Edu handed perfect opportunity to shine

Maurice Edu (Reuters) 

Maurice Edu has spent the better part of the Scottish Premier League season on the bench, biding his time and waiting for a chance to prove that he is worthy of a larger role with Rangers. That chance has come after a strange series of events cost a team leader his place, leaving the door open for Edu to capitalize.

When Barry Ferguson joined Scotland teammate Allen McGregor in not only going on a drinking binge after a World Cup qualifier with Scotland, but also making mocking signals from the Scotland bench during its subseqent qualifier, he was immediately banned for life from Scotland and placed on the transfer list by Rangers.

Enter Edu, who will go into today's match against St. Mirren with a chance to make a central midfield job his own.

If Edu can thrive and keep a place, it could bode well not only for his future at Rangers, but also his prospects of developing a more important role with the U.S. national team during what will be a very busy and important summer.

What do you think of Edu's situation? Do you like his chances of grabbing a starting role? Think his time at Rangers won't last too much longer? See him making a move elsewhere this summer, or can you see him becoming a regular at Rangers?

Share your thoughts below.

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71 Responses to Edu handed perfect opportunity to shine

  1. DC Josh says:

    I hope he uses this chance to its fullest extent.

    He’s got the quality, he just needs to prove it when he is on the pitch.

    He has big shoes to fill as well, but I believe in him and support him.

  2. sean monaghan says:

    Ives, you know better than that.

    When your at rangers fc theres no chance to shine, once your signed your due to eternal sadness and depression.

  3. DC Josh says:

    And boy does the UK know how to produce quality online videos or what?

  4. Dave says:

    first of all, what a bizarre situation in scotland right now. A night of drinking-which to be seems fairly commonplace for scots, followed by making a stupid gesture from the sidelines and all of a sudden BANNED for life from the national side and on the transfer list for the club? Haha just seems a bit extreme to me but I’m not going to judge.

    That said, this is as you put it Ives, a FANTASTIC opportunity for one of our bright young stars-that picture you always put up of him really shows how scarily athletic this kid is-I’d much rather see him in a less physical-more skill-oriented league-but I’m sure that’s why Rangers went after him.

    Time on the field will only improve his chances of getting on the pitch for the Nats.

    Wish the kid the best.

  5. froboy says:

    fear the turtle, get it done Mo

  6. Chrös says:

    Barry Ferguson to MLS.

  7. MVK says:

    best of luck, he is a freak physically and being a starter would just help the other parts of his games progression.

  8. inkedAG says:

    I hope he does well for Rangers.

  9. Trex says:

    That’s great news, I hope he shines.

    Best case scenario, yes, I think he could grab a hold onto a regular starting spot there and the increased playing time would sharpen his game just at the right time, allowing him to push back into the National team picture and grab hold of the D-Mid spot.

    On paper, he really is the perfect pairing with Bradley.

  10. Oranje Mike says:

    I still find it difficult to fathom that all of this controversy comes from obscene gestures. Guys don’t get banned for attacking players or fans but making the “v-sign” is grounds for career ending punishment…

    But this is a great opportunity for Edu to shine and I think he will make the most of it. I wish him the best of luck to succeed at Rangers and the USMNT.

  11. J says:

    what the hell is a V signal, and why was it so offensive? i have a few guesses, obviously, but am curious as to what it is exactly or if it’s just a cultural thing..

  12. Indie FC says:

    Could someone tell me what “mocking” gesture could possibly be terrible enough to warrant a lifetime ban from the corner bar, let alone a national team? Excuse me? Do these Scots have their heads so far up their collective behinds that they give bans for childish behavior? Really? I think a little preparation H is in order for their federation. Wow, they just went waaaaay down in my esteem.

    That said, good for Edu!

  13. joe k says:

    yeah, what is the V signal?

  14. Frankie Hejduk says:

    A guy flashes the peace sign after sharing a few refreshing brews with his friends and he’s shown the door…what kind of world is this Scotland place?

  15. PCFC says:

    Well whatever!

    Good luck Edu!

  16. mikeK says:

    It’s what happens when you’re on the wrong side of glasgow.

    Let’s be honest. Rangers are going to lose the league again to Celtic. Edu is good, but in my opinion, not ready to sholder the load of a full time spot in center midfield. He’s going to have a few bad games, get blamed for the loss, and all of a sudden they’ve got some scottish kid in center midfield and Edu is back where he started until Schalke or someone of the like comes in and buys him.

    Sound familiar?

  17. JD says:

    Can be interpreted as an obscene gesture – often compared to the “middle finger”. Wiki sees it a little different…FYI

    link to

  18. Luke in NC says:

    I think we’d all rather see him playing in another league….the only advantage with Rangers is that he’ll get some good experiences playing in the Champions League.

  19. Indie FC says:

    The kind of place that will never see a WC spot again, as long as they continue to run a draconian program. My god, I was expecting something truly classless…. instead we get a peace or victory sign?

    If I lived in Scotland, I’d be calling for the jobs of every single member of the federation. What a joke….. the whole world’s laughing.

  20. Cam says:

    This is the opportunity he’s been waiting for. I hope he takes full advantage of it. If Edu is at the top of his game, he and Michael Bradley would make a great combination in the central midfield.

    And I agree with Chrös, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see Barry Ferguson come to MLS. He’s a solid defensive midfielder. If the asking price is right, someone should give him a shot.

  21. KCB says:

    Edu, make me a Rangers fan.

  22. N-Whit says:

    Ferguson’s drinking binge and subsequent gestures seem pretty tame compared to the trouble American sports stars get into. There were no drugs or strip clubs involved, and nobody was shot. What’s the big deal?

    Good luck Edu.

  23. dano says:

    It’s a big deal because it’s one of, if not the most, obscene gestures that you can make in the UK.

    They did it after being out all night drinking when they were supposed to be representing their country.

    Add in the fact that he’s club captain, and supposed to set a good example.

    The public backlash was huge. The SFA initially banned them for a few games, but the response was so bad that they reconsidered.

  24. Chase says:

    For those having trouble understanding what is meant by the V sign, think of certain part of the female anatomy, its a pretty derogatory signal…

  25. gmen04 says:

    Great for Mo, although outside of the Old Firm the SPL is poor, would like a move to a better league eventually.

    The V sign is the equivalent of the Middle finger in America.

  26. Isaac says:

    The physical nature of the SPL suits Edu and playing alongside a midfielder like Ferguson must have been great for his skills. Trex is right; he’s the best partner for Bradley. Two athletic juggernauts in the holding midfield role who also know how to attack is fine by me.

  27. lorenzo says:

    I hate when there is nothing of value after jump, doesn’t everyone?

    Any chance you can make it a standard practice to put the most compelling part of the story under the fold, or at least add more story than the obvious (a chance will give him an opportunity). Feels like your earning a cheap extra click and engagement score by doing it how you did on this story.

  28. Josh says:

    “Do these Scots have their heads so far up their collective behinds that they give bans for childish behavior?”

    Posted by: Indie FC

    Short answer: yes. It pains me to say it (since my family came to the US from Scotland), but they’re a nation of intolerant twits who need drunken fistfights over religion, ethnicity, etc. to get them through the day. Ferguson’s night out is TOTALLY consistent with the national culture of drinking.

    The ‘V’ gesture is similar to the middle finger here, but banning the dude for life is indicative more of Scotland’s hyper-nationalist sensibility and an inferiority complex born of constant national humiliation more than anything that Ferguson did specifically.

    That said, now’s Edu’s chance, and I hope he grabs the starting role and makes it his. As for Ferguson, he should join the long lineage of Scots who realized that the grass really is greener elsewhere.

  29. Chrös says:

    A lot of these posts show a lack of understanding.

    To put it in an American perspective, imagine that Sacha Kljestan got incredibly drunk and didn’t stop until noon the day of a World Cup qualifier, and then was seen flicking people off at the game.

    I don’t think you can blame the Scots for being mad.

  30. Jim says:

    The penalty seems harsh, but what they did is pretty insane. First of all, Ferguson is M.B.E., which in itself makes this funny. Secondly, they drank all night before a qualifier, reportedly until 11:00 AM.

    So they were benched (remember that Ferguson, besides being honored by the Queen, was the captain) and assuredly got a lashing from everyone in the position to do so. So, after receiving a disciplinary DNP, they decided to make a very obscene gesture throughout the game. I assume this gesture was intended for…whom? Scottish FA? Manager? All of the above? I don’t know what else they could have expected.

    The v-sign is a backwards peace sign. In South Africa it was more offensive than the middle finger in the US, but it is similar. I don’t recall people doing it in traffic, more like they were drunk and wanted to fight.

  31. Raghu says:

    Were they drinking all night the day before or the day after the game? Anyone know?

  32. gmen04 says:

    The part of the story that is being overlooked, is that George Burley sanctioned the drinking (not the excess but ok’d the bar trip). They flew back from the Netherlands after midnight and Burley still said go have a drink lads. Granted the culture is different but doesnt he have some culpaibility in this. Ferguson and McGregor are at fault (and fully for the V-signs) but others deserve some blame. sorry for the length

  33. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I hope Edu does well. Perhaps we will have an Andy Dorman sighting as well.

  34. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Btw, the v sign basically means “Up your bum”. So yeah, they view it as offensive.

  35. rottie toddy says:


  36. kevin says:

    is the mls intrested in Barry Ferguson or Allen McGregor. I know they both have a tainted image now. but the mls could benifit from this inccident by grabbing 2 players at a discounted price.

  37. fubar says:

    Hey Ives – I check out 5/6 soccer sites a day and yours is the only one with the Edu story on it. KUDOS to you my friend forthe US side of the scoop.

  38. Justice says:

    i thought the v sign was the equivalent of calling some one a cu*t. pretty classless imo. that said, again, great opportunity for Mo Edu. Hope he makes the most of it. The kid’s got loads of skill and talent.

  39. I will steal a quote from my old Econ Prof back in college: “Opportunity Lost is Opportunity Cost.”

    Isaac – Agree with your comment on size and physical SPL play fits Edu’s game. If he doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity, not sure he will pan out to much more than a below average player in Europe and Above average player in MLS.

  40. Don says:

    Both and have fuller stories on Edu.

  41. George H says:

    Somewhere in Paris, Paul LeGuen is having a good laugh at Ferguson’s plight.

  42. Aljarov says:

    Come on you Buddies!!

  43. Aljarov says:

    A V-sign mean F*** off.

  44. DC Josh says:

    Those Scots love their whiskey.

    I see Ferguson going somewhere in Europe before he comes over here. Although he’d be a fantastic buy for Philly’s DP spot, controlling the midfield, and putting cash in the pockets of local bar owners.

    Back to the post’s topic:

    The MNT needs a brutal, Gattuso-esque midfielder who puts fear in the opposition and clogs the midfield. Edu can be that type of player, and the SPL could be the proper arena to develop him into a fearless player.

    In my opinion we have too many pansies on our MNT. Brian McBride was the guy who would put his head near the ball without any thought of getting hurt. Too many players now pull away from going in on hard 50/50’s, and it burns me up inside.

  45. fig says:

    Josh @ 11:37 wrote:
    … banning the dude for life is indicative more of Scotland’s hyper-nationalist sensibility and an inferiority complex born of constant national humiliation more than anything that Ferguson did specifically.


    and many of the comments on this thread saying the Scottish FA overreacted are indicative of our typical American cluelessness.

  46. LJ says:

    I would never want Ferguson playing again for my country. The guy got pissed the day before a crucial Word Cup qualifier and he is supposed to be captain. Fair punishment I say, no way he can play for Scotland again after he has potentially wrecked millions of peoples dreams of going to the world cup by doin what he did. (just to put it in a perspective some of you may understand)

  47. Josh says:

    I stand corrected. The first story I read did not have him on a bender, but merely “drinking,” and I understood the ‘V’ sign to be a one-time thing, not something he was doing throughout the game. I’d still say banning somebody “for life” is a bit much, but clearly I misunderstood the extent of Ferguson’s actions. I humbly retract my earlier post.

  48. DC Josh says:

    Fellas, Edu and Beas are in the starting lineup tonight.

    Say a little prayer there are no leg-breaking tackles involving either one of them.

  49. hokieunited says:

    Maurice Edu scored in the 19th minute, as Rangers lead 2-0.

  50. Ryan says:

    Goal Edu!

    “19 – Goal!! Maurice Edu hits a very good header to the upper right corner from the centre penalty area (aprox. 6 yards) and scores!! Rangers now leads 2 – 0″

  51. sean monaghan says:

    Rangers fans are scum.

  52. WK says:

    beasley subbed off in the 15th minute. hope it wasn’t one of those leg breaking tackles somebody mentioned.

  53. cf says:

    At the half on Gers website Beasley is reported as being sent to hospital after being taken out during the 6th minute.

  54. Rory says:

    Andy Dorman (another former MLSer) scored for St. Mirren in the 56th…2-1 Rangers

  55. JDavids says:

    I think Edu (if he gets more playing time and experience) would be the perfect to accompany Bradley in the midfield if we were to run a 4-4-2 like we did vs. T&T. With Landon and Dempsey on the wings, anyone disagree?

  56. Jim says:

    Ha Sean, I am glad you feel obligated to write these inspired comments in every thread.

  57. Barry U says:

    MO scored!! Beas got hurt. Andy Dorman scored. Heck of a day for former MLS guys in that game. Hope Beas is alright.

  58. KenC says:

    Is the “v sign” a Scotch thing, or is it all over the UK? I mean, I know about the two fingers up, which comes from the Battle of Agincourt, but a peace sign, I thought was a peace sign.

    Come to think of it, there’s the sideways “v sign” that Batman used in his Batman dance.

  59. Jim says:

    Ken, the V sign isn’t exclusively Scottish (not Scotch unless you’re asking if people do it more while drinking whisky). It’s popular throughout the UK and Ireland. The difference between that and the peace sign is that in the V sign, the back of the hand faces outwards; the peace sign has the palm face out.

    And yeah, used sideways, it’s the Bat-toosie.

  60. sean monaghan says:

    “Ha Sean, I am glad you feel obligated to write these inspired comments in every thread.”

    Welcome to a real rivalry, this isn’t mls or england


  61. sean monaghan says:

    haha since alot of you are still having trouble the V sign across the UK is pretty much the middle finger here in america.

    So they were saying effff off, to the cameras and the media Im guessing.

    somebody change there diapers.

  62. KenC says:

    Thanks Jim, I thought the Scots could be referred to as Scotch? No?

    I took at look at the wiki, and it seems to agree that the back of the hand “v” is what I was referring to as the Battle of Agincourt, two-fingers up sign that the longbowmen still had their bow-pulling fingers. It was a FU to the french. I’ve never heard it referred to as a “v sign”. Usually, the fingers are somewhat parallel and slightly curved, more like how one would pull a bow string.

    I saw the photos, and they were doing the cunning linguist symbol of “v” held to the mouth. That’s completely different. I thought you did that only towards women you were insulting.

    Honestly, I think there are three symbols here being confused. One, the classic peace sign, two, the Agincourt two fingers up, and three the v to the mouth.

  63. Josh says:

    The ‘v’ sign is an insult damn near everywhere. I remember when the first President Bush created a scandal by making it on a visit to Australia. He thought it was for victory, but it turned out he’d inadvertently flipped off a crowd of Aussies.

  64. sean monaghan says:


    on that note we should all take a moment out of our daily lives to be thankful Barrack Obama can form complete sentences, something Georgie had trouble with

  65. KenC says:

    Or maybe the Aussies mistook a palm out “v” for victory for a palm in sign for sod off?

    BTW, while everyone is talking Vs and Edu, I noticed Johnsons scored 3 for Cardiff. 😉

  66. jmadsen says:

    link to

    In the UK, the palm out is “peace”, the back of the hand out means the same as the middle finger.

    He did it to the camera, which was consider a pretty bad breach of etiquette.

    I think you will find his “life ban” gets shortened after a bit.

  67. JB says:

    I find it more insulting that they were nursing a hangover during a World Cup qualifier that could have eliminated their country from World Cup contention. These are supposed to be professional athletes.

  68. Jamie Z. says:

    Sean, this was Bush Sr. He may not have been the best President, but he could string together a sentence.

  69. Alex says:

    I think the ban is ridiculous I’m sorry and this isn’t american cluelessness its just a matter of opinion. If an athlete flicked me off from heckling him all game then it is what it is, to hope the guy gets banned for that gesture is stupid there are worse events happening all around the world then this. A one game ban fine, a large fine, good community service even better but this action dosen’t deter it, because these guys will play somewhere else, and lets face it playing for scotland has become like playing for wales a big waste of time. They are gonna finish second and have to dke it out in the playoffs and they certainly don’t have the depth to make.

  70. Tim says:

    To Josh – Scotland isn’t some third world hell-hole and you’ll be suprised to hear no doubt that far more people are entering Scotland than exiting it. Glorifying your family for abandoning their country is a bit much, don’t you think? Time to wake up, this isn’t the 18th century anymore.

  71. sean monaghan says:

    Alex wake up,have you seen the tartan army and the scottish fans?!??some of the best in the world, why should they have to put up with seeing there captain up until 4 in the morning before a MASSIVE WCQ

    you dont need people like that in your squad, and his childish actions as well.