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Welcome to Monday's installment of SBI's Recommended Reading.  Today we are truly world-wide, with stories coming in from Peru to Ghana.  Sit back, relax, and take some time out of your Monday to embrace some stories from this past weekend:

FC United give away 2,000 Eric Cantona masks at match as promotion for upcoming film [Manchester Evening News]

Ball-boys running amok in Argentina in two separate incidents [Reuters UK]

Swine flu leaves Mexican soccer stadiums empty [AP]

Impossible 45-meter slide-tackle goal from Karlsruhe's Sebastian Langkamp [YouTube]

The San Martin phenomenon – A small club getting attention in Peru [BBC Sport]

A stylistic analysis of the "Panenka" – the soft chip penalty kick [The Run Of Play]

Ghana coach has his eye on Nyarko [Chicago Tribune]

Happy to see the continued rise of FC United?  Prefer a hard driven penalty to a Panenka?  Glad to see more young MLS talent getting interest from their national teams?

Share your thoughts below.

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13 Responses to SBI’s Recommended Reading

  1. M says:

    Ives, Breaking News: Mexico cancels the rest of the CONCACAF U-17 Championships. Semifinals were supposed to be played Wednesday. However, everyone has qualified already so there’s no reason to risk the players:

    link to

    Canada failed to qualify again

  2. Aljarov says:

    I remember Jason Cundy scoring a similar goal for Spurs some years ago. It was even further away than that.

  3. This Guy says:

    I thought Nyarko said that he would play for Ghana only if he knew certain the USMNT would never call him up.

    Nyarko is gonna be a star. He just needs to realize that he can be the Number 1 option and doesn’t have to pander to McGod and Blanco when it comes to touches.

  4. Caldwell says:

    Re: Prefer a hard driven penalty to a Panenka?


  5. c says:

    FC United goin’ to the ship!!!!

  6. MickND says:

    That goal is why I love soccer. You just never know…

  7. Tomas says:

    I like the Panenka. Not every time, for variety – it’s the spice.

  8. A. Ruiz says:

    LOL, yeah why would Nyarko want to play with Ghana over the US. Michael Essien……..pffft, who the **** is that?

  9. Chris says:


    I just wanted to say great job on this site. I’ve been following it for about a year now and it just keeps getting better! I really like this new Recommended Reading section. Great stuff!

  10. ComoPark says:

    A. Ruiz, funny stuff.

    I love those types of goals. The ball moved almost all the way across the goal.

  11. HE from NJ says:

    great stuff!!! i love this new section of the blog… always something interesting.

  12. Turtle says:

    Ditto above

  13. Jared Montz says:

    that slide tackle goal was crazy! Always cool when you score and you had no intention of it!!