Altidore to miss a month after toe-nail surgery

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U.S. national team forward Jozy Altidore is set to miss a month of action after having toe-nail surgery, Spanish club Xerez announce on Thursday.

Altidore had yet to make an appearance for the Spanish Second Division leaders, but will now have to wait another month after having a corrective procedure to address a foot ailment that has plagued him for some time.

Altidore's toe nails have given him problems before.

He was benched for a Red Bulls match last year after being forced to miss practice sessions following toe-nail issues associated with a bad pedicure.

The most recent toe-nail issues didn't stop Altidore from scoring four goals in the U.S. national team's last two World Cup qualifiers, including a hat-trick vs. Trinidad & Tobago.

With Altidore expected to miss a month, the surgery should not prevent Altidore from taking part in June's World Cup qualifiers or the Confederations Cup with the U.S. national team.

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59 Responses to Altidore to miss a month after toe-nail surgery

  1. MikeK says:

    I guess he’s got problems with them getting ingrown? Painful, that sucks.

  2. EDB says:

    Im sure if he was playing he would have waited until the end of the season.

  3. Michael Vann says:

    Sucks about Jozy. Toe nail surgery sounds awfully painful. Better him than me!

  4. BellusLudas says:

    He wasn’t getting playing time anyway so just get it done….

  5. C-note says:

    I hope He has a quick recovery and comes back strong.

  6. fubar says:


    Better to get it done now even if he was playing. He needs to be back on the field for qualifiers in early June and this will barely give him time to recover and get some training in…

  7. Rekro says:

    Hopefully he’ll be a 100% when we play Costa Rica.

  8. Matt says:

    Man alive, Xerez will find any excuse not to play him, won’t they?

  9. Steve says:

    Echo the above. Get betterin time for Costa Rica and Hoindurus. To hell with Xerez.

  10. Cindy says:

    if it is ingrowth issues that must be real painful for him. hope recovery goes well and speedy!

  11. Ceez says:


  12. madmax says:

    Villarreal/Xerez big mistake. Get out this summer Jozy.

  13. craig says:

    if its ingrown, he would be back in a week. i have had that done before, and playing with it is seriously painful. but when i got it removed i was playing soon after. not a month.

  14. gmen04 says:

    guess his Xerez tenure will finish with 0 appearances. If its ingrown had that surgery 3 times, definitly takes 2-3 weeks before you even feel well walking.

  15. Adam M. says:

    Shame his season got clipped like that, but its not like he had his foot in the door there anyway. I guess this is just the nail in the coffin for his time at Xerez. If he toes the line and doesn’t complain, maybe Villareal will put their foot down and get him some playing time to boot. Bradley would be a real heel for not starting him in the Confederations Cup, so here’s hoping Jozy lands on his feet after surgery.

  16. Joe says:

    Up with Xerez. Take care of those wheels and we’ll be waiting for you this Summer. Get better soon, man!

  17. Addick says:

    It depends on what Jozy had done. If the podiatrist just removed the ingrown portion of the nail, Jozy could be back in a week or two.

    But if the podiatrist removed the entire nail, then it’s going to take a bit longer for it to heal. You have to spend the days after the removal scrubbing the nail bed to remove any dead tissue while keeping it clean. Then you have to let the nail bed dry out which you can’t do while running around with leather shoes and socks.

    I think it took me about three weeks to have the nail bed dry out.

  18. Experience Dogood says:

    I have experienced this before. Very painful. Although it can be prevented rather easily by clipping your toe-nails well. Only clip the front, and don’t venture too far to either side. Maintain tight corners on the sides, so the nail looks more like a square, and less rounded.


  19. This Guy says:

    Might as well do it now while he’s on vacation in Spain.

  20. wyo fan says:

    Cue soccer bashing radio sports jockeys in 3, 2, 1….

  21. xerezmania says:

    Pedicure? Not very manly.

    Actually, I’ve had some similar problems because I wore shoes that were too tight. You think you don’t want to have too much room in the shoe. You feel like you have better touch with tighter shoes. But you need some room in the front there to move a bit, particularly when you start and stop suddenly. My problems were really bad when I played indoor, where you start and stop frequently and quickly on a harder, artificial surface.

    I believe this pretty much ensures that Jozy will never play for Xerez, unless he comes back quickly and they are already assured of promotion, in which case he might get some garbage time.

  22. JeffM says:

    Oh no! You mean he’s going to miss a month of not playing and not dressing for Xerez?

  23. MVK says:

    Ive gotten a pedicure before, its was really relaxing and was just overall awesome, I paid 20 bucks and a ladie dug crap from under my toe nails and cut them etc…. given his craft he might want to look into hiring a personal pedicurist (yes thats a word) to do his feet like twice a week… anyone have knowledge on the subject? is it possible just to have said toe nail removed for good?

  24. MVK says:

    Adam M ur crackin me up

  25. DJ Barnett says:

    Get it over with and move on to the summer qualifiers!

    Was it just me or could Villareal have used a physically strong forward in their Champions League fight with Arsenal? Their attack looked weak and not at all threatening. The Yellow Submarine made a big mistake loaning Altidore out!!

  26. Mikemike says:

    These comments are awesome. I especially like Experience’s.

    Personally, my main issues are with my little toes. My little toes kinda curl under my foot and have little triangle nails.

    Sucks for Jozy, maybe we can all chip in and get him those automated clippers that they use for dogs and cats, I mean the guy obviously has some issues clipping his nails.

  27. Bottlcaps says:

    If it is an ingrown toenail, well, I can empathize with him. When I was in high school, I ran track and field (and played some soccer, but this was in the 60’s so there wasn’t much organized soccer about) I received a T&F athletic scholarship from a pretty prestigious university. In high school I started having problems with my big toe, and it didn’t get any better and my folks told me, I needed to go to the Dr’s. I kept putting it off for one reason or another. Amazingly this was not picked up when I went for my physical for my scholarship. The toe actually got infected and even gangrenous. Well, the athletic dept was not to enthused about my ailment and accused me of hiding it (even though I ran one of my fastest 800m with the toe infected) soon after I got it operated on they yanked my ticket. I got another one at another school, but it taught me a lesson. What I thought was a relatively minor ailment became a major problem and had unforeseen circumstances. I was lucky to get another scholarship albeit at a smaller school and with not as prestigious as a track program! Having an ingrown toenail can really affect your performance, in big events but also crucially, in practice and in workouts. You tend to favor tour foot (toe) and even hold back some. In fact I avoided playing soccer when the toe hurt and I would have it stepped on, or abused continuously. At least in Track I didn’t have to worry about being stepped on. (maybe that’s why it got so bad)

    Most likely Xerex discovered the problem because he probably began to favor it or didn’t run as well as he did previously.

    It does explain a lot.

    I was taught a lesson and only lost a scholarship. Josie could have lost a career!

  28. Indie FC says:

    Nail fungus is the most common ailment for athletes. Starts out as an injured nail (stepped on, etc.), then starts to crack and thicken. Causes really bad ingrown nails and is painful in and of itself as the nail thickens. Good luck to him, but most folks never really get rid of it.

  29. hendrix says:

    as a teen i had to have toenail surgery.
    ingrown toenail probs are often not something you can just solve with proper cutting.
    I had them growing too wide on the sides, under the skin. you can’t get scissors under there. the doc had to dig in down the sides and cut out the root of the nails so they’d never grow back that wide again.

  30. Jimmie says:

    Adam M. – funny punny stuff there. I like it!

    if its ingrown, he would be back in a week. i have had that done before, and playing with it is seriously painful. but when i got it removed i was playing soon after. not a month.

    Posted by: craig | April 16, 2009 at 01:48 PM

    I agree with Craig. I had double toe surgery on both big toes to correct a toe nail problem. I started and played a full 90 3 days later sans pain killers. Best game of my life. But it did hurt like hell everytime I kicked the ball (or opponent).

  31. Brett says:

    If he is smart, he will opt to kill the entire nail bed. The skin eventually callouses over and you never have to worry about toenail problems again. I had the surgery when i was 18 after snapping my toenail off after it got stomped badly in a rugby game.

  32. Frog says:

    Interesting quote from Yanks Abroad article

    “We have had a meeting with Altidore and his agent about next year,” Garcia offered. “At this time no decision has been made, but we have made it known that we’d like him here next season.”

  33. sean monaghan says:

    EHHHHHHH this is digusting, I swear I have like an ingrown toenail phobia, it hurtsss like crazy hahahahaha

  34. Erik says:

    Yanks-Abroad is reporting, concurrently with this story, that Xerez are claiming they’re interested in Jozy staying on with the club next year.

    Um, wtf?

  35. dena says:

    I never thought I’d be able to get pedicure and beauty tips from SBI, Ives’ your site officially has everything.

  36. Pico says:

    That whole thread about Xerez requesting Jozy for next year comes from the xerezmania site. They are known for their sensationalism and are constantly ripped by the fan forums.

    There was indeed a meeting between the team’s sports director, Jozy, and Jozy’s agent about what to do for the remainder of the season. After Jozy recovers, he is going to be available by the first or second week in May, but then he will be gone for USMNT duty in June by the time the season ends in Spain.

    By all calculations, it does not appear that Jozy will play any minutes for that team.


  37. RK says:

    My theory was that Villarreal was saying to Xerez “Hey, you know, you are going to be moving up next season. You’ll need better players. Maybe we’ll let you keep Jozy…if he starts getting playing time, though.”

    Carrot and stick…

  38. Derek says:

    How was Xerez better than Everton again?

  39. milkshake of despair says:

    I’ve had my share of ingrown toenails too. Usually from not clipping them properly. There is an easy home remedy though. Once you discover it, get a little bit of cotton from a cotton ball or que-tip. Then with some tweezers, lift up on the front of the toe nail and shove the cotton underneath the painful corner. Shove enough in there so you can feel the toenail acutally lifting. Leave the cotton in for a few days, adding more cotton as needed. This allows time for the toenail to grow out and over the skin the was blocking it. Usually 3-7 days is enough time. Problem solved.

  40. northzax says:

    seriously, the man makes some decent cash, doesn’t he? can’t he afford a decent pair of boots? you’d think Adidas would toss him a few that fit, wouldn’t you?

  41. MasterShake says:

    Adam M., that was some funny ass shiieeettt

  42. ThaDeuce says:

    A sad day for U.S. soccer. However, he should be back and in action way in time for U.S. v Costa Rica in early June! Yeah!
    So I don’t care! He was just wasting away on the bench at Xerex anyway, now is as good a time as anyway to correct the problem.

  43. Turtle says:

    Adam – post of the year nominee for sure (if there was such a thing). Hilarious…

  44. salvyepps says:

    this is wierd. I had no nail surgery cutting away some when i had ingrown nails due to my old vapors. I practiced the same night, so it can’t be due to ingrown toenails, because the surgery wasnt that bad

  45. Barry U says:

    Foot humor on SBI. Sweet!!! Well that whole we want him for next year is crap. Why? If you think he can play in La Liga then why can’t he get a game now? Jozy is smart on this. Get the surgery out of the way and be ready for a busy summer young man. Not sure if Villareal is the fit for next year but it is very important he plays becuase WC2010 is on the Horizon. Also, his managment team needs to step it up becuase they could be looking at some serious cash if Jozy shows well at Con Fed cup and his club season before the WC. If he shines at the WC he will break the transfer record he set for an American for sure.

  46. Sticky says:

    I had a similar situation after I stabbed a couple of toes with an ice pick (don’t ask). I hobbled to the podiatrist and he recommended cauterizing the wound. Well, long story short, I didn’t do that, but it was giving me problems for years during my placekicking days. Finally had the thing done that Johan was talking about. Best plan of action ever.

    Worst thing, though: no more pedicures!

  47. Joey says:

    Suprised Alltdore is having surgery in Jerez and not US

  48. MiamiAl says:

    Smells like Eddie Johnson Redux… A hat-trick followed by injury, followed by keep Josh Wolfe warmed up in the bullpen…

  49. NJsoccer says:

    When is this loan supposed to end?! Any idea?!

  50. Nic D "The Texas 2 Stepper" says:

    @ Adam M.

    Best. Pun. Ever.

    Thanks dude! bustin’ a gut!

  51. DC Josh says:

    Believe the loan ends at the end of the season. Doesn’t really matter because his agent will have him out of there after the final whistle of ’08-’09.

    Hope he comes back soon.

  52. kahlva says:

    I’m slightly ill thinking that XEREZ decided Jozy should have surgery, and that he was operated on there.

    But hopefully that’s just my innate suspicion of everything kicking in and it’ll be fine…

  53. Brandinho says:

    So is this gonna make him better?

  54. Joey says:

    How was Xerez better than Everton again?

    Posted by: Derek | April 16, 2009 at 04:02 PM


    Spainish team owns his contract and why would they help the English?

  55. Kevin says:

    Does it really matter, it’s not like he’s going to play over there. Toe nail problems? Really? Hell, just bite the things off like me.

  56. Sandro says:

    Since he is not playing anyhow, why not get this operation done.

  57. RK says:

    link to

    Jozy’s surgery went well.

  58. Pico says:

    He got both feet operated? That must have been painful.

    link to

  59. Erik says:

    Actually, there’s an article on that quotes a Xeres official, so it’s not just rumors from discussion forums.

    Oh, I’m also sure the ingrown toenail is probably the result from Jozy wearing smaller sized boots for increased touch on the ball.