isn’t something new.

  41. art says:

    well it COULD just be a VISA issue, necessitating his leaving and coming back, though you’d think they would have said so if it were….very intriguing.

  42. Davo says:

    I hope its just a visa issue cuz i’m really hoping for Fredy Monteros success. I just want to let Sounders fans know that he might be a bust. I’m a Deportivo Cali’s fan and I really don’t think hes that good. I hope i’m wrong and scores some goals….as long as its not on the red bulls.

  43. jmac says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire…

  44. Isaac says:

    We really need to make sure we sign this kid. We saw what bringing in a young player(Jozy Altidore), especially a goal scorer, did not only to the club, but sales as well. More people were excited to have such a good young prospect on the team and its basically like that over in Europe with teams like Barcelona(Bojan), Arsenal(Fabregas),and Milan(Pato).

  45. NONAME says:

    As an RSL fan, I can tell the SSFC folks that RBNY is going to hand SSFC their @$$. Sorry SSFC, but your going to get schooled.

    BTW – RBNY is my fav Eastern team even tho they knocked us out last year. I hated them that night, but still like them better than the rest of the East.

    I think I already hate SSFC more than Chivas due to their lame-@$$ supporters bragging about things that should not be bragged about.

    Relegate SSFC back to USL-2.

  46. Ted says:

    Lou-the players you are referring to are junk, except for stammler. Captain of El Salvador, they are ranked 105th, who cares, Petke is as slow as dirt, rojas looked great last year…not. Let’s not forget celadas who joined the team a week ago, he’s awesome. Give me a break with Dane Richards, he had three decent games and they happened to be at the end of the year so that’s all anybody remembers. Don’t forget the first 35 where he was invisible if not hurt.

  47. Furball says:

    I hope he stays in Columbia. Screw the Sounders and that fat guy from the Price is Right.

    Timber Fan

  48. NONAME says:


    I hope Freddie Underwearer gets to play against RBNY, so he can get humiliated and move back to West Ham… Wait? He was “waived” by West Ham, how awesome is that? Its because he sucks, and was lucky to have all the awesome Gunners around him at Arsenal. Put him on a crap team, like SSFC, and you shall see why he was waived. Bye-bye SSFC, go back to USL.

    I hated Chivas, but I hate SSFC more.

    My favorite teams are now RSL, RBNY, and anyone playing and beating SSFC.

    Go drink some lattes in your dreary city and convince yourselves your great. Isn’t that great? Great!

  49. Oog says:

    Ha ha!

  50. NONAME says:

    Did I mention that Seattle sucks?






    Seattle Sucks!

  51. Ted says:

    You must be 12yrs old. Make an argument about your team or about my post. I never once brought up Ljungberg as a reason why the Red Bull players were terrible. I never once proclaimed to support the Sounders, I don’t even live in Seattle. You have a serious inferiority complex.

  52. Shaggy says:

    Zoiks! It wasn’t Freddy Montero all along it was, old man Wynalda in a Montero mask!

  53. Waldo says:

    And I would have got away with it too. If it wasn’t for you nosy kids and your Osorio, er dog.

  54. Rastafari says:

    Maybe the Sounders will surprise us with another signing Regardless, opening day will be an event.

    NONAME should change her name to NOTHINGTOSAY

  55. Haig says:

    “El Salvador, they are ranked 105th, who cares”

    This is as far as I needed to read to realize that “Ted” has no freaking idea what he’s talking about.

    There’s a left back who plays for the #110 team in the FIFA Rankings. He must suck even worse than Pacheco, though they both play the same position. His name is Kaladze. Heard of him? I would HOPE SO, because he plays for AC FREAKING MILAN.


  56. Ian says:

    Obsess much, NONAME?

  57. IanPQ says:

    better to have noname than a name like real salt lake, amiright? seriously, recess is for playing with the rest of your 5th grade friends, not posting.

    I think if anyone disappoints, it’ll be fredy, not freddie, considering the overall consensus that fredy>freddie. that being said, they should both do well with Sigi at the helm.

  58. gofirefire says:

    smoke is one thing. smoldering, ill-founded bullcrap on sbi is another.

  59. paul says:

    Did someone drop their lollypop?

  60. Leon says:

    “one of the best young goal-scoring prospects in South America” would not sign a contract of any length for that pathetic salary

  61. Joamiq says:

    Man, Seattle fans are in for a rude awakening. You have a nice squad for an expansion team, with enough decent MLS players that you won’t get TOO embarrassed most of the time. But there’s very little, what’s it called, quality. And the minute you have a couple of injuries, it’s going to get ugly.

  62. NONAME says:

    Sure, I am obsessed with watching SSFC turn into super suck football club (SSFC). Suck it.

    I can’t wait till you (SSFC) get pasted! Go back to the USL.

  63. Nats says:

    What’s with all the hate for Seattle? It’s great that the league is growing. Get a grip!

  64. Smith says:

    Seattle fans are a pretty confident team considering Steady Freddy The Lung is wheelchair bound and fast Fredy is desperately trying to get away from them.

  65. Chris says:

    I am pretty impressed with the rivalries building in this league.. all the fans hate each other! I love it!

  66. Scott47a says:

    Man, Seattle fans are in for a rude awakening. You have a nice squad for an expansion team, with enough decent MLS players that you won’t get TOO embarrassed most of the time. But there’s very little, what’s it called, quality. And the minute you have a couple of injuries, it’s going to get ugly.

    Posted by: Joamiq


    I don’t know any Seattle fans, myself included, who are expecting to come in and win the cup the first year or anything. If you do, then they are the exception rather than the rule.

    On the other hand, the West is not all that intimidating. Houston lost their best player and is getting old as a squad. RSL hasn’t replaced a striker and may have to rely on Clint Mathis, Chivas lost two of their starting back four and Colorado, LA and San Jose weren’t playoff teams last year.

    I’m not saying Seattle will win. But the talent level on these teams is not that much better that what is in Seattle.

  67. Thomas513 says:

    Insecure much? You’d think fans of footie would be happy to see their league grow in such a positive manner. I guess worrying about how you are going to match SSFC once we get established has a few on edge.

    To the point, Fredy is a good player and has dumped in goals during the pre-season but, I should remind Sounders fans and haters alike that the man has kicked exactly zero balls in the MLS. We shouldn’t be pinning all our hopes on him and others shouldn’t think we are dead without him. Fact is, we will put 11 men on the field in 7 days with more than 30k in the stands to support. That is the greatest success for our season no matter if we go on to win the double.

    SSFC is just getting started. If I were you, I would try to drum up some folks to support your team so you can match us in support and attendance.

  68. bill says:

    Super Sucky Fakegrass Club.

  69. NONAME says:

    I want to stick a fork in SSFC when they are done. Awesome.

    I hate, in this order:


















    Seriously, I thought I hated Chivas and C.Rapids, but the crap I read from SSFC supporters makes me puke a bit in my mouth, then swallow it, and finally up-chuck projectile vomit.

    I could even care less if you beat RSL as long as you get mired in the bottom of the league. I hate SSFC. I hate Freddy Underwearer. I hate Fredy Mitsubitchy Montero.

    Go back to the USL.

  70. Rastafari says:


    link to freaknet.org.uk

    get back in your hole. All this talk from the anti-plastic grass fetishists is all laughs..

  71. SSFC says:

    Release your anger, noname! Only your hatred can destroy me (because p*rtland sure can’t do the job!)

  72. SwedSoccer says:

    Didn’t NY finish 10-11-9 last year? I kinda thought their run through the playoffs, especially the UPSET of Houston, was more of a surprise rather than an expectation. SSFC will struggle in their first year undoubtedly but NYRB hasn’t done anything consistent on the field to merit claims that they are a class above SSFC. Argue from a reasoned position.

  73. oh danny boy says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. I’m noname..waaaaaaaaaaaaaa… ssfc stands for stupid soccer fan club, hee hee hee… pay attention to me guys, I’m noname and I’m a super big douche… I hate you seattle.. You’re a poopy face… I’m noname and I like to say douche bag things and show how much of b*tch I am. What? no one is paying attention to noname? waaaaaaaaaaaaaa… go timbers…

  74. jloome says:

    You’re all crap on the bum fluff of TFC’s most menial supporter! We invented both T-shirts and football, after all.

  75. oh danny boy says:

    What do you say to that jloome… thumbs up.

  76. Sterlinho says:

    No Name sounds like a typical Timbers fan. Seattle hasn’t even played a game and she’s a hater. Who lists their most hated clubs? Seriously! It sounds to me like Miss Salt Lake City has her sacred underwear in a bunch. Maybe she should ask her sister-wife to dig it out for her.

  77. oh danny boy says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Sterlinho that was awesome. noname aka “Big Love,” you’re a douche.

  78. Andres says:

    I am Colombian, and I follow the Colombian leage very closely…sorry guys but this guy is not that good! He also got capped once for the national team and stunk it up..and he’s not that young he’s almost 22..look how good Messi is at his age. But we’ll see maybe the MLS is good for him.

  79. Den says:

    Wow, listen to all these jealous little bitches. Nice!

  80. Devin says:

    Wow some people are so dumb, like really Sounders haven’t even played a real game yet and you already think they suck.

    And New York isnt even that good, there playoff run was luck, and i dont see any reason the sounders cant have a go at them.

    Like really do you even know anything about soccer or do u just support your city’s teams? its kind of dissapointing to see how some people act.

    Anyway, if the Sounders keep Montero they will most likely make playoffs, thats all i think, but thats good for an expansion team. And all the Sounders fans will just fuel them even more to play well, so i would wish everyone good luck to getting a win in Seattle.

  81. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Best quote on here

    “He moves like Frankenstein with end-stage Lyme Disease.”

    i lulzed alot

  82. madmax says:

    Let’s hope that Ives is wrong.
    QUOTE FROM ADRIAN HANAUER ON FREDY MONTERO: “Fredy Montero traveled to South America to complete some personal administrative details that required the player’s attention prior to the start of the MLS season. The player’s contract is finalized and there are no open issues. Fredy is en route back to Seattle and we look forward to his participation in training later this week and on opening night.”

  83. Scott A says:

    I look forward to seeing JPA put his finger up to his lips in front of 27,000 in Seattle