MLS Matchday Four


If you are an MLS fan who has been looking for a good time to see as many games as possible, Saturday is your day.

If you have the necessary cable channels and MLS Direct Kick package Saturday will allow you to watch as many as four full games and part of a fifth in a marathon from 4pm to 12:30pm. Three nationally-televisied matches, including the Chivas USA-LA Galaxy Super Clasico, headline the full slate of games on Saturday that one SBI reader correctly pointed out as being the most games in one day in league history.

Here is this weekend's full schedule of MLS matches:


  • 4pm- FC Dallas at Toronto FC (Direct Kick)

  • 4pm- Chicago Fire at San Jose Earthquakes (Telefutura)

  • 6pm- D.C. United at Real Salt Lake (Direct Kick)

  • 7:30pm- Colorado Rapids at Columbus Crew (Direct Kick)

  • 8:30pm- New York Red Bulls at Houston Dynamo (Fox Soccer Channel)

  • 10:30pm- Chivas USA at Los Angeles Galaxy (ESPN2)

  • 10:30pm- Kansas City Wizards at Seattle Sounders (Direct Kick).

Which match are you most looking forward to? How many MLS matches will you be able to watch this Saturday? What individual match-up is the most intriguing for you?

Share your thoughts below.

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39 Responses to MLS Matchday Four

  1. EDB says:

    I really think telefutura matches should still be on DK. I’m not sure if the MLS knows this or not but not everyone speaks spanish..

  2. Justin O says:

    Most MLS matches in one day EVER.

  3. Trex says:

    Ives, any word if Celades, Pacheco, or Stammler might be in the Red Bull lineup this week? I know Pacheco was waiting on his ITC still.

  4. Gilby says:

    For me the match of the day is the Chivas/Galaxy game. It should be 20k plus fans watching the inter stadium rivals. Say what you will about the the Galaxy’s defense but it should be an up and down game with plenty of goals at both end.

    #2 for me is the KC/Seattle game. Seattle has still not been scored upon and with each passing game the pressure will build on the D to maintain that streak. Add to that 28k fans and the first time Fred squared will be starting together and it should be an entertaining game.

  5. socmin says:

    I have to agree with Gilby. I’m looking forward to the nightcaps most. No matter what, LA-Chivas is always entertaining and I just can’t get off of the Sounder bandwagon for the moment.

  6. Hopper says:

    Can’t wait for Saturday night at Qwest Field. The place is gonna be rockin’ again, and everyone will be hoping the Sounders can keep the shut out streak alive!


  7. Adrian says:

    Seattle will win this weekend, i’m quite sure. Home field advantage, coming off of a solid win in Toronto. Anyone know if Fredy Montero is going to play this weekend?

  8. jleppig says:

    Fantasy picks tomorrow? PLZ!!!1111

  9. jz says:

    Sigi has said that Montero will play if he has recovered from the flu. So I imagine he’ll be in the lineup.

  10. KC says:

    I really think telefutura matches should still be on DK. I’m not sure if the MLS knows this or not but not everyone speaks spanish..

    Posted by: EDB | April 09, 2009 at 05:05 PM


    Agreed. Not just because of the language but because I don’t get Telefutura without buying the whole spanish language package and the ONLY thing I’d ever watch on those channels is “futbol”.

  11. RedLine55 says:

    EDB adn KC:

    I see your point, but I disagree that you need to know Spanish to enjoy the telecast. Here in Chicago, I’m happy to watch Telefutura over the local english broadcast when I have the chance! They bring much more excitement to the table, and don’t make completely asinine comments every 30 seconds (and if they do you prob wouldn’t know it!)…
    i guess if you have to pay extra for it then it’s not worth it, but where are you living that you have that few spanish-speakers in the area? Adios!

  12. soccerroo says:

    I am looking forward to the FC Dallas/Toronto game. One of two things will happen. Cunningham will score a couple of goals like he did last year and FCD will get their first win or FCD loses and somebodies head goes on the chopping block. I would preffer the win but it might be interesting to see who loses their job if FCD dallas starts 0-4.

  13. EDB says:

    Well i live in seattle so i would also have to pay extra for it. which i wont..but when i lived in chicago i would watch it on my50 rather then telefutra

  14. guillermo says:

    I will watch every game, but then again I have no life.

  15. anon says:

    Im looking forward for the Sounders/Wizards match, but then again, I am bias will be having a blast at Qwest

  16. Tim F. says:

    I’m most looking forward to Red Bulls vs. Houston

  17. silent e says:

    Thanks to Direct Kick and DVR, I will eventually watch (at least parts of) all 7 games. Unfortunately my older son and my father will attend the Dynamo game without me, as I have no babysitter for my younger son.

  18. RedLine55 says:

    Well EDB, i applaud your ability to sit through an entire 90 min of Fred Huebner.. and Doran isn’t much better. So who will you cheer for when the Fire and Sounders play?! Although either one is a pretty satisfying choice at the moment!

  19. Capitol Hill MOB says:

    Sounders… Wiz

    Plastic Grass and two Fred’s



  20. Mango says:

    RSL vs. DCU should be an excellent match.

    Come on you Royals!

  21. Matt says:

    This year all televised games are also viewable after the original broadcast on May not be able to watch it live, but at least it’s as good as a DVR.

  22. acj says:

    Re: Telefutura

    All non-nationally televised sounders games are broadcast in HD on KONG, 116 I think for comcast subscribers. Do most local television markets not have a similar arangement?

    I ‘ll be at the sounders game and I’ll probably tivo the redbulls game and maybe the Chivas game.

  23. Sterlinho says:

    The Honda Super Classico is the game of the day. Records are thrown out the window when the LA Derby happens. Sounders-Wizards should be a good one too.

  24. EDB says:

    Redline – that is a good question.. the wife will root for the sounders for sure because she likes the colors.. we will be at the game in seattle.

    acj – chicago does, but i now live in seattle after supporting the fire so I got DK but won’t be able now to watch the last 2 fire games because they are on telefutura

  25. Hopper and Capitol Hill – what are you guys doin pregame? Should get a SBI Seattle tailgate going…

  26. Rastafari says:



  27. DC Josh says:

    I’ll have the match tracker running and hooked up to my TV. The feed isn’t too bad with 800k. I’ll be enjoying the games on Telefutura, FSC, and ESPN2 with a cold beer in both hands.

    I am most looking forward to the DC v. RSL game, obviously because I love the Black and Red. I’m interested to see RSL for the first time this year also, they have a pretty damn good team.

    Aside from the DC/RSL game, I’m very excited about the Superclasico, it’s always exciting and fast paced.

    But I will try and catch a little bit of every game.

    *sigh* I wish every saturday was like this.

  28. Skinn says:

    I’m looking foward to Dave Clark vs. the World.

  29. georg says:

    RSL will crush DC and will set up a Seattle

    Salt Lake battle for the West.

    Chivas, LA will be good but sorry Landon, without some vision for the future LA will agian be at the Western Basement.

  30. Big Z says:

    I’m certain that the Sounders will win the “Most Gracious Fans” award.

  31. Matt says:

    No Big Z they will be a close second to Toronto who will win it for the third year in a row!

  32. Justin says:

    Sounders/KC & DCU/RSL – I hope RSL hands it to a lackluster United team, but I will definitely enjoy seeing firsthand my Sounders beating up on the wiz.

    Also, looking forward to seeing how many goals the Galaxy will let in. I am guessing that game ends 5-4 for the Goats.

  33. MVK says:

    Wiz @ Sounders. Midfield battle will be very good, Hirsig got his first 90 last week and looked great while the Sounders mids have been great as well. We will get to see one of the most underrated players in the MLS (Davy Arnaud) go against the newest MLS flavor of the month and emerging star Osvaldo Alonso. Game will be on late in centeral standard time on Saturday which will add to my feeling because I will be a good 5 hours into it by kickoff. GOOD LUCK SOUNDERS/SOUNDER FANS, lets keep the boots down

  34. Mywillie says:

    I’m looking for the Wizards to cast a Spell on SSFC. Down the Sounders!

  35. Strider says:

    No one seems to have noted that this an almost all East vs West day of games. It will be interesting to see if the West has made up ground on the East. While the 2 west coast games will be interesting it will also be interesting to see if the Crew can avoid not winning in their first 5 matches after becoming MSL Cup Champions.

  36. SR says:

    This weekend couldn’t come any faster! Big matchups this weekend. Here’s how I see it:

    1. Toronto picks up a big home win. The fans stick around, cheer, get drunk, etc

    2. Chicago picks up a draw in SJ to stay unbeaten.

    3. RSL pick up a big home win over DCU. (I will be at that game go royals!!! Who cares about the rain, get out to the match this weekend!!)

    4. Crew have been horific so they only salvage a point at home vs a decent COL side that has been handed some easy goals the last few weeks.

    5. NY vs HOU, someones takes 3 pts ehre and I’m just not sure who. I’ll say NYRB b/c their speed will hurt the Dynamo’s broken down, old back line.

    6. CHivas will win this one something like 5-3, in a clasico thriller.

    7. Seattle…who can say otherwise right now.

  37. DC Josh says:

    1. Toronto picks up a big home win. The fans stick around, cheer, get drunk, etc

    Posted by: SR | April 10, 2009 at 09:56 AM


    Don’t forget to add hit people with beer and get sanctioned for it.

  38. Darby Crash says:

    “I’m looking for the Wizards to cast a Spell on SSFC. Down the Sounders!”

    Posted by: Mywillie
    Sounders will rain on your parade, the fans will rejoice, and you will have to dream about revenge..

  39. sammysounder says:

    This will be my first match back in the US after an Asia trip. My sister and I will be in Seattle!

    Que sirrah sirrah
    Whatever will be will be
    We have got two Fredys!
    Que sirrah sirrah