Guevara goal leads Toronto FC past Chivas USA

Amado Guevara 2 (Reuters) 

Amado Guevara scored a first-half goal past old nemesis Zach Thornton to help Toronto FC snap a four-match winless streak and topple previously unbeaten Chivas USA, 1-0, on Wednesday night.

Rookie goalkeeper Stefan Frei posted the shutout for Toronto, which improved to 2-2-2 with the victory.

The setback halted Chivas USA's red-hot start to the season, with the shutout marking the second time in three matches that Chivas USA failed to score.

What did you think of Toronto FC's performance? Is that the team you thought you'd see when the season began? Did Chivas USA look past TFC?

Share your thoughts below.

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37 Responses to Guevara goal leads Toronto FC past Chivas USA

  1. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Amado looked great tonight, but the MOTM was Adrian Serioux. He was everywhere, and won every single ball that came his way. Most importantly, he played under control, which he doesn’t always do. Chad Barrett?….I have run out of words to describe his ineptitude.

  2. revsfanindc says:

    I didn’t know Chivas had away jerseys… I thought they just wore those ridiculous stripes all the time. Not bad.

  3. sean monaghan says:

    Thank you Amado!!!

    127 Fantasy points tonight for me!

    Im winning this thing for SBI!!!

  4. M says:

    Canada is going to get destroyed tomorrow against the USA U-17’s.

  5. CelicaCrazed says:

    A great way to bounce back from the loss at Dallas!! This game adds further proof that when Dichio is given significant minutes, we win. Serioux was a force out there!

    It was also great to hear that DeRo’s injury isn’t as bad as they were expecting. He should be back for the game after Kansas City.

  6. AltiCooper says:

    Im sorry to say but id take Cronin over Kljestan almost any day of the week. Kljestan is the most overrated player in the mls.

  7. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    I wouldn’t call Sasha overrated, but he certainly was invisible tonight. Perhaps he is pulling a Toja and riding it out until the summer transfer window.

  8. jloome says:

    Cronin played extremely well, at times looking even more assured than Robinson.

    The biggest changes tonight for TFC were the new formation and the work ethic. With their talent level, it should be performances like this every week.

    And Serioux, whom I seriously doubted heading into this CB role, was a freaking monster. Between he, Cronin, Velez and Robinson, I think Chivas had two shots on all night.

  9. Saul to Paul says:

    Dude, Danny Dichio sucks. Plain and simple.

  10. Alex Z says:

    Best blog post title ever.

  11. Razcle says:

    Saul…Dichio caused a lot of havoc on Chivas defence. That is more then you can say about their entire team. Stop touching little boys and make a post with some real substance. Plain and simple.

  12. A. Ruiz says:

    From what I saw, Chivas had a lot of trouble dealing with the turf, they couldn’t settle the ball. It’s pretty nasty, was it always so bad? I don’t remember the ball bouncing so much.

  13. Thomas513 says:

    Dichio is awful. The sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while.

  14. Thomas513 says:

    PS thanks TFC.

  15. Marc_t says:

    a dichio flick header is what led to the goal.

  16. MG says:

    Chad, for all his lack of scoring, had a great night. Was all over the pitch, got back and was effective on defense, would win the ball back after losing it, and got himself into position to blow a scoring chance or two.

  17. Leonardo says:

    hilarious quote “The sun shines on a dog’s ass every once in a while.”


  18. rice! says:

    MLS parity strikes again!

  19. tyson says:

    thanks TFC.
    go sounders

  20. DC Josh says:

    Just another point driven home proving that this year is going to be wide open in the MLS.

    The power rankings will be worthless this year, they are going to change every single week.

  21. JoeW says:

    On paper, TFC looks like a tiger–a lot of talent, enthusiastic fans, a veteran coach. But they’re poorly managed (MoJo–RedBull fans should know that) and poorly put together.

    My take is this: Chivas has been playing great. But they’re not a great team (in terms of talent) but more a case of good teamwork and good coaching. While they’ve gotten solid play down the middle of the field, they’re vulnerable to a big, dominant in the air, physical attacker (ala Dichio) which is part of the reason he can be so successful against this side (but less against, say, LAG). And one of the criticisms of TFC is how they don’t have a strong central defense, how Serioux is really more of a complimentary central defender. But Chivas isn’t a team that is going to test that central defense like say….Brian Ching or Brian McBride. And Klejstan isn’t over-rated. He’s a young guy who mentally concluded “I’m going to Celtic for big bucks” and then saw it now happen. And I”m sure that has his game in a funk.

  22. This Guy says:

    Anybody else notice Dichio was offsides by about 3 meters on the goal?

  23. Shmenge says:

    Barrett has no business at striker with his woeful finishing.

    “Hustle”, “stamina” and “tracking back” should put him at wing midfield where he belongs. There, he can “get into good positions” all he wants and then pass the ball and it might be effective.

    Cronin is one of the best rookie passers of the ball I’ve ever seen in MLS, if not the best.

  24. tommy h says:

    fans look liked they really lived up to torontos reputation on this one

  25. Tim says:

    TFC dominated the first half…second half was kind of a snoozer, but first half was what we wanted to see.

    Wayyyy too many offsides though…but Barrett hustled the whole game for sure.

    Guevara was stretchered off at the end of the game, but may have been to eat up time at the end.

    And my God, Velez actually did very well back there. I was so happy to hear Harmse on the bench, and i hope because of Velez’s performance he gets back into the starting roll.

  26. MM says:

    TFC’s ability to lose games in the last 15 mins is a direct result of the ineptitude of John Carver. The coach really needs to sort out his substitutions. As we saw last night when the subs were smart and came later on in the game TFC has a chance to win and keep the opponents out of their net. There was also a lot more team spirit out on the pitch and although I hate to say it it may have been a blessing to have DeRo off the pitch. When he returns I would rather see him play as a pure striker with Amado as the sole midfield playmaker. He would be best suited to leading the forward line along with Vitti. DiChio is a substitute at best and Barrett although he is all over the park just can’t finish with consistency. He is also suited to coming off the bench and tiring out teams in the second half.

  27. madmax says:

    Wynne and Cronin looked very good. I hope Coach Bradley gives them a Gold Cup run out.

  28. nm says:

    Dichio sucks?

    first 2 seasons TFCs record was

    15W 30L 15D

    in the 31 games Dichio played their record was

    11W 9L 11D

    EAT IT!

  29. Freddy says:

    What was Guevara’s beef with Thornton?

  30. EDB says:

    I thought barret was good. And at least he put the ball on frame on the break away.. last year he skys that ball

  31. MM says:

    For those who only saw the the highlights… Dichio was played onside by the poor clearance by the Chivas defence. He would have been offside if a TFC player had passed to him however it was a ball that was shanked right onto his head by a Chivas player allowing Dichio to fortuitously make the pass to Guevara.

  32. RF says:

    Dichio is the most effective target man in MLS

  33. Strider says:

    RF, You must be forgetting that McBride guy. You know, the one with 4 goals so far this season. Go Fire!!

  34. Skinn says:


  35. madmax says:

    Wynne, and Cronin look good. Bradley should test them in Gold Cup.

    Barrett showed good hustle but was off-side way too much, and why the smiles?

  36. sonicdeathmonkey says:

    Max, Barrett was smiling because he knows he still gets paid no matter how awful he continues to be.

  37. TO says:

    Hey man why all of the TFC hating they one the game against a number 1 team, so lets give the reds their due!