Carver: MLS meddling made me leave TFC

John Carver (

Former Toronto FC head coach John Carver has spoken out about his departure from TFC and he places blame squarely on MLS for his decision to leave.

"I've had restraints on me ever since I got here," Carver said in alengthy interview with the Toronto Star. "If ever you do anything or say anything out of order, they're straight on the phone complaining to the owners and that's how they work because, in my opinion, it's all about image.

"Obviously I wasn't the right image for the league."

Carver was also clear in stating that he had no issues with Mo Johnston or Toronto FC ownership. He also denied that he would be taking any jobs in England, such as a position with Newcastle, which was believed to be an option.

What do you think of Carver's complaints? Think he is right? Was it still not a good enough excuse to quit? Could Toronto FC be better off without him, or will TFC wind up suffering because of meddling from MLS?

Share your thoughts below.

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89 Responses to Carver: MLS meddling made me leave TFC

  1. Hopper says:

    I understand the frustration, but every other coach in the league seems to have found a way to deal with it. Our Sigi here in Seattle hasn’t had any problems. Maybe if Toronto FC was playing better …

  2. Carver should join that other quitter, Roy Keane, in Ipswich.

  3. cowtown says:

    What a baby. He should go have a cry with Ruud Gullit. After that, someone should remind them both that good coaches don’t blame pre-existing rules for their lack of results.

  4. adam says:

    PROFESSIONALS hold themselves and their peers to HIGHER STANDARDS….comparing him to Gullit is just ignorant. I don’t blame him for being fed up with rinky-dink BS that trickles down…

  5. nico says:

    I’m not too surprised. MLS (Garber et al.) seem to enjoy there positions of power. I’ve never quite understood how the league has so much control over individual team operations. It seems ridiculous for MLS to tell Carver from where to coach his team.

  6. Ossington Mental Youth says:

    Cant say im surprised that the MLS would muck about in such a way. Although its come leaps and bounds since it first started it remains a business and a business first and theres little tolerance for anyone who messes with the business. Carver was an outspoken guy who stuck to his guns, im sure that didnt go over well.

    However I also feel certain that it was that coupled with the fact that his formations/tactic just didnt seem to work and the team wasnt doing as well as it could/should have been.

    I did like the guy alot but was fed up with alot of his tactics/formations (4-4-2, playing guys out of position to accomodate it) just before he quit.

    Ideally the 4-3-3 was Chris Cummins/Dasovic’s idea as opposed to Carvers simply because thats who we are now stuck with HA! I do look forward to seeing what those two have to offer (id be amazed if Daso got the job over Cummins) as so far we are top of the east (granted it could very well be a short stay but we are top none the less!)

  7. bg says:

    I think everyone is better off with him leaving. He was clearly not happy about the refereeing and the way the league fonctionned. As a TFC fan, I liked John but I respect his decision.

  8. mighty! says:


    you do realize each team is owned by the league?

    and the teams are but franchises operated by third parties…

  9. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Beat me to it mighty. It’s called Single Entity. Perhaps you should look it up nico.

  10. EDB says:

    I think its for the best he left, and why for now the MLS needs to stick with former MLS players or long time assistants for coaches. This league is not run like any other in the world and takes people that know and accept it upfront.

  11. guillermo says:

    WAHHH….they won’t let me sit in the press box….WAHHHH!!!!!!!

  12. sean monaghan says:

    you should be able to critcize somebody for there wrongdoing if correct without being fined.

  13. Army of Dad says:

    No matter what league he is coaching in if you pop off to the press about the refs you will get your hand slapped. Good riddance.

  14. dave says:

    umm, what was the MLS’s reason for not lettin him coach via a suite?? kinda agree w/ him.. he seems like a stand up guy and it sucks we lost him

  15. TimF says:

    He’s been a terrible coach and is a complete baby. Hopefully TFC will continue to be full of fail. F Canada.

  16. Jeff Cunningham says:

    For a guy who has never won anything, he sure does talk a lot of s%^t. Maybe someday he’ll realize that he’s the one who sucks, not everyone else in the world.

  17. Jason says:

    he was an overrated coach, TFC is better w/o him!

  18. Felix says:

    I agree with his frustrations about MLS, they do seem overtly-concerned with their image but at the same time, all the other coaches in MLS deal with the same issues and still seem to thrive.

  19. Striking21 says:

    good riddance baby

  20. DOM8 says:

    MLS is so concerned about their image that they are willing to risk more bad public relations. Can they take more bad publicity?????

  21. brett says:

    EDB – i agree, i think the MLS should stick with former players working through the system…. grassroots

  22. brett says:

    and i do NOT for a second believe this had nothing to do with a coaching job (or asst job) in england… i have a feeling this was something simple to voice about…

    but then again, i wouldnt go public about leaving a job with TFC to take up an asst. job at newcastle O.o

  23. BK says:

    I completely understand Carver’s decision and agree with him 100%. Frankly, I too am getting tired of league meddling and of the single entity system as a whole. They fine a player or coach that even hints of referee criticism yet do nothing when idiots like Jair Marrufo blow game after game after game.

  24. kpugs says:

    Good for Carver, this league is run by phocking idiots as we have all known for 1.5 decades. Good for him for saying enough is enough.

  25. Russ says:

    The officiating in our league is a problem, and that’s widely recognized. Continually fining coaches who make criticisms of the refs amounts to censorship, and is an impediment to our league’s progress.

    Why does Garber never address these issues? In the past week I’ve seen at least 2 game-changing red cards that were not warranted (RedBulls-Wizards, Crew-Fire) and had a major effect on the entertainment value of the product.

    Whether I would quit my job over it, that’s a different story…

  26. DOM8 says:

    MLS is mickey mouse. The FO needs to grow up and stop trying to control everything. Who cares if he wants to coach from the stands on occasion. FFS *roles eyes*

  27. KCB says:

    “What a baby. He should go have a cry with Ruud Gullit. After that, someone should remind them both that good coaches don’t blame pre-existing rules for their lack of results.”

    I’m in agreement with this. Steve Nicol and co. have done just fine over the years working under the MLS single entity league structure.

    But I also understand his frustration with the league and it’s rules. It’s a tough balance between good business and top flight football. It’s just how it is.

    But it won’t get better until everyone starts supporting the league, their hometown club, and proves to the rest of the world that America does care about football and are willing to spend the money to support it. Then the $$$ will roll in, sponsors will take notice, the league will grow, the quality improves, top internationals come here to play, etc etc. But it’s going to take time, and proper fan support. Come On EuroSnobs!

  28. d says:

    Carver just did a pretty telling interview on the Fan590, he basically said he was becoming a target and a hindrance to the team so it would be best if he stepped down. You have to respect that. He also took credit for the 4-3-3 formation change thats been successful recently.

  29. Tim says:

    I agree. F Canada and their stupid British cock worship.

  30. Good riddance.

    Dumbass should have learned how to operate in a salary cap environment. It will probably coming to a European League closest to you. You don’t think the Europeans are observing how American Sports Leagues run themselves with the salary cap?

    All the critics of MLS are forgetting. It took the NBA, the NHL, NFL, far more years to become the leagues they are now. As much as we hate it, they are still in business where other Soccer leagues have failed.

    If anyone is reading, Euro clubs are running into trouble. There are only so many billionaires willing to lose money on English Clubs. Most of the other clubs are struggling.

    We have enough English blokes mucking up our game and teaching our kids kick and run Football.

  31. Phillip says:

    He might have a point, if he had proven a winning coach, but he hasn’t, so it’s just whining at this point.

  32. TO says:

    Lets face it Carver came from the UK which has the best soccer league in the world, so it would only make sense that the adjustment to MLS would be difficult for him. I think he fell in love with the fans and the team last year and that kept him here for a second year, but he hated the league and its bizarre idiosyncracies (not sure about the spelling). In the end he did what was best for him and the team, if he had stayed the drama between him and the league would have intensified and that would have negatively affected the team which he would not have wanted. I applaud him for doing the right thing. MLS is a young league trying to survive in an indifferent North American soccer market which explains the need for tight league control, obviously Carver didn’t know what he was getting himself into, Mo Johnston should have been more upfront with Carver as I am assuming he probably knew that Carver’s strong all things British personality and the league were bound to clash. Good luck John! All of the TFC faithful will miss you. I would like to thank you personally for all you did for the team and the city during your short stay.

  33. nico says:

    Mighty! and sonic-
    Yes, I do realize it is single entity. This is a business model, it should not mandate teams how to run their field operations. Under a single entity structure the league owns the teams but team owner/investors have the right to operate their teams as they see fit (within governing rules & procedures). MLS seems to overexert their influence, quite unnecessarily at times.

    This is how understand it, though I am certainly not a lawyer and not an expert on MLS legal powers over teams. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Sonicdeathmonkey seems like an articulate individual so I would like to hear his interpretation of a team’s legal rights.

  34. kahlva says:

    Roh roh.

    Those damn meddling kids!

  35. isaac says:

    this is ridiculous from some of you. This game is football, you guys seem to think John Carver is not professional just because he didn’t knuckle down to the MLS’s petty authority. MLS does need to change in order to compete in this footbal environment(Look at how lousy they do in international competitions) and the first change should probably be to pay the players more.

  36. Better off gone? says:

    If he’s frustrated with the leagues, then so be it. It’s his personal opinion and I won’t hold it against him. But quit 6 games into the season because of it? It’s not like he just signed his contract this year and this all came new to him. Lot of these are same crap he pulled last season, and gotten a full taste of the rules and operation as a consequence.

    If he’s that frustrated, I just think it would’ve served everybody better if he’d just left after last season. Is MLS perfect? No. But it doesn’t mean Carver is perfect either. Just because someone is honest about their opinion doesn’t make it the truth. To me, it’s just a simple case of a misfit. With neither side willing to conform to one another, it’s better to separate.

  37. JoeW says:

    TO–I’m amazed, truly amazed that ANYONE would argue that the problem(s) Carver had were because the UK has the “best soccer in the world.”

    Carver didn’t say he had trouble adjusting to less skilled players or a lower standard of player. If anything, that should have given him a huge edge.

    No, his comments are lame. How did MLS meddle? He got fined a couple of times for complaining about referees. Big deal. There are restrictions on acquiring players–but that’s true for every team. There is a cap–but that’s not MLS meddling, that’s by the owners of a league that has hemmoraged cash and at one point had to contract two teams while two other guys owned 75% of the rest of the league. TFC was hurt by National Team callups but guess what–so were other teams in the league.

    I’m unaware of anyway that MLS meddled with TFC in a way that didn’t also apply to every other team in the league. If Carver felt that the situation was a bad one, than he should blame MoJo and his team management for not being clear with him upfront. If anything, after the first year MLS changed the rules to make it easier for TFC to field Americans on the roster and ease the difficulty of getting Canadian players.

    Carver’s comments strike me as an ethnocentric crybaby–the kind of guy who’d go from say, Colombia to Peru or Germany to Spain and complain about the league because it’s not like home. Because, in effect, that’s what he’s doing.

  38. seth|NYC says:

    I hope Carver ends up as assistant coach for India’s national team. Then he can have a whinefest with Bobby Houghton, another English MLS failure.

  39. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Well, when it comes down to it, I personally think Carver’s complaints about MLS is a bit of a red herring. Any league, and I mean ANY league around the world will fine you if you speak out in a derogatory manner toward the refs. It’s not meddling. It’s SOP in every league and every sport. As far as being told where to sit, I’d like to see conformation about that before I believe it.

  40. Steve says:

    So do the MLS offices have a right to complain about the incompetent coach who couldn’t win despite great fan support and hurting the moment of an expansion franchise.

    This just in John: No one is going to miss you no one cares that you’re gone. Cheers 😉

  41. Steve says:

    Meant ‘momentum’

  42. JoeW – Thumbsup!

    “Carver’s comments strike me as an ethnocentric crybaby–the kind of guy who’d go from say, Colombia to Peru or Germany to Spain and complain about the league because it’s not like home. Because, in effect, that’s what he’s doing.”

    To quote a famous Canadian.

    “Why move around the world, if Eden was so near.”

    Neil Peart – Territories

  43. TO says:

    Hey JoeW,

    I think his beef with MLS had a lot to do with the big brother syndrome or micro-management of the league by MLS headquarters. The league took issue with his sideline chirping, his valid criticism of the league’s refing and the final straw came when he was forced back to the sidelines after Wednesdays game when he lead the team from the private boxes. Coming from the premiership I’m sure he didn’t have this kind of league scrutiny with regards to policing his own behavior. I think he was fine with the salary cap and the strange rules with regard to the number of Canadian and international spots. I think he took issue with the fact that they were trying to reign in his personality and his coaching style. If the league isn’t mature enough to allow someone to be themselves then maybe MLS should loosen the reigns a bit and allow the league to mature and develop some character which it really lacks when compared to more established leagues like the premiership. In trying to maintain an iron grip on the league MLS may eventually crush it!

  44. seven says:

    I wanted to like Carver, but he was clueless as a manager & Toronto is lucky that he’s gone. I don’t believe his reason for quitting. Good luck to the Geordies if he does end up at Newcastle.

  45. Jimmie says:


    Jason Kries sat in the press box multiple times last season (or was it the season before?), so he could get a better view of the field. I think he was suspended only one of the times.

    He eventually found it better on the sidelines.

    I may be totally incorrect here… btw…

  46. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Nico, this is about as good as I could find on short notice. The last paragraph refers to the owners as “shareholders”, which I thought was a pretty accurate description of what they actually are.

    link to

  47. Ageroo says:

    Worth a listen to the Fan 590 interview… take it for what it is worth….

    link to

  48. TO says:

    If John Carver was good enough to coach in the premiership he should have been good enough for MLS I can’t see how the leagues behaviour can be justified in this case. Driving a good coach out of the league is not going to do anything to help this league improve its reputation globally.

  49. MattC says:


    Kreis sat in the press box because he was suspended for criticizing the terrible officiating. It isn’t about having quality managers in MLS, it is about having managers that can handle all of the idiocincracies that make MLS. It is the most bassackwards run league in any sport in the world and if you don’t understand it then you can’t succeed.

  50. Bootsy says:

    In which leagues are you able to criticise a match’s referee to the press after a match and not catch hell from the league for it afterwards?

  51. Brian says:

    So people are going to just take John Carver’s word as gospel?


  52. Better off gone? says:

    Hey TO,

    I respect your opinion about how you want this league to improve. But why should MLS be the one to conform to Carver? In other words, what makes Carver’s opinion so perfect? Like you said, this is not about a low salary cap, players, or quality of their play. This is about his personal opinion that he’s being restricted. Is that true for all other coaches? It’s one thing for Sigi or Kinnear to complain about this, but what kind of credibility does Carver hold?

    Like I said earlier, is MLS perfect? Of course not. But does it mean the league should cater to Carver because of it? How about this, it seems other coaches don’t seem to have such a dissatisfaction with the league, so what if Carver took some pointers from them instead on how to adapt? Or am I being too demanding to expect that because this league is just not upto your, or Carver’s standard?

  53. JoeW says:

    First, the complaints with the refs–anyone who complains gets fined. That’s not meddling or micromanagement.

    Second, not being on the field–well, that’s a rule every team in the league has to follow, not just TFC and Carver. And agree with it or not, there are a bunch of reasons why. The league disciplines coaches by fining them money and ejecting them from the bench. But if a coach has worked out an arrangement where he can manage from a luxury box than that red card ejection he just got is meaningless isn’t it? It’s like the premiership requiring coaches to wear suits–is that micro management? Or other leagues requiring their coaches to have a license/badge (which at times has been an issue for Premiership and Bundesliga coaches).

    I absolutely agree that managing in MLS is very different than it is from any other league in the world. Every league has its differences but MLS is really different (which explains why a number of very good foreign coaches do poorly here). But to put it off to “micro management” or “meddling” seems pretty weak to me.
    –MLS doesn’t has the staff or oversight to micromanage. Now, player acquisition isn’t as simple as it is in Europe. But for the most part MLS has gotten out of the way of the players a team signs, how they use their DP slots.
    –I suspect that the “meddling” Carver alludes to is a combination of two factors: he doesn’t like the various rules (like: foreign player limits and SI slots, allocation order, waiver order selection, salary cap, GenAd players issues, difficulty of getting work permits for Canada, roster limits) and because he viewed MLS and North America as being “lesser” he looked for excuses to complain. Really now–you’re going to quit a job because you don’t want to stand on the sidelines with your team?

  54. Better off gone? says:

    Hey TO,

    I respect your opinion about how you want this league to improve. But why should MLS be the one to conform to Carver? In other words, what makes Carver’s opinion so perfect? Like you said, this is not about a low salary cap, players, or quality of their play. This is about his personal opinion that he’s being restricted. Is that true for all other coaches as well? It’s one thing for Sigi or Kinnear to complain about this, but what kind of credibility does Carver hold?

    Like I said earlier, is MLS perfect? Of course not. But does it mean the league should cater to Carver because of it? How about this, it seems other coaches don’t seem to have such a dissatisfaction with the league, so what if Carver took some pointers from them instead on how to adapt? Or am I being too demanding to expect that because this league is just not upto your, or Carver’s standard?

  55. Better off gone? says:

    Ooops, excuse for the double post.

  56. Nutmegger says:

    umm, what was the MLS’s reason for not lettin him coach via a suite?? kinda agree w/ him.. he seems like a stand up guy and it sucks we lost him

    Posted by: dave | April 28, 2009 at 12:50 PM


    Little known fact. Use of telecom devices on the part of team officials in the technical area is against the Laws of the Game. It’s not pointyball. Carver should have known this. I really don’t see why he should complain that the league wants him to comply with the laws like every other coach.

  57. sack says:

    MLS appoligists i swear. He’s right the league and its structure is too melesome. Any foriegn manager would hate it here because its so different and restrictive.

  58. If he doesn’t end up in Newcastle, then I might be inclined to believe him. But at the same time, league meddling in little things hasn’t seemed to have upset anyone else. It is what it is, like it or not.

  59. Carver was just looking for an excuse to leave. He’s constantly in the news bitching about something or passing blame to players.

    Good riddens!

  60. DC Josh says:

    needs to quit whining like a baby. Unfortunately, MLS is his boss. I still wouldn’t be surprised to see him in England on the bench somewhere.

  61. Joey says:

    MLS is a JOKE

  62. Better off gone? says:

    Hey Sack,

    Congratulation on being a Carver apologist then.

  63. sean monaghan says:

    atleast he is straight up about things…rather than saying BS

  64. John says:

    I don’t care how much MLS rules suck, no one should be sad to see the backside of John Carver. TFC will immediately improve just through his departure. MLS is kryptonite to foreign coaches with little background in the US. Can anyone think of a successful foreign coach who enjoyed success in the US without having been in the country for a while (like Steve Nichol, etc.)?

  65. timmyg says:

    Maybe we should think about stuff Carver didn’t say. Or at least, wasn’t on the record.

  66. TO says:

    Well it is a done deal now, the Carver era is over at TFC, so lets hope league evolves and matures over the next couple of years. It can’t happen soon enough for me. Good conversation though guys keep it up hopefully MLS is listening.

  67. I don’t know why we are even arguing.

    He has never really managed a team before coming to TFC. He has always been an assistant or in a caretaker role.

    He was never an accomplished Manager.

    In the fashion of English mediocrity, he points the finger at the league for his inability to Manage a team. If Carver had accomplished something whilst here, his word would mean something.

    With players like DeRosario and Guevara, a traditional English kick and run tactic is a waste on that talent.

    Toronto fans deserve better from their team and it is probably a good thing that Carver is gone. He is not a credible voice when his record as a Manager is limited to caretaker roles and an inability to get a good roster to work together.

  68. mednus says:

    some of you people need to listen to interviews before you make some kind of off the wall comments.

    As for MLS who cares about the salary cap it is the only good thing about the league and you don’t need single entity to have one.

    The rest of MLS’s arcane and ridiculus rules are what most people have an issue with and its interferance with things at the club level. can you imagine any other league in the world telling a coach where they must sit to coach the team?!?

  69. zenabi says:

    Good riddance….Ruud and the rest blame MLS when they fail to succeed here. No, it’s not the EPL but winners win within whatever rules exist. One thing that is clear- to succeed in MLS a coach has to be an exceptional judge of talent as well as a tactician, since you can’t just go out and buy another player whenever. Carver was neither as far as I could tell. Steve Nicol seems to have it figured out…

  70. art says:

    Dear John Carver:

    Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.

    North America

  71. Matt in SF says:

    I always make life decisions based on ticky tacky stuff.

    For instance, this morning my coffee was nice and hot, but a little too sweet for my taste, so I decided to quit my job, leave my wife and kids, and move to Katmandu and become a monk.

  72. Jon E says:

    Any foriegn manager would hate it here because its so different and restrictive.

    Posted by: sack | April 28, 2009 at 03:23 PM

    The following people probably disagree:

    Gary Smith, Robert Warzycha, Preki Radosavljevic, Steve Nichol, Juan Carlos Osorio, and Frank Yallop.

    Heck, as far as I can tell, only two current MLS head coaches (Jason Kreis & Bruce Arena) were actually born in America or Canada.

  73. dorian lopez says:

    I dont care who you are –as a coach it is in extremely poor form to resign (quit on a team) in-season. He should have walked away at the end of last season or at the very least if he couldn’t wait until the end of this season the he should have waited until the all-star break. Just poor from whichever angle you analyze this…. As for the “excuses” they sound like sour grapes to me from a coach who wasn’t able to live up to expectations.

  74. Alex says:

    What Babies, and those of you agreeing with him are babies. I don’t think anyone in the league cares where the guy coaches from, secondly even MO said that maybe he should cool off because he(carver) was acting out of character. And as much as you guys complain about the rules, Jenas has to write the FA and explain his match comments about the referee or he’s subject to the disciplinary panel. This happens everywhere and to be that paranoid that someones out to get you is ridiculous. He just needs to learn to shut up! Like there aren’t bad refs everywhere, Mike Riley!!

  75. MiamiAl says:

    Hahaha…He’s a liar..His reasons are all B.S…He’s going be at Newcastle next year. Guaranteed. That’s why he quit…

  76. Zico says:

    as a TFC fan, the fact that he has gone out of his way to have an interview and say that he came up with the 4-3-3 tells me he is very insecure!

  77. jeb says:

    Did Carver over-react? Yes.
    Should MLS be dictating where coaches sit during games? No.

    The league can be more than a little OCD at times, and it’s obnoxious.

  78. aristotle says:

    I can understand a coach being frustrated with the unique and frustrating system that is MLS single entity, but nobody explained this to him before he took the job?

    I realize the single entity system sucks, but I really don’t understand the people repeatedly calling it a joke and demanding that it be changed now. I’m pretty sure that anyone involved with MLS right from the start new it was going to suck. It’s almost like people think that there are people who think it’s a great way to run a league.

    Remember the league wasn’t supposed to survive. Soccer sucks and will NEVER make it in America, etc., etc. Until this league is strong enough for any team in the league to take a serious hit while standing on their own, single entity is the ONLY way it will survive. If they got rid of single entity now how long it would it be before the teams with the money took over and everyone else went out of business? I can just see teams with new stadiums and attendances of 6,000, like Dallas, competing in that free for all environment. I guess NY would finally get a good team, but is that really what we want now?

  79. Tom P says:

    It’s interesting what he says and I think there is a lot of merrit to it. The MLS is all about imagine and doesn’t focus on substance like:

    CONCACAF Champions League

    improving quality by investing more in players, acadamies etc.

    better referees

    working with USL more closely

    Bringing outsiders in to improve play, tactics, teaching etc

    this list could go for hours

    I think Toronto will miss him in the long run.

  80. Federico says:

    I like the MLS as a league, but I don’t understand why an owner would pay 40 million not to own and run their team.

  81. MiamiAl says:

    Think about it…This guy has a team in first place with a great fan base that is anxious for the playoffs…In this bad economic times, no one should be quitting their job…Makes me really wonder…He must have another job already lined up…My wife would slaughter me if I came home and told her I quit my job because of the same excuse he is giving….

  82. martha says:

    Its easier to blame the league than admitt you are a sh!t coach and your team s#cks.

  83. Matt says:

    This is why foreign coaches with little to no experience with the MLS system fail.

    They just don’t grasp that things are done differently in a land where soccer is not 90% of the sports market. Here its .5%.

    Prima donna coaches aren’t important enough to cater too.

  84. Matt says:

    Carver never impressed me. Not to say he doesn’t know the game but I’ve never seen a coach whine so much.

    Every game, its the referee’s. Incidently, every Premier League game shown last weekend had some sort of “fiendishly” poor call.

    These things even out so theres no point complaining.

    Carver just thought he was too good for the league.

    When a coach says “restrictive rules”, it usually means that they want to buy the title by spending ten times more than the other teams (which would of course make him a great coach).

    Poll question: What would you rather have? Sir Alex as your coach with a mid-table a budget or your grandmother as coach with Man U’s budget?

    Yeah, I think grandma would kick his ass.

    Money matters more than coaches in European “futball”.

    In MLS where there is parity, coaches matter more.

    And Carver never accomplished anything.

    No big loss.

  85. inkedAG says:

    This league is pretty minor league, so I totally understand Carver on this.

  86. bee dubya says:

    ^ Sir Alex seems to get away with it quite a bit without getting fined by the FA.

  87. Adam says:

    This league needs more perosonalities and rivalries. Look at Rafa and SAF. They are constantly bickering and it keeps it interesting. MLS needs more rivalries like that. The corporate sterility of the league needs to loosen up. It’s a soccer match, not a funeral.

  88. RLW2020 says:

    this guy can never keep a job for more than a season!

    so if he is not going to the UK and not back to the mls… uls? national team somwhere? back to being a trainer?

  89. S says:

    Toronto fans loved JC, he was passionate, charming, loved the city, loved the team, we all thought he was a die hard Red.

    He let us all down with his actions.