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Filippo Inzaghi (Reuters) 


Light news day today so we'll have a few news stories from today, as well as a couple things that missed the cut yesterday:

Everton switch sponsors from Umbro to Le Coq Sportif for 09/10, bring back 1985 design [Football Fashion]

"The Premier League and the FA are run by donkeys" – Fulham president Al-Fayed sounds off [Times Online]

"Soul Of Soccer Survives in Florida" – A historial look at soccer in the Sunshine State [Reuters UK]

Fulham defender in trouble after allegedly receiving bonus for marking Christiano Ronaldo [Guardian]

Think Wembley's pitch is in bad shape now?  Here's the stadium's schedule for the next six months [Oldham Athletic  Are The Real Latics]

Pippo Inzaghi: 'Six-yard merchant' or all-time great? [Reuters UK]

Support the V-neck Rennaissance on Merseyside?  Agree with Al-Fayed?

Share your thoughts below.

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16 Responses to SBI’s Recommended Reading

  1. sean monaghan says:

    The new everton jerseys are epic.

  2. Dominghosa says:

    ALso, hell of a game right now. Arshavin 4, Torres 2+Benayoun 2.
    Two goals in 90th minute. Arhasavin then Benayoun.

  3. Jacob A. says:

    Sounds like both games were something else. I didn’t watch the other cause I didn’t want to have to watch it online while watching Real Madrid-Getafe live. DVR that game. Near fights, a red card, double digit yellows, multiple goals, all in the last 10 minutes, simply incredible.

  4. DC Josh says:

    I really love this feature. You guys are geniuses.

  5. DC Josh says:

    “In fact, they can come and have lunch with me at Harrods, where I can serve them stags’ testicles from my Scottish estate, Balnagown. We all need big balls in this business.” —-Al-Fayed

    HAHAHAHAHA this guy is my new found hero.

  6. Scott A says:

    That wasn’t even the most ridiculous thing he said
    “I own the best club in the world, with the best team and the best fans”
    Well, gotta love the enthusiasm

  7. Inzaghi only a poacher?

    The games I watch him play, he always seems to be working his way to getting the ball. And, he has that ability to be where the ball is going to be.

    I believe Wayne Gretzky made a career out that in hockey. They did not call him a poacher for being where the puck was going to be.

    When was the last time the Brits had a 300 goal forward?

  8. Miguel says:

    Everton are not changing Sponsors. The team is changing kit providers. The Chang on the front of the jersey will remain. Also, Al-Fayed has been my hero since he called into the Howard Stern show around the 10th anniversary of his son’s death (in the car with Pricess Diana). He’s got big brass ones alright.

  9. Josh says:

    Paul, the article debunks the idea that Inzaghi is just a poacher; read the whole thing.

  10. Turtle says:

    I’ve been truly following the EPL for about 4 years. Without a true team to follow. I figured the right team would show itself. Fulham was always a front runner and after Lerner bought Villa I started leaning that way. I think Al Fayed just sealed it. Great stuff.

  11. Tom P says:

    What a great article about the state of soccer in South Florida.Wonderful- a must read for all those on both sides of the MLS arguement for South Florida and the Miami vs. Ft Lauderdale camps on the issue.

    Fayed is right-ecentric but right-the PL needs a salary cap if anyone is ever going to consistently break up the big 4 and the 16 clubs fighting for 2 UEFA spots in the Premier League.Funny thing about football/soccer/pro sports- it is the one thing that the USA is much more socialist in it’s approach then Europe’s robber baron capitalistic approach.

    Go You Whites!

  12. Jeff says:

    I didn’t even realize Le Coq Sportif was still in the apparel game. I haven’t seen that brand since my old Acme Soccer & Widget Works catalog.

    “Six Yard Merchant” is a hilarious nickname. I’ll be sure to use that on someone, soccer or beyond.
    Join FCearth!

  13. this is a great little column!

    Keep it up!


  14. Tom in GA says:

    Scott – he wrote those comments on the Fulham web site… what would you expect him to tell the fans: “You guys are okay and our team is decent but not the best.”?

  15. MVK says:

    “We all need big balls in this business” – Mohamed Al Fayed


    Those Everton tops remind me of the shirt from SNL pardoy of Robert Goulet, with the turtleneck shirt sewn into jacket